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  1. j ellingsen says:

    What would cause sudden increased intensity in loud ringing in ones ear and cause the room to start spinning simultaneously, lasting for several minutes and leaving a sense of a lesser disorientation for a couple of hours., This happened to me a couple of weeks ago when visiting this site. the conputer locked up where the mouse was the only thing working. I finally picked up the phone and held it to my right ear for a few seconds and then hung and determined the modem was was still on line with something. I had reached down to turn it off bith power button then sat back up, I then reached back down to turn it back on when it happened. It was the strrangest sensation I had ever felt. No pain just, absolute inability to get up without holding onto something and try to leave the room and maybe the house..

    Wonde rif anyone else has experienced this. This is one of many weird things happening around here in Covington, Louisiana, to me and our animals and some of our friends.

    • Phillip Dunbar says:

      I have had the persistent ringing -in-the-ears for close to a year now…about the time I started paying attention to World political events especially the American 2016 Primaries and Presidential  Elections, as well as political machinations here in the UK. Have been too ill with various physical and mental health issues prior and it seemed the more I began to seek healings to improve my quality of life, AND , become more aware of my environment and the world stage, the more I felt attacked on physical, emotional and spiritual levels. I didn't expect any of this to happen to me as I do not hold any standing in society (single person with no significant status or influence),and yet even as I type this the ringing persists. Of course there are many factors that could account for this such as age and health and proximity of electrical appliances but I am more convinced that this is an attack/bombardment probably generated from the local transmitter tower.  What can we do about it? 

      Dane and people like him are TRUE WARRIORS for people and planet and we should support them in any ways we can. Check out Sane Progressive (Debbie Lusignan), Claudia Stauber@CABIN TALK, and others for information (freely given) . Shared experiences and collective awareness are key whilst keeping both an 'open' and 'critical' mind simultaneously on all that we read ,speak and hear. Stay strong and keep fighting.

  2. Jay P says:

    Couple of things to consider:

    1. The government was never designed to help you. It has always been a system of manipulation and control.  By mind control, I mean social influence (implementation of Sigmund Freud & John Watson's work), advanced technology (subliminal messaging, technological dependence, and drugs) and carefully crafted language (logical fallacies, linguistics) used to deceive you.  See Scott Noble's work & "Century of the Self" by Adam Curtis, also check out "Soul of a Robot" by Nottingham.  Alex Jones has some amazing documentaries, they are quite professional like "Strategic Relocation". 

    2. NWO does exist, and officially agreed to by law here in Australia.  Read the TransPacific Partnership Agreement.  United Nations Agenda 21 & Agenda 2030.  Read the actually documents.
       "The elite" are simple principle architects with monetary influence who corrupt whole organizations though strategic incentivisation and lobbying.  Lobbying can be as simple as giving a person a free   holiday or diner.  This is enough to influence the mind.  The claims of Elites linked to Satanism and Occultist practices is surprisingly valid, though unfashionable to explicitly state.

    3. The television was purposely designed for mind control. There are ~30 uncensored patents still online that prove this outrageous statement
    (for example http://patft.uspto.gov/netacgi/nph-Parser?Sect1=PTO1&Sect2=HITOFF&d=PALL&p=1&u=%2Fnetahtml%2FPTO%2Fsrchnum.htm&r=1&f=G&l=50&s1=6506148.PN.&OS=PN%2F6506148&RS=PN%2F6506148). 
    There is a reason hackers wore sunglasses while using computers.  It had nothing to do with webcams.  Apart from the physically hardware, the content is carefully designed and more importantly, sequenced, to influence the viewer to associate certain songs or imagery with their own personal identity (DuckDuckGo "Operation Hollywood").

    4.  Thoughout history in the west, conservative (classical liberal, libertarians) constitutionists have fought hard to keep government in check through constitutional law, morality and uprisings.  These people are so inspiring and born into families of great morality and honor yet often portrayed as yanks on television.  The government constantly labels them cooks because in order to keep information on the net and avoid CIA infiltration of the left they needed to masquerade documents with aliens and gobblins.  This was of course before Wikileaks, PirateBay and Internet Archives.  You see the government never censors crazy websites (theblackvault.com) because some English teachers enjoy 'debunking' them with scientology sites. 

    5. All of this was started by a group of intelligent elitists who genuinely believed that they must control the population (the masses) for they are incapable of looking after themselves.  Their ideology is constantly reinforced and justified every time society gullibly falls for the same propaganda tactics.  Whether it's a speeding celebrity, a random bombing, zoo animals, a noble prize/knighthood/person of the year, celebrity tax evasion, random flash floods, or experts "of …".  Look at the current TV show Quantico for example, a complete spin of the London bombings.  How can we expect them to care when TV viewers can't be bother to even Google CIA?

    6. The unaffected teachers, doctors, scientists and lawyers etc. are not part of a conspiracy.  They are just – to be frank – dumb people whom have been conditioned to believe they are intelligent (see, "The Ultimate History Lesson: A Weekend with John Taylor Gatto).  They go though gruelling education which is at the beginning soo confusing, illogical and contradictory that they must force themselves to believe what they are being told.  By the end of the process of indoctrination, they are reassured that they are qualified with a certificate, and are financially poor, dependent on creditable information, have a new identity, and part of a community of professionals.  This is simply fact, see Edward Burnay's Propaganda 1928 Chapter 8.  Here in Australia late 2014 our PM publicly announced a push towards a new scientific-based education….scientology.  Don't believe me look up their public front organizations.  DuckDuckGo "Association for Better Living and Education International (ABLE) & The Foundations for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE)". This is the 'one-world religion' that is being created.  It is quite obvious that its characteristic already exist in the general narcissistic sociopathic population.

