Why Are They Spraying? Answers From An Insider


The interview transcript  below is not new, though few have seen it. I first found and read it over a decade ago, but have waited until now to post it. Though there is, of course, no possible way to confirm the authenticity of the interview, the data is complex, articulate, and scientifically accurate in regard to specific verifiable points mentioned. This being said, we must also consider that this is the view of an insider. One that has accepted the rational of the spraying. There is an epidemic of big picture blindness that is rampant in the circles of government scientists. They are all "compartmentalized", they carry out their work in a bubble. I have previously recorded my communications with another geoengineering insider, part 1 and part 2. In these conversations, the rationalization of those involved with the spraying programs is all too evident. Their lack of knowledge regarding the overall consequences of the programs they have helped to orchestrate is also shockingly obvious.


They have all been trained to believe that it is not only man's right to interfere with nature, but his duty. It is this kind of thinking that has put us on the current course of mathematically certain near term extinction. We must change directions, beginning with fully exposing and halting the climate engineering insanity. The use of polymer fibers is one of the first issues addressed in the interview below. The recent rash of filament fallout incidents from the atmospheric spraying is of considerable concern. Webs have been utilized for biological experimentation going back as far as the 1960s. The insider either does not know about this fact or is unwilling to discuss it. There is a great deal of information presented in this interview transcript, but again, it is from an insider's perspective based on the information and conclusions he was given by the power structure he served. Speaking out about such programs is a lethal violation. Those who break their silence will be dealt with in the harshest imaginable fashion by agencies like the CIA and Homeland Security. Converging Catastrophes are closing in on us all. Who will continue to hide in the shadows? To restate for the record, though the scientist in the interview below has chosen to believe that the climate engineering insanity is for the overall greater good, front line data completely refutes any such conclusion. Geoengineering operations are further fueling the biosphere implosion, not mitigating it.  All are needed to stand and make their voice heard for the greater good. What will you do?
Dane Wigington

Source: Holmestead.ca

"I received word early today that "Deep Shield" had committed suicide late last Sunday afternoon at his home in the Emeryville/Berkeley/Oakland area of California.
The method used was to run a hose from his car's exhaust pipe into the closed car in his garage.  His wife found his body and she says that there was no suicide note.
However her late husband's behavior and mood for the past month had been extremely agitated and dark.
The police are not pursuing this as a homicide because it is, in their mind, a clear and cut case of suicide.  There will be the usual inquest/autopsy and most likely a very quiet funeral due to the nature of the death.
Our most sincere condolences are offered to his family.

Some may be wondering if further information will be forthcoming but at this time out of respect for the family there will be no name or credentials given.  Perhaps at a future date his widow will be asked if more information should be revealed – it will be her decision. The individual featured appears to have an "inside track" on the chemtrail spraying programme.  There was an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to the aerial spraying and the "insider" then answered the questions.
I am aware of the insider's place of employment and the facts presented conform with the type of activities that are carried out there.
The responses have the tone of someone with detailed inside knowledge but for reasons of confidentiality it is unsigned. 

Points To Ponder: The Shield Project

Here we quote the communication from "Deep Shield":
Having read your email, I must say that you are full of questions. These questions I would dismiss immediately as being the frustrated attempts of fringe groups to bring a halt to the project, however these reports of biological material being part of the spray should be addressed. Therefore I will give as much attention to all of your questions as possible.

What purpose do polymer threads imbedded with biological material serve in this scenario?

Polymers are part of the mixture and they do form in threads and in `tufts'. The idea is simple and comes to us from the spider. As you may know spider webbing is very light, some newborn spiders spin a `parachute' to catch the prevailing breeze to travel far from their place of birth. Spiders have been able to attain high altitudes and travel great distances for long periods of time. Most of the elements used in the spray are heavier than air, even in their powdered form they are heavier and will sink quickly. Mixing them with the polymers suspends the particles in the atmosphere high above the surface for longer periods of time, therefore in theory we do not need to spray as often or as much material. Since the suspended particles eventually do settle into the lowest part of the atmosphere and are inhaled by all life forms on the surface there is an attempt to counter the growth of mold by adding to the mixture mold growth suppressants – some of which may be of biological material.
Mold comes in spores that travel on the winds; the polymers can attract mold spores through static charges created by the friction of the polymer threads and the atmosphere. Add a bit of warmth and moisture and mold begins to grow. The polymer is stored in a liquid form as two separate chemicals. When sprayed they combine behind the plane `spinning' long polymer chains (threads). Much tinkering has been done which the chemical matrix in past years. Many polymers (plastics) are non-biodegradable thus add to the problem of pollution. Various formula have been used, some which even use biological agents. It would be great if we could reproduce the same web material that spiders make, it is extremely strong, extremely lightweight and breaks down relatively fast in the ecology.

If this spraying is to mitigate global warming, why does so much of it take place at night?

Though it would appear that the dispersal rate of the spray is fast, it is actually takes much longer to be an effective shield. There is a desired concentration being sought. One that is thick enough to stem the UV and the Infrared, while being thin enough to allow visible light through. A perpetual cloud cover would have disastrous effects on plant life; the food chain thus disrupted would soon collapse. The desired effect wanted is a thin cover that would theoretically create a daytime haze that allows plenty of sunlight while providing protection. From UV radiation and also reflect enough infrared to maintain nominal temperatures.
The optimal condition is to use the least amount of material to provide the maximum amount of shielding. Ideally that would be a one-time application which would stay suspended for years, however, as noted, barium and aluminum and other trace elements are far heavier than air and they sink rather rapidly. The different temperatures between day and night causes massive volumes of air to rise during the night, the warm air trapped at the surface rises above the cooling air above. By strategically spraying in certain areas at night, we get the advantage of the rising air, which not only pushes the material higher, but also causes the material to disperse into a thin layer.
I would suggest studying on the subject of weather, namely highs and lows and how air moves to fully understand the times of spraying. I note, it is not just global warming we are combating here, we are also combating UV Summer. Global warming could effectively be treated by applications during the night, when the warm air rises. However the UV needs to be treated during the day. This is why on some days one finds that more spraying is done during the day. The UV indexes are monitored constantly for local areas. If the problem were simply cooling the earth, rockets would have been used to suspend particles in the high atmosphere. However the delicate nature of the Ozone Layer precludes this method of shielding. More on this in the answer to Question 6.

What other military programs are in place involving the spraying of barium and what are their purposes? Do you know and understand the chemical make up of the element?

A little knowledge will go a long way to understanding the need to use barium: Barium is often used in barium-nickel alloys for spark-plug electrodes and in vacuum tubes as a drying and oxygen-removing agent. Barium oxidizes in air, and it reacts vigorously with water to form the hydroxide, liberating hydrogen. In moist air it may spontaneously ignite. It burns in air to form the peroxide, which produces hydrogen peroxide when treated with water. Barium reacts with almost all of the nonmetals; all of its water-soluble and acid-soluble compounds are poisonous. Barium carbonate is used in glass, as a pottery glaze, and as a rat poison. Chrome yellow (barium chromate) is used as a paint pigment and in safety matches. The chlorate and nitrate are used in pyrotechnics to provide a green color. Barium oxide strongly absorbs carbon dioxide and water; it is used as a drying agent. Barium chloride is used in medicinal preparations and as a water softener. Barium sulfide phosphoresces after exposure to light; it is sometimes used as a paint pigment. Barite, the sulfate ore, has many industrial uses. Because barium sulfate is virtually insoluble in water and acids, it can be used to coat the alimentary tract to increase the contrast for X-ray photography without being absorbed by the body and poisoning the subject.
Note what Barium Oxide can do, absorb carbon dioxide – one of the chief gasses causing the green house effect. In my answer to Question 4 I will discuss the need to carry a current in the shield. I would like to point out that barium and aluminum work together to diffuse and strengthen an electrical charge. Somewhat like the current produced when acid is introduced between two dissimilar metals, such as iron and copper. There are military applications for everything you can think of, can not a butter knife be used as a weapon? The same concept holds true here.

What is the connection between ELF, EMF, VLF and Chemtrails spraying? Or is there one?

To understand the use of radio waves in the shield, one first understands how ozone is created. I cannot stress to you how dire the situation really is. The shield in place is only a partial solution; we must counter the depletion of the ozone- this means we must make ozone in the stratosphere. Ozone at ground levels does no good; indeed, ozone pollution at ground levels it what is used to determine the air quality. Higher levels of ground level ozone mean that air quality is bad. Pure ozone is an unstable, faintly bluish gas with a characteristic fresh, penetrating odor. The gas has a density of 2.144 grams per liter at standard temperature and pressure. Below its boiling point (-112?) ozone is a dark blue liquid; below its melting point (-193?) it is a blue-black crystalline solid. Ozone is triatomic oxygen, O3, and has a molecular weight of 47.9982 atomic mass units (amu). It is the most chemically active form of oxygen. It is formed in the ozone layer of the stratosphere by the action of solar ultraviolet light on oxygen. Although it is present in this layer only to an extent of about 10 parts per million, ozone is important because its formation prevents most ultraviolet and other high-energy radiation, which is harmful to life, from penetrating to the earth's surface. Ultraviolet light is absorbed when its strikes an ozone molecule; the molecule is split into atomic and diatomic oxygen: 03+ ultraviolet light ->0+02. Later, in the presence of a catalyst, the atomic and diatomic oxygen reunite to form ozone.
Ozone is also formed when an electric discharge passes through air; for example, it is formed by lightning and by some electric motors and generators. Ozone is produced commercially by passing dry air between two concentric-tube or plate electrodes connected to an alternating high voltage; this is called the silent electric discharge method. Since UV radiation is the problem, we can not use UV to produce more stratospheric ozone. Another method must be found. The shield acts like one plate of the electrode, when tickled with certain radio waves; it produces an opposite charge to stratospheric layers producing low atmosphere to stratosphere lightening. Creating ozone where it is needed.

If this is being done for the reasons you say, then why are other chemicals being used, why are different sprays being used?
Correcting the ecological damage that mankind has done has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We are relatively new to this notion of terraforming on a real scale. That is what we are doing, Terraforming. We are trying to recreate the ideal life-sustaining conditions on a dying planet. We have never done this before, not intentionally. We are testing and trying different methods. Granted, if we do nothing 89% of all species will go extinct and humanity stands a high chance of not surviving through two more generations (or less). However the idea of 2 billion casualties death and permanent injury is not easy to swallow either.
Several attempts to improve the application of Shielding material and getting the most out of each application are taking place all the time. The combined resources of the nations of earth are not enough to allow constant spraying. Though we have achieved a high level of technology, there is a great surface area that needs to be covered nearly daily. Large sections of ocean are all but ignored; the remaining land masses are more than what can be covered effectively. The Shield would work best if it was a single thin layer without interruption, however due to the movement of air, weather patterns and the sad fact that we do not have the means to place ample amounts of material at the same level at the same time we are getting a small fraction of the effectiveness from our applications.

Why is spraying found before storm fronts? Is it to cause drought?
Before a storm there is a front, the front clears the air before a storm, pushing particulate matter ahead of it, leaving a space relatively clear of particulate matter. UV radiation levels rise in these areas, sometimes to dangerous levels. The shield must be maintained. Since barium absorbs water as well as carbon dioxide, precipitation has been affected. Other kinds of sprays are in development and testing which may reduce the affects on precipitation. As I stated above, this is a new technology we are working with, it is still in its infancy and there are some problems with it.

What about the reports of sickness after spraying?
There are several causatives for this. Some people are more sensitive to metals, whiles others are sensitive to the polymer chemicals. As stated in a previous email, people will get sick, and some will die. It is estimated that 2 billion worldwide will be affected to some degree by the spraying. Without spraying we have a 90% + chance of becoming extinct as a species with in the next 20 years.

What is the relationship between these spraying programs and One World Order?
Personally I am against the move for globalization, and yes, there is potential to use the Shield to speed up the process of globalization, there are several countries that are involved in this project: European Union Nations, USA and Russia are the largest contributors to the project, many of the allied nations and UN Members participate to one extent or another. The material (chemical spray as you may call it) comes from all of these nations.
To insure that the chemicals are not tampered with, they are mixed and sprayed over random nations. This means that chemicals produced in the USA has a good chance of being sprayed over Russia, England and the USA. This random spray of material means that no nation would be certain that their chemicals will be sprayed over a nation which they have issues with. Russian planes may be seen in USA skies, but so too will USA planes be seen in Russian skies. The canisters used are sealed in a third nation that has no idea where its canister is going. Participating nations have their observers at every station where canister loading is done. All of this to insure that the shield is not used as a weapon. To further insure that the shield is not used as a weapon, non participant nations are sprayed by participants who must spray in order to get enough material to maintain their nations shield. It is understood that not spraying is as much a military offense as shooting at them.
Without the shield, UV poisoning would cause great death. The threat is a common one, which has brought nations together in defense. The natural outcome of having a common enemy is to strengthen international ties – a step toward globalization.

