Pressing Northern Californians To Look Up


On April 25th a major environmental event was organized in Redding, California to bring attention to Earth Day. I would like to personally thank Elle Wisner and Lori Bridgeford for all their efforts toward securing a booth at this event, setting it up, and manning it all day long. This event was the most strategic location for our "Global March Against Climate Engineering" as the vast majority of environmentally concerned people from the North State were there. We were able to pass on almost 200 free commercial DVDs, hundreds of flyers, and informational cards.  I would like to thank all the activists across the country and around the world that took the time and effort to participate in this designated day for geoengineering awareness. This being said, I hope that all will continue their efforts to wake the sleeping masses each and every day until a critical mass of awareness is reached. Of all the challenges we face, geoengineering is the greatest and most immediate threat of all. Exposing and halting climate engineering must be our top priority. We must win this battle, there is no other option. Below are some photographs from our all day event in Northern California, let's all continue to make every single day count in the fight to stop the spraying of our skies.
Dane Wigington


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31 Responses to Pressing Northern Californians To Look Up

  1. Melody Meachum says:

    So glad the Redding, CA event was a great success!

    Here in Michigan….My thanks to Shawne Haddad for organizing first March against Chemtrails in Lansing, MI at Capitol Steps. It was a good turnout for first time event and we got the word out through signs & literature. We had a few planned speakers from the group & open mic. Different aspects were spoken about concerning planned poisoning of the world from air, soil, food and water assaults. A major topic was Glyphosates and it's direct link to GMO's and likely cause for hastened deforestation around the planet via the heavy metal aerosols. We ended the rally by carrying signs around for several blocks. Received many favorable honks from passing cars and 50/50 willingness to take literature as we encountered pedestrians.

    I think the biggest impact we made was that it was youth day where hundreds of teens were visiting/touring the Capitol. Many took pictures of our group. Some were aware, most not! Another great exposure was due to wedding parties showing up for pictures on the Capitol steps. It is an old/beautiful building.

    Quite unique aspect was a Chembow that kept spreading directly over head and then a 2nd one appeared. We even pointed out a jet in process of spraying. The group decided we wouldn't wait a whole year, but would try to plan another march in between.


  2. Malcolm K Foster says:

    Well done to all those folks attending. As some mention here, asthma (for which I now need daily medication) is on the increase and, coincidentally, this subject was mentioned on this morning on my TV channel and the possible reasons for this – chemtrails not being mentioned of course. Migraine is an increasing problem for me – lasting 2 or 3 days despite taking tablets.

    I believe I witnessed these in our skies above East Lancashire, UK, over Easter whilst in a park with my 3 grandchildren. I do have difficulty in identifying what might be chem-trails from con-trails but the behavior of these just did not look right- such that I took video and photo's. Planes at higher altitudes seemed to have fast-disappearing trails whilst these obvious lower ones stretched far across the sky, spreading sideways at wind speed with a sharp leading edge and a feathering trailing edge. The otherwise clear blue sky ended up with large areas of haze, or was that cloud?

    I referred to this event in a YouTube comment with a writer coming back saying, No, they would be just normal con-trails.This, without them even seeing them! People don't seem to want to know, or care, but I feel our planet in being poisoned to death.


  3. Diana Moss says:

    So wonderful that so many did a great job on Earth Day.  Kudos to everyone.  Did anyone at these events get covered by the MSM?

    • Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

      the brain-dead/duped folks here in Kalispell, Montana, are just as asleep as anywhere else  People are "blind";  "if I ignore it, it will surely go away" I guess is their philosophy!  I do NOT understand how intelligent, or even not so intelligent humans could NOT see that the skies are not right!!!!!Northwest Liberty News, Mr. James White, did a fabulous expose over a year ago.  Still…."they" Chem Trail us constantly. Wake up sheeeple!  Even our gardens are not safe any more!  Believe it is the reason for my year-round drippy nose!!!


  4. The next thing we have to worry about is Chemplanes spraying toxins , vaccines , GMO material that is not visible . Aluminum makes the trails visible . Toxins could be sprayed without it.

  5. Bruce Tanner says:

    Thanks, Dane, looks like a great event!

