The Top Short-Term Threat to Humanity: The Fuel Pools of Fukushima  


A new Documentary by Micheal Murphy, who brought you What in the World Are they Spryaing?
 Why in the world are they spraying?
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For a DAILEY HAARP update and radar revelations of weaponized geoengineering see Dutchsinse.

Fukushima Updates

Congress Demands Drones Over America

earth month

Geoengineering Watch! really wants to know what is going on in this video just below. Anyone
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"Fir3 to the Rain" from Alta Alatis Patent on Vimeo.

This footage recorded February 4, 2012. This video has not visually been altered in any way other than the reduction of film speed to better show multiple object anomalies seen throughout this video and their potential relationship to the "chemtrail" agendas/operations occurring around the globe. This video includes footage from 2 separate times of recording 110 minutes apart.

3-22-2012    90 Degrees in Winter: This Is What Climate Change Looks Like 

3-22-2012 Arctic Methane Emergency Group issues 2nd PLANETARY WaRNING

3-22-2012 BBC News - Attenborough on Global Warming

3-22-2012 Bill Gates backs climate scientists lobbying for large-scale geoengineering

3-22-2012 BBC News - Climate 'tech fixes' urged for Arctic methane

3-22-2012 Executive Order -- National Defense Resources Preparedness | The White House

3-22-2012 Geoengineering and global food supply

3-22-2012 The NSA Is Building the Country’s Biggest Spy Center (Watch What You Say)

3-22-2012 Sir David Attenborough says geo-engineering solutions to climate change are 'fascist'

3-22-2012 Crop yields in a geoengineered climate

3-22-2012 Concept of Scientific Geo-engineering to artificially cool the Earth is discussed by the UN

3-22-2012 Patent 4704942 Charged Aerosol Abstract November 10, 1987 Note Items of Interest

3-4-2012 Investors Trading On Weather - YouTube

3-4-2012 Billionaires back controversial geoengineering methods

3-4-2012 haarp/chemtrail info

3-4-2012 Explosive WTC 7 Evidence Lights Up TV Screens Nationwide

3-4-2012 Patrick Lynch Gives a Chemtrail Presentation – 26th January, 2012 – Bournemouth, UK | Sovereign Independent UK

2-18-2012 Why in the World are They Spraying Trailer



2-13-2012 Geoengineering Policy Fellowships Offered by Belfer Center's Energy Technology Innovation Policy Research Group at Harvard Kennedy School - Harvard - Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs

2-13-2012 ALUMINUM

2-13-2012 Health Effects from Cell Phone Tower Radiation

2-13-2012 A Swarm of Nano Quadrotors - YouTube

2-13-2012 December 6, 2011 by Greg Palast - About the Program:    Greg Palast presents his investigation of the BP oil spill and talks about the corruption he says permeates the oil industry, the financial sector, and government.  This event, held at the Silver Spring Civic Building in Maryland, is hosted by WPFW (Pacifica Radio).     

2-13-2012 PATENT- System, method and apparatus for ground-based manipulation and control of aerial vehicle during nonflying operations

2-13-2012 PATENT: Un-Manned Avionics

2-13-2012  Chemtrails Forecast 2-9-2012 Florida nad 

2-13-2012 Chemtrails Pumped inside Commercial Jets Could Poison Passengers and Crew 

2-13-2012  Chemtrails and Scalar Forces at Work in Last April's Tornado Swarm ---2012?

2-13-2012 Chemtrails and Punch-Hole clouds infect Gainesille Skies

2-13-2012 Chemtrails Investigator Cliff Carnicom Announces Method to "Cure"Morgellons Superbug

2-13-2012 PTSD, Marijuana and the Atlantic Magazine, Salem-News, 20120210

2-13-2012 Chemtrails Forum presented by Patrick Lynch FreeTruth Radio, UK

2-13-2012 ALERT:  Harvard Contracts with David Keith to Produce Geoengineering/Chemtrail Lobbyists

2-13-2012 Agenda 21 attack on property rights: California ONE BAY AREA

2-13-2012 NASA Admits Trimethylaluminum Rocket Dumps in Ionosphere - YouTube

2-13-2012 New Harvard School of Geoengineering (David Keith) - YouTube

2-13-2012 Egyptians Call for National Strike and Civil Disobedience Marking Mubarak's Downfall

2-13-2012 Occupy vs. Monsanto: Activists, Farmers Fight the Corporation They Fear Will Take Over All America's Crops

2-13-2012 Have Bees Become Canaries In the Coal Mine? Why Massive Bee Dieoffs May Be a Warning About Our Own Health

2-13-2012 Saturday, February 11, 2012 Chemtrails- They are still knocking the bottom out!! 

2-13-2012 Occupy Movement Regroups, Preparing for Its Next Phase2-13-2012 Occupy vs. Monsanto: Activists, Farmers Fight the Corporation They Fear Will Take Over All America's Crops Censored

2-13-2012 Peoples Liberation Front Press Release - Commander X Escapes

2-13-2012 Monsanto Watch

1-31-12  Chemtrail plane crashes at Pt Magu? (older) 

1-31-12 911 - Press for Truth (full movie)

1-31-12 Compilation of 911 sites...100 or more

1-31-12 NATIONAL SECURITY ALERT - 9/11 PENTAGON ATTACK – Witness accounts

1-31-12 Was Extra Equipment Attached To Flight 175? (The plane that struck the south Twin Tower on 9/11)

1-31-12 9/11: Explosive Evidence - Experts Speak Out, Full-length, Pre-Release-v1.3; Low-Res.

1-30-12  Illuminati and 2012

1-30-12 President Obama Mentions An Energy Company In His Big Speech And It Goes Bankrupt Instantly 

1-30-12 Morgellons Disease Likely Psychological, CDC Finds

1-30-12 CDC Releases Study on Strange, Parasitic-Like Disease

1-30-12 CDC Study Finds Fibers Aren’t Cause of Morgellons

1-30-12 Sovereigns Declare War on U.S. Dollar



1-30-12  A Survivalist Basement Survival Storage Food - 1 of 2 For When SHTF 

1-30-12 The Survival Summary

1-30-12 Undercover police had children with activists

1-30-12 USS Enterprise being used as a False Flag?

1-30-12 Groups sue over Navy sonar use off Northwest coast - Yahoo! News

1-30-12 BBC News Channel - HARDtalk, David Keith, environmental scientist

1-30-12 Lines in the Sky Great Yarmouth Sunday Morning 31st July 2011.wmv

1-30-12 David Keith on the BBC HARDtalk Show Geo-Engineering BBC Host - Stephen Sackur - YouTube

1-30-12 Global Dimming      : Information Clearing House -  ICH

1-13-12 Some GeoWatch! naysayers thought this was a fake

1-13-12 While consumers shop, U.S. descends into planned financial implosion that favors corporate elite 

1-13-12 The Chemtrail Business

1-13-12 Real Climate is Concerned about Methane. Should YOU Be?

1-13-12  Don't look now, but the FBI may have fibbed about seeking cell phone monitoring technology 

1-13-12 FBI pushes to classify undercover animal abuse investigations as 'terrorism'

1-13-12 Alaska & Arctic Issues 

1-13-12 Planetary Emergency Declared: Methane

1-13-12 Carrots in the car park. Radishes on the roundabout.
The deliciously eccentric story of the town growing ALL its own veg

1-13-12 Incredible Edible: Todmorden's local food revolution

1-13-12 NASA- Aircraft contrails contribute to global warming

1-13-12 NASA Study links smog to arctic warming

1-13-12 NASA Study- Hazy jet trails may heat up the debate on global warming

1-7-12 Fairfax,CA to become a  Chemtrail-Free Zone-- Town Council Mtg- Jan 11, 2012-7:00 --Agenda  (doc or PDF) item #16 REGULAR FAIRFAX TOWN COUNCIL MEETING      Fairfax Women’s Club, 46 Park Road       Wednesday, January 11, 2012, at 7:00 p.m.

16.  Adoption of Resolution No. 12-07, a Resolution of the Town Council of the Town of Fairfax declaring Fairfax a Chemtrail-Free Zone – Mayor Pam Hartwell-Herrero

1-3-12 How Congress is signing it's own arrest warrant (GEOWATCH- Actuallly Treason carries a death penalty).

12-30-11 Fuck the Police

12-30-11 The Doomsday vault agenda

12-30-11  Debate Persists on Deadly Flu Made Airborne -

12-30-11 How the feds fueled the militarization of police 

12-30-11 Why is There Arsenic in Our Chicken? 

12-30-11 50 Economic Numbers From 2011 That Are Almost Too Crazy To Believe,

12-30-11 How to handle police encounters in a police state

12-24-11 Lawman Richard Mack Tells Sheriffs: You Can Fight NWO at County Level

12-24-11 Haliburton  now preparing detention facilities for you

12-24-11 Lead Metal Books are earliest Christian gospels, connected to the Book of Revelations

12-24-11 Obama justifies indefinate detention

12-24-11 THRIVE 

12-24-11 Great Govt UFO film....they wish they probably never made

12-24-11 the TIPPING POINT (small world radio)

12-8-11  Public Hearing On Proposal To Ban Geoengineering, Suffolk County, NY Part 1 <>
 Public Hearing On Proposal To Ban Geoengineering, Suffolk County, NY Part 2 <
 Public Hearing On Proposal To Ban Geoengineering, Suffolk County, NY Part 3 <>
 Public Hearing On Proposal To Ban Geoengineering, Suffolk County, NY Part 4 <>

12-8-11 video Dec 6 Suffolk County Public Hearing to ban geoengineering

12-7-11 SRM

12-7-11 THE RETURN OF DEBTORS PRISONS: Collection Agencies Now Want Deadbeats Arrested And Sent To The Big House

12-7-11 Chemistry in the Clouds: Impacts of Aerosols on Climate Change 

12-7-11 Idea of civilians using drone aircraft may soon fly with FAA -

12-7-11  Los Angeles makes a bid to end corporate personhood (which is treason)

12-7-11 New Bill Allows Military To Detain You Indefinitely

12-7-11 Carriers Admit to Installing Hidden App

12-7-11 The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative - YouTube

12-7-11 My Morgellons video

12-7-11 Chester Progressive legal notices for the week of 11/16/2011  PG&E Weather Modification Notice - Northern CA  October 1, 2011

12-7-11  Note from Andrew Aluminum Release

12-7-11 Unprecedented Legislation Raises Awareness of Geoengineering | New York City | United States | Epoch Times

11-27-11 The Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiative - YouTube

11-27-11 Malls track shoppers' cell phones on Black Friday - Nov. 22, 2011

11-27-11 Occupy COP 17

11-27-11 Air Pollution Loophole Challenge

11-27-11 Today's 11-27-2011 USA Chemtrail Forecast for Destructive Climate Geoengineering and Warming via Jet Aircraft Aerosols

11-27-11 ChemTrail Truck Spraying DDT on Community in 1960

11-27-11 THE RETURN OF DEBTORS PRISONS: Collection Agencies Now Want Deadbeats Arrested And Sent To The Big House

11-17-11 Nano Chemtrails, by Will Thomas

11-17-11 The most powerful Occupation you will see this month

11-17-11 This just sent to geowatch from an arizona resident: You might know this already ~ blood analysis for Al and Ba was reported extremely high for me and others who have been tested.
I went a few step further to see what the full metal screening would indicate via "provoked urine analysis".
This where (calcium) EDTA is used / injected to provoke metals from blood and tissue.
My report was high aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead and uranium ~ and a few other elements.
I am using medical grade calcium EDTA in IV chelation therapy with good results.
Calcium EDTA can be used to chelate in several forms ~ as a capsule or suppository.
Magnesium EDTA is used also but is slightly more stressful to the renal system.
I suspect that the chemtrail metals are related to morgellons, I am guessing to this as a possible point in fact.
When we repeatedly (duplicated scientific analysis) find aluminum, barium and so on in our air particulates, sediment and in human medical analysis ~ it become crystal clear we have a related/connected problem on our hands. This looks like a link to frequency control of the human population via high frequency elements in saturated form in our bodies. Strange stuff and almost incomprehensible  but true nevertheless.
As you know al and ba present specific life threatening human health impact, cadmium speak loudly as human carcinogen.