    7.  Hilter convinced the population that the Jews where sub-human.  Normal people were convinced though language and various other forms of propaganda to do outrageous things.  It is quite possible that we ourselves be tricked into thinking believing that those who cannot see Chemtrails as 'subhuman'.  Think of it this way, the elite are the 2 tricksters in Guy Richie's Revolver and you are Jason Statham's character.  They are always 2 chess moves ahead of the move they made you choose.

    Thanks Dane from Australia.

    • Jay Patel says:

      The most frustrating part of all this is the DENIAL by the blind sighted activist culture.   Devoting their life to the truth, only to ignore it.
      Here is a list of "Elite" members of society whom wrote and bragged extensively about their plans for world domination over a subservient mindless mass (us).  It is clear Dane has read most, but none the less it is useful for those who just cannot understand all the so called DOOM and GLOOM rhetoric.  

      All the so called mainstream over paid scientists ort to start with The Impact Of Science On Society (Bertrand Rusell) & The Next Million Years (Charles Galton Darwin) this will put an end to your superiority complex over religion.  Think you're part of a noble profession after 6 years of strategic brainwashing? Start here: Propaganda (Edward Bernays).  

      Sociopath creates world domination plan.  Gumby scientist decides to work for the man.  Sociopath finishes world domination plan.  Gumby scientist requests a higher status.  Sociopath declines because person didn't bother to read the plan.


      Aldous Huxley, Anthony Sutton, Bertrand Russell, Carroll Quigley, Charles Darwin, Charles Galton Darwin, Edwin Black, Edward Bernays, George Orwell, Jacques Ellul, James Billington, James Lovelock, John Holdren, Margaret Sanger, Mikhail Gorbachev, Paul Ehrlich, Theodor Adorno, Woodrow Wilson, Zbigniew Brzezinsk, Ian Fleming
      A Fresh Look At Empiricism (Bertrand Russell)
      Between Two Ages (Zbigniew Brzezinski)
      Brave New World Revisited (Aldous Huxley)
      Ecoscience: Population, Resources, Environment (Paul Ehrlich, Anne Ehrlich, John Holdren)
      Free Thought And Official Propaganda (Bertrand Russell)
      Marriage and Morals (Bertrand Russell)
      Propaganda (Edward Bernays)
      Propaganda: The Formation Of Men's Attitudes (Jacques Ellul)
      The Impact Of Science On Society (Bertrand Rusell)
      The Next Million Years (Charles Galton Darwin)
      The Scientific Outlook (Bertrand Russell)
      The Anglo-American Establishment (Carrol Quigley)
      The Grand Chessboard (Zbigniew Brzezinski)
      The Revenge Of Gaia (James Lovelock)
      The Search For A New Beginning (Mikhail Gorbachev)
      The Technological Society (Jacques Ellul)
      Tragedy & Hope (Carrol Quigley)
      Wall Street And The Rise Of Hitler (Anthony Sutton)
      War Against The Weak: Eugenics And America's Campaign To Create A Master Race (Edwin Black)
      Non-Governmental Organizations
      Council on Foreign Relations
      Planned Parenthood
      Rockefeller Foundation
      Royal Institute of International Affairs
      Documentary film-makers
      Adam Curtis, Peter Cohen,
      John Holdren, Julian Huxley, Mikhail Gorbachev, Woodrow Wilson, Zbignw Briezezinski, Oliver Letwin
      Eugenics Review, Foreign Affairs, Journal Of Heredity
      Plan For Peace
      Society of Control

    • Amy says:

      Getting anyone to listen ( or give a shit ) is a lot harder than I imagined it would be.  I've been posting a barrage of articles and videos on my facebook page and other blogs and nobody is even responding.  It's mind boggling actually…….makes me feel torn between being angry as hell and wanting to cry.

    • Jay Patel says:

      p { margin-bottom: 0.25cm; line-height: 120%; }a:link { }


      It feels like that movie Idiocracy (2006). You say “Look up” and they start rambling about cloud formation propaganda they learnt from the National Geographic and ABC 4-Corners. Then you final get them to research it, and they go to controlled opposition websites such as RationalWiki, Bigotwatch, Quackwatch, The Young Turks, and HumansAreFree. They complain about not having time, so you point them in the right direction and the go the opposite way and spent twice as long. They come back to you with their verdict, and you end up having to explain the whole thing again after they blame you for their own information illiteracy. 



      One of the problems I've noticed is that we have all – by “we” I mean society – been conditioned/indoctrinated through education with absurd methodologies for evaluating the content of our minds and others. Alan Watt from Cutting Through the Matrix covers this sort of stuff in great detail, particularly how institutionalized learning and political theater is used to distorted our instinctual reasoning. See this:


      Here is what I mean:

      In most academic circles they adopt a 'right brain, left brain' type think. An example is “Wernicke's Commands” which is – at least here in Australia – one of the mind theories/tools used by teachers when analyzing their so called disruptive pupils. The problem with this theory is that, it is essential garbage, and I'll explain why in a moment; but I claim that significant effort has been used to direct academics away from Sigmund Freud's work because it would illustrate the massive scale of social manipulation and devious indoctrination that occurred since the late 1800, and used to great extent by Edward Burnays and consequently Hilter.


