The Dimming: Groundbreaking Geoengineering Documentary Is In Production


Dane Wigington

What has happened to our once brilliant blue skies? How many have noticed the change? Why are skies now so often filled with the lingering, expanding, and sky covering remnants of jet  aircraft dispersions?

Over 70 years ago global powers committed the planet and populations to a climate engineering experiment from which there is no return. The intentional dimming of direct sunlight by aircraft dispersed particles, a form of global warming mitigation known as “Solar Radiation Management”, has and is causing catastrophic damage to the planets life support systems and human health. What are the consequences of conducting these programs?  Why aren’t scientists or official sources disclosing the ongoing climate engineering operations? Who is responsible for carrying out these programs?

“The Dimming”, a groundbreaking documentary that is currently in production, will provide answers and proof. Below is the first 60 second trailer on the upcoming film.

Populations must be awakened to what is unfolding in our skies, the threat posed by global covert climate engineering operations cannot be overstated. Share credible data from a credible sourcemake your voice heard, make every day count.

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35 Responses to The Dimming: Groundbreaking Geoengineering Documentary Is In Production

  1. CarolCARES says:

    "The Death Dump" as the sadly elites assassinated former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson  who kept shouting these facts to everyone: "This must be STOPPED"!     Dane could you explain to us WHY in the short Dimming sample it shows Chemtrails on top of, across the front of it AND "BEHIND the Sun" ?  This clearly proves the SUN isn't that far away, AND it has sparkling rays just like what some call the Sun Simulator/ or the chemtrail cocktail mixture that creates the Atmospheric LENS…Yes, it's as if they are placing a magnifying Glass before the Sun for the Agenda 21 purpose of Cooking Humanity! Actually it's the intensely reflective & heat holding/radiating nano metals with mainly Aluminum causing this "similar magnifying glass type effect", specifically as a Force Multiplier of HEATING, burning, and reflecting)

    I wonder where it is these mad scientists live to be able to breathe and live very long; safe from their creations?? Is a PILL all these privileged ones get to take as a antidote?

  2. Alan says:

    *** SCIENTISTS BAFFLED ALERT *** 70 gray whales wash up dead on US west coast beaches since the beginning of the year. This is news from last month so, I’m sorry if it’s already been covered.  You just know  big pharma HAS to have a vaccine for persistent complex baffleitis syndrome. Why don’t the scientists just get immunized?

  3. Mavis Florencia Soriano says:

    i'm here in Argentina and we see what is happening to our sky, we have several pages taking photos and traying to awake people to know about this….but it seems they dont want to  know….are they afraid? I'm an ancient woman but i help with ouwn photos….Since 2014 when I went to Spain I started to see with my eyes what is happening…many laugh at us…

    • Dennie says:

      Bienvenidos, de California!  I've been wondering what's really happening on the ground and in the skies over South America.  We hear stories of Central Americans fleeing their countries and coming to the U.S. where the Trumpster is desperately trying to kick them out but from what else I'm hearing– crops "failing," persistent drought, whispers of chem trails overhead, not unlike in Syria for the past decade– it's becoming clear that "our" chickens have come home to roost, meaning that the U.S. "official" policy of rule-by-military-might accomplished by weather warfare is simply passing many of the citizens in those countries on to the U.S., so you see, Karma works its way….

  4. izzy says:

    If that preview is any indication, this will be a powerfully provocative film.

    For better or worse, we are creatures of the medium.

  5. Carol says:

    Hi,I live in southern Spain and the last 2 to 3 summers have been very geoengineered,I'd noticed that previously we'd be left alone in the summer,for tourism.then as soon as summer finished we'd be sprayed again.however,summer's are now almost unbearably humid we even had a totally grey cloudy weekend recently in JULY!!that was very heavy atmosphericly no one wanting to do also affects my solar system we're not receiving enough sunlight with those high atmospheric silky white skies.I've also noticed the circadas are not being noisy as they used to be deafening some afternoons and almost none.and no one seems to notice or care when you mention these things.people are awakening though especially since 5g is being rolled out.if we don't stop that I can't begin to imagine how life will be changed or rather extinguished.thank you dane you woke me up a few years back.I'm so glad I know what I know from yourself and others fighting to open minds.

