Published In Sentinel-Tribune, “Geoengineering Puts Poisons In Air”


Anti-geoengineering activist Gretchen Thomas has struck a solid blow against climate engineering denial with her recently published editorial submission to the "Sentinel-Tribune". This kind of citizen involvement can make the difference in this battle. This is the kind of effort that we must all engage in at every available opportunity. The constant spraying of highly toxic particulates into our breathable air column is having a catastrophic effect on human health and the environment as a whole. Gretchen's letter below is an excellent example of how we can all help in the battle to bring climate engineering to light. Once fully exposed, a shockwave of outrage will travel through populations around the globe. Only then can the climate engineering be brought to a halt. A sample letter from  titled "Flaming Arrow" can be very useful for helping activists to follow Gretchen's example.
Dane Wigington


Geoengineering Puts Poisons In Air

Source: Sentinel-Tribune, letter by Gretchen Thomas

To the Editor

My awareness of Climate engineering, aka: Geoengineering began about three years ago. Concerned about the persistent haze in the air, I called the county Environmental Protection Agency; we talked about geoengineering, he told me aircraft-related emissions are regulated by Federal Aviation Administration. The FAA dismissed me as misinformed; and directed me to Department of Defense when I used the word, "chemtrail". Geoengineering creates climate changes by definition. Stratospheric Aerosol Geoengineering, (SAG) or Solar Radiation Management, (SRM) describes the dispersal of nano-particulates at high altitudes by jet aircraft; this is visible in the sky if you just look up. Persistent sprayed particulate trails criss-crossing the sky from horizon to horizon, slowly dispersing, are textbook geoengineering flight patterns, not condensation trails as disinformers claim. Many experts conclude that ongoing geoengineering programs are wreaking havoc with our weather and the earth's ecosystems and cycles. Saturating the atmosphere with geoengineering particulates "diminishes and disperses rainfall." Devastating deluges are also connected to climate engineering as moisture that was migrated over one region comes down in a torrent somewhere else. Torrential rains sound familiar? The protective layers of the atmosphere, specifically, the ozone layer and the ionosphere, are being shredded by the aircraft sprayed aerosol clouds. People who claim insufficient proof of ongoing geoengineering should seek their information elsewhere; there is a mountain of evidence: government and military documents, congressional hearings and committee reports, geoengineering patents, and climate modification corporations. International legislation is being drafted to legalize geoengineering. Look up, you can see the evidence with your own eyes. Why are we not being told about the biggest environmental nightmare of our lifetime, which threatens the earth's ability to sustain life and likely a main catalyst of global warming? Geoengineering is not acknowledged in climate change dialogue, or included in key environmental studies, except as potential mitigation for climate change. An Indiana park ranger admitted to me he was ordered not to initiate a conversation on the topic, and the public's not being told because they would panic. I have one thing to say to civil servants suppressing information from those they're paid to protect and serve – you're being sprayed, too. Every breath we take is contaminated with toxic nano-particulate fallout, that persistent haze in the air. Geoengineering must stop. Climate engineering to light. Once fully exposed, a shockwave of outrage will travel through populations around the globe. Only then can the climate engineering be brought to a halt.
Gretchen Thomas

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  1. Send this to your local paper: 18 U.S. Code § 1864 – Hazardous or injurious devices on Federal lands
    Government Officials Facing Possible Indictments & Death Penalty
    Published on Jun 17, 2015

  2. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Fab-yoo-LOSO!  Sentinal-Tribune of Bowling Green OH?  Beautiful little college town, I've been through it.  Good for them for running Gretchen's amazingly succinct letter that says it all. 

  3. carol freiberg says:

    Now we do have some smoke from the fires that is wafting this way causing even more haze.So what caused the haze for the previous nine months? Are we really so much more perceptive than others who don't notice the hazy pollution? To top it off I actually saw a spray plane above the smoky,hazy sky leaving a thick plume from horizon to horizon. This is shear madness. Glad your local rag ran your article Gretchen. Tried to do the same here and was told to get a larger tin foil hat.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Haze from the smoke of forest fires does not look anything like the typical "white haze" of geoengineering's nano-particulate metals, at all.  People are for the most part completely terrible observers of seemingly small differences– heck, I could just stop after saying that people are generally terrible observers! 