      Keeping things simplistic. The moronic theory of Wernicke's Command is a simplistic twisted-adoption of Freud's work which over simplifies the mind. It is akin to many other useless ways of thought used in organized religion (yogis, angelical priests and other forms of gurus). The Idea is that the right-side of the brain sabotages the left, therefore to dispel negative beliefs we must simply find and extract sabotaging thoughts from within our mind. The way this is done is by recognizing that these debilitating thoughts are not our own, but the voices of external influence. “I'm to dumb” is transformed to “You're to dumb”. Of course this simply encourages the use of denial to solve cognitive confusion and offers little peace of mind other than a short-term mental distraction (mantras and hymns are similar).


      What I'm suggesting is that there is denial: by cognitive dissonance; and there is also ideology staleness which is sometimes confused for cognitive dissonance. This is why you'll find it harder get educated individuals to grasp the concept of collective incompetence. They are given tools and methodologies to evaluate information, which are unquestionably used for multiple generations for their effectiveness rather than their validity. Some other examples are: John Nash's theories which later evolved into Game Theory despite Nash later admitting that his own theories were rubbish; and of course the rise of Marxist ideology, socialism (formerly known as communism yet blindly taught as distinct).


      It is important to understand this because we are getting frustrated with people who are denying; but many of them are actual victims of systematic brainwashing, and genuinely unable to see contrary ideas; their tools, methodologies or practices purposely shield them from understanding foreign concepts. You will have a hard time explaining to someone that their education was brainwashing for political means. A way to make progress here is to redefine the mental construct of what it means to be educated or professional. Here “educated” is its traditional meaning of knowledgeable and intelligent – though obviously false. To understand mental constructs we need to understand Sigmund Freud's theory of the mind which has been historical though mocked in mental sciences. It is often argued that “Freud was full of shit”. Freud was incredibly sophisticated, apathetic and I guess evil, but his work's creditability was validated by the excruciating success of Propaganda and Marxist indoctrination.


      Before and I rabble on, it is important to understand the Sigmund Freud's theories were used to brainwashing/educating/indoctrinating the population from two main angles:

      His early work in Psychoanalysis influenced Edward Burnays work.

      His late work on Psycho-sexual development influenced the work that was conducted in the Frankfurt School of Germany 1923 and by Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs (the origins of Cultural Marxism & Hegemony).




      The early Freud theorized that the mind consist of a:

      Conscious (10% of thought not to be confused with physical mass) –

      what you can verbalize and think a logical fashion.

      Preconscious (10-15% “”)

      I.e. Memory

      Unconscious (75-80% “”)

      not directly accessible to awareness, where thoughts linked to uncertainty and fear, conflict, pain, anxiety and stored.

      The Id (pronounced “it”), Ego, and Super-Ego reside in the Unconscious Mind.


      Speech and language resides in the unconscious mind which is why propaganda is so powerful.

      Material passes back and forth between the conscious and preconscious mind. Material also can slip into the Unconscious without Conscious or Preconscious awareness. According to Freud, truly unconscious material can't be made available voluntarily. Television and Mainstream Propaganda were designed to manipulate the unconscious mind [see Patents: US3060795; US3014477; US3278676; US3393279; US3563246; US3629521; US3884218; US3951134; US4395600; US4717343; US4777529; US4834701; US4858612; US4877027; US5159703; US5356368; US5774088; US5889870; US6011991; US6052336; US6470214; US6587729] .


      The Id [the It] & Super-Ego are always in conflict and are negotiated by the Ego. All 3 validate mental constructs according to collective societal opinion which is unfortunately shaped/determined by mainstream propaganda. Freud believed that when the one part of the unconscious mind is too strong over the other two parts mental instability is inevitable.


      The Id represents child-like thought; the primitive mind (irrational, emotional, pleasure, libido). Note that terms like “psychic energy” refer to the psyche [the mind], NOT meta-magical and spiritual thinking. It simply means libido. If The Id is too strong the mind is bound up in self-gratification. This part of the mind is highly susceptible to the influence of popular culture and entertainment.


      The Ego represents Adult [rational thought] which develops in childhood when you realize that you can't always get what you want. It realizes the need to compromise, denies instant gratification, tries to resolve conflict through use of Id's libido energy (an element of sexuality to get the point across). When the Ego is too strong it is extremely rational and efficient, but cold and distant.


      The Super-Ego (or Over-I) develops last and is the moral part of the mind that constantly strives for perfection, even though this perfection ideal may be far from reality or possibility. Its power to enforce rules comes from its ability to create anxiety. Note, when you medicate anxiety you suppress the ability think morally. When the Super-Ego is too-strong it feels guilty all the time, may even have an insufferably saintly personality.

      The Super-Ego has 2 subsystems:

      Ego Ideal (values) – rules for good behavior and standard of excellence which the Ego must strive.

      Conscience – the rules about what constitutes bad behavior. Things that would result in disapproval or punishment.


