SGT Report Covers Climate Engineering And Biosphere Collapse


Our collective reality is changing at a rate that cannot truly be comprehended.  Earth is the only planet we know of that can support life, yet the human race has so far chosen to completely decimate its host in too many ways to quantify or calculate. The life support systems of our biosphere are unraveling at blinding speed for countless reasons (as mentioned), but the greatest and most cataclysmic source of environmental destruction of all is the ongoing global climate engineering. Stratospheric aerosol geoengineering (which includes radio frequency transmissions from facilities like HAARP) is the epitome of human arrogance and insanity.  If the power structure is allowed to continue derailing and disrupting the weather (while completely contaminating the entire web of life in the process) our mathematical odds of long term survival are zero. The first video below is a 2 minute preview of the SGT interview. The second video is the full one hour interview. My sincere gratitude to Sean Turnbull of the SGT Report for helping us to sound the alarm.
Dane Wigington




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  1. Marc says:

    Let's just stop for a minute to consider something: highly toxic nano-particulates of aluminum, barium, and strontium and God only knows what other poisons, sprayed incessantly around the world for year after year since probably the 1950's. Said spraying having been exponentially ratcheted up since maybe around 9/11 and relentlessly so up to the present day. And yet, we are expected to believe that the Dr. Evils behind all this are unconcerned about the devastating effects upon humanity and all life. Why? Because we are just collateral damage in relation to the Objective, be it military or otherwise, and we are expendable? Bullshit! The known toxicity is NOT a tangential fact! It is THE MOST IMPORTANT FACT!!!!! I can therefore come to only one conclusion, which is that, given the massive global reach of these aerial spraying programs, an agenda of OMNICIDE is presently in full deployment around the planet. Where are the control centers? From where does the stupendous task of orchestrating these fleets originate? Washington, D.C.? From Area 51? The new NSA facility in Salt Lake City? Is this why this new NSA plant was built? To coordinate this final push to crush all of humanity in a blitzkrieg of geoengineered biological warfare? Really? Is this accurate? Could this REALLY BE WHAT IS HAPPENING??? A conscious human being, directing these agendas, simply cannot pretend that he/she would not be excruciatingly aware of the extremely deadly effects of spraying such substances around the planet on such a mind-blowing scale. 

      I rest my case….

    • PLT says:

      You have made your case, and I for one agree wholeheartedly.  As a tangential bit of evidence, when they discuss "starting up" a geoengineering project to ameliorate the global warming crisis, as far as I've heard they talk mostly about sulfate and silver particulates – one natural and the other desired by many people.  Not that even those elements are safe in high quantities, but they probably sound acceptable to most people.

    • Patricia Grimm says:

      Yesterday I went to congressman Ed Royce's office in Brea, Ca to inquire about geoengineering. The intern told me that no one was available to see me so I said I would wait. When I did get to talk to the constituent representative I asked her what the Congressman's stance was on this. Well, she never hear of geoengineering and stated she had never seen anything unusual in the sky. She was quite young and when I showed her a picture I had taken inBrea of massive spraying her immediate response was,"how pretty!" I explained what was going on and she said she would contact her counter part in DC. She also promised she would google geoengineering.








  2. Rachael Webb says:

    Another great interview and video link Dane. As always, I just want to say, I really have no idea how so many people can get up everyday, look up and not see something very very wrong. North Texas is constantly under attack, and in reference to using certain terms, the weather personalities here have even started using certain terms, such as Filtered Sunlight, Reflective Cloud Cover, Dry Moisture, etc.., that I now perceive as code words for the purpose of disorientation. we seem to be in a strange paradox now to where the power structure wants to deny these aerosols, but at the same time they want us to be aware of them, but that they are normal. I constantly see print ads, television commercials, cartoons, etc presenting a sprayed sky. You can even go to popular travel sites and any pictures of airplanes will show a big long trail behind it.

    There was also a questioned asked about countries that are not being sprayed. I travel to Africa quite a bit with my business, and I was recently in Zimbabwe and the sky and clouds were absolutely beautiful, it was the sky from my childhood in Texas. Now I may have just caught them during an off time, but I was there for quite sometime and the sky remained beautiful the whole time and there were zero trails in the sky.