Is the Spraying related to terrorism?
Yes and no. Recent terrorist activity can be traced to resistance groups who feel that we should not interfere with the natural order of things. As you know, there are many rumors out there as to what the Shield Program is. Some believe that this is a population reduction scheme, designed to kill off 'undesirable' peoples. While others hold that this is a mind control program. There are many theories which have sinister plots in them these are propagated by the resistance groups in an attempt to stop the shield regardless of the consequences.
The same delivery method could be used for biological and chemical warfare. It could also be used to inoculate large populations, the effectiveness of these uses are low, there are better methods that can be used. As a means to fight terrorism it is ineffectual, it is far easier to inoculate a population individually and would insure full inoculation against germ warfare.

Why all the secrecy?
Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years. Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed. People would panic. There would be economic collapse, the production and movement of goods would collapse. Millions would die in all cities on earth, riots and violence would reduce civilian centers to rubble within days. Half of the population in dense metropolitan areas would try to leave the cities seeking 'safety' in the rural areas thinking that they would be safe. Those left behind in the cities would be at war with their neighbors, fighting for the remaining supplies. We would be telling the world that the world is coming to an end, and even with the Shield the chances of survival are small.
UV Summer and Global Warming are the immediate problems we face, there are far greater problems that are raising their ugly heads and will present new problems which in some cases have no viable solutions at this time. Ecologies are collapsing. The extinction rate of species is climbing. The amount of chemical pollutants in the water and soil are fast approaching and in many places has surpassed the earth's ability to heal itself. Crop failure is on the rise, even in the USA the returns on crops are smaller than they were 10 years ago. Even with the advances in genetically altered food crops, we are falling behind in our ability to produce enough to go around. Throughout the 20th century chemical fertilizers and pesticides were used to insure the best yields. Unfortunately many of these have contaminated ground water, killed beneficial insects along with the undesirable insects. These chemicals have gotten into the food chain and are affected other species besides mankind. It is only a matter of years before famine spreads like a cancer throughout the world.
Clean fresh water is in short supply, in many places well water is non-potable, containing the run off of pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers that have been used on crops and lawns. The water treatment facilities we have are unable to scrub out all of the toxins we have placed in the soil and water supply. Many of the toxins we find build up over time in the body, a long slow poisoning which has been making its presence felt in many areas of the world in the form of cancers, leukemia, sterility, birth defects, learning disorders, immune deficiency problems, etc. These are on the rise, any good researcher can find the records. For decades there was public outcry for the end to pollution. For every small step we made to clean up our production, millions where born who added to the problem. Yes, pollution is down per individual, however there are a couple more billion individuals producing pollution, thus the real numbers have an increase in over all pollution produced. Name a city that does not have problems with smog. You would be hard pressed to find one. Though smog controls on automobiles is higher than ever before, the number of autos on the road has increased thus the amount of smog producing pollutants is higher than ever before. All the clean air acts passed to curb individual factory and auto emissions did not address the production of more factories and more autos. Here an uneasy compromise was made between the need to maintain the economy against the need to maintain the ecology. The ecology lost since it was estimated to be a problem decades from now. The economy was a problem that would have dire effects today.
All of these factors combined have produced a scenario that in shorts boils down to the end of the world in 50 to 75 years. Even if we were to stop all emissions of pollution today, the inertia of past decades is enough to carry us over the brink in 100 years. However we cannot stop the production of pollution, to do so would mean shutting down every factory, every auto, every train, truck, ship and every household on the planet. Electricity is used to heat many homes in the Western World. The production of electricity produces fewer pollutants than heating all homes with wood or coal. Cutting our power generation abilities down to hydroelectric and fission reactors would leave a good chunk of the world in the dark. It is an impossible situation, our civilization is geared to the use of energy, take away our energy and civilization will collapse.

When will spraying stop?
There are several factors governing this:
A. Should the Ozone layer repair itself or our active attempts at repair reduces the amount of ground level UV to acceptable levels, spraying will stop. Present calculations place this between 2018 and 2024.
B. Should another method be found which is more effective, less costly or presents us with long-term solutions the Shield Project would be replaced.
C. When the other problems become too big to make the maintenance of the shield worth the effort. The estimated date for this is 2025 to 2050.

Since Global Warming and UV summer are the problem, why is the Government backing down on its pollution controls?
Because they are ineffectual and will cause more economic problems than they would solve ecological problems. We surpassed the threshold of Earth's ability to absorb pollutants in the 1970's. Since that time the earth's population has nearly doubled. Emerging Industrial nations have come into being, more pollutants are produced now than back then, even with the stringent controls in place. The world is heading for economic depression, more emission controls would add to the economic problems. This translates into our being unable to do anything to start solving the problems.
Unfortunately our technologies require a strong economy to advance. We need that advancement, we need the trillions of dollars spent on research that a strong economy causes. Each corporation that produces a product has a product development program in place. Many of the past products invented came by accident through other unrelated products. There is a corporate drive to find methods to clean up the ecology, to reduce emissions, etc. These goals have been in place for decades, many of the large corporations are in the know when it comes to the ecological problems we face thus they are spending a great deal of money and time on finding solutions to the problems we face. Take away the economy and their research stops.

How are you related to the Chemtrails? How do you know that this is what is happening?
I would prefer to not state who I am or how I am related to all of this. To validate what I say, would require a bit of research on your behalf. I would recommend the following subjects to look up and study:
A. Population numbers for industrial nations and the tons of pollutants produced annually. Start with 1975 and work your way up.
B. Number of emerging Industrial Nations.
C. Number of cases of Skin cancers worldwide.
D. Crop Production vs. land area dedicated to crop production. Simple math will show that more acreage is needed to produce food per individual.
E. Automobile production from 1975 to present, estimated number of autos on the road and the average emissions of later model cars produced as compared the emissions of earlier model cars. A little math will show that though individual autos produce less emissions, the amount of emissions has risen due to the number of autos on the road. Remember that many autos are the road that were built before present emission control standards. 1980 is a cut off date – anything put on the road before then produces more pollutants than autos produced today. I would include research in the number of diesel autos produced, diesel has not been under the emissions control acts.
F. Severity of storms and the number of severe storms. Also include heat waves and droughts in that research, you will find that the numbers are staggering when compared to data from 1950, 1960 and 1970.
G. Research how naturally occurring Ozone is produced in the stratosphere. Compare to how it is produced industrially.
H. Research political reforms in the past 30 years, see which political institutions have changed, which nations have joined with whom. Concentrate more on these from 1982 onward. This would include the fall of the Wall and Iron Curtain.
I. Research polymers and how they are made, look at recent research done in biological polymers, medical polymers and filaments.
J. Check out spiders and spider web and the way spiders use their different webs and threads.
K. Research clean fresh water estimates as compared to the 1970's to today – world wide.
L. Research the following medical conditions per capita: Birth Defects Cancers Leukemia Immune deficiency diseases (excluding virus borne ID illnesses such as HIV) Occurrences of Learning disabilities, including dyslexia, ADD, and over all IQ tests Sterility for both male and females world wide Instances of glaucoma and cataracts.
M. Compare the history of UV indexes from 1970 to present. You may note that it was on sharp rise until 1997-99.
N. I would strongly recommend researching the reactions of different barium and aluminum compounds and how they are used. Research how long it takes for these metals in pure form to oxidize, how they combine with nitrates, carbon monoxide carbon dioxide and fluorocarbons and hydrocarbons and water vapor.
O. Research how mold propagates, the conditions it needs to grow and just how abundant it is in the atmosphere.
If you pursue these lines of inquiry, you will see the Shield Project as it really is. At the time of the US-lead invasion of Iraq I had the opportunity to ask a few supplementary questions.  There has been no attempt to integrate these questions and answers into the previous section therefore some may appear somewhat out of logical order.
A couple of the questions have a Canadian approach.  By the way, I came up with the name – have to call the source something!  
Here we quote the further communication from "Deep Shield":
Could you, "Deep Shield" – be described as a scientist or…?
Scientist is a good generic term. I do study and research in a scientific manner. I carry papers and degrees. My official capacity is in direct research of atmospheric issues in relation to pollutants. I also create models of potential long-term effects of green house gasses on the climate. Predict wind patterns, weather patterns, etc.
I have spent a good many years working on the project calculating the amount of material needed and creating models for dispersion patterns. I work other members who know the chemicals used and their interactions with the atmosphere, pollution and water vapor. I am part of a team which itself is part of a larger team, which is part of still a larger team. Government work with many chiefs and levels above the workers.

Are you prepared to comment upon your personal motives for sharing this information?
Not at this time, no.

Have you signed a non-disclosure or Secrets Act document that specifically relates to this project?

To your knowledge what categories of individuals officially know of the Project and are expected to remain silent? For example, my list of suspects includes government down to the county level, military especially air force, meteorologists, health specialists, mainstream media etc.
All those who know are expected to remain silent. All of those who suspect are either faced with trying to prove the virtually unprovable or are faced with good enough reasons to remain silent. I would assume that this situation is worldwide and could be considered one of the dangers of this project.
It was presented to me as a matter of national security. I can see the reasons why there is a desire to repress the information not that spraying is taking place but the hard little fact that we are facing a period of human history which might be the end of civilization.

Is the mainstream controlled media specifically ordered to avoid any mention of chemtrails? If so, have you anything further to add such as how was this done?
I would assume that the Media is controlled by its own desire to make money from what it reports. Since there is enough debunking out there, which says that contrails are part of the normal use of jet engines in the atmosphere, this would leave a reporter with very little to report unless there was solid evidence or pictures or something that could not be explained away.
You must know by now all the debunking methods that have been employed. The 'official' announcements are the media's main dish. The rest they regulate to the realm of the National Enquirer.

What government agency or agencies control this program? Is it under international control?
It is an international program. Many nations contribute in different ways. Measures have been taken to insure that what is sprayed over all countries is the same through triple blind deliveries; which include not knowing where a certain canister will end up, not knowing which aircraft a certain canister will be flown, and not even knowing who (in military craft) will be piloting a craft which has the purpose of spraying (Note: in today's world there is usually a mixed crew of different nationalities flying any one military aircraft on a Shield mission). I believe the Media caught Canadians in Iraq recently when Canada's official say on the matter was that Canada was not giving any support to the military might.
The fact remains that there were Canadian military with the USA forces. Some on aircraft carriers most being pilots. I think you can connect the dots.

How is the project funded – who pays for it? Have you any idea of the total direct operating cost? Also, does Canada make a funding contribution for the activities in our skies?
Most governments tend to over charge themselves to cover for their black operations (unofficial operations). That money comes out of the collection of taxes. So in effect the taxpayers of the world are paying for this project.
I would assume Canada does contribute funding to the Project. Canada is one of the top nations contributing time, material and funding to this project. Most of the Free World, the Western World, has taken on most of the burden of the costs.

Is the Shield Project the only such aerial spraying program?
Is it the only project designed to avert ecological disaster? Then yes. There are countless other projects that could be taking place which include spraying of some sort or another. Pesticides are usually sprayed. There has been great interest in weather control such as bringing rain to arid regions and taking the punch out of hurricanes and typhoons.
Weather control may be one of the final options left to us. Considering the amount of global warming that has taken place. There is a strong need to deflect a storm's fury, or to bring rain back to those regions which have been suffering drought.
What Mother Nature has done for millions of years automatically may now require mankind's hand to keep the schedule.

It is possible that the Military does have a use for similar sprays. I cannot speak for the Military. However, my own personal research has come across these things as well. Are they possible? Yes. Are they practical? Only in the small scale say over the battlefield, or in the case of say the Iraq War, over Baghdad. Global application would be far too expensive and would require an obvious flight pattern of grids, circles and other heavy spray patterns.

Is all the spraying done using the "tank kits" described earlier or are the KC-135R and KC-10 types filled to the brim? Such aircraft have a load capacity of 200,000 pounds or more for refueling missions.
No. Several types of craft are used. Commercial jet airliners are used and they are not diverted from their flight paths to do so. How the canisters and the spraying is done on this kind of craft is unknown to me exactly. I do have my suspicions. I know best that which is my field; this is not to say that we do not talk around the water tank. So I know more than just my area and am able to think the matter through to its logical end.
I do know that even all the commercial jetliners in use are not enough to insure complete coverage all of the time. My computer models require knowing how much material needs to be sprayed. Certain conditions cause wide areas to suddenly (over hours) open up in the Shield. Then and only then is mass spraying done – and would be done with the most logical craft, a tanker.
Why not spray more from individual jetliners? That is one of the problems. Jetliners do not carry much material (100 to 500 gallons) because the material has to be spread out thinly.
Look at the kinds of material being used, aluminum, barium, titanium, etc. Most are highly reflective; in some instances the material is an absorber of gasses. In the case of reflection the desire is to reflect X amount of heat and X amount of UV while still maintaining acceptable (nominal) levels of UV and heat reaching the planet's surface.
Life requires a certain amount of both UV and Heat too much will kill – so will too little. The apparent amount looks like a lot more than what is actually being sprayed per volume of air it is covering. Most of the whitening of the sky is not the material per se, but the collection of water vapor, which forms into suspended ice crystals. The introduction of the material causes the water vapor to collect like rain collects on individual particles of dust.
Too much material would cause a "mud fall" of sorts where the naturally occurring water vapor would precipitate carrying the material with it.
Spraying is done in such away as to "layer" the material through a volume that will allow an acceptable level of UV and heat through along with all the other wavelengths of light. Photosynthesis is the foundation of life on our planet.
Only when all the material is removed in a local area does it require a massive spray, this is usually in the front of a weather system, or after a heavy period of precipitation. Then a tanker is flown, fully loaded.

