Want To Know How Many Jets Are Above You?


Aircraft Tracking.
Read through this whole item before clicking on the red link… You might be impressed.
Every day, we see planes in the sky, sometimes very high..with or without contrails. and we ask ourselves questions.
What type of plane, airbus A320, 330, 350? Boeing…..or other.
Where does it come from, where is it going, what altitude, what speed, what company etc
You can see all the information instantly on your screen. but before clicking on the link:


Some tricks……
On the map you will see all the planes in the air.
To view your region or town, you can zoom in by tapping with your mouse.
Click on a airplane, and on the left screen you will get all the info.
Airline, type, speed, altitude in real time, re calculated every 10 seconds.
On some you can also click on ‘view from the cockpit


20 Responses to Want To Know How Many Jets Are Above You?

  1. Keith says:

    Thanks for this – it is really useful information –  I didn't know it existed before and was trying to identify planes by looking up the airline schedules

  2. Chris K says:

    From the UK.
    Seeing the patents stemming from 1920 was very interesting. Shows how long they’ve been planning this at least.
    Came across this site as the amount of trails today has pi**ed me off a lot. I’m sick of feeling so helpless and fearing what I don’t know.
    Who do ‘they’ think they are?

    I’ve been noticing several times over the past few, weeks, cycling home on a cold night (3+miles), as I’m breathing heavy, my mouth, throat and nose start feeling numb. (only equatable to the sensation of cocaine…which I don’t use as a self caring adult).
    I wake up on the mornings with severe throat and chest pains.
    I understand THEY have an agenda..I don’t know the full scope of the parameters or goals, but it’s clearly there. I just wonder if the pilots of these planes realize that what they’re doing to and dumping on us is going to affect them and their children and so on.

    Sci-fi couldn’t match how fu**ed up this world is!

  3. ryan adam says:

    AMAZING, i have been looking up a lot and have been wondering how i can contact the faa and get the data on who is flying and where. this website is helpful but the problem i see is the fact that military aircraft will not be included on here. most of there flights are probably unmaned and untracked. I cringe everytime i see one of these suckers spitting out there toxic death metals on us. and when i heard the autism statistic, i sad how obvious. whether intentional or not the subversion of human potential is obvious. it has to be intentional because they analyze there plans and actions with EXPERTS. Depopulation is defenitaley on the agenda. “Caught between my culture and the system” Zack De La Rocha

    • Keith says:

      Hi Ryan

      Have you tried using flightradar24 to identify the planes leaving chemtrails? It looks to me as though most of the planes are commercial airliners although it is possible that some might be military

  4. Jade says:

    I live in the UK and everyday we have chemtrails, I have only noticed this for just over a year now as I was still asleep. Last year I was riding my bicycle home one night and there was a fair amount of “fall out” but I wear a mask and glasses so I didn’t worry too much, I was able to cope ok until I left the outskirts of the village and went up a road surrounded by farms, this road was down hill and steeply so, all of a sudden the light from my torch on my bike became severely distorted (it was all bent in on itself and back, I have never seen anything like this ever) and I couldn’t breath hardly at all. What I could see was like very fine snow I panicked and thought I was going to die as I could feel this stuff in my throat and nose and I was becoming light headed due to the lack of oxygen, I needed energy to cycle up the fairly steep road ahead and grabbed a piece of kitchen towel I had for use as a tissue in my pocket which I pulled over my mask and could breath a bit better, I was so scared I imagined having to just fall of by bike at the side of the road and die and never see my family again. I don’t know how I found the energy to pedle up the hill and out of this stuff, but all thanks to the piece of kitchen towel and being awake in the first place to wear a mask, or I would not be alive now I am certain of this, I was in shock all the way home which was about 5 miles to go, I got home and cried so much and promised to never cycle at night again until the spraying stops.

    As for Diatomaceous Earth I would not touch the stuff as I have a pet chicken and we purchased some to help his lice, we dusted him as advised on chicken websites and a couple of minutes later he was on his back dying, I ran with him up to the vets at the top my road and the vet said he was suffering from organophosphate poisioning, I explained what we did and told the supplier of this DE powder who was shocked and denied any problem with the product which she sold for organic farming. I have since read about people who swallow this powder and others like sodium and calcium bentonite or fullers earth and some have reported very bad reactions like severe burning in the stomach and severe headaches that are ongoing. A few months later at easter my chicken found a tiny piece (fingernail size) of dark chocolate egg on the floor and ate it, about 20 minutes later while I has stroking him on my knee he fell off and couldn’t stand and his head was turning from side to side, I tried to get him to drink water and comforted him, he had very runny stools and about an hour later he came right again. The chocolate must have contained organophosphates and I have since switched to organic chocolate only, he eats this with no problems and loves chocolate.