      Mental constructs are simply information that has entered the unconscious mind and become Identity; Wisdom, Love, Peace, Vegan-ism, Patriotism. Racism, Socialism… anything that ropes you into a category. Mental constructs are often mistaken for conscious decision. The construct of “I'm a vegetarian” is regulated by socially excepted rules (societal rules) and enforced by the unconscious mind (the Id, Ego and Super-Ego). Put simply you do not get to choose what vegetarian means. It is dictated by public opinion. Your mind tailors its opinion to fit the label. If you identity with a particular construct, you no longer have control over it.



      Why is all this so important?


      Technically the world we live in is one massive mental construct which governs smaller minor constructs (distractions), dictated by an organized Elite. The “Elite” (the principle architects whom influence policy) are part of an ideology that has no empathy or emotional limitations which is why they are so bright. As intelligent and “evil” as they are they're still bound by mental constructs thus public opinion or more importantly peer opinion. In theory we only need to influence the societal rules of what it means to be “Elite”.


      The oppressive Elite wrote openly accessible books with their plans for world domination; Their blueprint is written and publicly available (UN documents, treaties, white papers, books) yet we wait for Noam Chomsky or a whistle-blowers to tell us what is going on; then speculate what's the next move after it has already been implemented; pat ourselves on the back; and say, “well at least we tried”. All this time wasted to void the individual responsibility of research.




      Ask yourself why, in a world full of professionals can we have multiple generations indoctrinated with Communist ideology and yet very few know. The terms and similarities such as “effective strategies”, “disciplinary practices”, “behaviour management”, “anti-discrimatory practices”, “professional development”, “peer-based learning”, “making a difference”, “child protection” are unquestionably thrown around and regurgitated by colleagues.


      The Elite were inspired by “Karl Marx and Fredrick Engel – A communist manifesto (1848). They have succeeded to control the masses using a combination of both Edward Burnays research on Propaganda, and Communist indoctrination masqueraded as Socialism. Both of which were influenced by Sigmund Freud's early and later work.


      After WW1 communism briefly succeeded in Hungary during 1918-1919 as the Bolshevik Bela Kun regime took power. But the Communist revolution throughout the rest of Europe failed.


      Two Marxist theorists, Antonio Gramsci and George Lukacs sort to discover why. Western culture and Christianity were the reasons why the workers had come to reject Communism. Their 'true' Marxist class interests had been 'blinded' by the foundations of Western society.


      Cultural Marxism was created in the Frankfurt School, in Germany 1923, lead by Felix Weil. The aim was to transform Marxism from economic terms into cultural terms (destroy culture from within). Communism became Socialism and Socialism is good, according to educating institutions. That is, multiple generations were brainwashed through the education system is believe that Socialism and Communism are distinct.


      "Antonio Gramsci – The Prison Notebooks" was used to gain control of the institutions that had influence over people, and use them to turn people against themselves (political correctness). The result would be cultural hegemony, a controllable class of people created through changed culture.


      The idea of a long march through Western institutions was to be a gradual erosion of morality, and to implant criticism of the culture at the core of the education system via a strategy known as 'Critical Theory'.


      George Lukacs was influenced by Sigmund Frued's late work on Psycho-sexual analysis, and derived strategies to incorporate radical sex education programs in schools, with the aim of destroy moral principle and ethics.


      Hungary’s youth, having been fed a steady diet of values-neutral (atheism) and radical sex education while simultaneously encouraged to rebel against all authority, easily turned into delinquents ranging from bullies and petty thieves to sex predators, murderers, and sociopaths.


      Hungary became the model for the rest of the world. By the way, this sort of stuff requires years of reading to figure out because of the amount of propaganda out there and probably incomprehensible for those who have dedicated their lives to a front organizations such as the United Nations, universities, and government health and human rights sectors.

    • Mike looking up says:

      It all comes from Tragedy and Hope by Carroll Quigley


    • Jay Patel says:

      Yes, remember though.  This is no good man.  The elite we are dealing with are Think-tanks for the Royal Institute for International Affairs, and the Council on Foreign Relations.  They are NOT the banks.  The RIIA and CFR set up and run all below.  The U.N., N.A.T.O, I.M.F, B.F.I.S etc all are below the R.I.I.A and it's British equivalent the CFR.  The media works for the CFR.  The globalists/elite work 'intergenerationally' as a collective as in High-level Freemasonry.  You're dealing with a system of control that is older that Ancient Egypt.  They created all the Religions and Sciences from occult knowledge hoarded from the Library of Alexandria.  They gave you your history, education, and heroes (Gandhi, Mandela etc).  High-level Freemasonry differs from the lower-levels.  It is a dying breed for a reason.  People are starting to think again.

  3. Sharon B. says:

    Hello Dane,

    I very much appreciate your website and what you're doing to expose and fight chemtrails. My son and I would like to help in some way. He may write some fiction novels about it to enlighten his generation, but he has a lot of learning to do, as do I, on the subject. He is going to do a science project on it this year, and I was wondering if you can recommend any books for him to read? I know there's a lot of information on the site, but I prefer he read a book. By the way, we are neighbors. We're in Millville! So happy you're here and glad to be of help to the cause if you need us! 



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sharon, thank you for your courage with facing this issue. My thanks to your son also. You can utilize the link below for suggestions as to how best to wake those around you. I will message you about an event in Redding today.

