The Consequences Of Humanity’s Assault On Planet Earth Are Accelerating


Societies around the globe have been trained and conditioned to believe a multitude of complete fallacies and falsehoods regarding man's interaction with the planet. Many actually feel that modern civilization can perpetually expand on a finite planet with finite resources. Many have bought into the lie that nature will always compensate for the damage humanity has done, or that technology will miraculously fix all the problems. The reality is this, on our current course near term human extinction is a mathematical certainty. The current rate of human population growth and species extinction rates make this conclusion clear. We are on track for a climate scenario called "Venus Syndrome". If there is not a complete change of direction, Earth's ability to support life will soon be compromised beyond any recovery. Of all man's assaults against the natural world, climate engineering is the greatest. The short video below is a sobering recent update on the rapidly accelerating climate chaos.
Dane Wigington


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  1. Rachel Robson says:

    People, with respect, I suggest that there are those who would bet on if you cross the street alive, just because betting is addictive and they can.  Not because they know someone will hit you.  Just a possibility, a mathematical possibility.  Gamblers love mathematical possibilities and only need someone else to play with.  There was a time this country was very much against gambling and by and large it was illegal.  Now it is the norm from the stock market to the nearest casino.  It is a matter of morals and ethics.  What kind of sick twist bets on weather-even if no Geoengineering?  Why is it okay to gamble in oh so many ways with people's money, retirement, etc.?  The very idea of "growing" money makes me furious.  I mean, if you have a business and it does well so you open another store and it does well too-I don't see a moral objection to that.  But, "investing" money to "grow" it?

    To a very large degree, "climate change" is a real consequence of how "we" have been using and treating Earth for a very long time.  Our psycho weather makers are not perfectly skilled though I'm sure they would like to be.  Basically, they are playing, experimenting with our world.  When they very first tested the atom bomb, all hesitated, unsure if this would work, or end everything, themselves included.  Then, did it.  But they didn't stop there nor after Japan.  And a "mine is bigger than yours" race was on.  Addicted, they could not stop.   Peaceful applications?  Science?  And then they blew two nukes way high and close together to see if they could bend the ionosphere.  They did.  And then some.  Ripped a hole in the ozone layer and created two new magnetic belts in the Van Allen's.  When "we" "displaced" a people from their island, Bikini, "we" did not foresee how powerful that blast would be, but we did it anyway, promises broken, innocent lives destroyed, and the hulk of one of the very very radio active ships on seabed near Farallon Islands, not far outside the Bay from here.  "They" built nuclear power plants all over the world with absolutely no idea what to do with the waste, and now the water to cool them.  Seemingly for all of time people-some-have done barbaric things.  But none have tried so hard to destroy this whole world as with past and on going nuclear efforts.

    That exact same mind set came up with GeoEngineering.  Our country, other countries, realized the harm their experiments had done, but given this rear view mirror, figured they could tinker their way out of it.  Tweak this, tweak that.  Better still, ally with Big Agriculture and Big Oil.  Better still, see if you can damage a county.  But, of course, first they have to become an enemy.  And the silencing of the media.  The disinformation to disseminate via media.  As GeoEngineering ramps up, best to make sure few are looking up.  Give the people gadgets and they will get addicted to their gadgets.  Meanwhile, install electromagnetic smart meters and cell towers everywhere.  Change everything over to electronic all, so that we don't cut anymore trees!  As if they cared.  Too entranced with ease of buying, communicating, videos, etc., only a rare person objected.  We are all on power grids.  Well, most of us.  If the government wanted to harm one area, they could just shut it off and there goes everything.  What an ingenious way to control a population that fell for it hook line and sinker.

    The blowback from stopping GeoEngineering is rumored to be HUGE.  What to expect?  What to do?  God knows our infrastructure is falling apart as it is.  Few have resources.  I think this is what Jade Helm 15 is about, training for.  It is my understanding it begins July 15th.  You know, gotta have 4th of July.  And I do wonder what will happen to various nuclear plants in both the climate we are having now, and when GeoEngineering is stopped.  This is where it would be nice if only one's neighbors were awake and aware.  We could form/glom together in neighborhood groups to look out for each other.  Share resources, check on those who need it.  So, now, more than ever, we need to wake those neighbors.  All this "press" will help.

    But all that nuclear stuff from plants to disposal sites to dust-all loom large in the near future.  Even if we shut them all down, we have to keep them shut and deal with the detritus.  Like pop corn ready to blow. By the way, strontium 90 binds to corn which can eliminate it from your body to a large degree.  If you can find GMO free corn.  I have no idea how to deal with cessiums.  Depleted uranium.  Or the defective brains, compulsively fixated on tinkering with our world for their entertainment.  All these words, but none for that-psychopath doesn't cut it.  But don't fool yourselves.  We've all played a role in this one way or another.

    A solid moral and ethical core is a necessity.  It can be developed.  Dane is a perfect example.  No one is giving out brownie points for being holier than thou.  It is never too late-yet.  I may be preaching to the choir here, but there are some and certainly others who, on their own, do not know what a strong and moral ethical core is.  Find out.  There will be a test.

