The Great Braid of our Being…One Writer’s Lament on the Unraveling of the Natural World


October 2015

As a human being I have lived rurally in the mountainous wilderness of far far northern California for 45 years. As a writer of stories that take place herein, living in the midst of this tragic decline observing and feeling its impact daily has become a difficult practice of juggling fear and hope. For one who has always been drawn to, taken solace in and deeply respected the elements in their bewitching, elegant systematic and magical perfection, this unraveling of the interwoven connection between humans and nature hits home, literally.

Whether it be Terra Forming,  Solar Radiation Management, GeoEngineering, Fracking or Weather Modification, the natural rhythms and cycles of planet earth have been forever changed. Since the Industrial Revolution, humankind has progressively reached a level of technology that allows for the manipulation and mindless destruction of nature as we have known it. All in the name of greed.

We have ravished the earth, raped and gouged its surface, or dug into her to mine or extract the black blood that oils the machinations of modern societies. We can microwave deep into her belly to create fissures and earthquakes or shoot these beams into the sky causing hurricanes typhoons, floods and other destructive weather patterns. The seeds of her bounty are genetically modified breaking the ancient chain of abundance that mirrors the cycles of birth, life death and rebirth.

The fires of intentionally engineered droughts wreck havoc, incinerating trees, animals, people and their homes. That first flame that rose and bloomed between two flinted stones now ignites endless wars. These plumes pouring forth from weapons, bombs, rockets, nuclear explosions and airborne chemicals are executed for one reason only, to kill. Our blessed sun no longer an ally, shines forth without its protective layers, burning, blistering, scorching. The fire in our bellies have been squelched with pharmaceutical drugs made to tamp down passion, creativity and curiosity.

The waters on our earthship have either been diminished by man-made drought or poisoned by chemical spills or nuclear contamination. The giant pines and cedars that tower above my little writing cabin are dying from a drought like no other in the last 2000 years. My body of water aches for the oceans, the sea creatures that have disappeared from my beloved beach that was once prolific and rich with scarlet starfish, chartreuse anemones and swaying seaweeds. The dead bodies of seabirds and seals and whales litter a swath of coastline from Canada to Mexico. Fukushima. The terrible unutterable word that is all but absent from our vocabulary or media.

No longer can I write a poem about a robin's egg blue sky complete with wind currents that call in the miracle of cumulus or cirrus clouds. My skies are now criss crossed by unmarked planes spewing skeins of poison. What or whom has given permission to these few people who play God, with this, our necessary air, our health, our very breath? These aerosol sprays happen worldwide without our knowledge, approval, or any testing on flora, fauna or humans. This dance of destruction and its choreography of insanity is spinning the earth into extinction.

Still, the Autumn afternoon light leaks through the leaves in amber, persimmon, rose. A tribute to the occasional beauty of death. Slender threads of spider webs float on currents of warm air. Pale green rosettes of mullein cluster underfoot, their spear shaped petals furred with down. A grey squirrel traverses the limbs of a cedar, his tail a feathered prayer flag. Birdsong although diminished, still rings with life's wild force. I take it all in…in sadness and remembered joy, grateful for my time in this place on this earth, that is sacred, mysterious and irreplaceable.

—Melinda Field

4 Responses to The Great Braid of our Being…One Writer’s Lament on the Unraveling of the Natural World

  1. Travis says:

    Thank you for this. I had given up hope that anyone else out there was really seeing what I was seeing. Thank you again, good luck to you and to us all.

  2. bija says:

    Melinda – Beautiful and tragic! Your story captures a shared reality which few of us are able to express in words. The 'difficult practice of juggling fear and hope' has become a meditation for these challenging times, Thank You

  3. Melinda,
    How beautifully and succinctly you have captured the depth and poignancy of the world we have lost, are losing, now dwell in, and, face in the future.  Once, like most folks, I had good days and bad days.  Now, when I regard nature, the emotional roller coaster is moment to moment.  From the joy of sharing an intimate encounter with the natural world, to the despair of remembering what is already lost and comprehending the brink we are now perched upon… the magnitude of our global situation is ever present on my mind and in my heart.  Too often I feel isolated from others who share these realizations… so many prefer not to know of the global catastrophes we face.  In your words can be found the comfort of knowing we, who anguish over this, are not alone in our pain and, in that knowing, there is not only comfort but also renewed strength for the task at hand.  It is much easier to march, when you know you do not march alone.  Thank you for this gift from your heart to ours…  I cried as I read it and I'm guessing you cried as you wrote it.  Funny, how sorrow and joy so often go hand in hand.
    Much Love and Respect,

  4. larwence says:

    Many of us are old enough to remember all of the things you have written in your article. It took me back to when I was young living in Northern California. Those days are disappearing way to fast. Great job on the article.

    Here in Bakersfield California today 10/27/15 again, we have been hammered all day long by the planes spraying us like insects. I work outside and today saw something very interesting. Many planes spraying at the same time, two headed North to South and on the same pattern as two other planes flying South to north spraying heavy, thick plumes. That is not the unusual part. Once the sky was checker board looking with spray I noticed no planes but the radio waves( micro waves ) HAARP or what ever it was for about half an hour, as soon as it was turned off within minutes the blue patches between the checker board pattern was all covered by the spray and resembled a natural hazy sky. But I watched since they started early this morning and I know it was all chemicals. Very clever how it works with the ELF or EHF waves. Makes me so mad that we are all being poisoned, along with every other living thing on the planet and can not do anything about it. I hope we all plan a march on the capital in the very near future. We need lots of people with lots of signs. WE HAVE TO DO SOMETHING! I for one am ready anytime we can get something together.

    Thank you to Dane, and everyone reading this!!!

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