Is there any truth in the story that some of the spraying is done by jetliners with modifications in the "honey" or waste compartment? 
The technology used for spraying is rather simple. It requires at least two tanks under pressure, each carries half of the mixture which is sprayed at the same time forming a complete compound which is designed to be lightweight (so as to be suspended for longer periods of time).
There have been attempts to incorporate the materials in jet fuel, however the material binds with unburned jet fuel, water vapor, etc and does not have the added buoyancy of the polymer threads. The end result is a spray that is less than half as effective and is more dangerous since it can lead to sulfates, acids and other mixtures, which are more lethal than the spray.
It is very possible that the "honey" compartment is used. The amount of material needed is small compared to the payload of any given commercial airliner.
However, there is a good deal of fuel tank that is not used. Airliners only fuel their craft for the journey ahead of them; they rarely top off the tank. This has become public knowledge in light of 9-11. It was this small fact that caused the terrorists to pick pan-continental flights so they would have a plane fully loaded.
The majority of flights are short range and do not require the full capacity of an airliners fuel tanks. Any adaptations needed could easily be done during routine maintenance, and could be easily explained away as being a modification for safety and-or pollution controls.
This last is my own theory.
We can assume that any means possible to deliver the material is tried. Independent nations may favor one way of doing so over another.

Where are the official sources that state that a certain number of people (worldwide?) will sicken and possibly die as a result of the spraying? In other words, what *internal* studies have been done on the health issues and who carried them out?
WHO (World Health Organization) carried out most of the studies. Other nations have carried their own research on the matter. Some have said the ill effects will be minimal – along the lines of a million or so, while others have found the numbers to be far higher – 3 to 4 billion.
Some of the organizations include the CDC and independent labs. We are dealing with a situation where the amount of contamination is estimated to be far higher than what would normally take place but is far lower than historical instances of industrial contamination. This is important to note, the only real history we have with barium/aluminum/titanium etc. contamination is through factory workers, miners, etc, who receive a far greater dosage of the material than what is to be experienced by the populace under the Shield.
The amount of spray is very small compared to the volume of the space that is covered. Most of the harmful chemicals that are used are being dissipated over vast areas. Near coastal regions the fall out is not reaching land at all, but is being carried out to the oceans. The addition of polymers to make the material remain suspended in the air longer means that less material is being used.
Today the material used and its application is nothing like in the early days when it was sprayed in greater quantities and settling far faster to be inhaled by all.
The accepted Estimated Casualties (from WHO) is 2 billion over the course of 6 decades. The majority will be either the elderly, or those who are prone to respiratory problems. These numbers are based on the current estimates of the general health of the population, the average age and the occurrence of respiratory problems as a health issue. All are estimates since there are no solid numbers to work with.

Could you summarize the root causes of the initial destruction of the atmosphere that requires this "repair" work? Did it perhaps result in part from fluorides released/produced by the nuclear weapons programs?
In a word – Industry. Most fail to understand that the products we use, wear and live with are made in a manner that dumps CFC's and green houses gasses into the atmosphere. There is no one single causative in this issue. It goes way back to the Industrial Revolution and the use of coal to power steam engines. Since that time we have consumed greater and greater energy resources, dumping the waste where ever we wanted.
Up until very recently refrigeration was a big contributor, imagine all those hundreds of millions of households that owned and operated freon cooled refrigerators from 1940 to 1970. Not just one refrigerator per household, but over the course of time often multiple freon units. This doesn't include the various air conditioner systems or industrial refrigeration systems.
For a long period when the refrigerator or air conditioner unit was replaced, the old one was taken to the dump and thrown into the heap – the freon was free to escape and make its way up into the stratosphere to eat away at the ozone layer.
You can add to that list. Think of all the cars that had air conditioners, think of all those hair spray cans with their propellant gasses – the amount of those alone were enough to do great damage.
Styrofoam is another industry and product that has contributed to the problem. In the scheme of things atomic energy has contributed little compared to the consumer goods that have been manufactured during the past century.
Think of all the cars on the road today. In the late 1970's smog controls started getting stronger. Think of all the pre-1978 cars on the road – they are still producing a good many chemicals that leech into every corner of the globe. Points to Ponder: Conroy Penner, British Columbia.
Here is the second item mentioned above:
Conroy Penner, of Victoria, British Columbia, Canada contacted me directly with his story.  He told me that some years ago he used to work for a certain company in Western Canada and along with another person who was a qualified aerospace welder/fabricator he was assigned to work on construction of some special spray equipment for the United States Air Force.
The workers were told that the USAF contract involved equipment to be used to spray insects at airforce bases in the States.  The spray systems incorporated exotic alloys and specially machined parts with large holding, pressure and surge tanks along with pumps.  Penner became suspicious of the actual purpose of the whole project as, in his opinion, things simply did not "add up".  He resigned after there were confrontations with the US military people and the management over the true purpose of the equipment.
Penner provided this photograph, that was taken in 1988 of some finished spray equipment on a flat bed trailer.  There are parts carts in the foreground.


The description states that the green tank sections are coated aluminum and the others are stainless steel for certain other chemicals.  The smaller tanks are for the solution for purging the system.  The large tanks are some 15 feet long and approximately 3 feet in diameter.  The box seen at the right side of the photograph is the control panel, and the plumbing and pumps are underneath the tanks.  It is said that these units were designed for use with Hercules C-130 aircraft and it is understood that in total eleven systems were to be made, this being the first.

I have on hand many other specifics from Penner but that is the general outline.  All of this took place in 1988/89.

Comments:  There are obviously some problems with this – it would be great to have the exact dates along with the names of the company management involved.  Also the names and rank of the US military personnel involved is lacking.
As for the equipment itself – it looks much as if it could be ordinary aerial spraying systems – that is because indeed it may be just that with suitable modifications for the specialized USAF requirements.  At this time the aerial spraying programme (chemtrails) was in the early stages of experimental development.  Certainly at first it was reported that the C-130 was seen being used for aerial spraying (of unknown substances) and only later were the large refueling tankers seen spraying "chemtrails".

Further comments:  Added 26 March, 2003 – is an addition from (and confirmed by) the source of the main item above.
The canisters that are shown above are similar to what is known to be incorporated into this program. 
Two large ones are carried, one carrying one part of the chemical mix, the other carrying the other part, when combined they form long polymer chains – threads if you will.  Even the green tint finish is typical.
However, the way it is understood here, is that the small tank provides the propellant (compressed gas) which is released into the larger tank.  Much like a large aerosol can, except the compressed gas is stored in a separate tank which is much stronger, and able to sustain a far greater pressure than a larger tank.
Further confirmation of this particular aerial spray system is found at this United States Air Force Reserve, 910th Airlift Wing of Youngstown, Ohio website: Air Force Reserve – MASS.  This page will open in a separate window and may be kept open, minimized or closed to return here.  Here the first page is quoted in part:

"Six Modular Aerial Spray Systems (MASS) are available at the 910 AW to conduct aerial spray missions.
Each system can be configured with up to four 500 gallon tanks for a total volume of 2000 gallons.



The Aircraft.   Four C-130H aircraft are modified to perform aerial application.  Modifications consist mostly of ULV (Ultra-Low Volume) and LV (Low Volume) wing line installation and electrical modifications.
Spray System.   The MASS is built by Lockheed/Conair.  One of the major design criteria of the MASS was that it had to be a "roll-on/roll-off" system allowing the aircraft to be reconfigured for spray or airlift in under an hour.  To accommodate the Roll-on/Roll-off design, the full MASS is designed in 3 modules, each attached to modified standard (463L) aircraft cargo pallets.  The operators console, pumps, catwalks, and cradles for flush and chemical tanks are all secured to these modified pallets.  The pallets lock into the C-130's dual rail system. Once the MASS is loaded, interconnecting plumbing and electrical circuits tie the MASS modules together.  To contain any spillage of spray materials, a 1.5" lip (drip pan) surrounds the pallets.  The dry weight of the MASS is ca. 10,500 lbs."
The 910 Airlift Wing webpage continues with more technical and operational details.

Source: Holmestead.ca

144 Responses to Why Are They Spraying? Answers From An Insider

  1. Rod Cloutier says:

    I've read all kinds of material, and it is clear the author of this is well educated and sincere. Given the evidence of my own eyes to the spraying, this article is as close to fact as anything that I've seen so far, not speculation, not ego driven attention grabbing. This was cold, impartial, and rational. 

    While no one wants the ecosystem or human civilization to collapse, the whole secrecy thing has to go. They need to immediately come forward with this information to the public at large, to do otherwise is unethical.

    The problem I see here is that if they do go public with what they have been doing all of these decades, is not that the public will panic, far from this, it is that the powers that be will quickly become the powers that were. The grasping at the reigns of power is what they are trying to avoid.

    Clearly we need to rebuild the ozone layer, but this should be done in an open arena with public knowledge and consent. Spraying people noxious chemicals at random by unelected autocrats is not the right path. 

    I hope they stop spraying by 2022 as was indicated in this article.

  2. Rasili O'Connor says:

    I wrote this on my Facebook page. I posted it also in a permaculture worldwide group:

    I am crying as I type this, after scan-reading the above from 'an insider', i.e. one of those involved in the (secret) geoengineering that is occurring, and wreaking havoc to the planet.

    I am crying because permaculture (and Regenerative Agriculture) HAS THE SOLUTIONS to what they've taken it upon themselves to 'fix' (but making things WAY worse.)

    Peruse this and you'll see what I mean. OMG.

    And meanwhile, most environmental groups are refusing to properly investigate geoengineering. If all the permaculture lovers and all the regenerative agriculture lovers, and all the earth lovers would INVESTIGATE…

    What a huge voice we could be. And, on mass, we could alert the masses, so that they say NO to the insanity of geoengineering, and take the bull by the horns and return this planet to the eden that it can be…EVERYWHERE.

    Geoff Lawton – this is tipping point material. Said with utter love and respect.


    • Lonnie Gordon says:

      I am going to share this widely. Sobering interview, although I have been taking pictures and videos of this for the last few years, I am not surprised. I wish he was still alive.  


  3. curly says:

    I'm sorry I don't have any solutions or answers to offer in regard to what WE have done to the earth and I feel like Jonah in the belly of the whale,  but I will say that today, the last day of 2017 saw the heaviest spraying over Astoria, Oregon I have ever witnessed.  It would have been a perfectly clear, deep blue sky that turned to milky white by a huge squadron of filth spewing jets financed by us all.  They really are perfecting their craft.     

  4. Thanks for posting.  If this dude thinks his "Shield" is going to keep me from noticing the following, he is mistaken.  "But it shall be one day which shall be known to the Lord, not day, nor night: but it shall come to pass, that at evening time it shall be light." – Zechariah 14:7  I'll keep on looking up & urging others to do so.

  5. Kelly says:

    So here is the thing. Yes its possible that human pollution has contributed to the ozone depleting remember the earth is a thing that supports all kind of life. And we know for a fact that the spraying is contributing to a even quicker die off of earths eco system. But perhaps the thing to keep in mind here is that what really may be happening is a natural cleansing of the earth with UV's, perhaps it is a reoccurring thing, cleanse the earth start over, so that the infection doesnt kill its host. The infection really being corporations that spew their pollution by the 1000's + of tons everyday in the name of profit, with the fracking within the earth, with the undoubtedly sickening amount of pesticides used. You know its funny that propaganda has people thinking the little amounts of pollution they cause with their pollution controlled modern vehicles is the problem when its the corporations thats are putting 100X the amount in the air yearly. So the consumer is always the fall guy and we are the ones to suffer.  In short the ONLY THING that has gotten us to this point in time is GREED, the insatiable gluttony of money, and the contrived laws and rules and regulations via money changers and corporations to get the sheep to buy buy buy buy. With that said, it is with a heavy heart that the Earth is correct in trying to eliminate the majority of the infestation that regularly misuses its resouces.

    • Anne Denise says:

      "Yes it is possible that human pollution has contributed to the ozone depletion"?….Seriously? That may be the understatement of the century. It is more than a possibility, it is a fact. What is happening now is not some kind of natural cycle. 

      And the earth is not a THING – it is a living, dynamic organism, and the web of life is dependent on this organism that human activity IS MOST DEFINITELY trashing. 

  6. Jordan says:

    Brothers and Sisters,
    I've been shocked (may be like most of you) when red the article. If all this is really as bad and unstoppable, at least I think there is a slim chance we all could find so call EXIT DOOR -Yes, literary. But to explain that needs a lot of time. The certain truth, amazingly hidden from us humanity from centuries is striking similar to that one. We have to get our Leader – Eric Dubey  (some of you already members of IFERS,  now know what I have in mind)and to gather may be the biggest forum in Human History from Ages,demanding the TRUTH from the World Governments.BUT NOT YET Telling to the masses of THIS MENACE, which could provoke Giantik World Panic. So, we have to find solution for the first truth , hidden from us.  

