Shocking Video Of Climate Engineering Assault


No matter how glaringly obvious and alarming the ongoing aerosol spraying of our skies is, the majority of the population so far has just gone about their usual business as if there is nothing profound going on above their heads. Trees are dying, whole ecosystems are collapsing, species of plants and animals are going extinct at the rate of 200 to 300 a day (15,000 times higher than background rates ) and few seem to have a clue, let alone any concern. The global power structure is doing everything they can to keep the "normalcy bias" of the population going until the last possible moment. The images shown in the 2 minute video below are truly shocking. The fact that people are not completely outraged over the ongoing aerosol spraying atrocities is a glaring testimony of modern society's near total disconnection from the natural world. No matter how desperately people try to remain in denial, the unfolding global cataclysm that is being fueled by climate engineering cannot he hidden in plain site for much longer. We must all continue to sound the alarm. As the walls of what was collapse, there will be no place to hide from reality. When this point comes (and it is very near) the awakening will follow, there will be no other alternative.
Dane Wigington


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  1. john m says:

    This is a daily  thing here in Las cruces nm. And so are the multitude of medical  problems I have. 

    • Wendy Hofbauer says:

      I see it to here in las cruces . Bad cough phlegm mucus but not a virus . I watch how nobody seems to take it seriously and I feel we need to stop it and inform the people that we need to stop polluting . But How? How can it change. It seems impossible when people won't look up and watch yet won't believe. Also I asked my son 10th grader if they taught climate change in class. His answer was no.

  2. Tammy says:

    There is a well-done Documentary by Italians (with English subtitles) on You Tube titled Chemtrials – the secret war.  People have gathered in protest in 2013. 

  3. Tammy says:

    Central Italy has been pounded by this GeoEngineering especially since April 15 – May 15  2015, although the spraying is ongoing now.  I am shocked to be looking across Lake Bolsena, the largest volcanic lake in Europe and can barely see the other side of the lake 6:30 pm. the beginning of June.  Skies are all white all the way to the ground.  Other days the air is dark and dirty like there's been a fire.  Some days the planes are relentless and shameless.  Other days now, all is calm and quiet.  What on EARTH is going on?  I feel under attack.  The planes begin at 9:00 am (even though some trails are seen already first thing in the morning.  There's so much substance in the air that further spraying would not even be noticed.  The planes are so high they make no noise.  I see them climbing sometimes to very high altitudes.  Some may even be gray colored to blend in with the gray sky color.  The past 2-3 weeks I observe trails that dissipate fairly quickly, too.  Unbelievable.  Some people think this is just moisture in the air.  Trapped moisture?!!  Whoever is doing this must have been stockpiling these mixtures for quite some time to be able to apply in so many places at once around the globe.     

  4. Due to limited upload volume granted my video is a bit late but that's our region in Germany being sprayed the same day and time like the London video of the title story.


  5. @ Rachel Robson

    Concerning spraying in Basel, Switzerland.

    It is reported twice a week in Detlevs' Radio Show (in German)

    It's just one important topic but mainly other stories are covered, e.g. the NWO.

    There is also a radio show in English with Detlev and friends:


  6. annie says:

    I live in Cocoa Beach, FL (NASA territory, and in between 2 active Air Force bases.)   Beautiful blue skies are rare events these days, especially since Jan. 1st.   There would be beautiful blue skies often but our skies are sprayed every day.  Every day there are lines/grids, and haze.  The planes which spray are bright white.   A few of my friends have asthma that cannot be alleviated.  And another on disability for COPD says that there are a "high level of molds and black mold in the air right now."   Many people have sinus problems and lung infections that do not seem to go away.  Also, the population here seems to get sick often, as if our overall vitality and immunity is weakening.  The "clouds" often have patterns of lines and look like popcorn.    I take pictures of the sky every day.   I guess I want to document what is happening.  Isn't it illegal for the government to spray toxic chemicals over the population?  Can't we sue them?

    • Janice Bryant says:

      Who are these pilots who fly the planes. Have they got families. We don't see blue skies very often here in the UK.  

      I am called insane if I speak to people about this problem.  They laugh at me.


    • Matthew/Boston says:

      Janice, this is my first time at this site and my very first post.

      We were sprayed over the metropolitan Boston area today, again. I am sick as I write with what are to me classic chemtrail symptoms. We get sprayed over Boston about four days a week.

      Every time I see a jet spraying, I think about the pilot and ask the very same question. This poison is affecting him, too.

      I am very outgoing and often speak to nearby strangers when the trails are being laid. I point them out and explain what they are. Most are disinterested. Some show moderate interest. Some feign interest. Most just don't care. Very sad.

      If someone were to bring down one of those jets somehow, someway, it wouldn't bother me a bit

  7. Thank you Dane! I am sharing this with Russ Tanner's page <> You have been such a godsend to more people than you can even imagine. You WILL BE REWARDED FOR THIS LABOR OF LOVE! God bless you!  +++  This "Shocking Video of Climate Engineering Assault" is frightening! We must not stop sending in our letters to Senators, and all governing officials. Those involved in this will be rewarded for their harmfulness. And it won't be good! BLESSINGS BE UPON YOU, DANE! 


  8. Colin says:

    I had my Blood tested for HEAVY METALS Aluminum 21 I live in Queens New York. Everyone has to check your Blood. By the way it should read Zero.I have my test results to post as proof.

    • Colin says:

      The number 21 freaked my doctor out. I told him the source was above his head being sprayed almost daily and poising his patients as well as himself! I just want to SCREAM

    • Chad says:

      This is b.s.! I live in Eureka,Ca and was sick due to spraying cts and asked my doc for blood test and they wouldn't give me one at United Indian Health Clinic! U.I.H.S. Because they know and are Federally government granted money funded! They should be held accountable for geoengineering war crimes for their knowledge and their silence! Period! Ignorance only bliss if you don't know! Even then they will atone for their sins! Sell outs and they still call this America! F the government and all evil people!

