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  1. Person VERY Concerned says:

    VERY HEAVY Lower Mainland B.C.. NO SUN PERMITTED (EVER AGAIN?) No one notices or will notice..after heavy nonstop sales shopping pre-Christmas/ After Christmas..they have settled back into routine and only see the bills.

    Not the skies.

    Wake UP!

    It could be already beyond too late.

    • David Wright says:

      Obviously the global elite do not want us to wake up to their destruction of humanity and 'our' planet so they want to create apathy amongst the awoken ones. Now we know they keep large amounts of people living in 'developed' countries asleep by using T.V as a distraction but for those of us who are wise to this they have a few ways of giving us chemicals that alter our serotonin levels and calcify our pineal glands (our Third eye). This results in dulling our thinking and our perception. Worse still we can loose our motivation to carry out simple tasks and our memory becomes so mixed up that retaining thoughts or train of thought becomes impossible.

      I worked for a few years in the UK mental health system from 2007-2014 doing various jobs one of them being the phone station where clients were assessed over the phone for what kind of help they needed. Most people where simply lost, disconnected from themselves making them apathetic suffering with depression. If you look over the last 30 years the amount of people suffering from depression caused 'partly' through low serotonin levels, one of the feel good chemicals in our brain has gone off the chart as Alzheimer or dementia. This has a direct link to chemicals such as Fluoride which high levels have been detected in our water supply and Aluminum which has been found with other heavy metals in chemtrails poisoning our air supply. One has to think along the lines of what is he most efficient way of dumbing down the population to keep them unthinking sheeple instead of enquiring thinking people? Answer- T.V programming, the air and water supply. That's what I would do if I wanted to keep the people apathetic so I could carry on with my psychopathic world domination agenda.      

  2. Hugh Mann says:

    I don’t understand how anyone could deny Geoengineering exist. It is so very much in-your-face. Clear skies aren’t so clear anymore, they’re whitish-blue. On a clear night, the sky is hazy; making the stars look blurry. When I look at the street lights at night, I notice a halo or starburst effect around them. Concerning noctilucent clouds, NASA says they’re caused by comet dust. I’m beginning to wonder if that isn’t another lie. Here in Tennessee, it seems as if they are taking things up a notch as I have seen the entire sky look like a spider web of trails. What can we do to stop this? Complaining to the parasites that be, is useless as the chemtrails don’t exists.

    • admin says:

      I agree Hugh. Sept 5th was unbelievable – What city are you in?

    • Lee Harrison says:

      CONtrails are not the same as CHEMtrails! If you look at a chemtrail and see in your mind clouds than you need to learn the difference! The piece of shit Goeengineer JOHN HOLDREN, Chief Scientific Advisor to Obama will tell you about chemtrails himself if i do not get my hands around his fucking neck first! What goes up must come down! They know how fast the wind is blowing, the direction of the wind, and how long it’ll take before the poison will fall and who will be breathing the poison!!!!!!!!!

    • George Taylor Sr says:

      They started chemtrails in 1997 and I used to Get chemtrails, health research, harp, radar matrix, and war now they are gone. People don’t believe the gov is doing this by 2020 they will be able to control the weather all over the world and they use weather as a weapon.

    • jim says: Most Rain in One Day     9.49"     September 5, 2011

  3. Matthew says:

    All the best to you guys. What you’re doing is so important. I agree that the most important thing is to get this out into the mainstream. If we all keep chipping away, eventually we will be successful.

    • admin says:

      Thanks for the encouragement and for your work toward this end Matthew! If each of us does their (even small) part, we can make a big difference!

    • Robin Broberg says:

      We should protest at the Whitehouse and major cities in the streets so it makes the news. It should be on Earth Day Tuesday April 22,2014. Who’s in?

    • Tamster OG says:

      I’m glad I’ve found some other people who are truly concerned. This is the first time I’ve associated with anyone online. 52&got my first iPhone. Anyway April thing sounds good but it require a huge amount of planning and information quality control advance permitt. A few suits don’t hurt, if ya get my drift, we need people that have followers. A few movie stars may have interests as well. I’m new, u may already have that in actio. I know it can really fizzle a rally of not planned well. I’ve marched in several. April is cutting close. But I am totally willing to help. I can and I like it. All my life I’ve been totally involved in good causes. I guess it’s the social worker in me. I’m so tired of the cover-ups and betrayal. I am also exhausted that so many individuals are so naive. I hope this will be something where I can help.

  4. Highlander says:

    I see the evidence, I understand that. I’m confused on the “why”, because everyone is affected. The profit motive only goes so far… The war motive only goes so far… If you kill the planet, we all die… Surely the people behind this see it. How do they keep from affectiving their families and their children… Surely there is a guiding plan or document somewhere that tells them to go this far and no further. Or that keeps “this area” of the earth safe… I guess I’m trying to understand the end game, which appears to be depopulation of the earth by a significant amount of people. Who are “the chosen” few and “where” will they live…

    • Tamster OG says:

      Last year the drought in th bread basket drove up the price of corn. Like about 24% of everything is made with corn. Wonder how many insiders made money off that drought? What people don’t realize is all countries and societies of the past have needed slaves to maintain. This problem is so big the brandne lovin blue collar worker and the pretending to be mid-class, can’t see the Forrest for the trees. Guess aropostle name brand lovin pee-on, or how ever u spell it; simply bread crumbs. Everyone is brainwashed if they don’t realize that the common man/woman has now become the modern day slave! You r right; we do pay for all the lines in the sky, but we pay for it with more than just tax.

    • kristine skancke says:

      I live in a mountain village in Bolvia. I have Heard that the Bush family has bought great áreas of land in North of Paraguay. Maybe this is where “they” plan to go?

    • admin says:

      I don’t know Kristine. It’s certainly possible. I’d be interested if you find out more, though.

    • 4mothernature says:

      I’ve wondered about the chemicals of war that were profusely used, disbanned, buried and or are still ‘leaching’ into our waters and air ever since…we are seemingly ‘saturated’ with them here in Missouri. They now call them ‘pesticides’ and “herbicides” that have polluted the aquifer, but they began as Agent Orange and BHC 666 and later became known as Chlordane, Lindane, etc… Might the chemtrails be explained as a “megalithic vaccination” trying to correct the former problem… to prevent our demise? (Well intentioned, perhaps, but like the chemicals of war or nuclear bombs etc…they end up doing as much or more damage here as they ever did on the ‘enemy’…I don’t know. I know I just had a toxicological report done on myself and on a scale of 0 (no trace) and 10 (death is near or occurred) I registered a 5 for copper toxicity. I don’t save or play with pennies or work where copper is used and don’t use a copper tea pot. Strange, huh? Copper was used in “pesticides”, apparently, and in smelting and metal plating and I just saw where it was found in chemtrails, which brought me to your site, today. Interesting.

  5. Jer says:

    Has anyone ever tried a chembuster, do these actually work and if so I think you should sell kits here. Please let me know if anyone has had positive results and if they really work. We need to fight back. I know they use our tax dollars to pay for the spraying, so if we all stop paying taxes then maybe it will stop. I know it’s important to spread the word but nothing is actually being done to stop the spraying. We need to come up with ideas to stop this. Please anyone, it makes me sick and angry that they are getting away with these crimes against us.

  6. Jer says:

    “They use chemicals in the middle east and it’s called chemical warfare, they use chemicals on us here and it’s called geoengineering.”
    What the hell is happening.

  7. Dorothy Hahn says:

    I had known about chemtrails for a few years but it wasn’t until I started listening to Dane Wigington, Rosalind Peterson and watching Michael Murphy’s documentaries that I really understood how destructive they are to the planet and humans and the urgency with which this needs to be dealt with. I live in Clearwater, FL and since June 2012 their has been almost daily spraying of our skies. Many of the trees here have fungus and are dying which makes me so sad as I am a huge nature lover. It’s bad enough whats happening to the planet but when they spray I feel robbed of the pleasure of a blue sky and always feel better when the sky is clear of debris. Thank-you Dane and Geoengineering watch for educating us and for all that you do.

    • Tamster OG says:

      Hey, maybe the need a lot of ash in the atmosphere for all this stuff to work. The US has a big fire& Portugal is a really big hot spot with fire. Anyway, just a thought?

  8. Joanne Moonflower says:

    I can hear the buzz when it is on…..bastards…we were put hear to heal the planet not to kill it….Mother Earth is fighting back…and our GoverNuts who run the show are evil evil evil….and all those underground bases are where they are going… and guess who pays for that….we the sheeples….I have Never heard the Obomanut say anything things about Chemtrails….not at all…..Sad we live in a world that is not FREE….

  9. sukie says:

    Wow, took me way too long to subscribe here Dane. Been a steward for my small East West valley in the interior of British Columbia and have been documenting and taking pictures for the better part of a decade and a half. I have witnessed a obvious manipulation of our skies with the intensity mounting, always mounting. Our gardens are harder to sustain, coughs, sneezing, asthma, fatigue seem ever present. My children even notice the amount of traffic over our tiny valley and it never ceases to amaze me how even a mention of the omnipresent lines in the sky is generally scorned or ridiculed. So often I feel alone, different from others. Constantly noticing, constantly concerned. Always wondering how do they miss it? When it’s so obvious, it’s absurd! Maybe here will give me the support I need to help others to begin to question, begin to see! August 25, 2013……..let’s make it COUNT!!! Peace, Strength,Clarity Solidarity

  10. Anthony says:

    I live in the Bronx and we are being Bombarded with this stuff. Before I came across information about this on the web, I assumed those Transparent blotches across were Clouds. Now I watch the whole process from the spraying to the fanning out and eventually consuming the sky. Even more scary is this.. I was playing the video game Borderlands on Ps3, the sky in the game has Chem trails going across. The lines from the planes & the Transparent clouds they make. This is Brainwashing, they want kids and adults to believe that this is what Clouds look like. I see pictures on Flicker where the Trails look like Tic Tack toe, and people comment on how Beautiful the Clouds are. Totally oblivious to the fact they are Chemicals not clouds. We need to make this Priority #1 or we are Doomed. God Bless us all.

  11. shaye j says:

    I have just recently started researching this issue after wathching (of all things) joe rogan questions everything. I’ve always suspected that there were more to con/chem trails. I can now tell the difference (isn’t it scary??) . Thank you for your site. A great man once said, “It is easier to fool someone than convince them they have been fooled.” And boy, that sure applies to the complacent society of today. Keep spreading the news! It’s time, far past time, to make some noise.

  12. Robert M Stiles says:

    Hello Dane: I heard your recent interview on Hagmann & Hagmann. I am so impressed with your grasp of the deleterious issues we earthlings collectively face. I have observed the extensive chemtrailing for over a decade. What have we done as stewards of our planet Fukishima, The Makondo Well, Chernoble, Hanford Washington, Antarctica’s ozone hole, etc. When I point to chemtrails to strangers on the street they laugh and look at me like I am nuts. I we must all keep trying. Regards Robert M Stiles

    • admin says:

      Speaking personally, I don’t believe it’s “we”. I believe “they” are behind all of it – the corporations, the deforestation, the fossil fuels, all of it. They set our society up to be dependent upon these things and the little man just wants to provide for his family and works where someone gives him a job. He drives to work in the only method of transportation made available to him. Yes, we should all be conscientious (and not drive gas guzzlers, etc.), I do not argue that. But the true powers behind all of this are the same powers who are spraying us. They commit these crimes, then shift the blame onto us. And we buy it. Like I said, though, that’s only my opinion.

  13. I have been following Dane’s work for a little while now. As important as I believe his research is and as much as I admire it (I have posted material concerning him and related issues through both my web site and my blog), the geoengineering issue is but a symptom of a deeper disease — namely, the absence of true sovereignty … both collectively and individually. Establishing sovereignty is not a matter of returning to the vision of the so-called ‘Founding Fathers’ or ‘framers’ of the Constitution, because they are actually the ones who helped set us on the road to where we find ourselves today by failing to fulfill the guarantee which they, themselves, placed in the Constitution. All one has to do is look at Article IV, Section 4 of the Constitution concerning the government’s duty to “guarantee” (it is the only guarantee given in the Constitution) a republican form of government to the citizens of the United States and reflect a little on history to understand that the federal government — including the ‘Framers’ — have done everything in their power not to honor Article 4, Section 4. Republicanism was a moral theory rooted in the Enlightenment that was suppose to ensure that all people were dealt with: fairly, compassionately, honestly, objectively, and that the people in government would not be judges in their own causes. Dane talks — and rightly so — about the academic and government scientists who are reluctant to speak out against what is transpiring within the halls of government (and geoengineering is but one of the abominations that has escaped from the psychopathic activities of the — euphemistically speaking — ‘leaders’ who are in control (and, again, I agree with Dane on the issue of pathology being endemic in government on almost every level). The reason why those government scientists with some degree of conscience (and, unfortunately, there are all too many scientists who do not seem to care what happens to anyone else as long as they get to do what they want) have no whistleblower protection concerning first amendment rights, or why the NSA, the CIA, and the FBI (or, rogue elements within those agencies), and the Pentagon can do pretty much whatever they like, or why the Patriot Act or the National Defense Authorization Act, or the bank bailout legislation can be passed through Congress so effortlessly, or why the United States can continue to commit war crimes around the globe, is very obvious — namely, we don’t live in the republic that was promised more than 225 years ago — a republic where the sovereignty of citizens is protected. And, until sovereignty is established, then the geoengineering programs, along with many other pathological programs (nuclear weapons, depleted uranium, genetically modified organisms, military bases in over 700 locations around the globe, Oklahoma City, 9/11, more and more undeclared wars and interference in the internal affairs of other peoples around the world, the destruction of whole societies through the World Bank and International Monetary Fund scams) will go on unabated. There are many underground secure facilities stocked with mammoth resources by which the psychopaths and those whom they favor believe (rightly or wrongly) that they will be able to ride out whatever destructive forces they have been putting into play for quite some time. If we really want all of the foregoing nonsense to stop, then, we are going to have to finish the revolution that was started more than 225 years ago … a revolution that was usurped by the 1787 Philadelphia Constitutional convention and constituted nothing less than a coup that substituted a political zero-sum game that cost us all our sovereignty. Nowhere in the main body of the Constitution nor in the Bill of Rights does one find anything which authorizes and justifies the huge array of ‘implied’ powers that are being used by all three branches of the federal government to initiate programs that violate the Preamble to the Constitution, Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution, and the provisions of the Bill of Rights — especially the 9th and 10th amendments which were directly aimed at ensuring that the federal government could not begin to invent the sort of implied powers that permits them to deny people real sovereignty at every turn as has been the case over the last several hundred years. We have let the genie out of the bottle, and until we constrain that genie once again, all manner of mischief will continue to happen. Let’s talk about the issue of geoengineering because this is, most definitely, an important thing to do, but let’s also talk about the way in which the destruction of sovereignty — both collectively and individually — is the primary reason why we are faced with in a whole array of areas that affect the quality and even continued possibility of life on Earth. My motto is quite simple: Neither control, nor be controlled — and this goes to the heart of sovereignty (and I might add that libertarians often like the latter portion of the motto but seem to have forgotten about the first part … with rights come duties of care, and when such duties of care are not honored, there cannot be any rights).

