Our War Against Nature Is A War Against Ourselves


Richard Williams (better known as Prince Ea), is a rapper and activist that has done a great deal to expose reality for the sake of the common good. The six minute video below is exceptional and well worth the time to view. Take note of the aerosol sprayed skies in the background of this video, this is the elephant in the room that overshadows ALL other environmental issues. Though the message from Prince Ea is extremely important, we should all reach out to Prince and the foundations he represents to inform them that they are omitting the single most environmentally destructive factor of all, global climate engineering. Richard has a massive following, he would be an extremely important ally in the battle to expose and halt climate engineering if we could wake him up to this issue. His contact is HERE , I hope all will take the time to pen an articulate and sincere message to Richard about the ongoing geoengineering nightmare in our skies. Let's all keep sounding the alarm.
Dane Wigington



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  1. Janet Knight says:

    So much talent and beautifully presented.  Although I though you could of explained the Chemtrails in the sky.  The world is being saturated with chemicals, the BEES are dying our weather is being manipulated!!

  2. Christina Parousis says:

    Love Prince Ea, he always hits the nail on the head. I believe he is very informed and it is possible that he has noticed the spraying, I really do hope he tries to shed light on this issue.  Dane, just wondering if you've had any contact with climate activist Naomi Klein? She has discussed ocean fertilization and also SRM, but not sure if she has openly said that the spraying is actually going on. Naomi attends the People's Climate Marches. Curious if you've talked to her regarding these programs.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Christina, I have not been able to reach Naomi. Though I hope that Naomi will one day speak out about climate engineering, I have seen no sign of this. So many in the environmental community are almost impossible to reach, I hope I am wrong in her case. Many are generally comfortable with their various environmental projects and don’t truly want to face what most matters.

    • Christina Parousis says:

      Thanks for letting me know Dane, I think you are correct. Naomi seems to choose her words carefully on the subject of SRM. Will try reaching out to her again.

  3. Ana says:

    I wonder why human´s nature  is to let things die first or to let things happen first and then to look at the past with tears in their eyes? Why?

    Why scientist Guy Macpherson thinks that is too late? is really to late ? tomorrow ,next year or next decade (if there will be any next decade) will be much later or will be the real  probably  doomed  "too late" speech that he has been talking about (or he knows something more ?)…and our sons are going to ask us why we didn´t do anything today (when we still had some trees,some clean water ,some extinct species,some brethable air ,some natural  things and  health  etc .) ? How can we say too late if we are not trying anything (we still exactly  in the same  path)or working hard enough to save the planet? …Seems that those on Power are puting all their hopes on Mars and in the next expedition to Mars in 2025 if i´m not mistaken about the date  …Many People and those in Power are all crazy ! they are the real "tin foil hats wearing nutcases" … 

    What´s going on with people that can´t see things happening in front of their eyes of so distracted that they are with the artificial rules and lives given by the System created by  those in Power  …Are they Gods ? Do we have to submit to their rules forever till we get extinct?

    I think this video has a good message and the geoengeneering message is also there  even if he didn´t or couldn´t talk about it .The big elephant in the room "hiden" from us right in front of our eyes!(maybe the geoengeneered sky was not there in the video just by coincidence,so the geoengeneering  message is there too!)

    Dane ,for you is never too late if we still here breathing and having a brain to think and a chance to try to change things ,maybe tomorrow there´s no chance but today is today so we can´t say is too late  today cause that is to accept the killing we are doing to the planet and just hope to die soon..But are we really like that! i don´t think so ,i just think that many people just  doesn´t have the clue how dire the situation is and are expecting our governments to take a rabbit from the hat! (a miracle)…or they simply don´t care about the future to others to live as long as they already lived their lives.




  4. Michelle says:

    The chemtrails were the very first thing I noticed in the video's thumbnail. Perhaps this will be a good opportunity to bring it to light with all those that will be watching this video.

  5. Comment I posted at http://elevate.us/this-poet-just-broke-facebook/

    Climate chaos includes Geo-engineering And The Dying Of The Trees https://youtu.be/HRh2q-SFYF0

  6. jilly says:

    …i saw this video this afternoon…it made me weep,so poigniant…i then posted it to my time line on fb,because,day after day after day,i repost your information Dane,and other related geo engineering stuff,that nobody will make any comment on…(loads of response to either prancing horses,or fluffy kitty/puppy vid tho)…and i captioned it"this is what im trying to say…" the rap is perfect,and really touches the point of the damage we are letting happen.Another thought came to me about what to do to raise awareness,and who also could help,and it occoured to me that if somewhere,there was an aware human rights lawyer in the world,surely with all the scientific evidence,public proofs and support,this geo engineering deceit could be taken to court as a violation of human rights??….thanks again for all you do to give us the tools.will also write the letter.best wishes,jilly.

  7. anotherAnon says:

    That is a powerful message he has there. It would be great if we could get him to speak on the subject of climate engineering. I began sending messages to popular YouTube channels… sounds crazy, but when someone can make a video that millions view, then it's worth a few minutes of trying to reach out while we still can and maybe find the right person that will help sound the alarm because right now and in the end, we're all in this together whether we like it or not.

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