  4. leslie Young says:

    Hi Dane; thank you for being a leader for this cause. I don't have a lot of time to sift through everything here. Could you direct me to a place where I can download and print flyers or a place where I can order some for a meeting coming up on the 24th of this month (Nov). Thank you again.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Leslie, thanks for your help with souding the alarm. A link to the flyer downloads is attached. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/ads/

  5. How do we the people detoxify these particles from our bodies???

    • Sanders says:

      Take folate and vitamins B12 and B6 and eating sulfur-containing foods such as broccoli, collards, kale, daikon radish, garlic, onions, and omega-3 eggs.
      Try this super-cleansing broth and juice as a quick way to wake up your detox pathways.
      Detox Broth: Add as many of these ingredients as you can into a large pot of filtered water: collards, Swiss chard, kale, mustard greens, cabbage, dandelion, Brussels sprouts, daikon radish, watercress, seaweed, shitake mushrooms, cilantro, garlic, leeks, fresh fennel, anise, fresh ginger, and turmeric. Boil until all ingredients are soft. You can make in a large batch and refrigerate for up to three days.
      Detox Juice: Juice the following together: Aloe vera juice (which can be found in most health food stores), apples, asparagus, beets (including greens), cabbage, carrot and carrot greens, celery, cucumbers, and parsley. You can also purchase vegetable juice from the store, but be sure that it has no added salt or chemicals.

  6. jonathan says:

    Anyone post the newest game call of duty advanced warfare? It’s full of chemtrails. Why? Developers are going and think this is normal skies or are they part of the problem? I think it’s the later reason. What do you think?

    • acclimation, the frog in boiling water, so people will think this is normal and like you said if this is all they have seen they won't know any better.

    • Des says:

      Chemtrails ARE normal to a lot of people! My brother and sister make me want to bang my head against a wall (or perhaps bang their heads against the wall?) as I have tried to tell them about what's happening in our skies, yet they don't accept the truth!!! My father believes in chemtrails which is good to know.

  7. JaJ says:

    The problem is, when you think about it, that “they” dont have a limitations in financies. Think about it- the banks can print money when they need. Recesions and inflations can be and are regulated. People at the US government and the army have no limitations in money and power. On top of that, most of the computer fight games for boys children are created in the US. I am starting to see the link from brainwashing our children and us to making anybody whom talks about the spraying as a mad conspiracy theory person creator. It is really annoying how people are blind. The whole planet should start to think twice and see the reality and help us to survive. And the generations after us ! :) love

    • Tim M says:

      There is an entire generation coming up that have never seen anything but chemtrails; they've never seen a clear blue sky, or genuine fluffy white clouds…and unless we stop this, they never will.

  8. JaJ says:

    I Agree and, I think you should write a “fiction” story about this. Writers of a time always inprint into their books what is actually important. People need to know. Go for it. Love

  9. phildo says:

    “Blood clots when it contacts foreign surfaces following platelet activation. This can be catastrophic in clinical settings involving extracorporeal circulation such as during heart–lung bypass where blood is circulated in polyvinyl chloride tubing. Studies have shown, however, that surface-bound carbon nanotubes may prevent platelet activation, the initiator of thrombosis. We studied the blood biocompatibility of polyvinyl chloride, surface-modified with multi-walled carbon nanotubes in vitro and in vivo. Our results show that surface-bound multi-walled carbon nanotubes cause platelet activation in vitro and devastating thrombosis in an in vivo animal model of extracorporeal circulation. The mechanism of the pro-thrombotic effect likely involves direct multi-walled carbon nanotube-platelet interaction with Ca2+-dependant platelet activation. These experiments provide evidence, for the first time, that modification of surfaces with nanomaterials modulates blood biocompatibility in extracorporeal circulation.”


  10. Hazel Lucks says:

    I agree . The money trail leads you to the truths in this case

  11. Hazel Lucks says:

    I see them here in s.w scotland . They started last sunday after a very clear day they began at dusk

  12. PauL says:

    F*** ‘em!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    they try to ruin me life evryday, i don’t care anymore!
    WE have some higer forces with us.
    we must be courageous or in wich mode is written in this language.
    know what I mean?!!!!
    nofear ! against the end

  13. PauL says:

    Some years ago I meet a woman that work to get signatures against this shame. But her and some other have already done an ‘interparliament quest’ but in response Rome said that this is above the powers of the state.

  14. m kia says:

    Follow the money
    where does the money come from to pay for this and
    who is capitalizing from the sale of supplies and the service to perform the program.

    Then we will understand more as to who to hang.

  15. AJ says:

    I read all of the documents listed above. Although it seems utterly ridiculous to me that any human beings would be so apparently insane as to be doing any of these things, I do believe the data to be true. What bothers me the most is, considering the size, scope and money behind this insanity, how do we stop it? And is it too late to save the planet and ourselves from these “madmen”? It amazes me that this kind of craziness could remain hidden for so long. I truly believe that secrets can never stay hidden forever, they always come out, no exception, but will it be too late to change the outcome? Seriously, I’m floored. I’m a fiction writer and I couldn’t have made up anything as insane and crazy as this apparent reality. I can understand why it is so difficult for people to believe that this could be real but never the less, facts don’t lie.

    • Rebecca Royle says:

      I feel bad think the same way you do…..incredulous….how can this be happening? Why? Who gave the scientists the ego and vanity to think they know best? While we've all been asleep, the military and people in control, have actually taken control of the entire planet……Devastating on all levels.