  14. cecil says:

    we all no that with power comes madness and fare of loss of that power will drive a man to do dum things ths is what is going on now and for Minny yrs. we need to go back to the old days of living no cites no usa just man and women kids and the things that we had when we pop up on the planet we dont need plains or cars on money which is what the guvement use to make us pray just like a hunter puts out food for a deer. we have beet down earth for 1000 of yrs and i think it is time for it to kick us in the ass for it. if we dont go back to the way of natives we all will pay for or help in f ing up it for or kids and or self!!!!!!!

    i am not a smart man did not no how to reed or spell till i was 16yro and quite school but i do no alot about man and how they don’t care for any thing but greed and power and being bater then the next guy we or all the same stop the shit and be fam help the man broke down on the side of the street not spit and lmafo at how poor he is and cant buy or fix the ride he has i dont even drive i got my bike and that is all i need i work for free some times when i can i hate money id love to just trad my help and nohow for food elt . if you have 100000s of dollars help some 1 with it dont horde it the day it gets bad help with it and when it gets bad the ones you helped will be ther for you that is the wat we all fell deep in or harts but most or harden to that from life

    • admin says:

      You have a good heart Cecil. Thanks for writing!

    • Douglas says:

      much blessings to you Cecil and all of you who are as concerned for our planet and our children~ They are trying to be rid of a huge percentage of us and that is the bottom line.. easier to manage a smaller herd maybe or just keep around enough to be the good loyal slaves~ The best slave thinks they are freeeeee~

    • Tamster OG says:

      Cecil, I really dig what you say. I’m not fond of this thecno age either. I can still live like it used to be way back when; I remember when we had to dress out for gym every day! I now appreciate the ol’fashion life when children weren’t fat because they moved more than tier fingers. I miss it too. When mankind ate from that tree of knowledge, that power thing just takes over. Perhaps survival of the fittest has changed. However, in defense of this modern techno world we live in, It’s not the technology that kills our world, it is the people who control it. “Not the gun, the trigger finger in controll. Before we can protest anything we must find out exactly who to protest. But it is good to know how to make it in the wilderness just in case all the salalites one day fall.

  15. Penny Vlanes says:

    Hi, I live in Melbourne Australia and we are being sprayed on a daily basis. I am terrified for my children as I am scared for their future… I called the EPA which is the environment protection authority and they told me that what is going on is out of their jurisdiction!!! I am furious that this is going on. Every single day,our sky is sprayed, it then disperses and then it rains. We do not get any nice sunny days anymore. I am taking photos every morning because I can’t believe what I am seeing!!!I want to congratulate you on the massive effort you are making. I hope for our sake that this stops and we just need to keep spreading the word. Most people in Melbourne tell me that I don’t know what i am talking about and they are simply just contrails. It feels like we are very few here and it’s upsetting and frustrating. Thank you for trying to make more people aware!!! Enough is enough!! We really need to unify because at the end of the day, every single one of us wants the same thing. and that is for this evil behavior to STOP!!!!!

  16. CaptJeff says:

    D, Looks like things are starting to ramp up. I am encouraged that Europe, Canada and many people of the world are learning about this world wide problem…

  17. Alexandra says:

    for anyone that wants to see what they are breathing just go outside after they spray and turn the flash on your camera and when its dark go outside and flash the camera and you will see the BILLIONS of particles light up the night sky from your flash, some of the particles are even big enough to photograph. This is what the childen,your animals,your family & you are bvreathing in with every breath, It is HORRIFYING. I can do this any night of the week here in upstate NY (i am in a heavy dump area) and the flash LIGHTS UP THE SKY.

  18. Alexandra says:

    THANK YOU for everything you do, We are having a Global March here in Ithaca NY on Aug 25 & I am ordering a bunch of business cards & flyers and i print out 20 a week of my own,it is VERY HARD to wake people up to this, & we are in an extremely heavy dump area, the people dont see what is going on right in front of their faces though, but i will keep trying and spreading the word.I document the weather and the chemtrailing often and have been for the last 8 months in photographs and video

  19. Marvin Lewis says:

    I remain uncommitted to ‘c hemtrails’ , but somethng is going on. I wish that I knew what. There is so much radioactivity enterring the bioshere that I am not sure I want to know. Chemtrails may be a diversion?

    • Michael says:

      Spraying seems to be different in other locations, I’m on the central coast of California and they haven’t sprayed overhead for maybe a month. The radio emission (HAARP)? has been silent untell this week when it can be heard at roughly 3.5 and 6 MHz as a loud buzz. The strange shark gill clouds are also back after being absent for the same period!
      I guess they’re spraying out at sea so when they come ashore they’ve spread out into the whispy clouds and shark gills. They then rapidly flow toward the center of Calif where it becomes over 110F This could be accomplished by the ionesphereic heaters creating a low pressure zone there to draw the ‘clouds’ and controle the temperature of that breadbasket!

  20. Debbie H. says:

    Firstly, all you people ROCK, but especially you, Dane!

    I had heard of chemtrails maybe 10 years ago or so, and had researched a little, when I decided that there wasn’t enough info to convince me. Well, after seeing the skies get stranger and stranger over the last few years, I finally researched again a few months ago, and luckily came across this site! So much valid information! What a wonderful job you’ve done!

    I have been working to raise awareness in my community about GMOs while I have been reading articles on geoengineering. Most people in my area of southwest Va don’t know anything about GMOs or monsanto (and many don’t care to know), but we are working to change that.

    I am near the end of a divorce, and just as soon as that is finished, I am going to start really spreading the word about geoengineering. Even the well-educated and open-minded people in the area (of which there are a reasonable amount) seem to be largely totally unaware, but I think with some info to them, along with your website, their eyes will be opened and we can get some support here. There may be others out there already trying to get the word out, but I am not aware of anyone…yet.

    There is a local (which has really grown to a major) family-oriented grassroots world music festival going on here next weekend. I have decided not to go this year due to how large it has gotten (unless something changes my mind), but it would be an excellent audience for this message. Maybe I can get some info out there through the people I know who are going.

    Lastly, as I said in another post, I cannot think of anything more important to our existence on this planet than this issue. I am a mother, and now a grandmother. I have one son and his wife in the bay area of CA (love Mt Shasta area, by the way), and my other son, wife, and grandson are in NC. My grandson is only 2 and already on inhalers. It’s epidemic, apparently, and mostly the doctors don’t have a clue about what is really going on. “Air quality” indeed. This is something I must act on. There’s no question.

    Thanks again, all.

    Highest regards,

    • Alfred Collier says:

      I wanna help the word plz send man anything that will help me open the people eyes to the Truth!!!!!!! plz

  21. Eric Samuels says:

    I Just wanna Help, as i do notice odd weather of late, and at this level of danger, every 1 makes a difference!!! ( =

    • Starte Christ says:

      The following statement is intended for all readers:

      Call upon your spiritual guide for the best help possible to assist Earth heal herself. Jesus Christ is mine. There are others, but no quite so high as him.

  22. Jeremy Baxter says:

    Thank you so much for your information! I have been educating my children about this and have been looking for something with concrete evidence that could be a one stop place for my boys to do their own research. this is wonderful and we plan on spreading this information more effectively now that we have found your site. We live in Lake Havasu and see so much spraying here. Thank you again for what you do!

  23. Mark Cesare says:

    Awareness of one’s environment is an individual obligation. Working outdoors all my life has given me the right to an opinion of the changing weather patterns. It doesn’t take a ‘rocket scientist’ to observe abnormal changes.

    Along with making immediate observations, learning the history of the industrial revolutiion and man’s quest for control regardless of the side effects (pollution) should also be obvious.

    Humans have gotten to the point where they think they’re gods… me, Nature is god and we are destroying it with geoengineering. Let’s stop it, and go backward to go forward…..

  24. Marilynne Martin says:

    Thank you for all your hard work in getting the word out on this important topic.
    The spraying on the west coast of Florida has increased tremendously this year and the blue skies are pretty much gone.

    I came across this piece on carbon sequestration recently and I was wondering what the impacts this will have on our environment and

    If you read through the documents and presentations it will tell you that they are capturing CO2, transporting it through pipelines to certain sites and injecting it deep within the earth into wells (some newly drilled, others existing old oil wells). Somehow it does not sit right with me – what is the long term potential impact of this process? They appear to be working on systems to detect leaks and monitor water for contamination.

  25. thomas dyer says:

    Thank you!!

  26. Leslie Adams says:

    First of all, God BLess You for your tremendous work! I work in the health/athletic field and am very concerned about health related issues. I have so many questions about how geoengineering affects the body especially in athletes? I am a distributor of what I believe is the healthiest water on the planet (oxygenated water with “Archaea Active” process involving organic leaves and stems of alfalfa, milk whey, and 7 enzymes, Archaea Active™ is a flavorless, odorless, and powerful addition to any health regimen). and we have a product with Antioxidant ATP booster with green extract that the owner claims turns even “dirty” or contaminated water into healthy water. I would very much appreciate you directing me to more health related information to combat the ill effects that geoengineering has on the body and if my products do in fact help (and how much do you think they help?) I want to do EVERYTHING I can to help combat geoengineering-related illnesses! Thank You so Much!

    • Bonnie Morgan says:

      I think the message is to constantly detoxify your body .. check out good newsletter with Mike Adams who is aware of geoengineering

  27. Robinson Caruso II says:

    Outstanding!! We have been watching it out here, on the MOST remote land island on the planet……..our blue skies gone certain days.. So, I started reseaching also, 24 7 for 8 years. Found its true, they are spraying. Out here, its so clear, they spray at night. Lower flights %00ft} spray a black spray, that disapates fast, we have fought hard for truth. They lied to us about the radiation levels from Fukoshema also, so we wondered that may be why the iodine is beingcsprayed. Have insiders at NASA ESA , a few told me its going to get HOT. Some hint they are shielding us from a planetary event….notice how bright the sun is? So many theris, we have covered, but FOR SURE they are spraying. High level at 50 000 and above at night, then the next day the local news tells the people its “VOG” {ash from the big island” Bull…., the trades are going 30 MPH, and the sky should be blue..Ive lived here 33 years, have become deeply embedded in the real Hawaiians, live under thier laws. Some are highly intelligent, and they know.
    My compliments SIR, and you dam sure are a good man. You care…Now, im working on the scientists direct. They hold great power, they have banned me several times, NOW, it seems a few have a heart, [AT THE TOP OF AN AGENCY] I cannot betray them, they would be fired. A gag order is in effect, I do know that, to speak of this can get one murdered. So, keep aware, you have backing, many would help you, hide you sir. You have my address. The political powers {that I have funded 10s of thousands} will not listen, and many start praying, but I tell people God doesnt like cowards. So, we must look at this for what it is, and educate people.
    Your site, will do just that..dam im so proud of you sir. Any THINKING human, presented with these facts, and still denies it is, well, a coward or stupid.
    Many here have the skin problems, our cancer rate is off the scale. Our women are dropping babies. On and on.

    Thank you sir, you have guts, and you have the truth.

    • admin says:

      Hello “Robinson Caruso”
      Thank you for your support and for the information you have shared, it is very much appreciated.
      We are all standing on the end of the plank, if we are to take a stand, it is now or never. We must bring dire truths to light, or there will be no tomorrow.
      Please keep in touch with your observations, perspectives, and unfolding data.
      Most sincerely,

    • Bonnie Morgan says:

      I am here also in Hawaii and they are now setting off bombs that spread across the skies and you are so right ..they spray at night .. you see the clouds the next day and the day after that the particulates fall .. we still get some intermediate blue skies but it is not good .. we have a group on Maui maui chemical trails and geoengineering awareness .. and on oahu clean sky Oahu Ohana

  28. Bulldog says:

    Glad I finally got here. Enjoyed speaking with you recently Dane. I will be back in touch with you quite soon to see what all I can do for this most serious cause effecting all life and food staples on our once beautiful Blue planet. We MUST help educate the masses to the crimes being committed against Humanity and all of Nature. This IS the Real Deal, folks – aka WWIII – Let’s DO this, together. I’m ALL IN & I know many are as well.
    Thanks again Dane & to all in the anti geo-engineering Community!
    Bulldog ~

  29. Jenny Roth-White says:

    Hello, I live in Vienna, Austria. I am Canadian but have been living abroad since 1972. The skies here are still blue. Having said that that is about all that is still normal. The weather pattern has changed dramatically, flooding in Central Europe this year was horrific. Then a heat wave of up to 60 degrees in the sun. Old people dropping like flies. There are no more seasons. Spring used to be lovely here. Now from snow to heat wave. I have been telling people for years and years that the weather is being manipulated (of course I am not familiar with the technical expressions) but they all treated me as a nut with New Age conspiracy theories.
    The trouble is that if I direct people to your site and relevant info it is all in English and most people here have only a smidgen of English. Is there anything similar in German? I really want to spread the word.
    I wish all those who are dedicated to making a change a lot of courage and perseverance. We have to wake the sleeping, non-caring masses! Why do people insist on burying their heads in the sand?? Is it easier? Cowards! Our beautiful Planet is at stake as well as the lives of our children. Go for it!


