Was HAARP A Factor In The Fukushima Earthquake?

Compelling evidence exists in regard to the potential use of the global ionosphere heater installations to trigger the devastating Japanese earthquake of 2011. For many, the notion that this kind of power is even possible is beyond what they are willing to believe. Having done substantial research on this issue myself, I would caution against a face value rejection of the potential ionosphere heater involvement in the quake as available data makes clear it's entirely possible if not completely likely. Transmitting 3,500,000,000 watts of ELF power into the planet in a sysmically sensitive zone can have catastrophic effects, available science makes this clear for those that are willing to do the research. Even internationally recognized institution like MIT and their publication "Technology Review" has acknowledged unexplainable atmospheric anomalies right above the quake epicenter just prior to the quake. All of us must challenge our perception of reality when there is compelling enough data to justify it. I wish to mention the following occurrence just for the record. I am certainly not saying this occurrence proves anything, I am simply saying it is a fact, it happened.  I was called by an individual living at sea level on the California coast on Tuesday, March 8, 2011. This person asked me if I was aware of any predicted tsunami in the coming days that could affect her. She stated that she had a call from a relative in US Army intelligence that told her to be away from the coast on Friday (March 11, 2011) as she could be in danger. She knew I was involved with research relating to global climate modification which included the global ionosphere heater facilities. She also knew a bit about the potential for these facilities to trigger seismic activity. All this being said, I did not consider her question a concern, I have heard a lot of things from a lot of people. I was completely shocked to wake up Friday morning, March 11 and find out about the Japanese quake and the tsunami warning for the California coast. I will end with this, the military industrial complex is clearly totally out of control and putting all life on Earth at risk. We must all hold off on coming to conclusions on anything until we have actually examined the facts. If the facts dictate challenging and radical conclusions, we must be willing to look with open eyes.


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  1. mi says:

    Somebody hates humanity so much and wants it destroyed. Vigilance and courage is needed.  Leave your peace. The media bubble locks us into a false reality. Sites like this offers the beginning of hope. To control the weather we need more trees to lock in carbon and use the wood of trees to lock and insulate. We need solar powered desalination plants to make water to eliminate desert. We need powerful mobile water pumps to shift floodwater elsewhere for irrigation or controlled release to make electric.We need these panzers. We need the military industrial complex to put their shoulder here. Indeed we need them to make teams of real thunderbirds. These will be the new armies as we counteract climate change. Note: be vigilant and have courage plus leave your peace.

  2. Al says:

    These are insane scientists, demential science. this world is going to end badly

  3. Mike Needs To Save People says:

    If this was engineered those responsible will pay dearly. I may actually 

    have a way to make that happen. People simply need to be made aware of this and have a celeb tell them so it sticks. I think I can swing that. Lets try to out this shit for good. 

  4. John Cook says:

    @Marc – Rest assured my friend, times are desperate but never before in our history have so many people known about it.
    It’s ALL a lie, and the Internet is outing it. It may be too late but we WILL remember and not do it again.

  5. Petesfarm says:

    Why was the X-38B spy plane parked in orbit right over japan as the HAARP induced quake went off-the tidal wave was caused by nukes in the off shore trench by Israeli subs

  6. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    lu, I watched the video you posted. OMG it scared me to death! Even though I’ve watched and read plenty of similar things. All this stuff is just getting too real.

    • Skip says:

      Maniacs are at play what do we all expect? These sites need to be shut down they are playing with Elements they do not understand? Insanity as insane as nuking the Moon Thank god for Van Allen Belt no knowing what these psychos would do out in space?

    • Yoshirou Kanagawa says:

      On CNN they said there already was a U.S Carrier of the coast of Fukushima right before the quake, with 1600 tons of humanitarian supplies…not weapons or planes! …you aren't crazy, you are on to something!. I also found this generator which melted down, was the "sister" copy of the MK1 boiler generator in Pennsylvania, in 1974 which melted down…same freaking valve malfunction! This is not normal for us Japanese to allow…. Something was going on.

  7. munchow1980@hotmail.com says:

    Can you look for data for the Banda Ache earthquake, I believe it was test number 1…

  8. Marc says:

    In a world where the elite, covert government/military scientists are the beneficiaries of unlimited, untraceable black budget money, I am reminded of the “mad scientist” stereotype we are all familiar with from cartoons and movies. Indeed, it would appear that the stereotype is manifesting everywhere: scientists literally “mad” or perhaps “intoxicated” from the immense power afforded them as a direct result of their ingenuity. The HAARP program represents, to me, science run so completely amok inside it’s own sphere, that the average citizen can’t even begin to fathom the magnitude of the energies they are throwing around. And so it is with a vast array of scientific development: the public at large remains either utterly clueless, perplexed, or even deceived. Hence the syndrome of “elitism” that most assuredly exists within the covert, cutting-edge military/science structures: WE are the helpless masses, the sheeple, while THEY wield unlimited power.
    This short piece about HAARP cause deep anguish within me. If the elites really wield such powers, what can we expect from them in the coming weeks and months? Surely the mad scientists and their co-conspirators have mores aces up their sleeves.
    I take some comfort (not much) in the realization that this too shall pass. In the infinitely long trajectory of history the evil minds behind all this devastation will meet their end someday. Centuries will pass, millenniums, too. The living earth will recover but on a time scale we can barely comprehend. As for NOW, I am prepared to keep spreading the word about geoengineering until my days are at an end.

  9. lu says:

    More and more seems to be coming out now. Listen to this!

  10. bija says:

    Thank you for bringing this data to light. Although I don’t have the background to fully understand the technology in play. I am, however, curious and astute enough to question the reckless actions of geoengineering and HAARP and their blatant disregard for all life on this planet. I believe what I see and discover through credible sources. Unfortunately, the majority of our human population seem to be “comfortably numb” and unlikely to look up or wake up until there is no escape from the ultimate agenda of these criminals. It is all so convoluted and diabolical, from GMOs to climate engineering to vaccines to false flag events and global economic collapse (to name the most obvious). Must we lose all humanity and possibly our planet because we are too lazy to unite against obvious evil. I am left scratching my head in disbelief as my own core of spiritually minded, well educated and well-intentioned friends and colleagues refuse to take a stand. I recently had someone tell me that they know all about what is going on, but it is too depressing to be thinking about it or be the bearer of bad news. Instead it is better to share happiness and positivity because we are eternal beings and earth is just a testing ground that will always exist in some form. I think this is akin to fiddling while Rome burns. Perhaps recent interest shows we are slowly waking up. Perhaps we will be too late. I agree with Dane when he says Time Is Not On Our Side. But doing nothing is not an option. It is its own kind of joy to join with like-minded, caring beings who are not afraid to face down the naked emperor. Absolutely everything is on the line!

  11. Denise Willey says:

    I simply don’t have the education to understand all your data and though it seems so far out so does everything else that is happening in our world these days. A year or so ago I didn’t believe in geoengineering but then I started watching the sky and seeing the chemtrails and noticing the trees dying and the illness people experienced when chemtrails were present. Please keep trying to explain these things to us even those of us who only comprehend the most simple explanations. Thank you!

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