    For detox I use spirulina and chlorella powder together, they don’t taste great so I mix them in water and drink it fast, I recommend buying this in metalised pouches where the aluminium is not going to come off into the powder, as I have a brown aluminium foil lined bag which seems to be letting bits of it into the powder. As an electrosensitive I am trying to help myself cope with all the RF radiation we are being exposed to all the time, as I can’t even be near a switched on cell phone without developing flu-like symptoms. This assult needs to stop, I am reading Eckhart Tolles book “A new earth” but I am finding it very difficult to have this peaceful forgiving, not upset mind. Listen to David Icke, tell everyone we can, try to overcome fear, meditate (in a faraday cage). Peace and love.

    • admin says:

      I’ve never heard of anything like that happening with Diatomaceous Earth before Jade. Was it the “Food Grade” type? That’s the only type I’m personally familiar with.Thanks for the detox tip!

  5. Hilary says:

    Thank you for having the guts to tell everyone about this. The more the better. That way, I’m not the only one they are calling crazy. I lived in Idaho and Moved to Colorado. Both are bad. I am suffering celiacs, and “coming down with” aspergers even though I don’t now how you can “come down with” a autism-spectrum disorder, but whatever. It’s all from the aluminum and barium. Please spread the word THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE DOING!! They do NOT HAVE A RIGHT TO DO THIS! And we should NOT have to put up with it and be forced to pay all our medical damages from this when we are funding this violence with our own tax dollars. Global warming is a hoax I think and the sun and recent CME’s were intended to help us ascend, and we need the sun. i’m suffering bad depression and severely disrupted circadian rhythms. I know I can’t get enough pure sunlight anymore. Every photo every argument and everytime you all stand up for yourselves, helps. i’m right along with you. Thank you.

    • admin says:

      Hilary, I’m sorry you’re having these physical problems! Do you have a good detox regiment? We’ve found that detoxifying heavy metals from your system daily can help greatly with the ability to concentrate. If you aren’t already, try taking Diatomaceous Earth – about a tablespoon in water – every day. http://www.perma-guard.com/ [To be clear, we are not health professionals, I only share from personal experience]. I hope you are able to get some relief! Thank you for your help in alerting people to these programs.

  6. Jerry Smith says:

    We observed the spraying first in 1999 during a severe drought in Florida. Had seen or heard nothing about CHEMTRAILS. In those days there were ample sources of info posted on the Internet.It was the naysayer rants against people claiming Chemtrailing that confirmed there was an incredible coverup in every area of our ‘controllers’.

    Quickly those original web delivered admissions of geoengineering have become filtered. Why do the tree- huggers and global warmist or climate change folks appear to be the most ignorant of the daily exposure to the clouding and potentially deadly activities funded by NASA, the insurance companies and other corporations bound by their borrowed moneys?
    Thanks to all who now look up and shout out we are under attack by the people we are supposed to trust the most.

  7. Tom says:

    Morning about 10 am out on the deck here in the subs west of Detroit, we were blessed with open blue skis. Air Mass was stable with little breeze.
    At 1 pm wife and I started our shopping date and the skies from the west over Lake Michigan begin the persistent trails as they drifted from West to the East over us. We could see other high altitude (east/west only) jets with non-persistent within and near the persistent.
    At 4 pm leaving the store, the sky was full of trails now crisscrossing.
    At 6 pm the sky was milky with a shiny refracting trait.
    At 8 pm after a hike, the sun was low and the reflective shine was gone and could see through some of the milky smear.
    Easter Sunday –
    At 10 am, Air mass was less stable – Light clouds with light 10 mph winds and cloud movement to the East. Hoping that the holiday may ground trail efforts with less stable air.
    Hope was gone, same time line trail routine as Saturday but high altitude winds were pushing persistent trails long to the south. Milky haze was unable to sustain as lower winds picked up. Again, saw non-persistent trails behind some high east/west traffic.

    -Unless there are storms, real high winds or weather front moves cloud formations westward (back side of front) this is the typical for our blue sky days in early spring, later fall and winter.
    Summer trails are already established at dawn over the Lake with west to east movement and shiny haze by noon.
    On stable winter days, spray will produce uncommon tiny round small pellets by afternoon to late day.