    • There are many free programs for translation. I will try to insure my sites have translation abilities.This site GeoEngineering Watch is a website sent from the Gods. We are in bad need of everyone awakening before even stopping the ChemTrails and GeoEngineering of our planet won’t work as the planet needs time to fix itself before we end up like the planet Venus.

    • michael s says:

      Hi everyone. I am brand new to this site and am very eager to help get this point across to the masses about what i have learn’t from this site. I have known for some time now about the chem trails from aircraft { never been on one never will }. I have allways been led to beleive that chem trails are put in the atmos to aid wireless signal that in its self is bad enough never mind dumping fuel to land . please forgive my led astray stupidity . I live in GB and here for over ten years i have noticed that we now have eight seasons a year . And yes here south and north the sky is shiny white and sort of very pale blue above. Not like the vibrant blue when i was young . We teribly need to make these idiotic scientists STOP doing this . Allso i have recently learn’t that comets that have been seen more frequently as of late are not harmless dirty ice balls in space they are very dangerous when in our solar system . When a comet tracks around our SUN it has an effect on the sun that causes the sun to emit CME’s . thankyou for letting me be a part of this site . mike

  30. HOW to EDUCATE the PUBLIC about Geoengineering :: GEOENGINEERING–CHEMTRAILS = FIRES >>> USE THE CURRENT MASSIVE FIRES TO EDUCATE :: PEOPLE KNOW WHAT FIRE IS & HOW IT EFFECTS THEM. >>> This is my current RESPONSE to this question about HOW to reach the public. :: Responding to the TRAGIC LOSS of 19 FIRE FIGHTERS on JUNE 30, 2013 :: Geoengineering > CAUSES Radical Drought & Radical Fire . . . All Over Our World! > The Prescott Fire Department 19 :: This TRAGEDY did NOT need to happen! > > The radical dryness of the trees is spoken of by Dane Wigington, (* “LIVE Updated Presentation – The Most Important Topic of Our Time” ) in the latest video on, GeoengineeringWatch, and in the middle of the film, “What in the World Are They Spraying”. > THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR GREAT WORK!!! >>> “I learned that courage was not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it. The brave man is not he who does not feel afraid, but he who conquers that fear.” – Nelson Mandela

    • sherry taylor says:

      awe..this is so hopeful..thank you.
      Now I woke up with a message…what companies are supplying the chemicals and..including metals and biological s..that are being sprayed?
      I did hear of one in my internet travels but forgot it now.
      But following the money is important…this is a and goods are changing hands.
      If it is hidden we surely can somehow find out.

  31. Chris says:

    First of all I want to say “Hi” to everyone in here, you all are people that give some hope to Earth and human kind.
    I recently moved in Portugal and after i saw the movie about GeoEngineering i realized I saw those mark in the sky; I was one day at work and i saw like 10 or 12 planes moving in the same direction in equal distance one from the other. Another “event” was by the beach when my sister pointed me : How cool it is the ring that surrounds the sun”; now I know it wasn’t so ” cool ” at all, it was strange, a new thing for m eyes.
    What I want to ask, If you have some standard fliers , I would love to spread some in Portugal, I’m in an area where really reach people come to visit, it might open some eyes.
    Thanks in advance and I want to help in any way possible. I’m an young engineer, poor but great respect for Mother Nature!
    Thank you again!

  32. W says:

    Is there any way we can start a support group, either on facebook, or anywhere, people have no understanding of the problems we face. We need to make people aware on a large scale in a quick amount of time. We do not need to live this way. Thanks.

    • Jason Hate says:

      Everybody I ask about Chemtrails, odd cloud formation, Geo-engineering, or extreme out-of-place seasonal weather, from friends & family and complete strangers I meet on the street, pretty much everybody has no idea what is happening in the skies. I live in Seattle, Washington and I have noticed a massive increase in Chemtrail spraying, almost as if they are racing against the clock. People are so distracted by their own lives, they are unaware of the atrocities currently committed against the planet and humanity. I keep writing blogs about Geo-Engineering and include photos I have snapped with my phone of actual chemtrails, spraying in progress, the aftermath of freakish looking cloud formations, and the extreme swings in seasonal weather. Please let me know what I can do to help.

    • Lynn says:

      I live on Vancouver Island Canada. And I can taste metal in the water. I would sure like an person I could talk to about this. People will not listen. I pray this changes. We will stop this somehow, we must.

    • admin says:

      Lynn, So many of us know exactly how you feel. Take heart, we are on the side of the truth, and you are not alone! You can write in any time – just click “contact” at the top of the site to send an email.

    • sylvia says:

      Everytime I meet people I make myself tell them about ‘Have they seen those white streaks from planes?’ and I say what it’s all about. Yesterday in London the grids were horrendous and guess what? Neighbours came and told me they had seen them ! Awareness is dawning ! and I am carrying on…….. !

    • admin says:

      Sylvia, Congratulations on your great accomplishment! 🙂

  33. Julie says:

    I live in rural Queensland Australia. I’m a peace activist & have been trying to wake people up to the lies being told for years now. I’ve stayed away from the “chemtrail” debate previously as I viewed it as a hard to prove distraction. I only came across your site as there was a link to your presentation on my favourite information site: & most of their stuff is so thoroughly researched, I thought I’d check your presentation out. Thanks. I’m glad I did. Back to my reason for stating about my rural lifestyle, I’m an avid stargazer & usually the night sky is fabulous. Lately I’ve been noticing how dull it has become, half the stars seem to be missing. Now I know why! My daughter & I have also noticed strange cloud formations & we were badly flooded during cyclone Oswald earlier this year. I won’t be so disagreeable in future to friends who already know what’s going on & I will refer them here so they can get the evidence they were previously lacking. Cheers, I’ll start spreading the word.

  34. Nana Baakan says:

    Glad to be among folks who see what I see. I used to look outside of my window every night and greet the stars, this was about two years ago. Since then, it’s a treat to see a sky full of stars any more. What really shakes me is the black streaks across the sky towards sundown. It looks like a raging fire and the plumes have reached all the way to the sky!! By night fall the clouds are spread out, and many are very, very white. I assume the black streaky clouds are the reflection of the chemicals as the sun sets.

    I took pictures of the sky often a few years ago, now, they are so much alike, the change has set in and is permanent. Once in a while we get blue skies but it’s a different kind of blue, it still appears soaked in the white stuff. Over time the entire sky is covered.

    One night around 2AM I looked outside and what I saw was unbelievable, the sky looked like day time, full of bright white clouds and a blue sky, yet the ground was dark. It was a full moon but the sky was bright as it would be during the day time! That was so strange. I took pictures but I don’t have a good camera for night photography. The sky eventually turned darker as the clouds moved on, like it is most times now, it’s a white milky darkness, if you can imagine. But that night was unreal. How does the sky look like daytime, the ground look like night time and the moon is full all at the same time. I looked up what they call lenticular clouds that seem to make the sky bright, but this was much, much brighter.

    People don’t look up, and maybe it’s because they see nothing strange. These clouds are in a lot of media advertisements, movies, and even picture books. They are creating new names for clouds. And there are several types of clouds in the sky at the same time. Not to mention that there are several different colors of blue behind the clouds. These different blue colors peep out from behind the clouds.

    I have put much of my findings into videos and posted them on Youtube. The other day we had a 1/4 rainbow on one side of the sky. We call them Chembows, but folks get excited about this strangeness and come off like you are just a spoil sport.

    Thanks for reading my comment
    All the best
    Peace & Blessings, NB

    • Andy Kruusi says:

      My sentiments as well Nana. Everything you described is my reality here in southern Ontario, Canada as well. My rude awakening was ironically enough, on April 15th.(Boston Marathon bombings) The night before I had watched the 15min Kristen Meghan video and on the 15th, a Monday, as I was making my usual 14km bicycle commute to work I noticed the sky was quite strange. I watched a plane flying at a height that indicated it might be going to the airport except that it wasn’t on course for the airport. Just before this plane entered a bank of clouds it started spraying stuff from it’s wings. At that moment my world changed forever. By the end of the day there wasn’t a real cloud in the sky, just a thick milky white soup everywhere. I wore an N95 particle mask for half the day in the shop I work at and for my bike ride home. I no longer care what people think of me. I know what is going on. I am 41years old and Father of 2 teenage boys. Since the start of May I have been burning factual and informative youtube chemtrail compilation discs and handing them out, leaving them on peoples vehicle wind sheilds, in front of community mail boxes, in bus shelters, and wherever else they will get picked up. To date I am probably approaching 600 discs. Commuting by way of bicycle makes it very easy to shoot out these “flaming arrows” and I know in my heart that my brief message contained in the sleeve with the disc is being heard and for every one that reaches it’s target, it will get passed on.

      Some people are quite ignorant and refuse to accept the reality and others accept it but do nothing and think we are powerless. I don’t get into a debate with these people, they might as well be sleeping like the rest of society.

      I am so glad that I can come on this site and take comfort in being amongst others who are awake and realize that we have all the power and by the way the spraying is intensified around the clock and above the clouds, it would seem the powers that be know that many are catching on to what is going on and they are doing everything they can to “pour it to us” before too many awaken and the demand to end it will be overwhelming.

      As I am typing this the sun is peeking through the heavy cloud cover that has been overhead for days. Time to have breakfast and hit the Farmer’s market and spread the good word.

      I will not ever give up this fight. I thank all of you for fueling my drive and having the courage to speak out against this evil.

      I love you all.

      Andy Kruusi
      Milton Ontario, Canada

    • admin says:

      What an inspiration you are Andy!! Thank you for all you are doing! Keep fighting the good fight! We are making great strides in bringing awareness of these crimes against all life on earth to critical mass!

  35. dan and nichole says:

    we live on vancouver isand british columbia canada. Eyes wide open now… Not to sure of it all, but we can see theirs something to be said with whats going on. I try to pass on to friends and family what i now see in our skys…. Yikes!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. Ian says:

    I live on the south coast of the uk in Dorset, We have some of the most beautiful countryside in the uk surrounding me hear where i live?, But sadly i am seeing more of our young trees dying at a alarming rate as well as the decline in wildlife also?, The following statement was copied from

    Published on 27 Aug 2012
    The Office of Environment, Health and Safety, UC Berkeley, rates silver iodide as a Class C, non soluble, inorganic, hazardous chemical that pollutes water and soil. It has been found to be highly toxic to fish, livestock and humans. Numerous medical articles demonstrate that humans absorb silver iodide through the lungs, nose, skin, and GI tract. Mild toxicity can cause GI irritation, renal and pulmonary lesions, and mild argyria (blue or black discoloration of the skin). Severe toxicity can result in hemorrhagic gastroenteritis, shock, enlarged heart, severe argyria, and death by respiratory depression.

    Moreover, a key manufacturer of silver iodide for weather modification, Deepwater Chemicals, warns of potential health effects of silver iodide in their Material Safety Data Sheet as follows:

    Chronic Exposure/Target Organs: Chronic ingestion of iodides may produce “iodism”, which may be manifested by skin rash, running nose, headache and irritation of the mucous membranes. Weakness, anemia, loss of weight and general depression may also occur. Chronic inhalation or ingestion may cause a rgyria characterized by blue-gray discoloration of the eyes, skin and mucous membranes. Chronic skin contact may cause permanent discoloration of the skin. Under the guidelines of the Clean Water Act by the EPA, silver iodide is considered a hazardous substance, a priority pollutant, and as a toxic pollutant. Some industries have learned this all too well….According to the PGCD, “Every year, two viable samples of rainwater must be sent to a laboratory for analysis and in return forwarded to TNRCC to ensure that the water is not contaminating the area.” This is faulty sampling and testing over a seven county area. If PGCD can not control where the seeded clouds dumps water, how can they take only two rain samples per year to test for silver concentrates of the clouds they seeded? At least it is an admission that silver toxicity is an issue. Such misleading statements based on faulty data are not uncommon to the PGCD. In 2001, rainfall amounts were grossly over inflated in multiple rain gauges. Such overstatements are to prop up the benefits of their program while denying the adverse effects.

    To effectively monitor the levels of silver toxicity, at the very minimum, water samples should be taken on a monthly basis from every dam, creek, stock tank, and other water capture places in the respective district while cloud seeding is being conducted. Also, soil samples should taken. According to the Colorado National Park Service and the Federal Remediation Technologies Roundtable, the result of cloud seeding with silver iodide and run off have adverse effects on the water, soil, and flora and fauna. “Elevated silver concentrations in biota occur in the vicinities of sewage outfalls, electroplating plants, mine waste sites, and silver iodide-seeded areas.” In fact, in the 1980s the CDC had hoped that silver toxicity would be reduced nationally based on a reduction of cloud seeding activity. “Fallout from cloud seeding with silver iodide is not always confined to local precipitation; silver residuals have been detected several hundred kilometers down wind of seeding events.”
    “Anthropogenic sources associated with the elevated concentrations of silver in nonliving materials include smelting, hazardous waste sites, cloud.

    Chemtrails contains many more chemicals other than just silver iodine. Chemtrails also contains barium oxide, strontium oxide, Aluminum Hydroxide, Morgellons bacteria, human blood.

    There is a lot more going on hear than we realize and if we let these mad scientists & Governments worldwide carry on with playing god trying to blame these abnormal weather conditions on to global warming all over the world then think again people open your eye’s & mind to what is really going on???

    You are being poisoned from above ????