    The same Saturday, April 25th, the Coalition to End Toxic Aerosols (CETA) and the Santa Cruz Thrive Solutions group staged a rally in support of the Global March Against Chemtrails (sorry, that's the name) and Geoengineering at the Town Clock in Santa Cruz. Pictures of the Rally are at:

  6. Ralph Ely says:

    Last week was "a good week"  as more people were added to the Critical Mass of Awareness of GeoEngineering and its effects on humanity.
    Here in N. California it was no exception as Dane noted in his comments about the exposure during Earth Day activities in our community on Saturday.
    Finding the GeoEngineeringWatch booth, I immediately noticed Dane and Crew engaged with attendees "spreading the message".  Said booth incidentally was tucked under a nice shade tree to avoid the excessive UV rays.
    It was a pleasure to meet Elle and Lori, both radiating "passionate energy" when talking about the subject at hand.
    And speaking of "passionate energy", (and perhaps Mr. Passionate Energy) was Dane Wigington.  Moving from person to person, group to group, Dane has just as much energy, passion and charisma we see on You Tube videos and the available presentations on the GeoEngineeringWatch web site.
    We all need to follow Dane's lead and wake up each day with the determination to expose and hold accountable those responsible for this crime against humanity and demand "as a critical mass" that GeoEngineering be stopped.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Ralph, thank you for helping us at the Northern California event and thanks even more for your constant efforts to reach people online. I believe your work is gaining the attention of many in our region that you are emailing a consistent flow if information to. With all of our efforts combined we are gaining ground in this battle.

    • Hiltl-Mardin Family says:


      All we see is madness and the only sane thing left any more is our ever growing group of geo fighters. We have become closer in many ways than our own friends and family because we are the only ones truly living in reality and willing to do what it takes to save what is left of this planet – our only home. I could not be any more proud of each and every one of you. If it all goes up tomorrow, I will have these memories to take with me, knowing there were people here, with real heart and soul. And Dane if you do not have a place aside in Heaven, no one does.


      Nicole and Peter and Seala in Vermont

    • wandakate says:

      I would think that those responsible (or the bottom line here) would be the elite group of people in Washington to want to de-populate us.

      Wouldn't Washington be a good place to do this and get out the word right from the nations capital? Or I would think in any big city, where these expo's are exposed to thousands of people all at once.

      I saw chem-trails in Fl, Ga, S.C, N.C. Tn. and even in Mo. So, apparently they're spraying everywhere.

      I would like to know where to get those T-Shirts. Would be great if they come in various colors. Anybody know about where and how much, post it, thanks…

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Dane, your tireless efforts, your mental acumen, how far you've come and how far you've led others is cherished by me and so very very many others.  Due to surgery, I could do nothing.  I am older, very poor, do not have a working printer, been having endless problems with Comcast and so, computer which is Not poor, but a very good one.  I could really benefit from having DVDs, posters and such, but cannot seem to acquire any for my community here which is so uninformed.  The woman who lives in the apt. behind me has a degree in environmentalism, and she belongs to every such group, travels all the time, hikes and camps, yet will not believe what I've told her and will not research this site.  All my neighbors, well, most, are well educated, and profess a love of the environment.  The woman I referred to, sent me a copy of a mailing-probably in my own mail too, to the Commonwealth Club in SF I think, which was having a presentation leaded by Ken Caldeira about whether or not to use geoengineering.  I kinda "lost it"-I'll blame the surgery, and emphasized yet again it IS going on.  She took offense and said she just wanted me to know it is being discussed.  Uh huh.  I have acquired a printer but it is not set up.  I've been nearly blind and am disabled, so it is difficult.  But, I'm gonna put my  geoengineering 101 idea together, printing installments I will send around to all I know, and I know many.  As we Natives say: They have no ears.  But, they are print driven.  First round will be as simple as possible, explaining high by pass turbo fan engines and why these are Not contrails.  And the basic terms, such as SRM.  Just an introduction and let that sink in.  Next will go deeper, next deeper still.  I know I will get feedback and I'll work off of that.  All know my never ending commitment to this Earth, evident for 35 years here.  All know we are Native.

    I am so pleased with all the successes yesterday!  The news from Christina Parousis is exciting.  The ball really does seem to be rolling.  I've worked at this everyday for 4 years.  I can't as a  "woman" take a stand, or be in a march, and until recently I could not post pics as I had no digital camera.  But I can and do give info to everyone including all my doctors, congress, magazines, various groups, and even the President, as well as weather people, local representatives, the Sierra Club and all such, etc.  I am relentless.  I don't have many years ahead of me. Intended to do other things, like printing my books-I am a writer and an artist and these things call me all the time.  But now, they seem unimportant, selfish, purposeless given what is going on.