11-17-11 Timothy Bauer-See Power Point Presentation

11-17-11 White House Science Czar John P Holdren now admits that they have been “testing” the manipulation of Earth’s atmosphere

11-17-11 Geoengineering: Destroying the Atmosphere

11-17-11 Batten Down

11-17-11  Sceptics told they'd be 'foolish' to ignore potential of geoengineering - The Ecologist

11-15-11 11/14/20111- Modis Satellite images Region 7 Comment: Massive Chemtrails ops with thumb-print clouds (electromagnetoc Flux) in a line to the Southwest from N.C., TN, AK and further to the SW. The several hundred miles over-the-horizon extent of this observation effectively rules ground-based source but is consistent with EMF applied by high energy scalar source above the troposphere. The Hi Res image reveals aerosols released in 2 methods 1) atmospheric "dumps" (Morph clouds) and 2) Persistent jet trails. Differences in appearance, tone, color and reflectivity of each method is evidence that the composition of dumps is a formulation differentiated from what is observed by releases from persistent trails sprayed by jet aircraft. Since biological warfare agents can be colorless and invisible, it's presumed that toxins can be dumped by any class of aircraft or rocket without complaint by typical "chemtrail" observers. If bio-toxins are eventually added to any method of visible aerosols as a test by a different government agency, the public would not necessarily be notified or have any new reason to seek protective gear, including nano-filter masks. Lo Res Hi Res:

11-15-11 In 2008, a KSLA news investigation found that a substance that fell to earth from a high altitude chemtrail contained high levels of Barium (6.8 ppm) and Lead (8.2 ppm) as well as trace amounts of other chemicals including arsenic, chromium, cadmium, selenium and silver. Of these, all but one are metals, some are toxic while several are rarely or never found in nature. The newscast focuses on Barium, which its research shows is a “hallmark of chemtrails.” KSLA found Barium levels in its samples at 6.8 ppm or “more than six times the toxic level set by the EPA.” The Louisiana Department of Environmental Quality confirmed that the high levels of Barium were “very unusual,” but commented that “proving the source was a whole other matter” in its discussion with KSLA.

11-15-11 Weather Modification -radioshow and event -Rosalind Peterson will be special guest on call Nov 19th 6-8pmOur event is online on facebook; Another link off facebook is through; -and go to BLUE SKIES NOW

11-15-11 Alex Jones is focused on Geoengineering.

11-15-11 Chemtrails & Hole-Punch Clouds Over Gainesville Florida

11-15-11 Startseite - Climate Engineering - Kiel Earth Institute

11-15-11 BBC News - Hardtalk - Geo-engineer: 'We're using air as a waste dump for CO2'

11-9-11 Why in the World are They Spraying Trailer

11-7-11 Massive Chem Trails in the Midwest

11-7-11 Indiana Trailing

11-7-11 KMIR6 Reports: Geoengineering the Skies - May 26, 2011 - YouTube

11-7-11 Alert Declared Due To Leak At San Onofre Power Plant |

11-7-11 Sceptics told they'd be 'foolish' to ignore potential of geoengineering - The Ecologist

11-7-11 Aluminum Vapor Release in the Upper Atmosphere.

11-7-11 Scientist says 'pie in the sky' engineering won't deal with climate change

11-7-11 GeoEngineering Current Actions | Agriculture Defense Coalition = Geoengineering Presentation by Rosalind Peterson October 23, 2011

11-7-11 Environmental Defense Fund: Extreme Weather: Thank You, Climate Change-They Support Geoengineering

11-7-11 Obama Czar Hides Official IPCC Correspondence from FOIA

11-7-11 amazing interview

11-7-11 Task Force on Climate Remediation Releases Report Calling for Federal Geo-Engineering Research | Bipartisan Policy Center

11-7-11 Geoengineering could lead to cooler tropics | UCAR & NCAR Staff Notes

11-7-11 Central Park left devastated by snow storm with worst damage for 27 years as fears East Coast blackout could last a WEEK

11-7-11 Who would want us to believe AWG is not real?

11-7-11 "snowfall a thing of the past"

11-7-11 Atmospheric Co2 off the charts in 2010

10-13-11 "Whyin the World are They Spraying"- MIKE MURPHY's N E W article!

10-13-11 Germ Warfare #1 Footage of 1931 Chemtrail Plane

10-13-11 Chemtrails Project

10-13-11 Multiple Instrument Studies of Chemical Releases and Heating at Arecibo

10-13-11 With Deaths of Forests, a Loss of Key Climate Protectors


10-13-11 Report: US got secret order to snoop on WikiLeaks

10-13-11 IARPA

10-13-11 Geoengineering Goes Legit

10-13-11 Why the Elites Are in Trouble Email this item

10-13-11 THE GREAT DYING -- The Real Reason Behind Chemtrails

10-13-11 Obama Ordered To Denver Bunker By US Military

10-6-11 THEY WANT US DEAD! – Red Level Alert America

10-6-11 CNN reports on Brown Dwarf heading our way

10-6-11 Development of an Atmospheric Scene Simulation Model

U.S. Patent:  February 6, 1996 - Method of simulating the presence of clouds in a scene
 Abstract  United States Patent 5,489,211
 "...The present invention discloses a method of incorporating at least one copy of a real a cloud into a
 simulated or real two-dimensional scene by extracting the radiance and transmittance from a real cloud;
 converting the radiance and transmittance of the cloud to the radiance and transmittance of a desired
 material such as brass, aluminum, copper, or graphite; adding at least one copy of the resulting cloud to
 the simulated two-dimensional scene; and scaling each cloud in the simulated two-dimensional scene so
 that each cloud appears at a desired location. The present invention uses the Atmospheric Transmission
 Large-Area Analysis System to extract the radiance and transmittance of a real cloud. The present
 invention can also change the infrared image of a cloud by extracting the radiance and transmittance of the
 cloud at one wavelength of light. Changing the material of the cloud is accomplished by using Beer's Law
 to convert the transmittance values to optical depth and recalculating the transmittance using the mass
 extinction coefficient of the desired material. The cloud in the simulated two-dimensional scene can also
 be moved within the scene according to the meteorological conditions or topography of the scene..."
10-6-11 Bipartisan Policy Center-Geoengineering

10-6-11 Geoengineering report

10-6-11 Breaking News—California May Require Labeling of GE Food Products!

10-6-11 Second Wave of Protests Unleashed: Targets the Federal Reserve

10-6-11 Maui residents craft legislation to ban geo-engineering 'chemtrails'

10-6-11 Leuren Moret: US Space shuttle covert mission was chemtrails in space for HAARP

9-29-11 Gainesville News Channel, subscribe on youtube for chemtrail news

9-29-11 India files biopiracy lawsuit against Monsanto, says biotech giant is stealing nature for corporate gain

9-26-11 Government Officials Fleeing DC Link Rats Off A Sinking Ship

9-26-11 exploding H Bombs in space

9-26-11 COnfrontation with police over organic food raid

9-26-11 Government Nuisance Abatement Teams forcing residents to destroy their homes and vacate land

9-26-11 Big Pharma gives little girl cancer

9-26-11Armed troops burn down homes kill children to evict ugandians

9-26-11Busted: Easy Jet - A "Cheap Tickets" Airline Is Caught Spraying Chemtrails Over UK

9-26-11 ChemTrails Why?

9-26-11chemtrails FREEWORLD

9-26-11 OnStar Begins Spying On Customers’ GPS Location For Profit?

9-19-11 DIS information :Give geo- and genetic engineering a fair trial

9-19-11 Dutchsinse channel restored

9-19-11 Tectonic Weaponry: How to Make an Earthquake

9-19-11 Dr ALuminum

9-19-11 Geoengineering trials get under way


9-19-11 Citizens confront police over food raid

9-19-11 Breaking: Architectural Photographer Hired as 9/11 Accomplice Speaks Out; AE911 Truth Refuses to Investigate His Claims

9-19-11 Man-Made Volcano to be Created in Climate Change Experiment - International Business Times

9-19-11 Building 7

9-19-11 geo-engineering trial follows in US slipstream

9-19-11 Clients & Projects | Weather Modification, Inc.

9-19-11 Dr Gabriel Cousens talks about chemtrails and solutions


9-19-11 Forecast, or Plan of ATTACK?

9-7-11 Second giant ice island set to break off Greenland glacier

9-7-11 List of Companies Engaged in Weather Modification, Related Patents, and Much More

9-7-11 Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us With High Levels Of Cesium, Strontium And Plutonium And Will Slowly Kill Millions For Years To Come

9-7-11 14 Conspiracy Theories That The Media Now Admits Are Conspiracy Facts

9-7-11 Fukushima nuclear power plant near 14 fault lines

9-7-11 Want to know about HAARP , VLF, UHF and weather modification? Want to prove it to a non-believer? Here you go!

9-7-11 dutchsinse YOUTUBE account terminated for video explaining HAARP rings / Scalar

9-7-11 Spent nuclear fuel shifted

9-7-11 Calling All Rebels

9-7-11 Areas near Japan nuclear plant may be off limits for decades

9-7-11 Simulation Cesium Map based on data....MUST SEE

9-7-11 Even Goldman Sachs Secretly Believes That An Economic Collapse Is Coming

9-7-11 Fukushima Is Continually Blasting All Of Us With High Levels Of Cesium, Strontium And Plutonium And Will Slowly Kill Millions For Years To Come

9-7-11 Highest Radiation Levels at Fukushima

9-7-11 HAARP < AGENDA 21, Google

9-7-11 Fukushima Updates

8-29-11 CHEMTRAILS 303 (part 3)

8-29-11 Dutch Tracks HAARP with IRENE

8-29-11 Battle for the California Desert

8-29-11 How to Collect Rainwater Sample for Chemtrail Heavy Metal Testing

8-25-11Chemtrails and Scalar Forces at Work in Tornado Swarm of 4-27-201

8-24-11 Did Chemtrails or HAARP Cause the Puzzling Collapse of Earths Upper Atmosphere?

8-22-11 WWIII Started on 9/11 and Chemtrail Pilots Now have 6.5 Billion Enemies

8-22-11 Huge dumps of Aerosols over North Central Florida: Terra and AQUA

8-22-11 AAAR Aerosol conference. IMPORTANT

8-22-11 Ron Paul on Death Camps and Civil Unrest

8-22-11 St. Louis raining Fukushima hot particles: Radiation 178 times normal (video)

8-22-11 Eyewitness News gets exclusive look at deadly sinkhole


8-22-11 RF radiation pulses on PG&E 'smart' meters

8-22-11 Fukushima now radiating everyone: 'Unspeakable' reality


8-22-11 Debra White Plume: Keep out! Radioactive Sacrifice Area Debra White Plume: Keep out! Radioactive Sacrifice Area

8-22-11 Human Barricade Stops India’s Big Ticket Steel Project

8-22-11 Osama bin Laden DNA confirms death, but photos are fake

8-22-11 BREAKING: Post S&P Downgrade, Chicagoans Take to Streets, Demand Arrest of Bankers

8-22-11 Cloud falls out of sky onto ground in UAE

8-22-11 Water Wars-An Update"

8-22-11 USGS literally knocking Earthquakes down a notch = trying to push 6.0′s under the rug

8-22-11 RADNET

8-22-11 Remember Building 7

8-22-11 Nikola Aleksic about GMO and Chemtrails


8-16-11 Chemtrails Produced by Aviation Fuel Laced With Trimethylaluminum?

8-16-11 A Case for Including "Chemtrails" in the Disability Known as "Aerotoxic Syndrome"

8-16-11 Bizarre Chemtrail Spraying over the Gulf of Mexico Captured via Satellite Image 2/27/2011

8-16-11 Whistleblowers Talk at Chemtrails Symposium - THE BELFORT GROUP,

8-16-11 Global Warfare Symposium

8-16-11 Is Chemtrail Barium Contained in Secret STADIS-450 Fuel Additive?

8-16-11 Is Chemtrail Barium Contained in Secret STADIS-450 Fuel Additive?

8-16-11 Monsanto Plans To Sell Sweet Corn In Your Local Supermarket | Fast Company

8-16-11 must see ! HAARP ring and Scalar Square edge CAUGHT ON VIDEO

8-16-11 UK Government Document Suggests the Use Jet Fuel Additives to Produce Chemtrails


8-16-11 Morgellons broadcast channel

8-16-11 CHEMTRAILS PLANNED in 1958? - NASA Document Shows Trimethyaluminum Testing in Jet Engine Combustion

8-16-11 Chemtrails and Scalar Forces at Work in Tornado Swarm of 4-27-2011

8-16-11 US and "Allies" Prepare For War With China

8-16-11 Bizarre Chemtrail Spraying over the Gulf of Mexico Captured via Satellite Image

8-8-11 Most severe HAARP ring caught on radar to date

8-8-11 Six more rain samples laden with metals

8-8-11 MAJOR geoengineering operation offshore by US military and contractors

8-8-11 Orange goo baffles remote Alaska village

8-8-11 1st scientific report on Chemtrails?

8-8-11 Keith Olbermann: Special Comment on the debt deal

8-8-11 Extreme Prejudice - CIA Whistle Blower Susan Lindauer PDX 911/Truth

8-8-11 Dissident US Soldiers May Be in Danger for Refusing to Be Trained to Use Top-Secret Guillotines on Civilians at All US Military Bases Worldwide

8-8-11 Recent Massive Train Transport of Military Equipment Thru US Pacific Northwest

8-4-11 Cold Spell Damages Crops, Causes Deaths

8-4-11 Feds silence scientist over salmon study

8-4-11 Monitoring The Skies

8-4-11 Six more rainwater tests results

8-4-11 CA volcano caught on camera

8-4-11 6 Creepy New Weapons the Police and Military Use To Subdue Unarmed People

8-4-11 I do NOT want Mercy. I want you to JOIN ME

8-4-11 Federal Reserve criminals gave 16 Trillion of your dollars to their buddies

8-4-11 9/11: Inside Story on the Missing Tapes

8-4-11The Extinction Protocol: 2012 and beyond

7-24-11Geoengineering: Scientists Debate Risks Of Sun-Blocking And Other Climate Tweaks To Fight Warming

7-24-11 Dutchsinse: California Pisgah volcanic “event”

7-24-11 Fukushima Building Explosion Restored and Enhanced

7-24-11 High Levels Of Radiation Detected In Northwest Rainwater ALL ALONG!