      Upon discussion of geoengineering with relative strangers, I haven't seen anyone really panic and there's a lot more movement going on under the carpet than "They," our Illustrious "Lords and Masters of The Universe," would let their sniggering Court Jesters (that would be the Department of Propaganda/Info-tainment) lead you to believe.

      I spent last weekend in Ukiah, CA, and the smoke from those forest fires in Lake and other counties is blue-gray, or even black, with orange-ish hues, and in places it was so thick it looked like a blanket of orange-ish tinged fog; the metal sprays of geo-engineering's "chem trails" are gray-white and from a distance outdoors it looks like a milky white haze (if you don't dust your house often you can SEE this gray-white dust, it's all over everything).  The jets were out spraying their chemical payloads like craaazy in that area, high above the fires, just going and going and going.  Like nothing else matters. 

      (check out Crossing the Rubicon:  The Decline of the American Empire at the end of the Age of Oil by Michael C. Ruppert, as well as Pilots for Truth).

      The closer I got to the Bay Area on the return trip Sunday, the more high-level chem clouds I saw.  Makes me cough and sneeze, and I get dehydrated easily from the air-crap we're all being forced to breathe.  Late last winter I went to the ER for terrible cramping in my colon at 2 a.m. and the ER physician ordered an MRI because the particulates, I knew, were drying me out so badly it was making my guts seize up.  I was put on an i.v. drip to rehydrate and got better, pain went away, no MRI necessary–  Sheeesh!  WHEN DOES THIS END???

    • Heather says:

      These people are in denial! It's them that wear big foil hats to block out all reality! The reality that we are being poisoned on every turn! Our food, water, air and ozone being poisoned in the name of Billdiburg scum and global cronies! To depopulate and control! Control food=control people! Exactly why California is in a drought followed by WA. No water no food=control!

    • Gretchen Thomas says:


      Try an editorial to a smaller paper in your area, or perhaps a neighborhood or campus publication. The Sentinel-Tribune is a mostly rural, suburban paper.

      I was recently in Wisconsin, and the people there were being told that the haze was smoke from Canadian wildfires, the smell of smoke conspicuously absent. Driving down Lakeshore Drive in Chicago, IL, watching thousands of people, seemingly oblivious to what they were breathing, boating, biking, and spending some time at the free festival along Lake Michigan in the thickest haze I have ever seen, was horrifying.

  4. Good on ya Gretchen Thomas! I tried the same thing with my local paper, but they refused to publish. Ah well… I have a friend who wrote a similar geoengineering piece, and she did get some press in another local paper. So I think it's well worth pestering the bums…

    It's all coming apart for those in power. Let's just keep pushing till they fall off the cliff they built for themselves…

  5. Rosemary says:

    I, and several of my friends will be seeing GeoEngineering Watch folks here in Redding, in a couple of weeks. I'll be annoying our local news station, KRCR, until I see some coverage of this upcoming event.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rosemary, thank you for hounding KRCR and specifically Mike Mangas. He has previously given his commitment to cover any future geoengineering events in our community, there would be no excuse whatsoever for KRCR not to cover one of this size and attendence. It is best to email him so you get a written responce, and get others to do the same. I will look forward to seeing you at the event, thanks for your efforts Rosemary.

  6. Andrew from scotland says:

    My 65th email to my contact list, titled '50 days left to prepare'. 

    1.  In case you missed it last week, watch the last piece of thick sea ice (100km x 50km x 5m thick) being dislodged from the Canadian Archipeligo on 21 – 24 July.  This last happened over 100,000 years ago.

    We now have a situation where increasing wave size (less sea ice to 'dampen' them), and rapidly warming sea water will cause the remaining sea ice to melt even faster.

    2. There are so many events converging on this autumn equinox that it is a very good date to use as a deadline.  I am not saying something will definitely happen on that exact date, but if just one of them occurs, it could easily set off the others in a disastrous chain reaction.

    We live on a world that has a solar year, a lunar month and an earth day.  Solar activity and planetary alignments have considerable effects on us and earth (and are no doubt much utilised by geoengineers).  It is time we got back in harmony (7.83 Hz) with mother earth, before it is forced on us.

