US Court Decides Falsifying News Is Not Against The Law


If you cannot believe a US appeals court would rule that falsifying news is not illegal, just ask Fox News about the facts in this case. The 10 minute video below is very revealing in regard to just how completely corrupted our so called "news" sources are. Mainstream media is simply a tool of the power structure, by the power structure, and for the power structure. Those who use corporate media for their information are either extremely ignorant, not interested in the truth, or both. Unfortunately, this is the case for a very high percentage of populations around the globe. Ignorance will not be bliss for much longer as the walls close in on us all. We should all confidently make the attempt to wake those around us, our lives and our future depend on it.
Dane Wigington


15 Responses to US Court Decides Falsifying News Is Not Against The Law

  1. Pat grimm says:

    Thank God for Jon Stewart for calling out Brian Williams for lying.

    Finally, he said, someone in journalism is being held accountable

  2. jim says:

    Can you imagine if news creators could be prosecuted for falsifying the news? It would put them at risk for being prosecuted for their roles in promoting false flag ops like Sandy Hook! No wonder the government gave them some latitude with the truth, they are all playing the same game against us. Time to wake up people, and bring the globalist down!!

  3. Earth Angel says:

    Yes, Just look at NBC news anchor Brian Williams caught in a lie about being hit by artillery while flying in a plane (or helicopter, I can’t remember which) while on location for a story. No telling what else he’s lied about over the years, and all the others too. The good thing about this is hopefully those watching and BELIEVING the mainstream news come to finally question what they are hearing! Perhaps now Brian has really done us all a good service. 🙂

  4. Elle says:

    If you are interested in speaking out about the ongoing geoengineering programs, please click below for a letter that can be sent to elected officials and representatives in USA. Thanks!!✌️!106&authkey=!AOBPWIMSMewJXrY

  5. bija says:

    Irene…I want to add my encouragement to your efforts to wake people up. I have been where you are many times and sometimes just have to take a break to get back in touch with my commitment to this issue. While on “break”, I gravitate toward the more spiritual side of combatting theses troubling issues. I look at where my own life may be out of balance and how I can raise my own vibration. I try to take super care of myself through detoxing and listening to and researching health supplements and practitioners who give us hope. YouTube has so much to offer by way of Solfeggio frequencies and Rife frequencies, for example. Laura Eisenhower and David Wilcock (just to mention a few) give different ways to look at what is happening on our planet. You may not agree with them, but it offers another perspective and there are so many links from there that may inspire your activism. Zen Gardener on this sight gives a compassionate, yet realistic perspective. Hang in there. You are more connected than you can know. This may not be a fight we can win, but only our lack staying in the fight will be a true defeat!

  6. Ronald Martens says:

    Carrol Sullivan there most likely are products from Monsanto in Australia. The choice of the media outlets or what we watch once we understand who owns the media. And the fact news is a worldwide collaborated effort. I was told from a friend the news is presented to you in a package. And whether you watch any of the commercial television of read news papers. They are only presenting one side. It will be good if other possible lies were exposed and one main one will be Geo Engineering. As Dane Wigington is becoming popular and well documented. Im hoping to hear the name Dane Wigington in Australia.

  7. Pamela says:

    You are correct Dane, and we need a media that tells the truth. Not an easy task. This is part of the awakening!!

  8. Jeremy says:

    Day by day, Orwell is being proven correct.

  9. Irene Parousis says:

    Thank you Andy for your encouraging words. Your comment was posted at 1:01, a sign from the Universe!

  10. Michel B says:

    The fish stinks from the head down.

    Yes, it is staggering and saddening to learn how corrupt the system is, all the corporations and the top tiers of our legal system standing in a circle pissing in our pockets, but if the consumer was just brought to awareness on the end product and he chose not to purchase it, then the house of cards would tumble.

    Simple withdrawal of support is all that is needed to render the bad guys incapable of doing what they wish to do. We have to learn to think critically and to be vigilant over whom we might be inadvertently supporting by where we put our dollars. They survive on dollars, folks. That’s all. Start buying you products from small, local, reputable and transparent producers as much as possible.

  11. Andy Butrick says:

    Irene, tire not, nor faint, THY WILL SHALL BE DONE! It is good for us to surrender to the universe, there is one song, one verse, to surrender is to allow life’s balance and energy to flow, not to give up. You are on the right track, thank you for your support, energize yourself and keep being yourself.

  12. Andy Butrick says:

    Our freedom is our choice, we as human beings have been dominated and controlled for thousands of years. It is our choice now to live free, or be controlled by the powers that be, it is our power as Americans to correct injustice, the will of life itself is behind us, we have that choice. Make no mistake, life and balance will most certainly overcome this attack, these anti life slaves will all fail. Earth will recover and our true living soul will live forever while the greedy selfish fools will not. Feel pity on the corrupt for they pay the ultimate price.

  13. Irene Parousis says:

    We immigrated to North America when I was seven and even at that age I sensed the deceptive energy. It took forty years for me to finally figure it out. North America is the tumour of the planet, if we were to compare the planet to a our bodies and cells, as most people are psychopaths (Greek meaning for an ailing soul). Unfortunately the tumour has metastasized to most of the planet as people got brainwashed with materialism through the most addictive drug, television. I am tired and depleted of trying to awaken people, I surrender to the Universe and say THY WILL BE DONE!

  14. Andy Butrick says:

    Falsifying News is not a crime? Is there any justice in our judicial system? Is Chemical warfare upon a governments own people a crime against humanity? I guess it surely is, just not here in the free world of the United States of America.

  15. Carrol Sullivan says:

    Hi Dane would this be happening to the milk in Australia also. Also is coconut and almond milk safe?

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