  16. Faydanna says:

    I have seen the chemtrails here in the UK, I live in South west wales, and it gets sprayed regularly usually in the early morning before people get up and notice.

  17. Alexius says:

    Not sure if you have got the answer to your question on list of patents. Here it is anyway:


    Not sure it includes all patents but there’s alot of them..

    Be safe.

  18. Bren says:

    I agree with you 100%… As far as our “politicians”, I think that anyone who makes it in politics to the level of say U.S. Senator/Rep is watched very closely. If they start making waves, asking too many questions and basically not playing ball, then something happens to quiet them down – whether it be blackmail, threats or “if ya can’t beat em join em”! Most definitely though every one of our presidents in the past several decades have been part of the “good ole boy network”… They may not start out that way, but it is easy to get people to play along when you are talking about the kind of power, money and resources these people have. That is partly what Bohemian Club/Grove is all about… the things that happen there are all recorded and used against them if they want to stray from the flock, so to speak!

    • denise ward says:

      Apparently it has come out that politicians, especially heads of committees, have something in their past that is used to keep them in line. Many of them are pedophiles or have something else that is denounced by the public, in their history.  One thing I would like to know is who sells these chemicals?  And how are they transported and brought onto the planes?

  19. Bren says:

    Where can I get the complete list of patents in relation to HAARP and chemtrails? I used to have it and “lost it” somehow…
    Also what is this from comments posted back last year about implants of some kind at birth…?? (between eye brows. that are activated by HAARP supposedly) Can someone please explain this further and provide documentation? Thank you!

  20. naikuay says:

    That’s why they have underground bases all over the injure United states alone. Some even go as far as the ocean floor. We don’t hear about this because the main stream media is ran by the elites. Their job is to mold out beliefs with propaganda. Research it there is lots of information out there. It’s time to wake up.

  21. Lrrpman1967 says:

    Think about this. Theory is those involved at the root of this spraying would be poisoning themselves thereby they go down with us. WRONG the government here in the USA has massive underground bases and highways connecting these bases and above ground bases. These bases can sustain life undergroung almost indefinatly. They have food production facilities and oxygen production facilities. They have vast resources and even a river connecting a desert submarine base with the ocean. So could it be that that is where the elite will set out the coming storm of famine starvation poisioning and death of the worlds population?

    It is well known that people exist that want to reduce the world population from 6 billion to 500 million. Of course they can not support 500M but a few thousands will be the seed for the renewal of population on the planet. OK so now for crazy… what if nano aluminum is inside the brain. It could be cooked with microwave and fry the brain cells. The death of billions easly accomplished. Zombie A.

    Why is it that our political reps are standing silent when thousands have demanded answers? I’ve written and the answers are pure bullshit in which they never address the issues. Could they be part of the elite to be protected and to survive?

    I have no real answer but the fact this is being hidden denied and avoided by those who are supposed to look out for us is telling us that their is something terribly wrong going on. If it were benign they could sell it to the public. They do not they keep the public asleep. They tell us not to believe our lying eyes. They pay so called debunkers to post lies in the internet and try to make us look like conspiracy crazies to turn off anyone who may seek truth. Most importantly the American People are trusting Uncle Sam and are in denial because the truth is so scary they hide their heads in the sand. Cast any doubt out of their minds because life is already to stressful and they fear knowing will just worsen their mental health.

    I praise the Lord Jesus and our Father in heaven and pray for enlightenment and that the truth will be revealed before it’s to late.

  22. EpicThoughts says:

    I have only just learned of this chem trail info 2 years ago along with much more devastating truths. at first when I was told about this I was very skeptical I coukd not believe it, I refuse to believe, it could not be possible. I was in complete and utter denial. over the next couple of days it kept nagging at my thoughts…. questions kept coming to mind and it was to my thinking that ignorance was NOT an option. I fufilled my need for answers. I began to google my random questions and found infinate answers. Since that day I have been doing extensive research and am convinced without a doubt this is INSANLY ACCURATE TRUTH. Please if this sounds like you do yourself and your planet a favour and self educate yourself accordingly. I don’t even watch the ‘real’ news anymore. I refuse to watch the propiganda, I rely on accurate sources which can provide proof. The biggest part of the solution is KNOWING WHAT WE ARE UP AGEANST AND WORKING TOGETHER FOR A GLOBAL SOLUTION. I urge you all to share share share. Xo peace

  23. Stephan Toth says:

    Oh, the totally independent politicians put forward for election by the Citizens must be people who known to fully support and will definitely implement this political change program. There is no point in putting forward existing corrupt politicians just because they have always been on the political circuit and are in the public eye.

  24. Stephan Toth says:

    Hi, This is a very important issue but it is only a very minor effect of a vastly more significant root cause issue. That issue is the fact that the super rich international corporations have bought the top corrupt politicians in every single party all around the world that have a viable chance of winning an election. The very nature of these political parties is to divide the nation into political interest groups. These interest groups are played off one against the other in order to distract peoples attention away from a multitude of issues just like this one.

    The ONLY SOLUTION to this problem is to literally take away the political shields in every country around the world that protect and hide the activities of the super rich corporations.