  2. Dennie Mehocich says:

    Used to be that The Weather was an insipid but safe conversational bet for people who didn't have much in common or even much get along.  Now it's a downright dangerous topic.  Increasingly you hear people wonder aloud about the ever-increasing weirdness of the weather, and beginning to ask why all the weirdness. So when you tell them they are just not ready to hear the truth.  When all you have to do is look at the history of weather futures trading (since 1994 or something like that) on CBOE, public information.  Now why would anyone bet on the weather if you couldn't predict it??  That's my answer to their clueless musings of "I don't know what's causing it," and on they go.  WON'T take a look at a website like this.  Sheesh.  There is also a special place in Hell for The Clueless. and that would be right alongside the Perpetrators of this monstrous, Hellish crime.  What do they both have in common?  THEY DON'T WANT TO FEEL ANYTHING.  So they both deserve a less-feeling reality.  It's time the two realities stop being allowed to mix, actually.  I'm wondering aloud when THAT is finally going to occur?

  3. Ralph Ely says:

    If the psychopaths running the GeoEngineering programs wanted it to not be raining in Texas… would it not be sunny?

    If they wanted normal temperatures in India or Siberia… would we be reading and seeing such horrific weather stories?

    If they wanted California to have normal rain fall and normal seasonal temperatures… would we hear and see accounts of vegetation dying, aquatic life disappearing at alarming rates in streams, lakes and the Pacific?

    The GeoEngineering manipulation is real.  Couple it with all of the other assaults on our environment, and you have the recipe for an imminent toxic Global collapse.

    Get everyone you are in contact with to Look Up and Wake Up today… for Tomorrow we might not Wake Up at all.  

  4. Lakotah says:

    Here's just what we need to possibly get the attention of some very very clueless individuals Thanks to my wife I would have never  seen this. She's my watch dog or should I say my watch kitten?

  5. marc says:

    The lowest form of life…..those that are the perpetrators behind the geoengineering and the HAARP facilities. I pray there is a specially reserved place in hell for each and every one of these worthless asswipes.

  6. Frank says:

    The effects of weather created by the power structure is evident in many places around the world. The patterns for the mid west and Texas are blatantly noticeable for many weather people especially the so called pro's. They all know what's going on and should be held criminally  responsible. The spraying is evidence enough but when you see bizarre images on radar that no one in the media reports is just sickening.

    We all are victims of weather control perpetrated by the power structure. It wasn't long ago when Texas was blocked from and precipitation just like California is now. The so called experts look at computer models and call this a pattern shift and all is normal in there world. I have witnessed first hand many years of weather control including the Florida Hurricanes's of 2004-2005. I saw the off the charts figures when the tornado's struck the south in April 27 2011. I have seen unexplained happenings with all forms of weather that the MSM weather make up new names to further confuse the masses. The parasitical elite have used paid off scientist and universities in the past to control trillions of dollars in there pockets.  

    All of this is because the power structure has been for many years controlling our weather. They have taken planet Earth and used and abused it to a very early extinction. The prime culprit is weather control that has ripped our planet apart. They have used chemicals and microwaves to impose the destruction on us all. 

    We all have only two choices remaining. We all sit back and let these evil sub human parasites continue with there plan or inform as many people each day about geoengineering. Thank you Dane and all the wonderful people associated with helping to get the word out. 

  7. kathleen gabel says:

    it was 118 degrees!!!!!!!   in India the other day and over 500 people died.  it was 90 degrees in one place in Alaska within the past 7 days. Flooding in the Southern US has been shocking.   Clearly, the earth's systems are screaming out at this point, and most are unaware.  The weather cataclysms are sobering, frightening and very real.  Climate engineering is tearing apart our climate systems and turning them upside down, adding fuel to an already raging fire of environmental destruction.  We must continue to wake up the masses in every way we can.  

  8. Ransom Thomas says:

    It is truly sad how many people, don’t want to believe this is going on. They want to live their lives as they see fit, and dont care about the planet. I have talked to local weatherman here on our local t.v stations, and they flatly  deny this. I am trying to wake everyone up who will listen.

  9. People fail to realize that at some point there won't be enough healthy bodies or resources to clean up the mess we've made. All this severe weather and massive destruction can be directly linked to mankind's piggish behaviors toward Nature. Sure geoengineering is bad. So are stupid ideas like airline travel, ocean cruises, building trophy homes on ocean cliffs, sprawling cities surrounded by a hundred miles of concrete, unlimited rape of wildlife, and last but not least, unending wars for corporate profit.


    Nature is only responding to our instructions…

  10. Rachael says:

    Apparently, the Indian monsoon is the weakest it's ever been, meanwhile here in north Texas it's been raining non stop for 3 months. We haven't seen the sky, much less the sun for any length of time in months, it's absolutely insane

  11. Terri says:

    hundreds of people in India dying from heat.more results of geoengineering i am sure.

    how many people, livestock, plants, fish and wildlife must die before this insanity is stopped once and for all?


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