7-24-11 7/21/2011 -- Heavy Chemtrail activity = severe storms upon US arrival

7-24-11 Chemtrailers, I'm calling you out!

7-20-11 Michael Murphy Weekend

7-20-11 Earth in Crisis

7-20-11 1994 Serge Monast Talk Explaining NASA's Project Blue Beam

7-20-11 Gore Launches Re-Education Project

7-20-11 Alex Jones Talks About The Kick Off Of Bohemian Grove 2011 Today 7/16/11

7-20-11 Bright Orange Skies at 9 P.M.? Michigan & Canada - July 2 & 3, 2011

7-20-11 Dr Perlingieri's latest interview.

7-20-11 Author: U.S. Navy destroying dolphins & whales, attacking Earth’s life frequency

7-20-11 In Midwest, Flutters May Be Far Fewer

7-20-11 Geo-engineering: green versus greed in the race to cool the planet

7-20-11 Sunnyvale: Overnight fogging conducted to kill mosquitoes with West Nile Virus

7-20-11 Secret Presidential Chemtrail Budget Uncovered, Congress Exceeds Billions To Spray Populace Like Roaches

7-20-11 FB I or new Gastapo?

7-20-11 July 13 dawn kickoff of "Operation Bohemian Grove,"

7-20-11 #Operation Bohemian Grove

7-20-11 Derrick Jensen

7-20-11 New Herbicide Suspected in Tree Deaths

7-20-11 California state government allowing timber clear cutting where it is funding watershed restoration

7-20-11 Arnold Gundersen with the latest on the Fukushima meltdowns; a clip of Dr. Caldicott’s speech at the Berlin Chernobyl conference

7-20-11 Joint IPCC Expert Meeting of WGI, WGII, and WGIII on Geoengineering

7-20-11 "Anonymous" hacker: We can shut your website

7-8-11 State of the Ocean Report

7-8-11 The A-HA Moment: are Len Horowitz and Sherri Kane involved in making false accusations against me with the SF branch of FBI?

7-8-11 Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal Synthetic Organisms February 5, 2010 Molecular Kill Switch Included-DARPA Watch.pdf

7-8-11 Sudan: Enough is Enough

6-30-11 HAARP ring FREQUENCY EXPLOSION across midwest

6-29-11 The Olgacom Scandal 2011 The Olgacom Scandal Explained: the connection of New World Order, China, Chemtrails & Big Business

6-29-11 chris-hedges-global-revolution-must-begin-in USA

6-29-11 Community Chemtral Project

6-29-11 May 2011: Globe Warms, But U.S. Cools

6-27-11 War Evolves With Drones, Some Tiny as Bugs

6-27-11Military Officer Tells His Neighbor: “Get Away From the East Coast”

6-27-11 Operation Mailed Fist Military / FEMA Joint Exercise: Truckers Report Movements of Military Equipment Along East Coast Routes

6-27-11 Endgame Strategy

6-24-11 6/21/2011 -- chemtrails caught on Satellite feed -- stopping a cyclone

6-24-11 On The Hijacking of the American Meteorological Society (AMS)

6-24-11 IPCC asks scientists to assess geo-engineering climate solutions

6-24-11 BREAKING NEWS HAARP hidden web site PROOF !!

6-20-11 New World Order Chemtrails & Olgacom connection explained THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION! NAMES AND LOCATIONS OF NWO PLAYERS

6-20-11U.S. Infant Deaths Soar 35 Percent Since Meltdown at Fukushima Nuclear Plant

6-20-11 The Revolution Will Not Be Deactualized

6-20-11 Geo-engineering does not deserve serious climate policy consideration

6-20-11 The True Cost of Tomatoes

6-20-11 No Fly Zone Over Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant Due to “Hazards”

6-20-11 IPCC asks scientists to assess geo-engineering climate solutions

6-20-11 Fukushima: It's much worse than you think

6-20-11 GOES West - Aerosol/Smoke Product (GASP) Loop - Satellite Services Division / Office of Satellite Data Processing and Distribution

6-6-11 Woman who called Coast to Coast about weather modification- the document in question


6-6-11 An overview, or "what we know" document written by biologist Frances Mangels and graphs 1, 2, 3 and 4, being a comparison of NY, CA and Arizona tests.

6-2 11 We Are Change Calgary Interviews David Keith, mad scientist chemtrail chemist

6-2-11 Zhirinovsky Threatens to Destroy the World Using Secret "Tsunami-WMD

6-1-11 From Dutchsinse:NO CLOUD COVER!!!!! BUT HUGE ENERGY RETURN!!! Something strange is going on...

6-1-11 Dutch- Steerting storms with chemtrails

6-1-11 More storm steering with a VORTEX SPIRAL!

6-1-11 Congress To Vote On Declaration of Worldwide Perpetual War; No Borders, No Clear Enemies

6-1-11 HAARP Weather Weapon is responsible for Climate change | Today's Views

6-1-11 Unfolding Conspiracies Paper Trail- Must Read

6-1-11 Drought parches China's 'land of fish and rice'

5-30 11 Murphy's Coast to Coast interview about chemtrails...PART 1 (of 6), connect with other parts here.


5-30-11 North American Union

5-30-11 NASA plans to create cyborgs

5-30-11 KMIR6 story on chemtrails

5-30-11 CHEMTRAILS 101

5-30-11 Texans revolt against TSA

5-30-11 Tornadoes Cause Millions In NorCal Crop Damage

5-25-11 Dutch

5-25-11 Nervous system manipulation by electromagnetic fields from monitor

5-25-11Tornadoes in Midwest, Normal or HAARPED?

5-25-11 Is HAARP behind this weather?

5-25-11 Permit to modify / control Montana Weather

5-24-11 Barium in the Blood

5-23-11 Attorney Joe Marmon begins lawsuit against Shasta County California for ignoring chemtrail tests! You can Join!

5-23-11 Plane spotters and bubble blowers wanted for climate survey

5-23-11 Ban mobile phones and wireless networks in schools, say European leaders

5-23-11 125 Years of Corporate Personhood is Enough!

5-23-11 US military goes to war with climate sceptics

5-23-11 Scientists Will Track Fukushima Radiation To Study Ocean Currents

5-23-11 Mike Murhpy's Coast to Coast interview in six parts

5-23-11 Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says Europe 'stealing Iran's rain'

5-23-11 Rutgers an Overview of Geoengineering the Climate using Stratospheric Aerosols

5-23-11 Is rain a good investment?

5-23-11 Earthquake predicted CA/NV border by weather mod/HAARP analysis

5-16-11 New Michael J. Murphy film

5-16-11 Oh SURE....These are "contrails"...David Strickler's find on satellite image

5-16-11 Global radiative forcing from contrail cirrus : Nature Climate Change : Nature Publishing Group

5-16-11 Aircraft contrails stoke planet warming, cloud formation

5-16-11 BBC News - Newsnight - Wikileaks cables show race to carve up Arctic

5-16-11 YouTube - Solar Geoengineering to Manage Climate

5-16-11 CFR Admits Spending Millions to Confuse Public About Geoengineering

5-16-11 Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering - Council on Foreign Relations

5-16-11 RAND Corporation Report Reveals US Military Plans on Geoengineering Research

5-16-11 Leuren Moret - Fukushima HAARP nuclear attack by CIA, DOE, BP for London banks

5-16-11 HAARP causes Japan's quake Pt 1

5-16-11 Dutchsinse makes NBC News — KSDK Leisa Zigman — St. Louis, MO

5-12-11 Why one 16-year-old is sueing the US government over climate change

5-12-11 Dis-INFO KIDS

5-9-11 Captain Chemtrail- Ken Caldeira gets dogged at presentation- CHEMTRAILS/GEOENGINEERING

"Into the Great Wide Open: The potential role of Geoengineering to combat Climate Change"
San Francisco Main Library 4-21-11

In the last 10 minutes, geoengineer Ken Calderia is confronted with evidence of toxic spraying by congressional candidate John Fitzgerald. Calderia refuses to answer and hurries away.

Opening spraying sequence shot in Putney, Londo

5-9-11 Major HAARP/Weather Mod investigator makes NBC news!

5-9-11 The US evangelicals who believe environmentalism is a 'native evil'

5-9-11 Clifford Carnicom speaks at California Chemtrail Convergence

5-9-11 Michael Murphy Interview in Hawaii...chemtrails


5-9-11 Why one 16-year-old is sueing the US government over climate change

5-6-11 American Association for Aerosol Research

5-6-11 US Govt. Takes Down HAARP Website

5-6-11 FBI UFO disclosure page (download files)...real or manipulation towards a false flag?

5-5-11 Did you pay your taxes?/ Top-us-government-insider-bin-laden-died-in-2001-911-a-false-flag

5-4-11 Judy D. Wood, Ph.D.

5-4-11 SCALAR RAYS appear across the country = wow @ WSU meteorology RADAR!

5-3-11 HEY...The USA is NUMBER ONE!

5-3-11 News 10 Special Report: Secrets in the Sky

5-3-11 This guy is predicting weather based on HAARP rings...

5-3-11 The Ozone Hole Is Mending. Now for the ‘But.’

5-3-11 Early Warning Signal for Ecosystem Collapse: Fluctuations Before the Fall

5-3-11 California Skywatch Geoengineering Awareness Month, May, 2011

5-3-11 Insane Storms: Science Saw it Coming, and Yes, It's Part of Climate Change

5-3-11 News 10 Special Report: Secrets in the Sky

5-3-11 A long shadow over Fukushima

5-3-11 Meat Glue a "dirty little secret"



4-26-11 Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 1

4-26-11 Vanishing Of The Bees

4-26-11 Chemtrail Flights Busted Part 2

4-26-11 wild and real truth from space garage

4-26-11 Historical Background of Scalar EM Weapons

4-26-11 Tom Bearden confirms NEXRAD Scalar Radar creating severe weather/tornados:

4-26-11 Security HAARP: The Real "Star Wars"

4-21-11 4/17/2011 -- HIGH LEVEL FORECAST of Cesium-137 (not shown to public)


4-20-11 David Keith

4-20-11 Chemtrails PROVEN!! and TESTED!! By Reporter ON NEWS.wmv

4-20-11 World-Wide Chemtrails Map and Images

4-14-11 AWAKE AND AWARE Radio show...chemtrail episode

4-14-11 Small World Radio, chemtrail show, atomic show, etc...

4-14-11 New Chemtrail website

4-14-11 Bolivia enshrines natural world's rights with equal status for Mother Earth

4-14-11 Hitachi, GE Submit Proposal to Dismantle Crippled Fukushima Nuclear Plant

4-14-11 A GREAT chemtrail page relating to Morgellons webpage

4-14-11 Fukushima’s Nuclear Disaster: one month and counting Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingier, April 11, 2011

4-14-11 Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk

4-14-11"Under the Weather" (web radio) this Saturday on <> ... with Ross and a woman named Siobhan Ciresi of <> .  We'll be talking about the spiritual aspects, as we are experiencing them, of what is unfolding. That's noon-2pm EASTERN

4-14-11 No safe levels' of radiation in Japan

4-14-11 Japan Tsunami Fukushima Nuclear Disaster 1/2 - Leuren Moret - PDX 9/11 Truth

4-14-11 How nuclear apologists mislead the world over radiation

4-14-11 BBC News - Laser gun fired from US navy ship

4-14-11 BBC News - Climate 'technical fix' may yield warming, not cooling


4-14-11 "Dry Rain" on a Blue Sky Day in Phoenix, Arizona, March 30, 2011

4-14-11 Low Levels of Ionizing Radiation May Cause Harm

4-14-11 Radiation Detected In Drinking Water In 13 More US Cities, Cesium-137 In Vermont Milk - Jeff McMahon - The Ingenuity of the Commons - Forbes

4-4-11 ScienceShot: Jet Contrails a Big Global Warmer - ScienceNOW

4-4-11 CHINESE 'HAARP' IDENTIFIED ! March 31, 2011

4-4-11 HAARP show today

4-4-11 Nuclear policy expert: “Striking” that radioactive iodine-131 in California rainwater is so far above level permitted in drinking water

4-4-11 Government Under Fire as Radiation Is Found in Milk, Rain

4-4-11 LA Sky Watch Invites you to a special presentation of “Detoxifying your body from the effects
of heavy metals, radioactive fallout and other equally nasty substances.”
Saturday, April 16, 2011
2:00-4:00  PM at the UnUrban Café 3301 West Pico Blvd, Santa Monica, 90405 (Corner of 33rd. St. OK to park behind the bank across the street.) Suggested donation $5 for those who can afford it.

4-4-11 Organic Farm Groups Sue Monsanto

4-4-11 EPA to Help Mainstream Media Obscure The Truth About Radiation Exposure to Americans

4-4-11 Eastern Chemtrail Presentations:

On April 9 from 10AM-3PM Who Owns the Weather? a three part program will be presented at The Commons Brooklyn, 388 Atlantic Ave. in Brooklyn .

From 10-11AM Bonnie Hoag of The Bonnefire Coalition at   will open Who Owns the Weather?  with an in-depth introduction to the atmospheric aerosol programs, the toxic fallout, and the media and legislative blackout.