    To do this, the CITIZENS must adopt the attitude that THEY OWN THEIR COUNTRIES, THEY OWN ITS NATURAL RESOURCES AND THEY OWN ITS GOVERNMENT. With this attitude they will be in a position to unite with a mind to totally abolishing the party political system. By getting rid of political parties, the politicians within them are exposed to being disciplined by the Citizens. This means that all of the politicians that are not listening and acting in the best interest of the Citizens can be recalled at any time and be sacked.



    The way to bring this about is to only vote for totally independent politicians at all levels of elections.

    Once you have your totally independent politicians in place you can bring in stringent anti-corruption legislation. Once that is in place your can abolish and make unlawful all forms of lobbying while at the same time make it unlawful to give or receive money or goods and services in kind for political favors.

    Once you have brought the corruption problem under the control of the Citizens you can start work on the quality of political decision making in public office. The first thing that is necessary is determining what decisions politicians can make unilaterally and what decisions must go to the Citizens for approval in a referendum. Because governments have abused the Citizens trust when it comes to spending their tax money. Legislation needs to be put in place that would cover a baseline budget that if the politicians are going to exceed would automatically trigger a referendum for approval by the Citizens. This legislation would also cover key issues where the Citizens demand to be consulted before political decisions are made. This would for instance cover taking the country to war, implementing controversial and expensive projects such as fracking and the building of nuclear power stations etc.

    Because of the complexity of political decision making it would be necessary to change the way politicians vote on issues. The current Yes, No system is inefficient and infective and does not provide the Citizens with the best possible decision being made on their behalf. A voting system where politicians have to swipe their ID card and then select on a keypad (one to ten) how in favor of an issue them are is a much better system. At the end of the vote all the votes are aggregated and then a percentage of favor is reached. If the percentage of favor is less than 33 percent the issue is rejected, if it is above 33 percent but below 66 percent the issue is sent back for further discussion and rework. If the decision is 66 percent and over it is passed. All issues are published on a website and all voting is automatically recorded on that site for all Citizens to see. This system immediately tells the Citizens how well their employees are working on their behalf and if they are not, it would trigger a recall and disciplinary hearing.


    Please note, this is a global template, each country would have to adapt it for their own government in order to overcome obstacles and resistance by political parties, politicians and their activist and supporters.

    • denise ward says:

      The political system is so corrupt, you truly believe the count is accurate that is given to us?  Every president of the US has links to royalty, most very direct. Obama is a sixth cousin to the Bush family.  The whole thing is theater to keep us engaged in their drama not ours.  Because if we cut them out and thought about our own lives and how to make them better, we would have incredible solutions in no time. They know we are powerful. And that is why they go to all the trouble.

    • Rebecca Royle says:

      I really think this world of secret 's and power is way beyond voting anymore…..the military…the war machine the corporations involved…the money…

  25. Danny Brown says:

    I have been following chemtrails for the last 14 years, since about the fall of 1999, when I was introduced to them by Phil Marie Jr. from new Hampshire. His father a nuclear engineer who had been noticing a laser beam being shot into the skies from Mount Washington, followed by chentrails being sprayed to modify the region, Mount Washing is close to 6400 ft, and has the highest recorded lane speeds in the US, with a built in weather station that monitors the weather year round. Both Phil marie and his father highly publisized what was going on where attacked by the military with black helicopters flying over there homes and buisness, and where attacked and forced to close down and loose there homes by government officials crating problems for them financialy driving them into the poor house, phill marie had a news broadcast of chemtrails on a local weather station, and this was the last as he gave up on trying to pursue this. I felt that this story needs to be told, and for people to wake up and see that if they pursue the chemtrail stories they to may come under attack from mysterious forces causing them financial hard ships, this is how one would no that there is something to these chemtrails, and they need to report to skyder alert of such activities when they are being attacked by said fources. Chemtrails are real, just look up. I have taken some great photos over the past, and had them on skyder alert, and william thomas site as well. I would appreciate any corespondnese from people who have hasd similar stories as well. My final suggestion would be to pursue chemtrails with the utmost care, and publish all remarks to skyder alert so that they can account for and help thoseto retain there privacy when reporting chemtrails.

  26. Denise says:

    IF chem trails are true? Of course they are. Just read the info on this site and there is no doubt its a fact. Just looking up when they are spraying proves it. Con trails dissipate after a few minutes, these chem trails hang around all day and ruin our blue skies.

  27. It’s 30 degrees right now on March 24, 2014 at 8:48 Central in Owensboro, Ky. USA. It’s 63 degrees Right now on March 24, 2014 at 8:48 in Moscow Russia!!

  28. Walsh Motxhe says:

    This video demonstrates the lab test results and view under microscope of chemtrail filaments:


    Watch this video too:


  29. hadecl says:

    hi everyone ,can any one tell me how these psy paths protect them self while they killing us all or is this total self destruction (them and us) ?

