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40 Responses to GeoengineeringWatch.org Facebook pages

  1. Matthew Clayton says:

    A lot of people I know here in the Denver area seem to be feeling "Kind of sick" or "Not up to par". I used to ride my bike every day and, though I just turned 60, I should have more stamina than I do. It is as though my leg muscles use up their oxygen and there isn't a good flow of replacement oxygen to keep them going. I am not breathing hard but my legs suddenly just run out of gas.Besides the nano particles we all breathe, I wonder if the added methane means there is less oxygen. I have noticed a lot of people acting like they are catching a cold but to me it seems more like everyone's mucus membranes are trying to flush the toxins that coat them with every breath. I don't have that problem as much, however, I drink distilled water, avoid fast food and soda pop and eat more fresh vegetables and fruits and grains, limiting meat to 2 times a week. We use Stevia as a sweetener as it mediates my uncle's diabetes. I took him off Powerade Zero and suger free cookies as aspertame is a neurotoxin that turns to formaldehyde above 86 degrees in the body and causes the runs. He is 86 with COPD and I make sure he drinks Pure/Distilled water instead of the fluoridated, chlorinated tap water. We are moving to a smaller town 2 hours south of Denver where the air is cleaner and we won't have to inundate every pore of our skin with fluoride each time we shower.

  2. nova town says:


    God Bless you for not giving up… Chemtrails experimenting is the worst kind of GLOBAL TERRORISM  we might ever know while alive.  People in the majority are SLEEPWALKERS ~ they are perfect "material" for hellish manipulations. We have to deal  not only with hellish manipulators but with Brainless Human mass psychosis . 

  3. Patti Minter says:

    Dear friends,

    I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on WhiteHouse.gov, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

    We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

    You can view and sign the petition here:


    Here's some more information about this petition:

    Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

    We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

    Take Care and Be Safe,

    Patti Minter

    Sealy, TX


  4. Kim Dickson says:

    Worried too here in Australia. I'm living in the Blue Mountains in northwest Sydney (590metres elevation) and over the last few days the temperatures have been in the 40's celsius…today 20's. Spraying here seems to be less obvious than elsewhere, but seems to happen @ night. Terrible news re. the hundreds of beached whales! Minimal rain here-below average rainfall so far this year. Friends and family wonder why I am "obsessing" about the climate etc. I've given your website details to several people. Do you think people are so concerned with the day to day rigmarole-putting one foot in front of the other – that to learn about these critical insults to the environment is too much to contemplate??? What to do?

  5. bob schmidt says:

    I'm trying to get the "word" out, but……….It's a shame, and it's both funny and sad that family and friends that I hold in the ut-most respect don't even want to investigate this most evil of deeds that are being perpetrated on humanity.. I live in the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina, and yeah, they spray here too..Usually before sunrise and into the morning hours turning a beautiful "cerellean(spl) blue" sky to metallic "shit" by afternoon. BOBBY

  6. Brenda Taliaferro says:

    Here is where we are and; hose destroying the earth are in trouble! Revelation 11:18, " And the nations were enraged and Your wrath came, and the time came for the dead to be judged, and the time to reward Your bondservants the prophets and the saints and those who fear (reverence)  Your Name, the small and the great, and To Destroy Those Who Destroy The Earth." Unless He shortened the days there would be no flesh left! This is for your information! I have picked you up on Facebook. Thanks for your work! I feel I can trust your info!


  7. Alexander Tierney says:

    Heartfelt thanks for your efforts,

    Discussion of "pulsed stratospheric spraying" creating less noisy data for analysis of effects gave me a simple idea –  If the input to the models assume that stratospheric spraying has been ongoing for decades, then plug into these models the temperature data accrued in the three days after 9/11 when , as I reported at the time, the mean temperature over the US landmass "inexplicably" rose by 2 degrees C. in only three days while all aircraft were grounded, then the actual effect of  stratospheric manipulations over US will emerge. Even without recourse to sophisticated models the raw data screams loudly of an enormously chilling (literally and figuratively) impact these flights are having.   

    Alexander B Tierney

  8. Linda Bedker says:

    Dane, I've been watching  them since 1996 when this all began, The Cloverleaf project , it's truly unreal what there adding to the mix now does the now president know? I'm sure he must but why can't we or someone like yourself send him your info to make them stop this? They have darken our skies to the point we're freezing and can't breathe and now I hear their putting fiberglass in the mix we must all unite and March to Washington we must stop them any advice, I know your our leader in speaking out I live in Mi. I'm willing to help. 

  9. Mary Kunicki says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thank you for waking me up.  I want to wake up as many people as possible to this catastrophe for our planet.  I want to learn how to send flaming arrow packets to reach as many people as possible  Please advise me how to do it.

    Your courage in leading this battle has inspired me to action.  Thank you!