From 11AM-Noon Cynthia Pikoulas of  will follow with Connect the Dots, her research establishing the relationships among corporations, individuals, and the atmospheric aerosol programs.

Resuming at 1PM, after a one-hour break for lunch, Geoff Brady of  and Pacifica Radio, will present Video Evidence of the aerosol program over New York City, including identifying particular aircraft involved in geoengineering aerosol programs

4-2-11 Damn narly but informative radiation map...give it time to load

4-1-11 Rosalind Peterson's Up in the Clouds Poster2, 24inx36in, med-2 (2).jpg


3-31-11 West Coast US targeted in Nuclear War from Japan- Leuren Moret

3-31- 11 Global radiative forcing from contrail cirrus

3-31- 11 West Coast Milk has radioactivity

3-31-11 Contrails warm the world more than aviation emissions

3-31 11 Rosalind Peterson Speaking Event

3-31-11 Dolphin Death Ray

3-31-11 Power Plant: One Small Leaf Could Electrify an Entire Home

3-31-11 HAARP Magnetometer data shows Japan earthquake was induced.

3-31-11 Garden As If Your Life Depended On It, Because It Does

3-31-11 Finding a Balm for Frequent Nosebleeds

3-30-11 Radiation Support for Your Immune System: We are under invisible siege Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

3-30-11 Radiation monitoring bolstered

3-30-11 YouTube - URGENT - USA / Europe - Radiation and Jetstream FORECAST UPDATE - march 27, 2011

3-30-11 New Power Point Sell for David Keith
other links of interest


3-30-11 Michael J. Murphy speaks at San Diego Screening of WITWATS

3-30-11 Don't Drink the Rainwater

3-30-11 EPA obsures data and radiation truth


3-24-11 Scientist Leuren Moret - Japan earthquake and nuclear "accident" are tectonic nuclear warfare

3-24-11 Hitlers HAARP - Japan Earthquake Atrocity?

3-24-11 Mike Murphy/ Hilder Interview

3-24-11"Barium is a dispersal agent for radiation"

3-24-11 Radiation and Jet Stream forecast UPDATE - March 23, 2011 - ALL LINKS BELOW

3-23-11Depleted Uranium doesnt stay where we shoot it.

3-23-11 Chemtrail film troubling for audience

3-23-11 Radiation Exposure- Lies#2 by Dr Perlingieri (download word file)

3-23-11 Gov radiation website no longer worker...go firgure!

3-21-11 Media Represses Japan Truth, deadly global nuclear threat

3-21-11 Weathering climate change with Napa Valleyâ ?

3-21-11 May 7, 2008 Insurance company concerns over weather and earth shaking technologies

3-21-11 Contrails or Chemtrails- Wisconsin DATCP in Denial

3-21-11 Coast Guard investigating possible new Gulf spill

3-21-11 Thousands Of U.S. Personnel Evacuated From Japan To Western Wash.

3-21-11 First West Coast radiation detection

3-18-11 Chemtrails and Winter Illness- Dr Perlingieri

3-18-11Frenchman trapped near meltdown pleas for information!

3-15-11 2011 Big Bear snow sample. AL 38.8, Ba 2.3, Strontium 14.2

3-15-11 Mike Murphy (What in the World are They Spraying?)was on ABOVE TOP SECRET and the host Nef tried to debunk chemtrails and Mike. Mike let him have it and called him out as someone part of the COVER-UP. Thats when the interview was abruptly ended (NOT by Mike).So why hasn't ABOVE TOP SECRET archived the radio show? ATS phone number is: 1-877-417-2204. We had heard ABOVE TOP SECRET was co-intel and when you search their site they are BENDING OVER BACKWARDS to debunk the question begs....IS ABOVE TOP SECRET A BLACK-OPS OF OUR OWN GOVERNMENT? Feel free to email me with any information about this organization you have. HERE is another site by ATS co-intel.

3-15-11 The Lukas Barium report. Elevated barium levels in Arizona resident.

3-14-11 WHO are the real terrorists?

3-14-11 Was Quake cause by HAARP?

3-14-11 Shot Show 2010 -- Afterburner 2000 Multi-Mission Smoke Generator

3-14-11 Plan "B" for anyone caught without Potassium Iodide (KI) tablets in a nuclear emergency...

3-14-11 Timelapse of Cherinobyl plume

3-14-11 Earthday/Chemtrail poster

3-14-11 Can geoengineering put the freeze on global warming?

3-14-11 Japan to US fallout map

3-14-11 HAARP off the charts during earthquake

3-14-11 Radioactive Releases in Japan Could Last Months, Experts Say

3-14-11 US radiation network

3-8-11 Why Even the Best PR Is Failing the Elites


3-8-11 Chemtrail Spray Operations Captured on Doppler Radar

3-8-11 Mass Animal Death Database Update

3-8-11 Purpose of Chemtrails

3-8-11 VTRPE: another use for aerosol chemtrailing

3-8-11 Project Cloverleaf

3-8-11 How I Cured Morgellons

3-8-11 Free Morgellons Conference Call

3-8-11 Edward Teller (H-bomb inventor and chemtrail advocate- HIS NOTES. " Indeed, some types of stratospheric deployment of oxide particulates – e.g., SO2 or Al2O3 – might be accomplished simply by operating one or more well-engineered combustors – e.g., of elemental S or Al – at high-altitude, nearequatorial ground-sites, from which stratospheric injection of warm gas is intrinsically advantaged."- Edward Teller

3-8-11 ExopoliticsTV - Aerosol war crimes - Clifford Carnicom & Alfred Lambremont Webre

3-8-11 Expert: Chemtrails are global covert operation for total control, detecting UFOs

3-8-11 Washington's $8 Billion Shadow

3-8-11 Greenhouse Gas Management

2-27-11 New Pathogen Found in Roundup Ready GM Crops (Monsanto) that causes Spontaneous Abortions and Infertility in Livestock? (remember Monsanto is directly related to geoengineering thru the aluminum resistant Cornell Gene in their crops and also with the Bill Gates Merger, who funds David Keith and Ken Caldeira in geoengineering projects that are descriptiely IDENTICAL to CHEMTRAILS)

2-27-11 Rothschild – ‘The City’ – World Conquest – “We Own You – We Will Take Everything”

2-27-11 The Police State Knows No Limits

2-27-11 Shock Doctrine, U.S.A.

2-27-11 Symptoms Resulting From Chemtrail Spraying

2-27-11 Can geoengineering put the freeze on global warming?

2-27-11 UI takes lead in $20 million climate change research project

2-25-11 Boeing, EADS spend millions on tanker dogfight

2-25-11 Chemtrails Are Real Video Series

2-25-11 Is lead being used in the skies for ice nucleation ?

2-25-11 A note about collidal silver by Wendy Weidenhamer

2-25-11 A Sunblock on the Light of Truth by Rebecca Campbell

2-25-11 HELP THE CAUSE: Purchase What In The World Are They Spraying t-shirts here

2-25-11 Dr Mike Castle's footnote on aluminum oxide and aluminum dioxide.

2-25-11 Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!

2-25-11 Former CIA analyst beaten up in public meeting presided over by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton

2-25-11 Information has come to light which substantiates concern that something funky is going on with our water.

2-25-11 KPHO Phoenix Arizona does chemtrail story, typcial debunk attempt, but Arizona citizen awareness is growing rapidly

2-25-11 Why Isn't Wall Street in Jail?

2-24-11 Former IRS agent/ rebel Joe Banister Weighs in on Chemtrails

2-23-11 Chemtrails and Morgellons

2-23-11 Insidious Soup

2-23-11 The Barium Sky

2-23-11 For Cold Virus, Zinc May Edge Out Even Chicken Soup

2-23-11 Environmental Voices Chemtrail WHAT YOU CAN DO list

2-23-11 Morgellons Research blog/board

2-21-11 ANOTHER secret spy agency, SAIC (CIA backwards--duh)

2-21-11 Look what the STORMTROOPERS are doing now: Can You Frisk a Hard Drive?

2-21-11 Climate Weapons: More Than Just a Conspiracy Theory?

2-21-11 Norway Time Hole “Leak” Plunges Northern Hemisphere Into Chaos

2-21-11 Ionosphere Research Lab Sparks Fears in Alaska

2-21-11 HAARP Fact Sheet

2-21-11 U.S. Geo-Engineering Budget Exceeds Billions

2-21-11 Chemtrails- Is This a Project from Hell? Part One - Investigative Film Producer Roxy Lopez tells about her visit to the company that does at least some of the spraying. How she was treated and even intimidation was used on her to keep her from filming and hanging around even on public lands near there. Is this company, Evergreen Aviation, a CIA front company or does it just do some contract work for different agencies that use chemtrails?

2-21-11 That Moment People say “No!”

Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports Expose Fraud

2-21-11 The NOT SO Secret Denver Airport

2-21-11 Predicting Contrails Using an Appleman Chart

2-21-11 U.S. Police Departments have all been militarized! Drones Over US!

2-21-11 Current US program of involuntary experimentation

2-21-11 How to document Spray Planes by Ken Bradley

2-21-11 Poisoning the Planet from the skies . . . with permission

2-21-11 America: Repudiate your $17 trillion of debt

2-18 11 California Media Contact and to do list

2-18-11 Toxic Barium Levels Attributed to Jet Trails

2-18-11 Keiser Report: Welcome to Fakeville

2-18-11 Some Thoughts On The Chemtrail Delivery System

2-18-11 Aviation Insider Speaks Out

2-16-11 Sea Shepherd BEATS WHALERS!!!
Whale Hunters Fold; Sea Shepherds Hedge Bets

2-16-11 Black Ops, Green Groups

2-16-11 To go with the next post SPY AGENCIES



2-16-11 Website PERFECT for disseminating CHEMTRAIL NEWS RICE FARMER BLOGSPOT- really...check it out!

2-16-11 Its Toxic 2 9 11

2-16-11 Plumes Change Overnight

2-16-11 What is the Origin of Bangor-Bound Chemtrail Jets?

2-16-11 2011 New York Precipitation Test and analysis

2-15-11 A Legal Manual for an Apocalyptic New York

2-15-11 Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

2-15-11 Weather radar shows something unusual !! Military HAARP & Major WORLDWIDE Heavy Seismic Activity!

2-14-11 Persistent Plane Contrails Cover Atlanta Skies, Raise Concerns

2-14-11 What Will it Take?

2-14-11 Florida Gulf Skywatch News Alerts (a bunch of recent ones)

2-14-11 When Planes Punch "Holes" in the Sky


2-14-11 Morgellons Blog

2-14-11 Flight tracker for IPOD, IPAD, ITUNES ETC.

2-14-11 Here is FLIGHT EXPLORER

2-14-11 Suspected Aerosol Airfields and Airlines

2-14-11 Methods of Artificial Weather Manipulation(AWM) help agriculture, devastate the enemy and control the world economy

2-14-11 Landmark Meeting of Chemtrail Activists and Local EPA

2-14-11 Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms

2-14-11 Chemtrails over london.feb12th 2011-chem Vs commercial planes chemlinez grid-X-geoengineerd

2-8-11 E.L. Rothschild LLC Acquires a Majority Stake in Weather Central, LP remember you have to report WHAT THE WEATHER IS GOING TO BE.......when you are MAKING IT!!!

2-7-11 ChemCowboys in Action? American Airline near miss with two US Tankers.



2-7-11 Dane Wigington of Northern California Citizens for Clean Air, addresses the Tea Party on Chemtrail
Part 1 and Part 2 and Part 3 and Part 4

2-7-11 World Religions Call for Income Tax Boycott to Stop Chemtrails

2-7-11 Modification of cirrus clouds to reduce global warming

2-7-11 Chemtrails: An Updated Look at Aerosol Toxins Part 1. ©By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri Feb. 3, 2011

2-7-11 Worldwide Jan. Long-Term Commercial Aircraft Storage
The statement that aircraft travel is up does not hold water when made as the reason for more jet trails.

2-7-11 United We Strike radio marathon

2-7-11 CBS covers chemtrails youtube

2-7-11 Take a look at these white planes with red vert. stabs. from Evergreen.

2-7-11 CBS Outlet calls for chemtrail pictures

2-7-11 Is the Nation's water supply at risk from Geoengineering with Chemtrails?

2-7-11 Chemtrails Make CBS – Atlanta

2-4-11 Catastrophic Weather Events Are Becoming the New Normal -- Are You Ready for Life on Our Planet Circa 2011?

2-4-11 Ben Livingston, The Father of Weaponized Weather

2-3-11 CBS Atlanta: Chemtrails of Contrails?

2-3-11 A Climate Cure’s Dark Side

2-3-11 Ominous Expansion of "Anti-Terrorism" Laws

2-3-11 ALERT! HAARP busted! TODAY! February 2, 2011 - in Beebe, Arkansas of ALL PLACES! on RADAR

1-31- 11 President of Evergreen Air( see 1-23 post "del smith") email:

1-31- 11 The FLYBOYS GOLDEN RULE by Jay Clark

Here is the original inquirey into this aircraft:

I am trying to investigate a plane, its white, but has a light blue stripe around the tail, no other markings.  4 engines, and I was able to photograph it flying very low with a good zoom lens, needless to say i got an excellent shot I am including here.  Is this KLM?  It was flying so slow I photographed it for 2 minutes going overhead, not an exaggeration.  Also major chem remnants right there, but no long trail from it.  Is there experience with chem planes having short contrail like trails?  Or are they ALL long and if they are short, no CT?

