The Oceans Are Dying And Governments Of No Conscience


Source: The Liberty Beacon, article by Roger Landry

Fukushima radiation, Navy exercises using depleted uranium ammunition, Geo-engineering, state sized garbage islands, continuous toxic dumping, etc… The oceans are dying off in ever increasing catastrophes, including the massive die-off of ocean plankton (produces over 60% of total global oxygen).

This planet is in serious trouble, but even more so humanity, because over many millennia the oceans will possibly heal themselves … BUT when the oceans die … So Does Humanity.

Yet where are the government alarm bells? Where is the massive push for research and solutions? Aren’t we a nation used to doing the impossible such as putting a man on the moon, defeating communism, splitting the atom etc…? But here we are facing an ever increasing, VERY REAL, threat to ALL life on this planet and we are stuck in neutral!

The Dying Oceans

Could this inaction by corrupted global governments be intentional? Could there actually be those among us so evil that they perpetrate and perpetuate this scenario? Do you have a better answer for the almost total inaction to this catastrophic reality?

Here is a Blatant example of government complicity, corruption or sheer ineptitude (I don’t really believe the last one) …

Our governments reaction to ever increasing levels of radiation in the pacific sea life we eat … is to increase, by a large percentage, the allowable (legal) level of radiation in the food we put on our, and our children’s, dinner table (with no announcement or fanfare). Wait, wasn’t there a very valid health reason for setting the original limits? This is pure unadulterated Madness!

Fukushima Update -The largest mass die-offs of Sea Life ever recorded” now underway on West Coast

Plankton, sea lions, seals, starfish, anchovies and a massive amount of all large fish or mammals including Porpoise and Wales (which are Sentient Species) … these are but a few of the continuing die-offs we can see with our own eyes, with no information required from our criminally inactive governments.

Inaction is the recipe for the utter collapse of the biosphere and thus humanity, and we are watching this unfold, in an accelerating fashion, right before our very eyes!

Our Oceans Are Dying ~ 90% of Big Fish Are GONE ~ What Are WE Doing?

There is no place to run or hide from this, try as you may. Our only recourse is to wake up to this blight and force our complicit governments into action, or bequeath a dying or dead planet to our children …


Just do any research … PLEASE … and you will find ongoing catastrophic events continuing to unfold, and not in the shadows, but right under our noses.

With all the information that is available to you, as well as what The Liberty Beacon project has already presented to you, if you chose to say, or do nothing … how can you look your doomed children or grandchildren in the eyes and tell them …

Source: The Liberty Beacon, article by Roger Landry

13 Responses to The Oceans Are Dying And Governments Of No Conscience

  1. Chad says:

    I would rather die a free man than a slave any day!!! Ayeee!!!stand up and be American folks!

  2. Frank says:

    We are a species of mammels, which has over extended the capacity of its environment, and this is leading to a massive population die off. 

    This cycle of population boom followed by population die off is well documented in many species, and should come as no surprise to those with open eyes and even a modicum of common sense.


  3. Rick L. says:

    You know I have another tragic thing to add to all this damage man has done to this earth. From 1946 to 1970 our military has dumped 47k+ barrels of low level radio active waste into the ocean off the west coast of our country in the area of the Farallon Island (just off the coast of San Francisco). Those metal drums have long since rusted away and that waste has been seeping into that fishing area and consumed by unsuspecting fish eaters for quite some time. You know I also might mention that huge, huge Pacific Gyre swirling around totally filled with debri from disrespectful freighter captains and careless humans dumping whatever they see fit to throw overboard or just directly from the shore. Some of which is consumed by many fish. I've always suspected that the deep water currents from the Gulf of Mexico were carrying sludge up along the Atlantic coast of our country and this confirms it. I don't know, things aren't looking too good for this earth today and the immensity of it all combined, I just don't see how this can be reversed any time soon. I sometime wonder with all this spraying, what else may be hidden or in play and this spraying is just a diversion. It just doesn't make sense to me that the ones that are behind it would include themselves to the side effects unless they have an anecdote for themselves. If they exterminate us, who's going to do their work for them? What really amazes me is that so many people can be so oblivious of it all. This earth is in a hell of a mess today and the madness of this experimental technology will end it all.

    (Hmmmmm what is the URL for this site, as I can not get my Avatar put up here?) Help Please.