  9. Rachel Robson says:

    Dan, I too fall to the left!  On the other hand I am crippled and my left leg is the worst-still doesn't seem to explain it and my doctors find it weird.  Once in a blue moon I will semi fall to the right, but the left has become a given and I've had a lot of falls.  It makes no sense to me either.  So odd and yet comforting to hear someone else voice this.  I've learned to do a little two step or is it three.  That is, as I begin to fall, I quick like move my right leg behind my left foot, then move left foot a wider stance.  Has saved me numerous times though a bit embarrassing.

    I can't afford most detox stuff.  I have inflammatory diseases including Lupus and RA and Sjogren's and more, plus a gene that goes with.  I am allergic to major anti inflammatory meds.  So I use foods.  Russ mentioned turmeric on one radio show.  And I love and use turmeric a lot.  He said a tea of it with a bit of pepper is very helpful.  I've not tried that yet, but there are many anti-inflammatory foods-such as maple syrup-and God I hope those trees are not dying!  Coconut and coconut mik.  Cinnamon and most spices from India.  I love food as medicine.

    This is now the 6th year of my nasal congestion which cannot be allergies as it is constant no matter what such that I can't breathe through my nose at night.  And, as others have said, find myself needing to cough up and spit up phlegm all the time.  And a very very dry nose.  I do take extra vitamin E, a good fish oil, and extra magnesium which has been very helpful for contracture spasms.  Can't seem to fix nose but am trying with saline, in the dry as a desert nose!

    At least my hyper active immune system which is attacking ME has something outside of me to work on!  Glass half full?

    To the gentleman from Basel, I have good friends in Basel.  I've told them a bit and sent some stuff.  They say how horrible.  But never comment on it happening there.  'Course, Basel is infamous for its chemicals.

    • Nansye says:

      Drink liquid ‘clay’ sold at most/all health food stores, or get it online. It pulls all heavy meatals from tissues (drink lots of CLEAN water!) Drink Colloidal Silver, also found @health food stores/online & most, or ALL your illnesses will disappear! Cancer, Chemo, radiation survivor, so, I know! Best wishes on your journey to Good Health!

  10. joy says:

    Must we wonder – who is watching us scramble and become afraid? We are but a small group of people who realize our planet is being manipulated… We are not the masses. We are a tiny percentage of those who notice. Why is that? Why are more people not realizing all life is being altered, and killed? Are those who do not notice somehow being drugged? Is the evidence to horrific for them to believe? Often, people who see horrible events – forget; It is gone from their memory. Will I be next? Will I be in denial tomorrow? I hope that the few who do see will be there for the next person, to let them know that they are not alone, that what they are seeing is real, and that there will be accountability – and there will be judgement for those involved. Do not fear being alone – we may be a small group, but we are strong and we WILL strive to live, and to see our planet live long and healthy, and not under the manipulation of others. Do not fall to helplessness. We are a collective group, we must use our strength to see this through. We are being killed, yes. But if we do nothing we will still be killed, so let's use our intelligence to find the answers; we CAN use our small populous to find a way out of this. Look at the reality of science and logic and we will find an answer.

    • Pamela says:

      There are more people than you think that are realizing everything is off course the reason being everything God is against man is for only the choosen few will be aware of what’s happening.He said we would be outcast in the end day’s everyone that doesn’t have his mercy will be sleeping and deaf to his voice.I’m thankful that on the other side of this forsaken universe someone can bring forth the light of what’s to come quickly so other’s may also wake up and see time is at hand for man distinction if you’re not down with this New World Order you will be put to death are in a concentration camp called Femma that wasn’t designed for in need of hurricanes and floods.

  11. MarcusW says:

    Oops amazing! Should definitely wake up some new to this phenomenon of geoengineering! One of the most explicit videos I have seen of one of these projects! This is an almost too clear evidence that geoengineering is in progress!  Laughable if someone were to deny this after seeing this video!

    • Mary says:

      You would think that this would be enough to wake people up, but there are so many stupid people on this planet…so so many.

  12. Dog aka db says:

    Wonder what happens if people that have pets find that this dispersion of whatever it is causes their four legged family members are being sprayed like a bug? That's my dog man!

  13. Rena says:

    Dear Dane,

    please, can you tell us something about these not so long staying chemtrails, dissipating after some minutes!? Little by little, the sky gets milky, but more lightly, “silently”, than with the other version of chemtrails… Since some weeks we have more and more of these here in the southwest of France and many people have symptoms. The doctors say they have allergies… What is the composition of these trails, do you know?
    Thank you so much for your work!!!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Rena, we can not know what is in the spray mix at any given location or at any particular time. What is certain is that the mix is toxic and contaminating every breath we take.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, your observation is occurring here, too.  There is a seeming change to a shorter dissipating trail.  It is still far longer in size than is a normal classic natural contrail.  And the sky still turns silver and milky.  May be a form of stealth.

  14. S. Y. says:

    The people spraying are like in the Bible, playing God, thinking they can control the weather. like the Tower of Babel. The spraying is ongoing, live in eastern Oregon. they started spraying here last year. Been having freaky weather. Snowing and it’s 53°F! I try to tell people, or tell them to look up, they think I’m crazy. Call me a Conspiracy Theorist. I tell them, those streaky clouds were man made,not God made. Used to see big white puffy clouds in blue skies, now mostly just streaky and hazy.