  6. BlueSue says:

    Dane, you have once again gone above and beyond with the creation and imminent distribution of your new documentary.  The trailer was excellent.  It is beyond ludicrous how the corporate world and evil technocrats are promoting 5G.  Supporting tech/communication companies like Verizon, American Towers, Crown Castle, Global Energy Network, Galaxy Next Generation, Ameristar, NXP semi-conductors,  along with AI and cyber security firms tout 5G as the greatest stimulus to generate money and profitable investment to ever come down the pike. In his hard-for-me-to-stomach "advertorial" (sales pitch) some Silicon Valley A-hole "Angel" investor named Jeff Brown tells the audience  to pull out their smart phones, and as they all comply, he relates that "statistically 9 out of 10 of you people have one at arm's reach".  Then he promises those pathetic people enormous investment gains resulting from the "revolutionary" advent of 5G — "it's the REAL DEAL that's going to be a slam-dunk for investors".  Next, he goes on to explain that everyone's smart phone will be basically obsolete by the time 5G is active, since their current phones lack the capacity to access 5G, and everyone will need the newest, latest, greatest electronic devise to access the wildly superior power of 5G. It was sickening to see this slick conman tout such blatant evil as if it were the greatest (technological) thing to come along since the automobile.

    The record-breaking heatwave here in South Central Alaska ended yesterday. Never before have I experienced a whole week of temperatures that exceeded 90 degrees here in Wasilla where I live. The two week's previous temps were in the 80s, and even reaching 80 is a rarity in these parts – maybe happens one day all summer long.  Today was a more typical 67 degrees with a blanket of gray cloud cover and something like light mist falling periodically.  I hope that we won't have the kind of horrible wet and cool geoengineered weather Alberta and Montana have been suffering, for the remainder of our all too short summer.  Love and strength to all here. 

  7. Randyl J says:

    Hello Again Dane and Everyone ~ I proudly added my Facebook info to the Geoengineering Watch page today, updated my email for here and I’m joining ‘the Team’ even though I haven’t contributed much~ yet! The pattern of spraying over central North Carolina’s Piedmont area is predictable now since I’ve been tracking from March. After any dryer day with clear sky patches and almost natural thunderclouds, they begin laying trails heavily above the clouds . Tonight I counted over a half dozen new streams and more spreading out forming a new ceiling of cloud which will gather and produce rain. The weird drops off the trees continue beyond rain and yesterday I couldn’t remove the splotches on my car. They leave yellow-orange ones in small dots to large circles and nothing really removes the stains. Tonight, around 8 pm, one of the planes flew below the clouds and right over my area. It was silver and flying slower than jets and a bit larger. There have been several others above the clouds all afternoon- very busy. Of course NC has several air bases connected to at least 3 military branches within short flight distances from Raleigh and the coast. And I’m the only one in this RV park that has ever noticed the activity or even the sky. Most people only think about the weather here if there’s a hurricane warning on TWC. It’s pathetic. I’ll order materials soon. Than you to everyone for sharing and for Dane’s incredible work. I hope I can be a small ‘cog in the wheel’.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Great to have you joining up with us Randyl J. Thanks for wanting to help. I hate to think of what the yellow-orange crap is doing to our lungs and bodies if you can hardly remove it from the paint of your car (ugh).. same goes for all the plants & animals. Welcome friend, from your neighbor in N. Ga. I know you are going to accomplish alot. We appreciate you adding your voice to this all important cause!  : )

  8. LA says:

    The proof is our vitamin D (a hormone) numbers are low for everyone.  The plants are feeling the same pressure for photosynthesis. 

    • Dennie says:

      @LA:  First the doctors were all telling us that we all needed to be tested for vitamin D deficiency, then a while later we heard from the same doctors that this wasn't true, there was no epidemic of vitamin D deficiency…WTF?? Go figure…..

  9. Joseph says:

    Thank you –Another great  film for the Greater Good.  This will be another tool to help expose the truth. Bottom line the planet  and all living creatures need clean air water and food. 

    You have said many times on your weekly shows that mankind as been a bad caretaker of this planet.  When you think about the last 120 years man as created alot of technology but not very good for the long time survival .