    The two most important natural annual events are the spring and autumn equinox, followed closely by the two solstice (historically more celebratory events for humans). This is primarily why I suggest the preparation deadline of the autumn equinox….the next deadline being the spring equinox 2016, and so on. Scoff not, it will happen soon and be undeniable.

    With regard to the Kerry/Fabius statement "We have 500 days to prevent climate chaos", I do not believe we/they have prevented anything in the last 450 days.  In fact, their atmospheric spraying and other geoengineering methods have made a bad situation considerably worse.  Since they and the IPCC (aka Intergovernmental Propaganda and Climate Con-artists) are not decisively warning us, or making any decisive overt preparations for the general public, we must individually prepare as best we can.  

    Climate chaos is when mother nature takes back control of our weather. Let us hope it does not happen as a single event, but over a period of time. 

    3.  a)  ''Climate engineering is mathematically the greatest single assault against all life ever launched by the human race. The ongoing catastrophic effects of the global atmospheric spraying and radio frequency transmissions related to geoengineering programs are so massive in scope and scale that the overall destruction and death they are inflicting is impossible to quantify. Many deadly effects of the solar radiation management operations are completely overlooked, epidemic vitamin D deficiency is in this category.'

    b)  Here is another excellent 'must read' article, first published in July 2004:

    • Hello Andrew from scotland: Your posts are always excellent, and provide another layer of confirmation to those who might have lingering doubts. I believe this is a great service, as it honors the labors and positive research Dane and others are posting.

      Keep up the good work. My best to you.  

    • Andrew from scotland says:

      Many thanks, Paul.  Your posts are excellent too, providing great depth of information –  truly thought provoking. 

  7. Bella_Fantasia says:

    You've written an outstanding letter, Gretchen Thomas.  The best part is that your paper published it!  I've written on several occasions.  Once someone from the paper phoned to ask if I'd written a specific letter.  That was the last word I got on that front.

  8. Trevor says:

    Great story. Afriend and i handed out 60 flyers to different people and many if not all were very interested, doing everything we can do here, just people cant tell cloud cover from absolute haze somehow, hopefully they kept looking up as the flyers say and watched the horror show and woke up a bit, there must have been hundreds of planes just for this area today, expected after two days of blue sky, unheard of nowadays. They keep going even after the suun is blocked. I have a few decent pics and vids of them, one young guy a friend handed a flyer to called us over to ask more, turns out he works right behind the airport near here and he sees these huge "tankers"(actually used that word)  spraying stuf when coming in to land, so we'lll see where it goes 60 ppl got the msg today and more will soon(need funds to pass even more out) asked and it costs to rent a room for ppl to come in and watch a presentation(one of danes of course) at the library hopefully can do that sometime, simply have no idea what to do as i sit just knowing that almost nothing good can come from this. Again i dont know where to turn so i comment on here and share stuff on fb just to stay sane. keep spreadin the word guys! we'll make the best of this disaster

  9. Gregory Frick says:

    Way to go, Gretchen. That is a great editorial.

  10. Keith Whittington says:

    Pollution is a reflection of corruption. Industrial living is corrupt; hence the pollution. Corruption compounds like Capitalist economics; cannibalism. I am not sure that the whole star trekkie, space odyssey, put your faith in science experts because the future is moving to another planet thing, was a coincidence. A corrupt seed bares corrupt fruit. Ever since media came into the lives of the masses, it has been used against them. I will try to change that by writing to the local liars.

  11. truthchase says:

    SHARING EVERYWHERE –  great article – thank you – we dont have much time left – trees  are falling over dead and killing people from the destroyed root systems , we are all in grave danger – our children  are in grave danger , they will have nothing alive left o this planet, this is like living in a bad dream unable to wake from and noway to stop the dreadful spraying that is being doone right in front of everyones faces, my God why wont they wake up and see what is being done.

  12. Cori Gunnells says:

    Nice job Gretchen Thomas. Thank you for taking the time and effort to send this to your local paper, and alert the many readers who read it. I hope they will take notice, decide to do some research… and join us in calling out the need to stop these programs. 

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