    • Ian says:

      The Statement was taken from Not (My mistake)

    • Came across this video, not sure if you have seen it but may be of interest. Thanks for all your attempts to wake people up. I guess we need the Wakeup before we can get the Shakeup to happen. From one human who wants humanity to survive to another, here’s to hoping we do it fast enough…lets keep pushing the alternative energy technologies and stop feeding our money into the oil industry that is poised on killing off many so a few can survive…..

    • Natasha says:

      With all of the complete devastation that has already occurred on our earth, and with the mass animal, fish death and extreme weather; do you believe if we get awareness that things can revert back? Can we save our planet? I am so saddened by this and most people go about their days living in a bubble. I would like to be in that bubble thinking there is nothing wrong, but I can’t because I know and feel what we face. Yes, I feel helpless but I still post the videos and talk about what is happening until I am so frustrated I can’t stand it anymore.I truly want to help and will do whatever it takes.

    • admin says:

      You’re not alone Natasha. I think I speak for most of us in saying that we are all experiencing the same thoughts and emotions as you describe here. In answer to your question “can we save our planet”? I only know this; united we have strength and a voice that WILL be heard. I have read documents where those in power admit that if the masses were aware, they would not be able to do this. The earth is a miraculous thing. If we can stop the assault, it can begin to work on recovering.
      In feeling helpless – We can face each day knowing that we are on the side for good, and we are being responsible with what we know by sharing it, and exposing those who are behind it.
      Read as much as you can, so that you can speak confidently on the issue. Get some flyers and keep them with you wherever you go. They are very effective at getting people’s attention. Hand out copies of the various videos that are eye opening.
      And take heart! There are a lot of courageous people standing with you, and our numbers are growing!

  37. Chris says:

    Thank you, I love you all. That being stated, I have been trying to get people to look up and see the reality of geoengineering. Also telling people about nexrad and ELF, VLF, and UHF. Many still think im just a “conspiracy theorist” or just plain crazy until they see the documentation and patents on weather modification and geoengineering. I love how so many people are seeing the reality of this and arent afraid to spread the info and are willing to act. I love that you have made this site for everyones referrence. Fantastic work and keep it up. I loved when i confirmed my sub an saw so many comments. So many are becoming aware of the lies and coverups.

  38. VICTOR says:

    Dane, thank you for all of the work you have done and are doing to try and wake up people!

    Today is May 30th and here near Montpellier in southern France, we are freezing and have been for over a month. Actually almost all of France is freezing. Listening to the weather on TV is a sad joke. Will any of them ever have the courage to tell the truth as to why the weather here is abnormal? In fact, yesterday, they had snow in Normandy. Not only is it COLD, but we have high winds, and are experiencing lots of rain.

    Everyday, as the sun starts to peek out, the “clouds” start to form. Most of the “clouds” are very low and may have white on top; however, the bottoms are totally colored a silver blue grey. People down here just treat me like I am crazy when I point up and ask them if they find anything strange about the sky. Dane, are you in contact with any scientists here in France? We really could use some coverage on what is being done here in France. Is there a geoengineering watch site in French?

    One major difference I have noticed here in comparison to the plants and trees where you live from your video, is that none of our plants or trees are dying but seem extremely healthy. Is it possible that the chemicals used here are not the same as in Washington? so far, I have seen some bees and birds, no bats unlike in years past.

    I am at the point that if I did not have the responsibility to take care of my dogs, I would just call it quits. What kind of life is it to not see the sun and feel its warmth, or to know that every breath one takes is filled with chemicals? Another consideration is if the summer is actually allowed to occur, is it actually safe to swim and lie in the sun? In addition, is it dangerous for me to let my dogs run and play too long outside knowing they are breathing toxic chemicals?

    The march against Monsanto was fantastic, but if indeed the arasols (sp) contaminate our water, any organic foods growing on the land will no longer be organic.

  39. Gordon says:

    I first noticed the current program after seeing sudsy rainwater all over the roads and highways in Vermont in 1995. That’s one aspect I try to point out to people–why would people be washing their cars everywhere on a rainy day?
    In the late ’70’s I noticed two years in a row in which Boston and vicinity would be socked in from spring to fall, every weekend without fail, and not a drop of rain during the work week, or at most Friday evening to Monday morning.
    I was sure it was weather control, but everybody I pointed it out to imagined some other “plausible” (to them) explanation.
    One of my schoolmates in the ’60’s was a kid whose dad was famous for cloud-seeding upper NY state in the ’50’s, filling the city’s reservoirs, but maintaining plausible uncertainty, as the farmers weren’t all as happy as the city folks for the excess rain.
    Only recently though have I seen this nexrad stuff. It boggles my mind beyond description, the scale and sophistication of the technology, how obvious it all is now, and that it is being used in the first place.

    This is an excellent website, one of the best I have seen. Good job, thanks for doing it!

  40. Sel says:

    I forgot to address Holly and Rudolf (May 23, 2013) on my above post. If anyone is suffering with Morgellons or whatever you want to call similar symptoms, I can tell you that terbinafine (anti-fungal medication) taken internally was the only thing that helped me.

  41. Sel says:

    I saw similar specks while living in California in a few years ago. They looked black to the naked eye and were tiny, but some were irridescent some actually glowed under a magnifying glass. I experienced something like Morgellons there but didn’t have the threads coming out of my skin. Just terrible biting and stinging. It lasted 10 horrific months and I swear on my life that the specks had a great deal to do with the symptoms I experienced.

  42. weather can be modifyed by pulling wet air off the SE ocean and over dry land and making it rain by
    pulling air back from the NW at 30% up.

  43. i james.john.philon. aas cs ivytech lafayette in 1985. have worked from 1986 to 1999 as a computer
    operator and built cloud equipment in Crawfordsville while living in Waynetown north of the area.
    I flooded the wabash river in Lafayette in june of 2003. i used 7 6 foot pipes and 5 pounds of lead wool
    and $20 worth of copper pennys. I would like 7 8 foot 2 inch pipes and 10 lbs of lead and #50 of copper
    pennys under them pointed SE up 45% to pull storms off the atlantic ocean. Make it rain by punwlling air
    off the NW up 30%.

  44. James (Myles) Standish says:

    It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out! vapor trails disappear in seconds not hours!
    And the Morgellons Disease is on the Rise a severe skin disorder! Wake of America and quit drinking the cool aid! We have the best technology in the world yet we are one of the sickest country’s!!!!

  45. Holly says:

    Hi, I am wondering if anyone can comment on something that we saw. I live in Toronto and we are frequently in the wonderful green spaces that surround the city. We are seeing daily chem trail spraying here everywhere we go. One night we were sitting in our backyard and it was a bit misty from spitting rain. We had the cellphone out and I noticed little square metal flakes all over the phone which had reflections of color on them which they may have been picking up from the colors on the cell phone. I understood the aluminum to be so small that you probably would not see it but these specks were definitely large enough for us to see. I touched the flakes to see if they moved and they did. Any ideas what these are?

    • admin says:

      Holly, did you take any photographs of the material? It doesn’t sound like anything we have seen before. Has anyone else seen anything like this?

    • Rudolf says:

      I have seen these specks in my bed they were shining red specks. I believe they were aluminium nano particles which probably came out of my skin? The aluminum goes into our lungs causes bronchitis asthma and alergies and wanders into our brain and might cause Parkinson and Alzheimer. I write from Germany and have seen chemtrails in Spain, Italy and all over Europe. Spraying apparently takes place most all over the world. What can we you do to protect ourself? Try to cleanse your body with omega 3 oil (like fish oil) etc. I advise to collect water from the rain and bring it to a labatory and have it analysed(checked). I would advise people to unite all over the world to protest against spraying. Also I would advise to pray if you believe in God for that purpose we need to unite ( because we need 7000 men and women) to unite in prayer. Prayer can do a lot, but one has to believe in it!In youtube you can inform yourself and get more information about chems. By the way I have the same problem as some of you have to talk to people about the “chemt”.. Some people see the “chems” but don`t realize they are “chems” because they know nothing about what`s going on in the sky and very often don`t want to know anything about that. Have you ever heard of eugenic programm? That`s what they are doing, they are playing God by controlling the weather not only with chems but also with harp probably not correctly spelled). Please do inform yourself in the internet, as long as you still can!
      Our wheater has been as bad as can be since January and also in Spain in April it was as cold as in Germany close to the mountains and the weather is still bad, too cold and too much rain I do not remember such a bad year as this year. Ha.. Ha… Ha… we have a climate warming ha… ha..

    • admin says:

      Rudolf, Have you tried looking at the specks under a microscope? Do you have access to one? If not, perhaps you can mail samples to the Carnicom Institute? Also please check out the newly released Skydar alert here: And yes, we all need to be praying. Thank you for writing!

  46. Sel says:

    It is really very helpful to see that all of you understand what’s going on with geoengineering (GE) all over the world. I’ve been feeling so incredibly forlorn & tired of trying to convince people for six years, including friends and family! So many people are completely unwilling to believe in GE and they are in denial. I think it frightens them very much. We are frightened too, but I think for us the idea that it could go on and on without our consent or any regulation in sight is more frightening. The thing is that even if GE was found to be fine for the planet, the very idea that such an immense global program could be released around the world without the publics knowledge, understanding, or consent is the really unbelievable thing. Imagine if you or I were billionaires with friends in powerful position, and we decided to unleash our own private planes to disburse our own concoction onto the planet at our own discretion. Could you imagine how quickly we would be put in jail or more likely killed?
    Thanks to all of you for trying to enlighten the world & Thanks for being strong in the face of harsh criticism.

    • admin says:

      Sel, Thank you for the words of encouragement. Stay strong. You are not alone.

    • yog says:

      Hello I just arrive to this site, my english is not very well but I can understand a little bit and I’am happy to see that you to you have difficulties with the others around you to that they don’t believe all of this, chemtrails and GE …:-) we must continu to inform others …

  47. Lorri Cockrell says:


    Thank you for anyone who is trying to get the world to see what is taking place, thank you for this website and others trying to make a stand before it is too late….I became aware of this criminal act in November when I got so sick for being outside for only a half hour, I felt like I had gone through a gas chamber, I had to lay down quickly as I could feel it in my blood stream….Since then I did extensive research and trying to speak out, only to get alot of people respond negatively. Now that spring is here I am hoping people will wake up as the leaves that sprouted are now curling up and turning brown, alot of the spruce has no needles. When I drive, all I see is alot of dying trees and brush in peoples yards and along side the highway, it hurts me greatly as it is no different than seeing dead animals as we need this trees to survive. Again, I am hoping people will find wake up as now they ALL have visual to finally realize “Chemtrails” are killing living things from people, plants, pets, insects, birds…..Please we need to make a difference before it is too late. If half of the people showed up at the White House steps to protest this, maybe something could happen to stop this. Thank you.


    • I am pleased to know that although we are a few in number, I find solace in knowing that each one of us are doing our job to make a difference in the World. I have a Blog radio show and I will be discussing this tomorrow.

  48. Skywatcher 44 says:

    WOW !!! After reading many of these comments I don’t feel as depressed and disgusted knowing there are people like you out there that give a shit.I’m from Winnipeg Canada and I see these maniacs are really ramping up the poisons they are spraying. I just finished mailing signatures I gathered for the “Canadian Chemtrail Petition” that will be sent to the Canadian Parliament. Thank you Michael and Dane for this. Just want to let you know when “What in the world are they spraying” came out I had 200 exact copies made and handed them all out. It cost me $800.00 but boy did it feel good. Love this site.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Skywatcher! Thanks for your efforts and help and being part of the team!

    • joel says:

      this is amazing, so happy i found a group of well aware people to belong to, i wanna help change this while we still can!

  49. Valeri Hood says:

    Over here in the bay area I attended an event called ‘Hack the Sky?’- this week, hosted by of all organizations, Earth Island Journal -founded by David Brower- he must have been rolling over in his grave. Altho it proported to be a ‘dbate between 2 opposing sides’ ‘The debate will feature Ken Caldeira, atmospheric scientist at Stanford University’s Carnegie Institution for Science, and Clive Hamilton, a professor of ethics at Australia’s Charles Sturt University. Join us for what promises to be a provocative discussion about a technology that is likely to pose an excruciating dilemma for environmentalists. Excruciating was exactly what it was. Although Hamilton posed as an anti- geoengineer in the beginning, his stance rapidly dissolved. He vehemently denied that there was spraying occuring at this time, when called out by activists present, a direct contradiction of some of his early observations about who was involved- he did suggest that experiments were occuring. It felt Orwellian listening to these two jackals- guess I’m still steaming. The good news is that it was well attended by an activist contingent- if only we’d had rotten tomatoes we might really have accomplished something that evening!

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    I did not start this–I just pursued it to the point where it has
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    search on you tube for movie called Gashole and what Tom Ogle did
    I have 7 newspaper articles about his 100 MPG run in 1977 in my book.

    • admin says:

      Hello Bruce,
      Thanks for sharing so much data. You have covered many important aspects below, yes, some much useful technology has certainly been suppressed. In the case of the ongoing geoengineering programs, if they continue, nothing else will matter soon enough. As a matter of fact, you are right on target in regard to the plummeting atmospheric oxygen content and I do regular speak about that issue. It is in my regular power point presentation on geoengineering.
      We are so far into free fall at this point that we are guaranteed a planet completely different from the one we have all known. If we continue on this path, and the geoengineering continues, we will soon enough have a planet which does not support life at all in any form.
      With all your obvious knowledge, hope you will help us shine the light on the geoengineering issue Bruce. If we can bring that to light, other suppressed tech issues could come to light as well.
      Dane Wigington

  51. Ruth Griffith says:

    Thank you very much for confirming that the jet streams are more than just jet streams. I’m 72 years old and have been looking up for years, even though I have a very bad back and I’m usually bent over. Every time I try talking to people about the so called jet streams they make fun of me. So I will start talking about the more than just a jet stream again. Thanks again for the public info.