  10. Sandy Patrus says:

    Thank you Dane for all you do and for making this documentary.  I can't wait for it to be out.  I am hoping that this film will be what it takes to wake up the population that is still in denial.  I have found that most people are too busy with their lives to care about what is going on in our skies and most don't even know the dangers of 5G.  They would rather be caught up in the divide of politics.  When are they going to realize it is all just theatre for their amusement and keeps them preoccupied so they don't see what is really going on.  Even some members of my own immediate family are caught up in this political BS.  At least I have them all convinced that they are indeed spraying our skies.  Now, I have to get them to watch "The Dimming" when it comes out!

  11. Gary Morrow says:

    It looks like another manufactured and manipulated weather event is taking place with Potential Tropical Cyclone Two in the Gulf of Mexico.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Yep, First time I've ever seen energy from the US continent NORTH of the Gulf of Mexico travel south to join up with the mismash of haarp'd crap out over the Gulf, then swirl around and boomerang straight back up north again in a weak disorganized mess! Wow- WTF??!. My mother was born in New Orleans and I spent vacation time every summer there for years. Still have some family members living in the area there (not sure why they haven't left yet). I've been watching the hurricanes occur there very closely for 50 yrs. and have never seen anything like this latest caper take place.

  12. Paul Vonharnish says:

    Excerpted from: US military is a bigger polluter than as many as 140 countries – shrinking this war machine is a must

    June 24, 2019

    "It’s no coincidence that US military emissions tend to be overlooked in climate change studies. It’s very difficult to get consistent data from the Pentagon and across US government departments. In fact, the United States insisted on an exemption for reporting military emissions in the 1997 Kyoto Protocol. This loophole was closed by the Paris Accord, but with the Trump administration due to withdraw from the accord in 2020, this gap will return."

    Geoengineering is criminal warfare against civilian populations, period.

    The article fails to mention of the only candidate who is openly talking about ending America's inflated and dangerous military policies.  Control of corporatized fake media is why you haven't seen much of Tulsi Gabbard…

  13. Damon Cook says:

    I have seen and been to most of Danes presentations, his facts and truths are undeniably facts and I will do my best to help him in anyway I can to help him expose these weather terrorism programs that are destroying our life cycle.Thank you Dane for all you are doing you are the true hero in this battle for all life and I will stand proudly with you and all that want this to end. Make your voice heard Loud We must all stop this together.Peace 

  14. Jesse says:

    Thank you Dane. I can't remember the last total blue sky day we have had in Bozeman MT. As your announcement came regarding the new documentary the skies were the most hazy and milky I have ever witnessed. Thant you for your hard work and effort in reaching the public. Thanks to you I know the truth and I also know I  am not alone in witnessing a complete coverup of the truth. God bless you.

  15. Dennie says:

    This was in my inbox today from Peter DeFazio, Congressman from OR:  

    Climate change is an emergency of the highest order.

    That's why today, I'm proud to join Reps. Earl Blumenauer and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Senator Bernie Sanders as an original co-sponsor of the Climate Emergency Bill.

    As Chairman of the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, I'm focused on our nation's transportation systems and infrastructure and we're investigating bold new technology to move our country away from fossil fuel consumption, electrify our highways, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and transition transportation into the 21st century.

    We need to take bold action and work towards the goals outlined in the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Agreement.

    Today, a huge concerted effort is pushing Congress and this administration to reduce carbon emissions and lessen the impact on climate change.

    We have to work together to tackle this national emergency. Help me spread the word by sharing this news with your community and join the conversation on Facebook.


    I'm wondering if DeFazio and the rest of our elected representation understands how shooting stuff into orbit, like the how-many-thousands of satellites that SpaceX wants to put up in order to power the 5G network and more, actually affects the ozone layer– don't these idiots understand that this rips holes in the ozone layer, letting in more UV and infrared radiation, creationg MORE heat and MORE damage???  I'm guessing they'll just fall for the propaganda and decide that this will be offset by the geoengineering sprays…..

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Hello Dennie:  As Mr. corporate glee club suggests: "We have to work together to tackle this national emergency."  Ya, right…

      Excerpted from 'Tsunami of data' could consume one fifth of global electricity by 2025

      Published on 11/12/2017

      "A 2016 Berkeley laboratory report for the US government estimated the country’s data centers, which held about 350 million terabytes of data in 2015, could together need over 100TWh of electricity a year by 2020. This is the equivalent of about 10 large nuclear power stations."  [This is a grossly conservative estimate.  Actual power consumption has already reached the equivalent of 50 medium sized nuclear facilities.]