  4. jan says:

    It's funny you should mention women bringing children into the world.  I made a decision long ago that I would REFUSE to bring any new life into the world until we as a species had come to respect all of the life that is already here.  Being childless did not, however, do a damned thing to stop those in power from doing whatever they want.  You see, women own only 2% of property in the world.  This is what really prevents us from being effective:  we have been ravaged economically from the very beginning of time, it would seem!

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    It's sometimes a good thing to be removed from our feelings, just for a while.  All this heartbreak strikes home in short order, nevertheless.  When it comes to the animals, I'm pushed over the edge.  Can I take that reporter's microphone and toss it, please.  The little sea lion behind her was like, "Is there any possibility of help here?"

    We have a responsibility to contribute, since we cannot UNknow what we know. 

    Love to all who pass by this way.  Be brave and keep living in spite of Heartbreak. 

    So the government was trying to cover up the Gulf spill before there was a spill?  I'm doubtful.  The spill was probably going on before we were told.  What ever was being used clearly made the problem much worse by covering it up and suffocating the sea bed, the chemicals killing and mutating sea life.

    As I've been saying in comments around the web, this is a Scorched Earth Policy by the powerful elite, oil companies, and owners of the money to carry on their glutinous behavior until the collapse, which will surely come.  It is happening even now, in sporadic yet devastating die offs.  Even our decaying infrastructure is evidence of collapse.  Of course there is no news.  They want us distracted by phones and entertainment.  Even the government in Washington DC I call the "entertainment government".  That's their job.

    Considering every big and bad occurrence, almost too overwhelming to take in, how should we spend our time left? We need to not despair, somehow, and love our family and friends, treat everyone as kindly as possible, and share what we have.  Will it help?  I don't know, but it cannot possibly  make things any worse.





  6. Mike says:

    You are so right Carol,then when they die in the bunkers they can then burn in hell for eternity.

    Great day so far in Los Angeles,rained yesterday and perfectly blue skies with no signs of SAG,yet.Air feels crisp and clean for a change.Wont last long that is for certain.

  7. maciej kocialkowski says:

    i hate to say this, but ultimately the species that is so careless about their own host (our planet), deserves to be wiped out. it is not easy for me to say this, because i am by nature an optimist and a happy person, but what other conclusion can one arrive at? for a long time i have been in doubt if it comes to my fellow humans and their disastrous actions, but now looks like walls are really closing in. what is even more frightening is fact that even in a face of near term extinction and visible with bare eyes consequences, there is virtually no response from public at large. having stated that, how can one place any value at this kind of behavior and the species which exhibits it. the saddest and most unfortunate part of it all is fact, that those of us who do care and members of other species on earth bearing no responsibility to disaster brought on them, will be taken along with those who caused it.

  8. Tina says:

    Psychopathic lawmakers are devoid of empathy and conscience. Their focus on power and greed takes precedence over the well-being of the people. There is a neurological propensity for contrariness, lying pathologically, and being self-serving at the detriment to others.

    Psychopathy is a lack of conscience – a neurological impairment of the amygdala, orbital frontal cortex, all of cingulate cortex, parahippocampal area, and insula.

    Psychopath Test Politicians http://petition.NoPsycho.Org

  9. Cori Gunnells says:

    Roger Landry, thank you for this article and it's message. 


    "We're out of time" is a phrase I find myself saying over and over to people. I fully mean it every time, because I can see it's true. It's beyond a motivational phrase, or exaggeration. The condition of the ocean is another dire one – so monumental in scope. Humans… we are the ones who did this. Making the decision to do the best we can allows us to look anyone in the eye, even if there are tears in it. 

  10. Linda says:

    So true Carol!!!

  11. carol freiberg says:

    I suspect the perpetrators know there won't be any grandchildren to  be concerned with if they are successful with their genocidal programs.Once the culling is complete I hope they enjoy their underground bunkers for eternity.Can you imagine a bunch of underground bunkers full of the same psychos who ruined the planet? Eventually they will turn on each other because they are psychos!

    • Milla says:

      They're the mineshaft/meinschaft people from Dr. Strangelove.

      Disgusting, impotent men. Women, why haven't you said a thing as women? People who bring life into the world so that men can kill them act like children and sows.

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