  52. Su says:

    I find it very sickening and upsetting what they are doing to us, yet am so happy to have found this site with such an abundance of information. Why do so many people look to the ground? No one looks up! It is right in front of their noses, literallly! I have only been aware/awake for a couple of years now and just find it so so shocking and sad with what i am finding out, government, all of them !! So, a massive thank you and good to be involved with like minded people x

  53. Bulldog says:

    Glad to finally associate with you, your site and others of like mind dedicated to this most worthy albeit “life-threatening” Cause. I am at your service 24/7 and anticipate doing everything humanly possible & then some, to forever ending this insanity by outting the sources and demanding Accountability! This IS THE Mother of all Crimes ever perpetrated upon ALL LIFE on Planet Earth. If a PERSON cannot see or get behind this movement then I am afraid such PERSONS are either totally Unaware or in utter Denial. Dane, you have my email address, phone # etc. USE THEM & be sure to validate my being Genuine by checking my Channel (In NO WAY meant to Spam!)
    Regards to all,
    Bulldog/ SuperDeltaBravo1

  54. tom says:

    I was absolutely astounded today, i watched around 30 flights on North-South,
    And South-North // and W-E, and E-W form a complete crosshatch pattern over oregon in about
    90 minutes, 4 hours later the blue sky was gray, and there was a glowing yellow
    Nimbus surrounding direct sun rays.


    Great to find a website with so much information. With so many people, around the globe, now starting to awaken to this Sickening Haze of Crap (S.H.O.C.) its great to find so much information dedicated to the vandalism of earth, the sky, the air we breathe as we know or knew it. With so much information all over the internet, so many trying to throw the awakened of the trail, its become a huge job of trying to sieve through it all.
    Have to ask yourself, “Why has Truth, become like rocking horse shit or become as rare as hens teeth?”
    The eerie thing is, with so much crap already being sprayed, is the damage already done? Nature needs to be returned to normal. Let kids of today, be born in a natural environment, not an artificial one.
    With chemtrails, geoengineering, global warming or what ever we want to call it, being such a serious matter its great to find a comedian, who can put the message out in a humorous way.
    Im sure when people start looking, reading, listening about this S.H.O.C., a smile would be far from there mind, so take the time to check out “George Carlin on Global Warming”. As they say, laughter can be great medicine.

  56. Chuck says:

    There has been alot of chemtrail spraying in Central Florida in the past few weeks. They are spraying all day. I telling other people about this and some are amazed! Thanks for all the work your doing! Is there anyone in Florida that I should contact?
    Thanks Again

  57. Marcus F. says:

    I live in central North Carolina im the Piedmont region north of charlotte and there is spraying at least 5 days a week,usually every day. The sky is never “carolina blue” like it was when I was younger,it may start out that way but by the time the planes are done criss-crossing the sky in X patterns it looks a greyish-darkened blue. I’ve been aware of chemtrails for about 6 years now & just don’t know what to do about getting others to recognize whats going on. i have literally told damn near everybody I know to simply look up & pay attention to the skies,note the differance between the morning clear sky & how it looks as the day goes on. I dont know why it even surprises me anymore that people wont even do that. I dont know if it’s fear or just a refusal to think something as horrible as out gov’t spraying it’s citizens could take place,but they just dont believe it. I send out e-mails & ask about it later & no one reads the article or watches enough of the video to get it. At thispoint it doesn’t discourage me, I can only do my part and let the rest sort itself out. Im glad this dane wigginton has taken it upon himself to be such a strong,nonstop force for truth about this.

  58. Gary says:

    Live in Oakland NJ.. and the spraying here seems almost frantic.. They spray 7 days a week non-stop… I work in Mahwah the next town over, and rain was forecasted.. today they sprayed about 6 x’s right over our building.. The new thing that I have been noticing, is 2 jets flying almost side by side leaving a trail from horizon to horizon with a 3rd jet coming in with a smaller trail almost parallel to the first 2…

  59. Peter Joseph says:

    I have been following since the 90’s, lots of people waking up, though might be to late. We notice in the midwest they begin spraying about 24 hours out ahead of low of
    pressure troughs, planes flying from NW to SE and SE to NW, and then crossing patterns we think to mark the fields of coverage for planes following later, it all looks very organized and well covered by the time the front arrives and the sky is completely covered in clouds, diabolical
    Is there anyone who knows where the filing stations are located?

  60. Karyn R. says:

    I am wondering if wearing a N95 rated mask will filter the chemtrail particles. I don’t even want to go out anymore to exercise, or garden, on days when they are spraying. I don’t care if I look like a goof. Can anyone say if the mask works? Thanks.

  61. Karyn R. says:

    I live just south of San Francisco along the ocean. I have been keeping a photo diary of chemtrail activity in my area for about 7 months. It seems that we area now being sprayed 5 days a week min. I have also been going through old photographs in order to find photos of normal skies. With the help of these photos, and some of the literature available from this site, at some point I plan to sit out with a table at a local beach with information and photos, with the intent of informing people about what is going on in our skies. If you are in my area and would like to join me and start a SF Peninsula awareness group, please reply to this message. I made initial contact with a front line person at the Loma Prieta branch of the Sierra Club who was aware of the “fake clouds” caused by aircraft. I mentioned to her my concern being poisonous fallout which is sickening trees and polluting soils. Her name was Barbara Kelsey and she told me to send her a letter expressing my concerns and what my goal is in contacting the Sierra Club. I am curious to know if anyone here has contacted the Sierra Club and what the outcome has been.

  62. Magyver52 says:

    See this medical study on Aluminosis and effect of Aluminum Exposurs way back in the 1940’s

    I’m in Lake Havasu City Az, came here 5 weeks ago. I became aware of this is a High Dispersment area of the Chemtrails. I have 1600 hour TT as Pilot. I watch military painted 737 type aircraft makeing Trails then Uturn and come back and then U turn, dumping their crap on me. I developed a dry cough last month has gotten worse, I have been to the doctor three times and can’t find any underlying infections, tried everything but now to the point in bed last 6 days. Also my blood pressure went throught the roof and had to be put on BP Meds. I am retired Paramedic/Firefighters for 22 years. I have understanding of Anatomy & Physiology, You would problably say why don’t you leave. I can’t I’m to sick and the can’t find the source.

    • admin says:

      Hi Mag, I’m so sorry to read your story, and I understand well about being too sick to do anything. In regard to your blood pressure – Diatomaceous Earth (fossil shell flour) worked for my 78 year old mother, who now has the BP of a 25 year old, also my husband and myself. Here’s a good source: A tablespoon a day in water is all you need. Check here for information about Diatomaceous Earth also here. Check with your doctor before making any changes in your meds, of course, but within a month or so you should probably be able to get off the high blood pressure medicine. I’ll run your note past the other guys and see if they have any more suggestions for you. Hang in there!

    • quan says:

      Check out Dr. Gabriel Cousen’s for chemtrail detox program. Also get a urine test trhu your doc using DMSA and the kit from Doctor’s Data. You will see what chemiclas and heavy metals you have in your urine. The detox works, or you can do DMSA.

    • Danny Beattie says:

      I was going to write about my experience of seeing these grids in the sky above Central Italy. We came to live here from London over 20 years ago where we thought we’d be living in a healthy environment, but nowhere’s safe.
      I just wanted to write and confirm the suggestion to take Diatomaceous Earth – it really is effective on many levels, but more important for you at present, maybe, considering your state of health, is that it isn’t a chemical and therefore completely non-toxec. It’s easy to order and cheap, so don’t delay, it will help you.
      Good luck, Danny

  63. Kelly says:

    We are holding protest at San Francisco City Hall on the last WED. of EACH MONTH. We start at 11 A.M. on the Van Ness Side.
    Here is a clip of our first, highly successful protest we held last week. Come Join Us!!

  64. damama says:

    I have been aware of this problem for several years. I don’t know what to do to stop this madness. I have started anti-chemtrail groups in the past and was able to get a few members involved. I have since moved and am trying to figure out the most effective means to make people aware and proactive. Protests and letter writing campaigns do no good in my experience. Here in the Wyoming area, the forests are 50% dead. I shudder to think what it will look like in another couple years. They say it is due to the pine tree beetle. But the pine beetle has always existed. What has changed to compromise the immunity of the trees to such a devastating degree? The state of Wyoming has even offered a $1 million reward to anyone who can come up with a solution to the beetle problem. At the same time Wyoming is admittedly using taxpayer money to carry out a state wide “cloud seeding” program. One of the companies being paid in this operation is called Weather Modification Inc. The state government says it is to help with drought conditions; however the drought has been the most severe since they started the program. Recently the state legislature has had a “review” of the program, I suppose because the drought conditions have dramatically worsened making it difficult to justify continuing the program. I was astounded to hear members of the legislature having to ask the company reps “What exactly are you spraying again?” I could hardly believe they were not informed and that there was so little oversight of this project that they needed to ask such a question. Pathetic! The answer the company gave was that they were spraying silver iodide. Who can take them at their word? I would love to get together with like minded people in my area to combat all forms of the geo-engineering madness. Anybody out there? I don’t think we need to worry about what people think about us or the risks of opposing this agenda. We can either die fighting, or we can simply die.

    • R.deChamplain says:

      Hi, At least, we would not die doing nothing. May I introduce myself shortly? I am a grand grand-ma of more than eighties having many following ch, grand and grand-grand. I was and am a R.N. and the adminint. for my husband During my intense years, we bought abandonned incult farms and made thousands of trees planted and grown. This was 45 years ago and now, my sons continue to take care of them. I look every season if there is some damage to the trees. It happened I had to treat them without knowing what contains the insecticides except for the last time, one told me it was biological. It was a governemental ingeneer…may I believe him? I hope, but will be more clever next time. I will buy it myself. As for chemtrails and morgellons, impossible to have answers by governpeople nor by dr, nor reporters or radio tellers. No one even pronounce those words. Hospital’s labs refuse to analyze specimens telling: we do not look at THAT. Now, a report by M Middleween,Burugu,Rasmussen.Kahn & Stricker,, dated 8 jan.2013 cites,out of every doubt,that a physiologic,infectious disease, with presence of spirochetes. See Chs.E.Holman Foundation,next 6th conference Austin,Texas,13&14 april 2013. I of intellig..of morg.Tell you soon…Billie

    • Jerry Curtis says:

      I was unaware of this until now and I find this very unsettling. My first experience with Government Spraying of alleged “safe” chemicals was in Viet Nam, Agent Orange. Today the United States is Paying North Viet Nam Millions or Billions of dollars for the destruction of the land, animals and people. When Agent Orange first became as issue for the United States Viet Nam Veterans, the US Government fanatically denied any & all claims that Agent Orange was harmful. Yet at the same time on national TV on the News they were showing News Clips of Hazmat Teams in full Hazmat equipment going out to inspect for “Suspected Dioxin” spills. Dioxin, being the main ingredient in Agent Orange. The truth finally came to light and the list of destructive effects was over whelming, birth defects in the children of our vets, all forms of cancer, leukemia and on and on. I myself have suffered prostrate cancer and leukemia as a result of Agent Orange. I do not trust our Government or any other Government to be spraying anything into our atmosphere. They have already proven to me that they have NO idea of the current pitfalls not to speak of the long term effects. And once set in motion the chance of reversing these thing is nil. This needs to Stop NOW !!

    • J2theJ says:

      Im so greatful. you are telling my story. Here in Arizona they started spraying EVERYDAY! I take pics and document these events. im starting a website…or maybe ill just add to this one. hang in there girl.

    • Maligabum says:

      Good for you Billie, I am also an RN, watching face and neck sarcoma, seems to be exceeding in alarming rates. J2theJ, I am AZ also and watch the assult almost daily. We hike Sabino, and get an alamring view over the Catalinas, over to the Tucson Mountains, also south toward Nogales, Mexico. I have a shirt I wear every hike, Why in the word are they spraying, get it at the same site,
      Stinks that you cannot talk, but if just enough people become curious, even one, and LOOK UP, I have offered curiority/knowledge to another. I have also sent the T-shirts to my family, spread the word, this has to stop.

  65. Marianne Högnefors says:

    I have not known about weather modification until recently. I find it chocking! How come it’s been going on for so long and nobody I know including myself knew about this? I’ve shared with some of my friends but most of them thinks it’s a Conspiracy! Why? Conspiring about what? I am chocked and mad, but glad this information is more and more widespread. I am happy to see that so many more are questioning this, good work!
    Cloudwatcher in Sweden

    • Anna S. says:

      Why are “they” doing this??? Maybe to “cull” our overpopulated world……? Maybe bring some countries to their knees, by infecting the earth with “their” poison, in order to force other countries to buy food, grain, etc from only a certain country,(countries)?
      Certainly there must be an ultimate purpose to this develish work…..
      By delving deeper into all this, certain countries are working together – for quite some time now – and have computers which are 15 times more developed than those we are using now. So extraordinary that it can log onto our brainwaves and change our minds from very far distances – the ultimate purpose, it seems – is to change people into zombies. Farfetched? Maybe not…
      Less complications when one country can rule the whole world, maybe….

  66. Mike H. says:

    About a year ago I first heard about Chemtrials on a coast to coast radio program. Since then I started to “look up” and pay attention to the sky. I live in the Philadelphia, PA suburbs. Around November of 2012 I started to notice Chemtrails in Pennsylvania, Delaware and the New Jersey area. I would notice the weird cloud formations and a distinct pattern was visible. They seem to be followed by some type of precipitation, mostly rain. Not a word from the 6 major TV networks, strange to say the least.

    This is a terrific website. It is good to know people still do care about their health and about Mother Earth.

    Thank You for your courage. There is hope and this website proves it.

  67. MNeagle says:

    I have 500 of the business/info cards from the “What you can do” (2nd tab site). I’m distributing them on as many public bulletin boards as I can access. I made a card ‘holder’ of sorts on bright orange paper, the top reads:

    “What is Going On with the Weather?

