Redefining The Map Of Planet Earth


Dane Wigington

Will rapidly rising sea levels soon radically alter coastal shorelines around the globe? There is no question of this fact, this process is already well underway and accelerating rapidly. So much inertia is behind the rising global land and sea temperatures that even if all contributing factors to this equation were to stop immediately, 69 feet of eventual sea level rise is mathematically locked in and guaranteed. There are numerous reference sites and articles which are sounding the alarm on the coming exponential sea level rise, but even the worst case predictions currently being published likely fall far short of reflecting the true gravity and immediacy of what we face. Though many have chosen to believe false headlines about expanding Arctic ice, the Arctic ice cap is in fact at record breaking low levels.  


Similar false headlines about Antarctica ice expansion have been accepted by the public, but such headlines were also extremely deceptive. Though some Antarctic sea ice has expanded, this is largely due to changing wind patterns and all the fresh water pouring off the continent from the melting of the land based ice. Antarctica's land based ice is melting rapidly, this is what contributes to sea level rise. Antarctica also recently recorded record shattering high temperatures. 2014 was the warmest year ever recorded and 2015 looks set to surpass that. So what will the world look like when all the ice melts and sea levels rise from 220 to 240 feet? The planet is in total meltdown. Though there are many factors fueling the fire, climate engineering is mathematically the greatest disrupting force of all. Global geoengineering is the most immediate threat we face short of nuclear cataclysm. The 2 minute video below should be a stark wake up call on the changing geography of our planet. It's not a matter of if, but when. 

There is a tremendous and ongoing effort by the power structure to hide the reality of our imploding biosphere and the climate engineering insanity that is helping to fuel this implosion, but the unfolding cannot be hidden much longer. 



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  1. Rachel Robson says:

    Larry Charles, I think if anyone says the planet is dying-nearly all say the Earth and Omnicide as in the death of all life, but-in context "planet" means our address, the only rock on which we can live that we know.

    But, for the sake of argument, scientists have "recently" discovered that the Earth's core is bigger than we thought, its mantle and crust thinner than we thought.  Our nuclear experiments wobbled us, putting us sunny side up for solar flares.  And the Cern  Large Hadron Collider was recently re-started at more than twice its previous speed!  Long long ago I was taught-don't know if it is still considered true, that if not for tornadoes and hurricanes, the planet would tear apart at the equator. From the gravitational pull?  Such that hurricanes and tornadoes are a good thing-sort of.  Part of the system, releasing that pressure.  So, if geoengineering is trying to interfere with this process, there may be grave problems for the rock.

    Like you, I once thought-well, I thought we were like lice irritating Earth and someday she'd shake us off somehow.  But given the wealth of nuclear this and that-from weapons to energy plants and more, plus the residue, it is beginning to look totally possible that we could actually destroy the planet. Blowing the rock part to smithereens, then what?  Like a gardener, we've sorta prepped the rock for this through mining, induced earthquakes, removing mountain tops, tunneling under mountains-Big mountains.  Injecting waste deep into aquifers and fissures.  Drilling and fracking.  Already land masses are disappearing like in the Arctic and Antarctica via scraping and attrition.  It is not beyond possible that we could actually destroy the planet itself.  Which if not and Earth heals-how the heck is it suppose to heal given that we've taken so much away from the system and added so much permanent, well, VERY long term heat and poison especially nuclear.  It will certainly never be the same again.  Oh, and I forgot all the electro magnetic stuff and like how we created two new belts in the Van Allens.  Yup, it is possible to blow up, rip up, the planet itself-which by the way, with no protective barrier, could be taken out by one of those giant asteroids.  Never say never!

  2. For clarity, I would like to note that the planet is not dying, the perpetrators of climate engineering, aerosol spraying, etc., etc., are not destroying planet Earth, they cannot destroy, planet Earth.

    I will grant that they may make the Earth uninhabitable for humans, and cause the demise of myriad species of flora and fauna; but the Earth will heal itself. Without humans.

    Perhaps that would be a good thing.