  7. Pharmer says:

    It seems to me he committed suicide after realizing he had been lied to about the reason for the "shield project".  He was misinformed about the reasons – rather than trying to save humanity, its real purpose is to help kill as many people as possible.  The evil entity that controls our planet has told us it wants to lower the population of earth to 500 million people (slaves), which means it needs to kill over SIX BILLION people.  The only way to do that is by waging full-spectrum genocide, plus making us infertile so we can't reproduce.  He says our civilization would collapse if we stopped using toxic sources of power, which doesn't make sense to me.  If we all adopt 'green' lifestyles, we can still save our planet.  Many people have converted to green lifestyles, and there are more converts every day.  Our planet needs localization, not globalization, and cooperative governments – the only model that has been proven to work.  Working together cooperatively,  humanity can still save our beautiful planet.  Each of us individually must adopt a green lifestyle  – that is the only way to save our planet.  I've been watching the spray planes through binoculars for over a decade, and sometimes the spraying comes out of nozzles on the trailing edge of the wings, not mixed with the exhaust – that would be when they are spraying biological warfare pathogens which can't tolerate the heat of hot exhaust.  After researching this subject for over a decade, I've concluded they are spraying many different substances for many different reasons.  Because the aerosol trails often stop and start, it seemed doubtful to me that it was mixed with the fuel, but they may add toxic substances to the fuel along with spraying into the exhaust stream.  I've never before seen the nozzles that spray into the exhaust stream, so that picture was valuable to see.  The purpose of the international aerosol program is clearly not to save the planet, otherwise it would have been explained to the public.  They told useful idiots like this 'scientist' that it was to save the planet, so those people would willingly go along with the program, but it seems that he figured-out the truth and couldn't live with himself anymore.  Every politician (and meteorologists etc.) who pretend like the aerosol program isn't happening, are all accessories to genocide and the destruction of our beautiful planet.  We must force our politicians to demand an end to the aerosol program, or at least a moratorium on spraying until the real reasons for it are explained.  Technical 'educated' people, like this 'scientist' who committed suicide, are often the most indoctrinated and brainwashed.  I know this from personal experience: my father has a dual phD in physics/electronics and was a CEO of a huge defense contractor, and his mind is in a matrix prison which I can't seem to help him escape from (watching FOX 'news' everyday reinforces his programming.  His company was the one which had the first patent on spraying powdered metals in the atmosphere, although he knew nothing about the patent.

    • Ml says:

      It probably wouldn't take much to prove some strange things about his death.  I'm pretty sure he was 'suicided'

  8. Thanks SO much for your dedication. I realize you have to back track to educate newcomers that are LOOKING UP! As always, Angelfire Network spreads your news Worldwide 24/7…

  9. bodek from london says:

    If only we started it right and cooperate not compete as was told in the beginning by those wise men from woods who spoke quietly about unity of it all…if only we curbed our domineering streaks…if we allowed the balance, harmony, truth and heart to lead us along…but we lost it all with our first unnecessary kill of defenseless  animal when we were loo lazy to gather plentiful fruits lying only few efforts away…than we bribed someone with that spare meat to go and fetch us those fruits and set a pattern of dependency…multiplication of killing started divisions of humans and competing got us on really bad path…

    Now we look at monumental destruction we did but still don't stop all those unnecessary killings which by now includes of our own species on truly industrial scale. So if some secret plan offers to kill  2 billions of ourselves we must reject it because we can still survive not by suppressing papa Sun but to allow him to coexist with mum Earth which is clearly dying with her children along with all those victims of wars, injustice, industrialized farming etc.(list is too long)

    We can still cleanse that blood and change our destiny if we STOP THE WARS NOW !!!

    That signal will be picked up by 99 % of humanity which is still good at heart… 

    So, lets do it brothers and sisters, 11/11 is good date for OUR ORDER,


  10. Augie says:

    Dane, I'm just curious why you waited so long to publish this interview? I have to admit, I was very depressed after I read it, but still I don't believe in ignorance being bliss. anyway, I just don't know how anyone can deny the spraying when you can watch them doing it.

  11. grazia says:

    This doesn't even make sense.  The original way the world was terriformed was with plants.  And yes, plants would be enough if we reduced our numbers.  And you know what? We could drastically reduce our numbers, if instead of spraying, we had someone on the news broadcast going "ok, to day we have x% UV today, so be sure you put on sunscreen, and oh yeah, here's a great birth control product and try not to get pregnant or get anyone pregnant today!"  Instead of that we have advertisements and movies PROMOTING more babies because the corporations want MORE.  So this is a cop out excuse to fix the environment while LETTING the problem continue to get worse.  It's a f**king insult. 

  12. Adam says:

    Why not opt out? Be car free, debt free, home free, opt and out of the monetary system in every way possible. Don't feed the beast! Learn how to be more self sufficient, and teach others to be. Technology is a double edged sword, most everything the masses are given is dual purpose, and is often used against us. Politics and religion are social control mechanisms that are entrenched in mainstream culture. Focus on health, especially mental health, sanity is becoming more difficult for most to achieve. Geoengineering is just one of many weapons that are used against us, what most people consider reality is actually fiction.

  13. Valerie Woodard says:

    Anyone who has agreed to participate in a program knowing it will kill 2 billion people (it's just old people with respiratory issues), is a straight up Nazi. That is exactly what the Nuremberg trials sought to prevent with the decision that "I was just doing my job," is not a valid defense. How could geoengineering be about saving the human race, when inbred psychopathic banksters who own weather reporting services, are also behind fracking, GMOs, endless wars of aggression, vaccines, government corruption, torture, the private prison complex, etc? What about weather warfare, like Fukishima? Was that to save us all? Who benefits from the weather derivatives, and land grabs? Geoengineering is just another attack on human beings, and all life on earth. Secret societies, and organizations like The Council For Foreign Relations, the Club of Rome, and The Bildergergers, have made it clear they want most of us dead. They would rather make themselves Gods of a dead planet, than share paradise. Everyone participating in geoengineering needs to face justice. No amnesty!

  14. mark says:

    Thank you for the article!  Good interview. I went to college in late 60's. ZPG was big then. That is Zero Population Growth. I had a vasectomy at 27.  No children. Married three times. My current wife of 24 years had four great kids when I met her. I have always strived for a small carbon foot print. Let's take care of what we have before we have any more is my philosophy. "The Future Eaters" by Tim Flannery is a good read. He is/was director of the South Australian Museum. He refers to our species as a Terminator Species. 

     One of my favorite authors, Robert Heinlein, pointed out that "Any organism allowed to over populate itself is condemned to die in it's own wastes" A point to ponder. 

    My wife and I sing HU ( a name for God) a love song to God every morning for 20 minuets. Hu can be sung by anyone from any religion. I guarantee you it really works! There are countless stories from those that practice this. Sing HU ( pronounced  HUE) with love for the betterment of all, asking God to help us out with this mess we've gotten ourselves into. Divine Spirit can work in ways we can't. This is something each of us can do and it really works. Those that are working to resolve this may be blessed with an creative insight. Who knows. May the Blessings be.


  15. Michel B says:

    When these programs reach a critical point, i.e. achieving their aims, then it will become apparent to most. But I am being hopeful.

    It's quite possible that the scientist above believed everything he said, even if the things he said are contradictory, especially to us now. Like most medical professionals, scientists are extremely blinkered because of their specialisation and resulting arrogance.

    They have been very well trained (so called 'educated') to believe only what they have been taught and to not question it. This is akin to the ethic of obedience of military personnel.

    Imagine finding out or admitting that years or decades of invested time and effort was just part of a ruse. These doctors and scientists are not the great minds and authorities on their subjects that we might think they are. They are cloistered into narrow paradigms and are often myopic in personality, a myopia that is cultured very carefully.

    The great unwashed are also kept in their own type of myopia: sport, petty news, lotto tickets, the work treadmill, smart (look down) phones, stupid TV programs, embedding of the idea of necessary warfare, very narrow education syllabus and a general illiteracy in most of the important subjects of life abound.

    I remember reading about a study that found American youth had the highest confidence of achieving in life, higher than in other country's study groups, but had one of the lowest rates of access to the means of making those achievements. I presume they meant access to the necessary education and jobs that they would find fulfilling.

    Given what is coming in the near future, when a politician promises anything you can know for 100% sure that he/she is lying. Obama's bland slogans, such as "Yes, we can" springs to mind. It essentially says nothing, but it sure sounds positive…doesn't it???

  16. Dennie Mehocich says:

    " There is a desired concentration being sought. One that is thick enough to stem the UV and the Infrared, while being thin enough to allow visible light through. A perpetual cloud cover would have disastrous effects on plant life; the food chain thus disrupted would soon collapse. The desired effect wanted is a thin cover that would theoretically create a daytime haze that allows plenty of sunlight while providing protection. From UV radiation and also reflect enough infrared to maintain nominal temperatures."


    Well, Hey, Mr. "Insider" Assh*le, or MR. Psy-Op CIA-Jerk, or whoever the f*ck you REALLY are, THIS IS ALREADY HAPPENING HERE. 

    It's just too f*cking baaad YOU are not here to suffer along with the rest of us– Ohhhhh Noooooooo… YOU had to commit "suicide." 

    So, um, like, WHY DON'T THE REST OF YOU MAD F*CKING "SCIENTISTS" get a clue and follow suit, hmmm???  The world WILL be a better place, without you here any more.

    • Michael Rogers says:

      True, we spend our energies dealing with our own narrow field often without awareness of it's greater significance.  Read THE TECHNOLOGICAL SOCIETY to learn more about this.

      Often because of this specialization, we have had to use our time and energy to attain our level of skills at the expense of NOT being exposed to big pictures and are very unaware of how our work fits into a big program in that we are led to understand that it is for a benign purpose and don't dig into it because we WANT to ply our skills and receive the excellent pay for it!

      We like 95% of the workforce are prostitutes doing things we might not do if we weren't paid for it.

    • Raith Ledbetter says:

      This interview seems to prove without a shadow of a doubt that man, regardless of intelligence or position can be deceived by their own lack of discernment. To believe any sort of lies and propaganda that the human race is inevitable to crash in the near future and used to justify spraying the planet to save the planet and human race is nothing short of the long played out justification plan. Create a seemingly "National Sercurity (false) Alarm" and come in with a "solution" that is doing exactly what the Globalist organization warned, that if man doesn't gain "control" the human race ultimately ends. It seems that this person being interviewed believe the "good intentions" of the lies.

  17. Wayne Hall says:

    Shortly after the Deep Shield interviews I had extensive correspondence with the interviewer, David Stewart. David published at Holmestead some of his subsequent thoughts http://holmestead.ca/chemtrails/stewart.html but he also wrote a foreword for a book never published, the English translation of the book on chemtrails written by Austrian journalist Christian Haderer. This foreword was put up at the Enouranois website:  http://www.enouranois.eu/enouranois/english/sygrafeisenglish/david/indexdeepshield.htm

    I lost touch with David Stewart not long after this. He seems to have been extremely ill and I am not sure that he is still alive.


    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      It's just uh-maaaaze-ing how many of these bastards manage to give "secret" interviews, then are reported "suicided," and then their interviewer mysteriously falls ill and disappears– WTF???

  18. ursallor says:

    skye puke criss crossing oin every diirection we are up north why spray here 

  19. Bleu says:

    I, for one, do not believe that anywhere in the world is safe from the disaster that our leaders are perpetuating on our planet, we are all connected and eventually we will all pay the price of this destruction — Peru is in the middle of a drought that the media is not sharing and Ecuador is getting subsidies from the "World Bank," to compensate for their weather related issues, when I was in Belize they would spray over open water and let it drift inland and they also sprayed Guatemala close to the border so it would drift over the mountains — no one is safe. Also on the same note I heard that Cuba shot down a weather drone that was spraying to close to their borders — sounds like an excellent idea!

  20. Steve Madison says:

    I just read "Answers from an insider" and I have a question: Spraying chemtrails to build a UV shield to replace the ozone layer is completely different from the idea propagated by "scientists" like John Holdren et al who advocate disbursing micro-aluminum into the atmosphere to reflect sunlight back into space to cool the atmosphere. No one in leadership, Obama et al, is even talking about ozone or UV. All I ever hear is their desire to tax carbon dioxide and create a global government to collect the taxes and enforce climate law that will de-industrialize the planet and force everyone into life as a serf, attached to the land controlled by a global feudal state. Are these people even on the same page or is there a competing theory as to what should be done or even what the problem is?   

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Steve, there are many layers to this issue, many agendas being carried out at once. None of it is benevolent.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      As Rosalind Peterson says, we have MULTIPLE agencies, with MULTIPLE agendas operating with NO coordination, NO OVERSIGHT, and NO PUBLIC DISCUSSION.

      In case you still don't know the above, our atmosphere is The New, Wild, Wild West.

  21. Deb Buckler says:

    Here's a little clip I think you will all enjoy if you haven't seen it before
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=WfGMYdalClU  I have such a hard time with all my "loved ones", trying to inform them or encourage them to take a look at things. But THIS little clip really hit home with alot of them.  I am clinging to what positive I can…after the last 24 hours spent in a full on state of agitated depression. I am hearing that meat consumption is down for the first time, that's a plus. Alot of people are cutting way back on meat or going vegetarian. Rights for animals is improving too.  But all probably too little, and too late. I am thankful to read everyone's posts here…learning alot. Thank you all for being there. Another positive thing….sigh

    • Nnikki says:

      Hi Deb. Your little clip reminded me of a satire comic I saw a few months ago. The gist was–That the real reason the govt/nasa never returned to the moon was that they found nothing to kill there. I've had animals all of my life & they are the most honest friends to have. My fight in this battle is mostly for the sake of all of nature. So hard not to get depressed, but we all must stay on our feet & never give in. Take care. N. 