    I do believe that the ultimate goal of this program is planetary depopulation. I feel that the global elite, the illuminati, or whatever you want to call them have agreed on a do over so to speak, so they have made the decision that its time to burn the village, even at the sacrifice of some of some of their own people, and a huge percentage of the planet. They will wait out the destruction, and then start again with a much smaller and more controllable population. I do think that they have laid out safe zones around the planet and it would make sense these would be in the Southern Hemisphere.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rachel, thank you for your comment. Though euginics is at minumum a developing result of the ongoing spraying, all available data makes clear that there are a great many agendas being carried out, not just one or two. There are NO zones that which are exempt from the toxic fall out, a study of 1000 whales from around the globe done in 2010 proves that. All specimens had “jaw dropping” levels of aluminum in their tissue. We must try not to think in terms of “this or that”, rather we must remember there are many layers to the programs being carried out in our skies.

  3. anotherAnon says:

    Listening to the interview now and Dane, when you mentioned you didn't understand how people can sit down with their children watching a football game… it reminded me of a moment I had with my daughter over the weekend.

    We were in the shed and she heard a plane flying over head and went out to look and she said "oh, it's just a normal plane". I've been working with the people around me to get them to understand, but that really saddens me that we're at this point. I mean right now, thinking back on that moment really hit me even harder while listening to your video. Thank you again for everything you do and I will continue to do what I can.

    • PLT says:

      When my kids were still young, I was honest with them about everything.  Some people in my own family accused me of child abuse (even for letting them know that Santa was a myth).  Now both are grown, and they thank me for having raised them the way I did.  Both believe it is better to know the truth, no matter how bleak, so that they can face it and try to improve their world.  So not only do I think you are doing the right thing, but I suspect your daughter feels the same way.  Still, it is sad. 

      We used to try to keep a balance by reading and watching comedies.  Winnie the Pooh was a favorite when they were younger.  And there is a great movie called Local Hero which is funny, beautiful, has a strong environmental message, and has a happy ending.  And great music by Mark Knopfler. 

  4. JR says:

    In Southwest, New Mexico and El Paso, Texas area this city bordering Juarez, Mexico our rain clouds inundated with Chemtrails-SAG with much spraying busting them down to nothing. I'm still having trouble posting with CAPTCHA Codes. On another note on CNN India farmers commit suicide with chemicals swallowed in retaliation like Roundup-Monsanto product. This happens for the lies on GMO's cotton to produce bumper crops and much debt with the "Terminator" seeds encouraged by USDA, great huh? What leaders we have!? Of course the media does not give the whole story and truth, what professionalism reporting. Where does truth begin and end with a lie or vice versa?

  5. PLT says:

    This interview made my blood boil.  I am out today to post more fliers!

    I want to encourage people again, if you are in the US, please seriously consider joining forces and starting a campaign next year, for whatever office you like.  The important thing is to get on the ballot – that gives you access to the media.  I am the most shy person on the planet, but I did it once, and got far more attention than I wanted!  I was able to get op-eds printed regularly, about topics that were not "acceptable", like opposing the PATRIOT Act. 

    Yes, there were reprisals, but as Dane said, the worst that can happen is a ticket out of the madhouse.  We must be heard!  If anyone is interested, I will give them help with written materials. Unfortunately, I am in Europe now.

    By the way, I had absolutely no political credentials, which was a huge positive in my campaign.  🙂

    • PLT says:

      Sorry, that should have read "campaign for next year" – it is not too soon to throw your hat in the ring.  Hillary launched her campaign for next year in 2012, after all.

    • PLT says:

      Another thought: if you are thinking that saying you are running for office "in order to stop geoengineering" will just make people walk away, then say that you are running because the political system is so beholden to corporate interests that our government is allowing the total destruction of our planet, and that you want to make sure our children have a future.  After that you can get people to listen to anything.  I know from experience!

      Also, I am happy to give general advice on this subject, in addition to helping people with writing articles for the local press, etc.

  6. Karen W says:

    Don't forget everyone…get out on Wednesday and Saturday and let your neighbors/neighborhood know about the spraying that is taking place over our heads.  Order bumper stickers, tee-shirts, anything that shows the world what you know about this crime of our planet.

  7. Ralph Ely says:

    It is such an honor to be in the company of such "insightful, thoughtful and learned" people as found on this web site.  The World Wide reach of the subject of GeoEngineering is both alarming and amazing at the same time.  Daily I come here and walk away with yet another morsel of Truth and Knowledge.

    That said, I keep seeing the term "chemtrail(s)" being used.

     Please stop using the term "chemtrails".  It is not a scientific term.  "Geo Engineering" is the scientific term for dispensing particulates into the atmosphere.  Chemtrails congers up "conspiracy theory" and not Science. It is hard to be ignored when you come from a Scientific Approach.

    All of us need to Pull Hard in the Same Direction and as Fast as we can to keep from being pushed over the looming cliff of Global Destruction.  Stay informed, Stay active, Stay alive!