    Listening to you talk about being GPSed twice at your hard to reach doorstep makes me think of Jade Helm 15, as well as that paper by the two Swedes I mentioned-in terms of the government(s) taking the pulse of the people and identifying "lone wolves" and those with lots of guns and a preference for liberty.  So to your other attributes, I add guts!  Balls!-as they say.  Your stand on behalf of your world and ours and those of us who cannot stand.  Bravo!  Wopila lela!  R




    • wandakate says:

      I would like to know what people can do about this to stop it? What is the average person supposed to do once they know about it? It does no good to know what's going on if there isn't some way to prevent it. The spraying is toxic and those chemicals probably cause cancer, repertory issues and GOD knows what else, may aggravate asthma, cause migraines etc.

      Feedback on this is welcome. Thanks…

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Wandakate, you can absolutely help in this battle by continueing the process of waking up those that do not have a clue in regard to what is going on in our skies. We MUST reach a critical mass of awareness as fast as possible. Once we do, a shock wave will travel around the globe, the dominos of the power stcucture will begin to fall as populations everywhere realize what has neen done to them by the climate engineers. Use the “activist suggestions” link and the “flaming arrow” link on the home page of


    I am part of the group and we met at Ocean Ave and Colorado in Santa Monica.  We had 35 people and we marched and chanted on the 3rd street promenade   We chanted what do we want and answered clear skies and when do we want it and said right now.  Our banner said Stop Climate Engineering.

    Kathy Katherine

  10. It is heartening for me to see people getting together and making their voices heard. In a few minutes I'll be heading over to the nearby Ocean Beach dunes in San Francisco, where I spend two hours every morning meditating. I cannot help seeing the chemtrails that fill the sky over the ocean and this beautiful city just about every single day. I have a daily facebook blog now where I express my thoughts and observations: Ocean Beach SF Dunes Report.

    We MUST fight back. We DO fight back. It is a long slow battle in the face of government secrecy and denial but I have been in this fight for some years now and I do believe we are winning. Word is getting out and "chemtrails" is no longer a jokey term. Each of us must do all we can to expose this criminal activity and in the end, we will succeed in halting the evil.


  11. marco says:

    Awareness of these things is being denied and ignored by the people, to our detriment.  Our rights have been systematically and carefully taken away until now we have none.

      Read Executive Order 16303, which puts the Cabinet secretaries, and ultimately the President in control of all of the USA, starting with: water, energy, food, health, livestock and plant resources, all material services,also including the right to force us into the military and to perform "labor requirements", all with no judicial or Congressional approval or review.  

      The situation in the US is now ripe for a complete takeover, just when and what excuse will be used is to be decided.  

    Chemtrails, and the aerial spraying were a warning of a much more dangerous activity being planned.  

      Perhaps in conjunction with a push for the NWO.  This is a warning of things to come and soon it will be too  late to do anything as a complete military takeover is obviously being planned, or can you see a different outcome?       

  12. Dawnski says:

    Hallelujah! Best male role model my fatherless son ever had is you Dane Wigington. He has decided to study environmental science as he heads off to college in one more year. Granted, one must wonder if that graduation day will arrive, planet intact. Blessings!

  13. carol freiberg says:

    Thank everyone who actually took the time to save what is left of our world today.We are gaining some traction and getting more to question not only the weather but also the power structure behind the madness.We do have the power to turn this around but need more educated folks so we can reach critical mass.I believe there are more rational people out there than psychos who would carry out crimes against all of humanity.Time is running out for "soft" education and being "nice" about all of this.Somehow there has to be a mass awakening for folks who are oblivious or complicit about what is happening to them 24/7 365.

  14. Petra says:

    Hi Dane–thank you so much as always for your hard work which inspires so many of us!  We had a small event in Minneapolis with a lot of leafleting and found some new friends who will I hope join us.  The afternoon in Minneapolis was as described by others above–not a single trail–only blue. 

  15. andrew from Scotland says:

    My 51st email to my contact list, titled Mass Animal die-offs for 2015.

    1.  291 mass death events in 57 countries so far this year.  Here is a continually updated list of die-offs for 2015.  