    • NikitaNeptune says:

      That clip reminds me of of a 'study' that was aired on mainstream news.(back when I used to watch that sillyness)  They put a plastic baby turtle in the road by a University gate and filmed as, mostly teenage boys, swerved to run it over. It filled me up with hatred for humanity.  Then I thought – why does the news do that?  Why do they continuously air crap that promotes duality and separation?  Everyone I know, including myself, would not do that and would possibly move the turtle and maybe even feed it lunch.  What's their agenda!? 

      This article shows that not all the people involved in the spraying program are purely evil.  They are brainwashed and mind controlled by probably a relatively small group of psychopaths. (yeah – like that little guy with the mustache)  The indigenous loved and respected the land. Pagans worshiped Mother Nature.  So don't you think maybe there's hope….  ???

  22. Rick Blaisdell says:

    I have been observing chemtrails for years. I now use http://www.flightradar24.com to identify the planes overhead spraying. What I have found is ALL chemtrail flights are International incoming from and going back overseas.Not one domestic flight!!! Also no one airline is involved.This poses a question,Is there a difference in domestic jet fuel and that used by other countries?

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      You think the planes doing the spraying would actually be IDENTIFIED?? Because I'd bet The Farm they aren't.

  23. Bonnie MORGAN says:

    I want to know …in your opinion Dane is our planet dying? Are we past the tipping point? There is credence in what that article said ..no matter the perspective …there are so many imminent collapses ..especially in our oceans ..we cannot keep taking from our resources without preserving with good management what we have and not have dire consequences . 90 percent of all the large fish population is gone…in Peru they want to start up the anchovy fishing again even though the population is very low which will have a serious effect on the 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Bonnie, yes, the planet is dying. This is mathmatically beyond dispute. Does this process have to continue, that is up to us as a species. Is the planet past the “tipping point”? In regard to being past the point of any return to the hospitable planet we have all known in any time frame that matters, mathematically speaking, the answer is yes again. All this being said, we may yet preserve the planets ability to support life. Again, this depends on what we do as a species. We must make a complete course correction now.

    • Carrie Toponce says:

      Hi Bonnie,
      Please visit Guy McPherson's website,  Nature Bats Last, as well as, his FB page. Also, Carolyn Baker's website, Speaking Truth to Power, and her FB page under her name. Like Dane's website and FB page, these are the people, and credible resources I go to for truth, strength and comfort. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Carrie, although McPherson’s dire assessment of the climate situation is accurate, his denial of the climate engineering reality is inexcusable. I have had two personal meetings with Guy, his behavior and level of irrational denial was alarming.

    • Jerry says:

      It has been reported on numerous occasions of free energy systems that have been suppressed or shelved to keep Big Oil and their profits going … Therefore if true , then we as a people will go extinct so that Big Oil had control and power over the minions for a brief period in history .

      … And why would they ever admit their crime against humanity ?

      … Especially now .

      … And so for a brief period in human history of being in control , you traded that for Planet Earth's ecological destruction .

      … Therefore I implore every human to continue to purchase and use Gasoline / Diesel and every oil based product that they can , and buy as much stock in these companies as possible , so when we are ALL DEAD , we can realize our complicity in this and our mistake in not demanding a change while there was time .

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Maybe I am in total denial, you know, maybe I really am, but at least a few months back I personally could not stand Carolyn Baker's blanket assumption that everything and everyone here WILL die.  Maybe she's right.  Maybe she's not.  It was reeeally hard listening and especially WATCHING Guy McPherson's Q&A presentation that was videotaped last April in York, England.  This is the one where he makes a reference to geoengineering in response to a question from the audience:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H6AVjL4QYvk

    • Girlbot says:

      No the planet is NOT dying. It is being systematically raped and killed. BUT Earth could fight back from this on her own, if humanity were to do the right thing and de-industrialize and depopulate to a sustainable ecological society. I was struck by that statement and I think it poison to share it.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Murder victims surely die when they're being murdered.  Earth is dying because She IS a murder victim (!!!!).

      EVERYONE even remotely involved in the Geo-engineering Nightmare needs to be rounded up and tried for MASS MURDER.  They are BEYOND just "diabolical."  They are SUICIDAL MANIACS with a distinctly HOMICIDAL agenda: 

      "WE have a death wish and we're taking you down with us."

      Never mind OUR Will. 

      But we also need to ACT as if we have an ACTUAL WILL. 

  24. Kat says:

    Keep spreading the flyers around and keep the billboards going. More need to be aware of this. I got a gofundme page up for a billboard in the Philadelphia area. GoFundMe is free, please look into it. This is the time to spread this like the spider web he was referring to. Post on social media, do whatever to get the word out. For the love of humanity.

  25. muse minus time says:

    "whereas you do not know what will happen tomorrow.  For what is your life? It is even a vapor that appears for a little time and then vanishes away." James 4:14 NKJV

    May we all find some kind of peace, I pray.

  26. Steve says:

    This all has a "natural and spiritual" overtone to it. Someone has "sold" the scientists on the reason we must sacrifice billions of human lives in order to save the planet that we have been destroying.

    Destroy to heal? Sounds like a doctrine of satan himself. And the "wise of this world" have blindly bought into it…

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Not only that, Steve, but the "scientists" helped create the overpopulation problem, starting with the Rockefeller "Green Revolution," using petrochemicals to grow food in underdeveloped, starving nations.  Oh, and vaccinate everyone.  If that's an example of how "they" "fix" problems, then the problem of climate change/global warming "mitigation" solutions hasta be one helluva whole lot worse!!!

    • Girlbot says:

      Um, actually it sounds like mainstream cancer treatment.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      YES– EXACTLY!!!!

      It doesn't matter what you're talking about, The Bigger Picture reveals that EVERYTHING has been or is in process of being MILITARIZED. 

      Well the MTHRFCKRZ need to be COMMANDED to march to the kind of tune that marches them clear out of any time and space dimension where they can cause harm– that ain't NO place, if you ask me!!!

  27. SD says:

    8 – 9 years ago I believed the chemtrail program was intended to "save the world".  Not any more.  We're dealing with a pack of liars.  At every turn we must rely on our God- given reasoning  abilities.to understand what's going on.

    I look at the USGS earthquake map for N. America this morning (Sat) and see a pack of earthquakes all across TX, Arkansas, Tennessee.  I KNOW  they are HAARP induced and somehow related to weather mod ops. Don't count on rational explanations from any USGS or NWS "spokesman".

  28. Marc says:

    And YET AGAIN we find an article in the HuffPost quoting the same old bullshit, only this time it allegedly comes from one Michael Oppenheimer, a "climate scientist" at Princeton. Speaking on behalf of the UN, he indicates that "it's not too late to make a two-degree target (of warming) but it's getting late fast. If we twiddle our thumbs for another 10 years, it will be impossible to make it without some Hail Mary pass with technology that may or may not work". Really? You mean to tell me, Mr. Oppenheimer, that with your Princeton climate scientist credentials, you have the gall to go on record stating this kind of LIE? Are you just a crappy scientist that is so incompetent that inside all your research you haven't been able to detect MASSIVE HAIL MARY PASSES of technology already long since underway??? Really? The conclusion I draw from this is that this is yet another "softening up" of the public to the idea of massive technological intervention on an "official level", as in an international governmental level of global cooperation to address warming, since, as the focus of the article states, carbon reductions will not be enough to limit warming in near-term future decades. So…..once again we are being fed the fiction that nothing "technological" is yet being done to address global warming. This whole thing is preposterous.

    • penny says:

      Quite right, Mark.  We have long since passed the point where we could limit warming to 2C.  Anyway, the original 'safe' upper limit was 1C (which was abandoned because, as always, the economy comes first).

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Now once again we dealing with yet ANOTHER Oppenheimer.  UGH!!!  Yes, indeed, we are.  We've seen the father unleash the greatest Weapon of Mass destruction and upon witnessing the mushroom cloud, quoted from the Bhagavad Gita, "Now I am become Death, the Destroyer of All Worlds…"  MONSTER!!!  What did all that carbon 14 he unleashed add to the global warming problem? And now, another fragment of this SAME monster is proposing to FIX what his idiot-savant heartless piece of crap progenitor "created…"  REEEAALLY…??

  29. J Rizk says:

    Ok, yes the geoengineers are bad, all this is bad. But each of us contributes to this mess in a big, BIG way. I see all these mothers/fathers having huge families though they KNOW the earth is over populated, the Republican right has made it almost impossible to get abortions or information on birth control, we feel it's our right to have cheap food so we support Big Ag, we fly round the globe on vacations so support the huge polluting airline industry, we live in HUGE homes that are completely unnecessary, we don't value health so look to our criminal medical system for the next magic pill again supporting a huge polluting pharmaceutical industry, our religions say we are to dominate the earth and that we are special and we believe it and live it…..need I go on? WE are each of us responsible for creating and supporting this mess. Yes there is a THEY involved, but it's US that support the THEY. Look at each of your lives and seriously question how you're supporting this mess. Yes blame geoengineering, but also blame yourselves…..and yes I blame myself also. Each of us should have put the brakes on ourselves a long time ago.

    • Tom Liccione says:

      Holy smokes, J Rizk, sounds like my twin has spoken. My name means twin, but I don't have a twin….


    • Nnikki says:

      J Rizk. Sadly, so true…..The bottom line is that too few are willing to make even a few sacrifices in their lifestyles for the common good of all life. In fact, they are even unwilling to do so for their own good as well!!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Overfilling a glass is NEVER okay, but hey, I and a lot of my cohorts here never hade ANY kids, so please look beyond your particular point of view. 

      WHO gave any of us the choice regarding use of coal, internal combustion, paving streets, nuclear ANYTHING, Big Pharma– was YOUR opinion consulted at the time–??

      MANY good people DID NOT WANT ANY OF THIS.

      The Bigger Problem:  The BULLY MALE agenda. 

      And their "Me Too" females. 

      Patriarchy IS The Bigger Problem.  At least Guy McPherson acknowledges THAT.

      "Bigger is BETTER. "

      How many of your cohorts, and you too, have ever thought THAT–?? 

      YES, those still living like PIGS need to take control of themselves.  AND STOP BLAMING THOSE OF US WHO DO NOT LIVE LIKE THEY DO.

    • Rob says:

      But this was set in a motion many decades ago, and we were taught that infinite, exponential growth was normal. Take those holidays, aspire to own nice things. We're taught it. We're still teaching it.

      What's the answer?

    • Sick of it says:

      Yes, you do need to go on!

      1st, not everyone has a huge family, and since when has bringing a baby into this world a bad thing? 

      2nd, I'm pretty sure if you want to murder a baby, you can still get Family Planning to help you out.

      3rd, 50% of Americans live in poverty, so cheap food from Big Ag is all they can afford, and it absolutely making them sick.  I have no doubt about that and I'm pretty sure they are not flying all over the world either.

      4th, I'm sure that those folks don't live in huge house.  It's usually an apartment they can't afford.

      So please stop eating all the propaganda the Globalist and The left wing fruitcakes are feeding you.

      There is way more to all of this than what could be written here. We as humans do what we know and what we are taught, when we know better, we do better.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      I HAVE to weigh in with this:  What about African Americans– where are their voices in this discussion?  Where are the voices of the poor people in this discussion?  Are they weighing in? 
      I often work in Mendocino County, CA, U.S.A., in the small town county seat of Ukiah.  Aside from the older Victorian and turn-of-the-century vintage homes and the 30s bungalows in the older tree-lined part of town where it feels like time has stood still, there are a few other Ukiahs.  You find the solidly-middle-class stucco-and-wood 3-bedroom family ranch-style homes half-way between the older part of town and out near the railroad tracks, closer to Hwy. 101, where the mid-20th century houses sprang up, you'll find small Tarrant homes there, with their wooden siding and small rooms.  Here, people have outdoor "rooms" they make in their driveways, on dried-out lawns, or in empty lots, with tented-netting shade structures you can buy at a sporting goods store, some with a few chairs and a table, some made of crates stacked up high.  Some of the houses have separate garages and sheds.  Many of these houses are in varying states of disrepair and even dilapidation.  It's not unusual to see garages and sheds that have been converted into living spaces and actual human beings are finding shelter in this cramped substandard "housing."  This, in the Land of the "Free," and the Home of the "Brave."
      What kind of Freedom is this? 
      What kind of Bravery will it take to change this??

  30. stephen langley says:

    I started at the top of the comments and commented to those working my way down to Judy's… everyone's perspectives really nail it from every angle.  I'm sure each of us is doing what we can in our own spheres of influence.  For myself, I pledge and commit to continuing to do what I can to raise awareness about this insanity.  Yet, I'm worried that we all just keep 'feeding the beast' of the economic systems that are funding all this… as "Deep Shield" admitted: we, the taxpayer, are the source of the funding !  How do we get off this damned bus ? … I don't know…

    • larry says:

      I never post to blogs….I was up all night reading Dana's voluminous works against the wall…..I feel defeated..I live in a government town…I know government employees…..Most have no skill set allowing private employment….Default job for these misfits is the GOV!…Natural selection in GOV job arena is to skew towards createn like  zombie followers…sorry…..