    Please take a card & find out!”

    Then below I have ~ dozen cards for people to take. I hope to refill them, and that people will research the site to become activists in this crucial challenge.

    Thank you for your site, your no-nonsense/non-hysterical FACTS.

    You need to offer bumperstickers/t-shirts/hats that read: LOOK UP! You’re being SPRAYED! (then your website)

    Thank you soooo much.

  68. Heidiho says:

    I first noticed chemtrails while driving up into the Sierra foothills west of Yosemite in 1996. When we lived in Redcrest in Humbolt in the 80s there wasn’t anything like that going on. We moved into Iowa in 2000. Since that time the sky has changed so much and the weather as well. I’ve developed respiratory problems and am constantly battling a strange type of pneumonia. Thanks for this site; I have just begun searching it and have shared it with a couple of people who never look up anymore. Perhaps we are being prepared for a mass die off re the Geogia Guidestones.

  69. robert scott says:

    I live in the united kingdom in a fairly hilly open area for months now at around 5-6pm uk time I sit in my flat in the large open window with my coffee looking up at the beautiful blue evening sky:) then like clockwork around 5:20 pm uk time if the sky is blue and clear here they come…with the trails crossing and layering over each other trails to cover up the the blue with a milky white cloudy looking substance never have I know such changes in the weather brought on by man caused by man and the affects are very clear to see I worry for my son and the children of the next generation if this is not stopped we as a race are being exterminated on the quiet.

  70. dave says:

    They are not going to stop geoengineering i realise that now 90% of the worlds population dosnt know and dosent give a shit they have to much CRAP IN THEIR BRAINS from drinking the water and chemtrails when the shit hits the fan the first thing their going to blaim is GOD AND THE DEVIL and ill be the first one laughing at them.. ITS all about playing GOD and power and control and 90% of the population is to FUCKING stupid to even look up their to busy with their heads shoved in an Iphone getting drunk, the answer i get back from the zombies is why and who and our GOVERMENT wouldnt do such a thing, This breakaway civilization thats doing this;they are 1,200 years ahead in anti-gravitic electro-magnetic hyper-luminal flight and 10,000 years ahead in black HD physics an zero point energy(free energy) ALTERNATIVE 3 measures are all ready in place all their doing now is stock pileingfood in the under bunkers; they have been planning this for a long time.Alternative 3 was put together in 1959 1)geoengineer the planet to slow down pole shift and reflect sun rays and cosmic radiation 2)dig under ground bases, self sustaining 3) re-activate our ancient bases on dark-side of the moon and on MARS in which they have already done.Yes we have a history that has been hidden from the population take a look at JOSEPH P FARELL’s work, if you know about the face on MARS in cydonia; i have found another 6 of them and very DIFFERENT from another but about the same size; I have copies of them if any one wants them for free.

    • anthony says:

      I would love to see the photos, you’ve got a good grasp at what is going on im glad your on my wave length I just don’t think nobody cares, to busy interested in inmaterial stuff a lot that’s going to do them when the shit hits the fan peace to all and good luck

  71. kirk lyons says:

    The 1st time I experienced the spraying was on top of Elk Mtn in Lake Co Calif. I’m a hunter so I like to hike miles on Mountain tops where I can grab fresh air and enjoy the entire outdoor experience. In 2001 I noticed the spraying as Unmarked Aircraft dumped huge plumes of pollution right in front of me. Since then,I paid extra attention to the treasonous actions of these goons. Pilots that willingly blast that crap on us have no soul as well. I never had sinus problems until 2001, and it’s been a never ending battle to stop the infection. I’ve learned that aluminum free Baking “powder” will cook that infection right out and help airways with a Netty pot rinse that you can get at the local CVS. 1st Bush allowed our people to be murdered so he and his traitorous azz family could make Billions on Oil Control in the Middle East, and convieniently create the Patriot Act in the process to eliminate our Freedom. Since then, Bush and obama have been poisoning all of us getting us ready for their forced healthcare and Marxism. My opinion is that the Chem spraying is being done to weaken our immunities just in time for the Death Panels of obamacare. I’m beyond pissed about this, now I’m working diligently to inform as many as whom will listen…

  72. DMM says:

    If you take a look at the radar website you’ll discover an interesting thing. Note the times and headings of the aircraft you see that are spraying and apply those times/locations to the radar flight displays, those aircraft WON’T BE THERE! It takes a lot of well placed persons to have access to that kind of filtering.
    I’m beyond infuriated by what I’ve been watching happen over the last, long years in Scotland, the Middle East and all through the US. At present here in Marin County people are wondering why it hasn’t rained basically all winter. Of course when I mention that it isn’t raining because there are certain “concerns” (I’m being kind) exist that aren’t LETTING IT RAIN HERE, I get, as many of you do, the usual “conspiracy paranoiac” accusation. This is beyond diabolical. My feeling is that there are so many inter-connected systems at place all working in unison to create this technological terror that we have to appeal if possible to people’s apparently forgotten connection to the Planet and her cycles and systems. I don’t think many even REALIZE that there’s a not-blue-sky above them, it’s NOT RAINING ON PURPOSE, and our home is being systematically murdered, mesmerized as they are by their “smart”phones and facebook accounts and whatever other bromides are available.
    So that being said I thank all of you who are seeing the same things as me myself, are as infuriated and willing to do something about this.
    Interestingly I think much of this is being done to our planet BECAUSE of the beliefs in the myths of a demented, obscene and psychopathic “redeemer god and his savior son” and all of the sick terror it has wrought on all of us, every creature, tree, stone, air molecule, water molecule, insect and stone. This has steered humanity so far away from the wild and beautiful, allowing it to be subjugated and disposed of like so much wanton garbage because “heaven” is waiting for us instead. Not too popular I’m sure. but…
    Thank you Dane, and everyone for pulling this together. Please expect as much help from me as possible, there isn’t any time to waste. DMM

  73. Joanna says:

    Are you aware about the bioengineered pathogens that are possibly also mixed in the chemtrails. Mycoplasma is one for example—pathogens without a cell wall. Is it possible that the increase in sinus infections is due to this as well?

    • wiley says:

      I live in North Texas and we are almost daily being sprayed like bugs as well. Im really irritated to know what these chemtrails contain and there effects! This is a slow form of poisening/murder! I have 5 children ages 7 weeks to 20 yrs old. Our health is first and what is this going to mean? next is now I realize why our ponds are dry/ the trees are dying. everyone THIS MUST STOP NOW!

    • marcy says:

      I live in manhattan kansas. I have lived here since 12.08.08. Its gotten worse and worse. Same descriptions as everyone else here. We are in severe severe drought. Amd this is the heartland breadbasket. Seems like they have quite an agenda here…. Only GOD can save us!

    • Sue says:

      I was just diagnosed with Pneumonia which in part can be caused from the mycoplasma. I’ve noticed these chemtrails for years and have told as many people as possible to notice how many respiratory type of conditions have been occurring since the chemtrails started and when specifically they are in the sky. Sinus infections is just the beginning. Frustrated doesn’t cover how I feel about all this happening to our world and all living beings.

  74. MICHAL CLINE says:

    We retired to Southern France for what we thought would be a good place to spend our remaining years. Since about 2004, the weather has changed, but I had no clue as to why. We used to eat outside all the time, winter or summer. Last summer we ate outside a handful of times and this winter only twice.

    Currently,we live north of Sete and the summers are shorter and the winters longer, colder, and more windy. About two years ago, I started seeing strange cloud formations but really paid little attention to them. However, out of curiosity, I started to do research on the Internet and found out about chemtrails.

    Well, this fall and winter we have experienced day after day of white chemtrails trails which then morph into huge low lying silver/blue clouds and by noon the sun is covered over in a haze. When one looks at Sete each morning there is always a long layer of haze covering the Mediterren coast. Last night the weather predicted that our area woud be covered in sunshine. Wrong as usual. The clouds were dense and one could see a chemtrail forming to thicken it up.

    Last fall I woke up and could not breathe so off to the doctor who thought it was an asthma attack. I received a bunch of medicine (paid for by the French health system) and then had an X-ray: totally clear. Fast forward,two months ago, same thing happen. Never have I nor anyone in my family had asthma.

    Why would France agree to this spraying? It will increase the cost to the health care system, destroy the crops and animals, and destroy tourism. I talk to people about the great changes in the weather and the effect of chemtrails: virtually everyone thinks I am crazy. When will people wake up and check out the sky?

    The work you are doing is SO important to the entire planet and affects all living organisms. We need to form a worldwide group to bring this coming disaster to the attention of the grassroots people. Even a small percentage of people in every country could make whoever is in charge of trying to control our weather, health, and food think twice about the consequences to them.

    • Sue says:

      I understand how you feel and am trying to have people notice the sky and associated consequences to our weather and our health. I’m in the U.S. on the Central Coast of California and have always been ‘respiratory’ healthy until a few years ago when the chemtrails got worse. Monday I got the word that now I have a major flare-up of asthma and pneumonia which started as a sinus infection, and now, apparent ‘allergies’. I had none of this before the on-set of chemtrails.

  75. alvin willingham says:


    • alvin willingham says:


    • I have lived in Humboldt County for about 35 year, I ran from the air pollution in LA. About a month ago I noticed the massive con trails clouding up the area. Jet where flying in patterns I have never seen before, flites over head have increased about 10 times as much. The first time I noticed it about a month ago I got sick as a dog for a month. I used to love to relax in the sun but now it seems like they shoot over head and cover any sun asap. To day they predicted rain. The clouds came in thick but no rain. This is f’n crazy. Thank you for being here!

  76. Zack says:

    THANK-YOU!!! I was listening to Coast to Coast AM, and I believe the March 13, 2013 program is the most important in the shows existance. WE are looking forward to results on what exactly is yielded in the blood cleansing process you mentioned on the show. Could this yielded substance be used to help spur the movement?

  77. david says:

    Dane, i have phoned up Channel seven brisbane Queensiand on Today Tonight; mainstream meadia and gave them that flaming arrow. So you might get a phone call from them, sorry to dob you in like that: im imforming as many people as i can on the street level some people give me the crazy look but i dont care.

    • Mary Berry says:

      In Santa Cruz California there were tons o people out tonight watching the sunset you could almost see through the criss cross of chem trails. I yelled out the window I was so outraged, “don’t you people see what is going on?” You couldn’t even see the sunset. Have these folks been turned into sheep? I have been upset for years about this and been told how I was crazy. I am relieved to find you because I now know there are others who are equally outraged. What can I do to help? I realize the time is NOW. We have no time to waste and I for one am willing to do what I can. Point me in the right direction.

    • admin says:

      Hello Mary,
      I’d recommend starting with Danes article with pointers on how to share the information with others. Because, you’re right, they have been “lulled to sleep” so to speak. They have been conditioned for so many years that they truly can’t see it. Remember love is the strongest force. Michael Murphy’s videos, info cards, flyers, bumper stickers. We’ve had a lot of success sharing with people with a resource in hand. That way you can say less and avoid them becoming defensive – and let them think it through. Hang in there. You are not alone!

    • Sue says:

      I wish there is a way for Mary Berry and I to meet or talk somehow. I too live in Santa Cruz and have been aware of chemtrails for at least eight years. My own health has suffered as a result of these and I’m hoping to find away to join others with any legal ground for some of these issues. Most importantly, if we could also form local groups as well as the suggested individual conversations. I’m wanting to do whatever is possible even beyond the individual effort. I have posted some articles on Facebook, but with only one comment. Dane or Admin do have any further suggestions of how or where to go to reach ‘decision makers’? Is there anyway to put Mary Berry and I in touch with each other? You have my permission to give her my email address privately, if she would want to contact me. Thank you for all of your loving and informative efforts.

    • admin says:

      Sue, who is Mary Berry? Is she referred to in an article?

  78. Charlie White says:

    I have been following this issue for a decade and am appalled at the increasing abuse of our sky over the greater Portland, Oregon area. It’s a rare day — if any — that we are not assaulted. What concerns me greatly, too, is how oblivious people are to this, among other things. By my calling attention to it, people in my sphere are at least somewhat aware — and a few even convinced — geoengineering is occurring. I know most of the aerosol operations in our area come out of Evergreen south of Portland.

    Your ten years dedicated to this issue along with your tremendous ability to clearly, unhesitatingly and authoritatively communicate your knowledge is a great gift to our planet. I will be referring everyone I can to your fabulous site and feel great gratitude for your work! Thank you, thank you!

    • j mcnair says:

      I have been studing these chem trails diligently here in Costa Rica since Nov. 2012(my first awareness of this crime) They became more frequent in Jan 2013 and now in March it is a daily activity. Every 5-7 days they desist for a day and then re-start. I can only assume they are re-loading the chemicals necesary at the Honduras A.Force base.
      We had a rain storm in Feb. that dumped 11cm in 5 hours. More than the wettest day in Oct. They had layed down an unusually exagerated amount and when the cumulous cloud cover reached the higher altitudes of the silver sheen…down it came! The most percipitation this year, and this, in the middle of our dry season.
      Other strange weather anomalies have occured with frequency. A 20 minute rain with no rain clouds, but rather a high silverish cover, in Puntarenas, that was sticky? This on a cloudless day. The trails came in the early A.M and by 11 it “rained”. I have begun to format a foto study of the more obvious trails and high-alt strange cloud covers. I will continue diligently,and hope others report and help cause awareness. This is the greatest undoing of our naturally occurinf weather patterns ever…and it is world-wide.

    • James says:

      I see the chem trails in the Walla Walla WA area all the time. Beautiful blue skies in the morning, cris cross trails by noon and a soild dirty haze by the afternoon.