  3. Marc says:

    It never ceases to amaze me the variety of attitudes regarding geoengineering. Everything from Huh? to snarling contempt to complete understanding and despair. I guess it is true, we wake up when we wake up. But it doesn't take alot of brains to look up and see the trail blitz one day and NONE the next. The dumb-ass polar vortexes, the strange silvery skies, the "clouds" that don't resemble anything that's ever been. Are they gonna keep polar-vortexing us throughout the summer? Hello? 

      I truly think we are living in a nightmare orchestrated by a surprisingly large cabal of our fellow human beings who themselves are  asleep and disconnected from the GOOD, adrift on a sea of surface consciousness, desperately addicted to profit and power AND self-loathing and…for some unknown reason…exult in their bitter contempt for all who would regard the planet and the biosphere as essentially sacred. The concept of sustainability must be laughable to these TAKERS. 

      It all begins to make sense: whiteout the skies and you destroy the solar energy industry (Big Oil), whiteout the skies and you sicken the millions who dared to sign on to Obamacare, whiteout the skies and you sicken countless millions and enrich Big Pharma, spray the planet and you accelerate warming and scramble the ancient weather patterns resulting in droughts, floods and catastrophes which serve to enrich disaster capitalists, spray the planet with toxic aerosols and you quicken the demise of humanity which serves the Elites who, in their mental illness, imagine a future world all to themselves wherein they can start a NEW WORLD ORDER fashioned precisely to their liking.

      The alarm bells are sounding but too many are inexplicably deaf. This cannot possibly continue for much longer. Our complacency will ultimately write our death certificate.

  4. Hello Rachel Robson: I live in a very rural area on the Northwestern shore of Lake Superior. I moved here to get away from the stench and filth of city life some 18 years ago… I lived for many years with dreams of someday owning my own land, and tending it as a sort of garden of Eden. The dream has now been shattered by a society that thinks technology is a children's toy, and Nature is something to chop down and burn for profit or sport…

    The Autumn sky over the boreal forest used to wax a deep azure blue that went on forever above this huge lake. The birch, maple, ash, and mixed pines were spectacular with color in the Autumn. The air was always crisp and filled a persons lungs with goodness and health. The air now smells of petrochemical crap and metallic compounds…

    In less than two decades, over 78% of the local moose populations have disappeared. Black bear populations are near extinct. Wolf populations are dying in winter from a sort of mange that strips them of their winter coats. The Native populations have never recorded such events in the many years they have lived here. Tens of millions of birds, Canadian geese, and diverse migratory ducks filled the sky in Spring and Autumn in the first years I traveled here. These populations have now plummeted to sparse groups of less than 40 specimens at a time. The entire boreal forest is littered with downed trees, dying trees, and newer saplings are stunted and unhealthy. None of the forest looks or smells natural, but most people don't even notice…

    I contracted lymes/morgellon disease whilst out hiking remote forest areas back in 2012. As it turns out, my intense hiking was a sort of goodbye mission. I am no longer well enough to walk (much less hike) on most days. Lyme/morgellon disease is in fact an engineered life form, thanks to the US military in toy-making places like Plum Island. The kind folks of Monsanto created morgellon disease from an agrobacterium (fact). Some people think they deserve the right to throw my life away. 

    • Rachel Robson says:

      Paul Vonhamish, Hi.  Gee.  First off, seems we  shared a similar dream and a somewhat similar fate.  I've never been to the Great Lakes area nor seen Lake Superior but wanted to and knew people who on their own had canoed and portaged the area for weeks on end.  Sounded like heaven.

      Did you get the bulls' eye circle and spot that often appears with Lyme's?  Long ago, docs thought I had Lymes-and long ago I saw a PBS show on Plum Island and the invention of Lyme ticks-theoretically intended for Russia.  "Escaped".  I tested positive once, negative twice, and as new-ish, docs asked if I'd be willing to have a spinal tap to see if it could be found.  I agreed, they didn't find it.  Someone I accidently met was a Lyme's patient and part of a support network and told me that if I tested positive once, even if other tests were negative, I had it. I couldn't do the long tetracycline "cure" owing to being allergic to it and most antiantibotics.  Did you take this?