    • penny says:

      I ask myself the same question all the time, Stephen.  Honestly, I don't think we can 'get off' and hope to remain at liberty to be of any use – and allowing oneself to sit in jail as a martyr seems to be playing into their hands, too.  To muddle through as best one can is not a bad way to live, though, imo.  All we can do is try.

      By the way, I want to apologize for the self-righteous tone that appears in all my posts.  I have a sister who won't talk to me, because of that.  My only excuse is that one man's self-righteousness is another man's self-preservation; and I only say things as opinion, not as trying to tell others what to do.

  31. penny says:

    Greetings to all, and thanks to all those who are outraged by this guy's duplicity and arrogance.  I especially agree with Judy (whose comment is at the very bottom of this page). 

    I know I've seen this document before, though I can't remember where, but it seems to me that Dane has revealed all this information within various contexts already (that we are headed for planetary omnicide, that the delusional maniacs behind these programs have rationalized them – at least, to their underlings – with lies and idiocies and a pretense of benevolence, etc.)  I don't know whether 'Deep Shield' was trying to baffle with bullshit, or whether he was trying to be so obviously full of BS that his questioner would realize it and take action… but that is irrelevant. 

    Obviously, the claim that the cure for industrial pollution is more industrial pollution is a farce  – no, a crime, as is relegating the environment to lower status than the economy (especially since the economy is a demented tool for inflicting misery on most people so that a few can have diamonds in their martinis).  Would the masses have rallied and done the right thing (stop polluting)?  Who knows for sure?  That too is irrelevant; these guys chose to do the wrong thing.  Some for the sake of extending their own pathetic lives a bit beyond the rest of us, some because they cannot reason well enough to understand the damage they are doing, some because they are following orders, some because they are psychopaths with a total lack of morality.  And some for power and control, as Dane always makes clear.

    Whatever their motives, what matters now is what we do.  I have no interest in living off-planet, or underground: this planet is not only my habitat, it is the best part of my being.  I am in this fight to raise awareness with the rest of you, till my last breath is drawn.

  32. Analysis says:

    I do believe the writer of this article has positive intentions. I do not believe the integrity of the organization he is working for. This organisation could have a completely different agenda.
    We have more of those organisations who at the top have a much different agenda (such as free masonry and Illuminatie).

    The fact that all this is done in great secrecy does not support that the organisation who is behind all this is doing this in the interest of the people.
    There are plenty examples of organisations who work in secret and are not working for the public (CIA, NSA, FED, NASA etc).

    It is unacceptable that a few thousand people think that they are allowed to determine the fate of the planet Earth and its inhabitants and that they doing that in complete secrecy.   And that without any informing and consulting of the people.  Even more: any attempt of leaking to the public are forcibly suppressed by killing of those who attempt to do so.

    It is well possible that the organisation who is behind the spraying do have a completely different agenda, which is to reduce the world population.
    There are a number of secret organisations who openly propagate this (such as NWO).   There is documentation that there are evil aliens in the top of the secret world government who have the intention to remove people from this earth.

    Why do governments everything to keep everything above top secret without even trying to educate and to inform the people.  The media present nothing else than 100 % bullshit whereas the governments could do so much to invite people to work with them to solve the problems.

    It is a well know fact that there are numerous techniques such as free energy (Tesla) and Thorium reactors that are kept away from the public by very powerful parties.  These techniques can improve the environmental impact significantly.   The Thorium technology was developed in the sixties and was shifted aside while this technology had many advantages over the Uranium reactors!  

  33. Cliff says:

    Two points jump out at me immediately, without going into depth with all that been said. Firstly he's saying that one of mankinds greatest problems is the shortage of clean potable water and then he justifies what he admits to being toxic barium and aluminium being sprayed over those very water resources. Secondly he claims this is necessary because of the damage done to the ozone in the upper atmosphere by CFC's. However he doesn't identify the method by which the CFCs get up there in the first place considering they are heavier than air. I don't think this is disinformation just that this guy has swallowed the disinformation himself, hook, line & sinker. l Don't buy it

    • Girlbot says:

      There are a lot of things I question in this, especially the idea that this is being done "triple-blind" among otherwise-warring countries who are nearly in a freaking hot war.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Girbot, though your question is valid, consider that all countries are engaged in the climate engineering insanity, whether actively or passively (with few exceptions). None of the major powers have blown the whistle on the others. In regard to climate engineering, cooperation is indeed occurring even between countries that are otherwise hostile to each other.

  34. Enclosed please find the latest "spraying news" from my region in Germany:


    English translation is provided as usual.

    We have to stop the crimes asap.!

    • Bob says:

      Hi Dane,  You are exactly right. It's not about Obama, Bush was the same. I believe you also said it is just theater, different wings of the same evil bird.

      Putin and Obama are puppets.  Girlbot should take a look at WW2; Ford, Coca Cola and Standard oil all supplied the Germans. Those in power that are hidden have no allegiance to country or political party they win either way.   As George Carlin so aptly put it'; "It's a big club and you ain't in it!"

    • @ Bob
      You are right! Here is evidence about WW2 financing:
      Now we are almost in WW3 with the same people behind it!
      Everything is connected!

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      Hey, Karl:

      This vid's apparently gone viral.  I can only think that the heads of Europe have been pistol-whipped into accepting The New Normal of "Multiculturalism," never mind that it is really because of the diabolical Bush-NAZI crime cabal that says it must depopulate the Middle East and send all the natives packing so they can turn it the whole place into the world's biggest oil refinery.  Wonder how they threatened the European leaders?

      I especially cannot stand watching the b*tch waving that "special" blue 'n' white flag, you know the one, at the end of the video, Barbara Lerner Spectre, going on about how Europe can no longer be allowed to be the "monolithic," meaning WHITE, culturally DISTINCT place it was, and that a certain Special Group of god's "Chosen" will lead the way– Yeeeeah.. as if THEY alone have ALL of the knowledge needed to run this world right– well let's take a look at the banking system they created, if we would prognosticate on the future success of their self-righteous all-knowing effort at imposing a European "multiculturalism."  This is being brought to us by the same people who forced Bolshevism down the throats of so many Russians.  And we all saw how THAT turned out, now, didn't we?

  35. I just finished watching "Take Back Your Power" you all need to watch this video. You can watch it on line. There are over 5000 patents for clean energy.(solar too) that the government rejected because it would interfere with big gas and petroleum companies So what this guy is saying is BS. This is what they are told to say. 

  36. Michel B says:

    This raises more questions than it kind of answers. It is full of seeming contradictions and tries to pacify by intimating good intentions as well as confirming that foul play is likely an ingredient.

    If those in charge of the economy (the main beneficiaries) were really concerned about the state of the world, why didn't they change the course of history half a century ago by implementing ecologically safe energy production? Why allow corporations to rape the world (the cause of the problem in the Third World and now everywhere else) resulting in overpopulation?

    The real answer is that inefficient energy systems are the most profitable. We need to keep buying them and paying our bills and stay working on the treadmill.

    Alternative energies would free us up and create a more time-rich population who would have the energy to think smarter, become more intelligent, question the state of the world, become more critical, analytical and exercise healthy, natural skepticism. We would become more like the ancient Greek philosophers upon whose outlooks and discoveries our modern world is built.

    Geoengineering is not for the benefit of most of us. That is why the talk about the sacrifice of possibly billions of people is getting quacked out. War, profit, control and all of their insanities are at the helm.

    • stephen langley says:

      Well said !  The rationale presented by "Deep Shield" is completely flawed.  The powers that be want to remain as such and have zero regard for anyone and anything that is not directly related to their own self-interest.

      Alternative energies are available.  But releasing those would mean the unseating of those at the helm.  This is not speculation, but rather based upon evidence such as the confiscation and sequestering of patents of alternative energy systems and the rash of 'suicides' and sudden deaths of those who don't play ball with 'the national security state'.  If the rationale was truly national security, would that not mean changing course to sustainable systems (energy, economic, etc.) ?  The term national security, in fact, means the security of those in power.  Two billion people (a deflated number… do they ever tell the truth ?) is okay with them because only the lives of the rich, the powerful and (temporarily) those who do their bidding, e.g. "Deep Shield" matter…. psychopathic is the only term that applies to this rationale.

    • Tamra says:

      If this person really believes the evil brain washing the Globalist Beasts fed him, may God have mercy. THIS WAS NOT TO SAVE THE PLANET, BUT TO Disable, CONTROL and Destroy Gods Creation. With alternative energy and technology like wind, magnetic, etc pollution could have been eliminated long ago. 

  37. Denise says:

    Well, they must have found a huge hole over Phoenix today.  The spraying was non stop.  I don't believe what the guy was saying about hair spray containers.  Then recently the EPA was saying that no one should be running A/C.  I guess that includes us little people out here and the elite can have all the cool air they want.

    • Nicole says:

      Yeah that's why they turn around and spray extra heavy at low altitude right over your house after you give them the finger, because "they need to keep an even thin layer of total coverage at all times". Yeah right.

    • stephen langley says:

      Apparently that is their thinking… they are the only ones that matter… as David Rockefeller is allegedly quoted as saying "they" are God's gift to mankind !! 

    • Marc says:

      Denise, it's not OK to run our air conditioners but it IS OK to run their massive HAARP facilities and countless military bases across the world? Ha!

  38. Sean s says:

    Wow and wow again. I have so many things that I want to say but I'll keep it brief. Dane I saw the article about your solar powered off grid home the other day. You were standing on your roof smiling and holding your previous little girl. I stared at that picture for along time feeling your love and beautiful spirit emanating off of the page. No matter the outcome,  please know that you have connected and brought out the best in a lot of people. I'm so honored to have shared this time on Earth with you and all of the other enlightened and loving brothers and sisters who have come together in this fight. I look forward to meeting you all someday on the other side. But until then, keep your hearts pure and continue to march on. Peace to all. 

    • stephen langley says:

      Here !  Here !!  Thank you for expressing this feeling and thought… in the end the only things that will matter are our intentions, our hearts, Love and forgiveness.  That being said, we cannot abdicate our power nor our duty to stop this madness that is destroying the world, the abode of Life and Humanity.  We'll all make it to 'the other side', but we are here to create conscious change and express the highest ideals while here.  Please keep working towards making others aware of what is going on… we can't throw in the towel by thinking things will be better on the other side… we're here to make them better in this place.  Much Love.

  39. wayne says:

    Shoot… that read like a Sci Fi Horror script. Scary Stuff.

    • Laura Hefner says:

      Do we no longer have the right to know where & to what our tax dollars go? 

      This person is not stating the obvious ; the acute rise in cancer , diseases , pollution , ozone breakdown etc. are all connected to the 'Industrial' era yes , yet geoengineering has contributed and catapulted our planet's demise . 

      Thank you Dane , for All you have & are doing ! Blessed be

    • Nicole says:

      You think that's bad Wayne, take a look at the Documents Page that Dane posted: https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/documents-2/

  40. Marc says:

    So…….wow! I don't even know where to start. "That explains alot." So the high priests of our culture, i.e. our scientists circa 1970's or so, apparently came to the conclusion that Earth had already surpassed the threshold of it's ability to absorb pollutants, unquote. Really? And so, based upon the antiquated science of the day, a vast international program of spraying was initiated at some point, we don't know exactly when. Since proof exists that vast expenditures of human time and money were already being devoted to Governance of Weather Modification issues as long ago as 1978 (vis a vis the recently posted 700+ page government document ) it seems evident that vast campaigns of spraying were ongoing even prior to this date. So what puzzles me is this: Did the weather modification programs morph into a "SAVE THE PLANET" program once the bastards realized THEY HAD FUCKED UP BY MODIFYING THE WEATHER IN THE FIRST PLACE? Or was the "GREAT SECRET" (of anthropogenic runaway damage)  already scientifically confirmed beyond even the slightest doubt as far back as the 50's or 60's thus "necessitating" their weather-mod programs?

      So what now? What the hell do we do now? If we weed our way through what "Deep Shield" has given us, and kind of read between the lines, too, are we to get fully on board with his assessments for future humankind? What he is saying, (and mind you, he was saying this stuff 10 years ago or more!) coupled with all the other signposts pointing in the same direction, leave little room for hope in the traditional sense. We are between the proverbial rock and a hard place. We do what we can to fight geoengineering and spread awareness with one hand, while with the other hand we raise a glass of Lodi Red Zinfandel to toast Mother Earth for all that she was and all she could have been, if only we hadn't come along and FUBAR-ED everything.

    • stephen langley says:

      I couldn't agree more !!  Thanks for your comments.  "Deep Shield's" rationale is that "the planet is dying" because of industrialization, so let's just poison it even more !!  Let's not change the economic and energy systems, but rather let's use poisons to kill the 'cancer', i.e., about 2 billion people (to start with) who are just adding to the problem… a problem that the economically powerful have created for their own profit and sick need for complete control over nature and the human family.

  41. Rosalie says:

    Thank you for sharing this Dane.  Makes me more determined, to clear my body of the toxins around us and get a clear head, so that I can be a part of the solution, albeit in my own small way.  I'm so upset.  Time to turn this bad energy, this deep-seated feeling I've had for so long that something was very wrong, into a good thing.  Good conquers evil!!!!   