  8. Marissa says:

    I go on flight tracker everyday and they do not give all info for the ones dumping. You can click on the plane and it will only tell you what kind of plane or altitude, but that is it. When those kind are on there you can still it make the patterns, as that plane has been clicked on the path is then shown. I have seen many go to Ellington field and NASA with no info available. Or sometimes flights that are going from College Station to Houston that should only be about 45 min. at the longest are up in the air for 2 hours crossing the skies.

  9. yates nigel says:

    I was outside loading a truck today at work, I happened to look up and was horrified. The whole sky was full of trails, I have never seen it so intense. Of course gradually the sky turned an ugly greyish white with sinister lines in it.I thought,how could anyone looking up not notice how unatural it was.From horizon to horizon, just full of them. I live in the Limousin in France way out in the countryside. I’m going to try to collect rainwater and get it tested tomorrow.

    • joanne says:

      So did you get result on your water test. I’m from Quebec and it is frequent in our sky but when I tell people around: Look they are spaying toxic stuff on our head, these are chemtrails. They say I have too much of an imagination. Dear god! what will it take for people to see that we walk as zombies in this world and they( the manipulators with the BIG money)will continue, it’s getting easier all the time now that everyone as their head down at their intelligent phone.

  10. Kerry says:

    I live in Danville, CA, about 30 miles east of San Francisco. Within the last year I’ve taken notice. Before then, I guess I just never questioned what I was seeing. Like so many of my friends do now, I just didn’t look up. Now that I am aware I react with sadness, frustration and anger. On my way to work at 7:30 am I see numerous planes criss-crossing the sky leaving long trails of crap. The entire valley east of me (Tracy, CA) is under a blanket of trails. When I’m hiking I see plane after plane unloading chemicals and I truly feel a great sense of despair. Thank you for all your work in putting this website together. I will do my part to spread the word and will continue checking in for how I can help to create change.

    • admin says:

      Thank you so much Kerry! We just posted information about a peaceful protest in San Francisco on March 27th, which Bay Area Citizens Against Chemtrails/Geoengineering is holding. Info and a link to their Facebook page on our home page, if you’re interested.

  11. Denise says:

    We live in the foothills east of Marysvile, ca. In the past 4 years since we moved to this rural area (which has views of the Sacramento valley floor) we have been aware of the constant chem-trailing. I have 6 commercial pilots (1 Naval pilot who served in Desert Storm) and several private pilots in my immediate family..and I can tell you, I look at every plane/helicopter that goes by. 3 years ago the chem trails were hit and miss but you could bet it would rain within 3-4 days after chemtrailing. NOW it’s EVERY DAY…we’ve had no rain for a long time – and should have clear skies – but no! They chemtrail all day and we have even seen it at night. There is a constant haze every day every where. Only when the north wind blows do we get a break. We are infuriated that the weather reports forecast partly cloudy/partly sunny weather with thin clouds…yeah, they’re right on the thin chemtrail clouds. We have traveled to Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and Nevada the past 2 years for business…chemtrail activity everywhere. Las Vegas in December 2012 was heavy – we were there for 10 days. Had to laugh at the local weather guy talking about partly sunny/cloudy skies with the picture of chemtrails in the sky in the back-ground. Seriously – we are scared more and more each day. Just imagine how much money is spent in this country alone for this chemtrail evil. WHY CAN”T SOMEONE HAVE THE GUTS TO TALK ABOUT THIS IN THE MEDIA?? There just has to be someone who cares enough for the planet to get this talked about. Politics? who cares? Air, water and food is the bottom line for survival of everything. And there cannot be any origanically grown anything left in California for sure. It almost seems that they target the valley from one end of the state to the other. I cannot believe what I see everyday. God (whoever he/she is) help us ALL. Thank you for what you do!!!!!

    • dave says:

      I LIVE HERE IN AUSTRALIA WE ARE GETTING POUNDED EVERY DAY WITH CHEM DUMPS AND TRAILS ITS CONSTANT CLOUD COVER EVERY DAY Ive been in contact with main stream media only to fall on deaf ears the powers that are controlling geoengineering are also controlling the media; a reasent law just passed here in AUSTRALIA reduceing the control of the main MEDIA down to a smaller select group . This will keep the SHEEPLE asleep longer. The people that work at the media stations wont get to air this topic because it is forbidden; SHUT YOUR MOUTH OR LOOSE YOUR JOB SYNDROME.Sadly this is a Sad state of affairs we live in today. What would one want, extintion level event or a job to pay the bills till that happens; MAIN STREAM YOU DECIDE…

  12. Seth says:

    Thank for posting, coolest flight tracking site ever. Something tells me that it won’t be showing *certain* types of flights, I’ll verify during the day time.

    • DV says:


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