  15. Commander Sepp Benedikt says:

    It was the same on 14 Apr 2015 here in Basel area of Switzerland. Public completely asleep to the reality above them

    • Cindy says:

      They sprayed heavily in San Mateo County, San Francisco, and Contra Costa.  I saw them spraying from 7am to7pm. Next day everyone had respiratory problems coughing and body aches 


  16. Ralph says:

    Hi Dan, I saw your comments a little after 8 o'clock tonight.  Aluminum and other Heavy Metals are raining down up (even when there are no clouds) every day. You might find interesting what I sent out to everyone on my mailing list today.  Stay well, stay informed.


    Medical Evidence & Testimony at the United Nations
    on Geo Engineering in the Sky and why it is real

    Russell L. Blaylock, M.D.:
    “There is evidence that they are spraying tons of nanosized aluminum compounds. It has been demonstrated in the scientific and medical literature that nanosized particles are infinitely more reactive and induce intense inflammation in a number of tissues, …  the brain and spinal cord, … neurodegenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s dementia, Parkinson’s disease, and Lou Gehrig’s disease (ALS) are strongly related to exposure to environmental aluminum.”

    Edward Snowden, NSA whistleblower:
    "The most dangerous thing is that although chemtrails are keeping the climate of the U.S. reasonably stable, citizens are bombarded every day with an invisible rain of carbon-laden molecules, and the effect on health is totally unknown."

    Dr. Whitaker, Board Certified Naturopathic doctor:
    " Part of… toxicity comes from the polluted air we breathe from chemtrails."

    Lucille Femine, Guardian:
    "The real answer is to eliminate the insanity of trying to control the weather with killer chemicals when we might not have anyone left to benefit from it."

    Dr. Rosalind Peterson, president of the Agriculture Defense Coalition, ,addressing the United Nations on chemtrails, geoengineering, and
    weather modification (HAARP)….

    UN video>


  17. Dan says:

    New to this topic.  I recently heard a speaker announce the ravages of aluminum, etc. and how this stuff is causing people to fall (on their left side) He said there are those out there who would understand.  The guy said you know I am referring to you but that it is too far beyond you to understand.  Sorry, but I have been falling with extreme consequences as of late. Vertigo.  I am relatively young and am not inside contemplating myself.  Doctors cannot identify, neurologists, brain. urologists.  I cannot believe I'm the only one.  What's up?

    • eb says:

      You are NOT alone. They spray daily here in

      Reno. We have 3 eyes–  is working even though

      it all has made me sick. Have all the symptoms

      & thanks to Dane's work, I know I'm not crazy.

      Being an artist, looking at the sky is a no brainer.

      I'm certain it's denial. It might disrupt the sleep-

      walking! Thanks for sharing sanity! God Bless





    • Della says:

      Dan, I've been having similar problems with migraines, tinnitus, dizziness and vertigo. Have had neurology tests, MRIs etc. but nothing found,  Have discovered 400mg magnesium is helping reduce symptoms at the moment but do notice vertigo increases in very heavily sprayed/total saturation days.  Hope it helps.

    • BaneB says:

      About three years ago my health began a notice or turn for the worse.  I have attributed this to encroaching old age.  I am now 70.  Prior though my health was great.  My symptoms are vertigo, tininitis, and a nose so dry cacti would be at home.  And constant clearing of throat and lung by coughing.  This all in three short years.  At dusk yesterday the nano-haze could be observed like a white misty veil in the forest trees only  200 feet away from my view locale.  The toxins are ubiquitous from here to the horizon 50 miles away in Lake County in Northern Califirnia.

    • joy says:

      You are not alone.  I live in south central Colorado.  Animals are experiencing the same thing.  Please see

    • Diana says:

      Dan:  I have been wondering how long it would be before someone else would mention 'falling to the left' as related  to Vertigo.  I have had all of the tests and all of the 'We (the medical community) do not know what causes Vertigo but for most it goes away.'  However, it isn't going away, in fact it just keeps getting worse.  I am now walking with a cane and have to walk looking at the ground to keep from losing my balance.  I am not bothered while sitting or lying down.  Let me know how you are dealing with your Vertigo.  There must be more experiencing similar symptoms.

  18. SD says:

    Good to visit this site and review comments from others who are aware and observant. Remember that the Mt. Pinatubo volcanic eruption was the prime model for the Geoengineers.  None of us know for certain what they're spraying, but like all military "Evolutions", I'm sure the formulation has changed many times and is subject to constant review. At this point I believe the material is mostly clay, quartz and silica, similar to volcanic ash. But particle size is extremely important.

    But it is not without health effects. Allergists all over California are seeing a dramatic rise in asthma and hay fever allergies, etc. This is not due to the drought as some believe. The drought may be in fact CAUSED by these same aerosol particles.( see Aerosols, Climate and the Hydrological Cycle, P. Crutzen) Good luck to everyone.



  19. vanessa says:

    How maddening it is that those organizations who are supposed to care about our environment can be in such denial when confronted with the most blatant evidence, such as is documented in this video. Any idiot can see these are NOT normal flight patterns, nor is it just harmless 'contrails.' This is not critical thinking on the part of a supposedly enlightened crowd.

    Last summer, I was confronted by a greenpeace person to join the cause. I asked- 'what is the position of Greenpeace on geoengineering and weather modification? The guy had nothing to say on the subject. I engaged him in a bit of conversation about it- his answer was that there are so many 'other, more important issues' that GP would prioritize. We agreed on one thing- the warming of the planet and the environmental impact of deforestation, etc. He laid out the many strategies and successes of GP. I did end up signing on for a 15.00 recurring donation. After reading the link posted by Jeremy, I am sending them a letter explaining why I am cancelling that donation immediately.

  20. andrew says:

    Many thanks for all the detox info.

    My 48th email to my contact list, titled "London, Sunday 12 April 2015 at 0715hrs"

    Please please watch the 2 min video which shows the spraying over London last Sunday, and read the short narrative:


    These are not vapour trails.