    • Tamra says:

      If citizens of United States could organize, refuse to pay taxes, Start a National Party, Stop our taxes from going to the Federal Reserve (keep funds national and stop interest on debt) and stop payments to the Vatican (yes, large part of our taxes goes to Vatican) (See Karen Hudes Whistle Blower On World Bank Video). Other Countries could do the same STOP Global BANKS From Controlling. NOT SURE PUBLIC WILL EVER UNDERSTAND IN TIME. VERY EVIL SYSTEM of NWO Illuminati (Satan Worshipers Demonic Controlled Group). God Bless Creation! 

  42. Deb Buckler says:

    So I guess old Bil Gates was right when he said they were spraying to protect us from Global warming. Well we have alot to think about, that's for sure. There's almost 20 million people who visit Dane's site here, so if that many people read this article…there HAS to be some "fall-out" from that many people knowing the truth. We aren't going to die tomorrow. Probably not for the next few years. We still have bills to pay and obligations to meet. But we can sure do alot of soul searching and getting our spiritual ducks in a row.  Alot can change in 10 or even 20 years…..maybe for the good. Trying to stay positive here……..not easy.  I hope and pray that Dane is careful and has some good guardian angels.

    • stephen langley says:

      The "old Bill Gates" rationale has nothing to do with protecting "us" !  It has to do with protecting him and his cohorts in this madness !  If it were about us, then even one life would not be an acceptable price to pay for their insane plan to 'save the planet"… rather, they've accepted 2 billion human lives as an acceptable cost… which really means they'll accept as many as it takes so that 'they' survive… of course, they will need their servants and workers to maintain their 'breakaway civilization'.  Gates, the Rockefellers, et al are psychopaths who consider themselves above the human family.

  43. Robo Sapien says:

    What is really messed up is I have designed systems (for my my own curiosity- I am into enclosed systems) which could thrive indefinitely underground. This is where life really first evolved, underground, not the seas. No matter what happens to the surface 600 meters down it will remain 90 degrees for a billion years. Energy is independent of the sun. With geothermal energy and unlimited water that is in the crust it is conceivable for an underground civilization to exist an indeterminate number of years underground if enough technology exists at the beginning to perpetuate itself.  When one factors hydroponic technology and when one realizes all plants simply "eat" inorganic metal salts you can envision how the parasite rulers of today fantasize about their paradise underground they built with our money our blood. It could not be more clear to me now. It explains the total lack of regard for any type of monetary controls. EVERYTHING IS LIES, THAT BOGUS JOB REPORT THEY PUT OUT TODAY SO THEY CAN RAISE INTEREST RATES. I just want to scream because there is nothing I hate worse than being lied to, now all those poor countries who got loans during the economic crisis will have to pay interest in dollars. O the maddening scope of  al this depravity and a select few of the evil ones believe they can escape or will escape because they have collected scraps of digital currency, pure insane junk. Seneca once wrote, homo lupus est homini translation how man is wolf to man. I am sick with anger and pain, I am sick I tell you. All parts of a man are being degraded by these monsters I tell you I would rather us all die than the undeserving progeny of these monsters like Ted Turner or the Rothchild's survive to see another day. I for one will not let them retreat to safety when the wheels come off the train, I hope there are billions like me. We all are going down with the ship if this ship called humanity is going down. I resign myself to going out fighting, I dont care much for hopelessness so I will fight these fools until the bitter end… let Hercules do what he may, the cat wil mew and this dog will have his day.

  44. Joe caddy says:

    In my opinion money is a tool and medium of exchange and can never be the base of a sustainable economy.a necessary tool in whatever form. Our real base or foundation is our resource base[ clean air water soil and sun moon and stars,]and includes our knowledge ,technology,and our relationships with each other and the universe of which we are a part. No part is greater than the whole .and in my opinion the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

  45. Kent says:

    President Clinton exposed the many experiments carried out on the American people in secret, which included germ test in the subway, radiation test and the inhumane syphilis test on Blacks in Tuskagee. He said it was wrong.

    If this test is good for the American people why are they treated like Mushrooms (kept in the dark and fed on bs?

    Today US cities are so radioactive it is a wonder why no one is taking any action.

    • Earth Angel says:

      Kent, The Clintons, like the Bush family, are some of the worst offenders in modern history. The Bush's have ties to nazi Germany and the long, long list of skeletons in the Clinton closet include every kind of crime imaginable. It has been said that Bill may well be the illegitimate son of a Rockefeller- which would go a long way in explaining his (and Hillary's) arrogance and attitude that they are 'untouchable' for all their crimes; and indeed to date they so far seem to have been. All are thoroughly disgusting excuses for human beings. It would be wonderful if we never had to see or hear from ANY of them again.

  46. Tim says:

    The fact that Deep Shield killed himself makes you wonder how much more he knew and how really dire it all is. Obviously, being on the inside and seeing this horror show from the front seat was enough to cause this man to say "enough for me".

    • Marc says:

      "Deep Shield" was "suicided" by covert agents of the federal government. This is a tactic used by government to silence those who they have determined to be a liability on some level.

  47. carol freiberg says:

    I have to agree with Judy. If people actually had to live with the repercussions of their polluting, and ravaging of the earths natural systems, they would realize they MUST change their ways or die as a result of their actions. I think the fact we are treated as though we wouldn't make the necessary changes, if we were exposed to the truth, is a bit presumptuous. I, for one, would give up EVERY modern convenience if it meant the survival of our Mother. 

    • stephen langley says:

      I feel most of us would give up all those things that are destroying Life… but where are the alternatives ?  Answer:  locked away in vaults, kept from us so 'they' can maintain their power.  And we're locked into economic slavery (for the benefit of a few) which keeps us with our heads down scrambling to get by and without the time for the creativity to move in sustainable directions towards freedom for all.

  48. Rick Sacks says:

    For the good of mankind.  How to serve man.  Please waiter, I asked for barium fibers, not strontium nano particles. What kind of restaurant is this.  If this was a sci-fi script, Twilight Zone would reject it for lacking credibility.  At this point we have been lied to so much that it's difficult to believe anything.  Many people believe this is just another layer in the onion of fabrication. All I care about are the non human animals and plants. 
    As usual the comment section brings out the best. Judy is a precog.  Loved the line , "whenever I hear the line " people will panic" that is a code for…if people know the truth my personal power and wealth will be trashed."  

  49. Bruce Wallace says:

    I suffered from a pneumonia like illness when an infant living in the SF Bay area, most likely a result of military spraying tests conducted at that time.  Being a lifelong seeker of "truth" has torn me asunder at times over the years now to find myself flabbergasted beyond belief.

  50. David Sussock says:

    What a read…..  Susan is correct on her comments about New Zealand where I live . NZ however has the highest skin cancer rates in the world due to high UV levels . I had my first skin cancer diagnosed at 38 years. All the best everyone (:

  51. Like so many other people who have precognitive visions, I have felt this was the Truth for the last 30 years. We were coming to the close of a Cycle of Time. In 1989 build my own underground – a 50 foot in diameter concrete geodesic dome with a thick atomic-bomb vault door, but standing in the place alone I heard the words “Your Tomb.” I never went back down there. Traveling across the country I have 'seen' the buildings in Seattle shake until the glass cascaded down into the streets and Seattle underneath a giant Tsunami. From the window of an airplane I saw Phoenix as a dried up ghost town of sand. I have frantically searched for answers for so many years, but the brilliant courage of Dana Wignington has brought my search into the final focus.

    I hope that some of the arrogant elite who think they know what is good for us are reading this, because I want to tell them loud and clearly that what they have done is beyond WRONG, what they have done is a sin, a great crime against humankind. They should be ashamed, deeply and profoundly ashamed to have so little faith and trust in us, we the people. I find their actions despicable.

    A few years back when all the talk about the elite building undergrounds was freely circulating the internet, there were also stories that the Chinese and the Russians had built numerous undergrounds for their own people. It was rumored that Russia was building undergrounds even in Moscow. But not in the United States. No, we are violent animals who cannot be trusted. So we were dumbed-down, our schools ruined, our food & water poisoned with endocrine-disrupting chemicals and preservatives that slowly eroded our intelligence, and our bodies doused with useless meds. We were herded into propaganda programing on the TV, the internet, iPads and smart phones – programming that confused and left us numbed, our brains in the shallows, confused, ignorant and helpless. You have extracted our hard earned money through deceitful taxation that favors corporations. You have directed wealth into the hands of the few via the international banksters, the Vampire Squid, who have control over super-computers and access to high-frequency trading. You destroyed the middle class in America – our backbone of hope. You destroyed the dreams of the young who jobless, moved back home to live with their impoverished parents.

    Could you not have imagined that we as human beings would have been willing to make great sacrifices? That we would have slowly with time adjusted to the terrifying Truth, that the elderly would have gently made way for the survival of the youth. Don’t you know that we all long to be heroes? What is in your black hearts that you could not have faith in us? And you have not understood Mother Nature at all — she would have have restored and re-balanced our beloved planet without the interference of your obviously inadequate super-computer equations that have allowed you to play God and shoot up the Ionosphere, likely making things far worse as you have done, time and again. No, I cannot forgive you. I don’t feel you did what was best. Instead I judge you – for you have sinned against Nature and humankind. Perhaps God will forgive you, but I do not. We deserved a better chance. You will have to live with that.

    • This paper explains a lot of things.
      Now we know where all the missing trillions have gone, as reported on September 10, 2001 by Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in that ridiculous moment when Rumsfeld said, “We cannot track $2.3 trillion dollars.” Huh? Remember? A shocker.
      “The military cannot count for 25% of what it spends.”
      Oh well, maybe on Project Shield?
      “We know its gone, but we don’t know what they spent it on.”
      “Books are cooked routinely year after year.”
      Yes, covering planet Earth with chemtrails gets expensive.

      In New Zealand it often occurred to me that Big Pharma (who destroyed my mother) was ‘drugging’ America so that when the moment came to head for their undergrounds in their Lear Jets, we would be too sick and passive to stop them. However, knowing the way the Laws of Dharma work, meaning how God balances everything out, I would not want to be them. I’de rather die with the innocent than live with the 1%. The meek shall inherit the earth. Not the arrogant fat-cat greedy elite.

    • Well written. May our Heavenly Father and His Son bless you.

    • Marc says:

      Palms together for this post, Susan. Brought tears to my eyes. You see with uncommon wisdom what game has been played all around us to bring us to this forlorn place.

  52. SL says:

    Making me wonder whether all those recent wars is an attempt by the global elite to distract the attention of the masses from the reality of the ecological catastrophe?…. The environmental propaganda in the East is identical to the one we get in the West, trying to confuse the populations… 99.9% of my friends in the U.S., do not want to hear about geoengineering, however, I feel it's my responsibility to, at least, try to bring up the topic of purifying the air at home and filtering drinking water. Even then, most friends respond that the water coming out of the faucet is pure enough, and, the air at home is clean (because If it was not the case, the authorities would have told them). We have about 40 plants in our house and a couple of air filters. I know the nano particles are too small, but, having plants at home, water and air filters is better than nothing. At this point, it looks like most people I know have heard about geoengineering (from various sources, including my reposts of gw articles on FB), and, the vast majority chose to ignore the issue. I pray for the best possible outcome of this situation. 

    • Rob says:

      Yes, the subject is consistently ignored. I stick to the most relevant and unavoidable facts – skyrocketing Alzheimer's and autism rates, 95% decline in pelagic fish populations, exponential Arctic ice decline, cascading methane expulsion from hydrate deposits along the East Siberian Arctic Shelf. I keep it sharp and specific, so that the message pops in and stays there, even if they don't want to hear it.

  53. talawanda says:

    It is unfortunate that scientists are not alternative healing doctors. Why? Because then they would understand the necessity for UVB rays. These are the most important for the human Vitamin D, and D3 levels.  Without those important sunrays, which are the best and most natural for the body, are being literally cut off on purpose. Therefore, even those who suffer from cancer don't stand a snowballs chance in hell of getting beneficial help to the body. That all important nutritional value is just not the same in pill form. Neither will milk assist, because of ultrapasturization, in which any and all natural vitamin D is boiled out, and replaced but a synthetic that cannot be absorbed by our cells.  (See Dr. Mercola dot com for further information, and subscribe to The Vitamin D Counsel newsletters, to be fully informed.). Ending, I'll say this…rickets are only one disease associated with the lack of real Vitamin D. There are many cures that include D and D3. A friend of my daughter-in-law was being treated for Cancer. Her coven of fruitloops treating her kept telling her that taking vitamins would interfere with her Chemo treatments. How sad it was when she darn near died from a secondary infection, and had -0- Immune response.  This IS a major reason why D and D3 are so important. D IS the Sunshine Vitamin, or UVB rays.  Hopefully, you'll ALL see a connection here. Even teeth and bones are all about getting it naturally, not from a synthetic pill!