      I am very curious to know what living with morgellons is like.  What Is it like?  What all happens?  How old are you?  I'm 68 and what I've been through in this life is extreme.  To the max.  So sick that I missed years of school, yet stayed ahead of the rest.  Grew up being severely beaten on a daily basis with everything from flyswatters-the swat part would fly off and then I'd be sliced with the wires, and logs, 2×4's, etc.  By Mom, me adopted because my adoptive father thought having children would help her.  Didn't.  Witnessed my first murder in our home when I was 4. Have been raped many times, burgled, guns to my head.  Have had more than 50 broken bones and my bones a strong!  But in between all that I had so much fun!  I taught myself to swim in creeks and rivers which I always made it my business to know.  Taught myself to ride horses as a child, sneaking onto huge fields, no one around, trying to get on to any horse who would let me.  By the time I was 12, I had my first horse and we got 5 acres of paradise.  Went on to have more horses and to break and train horses.  And race cars.  I had an MG b.  My man and I were homeless when my first and only child was born and we had lived, camping without even a tent, on 7,000 acres of near wilderness while I was pregnant, living on, and from the land.  I'd help Rock carry dead deer back to camp and was forever stunned by the sheer amount and quantity of fleas and ticks on them.  I was kept tied up until almost age 4, and when freed could not walk owing to lack of muscles and so had to wear leg braces until I was 12. Upside is that they started me in dance for the same reason and I became a dancer, strong and lean.  A very confusing life and if not for nature, I'd never have survived.  Trees were my first friends at age 4 and I still consider them my parents.  Used that as a last name for some long time.  Tree.  Ran away with Indians as soon as I could.  It's as if I lived a whole very full life in a short time period.  In my early 40's I got crippled from an accident.  I'd been used to walking-averaged 20 miles a day. Then, for five years, I had to haul my full weight on crutches.  I was still a babe and people seemed confused, no one would help me.  I began to become agorophobic.  Eventually docs discovered that I have Mixed Connective Tissue Disease and Lupus and a bunch of autoimmune diseases.  And a great deal of spinal damage including a syrinx in my spinal sack near cord-thoracic. Very rare.  Of course!  Point is, I never gave up.  It has taken a very very long time but now I can walk some.  I am living proof that there is always hope.  Always some upside to a downside.  I regret the years I wasted in depression, as well as suicide attempts.  But I learned from it and I've been able to help a lot of people.  Not only with that issue, but medical stuff, I was even a midwife.  Been a doctor to many.

      When it became clear I was now stuck here, in this scary ass neighborhood-better now-a bit, I decided to turn it into  paradise and I did.   The land had been trashed.  I cleaned it and healed it and began growing things.  I have many things that should have killed me by now, yet I live.  And I try to wring whatever joy I can out of every moment.  And I treasure memories–so glad I did so much back when.  I have two grandsons.  The oldest one expects to die every day of his life.  The youngest-with ADHD, or as my daughter says: adHd, he says he doesn't waste his seconds.  And he doesn't.  He is 11.  The other day, camping and no one knowing, he caught, by hand, a rattlesnake, bagged it and brought it to mom!!!!  Just like the grandfather he never knew, murdered nearly 4 years ago, who had an affinity for snakes, especially rattlesnakes which he only caught to remove from people in the way-I kept thinking I was gonna be widowed any second.  He caught rabbits by hand too!  No bullets on the reservation!  I miss him-even his drunk self.

      I'm just trying to say, don't give into these horrible illnesses.  Push yourself to get better.  Take that anger and make your body fight back!  You are feeling what the Earth is feeling and it and you might not make it.  But we try don't we?  What else is there to do but try and try no matter what.  Got me to age 68 and some happiness.  Sometimes just little things-a bug, the light, a bird, a cherished plant, a friend.

      It is a pleasure to know you.  To read your comments.  And I really do want to know what morgellons is like for you.  You can survive Lyme's.  Don't know about morgellon's.  Non of us may survive what is coming.  I love your descriptions of your area back when.  Oh to go back in time-way way back.  Oh well.  This is what we have now.  And thank God for music.  And meds!    Your friend, Rachel

  5. wandakate says:

    It seems like people don't look up to the sky much. Their too busy talking on their phone, working on the I-pad or laptops and texting everybody. They aren't paying attention to much, but they better wake up before their dead. All of those planes are putting poison in the atmosphere and are causing people to be sick, affecting sinuses, asthma, and even cancer. Yes they want us dead and this is part of it. But I guess they're not smart enough to know that we are all breathing the same air. So when the President walks out of the white house he's breathing it just as you and I are. Maybe they don't spray in or around the District of Columbia in order to protect those elite folks.