      Those who we've allowed into "public service" are living in a delusional Disney land where reality is a paycheck and climate collapse is only a movie.  Environmental "policy" is an empty talking point, and 5G is the final chorus…

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, NOT SO FAST!  However imperfect, at least SOMEBODY in Congress is starting to "get it:"  

      This week, the House is considering the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) for 2020 – the bill that authorizes funding for the military.

      While we might not think of this as a big environmental bill, the impacts on the environment are significant.

      Thanks to the work of environmental champions in Congress, the bill includes new measures to help address the climate crisis, like a provision that would require military bases to assess climate vulnerabilities and require mitigation contingencies for severe weather risks.

      The bill also requires the Department of Defense to report on progress towards meeting the goal of 25% renewable energy for military facilities by 2025 and the feasibility of transitioning its fleet of government vehicles to plug-in hybrid or fully electric vehicles.

      The U.S. military emits more climate-warming carbon dioxide pollution than many industrialized nations, and steps to transition the military to clean energy and climate readiness are vital.

      In addition to action on climate change, this bill also includes important policies to help address PFAS contamination. We’ve written to you before about the dangers of Per-and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances, which are “forever chemicals” that have been found in our drinking water and everyday consumer products.

      This bill includes amendments to begin phasing out the military’s use of PFAS and to better monitor potential drinking water in communities living on and around military bases.

      SEEC members are fighting to address climate change and protect our health from dangerous toxins down every legislative path that they can. Chip in today to support the fight >>

  16. V. Susan Ferguson says:

    VSF:  Excellent work, Dane. Best wishes for your success waking more up! You are our North Star!

    The California coast is disappearing under the rising sea. Our choices are grim – Los Angeles Times

    Miami has been drowning, Louisiana shrinking, North Carolina’s beaches disappearing like a time lapse with no ending. While other regions grappled with destructive waves and rising seas, the West Coast for decades was spared by a rare confluence of favorable winds and cooler water. This “sea level rise suppression,” as scientists call it, went largely undetected. Blinded from the consequences of a warming planet, Californians kept building right to the water’s edge.
    But lines in the sand are meant to shift. In the last 100 years, the sea rose less than 9 inches in California. By the end of this century, the surge could be greater than 9 feet.

    Wildfire and drought dominate the climate change debates in the state. Yet this less-talked-about reality has California cornered. The coastline is eroding with every tide and storm, but everything built before we knew better — Pacific Coast Highway, multimillion-dollar homes in Malibu, the rail line to San Diego — is fixed in place with nowhere to go.
    But the world is getting hotter, the great ice sheets still melting, the rising ocean a slow-moving disaster that has already swept past California’s front door. Seaside cliffs are crumbling in Pacifica, bringing down entire buildings. Balboa Island, barely above sea level, is spending $1.8 million to raise the wall that separates it from the ocean.
    Winter storms pummeled a Capistrano Beach boardwalk, turning the idyllic shoreline into a construction zone as bulldozers rushed to stack boulders into a barricade. From San Diego to Humboldt counties, homeowners scramble to fend off increasing erosion and storm surges, pleading with officials for bigger seawalls that can hold back the even bigger ocean.

    … In Southern California alone, two-thirds of beaches could vanish.

    Pacifica/A town on the edge
    On the bluffs and shores of Pacifica, a postcard stretch of coastal hamlets just south of San Francisco, residents fear that planning for sea level rise means condemning their own community to extinction.
    Here, what other cities in California are only beginning to worry about in the abstract is already a much-lived reality. Powerful waves crest over the main pier and threaten roads with names such as Beach Boulevard and Shoreview Avenue. Blasts of sand batter walls and homes. Windows shatter. Cliffs collapse. Residents bear witness to entire chunks of hillside crumbling into the surf below.
    In one part of town, the ocean chewed away more than 90 feet of bluff in less than a decade.
    People were able to walk Pacifica as an entire stretch of beach in the 1970s, but the open shoreline shrank over the years as the city built seawalls, piled rocks, coated its fragile sandstone cliffs with special concrete to protect what nature was taking by force.
    Responding to just this most recent El Niño season has cost Pacifica $16 million — no small change for a town whose $36-million operating budget relies mostly on property taxes. Officials are still seeking funds to cover damage from 2016 and remain mired in an eminent domain battle over two of the buildings.
    Pacifica has become this story of unplanned, forced retreat, experts say, and the public got stuck with the bill.
    “There’s a public cost and a private cost in any choice that we make, and we need to start doing that cost-benefit analysis,” said Charles Lester, director of UC Santa Barbara’s Ocean and Coastal Policy Center, who has consulted for a number of towns, including Pacifica, on sea level rise planning. “If we don’t start managing retreat now, how much is it going to cost later?”