1-31-11 The DOE Atmospheric Science Program

1-31-11 A report on Lincoln Municiple Airport (LNK) and aerosol planes there.

1-31-11 Climate change: 2011 bodes more weather anomalies

1-31-11 UFO-Like Clouds Linked to Military Maneuvers?

1-28-11 H.A.A.R.P., Agenda 21 and Google's role in the sinister DNA plan (adults only)

1-27-11 Suggestion for investigation of fuels (sent to GEOWATCH): A couple of ideas for you to consider.
1: Hughes has a patent on the wellsbach effect from 1990 so they should be getting royalties from whoever is mixing aluminum with jet fuel.
2: Oil companies are probably doing the mixing, not the government.

There is one way to stop chemtrails and that is to boycott airlines, cause the mix is being sprayed by airliners perhaps without their knowledge, or the oil companies tell airlines that the metal in their gas is to decrease the risk of static electricity igniting the fuel.

1-27-11 Goldman Got Billions From AIG For It's Own Account

1-27-11 Chemtrail Awareness Day, Mt Shasta.

1-27-11 Pentagon Looks to Breed Immortal ‘Synthetic Organisms,’ Molecular Kill-Switch Included

1-25-11 Evergreen Aviation Admits to Chemtrail Contracts with USAF

1-24-11 What in the World Are They Spraying-fUll length YOUTUBE

1-24-11 laderCTPHILLIP LADER of Charleston NC.
Evergreen’s public relations (propaganda) spokesman is handled by WPP run by Council on Foreign Relations member Philip Lader. Lader is also a member of the RAND corp, Lader is a director of UC Rusal, the largest Aluminum producer in the world located in Moscow, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Nathaniel Rothschild is a big investor. Philip Lader’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member John P Wheeler III was recently dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Wheeler, it is said, was about to expose the aerosol operations as being the culprit behind the massive bird and fish kills in early 2011. Wheeler III was a consultant to Mitre the non profit corporation with jurisdictional advice over the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight patterns. Mitre is conveniently located in McLean,Virginia, home of the CIA.

1-24-11 Mystery as greenish-yellow goo falls from the sky in New York

1-24-11 O2 Dropping Faster than CO2 Rising

1-23-11 Loose Lips Sink Ships and 747s Too

1-23-11smith chemtrails Del Smith, owner of Evergreen Air, suspect "Eric Prince" of Aerosol Operations.
Evergreen International Aviation has exemptions from the law that are advertised on their web site. They can fly anywhere and not stay on a designated route. Evergreen headquarters, and possibly Smith, are near Bend Oregon.

1-22-11 World Chemtrail Day TODAY

1-22-11 Varney & Co( Fox Business) on 1-20.  The interview was with Patrick Moore who was pushing his new book, " Confessions of a Greenpeace Drop Out".  Patrick Moore was saying about the radical Green Movement.  Varney said he wanted to know more about issues causing environmental distress that the general public is not aware of. That spells an opening for 100's of thousands of contacts to be received  from concerned citizens in regard Stratospheric Aresol Geoengineering (Chem trails) , HAARP, and geoengineering in general. LET HIM HAVE IT

Varney's e-mail

1-19-11 Dr Lorraine Hurley Presents SAG/Chemtrail Information public event.

1-19-11 What Is Killing Portugal's Octopuses?

1-18-11 ( Boycott VIRGIN!) Virgin Atlantic Illuminati Ad All Seeing Eye, Chemtrails, And Attempt To Make Body Scanners Cool

1-18-11 The-10-leading-theories-for-dead-birds-and-fish (including chemtrails-ed)

1-18-11 Legislators confronted with chemtrail concerns

1-18-11 A message from Lorraine Hurley MD, Carnicom Institute

1-18-11 China announces uranium reserves for 3,000 years

1-18-11Wisconsin farmer shocked to discover 200 dead cows; officials think cattle had deadly virus

1-18-11 World Chemtrail Awareness Day

1-18-11 Obama prepares for spring riots

1-16-11'The Only Thing We Have To Fear Is FEAR Itself' Franklin Delano Roosevelt

1-16-11 Another Chemtrails Illusion Connecting More Dots By Dr. Ilya Sandra Perlingieri

1-16-11 Former FBI Chief Ted Gunderson Says Chemtrail Death Dumps Must Be Stopped Chemtrail jets are known flying out of Pinal Airfield/Evergreen Air in Arizona, there are 4 planes flying out of the air national gaurd field at Lincoln Nebraska, and an unknown number of planes out of Fort Sill Oklahoma.

1-12-11 Television production seeks Chemtrail watchers, experts or scientists in the Las Vegas area

1-11-11 Take a brief peek at the video - note the positive ID of the Cargolux plane demonstrating its "potential" (also note the date). Now, note mention of Cargolux as a "potential" in the Aurora report.

1-11-11 Scalar Weather Modification Weapons Technology

1-11-11 Long Island Skywatch JUST WENT ONLINE

1-11-11 BP Blow-Out: Caused by Laser Weapon?

1-7-11 Google WORLD MAP of wildlife sudden deaths

1-7-11 32 LOCATIONS- Sudden global death of birds & fishes! (GOOD SUMMARY PAGE)

1-6-11 Dead Fish in Haiti

1-6-11Dead fish clog lake at airportin Sydney Australia

1-6-11WALES: Hundreds of dead fish found at Goytre Wharf

1-6-11 Dead birds, dead fish, dead crabs turn up all over the world: Signs of the Aflockalypse?

1-6-11 Two Million Dead Fish Appear in Chesapeake Bay

1-6-11 Mass birds die, now in Sweden

1-6-11 More BirdS Fall From Sky In China

1-6-11 Top US Military Figure Murdered After Weapons Test Causes Mass Arkansas Death

1-5-11THIS IS A HOAX but ill keep the post cause I like the ideas) Legislation to SHOOT DOWN AEROSOL PLANES(written by Ron Paul Advisor)

1-5-11 1 Aircraft-Induced Hole Punch and Canal Clouds: Inadvertent Cloud Seeding

1-5-11 ALERT! WARNING! DANGER! New Madrid EarthQuake Imminent!!!! PROOF that HAARP is being used

1-5-11 Navy Pitch for Exotic Weapons Launches at Pearl Harbor including aluminum nano dust

1-5-11 Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up

1-5-11 Have scientists created downpours in Dubai's deserts?

1-5-11 TIME CNN Wildlife: Where Have All the Bumble Bees Gone?

1-5-11 Is Mass Bird and Fish Die Off Connected to Government Testing?

1-5-11 Penn Allows Gas Fracking Waste to be Dumped in Local Waterways

1-5-11 100 TONS of Dead Fish wash up on BRAZIL

1-5-11 Kentucky Woman reports dozens of dead birds in her yard

1-5-11 La. has mass bird kill just days after Ark.

1-5-11 Maryland FISH KILL ....MDE: Fish Kill Caused By Cold Stress

1-4-11 HAARP CBC Broadcast Weather control part 1YOUR TAX DOLLARS at work.

1-4-11 GRID by David Dees

1-3-11 Chemtrails Killed the Honey Bees - Secret NATO and UN operation CAUGHT IN ACTION!

1-3-11 FLorida Aerosol Spraying leads to metallics and conductivity in air filter tests

1-3-11 Are Chemtrails Masking GLobal Warming?

1-3-11 Massive fish kill blankets Arkansas River

1-1-11 De-Population Conspiracy Involving Monsanto (Ed note: remember Bill Gates, who funds geoengineers DAVID KEITH AND KEN CALDEIRA, owns over 300 million of Monsanto AND Monsanto recently bought Blackwater. In part, are the geoengineers and Gates looking for protection?)

1-1-11 Chico CA aerosol operations, 12/2010


1-1-11 Thousands of birds fall from the sky in Beebe


12-29-10 Help Indigenous climate justice and help yourselves

12-27-10 ESA says Venus sulphur atmosphere warns against geo-engineering

12-27-10 Dec 2010 - Chemtrails over Victoria BC after UN ban

12-27-10 The Goldsmiths, Part CLXXIII

12-27-10 Jean Baugh: The cons of not getting sunlight

12-27-10 Confronting the ‘futuristic’ branding of geoengineering

12-27-10 Meteorologist Scott Stevens on Chemtrails/ Weather Mod, Part 1 and Part 2

12-26-10 10 year weatherman spills his guts on aerosol spraying

12-26-10 Florida weatherman saysaluminum aerosol spraying coming from Key West air base.Weatherman calls it CHAFF but acknowledges military source.

12-26-10 Contrails, Chemtrails and Artificial Clouds official report

12-26-10 U.S. Sought to Retaliate Against Europe over Monsanto GM Crops

12-26-10 One jet can cover 20,000 square miles with chemical aerosol spray

12-25-10 Dr Rima - The Globalist Agenda (Mentions Chemtrails)

12-24-10 On Geoengineering, More Research Needed to Answer Looming Policy Questions


12-24-10 Geoengineer Alan Robock's trip to Cuba, September 14-16, 2010

12-24-10 Disappearing Bees and Bayer - A Deadly Combo: What the EPA Doesn't Want Us to Know.

12-19-10 Part 1 of 4 Interview in re: Chemtrails/HAARP/unclassified material! Here is PART 2, and PART 3 and PART 4

12-19-10 CHEMTRAILS viewed using Infrared. London 9am Dec 2007

12-19-10 Geoengineering timelapse in England, ETC group calls a myth

12-18-10 Geoengineering over Dallas (no moratorium here!)

12-18-10 Chemtrails over BC Canada after UN moratorium

12-14-10 Cancun Ridiculed in World Press

12-14-10 Five Major Governmental/Corporate Media Attacks on WikiLeaks and Why They are Wrong

12-13-10 Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura FEMA CAMP , POLICE STATE, PART 1 of 3 THIS WAS BANNED FROM TV!

12-13-10 Links from Rosalind Peterson California Skywatch/Ag Defense Coalition on AL related
AL search 1
2006 CA EPA Rules on Secondary Water Regulations 2006
2009 CA EPA Public Drinking Water Systems 2009
2010 CA EPA Health Risk Information for Public Health Goal Exceedance Reports April 2010 Drinking Water Chemicals
2010 CA EPA OEHHA Proposition 65 Chemicals Lised May 21, 2010 Know to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity
2010 California EPA Chemicals Known to Cause Cancer or Reproductive Toxicity May 21, 2010 Updated Listing
17L 1970 U.S. Navy Project SESAMISEED Artificial Cesium Plasma Clouds May 21, 1970 Abstract.
17L 1979 Jet Fuel JP-10 Carbon Black Dispersion Abstract 1979

12-13-10 cancun-climate-cabal-plan-b a hard look at the ETC SMORATORIUM and the FACTS-depopulation

12-11-10 A canadian radio show host, Dennis Rancourt ranted on the air how YES, they are spraying us but ITS OKAY cause ALUMINUM isnt going to hurt you (WRONG, but that isnt the point anyonway is it? After all I reserve the right to stop, hold for arrest or permanently disable or destroy anyone attacking me with spray or aircraft etc.) HERE IS A DOCTOR'S RESPONSE TO Rancourt.

12-11-10 San Fran PLEASE READ

12-11-10 'Atmospheric River' to bring possible flooding this weekend

12-11-10 Here are some real assholes....send me any northern california names of members of this organization and I will post the on a new link called "your spying neighbor".

12-11-10 San Fran Examiner Story on Spying in America

12-11-10 Rosalind Peterson: The Chemtrail Cover-Up


12-11-10 Geoengineering: Climate Ghoul's Plan B

12-11-10 Operation Payback information

12-10-10 Danger In The Sky - The Chemtrail Phenomenon

12-10-10 Life Expectancy DIPS

12-10-10 Chemtrail Pilots are Dying

12-10-10 Polish Langage version of WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING

12-10-10 UN Climate Concern Morphs into Chemtrail Glee Club

12-10-10 Confronting the ‘futuristic’ branding of geoengineering

12-9-10 Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails


12-8-10 Another Great Video On Pinal Air Park and Evergreen Air Facility

12-8-10 Phoenix Arizona Spray Report (medical information here)

12-7-10 Investigators baffled as wheat fields wither

12-7-10 CDC and EPA caught withholding truth about toxic drinking water

12-7-10 HAARP COINVENTOR EASTLUND (Your read will be an "Oh Shit!" experience)


12-7-10 HAARP ASAT

12-7-10 Chinese HAARP?




12-6-10 Nationally recognized meteorologist recognized the spraying: Clippers, "Chemtrails" and the Hallelujah Chorus


12-6-10 BLUE NO MORE

12-6-10 Ventura Great Lakes Show part 1 and part 2 and part 3

12-6-10 Feminizing Uranium and FLouride and lithium in water to be exposed on Ventura show

12-6-10 Feds Warrantlessly Tracking Americans’ Credit Cards in Real Time

12-6-10 Evergreen Facility Caught on Film: Chemtrail Planes!