  54. MS says:

    Spraying over the Sacramento region has increased to exponentially disgusting proportions in the last few days.  As a teacher I have to watch as our children walk and play amongst the increasingly polluted sky.  It breaks my heart.  As an educator I see the lack of knowledge, the destruction of true public education, and the systemic failure that will catch up with us in short order.  The planet is dying along with our ability to think critically, speak truthfully, and live honestly.  All while we are distracted by our vanity and stupidity.  The local media here is a sham, as it is nationally.  Instead of real journalism and true education of the public, we care far more about murder, death, war, fantasy football, tweets, lying politicians, and Facebook updates.  We are drowning in our own ignorance and denial.  We are not on a slippery slope, we are on a full down hill skid that is picking up speed everyday.  WAKE UP!  LOOK UP!  SPEAK UP!  And god bless people like Dane Wigington for showing us what a real true person for others looks like.  It is going to get very bleak unless we are start living for each other and the only Mother Earth we have.  Science teachers need to wake up the next generation.  I'm strongly considering moving my career path in that direction as an educator.  I was taught to think critically.  People who refuse to think critically about this dire situation fall back on two words: "Conspiracy Theory" as my local CBS 13 station did in its recent interview of Dane.  It is time to lock arms as human beings and start having a truthful movement towards world peace and sustainability.  Sitting on the sidelines is no longer an option.  

    • Marc says:

      I have felt this same heartbreak that you felt for your school children, but in my case it was for my granddaughter in London. My daughter sent me a photo of the little one running in a green field in one of London's many beautiful parks. But in the sky above her were two sprayed trails which neither my daughter nor my granddaughter were aware of. When I saw this pic the poignancy of our predicament filled me with tears and emotion. What possible kind of life is my little granddaughter going to have with such heartless mayhem perpetrated the world over?

    • Rob says:

      Hi MS,

      I checked NASA's Worldviewer:


      Looks like you had rough skies for the 5th and 8th (though the image here is a snapshot only). Over the UK and Europe we've had some horrible trails. Check out France on the 7th!



  55. Nicole says:

    This is just great. Well, I have some additional questions for Mr. Deep Shield.

    Why didn’t we jail the military when it became obvious that war contributes exponentially to the destruction of ozone?
    Why didn’t we jail Monsanto when it became obvious that RoundUp contributes exponentially to the destruction of ozone?
    Why didn’t we jail the nuclear regulatory commission after Chernobyl? After Fukushima? Why do we continue to make nuclear reactors when it is obvious they contribute exponentially to ozone destruction?
    Why didn’t we jail our government when it became obvious they would not stop supporting big oil, the burning of which contributes exponentially to ozone destruction?
    Why didn’t we jail the plastic industry when it became obvious that plastic was not a good trade for ozone?

    Please. Don’t tell me about the mistakes of common human beings, when the entire shit-hole is being intentionally led right down the drain by those we have been forced to trust – who have spent the past 100 years calculating just exactly how much chemical it would take to bail us out of a mess they created. This is a clear cut case of pre-meditated murder.

    • r says:

      Why!??   Because the masses are asses – they will get what's coming to them.   ((But))  we awoken will also suffer from their stupidity.

    • Lucretia Smith says:

      Right on Nicole.  Thanks for all your great comments.  Don't forget chlorine, every drop also destroys our ozone layer.  I don't believe one word of the crap this guy spewed out his mouth.  I bet you he believes it though or that he is one of the most evil sick bastards there is on this earth… feeding us bulls__t and expecting us to believe it.  Well crap on him.

    • Dennie Mehocich says:

      We need to FIND the assholes and publish a list of their names, where they work,and what they do.

  56. william says:


    • Rob says:

      Totally agree, William. They need mass disclosure. We can deal with the fallout from that afterwards, but right now we need seven billion minds to think of a solution.

  57. Bonnie Morgan says:

    So our planet is dying … Then is the spraying helping or hindering our demise? It is still hot everywhere from what I hear from people back east   And here in Hawaii and it's November .

  58. vcragain says:

    How can they possibly do this ? This is so mind-boggling I am speechless !   Now we know why we suddenly heard no more about the ozone layer once the big panic happened back in the 70's – 80's all went quiet as tho we now had it resolved. Only now we know they were just getting going on the bigger picture ! So instead of having a big public discussion of what we had to do to fix our global problems when they started to happen, they just decide to let everybody go blindly onward keeping up their corporate earnings, while deciding secretly that they would just 'fix' the atmosphere with chemicals and hope the problem could be controlled – just hope mind you – no certainty of anything. Now we know why we suddenly took a look at Mars ? I bet if it was habitable the wealthy would be planning to take off and leave the rest of us to die off. So now we just sit here and wait to see how long we have to live ?  Flabbergasted is the only word to describe how I feel !

  59. Michael Arden Yows says:

    ….Still unjustified due to manner of employment (dark ops) and lack of legitimate research….just because people (those in higher office) that think they know say yes when in fact they are are not that privy makes no sense….still decided by a so called elite group (bullshit) at the the cost of research and development for the entire planet and all nations….and if it was that f**king important we should all have been told about it….not now then…cost of materials-massive…..health implications are beyond scope…..back to the blackboard….terraforming…..that's brilliant….for what species ….

  60. iluvmyearth says:

    thank you for the enlightening information

  61. Constant Walker says:

    If the rationale detailed in this article is indeed what's at-work in the geo-engineering program, and the scale of the program and the determination of those directly involved are as described, is it really at-all sensible to expect that any "critical-mass of awareness" (even if such an abstract notion is actually reachable) will or can have the effect of halting these activities? There is after-all already a substantial preponderance of evidence showing that the "global" institutional arrangement that is deploying the machinery of geo-engineering is not really responsive to "public opinion"….is in-fact configured and operated precisely to rule out the wishes of the muddled masses, however loudly and massively expressed, as a factor in the decision-making system and its processes.

    Here in Indian Country a combination of conditions like that would be a compelling impetus to let go of a 'strategy' already proving woefully ineffective, and to sit in the Council Circle together until something more likely to be beneficially and specifically responsive to the problematical conditions 'occurred' to us. Our artificially "individual"-ized domesticated Human relatives are unfortunately trapped in a linear construct that is specifically designed and built and run to deprive them of that holistic organic option.

    Meanwhile, even if the doom proclaimed by this "insider" is by-now unavoidable, as the Planet-wasting "civilization" disease process reaches its terminal state, us surviving Free Wild Natural "Communities" of Free Wild Natural Persons will suffer a whole lot less than will our atomized and fear-ridden tame Sisters and Brothers….left with nothing but vain and futile attempts to "save" their own too-precious sickening "self." We will just keep on fulfilling as best we can our Human Organic Function in Earth's Living Arrangement as a component of Her immune system….come-what-may and right to THE END however "bitter."

  62. lori flynn says:

    what to do next? continue fighting chemtrails? was this guy indoctrinated to believe in the science behind it? with rogue sprayers controlling weather for the wealthy, wouldn't that compromise this sensitive work of maintaining this dome?  all sounds dismal at best.  seems like there is an awful lot of manipulation going on beyond just creating this dome to allow just the right amount of sunlight and UV.  and if what he says is true, i think the world should know so that we can all work as diligently as we can to stop carbon pollution. we have the technology!  we only have one earth. 

  63. Nigel says:

    Wow. Like you said Dane, he was obviously convinced that he was part of the solution, and not part of the problem. It would seem prudent for not only the US, but all nations to get off coal and all fossil fuels. The sheer number of jets spraying-with the accompanying jet fuel exhaust would seem like a negative net gain..

  64. larry says:

    I have a degree in biochemistry….Was an M.D. but a natural path eventually…..Took decades of system rage directed to break me……Meaning I rejected most orthodox approaches/remedies…

    Majority conform to the path of least resistance and easy monies……The allopathic method delivered on a continual basis keeps the host alive a while longer in a declining sick state…..Save the patient while killing their health…Man has a disease in his soul…The biblical sense of soul…
    None of this shocks me…Most MD's had to be sociopaths also in order to sell that grand scam as well…
    All for a nice pension in the Bahamas….
    So tragic…beta version 2 of human anyone?

  65. THANK YOU, Dane. Not knowing is worse and leads to so many stupid lies, the age of confusion. So now we know.

    “Correcting the ecological damage that mankind has done has NEVER BEEN DONE BEFORE. We are relatively new to this notion of terraforming on a real scale. That is what we are doing, Terraforming. We are trying to recreate the ideal life-sustaining conditions on a dying planet. We have never done this before, not intentionally. We are testing and trying different methods. Granted, if we do nothing 89% of all species will go extinct and humanity stands a high chance of not surviving through two more generations (or less). However the idea of 2 billion casualties death and permanent injury is not easy to swallow either.  …”

    “Due to the severity of the situation it is mandatory to maintain public calm for as long as possible. The Earth is dying. Humanity is on the road to extinction – without the Shield mankind will die off with in 20 to 50 years. Most people alive today could live to see this extinction take place. This means that an announcement of the situation we face boils down to telling every man, woman and child on earth that they have no future, they are going to be killed. People would panic. There would be economic collapse…”

    No wonder they just keep printing money. It doesn’t matter. No wonder so much grand-theft has taken place as the elite confiscate the wealth to build their undergrounds. No wonder they have lied and lied and lied to us… for our own good. Bloody elite ratzoids. Sigh… So first there is a stupifying shock, then blazing anger, then weeping… “The Earth is dying…”  Our Mother Earth will not die, but she will shake off these demons and resurrect her perfect harmony in another era. World without end throughout the cycles of time. The all pervading Creator of all universes remains immutable, imperishable, eternal. We are That.

    • Tamara says:

      Susan, I am feeling the same way. What they have underestimated is the power of the human spirit. If everyone knew the truth collectively we could make a change for the better. We are always at our best when things get bad.

      Economic collapse may be the only thing that saves us. No more production and consumption of toxic crap. No more fuels and emissions. Sure, many people will perish. Overall those that survive will have a habitable planet. The ozone would heal itself and balance will happen in a short time.  Not to mention that all the other species that share this home will be much better off.

      Those of us who are awake should prepare for this time and pray for it's coming.

  66. Ed Bee says:

    I too am speechless as I try to absorb all this. I now understand a liitle better why you are so driven, Dane. God bless you. I pray for you and this dying planet always. I will keep trying to do what good I can with whatever time I have left.

  67. donna says:

    can one escape this insanity and live longer in the Southern Hemisphere?

    • donna — I believe this is true. I have just returned from living in New Zealand for 7 years. There are many factors like the separation of wind & ocean currents in the Northern Hemisphere and the Southern. This will keep radiation – from the nuclear power plants that will become like Fukushima with no electricity – from spreading down there till the end. Certainly there are less people in the Southern Hemisphere, so less pollution. But NZ is also polluted with chemicals. Recall that the Bush family bought 1000s of acres of land in S. America years ago. Large acres of land in New Zealand, especially on the more remote & cold South Island, have been selling to foreigners for the last 10 years or so – to Russians, Americans, the English, and now the Chinese. There is gated community in the Far North, the warmest part of NZ. Also Dane told me that NZ was better off because of its proximity to Antarctica which is keeping NZ cool. There is a HAARP at Pine Gap in OZ. And in the Bay of Islands NZ, where I lived was sprayed twice a day, but there are only 4.5 million people in NZ, so not many planes. You may wonder why I came back to the states…I was homesick for Americans. New Zealanders don't like Americans – no one does anymore. I am nearing 70 and didn't want to die with strangers. I chose to come home and maybe help. If I had children, I might feel differently. Many have already gone to Costa Rica and Ecuador, etc.

  68. russ says:

    Im speechless——worse I cant imagine. Where do we go from here?

  69. Mala Na Colove says:

    What a heavy burden of knowledge to have carried for 10 years. I now completely understand your ever mighty resolve to expose it.
    I'm beside myself, speechless.

    • Judy says:

      It is time to thank all of our big brothers for shrouding us in secrecy for our own  good…Like Hell ! His inflated importance, at knowing all this,  strikes me as the height of ignorance, evil, self importance and world destruction.. He has bought hook line and sinker that he and other elites should decide what is good for billions of people..Oh, by the way, I'm sure he and his cohorts have some kind of back up plan or are compensated royally for their "altruistic service to mankind" Does it not occur to this person who believes the planet is dying because of human activity, that allowing them to feel the natural effects of Global Warming might be a rather huge motivator? Why would you hide it if so? He says, the masses will all panic and wreck the economy. No sir, I beg to differ. If people could flat out get the truth,(if this is the truth)(How would we know when the "Shield " is keeping us from finding out ha ha) it would be the biggest earth shaking unity the world has ever known! People would rise to the occasion believe it or not. .The USA united during WW 2. The world will unite to save the planet. They will live in caves, they will do what they can. The economy worth saving is not the economy of trillions in debt to spray ourselves with crap driving our butts off a cliff all the while providing weather related dividends to the global slave owners. But, it is the economy HE wants to save to perpetuate his own goldfish bowl of stupidity. Let me make it clear, the average lame little law abiding , tax paying human has a heavy investment in the truth. Idiots like this, as much as they want to rationalize otherwise, are only invested in lies.   Whenever I hear "people will panic" that is code for …if people know the truth my personal power and wealth will be trashed.

    • Michael Arden Yows says:

      …..Judy you rock….well said….

    • Dawnski says:

      NOAA:New report finds human-caused climate change increased the severity of many extreme events in 2014
      November 5, 2015
      NOAA’s mission is to understand and predict changes in the Earth's environment, from the depths of the ocean to the surface of the sun, and to conserve and manage our coastal and marine resources. 
      What a crock!!!!! They totally leave out the elephant in the room.

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