    I see them in Fl. I saw them in Georgia, South and North Carolina as well, they are in Tennessee, everywhere they are spraying the chemicals onto the land from the air. Chem-trails are deadly and we will all suffer and pay the price of this if we don't speak up. Pass the word. 

    • Larry says:

      Well it is true the dumb ass politicians and generals are breathing the same aluminized air we are breathing  but remember that the 50 plus companies that are involved in spraying us are telling the pres and his band of merry  idiots that the spraying is safe and even the UN  recently said we must spray to save the planet it is our only choice!  So clearly  those morons also believe what they are told by the same corporate lunatics that that came up with this insane plan and are getting rich from the process.  Time to buy stock in Alcoa …..

             I was hoping that the UN would wake up and smell the aluminum but their recent answer makes it look pretty hopeless. 

           Call me Dr. Doom if you like but we need to focus on stopping HAARP because that is what is shreading the ozone and allowing the suns full energy fry the planet .  Stop the Haarp and we save the planet with no further need to spray the Sykes  to dim the sun. The ozone layer will heal but the military has to be forced to stop playing God with their haarp experiments.   Thank you Dane and all the other fighters for all your efforts.

  6. Jeannie says:

    I live in a tiny fishing village a little orth of Acapulco, MX.  Last year the 2 hurricanes that passed literally ate up the beach and dumped anything on that side of the road into the ocean.

    There have been no fish here for about 2 years.  It is as if the ocean is dead.

    • wandakate says:

      I just watched this short world video and was shocked to see that all of the state of Fl. where I just moved from would be gone (everything). And it would do away with most of Georgia (where my family lives), as well except for some very small area up in the Ga. mountains, oh my and it looks like New Orleans would be wiped off the map as well as some more of that area down there in general. It's scary. That would be in the thousands of people, millions perhaps.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Jeannie, My guess is Fukushima, but none of what is being done is helping the biosphere, especially the spraying. This is grim news indeed. We are now living on a dying planet. The military industrial machine is killing us all. Enjoy whatever you can each day and do whatever you can to the alleviate pain and suffering created by these madmen. We can only pray for a silver lining somewhere in all this  (but not a silver iodide one).   🙁

  7. Rachel Robson says:

    Paul, well someone got a lot of bang for their bucks.  What profits to reap?  Weather traded on market, insurance, re-building, etc.  Yes of course world leadership is insane.  Isn't it a requisite?  Elizabeth Warren is not insane and does not want to be president.

    Nature Is a lab experiment.  One to observe, watch and admire.  Not! to play with like a toy!  Like some errant child that needs correcting.  The hubris never ceases to amaze me.  Last Saturday I was so very depressed about this.  Which is normal as it is so very depressing and one feels helpless and confused.  But I pulled out of it.  Because somehow life does go on.  I've been so angry so long.  My whole long life.  But it is no way to live, anger makes a person sick.  What the hell, I am sick anyway.  Gonna go pound a nail into a board, keep working on this place, getting helpful plants to give me the nourishment I need.

    Nature talks.  That helps.  Trees, grasses, birds–all just waiting for someone to listen.  I'm gonna go listen for awhile.  Do you ever do that?  Just curious.  Wonder how many people do.  We are to have a lot of heat today, and there is mega wind.  I feel like I'm being called.  To listen, maybe pick up on something, dunno.

    Watched Wonder Years Sunday on CNN about the glaciers melting in the Alps.  In the background of many shots were chemtrails.  French Alps.  Which some genius thought it a good idea to put a major highway through.  Endless stupidity.  Just endless.

    In Native thought, God is called The Great Mystery.  Right up there with the Great Mystery is That Which Stirs.  In many ways, life is what we choose to see.  There lurks a power to see things differently.  If we could all do that….and pigs will fly.