12-6-10 Geo Sky watching the enhanced Manmade Climate Change



12-6-10 Scientist: Reducing population is the "master variable"

12-6-10 Geoengineering: Climate Ghouls' 'Plan B'

12-6-10 Everything Is A Lie: The Deliberate Intent To Deceive People Is At An All Time High

12-6-10 The “Police State” episode of Jesse Ventura’s show covering FEMA camps has been forcibly pulled from air
Here is PART 1 and PART 2 and PART 3

12-6-10 Baltic Dry Index Drops Again As Steel Prices Rise

12-6-10 As climate talks drag on, more ponder techno-fixes

12-6-10 Northern California Geoengineering Report by Dr Doug Craig in Redding Record Searchlight

12-6-10 The END Game with Jesse Ventua. Alex Jones, George Green and David Icke

12-2-10 HAARP event in Sacramento. Here is the photographers story and more of his pictures.

12-2-10 Chemtrails Heating Up Weather in Israel

12-2-10 Aluminum in our skies?

12-1-10 The Next Crash Will Be Ecological -- and Nature Doesn't Do Bailouts

12-1-10 Should we play weather god?

12-1-10 Geoengineering research, getting real (GEW editor-HA...LOOK UP..."getting real" LOL!)

12-1-10 Holy Smokerolli Batman.....David Keith is INSANE! Everyone HAS TO SEE THIS to understand the dimentia! Here is part 2 and here is part 3.

11-25-10 German military Exposed to Aerosol Agents

11-25-10 Millions were in germ war tests Much of Britain was exposed to bacteria sprayed in secret trials

11-25-10 The Coral is Dying Right Before your Eyes (pick one)

11-25-10 Anti-chemtrail activists chain themselves to Dail railings in Ireland

11-24-10 Chem Webs and Chemtrails (Meet The Truth Denied Team)

11-24-10 Scientist Admits Chetrails Are Creating Artificial CLouds

11-24-10 FumIGAN LLEIDA

11-23-10 EX CIA OFFICER spills the beanson CHEMTRAILS. Youtube file#1, Youtube file#2, Youtube file #3, Youtube file #4

11-23-10 Audio Interview of Chemtrail Base Whistleblower. VidAudio file #1, Vid Audio file #2, Vid Audio file #3, Vid Audio file #4

11-23-10 Chemtrail Base Whistleblower Comes Forward

11-23-10 What In The World Are They Sprayin IN FRENCH LANGUAGE

11-23-10 Covert spraying program

11-23-10 Air of mystery: Couple saw odd craft in the sky dispersing unknown substance

11-23-10 Join the Coalition to STOP GEOENGINEERING


11-22-10 Ron Paul Speaks Out Against AIRPORT SCREENINGS

11-22-10 Chemtrail Effects Studied by Atmospheric Science Program

11-22-10 Operation DEW

11-22-10 Exposed: Michael Chertoff's junk (YOU HAVE TO SEE ALL OF THIS!!!!)


11-22-10 Circle Aerosol Trail and MO update


11-22-10 I wonder what THESE GUYS know

11-22-10 CNN: Chinese EMP Attack Prompts US Missile Strike

11-22-10 Royal Society Submission Form for Solar Radiation Management Governance Initiativ. HERE is a note about this from a colleague who was at the Royal Society Meeting

11-22-10 California Contact List for AEROSOL COMPLAINTS, NEWS and ACTION

11-22-10 Watch out, it’s raining bacteria

11-22-10 Leaking Siberian ice raises a tricky climate issue


11-22-10 Patent to make ice/smoke particles for weather mod

11-20-10 SAG

11-20-10 PENTAGON: THAT missile was a plane (LOLOLOL)

11-20-10 The aluminum sky is falling


11-20-10 Bakersfield Viewers Call Newsroom About Contrails

11-20-10 Schlumberger inaugurated a new research and geoengineering center in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

11-18-10 Chemtrails - "Ask Yourself - Does This Look Normal?"


11-18-10 Okay all you "chemtrail" activists....your gonna totally relate TO THIS.

11-18-10 The first anniversary of 'Climategate', Part 1: The media blows the story of the century

11-18-10 California Air Resource Board to vote to end clearcutting (and its carbon emmissions) or they vote to continue raping the forest

11-18 10-The Science of Air Pharmacology or Chemtrails

11-16-10 Hawaii tested for chemtrail activity in July of 2010: TESt #1 is AL 400, Barium is 39.1, Strontium 30.1 and Titanium is 4. TEST #2 is AL 319, Barium 257 and Titanium 4

11-15-10 German people in unprecedented rebellion against government: 1000 injured in nuclear protests: police at breaking point

11-13-10 (I just found this) A Pilot Reports Increasing Chemtrail Spraying Over Europe

11-13-10 How Airplanes Can Change The Weather

11-11-10 Chief Golden Light Eagle speaks about aerosol spraying and related matters

11-11-10 The missle off of Los ANgeles was a CHEmTRAIL PLANE

11-11-10 Here is another video to the mystery missle.

11-11-10 Royal Society Report on Geoengineering

11-11-10 Blue Sky Report from Royal SOciety Meeting

11-9-10 ALERT: Mystery Missile Launch Seen off Calif. Coast

11-9-10 Questions and rebuttles to WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING

11-9-10 (Part I) Protect yourself from cancer-causing heavy metals

11-9-10 The Final Asilomar Report

11-8-10 Radio Ad for Redding California PreMier of WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING?

11-8-10 Putting the brakes on geoengineering (1) and (2)

11-8-10 The frightening politics of geoengineering

11-8-10 CHEMTRAILS KILL: Petition to stop ONGOING aerosol geoengineering ( CAUSE the MORATORIUM AIN"T REAL)

11-8-10 Chemtrails – No Joke – Hard Proof

11-6-10Top Climate Scientists Speak out on the Satellitegate Scandal

11-6-10 Its RAINmAKING Time

11-5-10 HOMELAND SECURITY MOBILIZATION...YOU should know this.

11-5-10 Redding California FLYER for premier of What in the World are They Spraying Here is the HIGH REZ version

11-5-10 Geoengineering Lift-Off

11-5-10 A great What In the World are THey Spraying webpage (3rd party)

11-5-10 Statement on Geoengineering from Faith Gemmill, Pit River/ Wintu and Neets’aii Gwich’in Athabascan from Arctic Village, Alaska and Executive Director of REDOIL (Resisting Environmental Destruction on Indigenous Lands).

11-5-10 List of Patents for Stratospheric Aerosol Spray Geoengineering

11-5-10 Gainesville FLorida CIty Commisioners learn about chemtrails..mentions Monsanto buying blackwater and having chemtrail resistant seeds

11-2-10 Los Angeles Screening of WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING

11-1-10 On the Trail of Our Assassins

10-31-10 Mayor says cloud seeding cause of lower lake level

10-31-10 An aerosol spray report and message from NEW ENGLAND by Valerie Murphy Greene

10-30-10 NY TimesGeoengineering sparks international ban, first-ever congressional report (AGAIN...NO MENTION OF LETHAL ONGOING AERSOL OPERATIONS!)

10-29-10 Coalition against Geoengineering

10-29-30 ETC group (funded by the Ford Foundation) aids military in cover-up of ongoing aerosol operations. Letter from geoengineeringwatch to jim thomas of ETC

10-29-30 Here is more on ETC funder, the FORD foundation and their relationship to Rockefeller, Bill Gates and other Eugenics funders.

10-29-30 UN call for moratorium on geoengineering, effectively COVERING UP ongoing chemtrail operations. Folks....this is a SCAM.

10-28-10 Online FULL LENGTH What in the World Are They Spraying

10-27-10 monsanto buys BLACKWATER and Gates THEN invests in Monsanto!!

10-27-10 Links to ONLINE VERSION of What in the WOrld are They SPraying?

10-27-10 Playing GOD with Planet Earth aires November 25 (Sadly lacking in the accuracy)

10-27-10 Interview with Pauline Cantwell and Geoff Brady

10-27-10 Monsanto hired mercenary Blackwater to infiltrate anti-GMO groups


10-26-10 The Doomsday Machine and the Race to Save the World: Geoengineering Emerges as Plan B at the 11th Hour

10-26-10 Interview with the producer of WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING

10-26-10 The End of Whales

10-26-10 HAARP: The Real "Star Wars"

10-26-10 Chemtrail weather report- Tennessee 10/25/2010

10-26-10 Stop FBI National Meeting in New York City, Sat. Nov. 6

10-26-10 Growing Calls for Moratorium on Climate Geoengineering

10-23-10 Why is the World Rushing Headlong into Environmental Armageddon?

10-23-10 Everything Vibrates

10-23-10 ALEX JONES comes to Santa Cruz...get your tickets HERE

10-23-20 The Atlanta Premier of WHAT IN THE WORLD ARE THEY SPRAYING

ALERT: Royal SocietyNovember 8th and 9th: GEOENGINEERING- Taking Control of Our Planet's Climate

10-21-10 Wil Thomas' chemtrail webpage

10-21-10 Will Thomas' film about chemtrails

10-20-10 Why is the world rushing headlong into Environmental Armageddon?

10-20-10 DC's New Climate Plan: Playing God With Weather

10-10-10 UN TO GEOENGINEERS: Don't BLot Out THe Sun

10-20-10 Change Our Planet or Change Planets?


10-17-10 COAST TO COAST chemtrail interview with Mike Murphy

10-16-10 How Geoengineering And The Aerosol Spraying Of Our Skies Affects Our Health

10-16-10 Are Geoengineering Initiatives Being Used To Accelerate The Pandemic?

10-16-10 the-chemtrail-h1n1-connection

10-16-10 2009 post: Ukraine reports aerosol spraying

10-16-10 ChemTrail.Chemical Spray,over Sydney! Dubbo Tv News.

10-16-10 We are Facing the Greatest Threat to Humanity: Only Fundamental Change Can Save Us

10-16-10 UN To Confront SC-FI Solutions at Biodiversity Meeting (ETC)

10-16-10 Exclusive: Gulf chemical spray EU security concern. TransAtlantic truth link sought

10-16-10 Exclusive. Dispersant news: 17-yr old Belgian sends message to Gulf Co. people (video)

10-15-10 "CRY"-mp4 file, from SKULL (talks about aerosol geoengineering)

10-13-10 Geoengineering Scheme Gets Massive Blow

10-13-10 Chemtrails May contain Depleted URanium

10-13-10 Are Chemtrails a Major Cause of Infertility?

10-13-10 Tanker Enemy's CHEMTRAIL PAGE

10-12-10 NASA BLOG study of nanoparticles

10-11-10 Rosalie Bertell Petition:
"It is morally reprehensible and an offense against humanity and the Earth to interfere with the normal function of the planetary system – to cause or enhance storms, hurricanes, tsunamis, monsoons, mud slides, draught, flooding, earth quakes or volcano eruptions."
PLEASE SIGN SUBJECT LINE OF EMAIL "I'm signing your petitiion" and Send

10-11-10 The Real Story Behind Bill Gates and Death Panels

10-10-10 Geoengineering the Planet - What is At Stake for Region?

10-10-10 Mendicino County CA Board of Supervisors are STUPID! Check out the photo they used on their webpage!

10-10-10 350 CLIMATE ACTION-WORLDWIDE- laregest ever!


10-9-10 Chemtrails over New Zealand

10-7-10 Pensioner chains herself to gates of D'AIL in chemtrail protest

10-4-10 DN! Geoengineering (1) - Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer

10-4-10 DN! Geoengineering (2) - Vandana Shiva vs. Gwynne Dyer

10-4-10 BING Geoengineering Videos


10-4-10 ENMOD Squad Could an obscure treaty protect developing countries from geoengineering gone wrong?

10-4-10 Jet Tracks & Persistent Jet Contrails - Weather & Photosynthesis

10-3-10 Bill Gates says vaccines can help reduce world population

10-1-10 How Warm Was This Summer?

10-1-10 The Methodic Demise of Natural Earth

10-1-10 Air Pollution from Aerial Spraying

10-1-10 Avoid Overexposure to Aluminum


9-30-10 Washington DC conference on GEOENGINEERING...links to talks, video etc.

9-30-10 Geoengineering the Climate Audio Archive

9-30-10 Brazilian artist in the frame assassinating the Pope, the Queen and George Bush

9-30-10 SALT IN YOUR COCAINE: THe ultimate doomsday guide.

9-29-10 A Future Tense Event: Geoengineering

9-29-10 LA heat wave sets all time record: 113 degrees

9-29-10 Patriot ACT Nightmare Sees the Light of Day as FBI Raids Activists


9-27-10 Black 'Fog'/Chemtrails Victoria BC Canada Sept 14th 2010 @ 8pm

9-26-10Fund for Innovative Climate and Energy Research

9-26-10 The Devil’s HAARP: weather weapons and recent “natural” disasters

9-26-10 Choose Your Own Geohack

9-26-10 Plan B for the Climate

9-26-10 We Can't "Fix" the Planet

9-22-10 Geoengineering Will Have Global Impacts

9-22-20Atmospheric Geoengineering

9-20-10 The powerful coalition that wants to engineer the world's climate

9-20-10 Another atmospheric aerosol injection plan

9-20-10 "In the Face of This Truth"

9-20-10 Report: Army secretly dumped chemicals offshore

9-20-10 Chemical Sky Over Panama City

9-20-10 Geoengineering: Killing Off Useless Eaters

9-20-10 A Future Tense Event: Geoengineering

9-20-10 US Military Wants to Own the Weather

9-14-10 Discovery Channel Investigates Chemtrails

9-14-10 Chemtrails are geoengineering the planet to save us all.