    • Paul Vonharnish says:

      Erm… REAL estimates commonly mention 90-120 feet of ocean rise.

      Articles like this (and many others) revolve around real estate values.  Sheesh!!!  If civilians were not drunk on artificial excitement, they'd realize that most shore based nuclear plants will go China syndrome long before they sober up… As in: Blub, blub…

      Thanks again for your astute posts.  Always Excellent information.

    • Dennie says:

      Hey, I live about 30 miles north of Pacifica, which in reality was once five or six little hamlets:  Sharp Park, Fairway Park, Vallemar, Rockaway Beach, Linda Mar and Park Pacifica, until they decided to merge.  Except for Sharp Park which is right on the beach and the cliffs above it, these are all little canyons running east/west from the Pacific Ocean.  My biggest worry while I was hanging out and thinking of moving there was tsunami– you could hear the ocean waves crashing on the shore a mile away in the wee hours of the morning once Highway 1 traffic quieted down.  In the moonlight it was magical, hypnotic, even, but I realized you wouldn't much be able to get out of Vallemar if the ocean rose so high that it blocked Highway 1– there is no way out over the hills east as it is quite a high ridge with no road access and on the other side is the watershed district for San Francisco, including San Andreas lake, sitting right on the fault line for which it is named.  I was thinking this quite a long time before the Banda Aceh quake that killed 250,000 people ringing around the South Pacific the day right after Christmas in 2004.

  17. Parzival says:

    I'll be looking to purchase a copy to show in my community when it is available! Thank you!!

  18. Barb E says:

    I had a hell of a time getting Facebook to load, had to try it 4 times. I couldn't find any "see first" button to click so hopefully we'll be able to watch this when it's ready.  Can't wait!!!  Because of you we know we're not crazy watching all the jets leaving trails full of poison.  Thank you Dane!!!

  19. Lori Bridgeford says:

    Ideal title for this  Dane,  as dimming of the mind (not only of  sun)  aptly applies ! The  toxic nano  mass aerosols are dumbing all of our remaining neurons and crushing  immunity. The photos and footage are beyond compelling , and take all  precautions as closer to world premier as this is exactly what can tip the scales for  the confused or deniers. Power structure will attempt to block such vital exposures from all the whistle-blowers, and brave contributors you have included. Your  trailer alone is yet another tool to ALERT before the censorship escalates . THANKS to your  valuable vid team producers for all the time invested to capture crucial images & audio. Bless  you & your steadfast family in these harrowing times.

  20. ThunderHead says:

    Dane, I would like to pre-order the Dimming. Can I do that now? Also, when might it be completed and available?

    Keep up the great work!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Thunderhead, thank you for your support in this battle. The film won’t be available until the official first screening, but will be available online for free after. DVDs of the film will also be available at the first screening event.

  21. Justin says:

    Super excited for this film. In today's society documentaries are what help awaken people more than any other platform. Thank you, Dane, for the very brave work you do. You have guts. And in a crazy society who take athletes and actors as their heroes, you clearly are a sane man's hero. 

  22. Dawn Bennett says:

    I just caught a glimpse of the upcoming weekend weather forecast and the first hurricane of the season that is coming out of Tennessee. Mr weatherman says "that's weird". Is that even possible and did I hear correctly? Time will tell. 

  23. Barry Hunter says:

    We live 'OffGrid' – just outside a big town in NSW Australia – we have noticed and documented Solar Panel Uptake times while 'Jet Trail' activity is visible in our immediate area and there is a definite diminishing solar uptake from the panels which is in corelation with the 'Jet Trails' seen.       

  24. Jivan says:

    Pls stop this global genocide!!

    you are killing us all!

    this must come to an end NOW!!!

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