    2.  Massive Siberian forrest fires – 100 days before usual fire season:

    3.  It looks like the Orwell's 'Thought Police' are active in Scotland!  

    For interest also see

    Our bodies, and probably other life forms, have evolved to live in harmony with earth.  For instance, our brain alpha waves (which controls our creativity, performance, anxiety, stress and immune system) resonate at 7.83 Hz, exactly the same resonant frequency as mother earth.  I am woken and suffer sleep deprivation as a direct result of frequency peaks of around 3 Hz from a wind farm 5 km away.  What hurts us also hurts earth, and visa versa.  High energy directed HAARP and SBX emissions of 2.5 – 3 Hz can cause earth tremors, earthquakes, landslides, tsunamis etc. Infrasound and Low Frequency Noise (ILFN) will refract off ionospheric layers, cloud bases (particularly ones formed on sprayed heavy metal particles), temperature inversions – all are major aspects of atmospheric spraying.

    4.  An excellent article about the suspicious death of Col Ted Westhusing in 2005.  Nothing changes.  Here is an excerpt.  

    'Colonel Westhusing’s Iraq War assignment involved working closely with the Virginia based, no bid, Carlyle Group bought and owned for $545 million, the private contracting firm of United States Investigative Services (USIS) that held a 79 million dollar contract with the Pentagon. Of course having the sitting US President Bush owning shares in these civilian outsourcing companies that changed the way America was fighting its wars was nothing new under the Bush-Cheney regime. Shortly before Cheney became the US Vice President, he was the CEO of Halliburton, another giant no bid contractor given multimillion dollar contracts in Iraq, Afghanistan and the United States'.

    There are also some good documentary videos about the subject.


  16. Christina Parousis says:

    So great to hear this Dane, what a good idea to attend a local Earth Day event!  Thank you to everyone in the world who joined on this day to raise awareness and affirm our resistance to these atrocities. 

    Here in Toronto, Canada the skies were clear all day which was also the case last year, the spraying had reduced all week and the day of the march there was not a trail in sight.  The very next day the spraying commenced heavily.  I feel this is a deliberate attempt to discredit us on these days when we are hitting the streets to expose these crimes.  Still, it goes to show that we are more effective in this battle than we may think, and validates the power in people uniting.  I only hope that this sort of activism becomes a lot more prevalent, and taking to all the media outlets, politicians/gov't agencies, Alzheimer's, Asthma, Cancer groups/societies etc., on a regular basis including weekdays.  Even if it's just a few people at a time with signage, megaphones and a camera in their faces holding these people/corporations accountable and demanding answers or that they acknowledge this issue right now.

    It warms my heart to meet every single person at these events, gives us comfort and some peace of mind that we're not alone.  There was even one gentleman, an environmental engineer, who crossed the border all the way from Buffalo, NY as he could not locate a march in his state!  Many others also traveled from hours away, so inspiring and nice to see.  Canadian former Defense Minister, the Honorable Paul Hellyer joined us as well; "In solidarity", as he said in response to our invitation.  Mr. Hellyer has referred to Haarp and 'chemtrails' as "Satan's illegitimate Siamese twins of death and destruction".  There is a very good interview taken of him from the march.  Also, a candidate from one of our political parties here made an amazing speech that I wish could be heard by all politicians and people worldwide!

    Below is the link to the Global March Call In show. Mr. Hellyer's interview is at the 1:29:00 mark, followed by Chris Jewell's speech at 1:59:29

    Thanks again to all who partook and organized to make these events a success worldwide. Don't forget the huge March Against Monsanto event taking place globally on May 23rd, another opportunity to spread awareness on the destructive climate engineering programs!

  17. Nancy says:

    Thanks Dane for getting out there today and for all you do. We had two rallies in the San Luis Obispo area- one in the downtown area and one at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Both of the rallies had almost no advertising till a day or two before, our big 702 member geoengineering site would not allow these events to be publicized and the VAFB did not give permission to allow our group until the last minute. However, we still made an impact and got to talk to a lot of people. Amazingly, there was a very positive response from the people driving by us at the air force base!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Nancy, my most sincere thanks to you and all the other activists that participated in the protests, the air base protest is especially important. We need our military brothers and sisters to wake up to what the power brokers are using them for, a weapon against theier own population. Thanks again for all your work.

    • Gina Mori says:

      I am proud to have been a part of both of these events. Good job to everyone around the Globe that got out there and helped spread awareness. We were able to touch hundreds of people that day. 

    • Gina Mori says:

      I meant hundreds of people that we (our group) touched. Multiplied globally, equals tens of thousands. Amazing work all.  

  18. Cori Gunnells says:

    You guys did great! Thanks so much for all your dedication!

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