9-14-10 The powerful coalition that wants to engineer the world's climate

9-14-10 Dust affects on climate to be examined

9-11-10 Levitating nanoparticles may make for better geoengineering

9-11-10 The surprisingly complex truth about planes and climate change

9-8-10 The Clive HamiltonCritique on climate denial scientists who support geoengineering schemes


9-8-10 August 16thCongressional Research Service Report:GEOENGINEERING GOVERNANCE AND TECHNOLOGY POLICY

9-8-10 It's not just BP's oil in the Gulf that threatens world's oceans

9-8-10 Ocean acidification rising at unprecedented rate

9-8-10 Aerosol and CLoud Research Program

9-5-10 Relationships of people involved in covert aerosol geoengineering- CONNECTED DOTS!

9-4-10 Geoengineering, and More from CRS

9-4-10 A Future Tense Event: Geoengineering

8-29-10 Bill Gate's connection to aluminum resistant genetics and chemtrails

8-29-10..Bill Gates, Monsanto and the race to control the world

8-28-10 Woman Convicted of Resisting Arrest After Recording Traffic Stop from Her Porch

8-28-10 New Outrages Keep Gushing From BP

8-27-10 Developing an International Framework for Geoengineering

8-27-10 Time to blame climate change for extreme weather?

8-27-10 GATES Foundation invests in Monsanto

8-26-10 Geoengineering smackdown: how 5 methods might impact rising sea levels

8-26-10 Non-compliance with specifications by Chinese firm delays project

8-24-10 Geoengineering the Planet? Remaking the Earth's Atmosphere for Profit

8-24-10 Lowman: Geo-engineering a rescue?

8-24-10Geoengineering unable to stop 21st century sea level rise

8-24-10 Cirrus Disappearance: Warming Might Thin Heat-Trapping Clouds

8-23-10 Ever Wonder About Chemtrails (chemical trails) in the sky overhead?

8-20-10 Scientists reject aerosol geoengineering

8-20-10 Geoengineering: green or garbage?

8-19-10 Full Text Of Newsmax Column Suggesting Military Coup Against Obama

8-19-10 Hope for saving famed seed bank hangs on Medvedev inquiry

8-19-10 Genetically modified canola found growing wild in Dakota

8-19-10 World Rejects GMO crops

8-19-10 Agricultural Defense Coalition announces southern California office and a presentation on Geoengineering by Andrew Bridgman August 28th

8-18-10 Russian Scholar Warns Of 'Secret' U.S. Climate Change Weapon...

8-18-10 Who Owns the Weather?
Tuesday August 24 7PM
Dionondehowa School
Shushan, NY
The Bonnefire Coalition
presents a special informational meeting: Press Release and Poster

8-16-10 Geoengineering = Futurological Greenwashing

8-16-10 Geo-engineering studies: Not a panacea, rather a darker picture of the global warming problem

8-16-10 The TRUTH Denied: Chemtrails Kill

8-16-10 HAARP Weather Weapon Responsible for Climate Change

8-14-10 The Ultimate Secret Exposed - PT 1/2

8-13-10 Tens of thousands of dead fish wash ashore in NJ


8-11-10 Article With No Apology

8-11-10 The Weaponisation of Culture Part 2. The Weaponisation of Air: Chemtrails.

8-11-10 Alan Watt on Geoengineering

8-11-10 Canola, Pushed by Genetics, Moves Into Uncharted Territories

8-11-10 Dr Strangelove & Reagan's Doctor Evil Backed Risky Geoengineering Scheme, For Real

8-9-10 Extreme Cold Temps kills 6 million fish, 1000s of alligators, dolphins...

8-8-10 Navy plans could affect more marine mammals

8-8-10 ANother Welsbach Aerosol Patent (spraying) by Chang

8-8-10 Judicial Watch Announces List of Washington's "Ten Most Wanted Corrupt Politicians" for 2009

8-8-10 Has the IPCC got it wrong over aerosols?

8-5-10 Geoengineering Project to Preserve Glacier

8-3-10 WWF urges Japanese to stop eating endangered bluefin tuna

8-3-10 California sea otter numbers drop again

8-3-10 U.S. regulators lack data on health risks of most chemicals

8-3-10 HAARP: Secret Weapon Used For Weather Modification, Electromagnetic Warfare

8-3-10 Are you having trouble with your respitory / sinus because of aerosol trails? Follow the Mayo Clinic leads to relief

8-3-10 What in the World are they Spraying Trailer and here is a radio interview with G Griffin and M Murphy (click on 8-2-2010)

8-3-10 Gassed in the Gulf (Part II) Toward Full Spectrum Dominance

8-2-10 Spread of Deadly Cryptococcal Disease in U.S. Northwest Linked to Global Warming

8-2-10 Check out the aerosol operations off the coast of CALIFORNIA on AUGUST 2nd!

8-1-10 Geoengineering at issue

8-1-10 Project BLUE BEAM and other recent revelations around HAARP and Russian Atmospheric Heaters

7-31-10 Case Orange Report

7-31-10 David Keith and Ken Caldeira are either LIARS or just STUPID. Read this article AGAIN exposing the obvious. Atmospheric Geoengineering: Weather Manipulation, Contrails and Chemtrails A Review of the "Case Orange" report

7-31-10 Aerial Spraying: Mobilization around the Cyprus Bases

7-30-10 Global Warming: Can We Spray it Away?

7-29-10 Bohemian Grove guest list 2008 FROM WIKILEAKS

7-29-10 So You Want Solid Chemtrail Proof?? Watch This

7-29-10 Are Our Oceans Dying?

7-29-10 Geoengineering fix won't suit everyone

7-29-10 NOAA State of the Climate Report: Get Ready for a Warming World

7-29-10 The Town That Outsourced Everythiing

7-29-10 Seven Secret Ways We are being Poisoned

7-28-10 The-worlds-biggest-enviromental crisis flows on

7-28-10 The Economist: The geography of geoengineering

7-28-10 This Video's author calls BLACK sky lines Project Holo-Sun

7-27-10 Caldeira Blows off Carneige Report:" Is the cure (geoengineering) worse than the disease (global warming)?"

7-27-10 The Best Flavor of Geoengineering Still Leaves a Bad Taste

7-27-10 Shut Up, Ken Caldeira

7-25-10 Climate Change Scepticism Could Soon Be a Criminal Offence

7-24-10 The Jack Grafton You Tube page has great footage of southern california aerosol activities.

7-24-10 Report: Toxins found in whales bode ill for humans

7-23-10 President John Kennedy's Speech drills to the core of humanity's problems

7-22-10 Belfort Group Chemtrail Symposium part 1 MAY 2010 Here is the SHOW PAGE with the index to the whole symposium

7-22-10 If you havent seen this, then you must.

7-22-10 First Amendment Suspended in SouthEast, perhaps entire nation.

7-22-10 Human Food Supply Threatened

7-22-10 Fresno sees unexplained rise in pollution specks

7-22-10 Censored Gulf dispersant news: Aerial spraying act of war Pt I

7-22-10 Space Weather Turns into an International Problem

7-22-10 NASA confirms 2010 to be hottest year on record

7-22-10 Green view: The geography of geoengineering

7-22-10 More preparing for social unrest

7-22-10 Lung Cancer is high in NON SMOKERS

7-22-10 Sudden Death Syndrome linked to Barium

7-22-10A Puzzling Collapse of Earth's Upper Atmosphere


7-22-10 Truth Media Productions Looking for Pilots to Interview about aerosol program

7-22-10 Lakota Warriors Prevent Blackhawk Helicopters from Landing at Wounded Knee 2010

7-22-10 -An evil atmosphere is forming around geoengineering

7-22-10 AIR TO AIR PROOF of covert geoegnineering aerosol program

7-22-10 Countless Seashells appearing on Pakistani Beaches

It is Raining Oil!
Here is a compilation on the raining oil.


7-8-10 Ross Bell of Air Quatlity in Shasta County says there is no PROOF that the contamination is in the air. HERE is an air test taken by 4th graders in HIS JURISDICTION, that PROVES the contamination is in the air. If a 4th grader can find and prove it, why can't this big, hawaiian shirted civil servant do his job? This test is from MOUINTAIN UNION school in Shasta County. Here are the other SHASTA COUNTY tests that PROVE contamination.

7-8-10 Shasta-county-chemtrailgeo-engineering-contamination-cover-up.

7-8-10 Vandana Shiva rips geoengineer on Democracy Now!

7-5-10 BP Spill video you must see

7-5-10 British DailyMail aerosol dis-info Exposed

7-5-10 The Skies Are Changing

7-3-10 Shasta County California Public official squirms when confronted about chemtrail/geo-engineering contamination cover-up

7-3-10 Sea Shepherd leader Paul Watson place in interpole list for saving whales

7-3-10 Report: Toxins found in whales bode ill for humans (THIS IS A DIRECT RESULT OF COVERT AEROSL SPRAYING NOW DEPLOYED)

7-3-10 REAL SUPPORT: Operation Gulf Rescue Ramps Up

7-3-10 AERIAL SPRAYING: Mobilization around the Cyprus Bases

7-3-10 Scientists admit chemtrails creating clouds.

7-3-10 Honey Effective In Killing Bacteria That Cause Chronic Sinusitis

7-3-10 Suffering from Aerosol Geoengineering symptoms? Here is a look at cronic sinustitis.

6-29-10 Geo-engineering The Truth What You Are Breathing and the Ability to Deploy

6-29-10 Chemtrail War Shifting Tactics?

6-29-10 What are you Breathing?

6-28-10 Geoengineer Alan Robock has proved to be a outright liar over and again. Here is a rebute to his statement that "we dont have the technology yet to spray from planes"

6-28-10 Dangers of carbon sequestration are real, says researcher

6-28-10 The link between BP, geoengineering and GM

6-26-10 Have you looked at the skies lately?

6-24-10 Aerosol Geoengineering Aircraft in action

6-23-10 Agricultural Defense Coalition webpage on Aluminum links, including aerosol spraying patents that use aluminum as a spray agent.

6-21-10 Whale Feces Is Key To Southern Ocean Carbon Sink

6-20-10 A HOLE in the world.

6-20-10 Open Letter to Hands Off Mother Earth

6-20-10 KPFK Radio Los Angeles Special Covert Aerosol Geoengineering Show

6-20-10 BP'sDeath Clouds

6-17-10- Royal Society Schedules Geoengineering Meeing

6-15-10 Evergreen Air and Secret Facility

6-15-15 Morgellons Victims Across the US and Europe (Part 1)

6-15-10 Read/Post Comments Cloud Whitening Won't Cool Climate

6-15-10 A Bright Green Argument for Geoengineering

6-11-10 Noam Chomsky and Bill McKibben on GLobal Warming

6-11-10 Energy Company's Shocking Plan to Spray Clouds with Toxic Chemical to Increase Rainfall -- and Make Hydropower Profits

6-10-10 Evaluation of Evergreen Air post (6-9-10)

6-10-10 Sign onto the Covert Aerosol Geoengineering petition

6-9-10 Evergreen Air and Secret Chemtrail Facililty

6-9-10- Carnicom Institute to hold live webinar on Thur 6-10

6-9-10 Limitations of man-made cloud whitening revealed in study

6-9-10 Reforestation and Biochar: Two geoengineeering methods that won't cause more harm than good.


6-7-10 Eyes Wide Shut: Disease and Dead from the Sky

6-7-10 How crazy can it get? Scientists propose sun block for the entire planet to save it

6-7-10 Connecting the dots between HAARP, CHEMtrails and our water.

6-7-10 Superfreaky: The WIld World of Geoengineering

6-7-10 Radical plan to combat global warming 'may raise temperatures'

6-4-10 What is going on on our air force bases???

6-4-10 (older) The Geoengineering option

6-3-10 Huge air pollution study under way in California

6-2-10 US Deppartment of Energy ARM campaign to begines June 2nd 2010 in California

6-1-10 Geoengineeering Test In California June 2-28th

6-1-10 Power Hour Chemtrail segments on KPFK radio in LA. Part 1 and Part 2

5-31-10 Inside the Covert Aerosol Geoengineering Program and MORE!

5-27-10 The geoengineering temptation

5-27-10 Clive Hamilton: 'solving climate change is out of the question

5-26-10 History Channel Documentary on weather modification for military purposes including "chemtrails", "HAARP". Parts 1, 2, 3(chemtrails), 4

5-25-10 Fireline Leadership in the Brave New World of Weather Modification and Modern Wildland Fire Behavior

5-24-10 U.N. Body Urges Caution on Synthetic Bacteria, Geoengineering

5-24-10 G Edward Griffin Documentary Trailer for Geoengineering / Chemtrail Documentary

8-24-10 The Geoengineering Temptation

5-18-10 United Nations science body calls for halt on climate-hacking experiments

5-18-10 Upcoming International Symposium on Covert Geoengineering / Chemtrails

5-18-10 Covert Geoengineering over California on May 12

5-18-10 Jeff Farias Radio Show on Aerosol Geoengineering. Part 1, part 2 and part 3

5-18-10 Environmentalists criticize Canada's defiance over geoengineering ban

5-12-10 Central CA raintest high in metals after aerosol geoengineering operations.