  79. Sunnie Ford says:

    There are the little white planes from Evergreen Aviation and Marana Aerospace that are using weather warfare by sprinkling us with aluminum,barium, magnesium and strontium!!!
    CBS had a brief report and then total silence after relating on December 3, 2010 that planes were blocking helicopters from Evergreen Maintainence…and something to do with 11 supertankers…this is strange that CBS could report this once and then nevermore another word.…is this link still working or has it been shut down?
    I live in the most beautiful town in the world…lots of airports…Air Force Academy, Peterson, Shriever, etc…
    and this chemtrail nightmare douses us day & night…tick-tack toe, then squiggles, then whatever else they want to do…Pregnant women have wondered why there’s something wrong here…and there is…

    • admin says:

      It’s horrible Sunnie, I know. We have to all stand together and make others aware of what these lunatics are doing. Hang in there. You’re not alone.

  80. Go to my website. Not only does it prove that the movie Avatar is a 100% fraud (which also has a scene where chemtrails are being sprayed) but there is 27 pages worth of chemtrail poems. These scumbags are even remastering the skies in movies and music videos made before ’96 in an attempt to condition the audience to believe that this is how diseased the skies have looked all along.

    • admin says:

      Yes they are Bishop, we know about that. We have a couple of posts on that topic as well. Check under “disinformation”.

  81. Mike Infinity says:

    Great web site just found it.

    I have been thinking about how this issue could have higher visibility. One thought is to have some sort of classification system that could be quoted like weather statistic and hopefully one day be included with all weather reporting data. Even something that could be quoted by a TV meteorologist… “The chemtrail obscuration rating today went from a low of 2 at sunrise to a level of 8 out of 10 as of 6 pm this evening”.

    Ideally we need some sort of standardized, qualitative and preferably automatic method of judging the level chemtrailing occurring. Has anybody worked on this. I know it is probably quite a complicated issue.

    Are there baby steps we could make where even a manual methodology could be developed the volunteers could report on a common website?

    • Tiger says:

      I like your ideas – and there’s also the goofy levels Bush had for terrorists threats – why not have something for environmental threats?

    • Sue says:

      I like your idea too, just not sure with the way there is so much control over that kind of exposure how to get it done. Admin hasn’t responded yet, I hope they do. If we are to really gain any control over this (if we can), than it needs to be organized, massive in exposure. One person can make a difference, as each of us do by talking to others, but something really big needs to be organized in order to handle such a huge and complicated world-wide government display of all these attacks on our environment and us.

  82. Stephen Fox says:

    Keep up the good work you are doing in making everyone aware of what going on.

  83. Al Barnes says:

    We are observing a tactic well known employed by those who erected the Georgia Guide Stone site. The word is attrition, and we see it effecting every square on the Monopoly Board. The Lord admonishes us to maintain the patience of the saints. My concern is with the addition of fluoride, which has negative effects upon the neural synapses that we may become unable to maintain any semblance of rational thought. That coupled with being mobile electromagnetic modules via the aluminum ppm ratio will prove to be of immense concern due to the sea of the electromagnetic radiation we now live in. Their activity is addressed in the Bible as “those who would destroy the earth”. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. Unfortunately, the tunnel is occupied by the demonically controlled workers of iniquity. I suggest to keep the light as the only goal. Hell on earth, as we now perceive, will be replaced with Heaven. Hang in there!

    • will umphreys says:

      Well said ,I first saw the New Age 10 commandments several years ago. Thatis all a part of the “Diabolical conspiracy” planned by the forces of darkness.

  84. consciousness says:

    In 1996 I saw the first chemtrails on Indianapolis. The previous five years 1991 to 1995 never saw them and the skies were cristal clear all year around. I did the appropiate research thinking that I was seing growing number of traditional airplane contrails and I learned that I was not seeing on them the typical characteristics of plane contrails. During years many people in the web tried to explain these observations all over the world using variety of hypothesis for civil/military technologies used here but none of these hypothesis was admited/recognizaded/denied by government/private corporations. I wondered then and I wonder now WHERE are our democratic foundations for otorging the people solid information on this extraordinary important theme. The complete ignorance of the system for giving answer to all social/individual damage(benefit?)caused by this phenomena speaks that really we are no democracy.

  85. Bud says:

    Yesterday (Mar 12, 2013) in SWest FL around Venice there were many Chemtrails being made. I was playing golf and it was happening all day. It happens all the time here and it seems to coinside with weather patterns,storms going up the east coast of the US. I think it’s some form of weather control. Last month it happened just before the big blizzard in NewEngland.

  86. mikael says:

    theres something called a chembuster? ever hear of it? read about on the site

  87. Boyd says:

    I see the chem trails everyday over Sacramento valley and when I try to tell people what they are more than half of them argue with me and say they are con trails. Very frustrating to say the least !

  88. Ron says:

    I live both in the Phoenix AZ area and also on the Navajo Nation. Here in Phoenix they have been spraying consistently over the past 2-3 years. Also they are spraying a lot on the Navajo Nation as well. I have been trying to alert people and have a couple of friends who are with me on this issue. The rest of my friends think I am going over the deep edge as well. I have posted numerous photos on Facebook with little or no feedback from friends. Nobody seems to care.

  89. GJS says:

    2 weeks ago in central fla I counted over 34 different chem trails At the end of the trip in palm beach county just as many. Trying to alert as many people down here will not stop until everybody is aware

    • I have noticed a “HUGE” difference in our “ENVIORNMENT” over the years and have noticed the criss/cross plane exhaust trails…. I tried initiating a PETITION and no-one responded. I think they must be @ a loss for understanding > “SEEING IS BELIEVING”! THANX FOR BRINGING THIS ISSUE TO “LIGHT”.!

    • Donna says:

      Yesterday they were spreading heavy in Kissimmee,Fl.What I have noticed as I have been watching them for years,is that they spread heavily before a full moon.I have not heard anyone mention this ,have you? I believe you are correct everyone must become aware and active.They must be accountable for this. May I suggest Gaiam TV,great information on there.When they spread earlier I worry.

    • diane capwell says:

      I listened to Dane on Coast to Coast lastnight and at dawn this morning the eastern sky was red as blood and the sky now is covered with suspicious curlicue embellished “trails”. It was like the toxic dumpers were listening to the show and dumped a load. I’m north of Fresno in CA. It was one of the best shows on this topic I’ve heard, very powerful, thankyou for your work!

  90. Linda says:

    Yes David.. I strongly believe Dr Woods is correct on 9/11. I do not have her book, but I have seen some excerpts and her presentation at New Horizon. Great interesting stuff. The world is full of corruption.

    • Donna says:

      Linda is absolutely right about people being in denial,the reactions of these people are painful and disturbing.I say to you Linda,you know what is right in your heart,never let these people alter your truths.The sky is not the same as it was when I was growing up,and the sun has been altered as well.There are many of us out here that know they are harming our planet,do not let them stop you,the whole planet depends on people like you.

  91. Ruth says:

    I thought I was alone in my observation of the sky. I live in Mt Shasta Ca. It goes on all across our sky. Glad I found this sight. Look Up, Speak Up. What the world is going on. WHY,WHY,WHY

    • admin says:

      Ruth, you are definitely not alone! Keep sharing this information and encourage people to look up and ask questions!

    • Linda says:

      No… you are not alone in knowing. I feel that way sometimes myself when I see the awful things they are doing to the sky, and people go on as though nothing is happening or unusual. I have had heated arguments and lost friends over this, because people just refuse to believe our govt would do this to us….. I need support and friends in this movement…. to help keep my own sanity.

  92. Eileen says:

    Approximately 15 years ago I began to witness the chem-trails over Tucson, AZ. They would be grid-like & covered the bright blue skies daily. I began to inquire about them at the local Air Force Base & they “knew nothing about them” – their origin nor their purpose. ERs at local hospitals always had an influx of people come in whenever they were present in the skies. Health issues included respiratory ailments – mostly in the very young & elderly. During the first few years, I could not find any data or information on-line regarding this topic. Nor was it possible to involve other citizens in just looking up to observe them & wondering about their presence. In my travels, I saw them in other Western states; eventually, on my visits to family in New England, I saw them there. Again, the attitude was one of total apathy. I knew something was up, even if I was labeled “goofy”. Eventually, I began to find info on-line & in recent years, there has been a lot of available data regarding their appearance world-wide. The content of chemicals in these chem-trails greatly disturbs me -as it does others. The origin of plane take-off locations appears to be close to downtown Tucson, as it also seems to be in designated locations in New Mexico. I began to suspect that our climate was being effected as droughts set in. Government activity includes this whole issue of New World Order so the control of weather is a good starting point. As I said – they began out West at least 15 years ago. No one even noticed nor protested them at that time. While I was gazing up – everyone continued to remain detached & focused on the ground level activities. I am so very anxious to continue to learn more – thank you for your presence here.

    • admin says:

      Thank you for diligently pursuing this Eileen. You are certainly not goofy. You have a mind that thinks critically. Unfortunately, in today’s world, the media has done a great job of getting critical thinkers dismissed as kooks or ‘conspiracy theorists’. Keep looking up – and keep sharing what you know! Many will not listen, but, some WILL. This is coming out in the open more every day.

    • CJ says:

      We in the panhandle of WV experience the same continual bombardment of chemtrails…..and before Christmas last year, MANY people got some kind of respiratory sickness that just would not go away. I myself was sick for 6 weeks with it, and nothing would help. I was and still am convinced we got a super dose of chemicals from the chemtrails that caused the problem. Yesterday was another heavy chemtrail-pollution day, so it might happen again.

    • Marie says:

      Well, I am older in my 60’s and i know for sure what the difference is between chemtrails and contrails! We never had them when i was growing up, and the very first time i saw them in the sky was in 1998 on the east coast. I knew there was something odd about them, and then eventually i saw more and more. Try to wear a surgical mask when working out in the yard. At least have some protection. I don’t know if the nano particles
      will go thro. Anyone here know? What kind of mask can we design to protect us? As it is for the last 15 yrs we
      have all breathed in these nano heavy metals ! I heard we are all being human antennas as our lungs, body and
      blood have nano metal particles in us. I believe they can turn Haarp up high someday to affect our brain waves.
      Perhaps wearing a designed Faraday cage over our head will protect our brain? Must be very fine metal screening
      or metalized cloth. There are sites that sell that.

  93. phil dane says:

    Thank you SO much for all your work in service … I have lived in Goa, India for 11 years …. about 6 months ago they started spraying here … VERY heavy and low altitude … massive increase in illness & violence which were unheard of before … blue skies which we have enjoyed for 10 years have gone now, trees are dying and birdsong changing …. I have photos and info if anybody is interested

    It can be assured that if the Indian people knew what was being done to them the country would be in uproar … everything would stop

    It is important for humanity to come together over this one

    Thank You again

    • Lori Smith says:

      Thank you for what you are doing. I live in Gold Canyon Arizona and I am a Medical Tech at the hospital out here. I have witnessed spraying very heavily the last couple of years and I believe the recent flu outbreak that finally reached Arizona, began within a week after extreme thick spraying for about 8 days straight. I had patients coming in with respiratory problems they never had before. People came in and could not breath and they did not have asthma, COPD, etc. Many got Pneumonia….many got the stomache flu to an extreme they never had before. It all happened suddenly after the spraying. I feel it was caued by the spraying.

      All of the hospitals were filled the week after they sprayed and it was so bad, some of the hospitals had to pitch tents to house the patients. It makes me feel like a laboratory rat. I have been taking a lot of pictures and I am trying to get people to open their minds to the idea that this is really happening. That is the chanllenging part but I am still spreading the word.

      Thanks again for all your work. I hope we can get this problem solved soon!

    • admin says:

      We sure do too Lori. Thanks for your help getting the word out!

    • Please inform as many people in India as you can!!! Many Americans I talk to think I am crazy and they label me as a “conspiracy theorist”!

    • Sue says:

      In response to Lori Smith comment, because I’m here in Santa Cruz, CA and have been very sick since December 26, 2013 with ongoing symptoms. I noticed for many years the more concentrated spraying days, I started getting ‘sinus’ problems. In the last two years with even more ‘dowsing’ of chemtrails almost daily (Southern and Central CA), I’ve had more frequent, longer-lasting ill effects. Monday, I was told my original ‘cold’ from December has turned into major allergy problems, bad sinus infection, bad asthma and now pneumonia. The days they do real excessive spraying my symptoms get worse with yet another ‘relapse’. I live in a beautiful place, and yet it is becoming perilous to go outside and really take in the ‘fresh’ air. Awareness is not enough, but thanks Lori for sharing, because I too am greatly effected physically by all the chemtrails. I just don’t know how we all can protect ourselves from this physical assault.

  94. Valeri Hood says:

    Thanks for everything you are doing Dane. I have sent your postings that I received from others far and wide. I think this may be the most important topic going. I am working to stop the expansion of GMO’s and to keep Drones out of the US in any way possible along with a number of other issues. Just recently experiencing ‘flu-like symptoms, and they are spraying the hell out of us as usual in Northern Cal and I always wonder- are they dropping biologicals?- How would we know?? The ER doc said that they we are seeing an epidemic in flus here in Marin county, but are we reading about it anywhere? no! Do they really know that it is ‘the flu’? We are becoming sicker and sicker as a population, depleting our resources and behaving like crazy people overpopulating the planet while we watch all the other creatures disappear- when will we wake up?? Everywhere we travel we see the chemtrails now- where is all the money coming from to make this happen- are they just printing funny money?

  95. verna says:

    I remind myself daily that the fight is not between flesh and blood,but the principalities and the prince of this air,( Satan) The Lord says this universe will wear out like a garmet. With whats going on in our skys daily and the effects of the nanoparticlates that we are all breathing,the ones trying to play God by those in “high places” they are helping to destroy this planet and everyone in it. Even themselves. I never thought in my wildest of dreams I would live to see the destruction of this earth.I will put my trust and hope where it belongs and that is in Christ Jesus. I will also do my best to make others aware of whats going on.You can not serve to masters, you will love the one and hate the other. The ones that are lovers of money and haters of God are the ones working under the influence of Satan,who has always used the Lust of the flesh,The Lust of the eyes and The Pride of life to tempt. On our own we are no match for Satan but with Christ as our strength and as we put on the full armor of God,we may still suffer in this life for what is true,but better to suffer for truth than suffer for evil. May the creator of heaven and earth and our Lord Jesus be with each of you in truth.