    It is not acceptable for them to spray us like this without telling us what and why they are spraying.

    We are all guinea pigs in their global experiment.


    No doubt the London area will soon have a dramatic increase in respiratory, cardiac and other health problems, and yet nobody bothers to look up and make the connection.


    As I mentioned in my emails of 18 Aug and 15 Oct 2014, it appears to be a standard tactic to intensely spray the hour before and after sunrise, particularly upwind of land masses. On less windy days they just spray everywhere, as much as they can.  This sets the cloud cover for the day, which can be topped up at will.


    Please help us to try and stop this insanity – there is so little time left for us to make a difference.  

    • Stuart McDermott says:

      I have to drive up to London tomorrow for work…..and after that I really don't feel like it.:-(

      But not to worry I am currently flat out day in day out posting this information out to the general public on the Russell Brand forum. He has a large fan base here in the UK and picking up Globally. I am using the platform he has provided to get the message out.

      All borders are now down and this is where we start working together as a race.

      Thank you Dane for all the information you provide and your commitment to this issue, you are a great inspiration.

      All the best,


  21. Cindy C. says:

    For those of you interested in detoxing, in addition to chlorella and cilantro, there are detox clays that can be used to bathe and put in drinking water.  Also, detox homeopathics that are specifically for EMF  chemicals, air pollution, etc.  Search for them on and you will find them.  Fulvic minerals or fulvic acid and humic acid are also great for detox.  There are also detox teas that are affordable and help with the cleansing process.  Milk thistle is a great liver protector.    

  22. Frank says:

    The most devastated area of the US is California. This should be talked about daily with solutions to the record drought. It is only mentioned in certain articles that never make mainstream publicity. 

    How unusual is the 2012–2014 California drought?

    The current event in California is the most severe drought in the last 1200 years.  The current California drought is exceptionally severe in the context of at least the last millennium and is driven by reduced  unprecedented precipitation and record high temperatures. A Geophysical Research Letters Article first published online: 30 DEC 2014 is linked below.

  23. Della says:

    It was exactly the same over the Isle of Wight, UK, that day and has been since.  I woke up and in a strange way was pleased.  "FINALLY", I thought, "people will see what I have been talking about. They can't ignore this anymore.  They can't dismiss me as one of the tinfoil hat brigade".  I waited for members of my family to call perhaps …. people on the street to look up and stare?  NOTHING!  I honestly don't understand it anymore.  I have given up sharing this information as not a single person believes me. I am just so angry at their blatant attacks and the fact that yes, they CAN get away with it.  That will it take for people to notice what is happening? 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Don’t give up Della, stand your ground. All those that you pass data on to will soon be forced to wake up, they will soon have no choice but to face reality. Never give up, this is in our power.

    • wandakate says:

      HEY, I am noticing and have been for sometime now. They are in Fl. they are in N.C. they are in Tennessee, everywhere. I am also frustrated that people don't notice or they just think all that white smoke is normal and it's nothing to be concerned about. They think I'm some kinda nut. I guess you're a nut too, so we are in the same boat. A couple of nuts we are. It's all poison into the atmosphere. Who is responsible? It's killing the plants, the trees and the sealife, and probably will eventually start killing people with cancer and only GOD knows what else it will do to us.

    • Stuart McDermott says:

      Whatever you do don't give up Della….we need you…come and join in on the Russel Brand website… will see me on there getting the message out and I really don't care what anyone says….I am fully aware of what is being done….and I do not allow anyone to steer me away from the issue…..I am using the old tactic of…if you say it enough times something does get absorbed….even by the most in denial.

    • Dog aka db says:

      They will listen to their many TV's, communication devices that are part of the trusted norm! I'm just one of the many tinfoil hatwearin dudes!

    • Della says:

      Thank you guys, especially Dane, because, seriously, look at all you have done, given up, taken time for.  You are probably now the world's leading authority on this subject and certainly the most respected, so it never ceases to amaze me that you take the time out to reply to us, let alone those of us across the world whinging in despair because we got fed up with forwarding a few emails!! I'm too angry to give up, but forgive me if sometimes I stop the car and scream at those planes, or fall to my knees in despair when people simply won't look up.

      It's the single most sinister, covert, widespread, vile thing that has ever happened to the world and I know without a single doubt that if someone had told me about it, I WOULD have listened.  I discovered it myself, but my biggest despair is convincing others.  It is not something that requires proof, time, or photographic evidence to believe. It is there, every day, but for some unknown reason people choose not to see it.

  24. Melody Meachum says:

    Yes Richard Sher, you are tragically most correct regarding the diablo cast upon this world and the depths the cast of NWO et al are willing to reach.

  25. anotherAnon says:

    For what it's worth, I keep sending information to Matt Drudge hoping that he will put it on and the local news stations. I just sent him the URL to the YT video above. :/

  26. Rachel Robson says:

    Back when, I used to say if I saw something like this video in our skies here in Berkeley, I'd freak and call the police and TV stations, etc.  Then my daughter, coming from Lodi, said our sky looked just like this one.  I missed it.  Her skies in Lodi look like this all the time.  We do get blatant, blow your mind trails now interspersed with clear blue skies at times, like this morning.  What a treat!  The big redwood outside my window glowing in morning sun against a real blue sky.  I've been hearing the planes at night a lot.  And early in the morning.  I have serious health issues separate from this spraying, and have but a few windows from which to view unless outside.  Which, I'm about to go out, Lupus or not because who cares, I mean I no longer care about my Lupus.  I was very very depressed about all this last Saturday, so depressed I could not function.  Now I'm about to go out and deal with my chickens and plant some stuff, transplant other stuff, get some work done.  Which makes me feel kinda schizophrenic-as in why bother-given all that is going on, but plants are a passion of mine.  And I'm pushing myself to get stronger.  This makes me feel happy and God knows we need antidotes for depression of helplessness.  For what it is worth, when a smart meter was forced on me, right near where I sit now, but outside of course, I planted some stuff there, like a Bird of Paradise plant, just to see what would happen to it.  Being very poor, I always have to start with something small and wait years for it to amount to anything.  And this one is in deep shade where all said it wouldn't work.  Well, last year was it's best year ever, it has grown big and healthy and has been blooming for months already.  In fact, most plants look good.  Today I'm gonna measure the PH all over the yard.