5-12-10 Geoengineering experiment ready - or not

5-11-10 Plans to cool planet heat up geoengineering debate

5-10-10 Geoengineering Experiments Contested at UN meeting in Nairobi

5-10-10 Bill Gates Moves Forward With Geoengineering

5-10-10 Saving the earth, or hurting it?

5-8-10 Heavy Metals Poisoning, Brain Injury, and Clandestine Weather Modification Programs. Connecting the Dots. Part 1.

5-8-10 Web Fibers Found After Aerosol Geoengineering (Author is asking for scientists to view)

5-7-10 People must sacrifice to halt climate change

5-5-10 Chemtrails: Are they fact or fiction? (Video)

5-3-10 Universal Declaration of the Rights of Mother Earth, and texts from the People's Conference on Climate Change

5-3-10 The promise and the peril of an engineered climate

5-1-10 Government report calls for global authority on planetary-geo-engineering

4-28-10 David Keith talks about Aluminum aerosols (video)

4-27-10 DOCUMENT:
The Regulation of Geoengineering

4-27-10 STOP PROJECT BLUEBIRD: A REALITY TV SHOW, (fiction) about Harrison Wylde's Geoengineering Project

4-26-10 'Mother Earth can live without us but we can't live without her': Indigneous People's Declaration from Cochabamba

4-25-10 Its Now or Never:Hands Off Mother Earth! In Defense of our Living Planet and Planetary Life

4-20-10 Democracy Now: Pat Mooney on the Dangers of Geoengineering and Manipulating the Planet to Combat Climate Change

4-20-10 Geoengineering Gone Wild (February but worth it) Aerosol Geoengineering Would Damage Ozone (and more)

4-19-10 Geoengineering: Incompatible with the rights of Mother Earth!

4-19-10 NASA Scientist Publishes New Book: 'Coming Climate Crisis? Consider the Past, Beware the Big Fix'

4-19-10 Engineering the climate

4-18-10 Geo-Engineering Watch Communiqué to the World People's Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth Here is the same communique' in Spanish.

4-17-10 Covert Geoengineering affects on animals in New Zealand (this is a 2005 interview)

4-17-10 Who gets rich in a geoengineered world?Unfortuanately, Jeff Goodell still doesnt "get it"

4-17-10 ‘The trajectory is unclear’ on Climate Geoengineering says House Staffer


4-16-10 Journalist Michael Murphy discusses covert geoengineering (1/2 into April 15th Program)

4-16-10 ' 'Solar Radiation Management' or Manhattan Project 2.0?

4-16-10 Santa Cruz Radio Show about US Covert Aerosol Geoengineering Program

4-15-10 NPR Audio: How To Cool The Planet- Jeff Goodell

4-15-10 Soil aluminum levels on the rise because of aerosl spray program...clarification here.

4-15-10 Geoengineering aerosols over New York

4-14-10 G. Edward Griffin Talks Candidly About Chemtrails/SAG

4-14-10 The Good Kind of Geoengineering

4-14-10 TUC Radio (audio) Geoengineering: Addressing the Effects, not the causes, of climate change.

4-12-10 Confidential document reveals Obama's hardline US climate talk strategy

4-11-10 Weatherman exposes covert geoengineering aerosol program

4-9-10 World's Peoples Congress on Climate Change

4-6-10 Covert Geoengineering Affects pH levels and wildlife (video)

4-6-10 Shhh!!!, What If It Was Reported That They Are Spraying Aluminum?

4-6-10 European Parliament: question on aircraft condensation trails which no longer only contain water

4-6-10 We need birth control, not geoengineering

4-6-10 Who's In Charge Of Geoengineering?

4-6-10 What Is Geoengineering and Why Is It Considered a Climate Change Solution?

4-5-10 NASA Getting $2.4 Billion For Climate Change Research

4-4-10 The AEI and Geoengineering (1 of 2)

4-4-10 The AEI and Geoengineering (2 of 2)

4-1-10 Yahoo News: ? Experts are Scared.What if all the Coral Reefs Die

3-30-10 To hack the planet, first win trust

3-29-10 Hacking the Planet: Who decides?

3-29-10 Geoengineering: Plan B, Triage Method or Dangerous Illusion?

3-29-10 Mother Jones: Who Eats Geoengineering Risk? (Asilomar Dispatch 2)

3-29-10 WKVT-AM 1490's Live & Local in Brattleboro, VT-Persistant Contrails and Geoengineering PODCAST

3-27-10 Messing With Disaster

3-26 -10 Smearing the sky:

3-26-10 Living On Earth RADIO SHOW:Jeff Goodal on geoengineering/Asilomar. Here is the book by Goodall about geoengineering.

3-25-10 Bill Gates (funding geoengineering) :Use Vacines to Lower Population

3-25-10 Climate Hackers Want to Write Their Own Rules

3-25-10"Mad scientist" talks up geo-engineering vision

3-25-10 Iron Fertilization Geoengineering nourishes TOXIC algae

3-23-10 Concerns Abound as Geoengineering Conference Opens

3-23-10 What in the World Are They Spraying? Part II

3-23-10 We Cannot 'Techno-Fix' Our Way to a Sustainable Future

3-22-10 Cornell Expert: World has underestimated climate-change effects

3-22-10 Our Borken Sky part 3

3-21-10Geoengineering: Plan B, Triage Method or Dangerous Illusion?

3-20-10 Society launches geoengineering initiative

3-16-10 Chief sponsor of landmark climate manipulation conference maintains close financial ties to controversial geoengineering company

3-15-10 Sole Strategic Partner in Landmark Geoengineering is Australia's "dirty coal" state of Victoria

3-18-10 US House THIRD hearings on geoengineering

UK Committee on Science and Tech release geoengineering report

3-16-10 Scientists create the biggest dump in the world

3-16-10 Climate 'fix' could poison sea life

3-16-10 REPORT:What’s Killing the Great Forests of the American West?

3-15-10 WBAI New York Radio Program on Geoengineering

3-12-10 Our Broken Sky Here is a 94 year old chemist who responded to Broken Sky article by Dr. Doug Craig

HAARP Australia-Creating Super Draught or Super Storm?

3-5-10 Global warming plan could leave humans extinct

Sierra Club Member? C-This Too

3-4-10 Journalist Breaks ALUMINUM to be used as aerosol story: What-in-the-world-are-they-spraying?

2-28-10 WBAI Radio New York Geoengineering Report

2-26-10 BBC: Caldeira says we can compensate and provide food to people who are "damaged" by geoengineering. Moral decision to hurt some to help many.

2-25-10 Should we geoengineer Earth’s climate?

2-24-10 Geoengineering divides scientists

2-24-10 There's no war to fight over global warming

2-24-10 From ocean to ozone: Earth's nine life-support systems

2-23-10 Can We Lower Earth’s Thermostat?

2-22-10 Video Clips from inside and outside AAAS meeting, Note David Keith footage!

2-21-10 Geo-engineering: the planet's savior or untested danger?


2-19-10 Geoengineering takes a ride in the shipping lanes


2-14-10 University Receives Grant to Study ETHICS of Geoengineering

2-8-10 Geoengineering may endanger marine life by decreasing oxygen in lakes

2-8-10 Geoengineering Scientists Are Lying about Last Resort Intentions, Experimentation IS Deployment

2-8-10 Scientists no longer say geoengineering is a last resort. NOW, its a "compliment" to reducing emissions!

2-7-10 Beware of geoengineering using volcanoes' tricks

2-7-10 Think-tanks take oil money and use it to fund climate deniers


2-5-10 Heats Online

2-4-10 Subcommittee Examines Geoengineering Strategies and Hazards

2-4-10 Climate expert discusses geoengineering with House

2-3-10 Bill Gates digs deep for geoengineering

2/1/20 Popular Mechanics- How 4 Geoengineering Plans could crash and burn

NOAA study reveals geoengineering could reduce solar energy production by more than 34% (2009)

1-28-10 Research on Global 'Sun Block' Needed Now, Experts Argue

1-28-10 NPR- As the World Burns

1-28-10 Slate- Can we test our geoengineering schemes before we have to use them?

UK Telegraph- an older story, but some history on Russian GE and more

1-28-10 UK TelegraphWater vapour is a major cause of global warming and cooling find scientists

1-28-10- TelegraphSimulated volcanic eruptions to block sun

A MUST READ Evaluating a Technological Fix for Climate

1-28-10 Bill Gates Funds Research Into Climate Hacking

1-27-10 Canadian climate research calls for radical strategy to reflect sun's rays

1-27-10 U of C research calls for radical strategy to reflect sun's rays

1-26-10 Bill Gates Funding Geoengineering Research

1-26-10 Ecologists Outline Necessary Actions for Mitigating and Adapting to a Changing Climate

SF Examiner- Geoengineers at annual conference to face human rights defender rally

1-22-10- Report Indicates Clouds Create Net Warming

1-21-10 FOX NEWS-Hugo Chavez Say US Created Haiti Quake with Hi-Tech EM Weapon

1-20-10 Supreme Court Rules U.S No Longer a Democracy of People, Corporations Now Govern

1-20-10 Citizens and Activists Confront Climate Carbon Trade Summit

1-19-10 How To Cool The Planet a book by Jeff Godell

1-18-10 NY Times-A Search for Rules Before Climate-Changing Experiments Begin

Perhaps the Best Known GeoEngineering Weapon

Great Video- How HAARP: modifies climate, creates drought and is a weapon

1-17-10 Sea Levels Going Up ?
Geoengineering Answers?

1-16-10 Death of Earth by the Hand of Man

1-16-10 WhatWe Should Do Instead of Geoengineering

1-13-10 UK Ministers Meet to Regulate Geoengineering

Intellectual Ventures May Have Brains To Save The World 1-12-10

New GE website:

Forum at Greenwich Connecticut Library "Technical Fix of Climate Change Scheduled 1-24-10

Climate scientists Convene Global Geo-Engineering Summit in March - Guardian 1-12-10

"James Hansen rails against cap-and-trade plan in open letter" Guardian-1-12-10

Northern Sea Ice at Record Low Amount: Arctic Heat Wave While Europe Freezes 1-10-10

Huffington Post: Five Radical Proposals to Solve GLobal Warming with Technology 1-8-10

Doubt Global Warming? The Planet DOESN'T LIE 1-6-1

CIA is Sharing Data with Climate Scientists 1-05-10

Guardian: Climate Change Has No TIme For Delays Or Denials by Rajendra Pachauri 1-5-10


'Nightly News' Proposes Geoengineering Atmosphere as Solution to Climate Change- 12-28-09

NY Times: Geoengineering in the Air: A look at "Freakonomics" 12-28-09

NBC News Clip: Last Resort
11mb 12-26-09

MIT / Technology Today: The Geoengineering Gambit - January / February 2010

NY Times: Geoengineering Going Mainstream 12-23-09

MSNBC-Engineering a Cooler Planet

James Hansen Interview

NY Times: Clearcutting the Truth about Trees (12-19-09)UCLA Scientist Sees GE Plans as Preposterous 12-17-09

Indigenous Peoples Demand More in Copenhagen 12-16-09

GE Documentary:
Owning the Weather

Saving Greenland's Ice
by Geo-Engineering

Russian Scientists field test

Mother Jones: WIll Copenhagen lead to Radical Experiments? 12-15-09

Mother Jones- Copenhagen: Geo-Engineerings Big Break? 12-14-09 ETC Group: 12/14/09
report on GEO-Engineering


Newsweek: Copenhagen Schmopenhagen

Symposium looks at GE
Scientific American:
Engineering the Planet to Dodge Global Warming

Opening Statement
Committee on Science & Technology Hearings on Geo-Engineering

US Politicians Warned by TOP British ScientistKen Caldeira, Carnegie Inst Testimony to Congressional Committee 11-05-09

American Enterprise Inst Report to Congressional Committee-“Researching Solar Radiation
Management as a Climate
Policy Option” 11-5-09
<Washington Post: World Leaders Should Focus on Geo-Engineering

GE scientist to meet in March, 2010 to hammer out rules of experimentation

MIT- The Politics of Climate Fix

LA Times11/26/09
Is geo-engineering a real solution for climate?

Geo-Engineering Getting Hotter

Climate Change and Weather Modification Crimes

The Emperor's New Climate
g />

"">Global Research: ENMODg /> Global Research: Environmental Warfare, Climate Modification Global Research: Missing from Copenhagen

Geo-Engineering in Congress

Plan B: When Copenhagen Fails

Scientists Propose Plan B
to cool the planet

"Freakonomics"- New Book riddled with GE errors! (10-09)

Skeptic Finds Faith in GE 9-09
GE Science VS GE Military Geoengineering report baffles reporters - 09/02, 2009

Defense Agency to Control Planet Hansen: "Climate talks must fail"<

Tru-TV airs HAARP controversy