  96. David Penney says:

    We are in North Canterbury South Island of New Zealand in a rural location, Chem- trails are a regular event. We have taken Rain Water samples Lab tested showing Alluminim, Barium and other components that should not essist, there are shelter belt trees dying in a questional way. I suspect the HAARP operations being the cause of the Christchurch Earth Quakes and others World wide. Any investigations into this possiblity, not bloody likely

    • Steve and Sarah says:

      We are in North Canterbury too and apart from currently experiencing an unusual severe drought like the rest of NZ we have seen the strangest cloud formations and white-grey cloud as far as the eye can see which can last for several days. We know they are using chemtrails here. The cloud formation yesterday morning began with wide pink regular stripes and became grey ripple, once again as far as the eye can see in every direction. We are determined to get the word out there to wake people up to this issue. It is pure evil.

    • admin says:

      Steve and Sarah,
      Agreed. Get some pictures if you can. We will post them. Folks can compare notes about what is taking place and where, to encourage one another too stand strong and unified. We’re in a fight for our lives.

  97. Cory says:

    In the U.S. a group called Evergreen Air does all the spraying, they are owned by the CIA just as the now defunked Freedom Air was that was used for weapons and drug smuggling in the 60’s, 70’s and early 80’s.

  98. David Randle says:

    Thank you SO MUCH Dane! I’m in England, on the east coast, and chemtrails are prolific here. I am making it my business to wake up the surrounding population, and very soon I will be giving talks on the subject to groups, using YouTube, websites such as this one,, and pics & videos that I have taken myself of the skies here that are filled almost on a daily basis with this poisonous cocktail. Wish me luck!

  99. Bobbie says:

    David.. that must be why al those dolphins washed up in alaska all burnt sometime ago….Thank you for all that info….I am new here….but not to the chemtrail issue…..

    • Marshall says:

      I agree about the dolphins but, what about the deer and the birds falling all dead not to mention all the fish washing up on beaches !!!

  100. rick daly says:

    Got to find the run-ways and the tank trucks that these culprits are originating from ! Stand in front of them and protest , they are filling these spray craft at long runway’s . Its hard to believe , no one has seen one airport in ten years where these bastards are filling up ? or land ?

  101. Amelia Nichole says:

    i need more information on them spraying the skies i watched the movie and im doin a school research paper on y they are doin this and my teacher says that i need to have two sides the ppl that agree and the ppl that disagree! please help me

  102. Rachel says:

    Thankyou for your awesome website on geoengineering. The chemicals are horrific where I live, in Washington state. The humidity makes it worse. I basically haven’t left my house in two years because I developed severe persistent asthma five years ago due to sulfur/sulfate/sulfite sensitivities and since the air poison is full of sulfates, I require excessive air filtration and a nebulizer machine to breathe. I want people to know how bad this is, so I try to tell everyone I can how sick I am from this. Many people are suffering, especially children and animals, who cannot speak up for themselves. The birds disappeared all at once it seems. I want so bad for this hell to stop!

    • I never thought of it in relation to the spraying before but I had two severe asthma attacks last year and I’ve never had asthma or a family history of it. I’m 74 and in pretty good health generally but this scares me. I’ve been fighting the emf issue for some years now, and more recently the chemtrails issue. Now it turns out they interconnect. I go to Ocean Beach here in San Francisco frequently and the skies are almost always painted with aerosol spraying. I am doing everything I can think of to get the word out, and even more important, to get some action. Personally, I now have a good hepa filter aircleaner and run it all the time. Every time I look up at the skies now I become infuriated at what is going on. I will fight this with every means at my disposal.

    • Bridget says:

      I’m in s.e. Florida – I thought the “white” trails were bad, causing me terrible headaches / sinus allergy problems in addition to all other symptoms…..but then they started to add the “blue” chemtrails that turn thy sky “milky ” blue…now within 5 minutes of stepping out my skin begins to ” burn” not in color, but irritation. My lungs begin to hurt, I get dizzy, headaches, my eyes are irritated. My scalp actually showed blotchy redness like a chemical burn. i have to treat with apple cider vinegar rinse & wear hats or a hood. this makes taking my son to the park or running a few errands risky busuness. I have to do an eye rinse, sinus wash, breathing treatment & hot shower just to survive an afternoon of errands. Then there is the ” black” chems at sunrise & sunset..sulphur smell & mycoplasma. Had to be out one eve last week and became immediately sick with fever less flu – allergy headache steady nose drip sneezing body aches chills. Hit me like a train. Had to research this fast to learn how to survive – I’m new to this phenomenon, but I am grateful for this site which helped guide me to the right information that has helped. Changed everything to organic, did chemical cleanse, cover myself as much as possible in Fl heat, don’t go out on bad days if possible – feel like a prisoner, but they won’ t win! i am happy to know that i am not the only one having a severe reaction to this stuff. My husband calls me the canary in the coal mine ! Trying to wake family & friends up here.

    • Susan Egon says:

      To Rachel: Funny that Wa. state is the first comment I see. I’ve been in the San Juans and north end for a number of years. I am getting read to move away, although it seems there are few options continentally now. I think in a lot of ways we are at “ground zero” out here…we are caught between TWO countries spraying almost all the time now. On the south end of SJI, where I live, I watch it, horrified, trying to figure things out. As we know now, the amount of spraying over the north Pacific is incredible, and has everything to do with the jet stream. People, animals, plant life, everything the Earth loves is just in the way. The rest of what is sprayed…well, it’s too dark to think about most of the time. This is what must happen: connection connection connection with all others who refuse to stay asleep, who are not afraid to speak up and out, and I believe it must be a global movement. This has begun. Peace to all.

  103. Snowy Smith Pollution Watch South Africa says:

    I am very interested in what these SCUMBAGS are doing.
    Destroying our planet.
    Please send me copies of any good VIDEOS.
    Snowy Smith Pollution Watch South Africa
    P.O. Box 3021, Durban, 4000, South Africa.
    I will make hundreds of copies and hand out.

  104. Larry O'Steen says:

    South Fl. gets a daily dose of crosshatch chemtrails. I am more than concerned about this shady activity.

  105. karen says:

    Clear sunny days are few and far between in north east england, but when we have them, the chemtrails start early in the sky, they love to cover the sun. I can watch it from my window, sometimes 3 planes at a time, criss crossing until the sun is covered and the sky is grey! At night the sky is covered in white clouds or completely grey, never black, very rare now that we can see the stars. I try to educate people, but they cannot believe something is so wrong!Why are they doing this, to protect us against something? or for more sinister reasons???

    • admin says:

      Good question Karen. Watch the film on our home page “Why in the World are they Spraying”. And read more articles on the site.

    • sarah sites says:

      karen ,
      i just traveled 1800 miles and the chemtrails followed me the whole way from south lake tahoe,ca to port angeles , wa. its disturbing ! i understand how you are feeling. you are not alone in your concern.

    • Paula says:

      Hi Karen. I live in the north east uk, too, south of the Wear. When I lived in a small town in Northumberland I never saw one chemtrail, but since moving just outside a small town in County Durham, they mark the sky above it with a literal ‘x’ some days, and it is so close to me it has got scary! It’s mainly farmland around here, but the town I lived in before was surrounded by farmland, too. Is there any logic to what is going on? Are they targeting some towns and not others, and why, I wonder, if the populations are so similar?

    • j mcnair says:

      they are laying down nano aluminum oxides for reason.. the gmo seeds can survive in high alkaloid soil whilst all other seeds and plants will perish. the dangers to human health however, is lethal. the other chemicals added are strontuim and barium and up to 29 others as well as plagacides. watch “what in the world are the spraying” u-tube

  106. Mike says:

    How brainwashed are the pilots of those jets?? I just get so angry and frustrated when I look up in the sky!!! Pisses me off!! Where do they manufacture this stuff anyway?

  107. Kelly Simmons says:

    Just listened to your interview with Vinny Eastwood. Incredible information and articulate presentation! I thought I knew a fair amount, but I was riveted by what I heard. Will continue to do my best to enlighten anyone who will listen. Thanks Dane for everything you are doing!

  108. Jamie venton says:

    Hi I live in jersey channel islands just off France, today I notice massive amounts of what looks like trails would it be going on round this area?

    • admin says:

      Yes, Jamie, it absolutely would.

    • sarah sites says:

      its global !

    • I am outraged at what they are doing to our atmosphere! This is chemical genocide and the worst crime against humanity. Ever since I watched What in the World are they Spraying?, I’ve been able to easily recognize chemtrails and they are spraying all the time, seven days a week. I contacted our president and Senators, no reply. I am passing out the geoengieering cards, talking to people, I’ve written a letter to the editor (which I have yet to see), and I am about to contribute money to the effort these wonderful people are putting forth to combat this crime! I will not give up and I don’t want anyone else to do so either. Inaction means complicity. We have to fight for future generations and our planet!

    • VICTOR says:

      They have been spraying in the south of France near Montpellier for months. During the last three months, for example, we have had only 2 or 3 days where it was actually sunny. The haze begins to form early in the morning and just continues throughout the day. The wind has also been incredibly strong this winter. Generally around 3 or 4 in the afternoon, the clouds start covering the sun and by what should be sunset, the west is fully covered in a heavy haze – result- no sunset. The sad part is that almost no one here is aware of the poison they are breathing; most people think this is normal weather and that chemtrails are just contrails.

  109. Anastasia says:

    Thanks so much for your youtube explanations for what we have been watching in the sky for the past decade, clearly visible for those who “want” to see.
    Yesterday, in the southeastern US, had @ 20 degrees F, then snow , then by 2 pm, sun and warmth @ 55-60 degrees F, then 3pm, a strange whirlpool of rain on the ground moving sideways. Then at the next stoplight, I saw right in front of me w/out looking up, clouds with fine powdery black soot, then within the next 15 minutes, back to the snow, staying on the ground this time, with a rapid decrease in temperature, back down to the 20’s, and all of this initiated with a loud burst of thunder!

  110. Jean Cawthorne says:

    Thank you for all your hard work for Mother Nature. It breaks my heart to see large masses of marine life wash up on shores dead do to HAARP or TTA’s, as well as large flocks of birds dropping dead for no “apparent reason” , let alone the trees and plant life withering away. When it comes to our planet life being threaten am your warrior and will help any way I can.

  111. Deborah Scheel says:

    I want to help any way I can. I love this Earth Water and all its life. Thank every one for caring and all your work.

  112. Gerald Gammell says:

    Sobering information about corporate and governmental greed, narcissism and heedlessness!

  113. Bev says:

    Thank you for all study you have done and the research you make available to the public.

  114. Nancy Jakubiak says:

    Wow, I found you quite by accident. First, I read an article on my twitterfeed about geoengineering and how out of control it is and what danger we are in. Then I went on my computer and googled geo-engineering. I definitely am going to educate myself and definitely look forward to your e-mails. Thanks for working so hard to tell the people. Gee, and I only thought my big worry was global warming.

    • admin says:

      Hello Nancy, Glad our information reached you, and even more, that you cared.
      No, our challenges go beyond global warming though that issue and the geoengineering issue are hand in hand. It is astounding to me that there is still any “debate” about anthropogenic global warming. This “debate” will very soon end as the planet is now in full blown melt down, and geoengineering is making the situation worse still.
      Hope the data on our site is of use to you. We need all the help we can get in the effort to raise awareness.
      Thank you for helping us shine the light.
      Dane Wigington

    • david says:

      hi,ive been studying this geoengineering for 4 months now,to the 6 billion people on this planet WAKE THE HELL UP AND STOP WALKING AROUND LIKE MINDLESS SHEEPLE… Right down to bussiness; on 911 2oo1 a directed ENERGY WEAPON was fired at the TWIN TOWERS and BUILDING 7.. ( dr JUDY Woods;book, Where did the towers GO.) The two Geosynchronous Operational Environmental Satelites’ that measure the earth’s Geomagnetic Field returned a massive spike in the Field at 9.00am sep 11, 2oo1;and the DATA streem is every 30mins and has been eratic readings ever since. The magpole prior was moving at 70klms per year;as from dec 2012 a 175klm per year to the Siberian coast line by 2021.Thats where the 40 degree mark is POLE REVERSAL…The other problem is the SUN solar cycle 24 is now at maximum, solar flux is 140 it should be 250 plus.the sun re-configures every 11yrs with pole reversal it has not done since 2000. it might be reconfigureing for a long coldcycle, The SUN’s magnetic field strength has doubled causeing the termination shock ( heilos sphere ) to retract back between the earth and the SUN.The SUN is what gives the earth resinance frequency in the ionosphere. This has now retracted closer to the earth, plus we are in the middle of the GALATIC PLANE and exposed to all that cosmic radiation which the helios sphere was keeping out.This inturn goes through the earth and core center heating up the dynamo.This also adds to the acceleration of the magnetic pole.Our outer planets already have shown signs of heating up and two outer planets have already had pole shift.The aeroseol heavymetal oxide injection AKA CHEMTRAILS and the method behind this ptanetary operation has many levels of use, the primary use is to absorbe the ambiant radiation and to re-felect or refract light heat and cosmic gamaray sepectrum to keep the dynamo cool. There are HAARP installations all over the planet on land and underwater spanning the globe from the antartic to the artic, the major underwater hydroaqustic facalities are in the Golf of mexico spanning 700 square klms; theres one between Brazil and Africa at 600 sq klms and of the coast of Western Australia in the southern ocean and in the pacific ocean boath are huge spanning thousands of kilometers. They are used to microwave the water to create steam ( hence all the marine life dying ) the underwater HAARP is also being used to control the planets water current stream. Holy shit any good news. powers that be gone mad ///?????

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