    Like Catherine, I've tried the monkey see, monkey do bit, making a spectacle of myself staring at trails, no one ever looks up as they see me do.  Everyone seems to be close talking with friends or looking at devices, texting, phone talking.  When a well educated friend said he believes we are entering another ice age and added that Antarctica has more ice than ever-I busted out laughing so hard.  Not on purpose-just naturally!  I would have said something but he had an emergency call, so next time.  I've been working on him.  There are some key people I keep at trying to inform.  Most see it as me being all gloom and doom.  My relatives on the rez in SD swear they have not seen a trail!?!?  I may move back there.  Berkeley sold its soul to the company store.  That is BP.  Belly of the beast.

    I keep wondering if Jade Helm 15 has to do with the sky work and some forthcoming disclosure.  After all, we keep saying hang em high, so maybe they are preparing for total revolt?  This has me very very worried.  I've done what Dane says to do and have researched so very much that I keep getting shocked and reshocked.

    Dane, I am forever amazed by how hard you work, how very much you've learned and passed on, but the learning stuns me.  Give yourself a degree!!  As depressing as all this is, I've gotta say I've learned more about this Earth and its systems–not to mention things like jet engines- than I ever would have otherwise.  I thought I knew it all when I knew almost nothing.  The education is fascinating.  Thank you!  R

  27. Terri Scheinuck says:

    Northern Arizona had a week of the heaviest spraying I have ever seen.  Our skies looked exactly like those in the video!  I also get so angry, sometimes just cry.  I do not understand why other pilots are also silent. Are they ALL part of this cover up of Chemtrails?  In Cottonwood, at our little airport, people are up there flying byplanes, old fashioned planes, floating through Chemtrail after Chemtrail, obviously oblivious.  I wish other pilots would speak up on this issue.  Looking up,making others look up and wearing a mask on heavy spraying days may make people notice and wake up enough to find out what truly is happening., ask questions,  AND, YES our precious US government would spray us and not inform us of the truth., they have in the past!  I was so sad when the other day in broad daylight, outside a massively huge dark discolored ring circled around the sun in the milky white sky. I want to just spit at the TV during weather reports.  What an utterly useless job spewing lies at us day after day.  How do some people sleep at night, oh that's right most in the USA need a sleep aid now…..side effects from this spraying come in all forms and colors.  My mood darkens considerably (affect?), until I wish the spraying pilots to go straight to hell, then go back inside for another day with the dogs.

    Remember the days of opening our windows for fresh air….gone now. ):

  28. Melody Meachum says:

    @Jeff…thanks so much for sharing your detox process. I was just thinking that I need to seriously take mine up a notch.  Will try what you mentioned. I know Dane mentioned other regimens in an article not too long ago. I 'll have to look that up as well. I have head-aches almost daily and never know when they might turn into migraines w/vision disturbance/dizziness. Also notice that thirst/salty/metal taste is almost constant, even though I have almost tripled my water consumption over last 6 months.

  29. CM says:

    I live in northern nevada and it was awful here yesterday (4/12/15). It was a beautiful, warm and sunny day. These POS monsters began spraying the sky like crazy and the sky became a haze. I use to love the skies here! Huge and bright blue! Lately with all of the spraying those blue skies are gone.

    i felt awful yesterday- headache, run down, lethargic. In the evening the high winds blew in so I thought "great" it will blow some of this crap away. Well this morning I woke up to snow! This weekend it was so warm my kids played in the sprinklers and now snow! And its not regular snow. It is round soft balls like a softer form of hail. It almost seems powdery and not like real snow if that makes any sense.

    I am sick and disgusted with this BS! We have no way of knowing what they are spraying on us, what it does to humans or the environment! Then all of the punk follower braindead morons run around crying about "global warming" and how WE are causing it! WTF are they spraying and until we know, THAT is likely what is causing harm to our world!

    these control freaks in power will pay for this someday! I wish more people would pull their head out of their phone/twitter/FB and think for themselves for a change And care about something real!



  30. BaneB says:

    Mendocino County update:  horrific wind and ice storm last night at 4,000 feet.  Prior to this white nuckle experience there was enormous cirrus clouds during a large part of the daylight hours, disappearing early afternoon.  The cirrus clouds were comprised of organized jet trails, spread out in long wide swaths, and freaky looking as if zapped by radio frequencies.  I watch the sky whenever outdoors which is most of the day.  I have never seen such huge straight lined jet induced stratospheric cirrus clouds.  I lost two guinea hens last night because of the high winds and cold.  They roost in trees and could not hold on.  


    Regarding Dane's video of his region of California, it could have been filmed here on this property.  The flora here is in steep decline.  I first noticed the die off begin in earnest about 1994 with the manzanita bushes.  The fir forest here are rapidly dying off.  Funny thing.  I hear nothing nor see anything about this eco meltdown in the lamestream media.  Thank you Dane for the video.  It helps my sanity to know my observations are recognized elsewhere in this region.  But what would really give back my mental joy would be to see the Geoengineering assault upon this planet brought to a rapid end.  Obviously the spraying gets worse by the year, the past three years leaving few blue sky days.  The villagers in the Frankinstein movie were finally forced to burn down the castle where horrific experiments were being conducted.  They recognized the threat to life for everyone.  This is the reality of where uncontrolled science has placed the human race.  