  8. Frank says:

    As our planet is in meltdown I look at the climate control in the US. The state of California can't get any measurable moisture and the central and southeast gets day after day of clouds and rain. This spring here in southeast TN we had a few partly sunny days. When the sun shines the heat values go off the charts with temps at least 20 degrees higher than normal. The nighttime temps have been 15 degrees above normal even with cloud cover and rain. The northeast is under partly cloudy weather with nominal amounts of precipitation. The northeast is controlled now by some snow cover and the cold waters of the great lakes. They can't control the heat anymore in the southeast and Midwest as the days are covered by clouds and rain. They will do this same pattern until the Arctic goes blue likely this summer. I can only imagine what excuse they will use when that happens. 

    We need some sun and a break from the daily rain here in the southeast. The farmers and there fields are flooded out and crops are rotting if they were lucky enough to plant them. My lawn is so out of control and tall as it is so wet to even think of cutting grass. They change the forecasts several times a day as the meteorologists can't predict nothing, there pathetic. I never thought I would like to see partly sunny days of hazy trails. This weather is very depressing as we all need sun for physical and mental health. We all are suffering one way or another.  

  9. Connie Chauvel-Gomez says:

    Chem Trails and all engineering of weather which God controls, is the problem!!

    The New World Order and Agenda 21 (UN)want the majority of us DEAD so they have fewer humans to "manage".  They are doing a great job so far while the Sheeple sleep!!

  10. Rachel Robson says:

    Miss a little miss a lot!  I was going back through posts and so saw on  March 24th? an article about the Nasty surprise in the greenhouse-which was part of the title of what all I read as I hit this and that.  I see that I may have spelled thermohaline wrong though I remember it as thermohyline.  From what all I read, seems nothing could stop this conveyer of currents, but if they are trying to stop it, giving the dire circumstance of it going around the world in this condition, that would be the reason why-Not that I approve!  It would explain, I guess, the massive cool down in the east, like overkill.  I mean, it did not seem friendly to those in the east.  This is scary stuff.  But knee jerk reactions are scarier.

    Glad I went back through posts and so found second petition from Native family and signed, but gee, the numbers were low.  I do not get how anything "they" can do would shut down this Atlantic current, this infamous mega conveyer to oceans all over the planet.  Any signs that it did?

  11. Listen carefully. $10 million dollars of private investment, resulting in $2.8 billion dollars in damages to infrastructure. Yet the individuals commenting in the video, FAIL to realize the connection. They, in fact do NOTHING to prevent further testing of these geoengineering systems.


    Our world leadership is clearly mentally incompetent and dangerously insane.

    All life on this planet originated in the sea, and all life will be absorbed by that same primal force. Science would have us believe that Nature is some playful lab experiment.

  12. Rachel Robson says:

    Oh dear Deities!  I was reading an article by R. Scribbiner concerning what appears to be a monster of another El Nino this year, mainly in the south Pacific but causing profound drought and heat here on west coast perhaps interspersed with Torrential rains and Winds.  This article was far worse than that, as if possible, and was on Comcast's news feed as a "nasty surprise" in the Atlantic ocean.  Hit that which yielded this info about the cold water from Greenland melting causing the warmth in the Atlantic ocean to drop down towards bottom of ocean along with its salt.   This article explained how the Atlantic ocean is the conveyer belt for the world's oceans as the current from there goes to all oceans all over the world, referring to thermohyline currents which drive all ocean currents.  This well could result in a Canfield ocean scenario all over the world Very soon.  Not only will the sea level rise, but it will be a very dead sea-all seas, all over the world.  This too seems "locked in".

    I figure Dane knows of this, but I've been so focused on the Pacific, on the Arctic and Antarctica, and on geo engineering and the drought here in California, that I had no idea that the Atlantic ocean is the driver of all oceans, even the Pacific.  The Atlantic's current goes Everywhere.  This is definitely a holy shit moment!  Myself, I don't eat much fish.  But the rest of the world does. For many, the major source of food.  Imagine if every ocean in the world was dead.  Seriously dead as in not just here and there, this and that, but large and in charge, very dead and rising to boot.  Yikes!!!!


  13. Dog aka db says:

    Great video! Was talk about rising levels in Merritt island FL in 2003!

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