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17 Responses to Documents

  1. It’s 30 degrees right now on March 24, 2014 at 8:48 Central in Owensboro, Ky. USA. It’s 63 degrees Right now on March 24, 2014 at 8:48 in Moscow Russia!!

  2. Walsh Motxhe says:

    This video demonstrates the lab test results and view under microscope of chemtrail filaments:

    Watch this video too:

  3. hadecl says:

    hi everyone ,can any one tell me how these psy paths protect them self while they killing us all or is this total self destruction (them and us) ?

  4. Ann Reier says:

    I have been “looking up” for quite some time now, and believe the thing we need to do is create a voice for ourselves! WE NEED TO SPEAK UP PEOPLE! I have created a petition to the President to put an end to geoengineering. PLEASE, PLEASE, go to the following link, log in, and sign the petition! We only have until February 22,2014 to get 100,000 signatures. PLEASE HELP, PLEASE SHARE!!

  5. Rick Williamson says:

    We’ll here in the North East, New Hampshire to be specific, they have been spraying mostly at night and in the early morning. Now that average temps have been around 4 to 20 deg F and humidity levels non-existant, some of the trails have pretty much stayed in the atmosphere for several hours. It isnt Ice crystals, that for sure.Very cold temperature means little or no humidity and any HVAC person knows that if you want refrigeration temperatures you remove moisture. So heres my take on the “Chemtrail spraying” it isnt us thats doing it, for a species to completely destroy itself, even one as pathetic as human beings, we have a very strong will of self-preservation. To dump the amount of nano particles in the atmosphere as has been done in the past 20 years is total suicide. my take is we are being exterminated if Chemtrails are true. Bad day to be life on earth

  6. C brown says:

    I want to know who they think they are,We should be told what we are being sprayed with,They dont want us putting drugs and stuff into our bodies,but it is ok for them to pump us full of their crap without our concent,they should serve time for their crimes against nature.

  7. Pseuodnym says:

    Deep cogitation respecting the ramifications of these projects has lead me to a variety of questions dealing with the import of the phenomenon itself and what it means for the world..I have heard that the dispersion of these “particulates” have been found to alter the ph of soils. If this is true, then my question is to what degree of potency do these substances affect microorganisms, particularly ones that plants depend on for fixation of certain nutrients? Are we looking at a potential ecological collapse? if so, are the controllers of such phenomena aware of the damage? I mean to allude to the conspiratorial.

  8. Massey Ferguson says:

    “Toto, I’ve a feeling we’re not in Kansas any more.”

    Blessings and power to we the good people.


  9. PC says:

    So if thats the case, how come they don’t melt when directly in front of the sun? In actual fact they look no different to the crap thats on the other side of the sky, so naturally it can’t be water/ice. Go away troll!!

  10. concerned citizen says:

    I Have been researching geoengineering for years and at first I dismissed HAARP as to week to influence weather but this mountain of info on the combination of factors is to much to dismiss. We should get serious about this. Look at the persistent effects of AGENT ORANGE on generations of Vietnamese and spent uranium on Iraq children. Well worth the time watching! why in the world are they spraying what in the world are they spraying

    HAARP Engineering ‘FRANKENSTORM’ Hurricane Sandy – CAUGHT on SATELLITE and RADAR!!!

  11. Patti Jo Edwards says:

    I keep being told there is no proof. I have begun to read through these documents to find one or three to pass on to these people. Not light reading. Anyone can narrow it down for me?

    • admin says:

      It is a complex topic, that’s for certain Patti. Several of the films are full of evidence, like What in the world are they spraying. You might follow up with a couple of good patents and one of the real damning documents. The bottom line is that some people will believe you, and others won’t no matter how much proof you give them. Some will believe you and you’ll think they’re awake, but then they’ll go back to sleep again. People are scared. It’s a frightening reality to allow to sink in. And it’s so easy to go back to your tv, believe what you’re being told, and feel ‘safe’ again.

  12. james strawn says:

    the evil sick people that are doing this need to be exposed and punished for their crimes ,if enough good people could be woke up we could stop them and save the planet.if not we are all doomed.please for our childrens children ,please wake up.

  13. Concerned American says:

    What in the world are you spraying? How in your right mind can you fill the sky with aluminum, barium and believe that there is no harm done! I, and the other people of the earth, am tired of looking up to see plane after plane spewing this cobweb-like crap, leaving trails of cloudy pollution. PLEASE wake up and realize that your scientifically wonderful mind should be used for something other than this horribly frightening experiment on the earth & people. Humans, animals, and plants are all getting SICK as a result to your trying to play god and manipulate the weather. WE want our true blue skies back. I looked around this website and cannot, for the life of me, figure out WHY caring citizens would want to create storms that tear up and rip homes to shreds? WHY do you want to create thunderstorms? What is your purpose in bringing peril to our nation and the world? Please explain yourselves. No matter how much money you make from your “business” ventures, nothing will matter at all if you don’t have a healthy earth on which to live.

    • Carol Davies says:

      I want this book re bad
      but I don’t have a visa card how can it got it. Could you sent it c.o.d.

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