  31. anotherAnon says:

    But what will any of us do about it? There were those of us that knew the government was spying for years and years and people would not believe us and when Snowden came out people still don't do anything about it. I'm simply playing devils advocate here for a minute to get us thinking outside of the box so-to-speak. What can any of us do about it? We're all aware of many things here yet, we continue about our daily lives as usual.

    I want as badly as any of you here for these things to cease immediately.

  32. Catherine says:

    I finally devised the perfect way to get complete strangers to give the sky a good look. I walk about an hour a day in a busy public park, and I shade my eyes with my hand and stare and stare at the trails with great interest for a long while, while I'm walking, sometimes stopping, always slowing my pace, and staring. It works every time. Everyone that sees me doing this always looks up, then I walk away shaking my head in disgust. That sends a very clear message, and gets their attention. 

    • Sami says:

      I started doing almost the same thing, except when they are spraying here I also will look up and walk over to other people and ask them if they know what they are spraying up there. I act like I just noticed it myself for the first time. People think you're crazy if you just tell them what you know it is. This way it brings it to their attention and lets them wonder what's going on. I like your idea too! I really can't believe that people still think these are regular contrails. Unbelievable. I never used to get sick and now when they spray my throat starts hurting and I get congested. It clears up after a few days, but it's still poison in the air. Then the next day or two it will rain down that stuff. Ugh!!! .


  33. Good video but it is not just London.

    Sunday 7 I took similar pictures at the same time in the morning (not yet online…).

    We are getting this on a daily basis in the meantime…

    I'd like to know what's behind this huge increase in activity. Speeding up the destruction of our planet?



  34. Tom says:

    I have noticed something very odd in my town long island N.Y. during the past month (march) and now this month (April) on both months I had taken a picture on March 13,2015 AM & PM AND April 13,2015 AM & PM of the sunrise and sunset and in both pictures they were dimming the sun (global dimming) and after that happend it became very hazy and over cast then sun came out again and then sunset after both of these artificial aerosol dark gray clouds along with the climate engineering trails completely blocked out the sun and then it got extremely windy for about 15 mins and after that I noticed this dark black helicopter circle around the whole sky where the sun was at a low altitude and then the very next day after it was raining all day into the next day. Also during the process of the global dimming I noticed a very odd smell almost kinda like a oil based paint silicone smell with a mixture of like some type of gas or propane smell.oh and also during that night both nights there very many many very low altitude commercial and cargo plains flying all night long.

  35. Jeff says:

    I can relate to the video,cause it is the same as the sky over my little town in central Idaho. Sad,and quite frankly pisses me off (I believe this is the proper response.

    For some protection from the fall out of geoengineering,I have been taking Chorella (it is a natural sea weed that bonds to metals,and lets your body flush it out naturally ). Also I have been using a product called "Lung Cleans". Just thought I would share,if any one else cared to research them for their own use. Have to stay healthy to keep in the battle.

  36. Dog aka db says:

    I truly hope that all humans on planet earth will wake up and react soon! 

    Like yesterday! Even I should be more upset! Forgive me! Please!

  37. JR says:

    Hello again from Southwest-New Mexico. we had beautiful clouds-rain clouds and we got some rain on and off for 2 days. Well Lord and Behold today 4-13-15 the lowlife punks were destroying everything up there with their Chemtrails-SAG and our clouds-rain was busted. None the less the skies were awesome and a sight for sore eyes, literally. For those in the word these lowlifes will die in their sin, there is no changing them, oh well. For the deniers work on them one at a time, if they have internet tell them to look up High Cabal for some of our country's past record of how good we can be, yeah right. There are good people here so don't take this wrong, I'm from the U.S. as most here who visit this site. As I've stated, the Evil one has its followers and blinds the rest, even the good ones. 

  38. They are chemtrailing here in New Mexico almost every third day. It usually starts early in the morning and very occasionally in the early evening. 

    It it is wise to take chlorella and/or zeolite before meals to help pull out heavy metals and especially aluminum. They are soft killing us and eventually we will all be ill and develop early dementia. Control and power. It is all very sinister.

  39. Eagle Scout says:

    This is NWO extermination .  i suggest  to  wear a 100 particle rating  mask. The chemicals that are sprayed are causing an endothermic reaction (cooling) and even the reaction continues after it  has hit  the ground ,, feel the cold in  your nose, throat and lungs,.. headaches. DONT smoke vapor e-cigs. this make a worse endothermic reaction in your lungs.. Dont where your shoes into your house, this brings the reaction in your house. NWO  is trying to depopulate the world . Next they will force you to take injections containing an I.D. chip. (R.F. Chip)   this excuse for the injections will be  related to  the "air borne illness", created by chemtrails,.. Again,. Where a mask,  Build your immune system,, Detox your body from  heavy  metals,.. Dont submit to any injections..

  40. Wyatt Berry says:

    This video from London disturbs me very much.  I used to live in Boston and the spraying was bad, but nothing compared to this.  The larger cities produce and absorb much more heat through the buildings and dark surfaces, concrete jungle.  And the geoengineers likely target the urban areas more as a result.  Many, but certainly not all, of the people who live there are not as in touch with the natural world and what our reality actually is.  On certain days in Massachusetts when the checkerboards and tictactoes were being fully deployed I could feel the pure evil of the perpetrators unfolding in the skies and this video brings my thoughts directly me back to those moments.  Shocking is an understatement, Dane.