  8. anotherAnon says:

    The earth can produce enough to feed the world, but not enough to feed our greed.

    I saved that from another comments section some time ago, but it always rings true every time I read it and it never gets old for me personally.

    I fear for my family and for what I believe this world is coming to at some point. I truly don't understand the insanity that is our government (read TPTB) and military industrial complex i.e. the money, greed, power, and a host of other psychotic traits.

    Nobody owns this planet and nobody owns the space in which the sun resides. Nobody has the right to keep from us the light which gives life to the food we eat and to the planet in its entirety. 

  9. andrew says:

    Here is my draft letter to my Prospective Parliamentary Candidates for the UK election.  I post this draft in case others wish to use this method of increasing awareness  – feel free to adapt to suit.

    Easiest way to find your candidates' details is

    Dear Prospective Parliamentary Candidate, 

    Before I cast my vote on 7 May, I should like to know your view and what action you plan to take if you become my representative in Parliament on the following:

    I write to you regarding the atmospheric spraying that I see being conducted in our UK skies.  This year I have noticed a great increase in intensity of the spraying.

    Every day I work outside and see the the spraying, or the effects of the spraying.  Both civilian and military planes are involved.

    It is nearly impossible for the current range of High Bypass Turbofan Engines to produce condensation trails.  These engines are fitted on nearly all modern aircraft, civilian and military.  Further to this, when looked at through powerful binoculars, one can sometimes see that the spray mist comes from parts of the wing some distance from the engines. When it does come from the engine, it often looks as if the mist is generated from the 'bypass' part of the engine, and not the central part where the air has been heated.

    There are many atmospheric spray patents for the toxic particulates that are now commonly being globally reported in our air, water, land, food and bodies (hair, urine and blood samples). These bioavailable particles, such as Aluminium, Barium, Strontium 90, Fluoride, have known harmful effects on humans (and probably all life forms), and many have hugely increased synergistic toxicity.  In humans, these effects include worsening Autism, Dementia, Alzheimer's, Respiratory and Cardiac problems, Calcium uptake – leading to Dental problems, Morgellons Disease, etc.
    There is a massive amount of photographic evidence of the spraying, aircraft fittings and spray nozzles on the internet.  The sprayed particles often disperse to cover the whole sky with a white haze and "wispy, fine weather clouds" which diminish the sunlight reaching the earth. The toxic particles eventually fall to earth and are totally indiscriminate as to where they land and who breathes them in.  This interview with Major General Stubblebine is particularly interesting: 

    I realise there are many potential reasons for these spray programmes: combat global warming (global dimming and solar radiation management), weather control and manipulation (for political, industrial and financial gain), weather warfare (enhanced radar capabilities and directed high energy emissions of both high and low frequencies).

    Whatever the reason, this atmospheric spraying is an indiscriminate attack on the population's health and wellbeing.

    Could you to please find out:

    who is organising and conducting the spraying, 

    why are they spraying, 

    what are they spraying,

    where are they spraying,

    when are they spraying,

    what are the health effects of their spraying.

    what are the protective measures individuals can take.&nbsp

    Many people ask "Why didn't the Jews organise any resistance to the Nazi oppression?"  The same question will soon be asked of us.

    Yours sincerely,

  10. Audrey Collins says:

    I have severe chemical sensitivities and have had a variety of reactions to the chemtrails , from rashes on exposed skin ( within 10 minutes sometimes) to asthma attacks. I totally agree with Dane and take it a step further to add population control and very big bucks for the the medical industry.  These people are sociopaths and don't care about anything but power and money right now  with no concern at all  for the future or our survival  If we do not get a handle on this power structure we will destroy ourselves. 

    • PLT says:

      Hi Audrey,

      Sorry to hear about your troubles.  I have similar issues, and have found that slathering myself with coconut oil before leaving the house (and every morning, whether going out or not) has helped immensely.  Olive oil seems to be good, too, and cheaper.  Also, take tons of vitamin C (as ascorbate, if you can get it).  Not only is it good for the skin, but the Carnicom Institute has found that it seems to kill the engineered organisms that are behind Morgellon's (not sure that taking ascorbate orally will do anything about that, but imo, it's worth a try).

      Since I'm here commenting, I will also mention to all that if you can get tested for high metal content, or for high ferritin (which is how excess iron is stored in the blood), it is possible that you can have blood drawn (phlebotomy) regularly, to lower concentrations of the toxins.  I was phlebotomized once per week for one year, back when I was unaware of geoengineering, because of high ferritin.  It was tough, but it got rid of the poison in my veins.  Which then was replaced by aluminum and all….

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