    • Jay Patel says:

      They work for the 'greater good', intergenerationally, to fulfill their agenda.  They don't care if they die so long as they've furthered the agenda.  They are perfectionists.  They are psychopaths, they don't think like the usual folk.  This is partly the reason why you have trouble explaining their motives to ordinary good citizens.  They do have RAAD underground bases (Norad, Area 51, Area 52 and Norwegian and Antarctic Seed Banks, Cryogenic labs) which they've sold to the public as top-secret storage and defense research facilities specializing in the paranormal through television and movies (Stargate is a fine example).  They've got everything they need to save the select few (well above 33 degrees) and re-populate the earth (bring forth the new age).  They tell you through your favorite scientific narrator that they can use the wonders of science to preserve the world in a catastrophe but it never occurs to us that, we'd be dead.  They're not saving you unless you're blood-related to Darwin, Huxley, Wells, Rothchild, Rockefeller, Ford, Carnigee, Wedgewood etc.  That's the funny part, you can suckle the tit your whole life but they're still leaving you behind.  Intergenerationally.

  30. Ann Reier says:

    I have been “looking up” for quite some time now, and believe the thing we need to do is create a voice for ourselves! WE NEED TO SPEAK UP PEOPLE! I have created a petition to the President to put an end to geoengineering. PLEASE, PLEASE, go to the following link, log in, and sign the petition! We only have until February 22,2014 to get 100,000 signatures. PLEASE HELP, PLEASE SHARE!!

  31. Rick Williamson says:

    We’ll here in the North East, New Hampshire to be specific, they have been spraying mostly at night and in the early morning. Now that average temps have been around 4 to 20 deg F and humidity levels non-existant, some of the trails have pretty much stayed in the atmosphere for several hours. It isnt Ice crystals, that for sure.Very cold temperature means little or no humidity and any HVAC person knows that if you want refrigeration temperatures you remove moisture. So heres my take on the “Chemtrail spraying” it isnt us thats doing it, for a species to completely destroy itself, even one as pathetic as human beings, we have a very strong will of self-preservation. To dump the amount of nano particles in the atmosphere as has been done in the past 20 years is total suicide. my take is we are being exterminated if Chemtrails are true. Bad day to be life on earth

  32. C brown says:

    I want to know who they think they are,We should be told what we are being sprayed with,They dont want us putting drugs and stuff into our bodies,but it is ok for them to pump us full of their crap without our concent,they should serve time for their crimes against nature.

  33. Pseuodnym says:

    Deep cogitation respecting the ramifications of these projects has lead me to a variety of questions dealing with the import of the phenomenon itself and what it means for the world..I have heard that the dispersion of these “particulates” have been found to alter the ph of soils. If this is true, then my question is to what degree of potency do these substances affect microorganisms, particularly ones that plants depend on for fixation of certain nutrients? Are we looking at a potential ecological collapse? if so, are the controllers of such phenomena aware of the damage? I mean to allude to the conspiratorial.

  34. Massey Ferguson says:

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

    Blessings and power to we the good people.


  35. PC says:

    So if thats the case, how come they don’t melt when directly in front of the sun? In actual fact they look no different to the crap thats on the other side of the sky, so naturally it can’t be water/ice. Go away troll!!

  36. concerned citizen says:

    I Have been researching geoengineering for years and at first I dismissed HAARP as to week to influence weather but this mountain of info on the combination of factors is to much to dismiss. We should get serious about this. Look at the persistent effects of AGENT ORANGE on generations of Vietnamese and spent uranium on Iraq children. Well worth the time watching!

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mEfJO0-cTis why in the world are they spraying

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jf0khstYDLA what in the world are they spraying

    HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy – CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!! http://www.riseearth.com/2012/10/haarp-engineering-frankenstorm.html

  37. Patti Jo Edwards says:

    I keep being told there is no proof. I have begun to read through these documents to find one or three to pass on to these people. Not light reading. Anyone can narrow it down for me?

    • admin says:

      It is a complex topic, that’s for certain Patti. Several of the films are full of evidence, like What in the world are they spraying. You might follow up with a couple of good patents and one of the real damning documents. The bottom line is that some people will believe you, and others won’t no matter how much proof you give them. Some will believe you and you’ll think they’re awake, but then they’ll go back to sleep again. People are scared. It’s a frightening reality to allow to sink in. And it’s so easy to go back to your tv, believe what you’re being told, and feel ‘safe’ again.

  38. james strawn says:

    the evil sick people that are doing this need to be exposed and punished for their crimes ,if enough good people could be woke up we could stop them and save the planet.if not we are all doomed.please for our childrens children ,please wake up.

  39. Concerned American says:

    What in the world are you spraying? How in your right mind can you fill the sky with aluminum, barium and believe that there is no harm done! I, and the other people of the earth, am tired of looking up to see plane after plane spewing this cobweb-like crap, leaving trails of cloudy pollution. PLEASE wake up and realize that your scientifically wonderful mind should be used for something other than this horribly frightening experiment on the earth & people. Humans, animals, and plants are all getting SICK as a result to your trying to play god and manipulate the weather. WE want our true blue skies back. I looked around this website and cannot, for the life of me, figure out WHY caring citizens would want to create storms that tear up and rip homes to shreds? WHY do you want to create thunderstorms? What is your purpose in bringing peril to our nation and the world? Please explain yourselves. No matter how much money you make from your “business” ventures, nothing will matter at all if you don’t have a healthy earth on which to live.

    • Carol Davies says:

      I want this book re bad
      but I don’t have a visa card how can it got it. Could you sent it c.o.d.

    • denise ward says:

      The last thing the masterminds of evil do is explain themselves!  I know, I want to hear their reasons too but they don't give information. They always play their cards very close to their chest.  Our ignorance is what they thrive on. Our ignore-ance. We ignore what is going on around us.

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