  41. Ed Bee says:

    What’s shocking is that no matter how obvious the spraying is, 90% of the people go about their business and seem not to notice anything. Last week I was looking at a similar view at about 45 minutes before sunset. That does kind of rule out the sun blocking theory. I see about 100 people every day and ask them if they see what’s going on. Most say they see nothing or just harmless contrails. A few wonder what’s going on but say the government wouldn’t harm us. I have convinced a few to check out geoengineering but most of them say we are powerless to do anything about it. Meanwhile the program appears to be intensifying considerably, because now we don’t get any chemtrail-free days any more as in the recent past. What will the conclusion be?

    • Jean GODBOUT says:

      The government wouldn’t harm us … He He I like it !   Quebec government made me disabled for life by a criminal fraud of a civil servant. Police close their eyes, Justice don't see anything, M.P. sleep. Democracy, justice and Human Rights are only an illusion in the kingdom of torture, frauds and corruption.

      Yes GOVERNMENT will kill you, they don't care.

    • BaneB says:

      Yes, it is the same here in Northern California.  The spraying has intensified, particularly within the last three years.  I estimate there was a total of 25 actual clear and clean blue sky days here from April of last year to the current month of April.  And "clean" is questionable.  Suffice it to say the sky was the California blue I rarely experience anymore.  Also, the mountains across from this ridge are only 15 miles away.  There is hardly a day that is clean of this white grunge down to the horizon.  It is frequently difficult to see them at all.  I have lived here for 25 years.  I know how it once was and what it is like to see the atmosphere turned into a toxic whiteout.  

  42. jump fox says:

    Rockefellers Gates agenda 21 depopulation genocide.(vaccines Big Pharma fluoriDe) NASA war documents
    just waiting for people to start dying from Fukushima in California then maybe the sheeple will wake up… that’s just the start
    your phone radiation smart meter radiation goes on and on and on silent weapons for quiet wars….

  43. Milla says:

    I feel like I just saw a version of this now in Brooklyn. NYC got strafed today (yesterday too), but today was far worse. I was out for two hours freaking out basically (while trying to think of puppies, flowers and rainbows!) under a similar scene.

    A very very big question arose for me: This happens at least here in the city near the end of the day, late afternoon into evening until sunset. (Maybe we know why they pushed daylight savings forward in the year.) Now, as I look out of the window at this very moment, thick clouds have formed on what was a cloudless day. (Rain expected tomorrow, 80% chance). So looks like nucleation just occurred.

    So, if their stated purpose is to block out sunlight, then WHY ARE THEY DOING IT SO LATE IN THE DAY, INTO THE EVENING, so that heat is trapped in over night? How can this possibly square with their stated purpose? And why are they targeting the late pm-evening hours??

    If anyone has any ideas, would love to hear them.

    Also, if anyone knows of a chemtrail forum, please post a link. Otherwise I have an idea for one: TRAILSPOTTING.COM where people can post pics, comments, laments, whatever.

    If anyone is a savvy web designer, coder or graphic artist, please post your info and I will find you. I am a media person with ideas, writing and some graphics capability. I am in NYC and I will damned if I don't wake this zombie city up.

    • Milla says:

      One last thing: I think major metro areas like NYC and London may be most strafed, but I don't know. Maybe that's true, maybe not. Manhattan is a heater, as we all know.

    • Bob Maisano says:

      I see these same Chemically Persistent Trails in our skies over Springfield New Jersey (15 miles from Manhattan) each and every blesses day.  Why I think they are doing it sometimes late into the evening is so that they can utilize the portable antenna aspects of the "Metal in the Sky" allowing two way communication from and to the mounting harp arrays that abound on our planet! Possibly causing the witless attitude that so many of us seem to display.  It amazes me how few people even question what is going on right over their heads!  And when you point it to them they either shrug and say wow and go on about there business or they don't believe it at all 

      Thanks for reading.

    • Richard Sher says:

      Currently living in Tamarindo, Costa Rica. I'm focusing on safe places to acquire land with clean water. 

      Geoengineering goes far deeper than any of us imagine. 

    • donny darko says:


      This is a reply to you. Do you see any Geo-engineering going on in Costa Rica? If so, how often? Thanks in advance.



  44. Jarumir Khan says:

    This is an Ecocide and Genocide from the NWO ! The so to say "International Community

    Physis Bios Psyche and Pneuma are getting damaged by all life !

    The transhumaist agenda must be stopped. See:



  45. William Fletcher says:

    I recently wrote to my NJ Senator, Bob Menendez, urging him to research the ongoing GeoEngineering / Climate Engineering, and received the following lame response:


    Dear Mr. Fletcher:


    Thank you for contacting me to express your thoughts regarding trails seen behind airplanes.  Your opinion is very important to me, and I appreciate hearing your views on this matter. 


    Numerous independent research efforts from academia and government have dispelled the notion that chemicals are being sprayed behind airplanes at high altitude.  Instead, the trails we often see in the sky are condensation trails generated by the interaction between the airplane's wings and the atmosphere.


    As your United States Senator, I rely on the important communications I receive from my constituents to guide my work in Washington.  While I may not always succeed in addressing all of your issues, I am working diligently every day to respond to the many valuable insights I receive from New Jerseyans just like you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello William, perhaps you should consider letteing Mr. Menendez know that once the public wakes up to the climate engineering issue, they will then llikely hold people like himself responsible for lying to hide the geoengineering crimes.

    • Karen W says:

      This must be a general speech because Mr. McClintock said the same thing on a phone town meeting.  It was my first time listening and my last because I knew truth wasn't high on his list to his constituents.


  46. DebW says:

    All my oak trees are now dead or close to it and falling all over my backyard. The only ones surviving this onslaught are the long needled pines in WI.Every bush and tree I have planted the last 9 years have had to be replaced.

  47. Gene Maynard says:

    Dane; I have been noticing for several years now the Maple trees in my yard. The bark on the side facing the afternoon sun has been developing large cracks and peeling back leaving a rough surface instead of the normal smooth surface. They have also been going to seed earlier and earlier. Instead of summer it is early spring. I read if they get stressed they will drop their seeds early in an effort to keep the species going. However if they continue to be stressed they will die. Right now the canopy should be full but I’m looking at a 35-40 feet tall tree and I can see right through it the canopy is so sparse. My Bradford Pear tree also has instead of a bright green canopy, a blackish green or a dull green. Also, we live in an area that was filled in many years ago by the trees and brush from the clearing of it. This has always caused cockroaches to flourish because they live of decomposing organisms. This year I have not seen a single cockroach and it’s not because we haven’t had warm temperatures. Given their importance to breaking down organisms and adding nutrients to the soil; also taking into consideration their heartiness; if they are suffering due to the toxic soil, humans are much more. These are some of the "life support systems". 

  48. Melody Meachum says:

    Hi Dane…yes it's very sobering to those of us awake to see how disconnected the masses are and the video is spot on. As expressed over & over, electronics of all types have created an obsessed generation. However, there are many awake & pro-active youth and I believe we really need to keep reaching out to them, for they have the most to lose! At least the older generation got to live their lives free and in relatively untainted environments. The older generation for the most part have their heads in the sand and thrive on the belief that their government is a dodering old beneficient grandpa that would NEVER harm them, not understanding that the media was bought out/controlled by a few cabal families and controls all major networks and sources of news in and out or that the science community has no reason to remain silent on all of these critical issues.

    I also run into people that have the mind-set of "pick your battles" and they don't seem to understand the crucial juncture that civilization is at. I think they had better start listening and wise up because this  battle affects every single person on this beautiful planet!

    I hope we continue to keep reporting what's going on in our "little corners" of the world to drive these points home. Yesterday at church, I spoke with a friend (42 yrs old) that feels like she's going into a 4th round of Pneumonia in a matter of a few months. These have been serious infections requiring hospitalizations each time. Another older man in my church has a 6 yr old grandson who suffered with serious flu-like/lung complications for nearly 2 yrs. A few months ago they did exploratory surgery and found a fungal infection in his lungs. He was treated and is now well. I mentioned this to the friend, and she noted that the Dr's were already on it and scheduled tests for this possibility.

    Dane keeps pointing to all the complications coming at us in our atmosphere, oceans and local environments as well as the human beings. I think most of us just keep living like it's a LONG way off. It is not! It is on our doorsteps! At work today, my staff person said a 26 yr old male substitute teacher at her husband's middle school died of a heart-attack over the weekend. He apparently was an active guy, but something that those at the school noticed was that he seemed to suffer from constant cold-like symptoms.

    Also in my own world, in fact my yard, I took a close look at how our trees fared over the winter. I have to say not well, not well at all. The oldest pine tree is on massive die out at the front section. From the trunk to the top. The younger pine trees starting the same process. The trunks of the hardwoods are starting to look sick. Very sad as the largest Maple is a grand old tree providing great shade in the summer and beautiful vibrant color every fall. This is my yard, but we know it's happening everywhere. Time is indeed getting shorter!

  49. Joe campbell says:

    Absolutely awful. How can they continue to do this, and people think it's normal.

    • Diana Moss says:

      Joe: the answer to your question is this: Propaganda.  After reading several articles on climate change and following up with the comments which are remarkable similar I am sure they are spouting a programmed responses.  Several mention that CO2 is good for you (but no explanation as to how it is good) and on and on it goes all very similar in tone and very similar to the coverage on the one and only Network that sells itself as 'Just the facts' and has the biggest audience of all of the networks.  The other thing I noticed was that if I respond with anything negative about CO2 being bad these commentators respond back with vile attacks on me and not on what I mention.  I have been called everything from a sl** to a bi***.  This is a ploy to 'change the subject.'   What amazes  me more than anything is the fact that several of my friends  (old friends) that I had considered smarter than the 'average bear,' college grads, etc are completely hooked on right wing TV and radio.  They repeat what they have seen or listened to as gospel.  Once in a while I can capture someone's attention long enough to get them to look up but they always have a ready answer, "Oh, those are just contrails," and when I ask if the jet fuel of commercial airliners has been changed it usually makes them angry and refers to me as a conspiracy theorist.  The conspiracy falls on the propagandists and the ones whose evil deeds are killing the only planet we have and eventually all of its inhabitants.  As the poet T.S. Elliot wrote, " that's the way the world ends, not with a bang, but a whimper."

    • Dan says:

      it seems to be world weather warfare gone wild

  50. Jeremy says:

    Spraying was the worse I've seen it over London, this weekend. It was bad on Saturday too.
    We were told in the news that there would be a lot of Saharaan dust in the atmosphere during the weekend, and people with respiratory problems – Asthma, etc..- could suffer and should be careful.
    Also, saw this earlier:’s-view-‘chemtrails’-20150313-0

    • Rob J says:

      Greenpeace are not part of the solution, rather a part of the problem. Their article is utter nonsense.

    • Milla says:

      Greenpeace should have done their own sampling tests, or maybe they should learn how to use Google earth so they can see the HAARP installations (although those may be blocked out now, not sure.) At one time you could. I saw a woman find an underground earthquake machine at the Ascension Islands on YouTube.

      The commenters on that blog present a most confounding example of delusion. I can only think that groupthink and human insecurity (institutionally programmed) underlie it. Apparently they support GMOs, too. So much for green. So screw them. They're not very effective anyway. That's why Paul Watson, an original GPer, the Sea Shepherd, blew them off and now regularly kicks Japanese whaler butt while GP hangs signs in places.

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