    Mary Kunicki Queens, NYC

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Mary, this battle is a team effort, very glad to have you with us. The attached link will give you more input on how to help sound the alarm. http://www.geoengineeringwatch.org/introducing-geoengineering-climate-engineering-to-the-uninformed/

  10. Hope H. says:

    Thank you so much for exposing this atrocity. I emailed you a pic I took outside my house of a chemtrail that looks exactly like a double helix DNA strand that has to be a sign from God how bad these things are for us. I'm sure you get tons of pics and it got lost in the mix but I feel this one is special and needs to be seen and used against them :(  

  11. Sam says:

    Good morning…so, after a couple of days of no spraying here in Rehoboth Beach, De…they started again yesterday and today they are at it. Thank you Dane for all your reseach and presentations. This new year I am going to work to create awareness in my community. This is a resort town and many tourists come from D.C. I'm thinking of getting a group of people together and showing them your presentations. I will keep you posted. May the force be with you all!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sam, thank you for your resolve toward raising critical awareness. The kind of actions you are contemplating are exactly what can help us reach a critical mass of the awakened. Yes, please keep us posted.

  12. Matt foster says:

    what about the legal case was 60 days notice and that has expired …what is the stus??

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Matt, the 60 notice is a minimum legal timeframe for giving notice, it is not a deadline. We are working as diligently as we can, I will give a new years update on the next radio show, and our non-profit LASG (Legal Alliance to Stop Geoengineering) orgaization will be emailing an update to all that have helped to support this onging effort. 

    • Larry Butts says:

      I Don't have any website but I am an over-the-road driver and I have seen planes in the skies for nearly over a month I drive from Nebraska all way out to New Jersey and I have seen planes day after day in the sky spraying thought you might want to know this thank you for trying to stop this I'm doing what I can on my end I'm talking to people thank you again

  13. Debbie Moran says:

    Dear Dane,

    Thank you so much for taking this on.  I wish I had the resources to follow this through myself.  I have been experiencing a bombardment of chemtrails in Sarasota Florida for years.  Lately they seem to be neverending.  It is as if a clear blue sky and the sun somehow offend and it's been driving me crazy since no-one seems to be willing to talk/confess to who & what is doing this.  It is not only an assault on humans but our entire world and all of the life on this planet.  My heart feels so much sorrow at this atrocity and disregard for truth, respect and valuing of all life.  Yet my heart is grateful for you taking on this cause.  Thank you and please let us know what we can do individually to stop this now.  Blessings to you & to our World.

  14. Knownlongtime says:

    I have sent photos to Todd Kaminisky's office of the battering of chemtrails in our skies these past few months at JFK NY Airport vicinity. I also sent to a few lawyers which is very very difficult to get one that will open a class action lawsuit on this. I guess when it comes to the government people are scared to step up to the plate and fight for us. God help us. 

  15. Frank Cioppa says:

    I wonder if Donald Trump is aware of this issue.

    • Mary Ann Pastore says:

      I wondered also if the orange bafoon knew about this.  SNL  better run and Alex Baldwin's in trouble if he knows.

    • Debbie Moran says:

      I wonder as well.  All I can say for sure is, Sarasota Florida has been having a major overhaul and growth and Donald Trump even located a headquarters here.  The reason I mention this is because chemtrails are being sprayed all day long.  Once they dissipate, they start again.  The sky has not been allowed to remain blue….

  16. Tom says:

    And now msm reports a thunderstorm asthma, what are the chances there is chemtrail dust in the lungs of these sufferers?

    • mohamed says:

      Dear sirs, There is no doubt that weather modification exist, proof is right now several airplanes are flying over Mogadishu sky over 10 hours operation, poisoning the entire environment. people say the planes are United States task force, but we know that this is conspiracy program such as: Depopulation project from Antichrist NWO, It is evident that two million person will be affected in deadly diseases.but unfortunately, United Nations organizations are witnessing but no action..  

  17. Lois Zellman says:

    Executive Order — Advancing the Global Health Security Agenda to Achieve a World Safe and Secure from Infectious Disease Threats | whitehouse.gov

    Have you seen this? The president just signed it. Very scary!

  18. Marcia says:

    Thank you for fighting against this. I wish I had energy and ability to help. Keep up the good work!!!

  19. lisbeth johannesen says:

    Hi Dane, I live in Bend OR where they have been covering our skies daily for weeks. Do you know of anyone in Bend? Or how I can find out if there is a group in Bend working towards a change. Would love to work on getting a billboard up. 

    Thank you for what you do,

    lisbeth johannesen

  20. tony searles says:

    Always inspired by you hard work and commitment to this most important and urgent work towards exposing these atrocities . Doing what I can down here in NZ but it is sometimes and uphill battle with attacks and ridicule from even your closest friends and family.There is a saying my dad used to tell me, Oh what a twisted web we weave when at first we try to decieve . It is appropriate in connection with geoengineering.

    • Lucio Amado says:

      Tony, whenever family and friends ridicule us, remember our community is growing by the day. It hurts to expose the truth but we can't keep quiet. We have work to do to protect our love ones even under ridicule.

  21. sondra and wayne smith says:

    I also thought I'd share this with you.  I just finished watching a 3-day symposium on Cancer and How to beat it naturally.  Put on by Ty Bollinger.  They had a comment page and I had posted a couple of items which were acknowledged okay.  At the end of the symposium, I entered a notice about your work with Geo-engineering. And to my astonishment, as soon as I posted it I was shut out and closed down.  I was shocked!   These people are in California, and I'm wondering why they would cut me off when they are interested in so many ways to combat cancer.  Just thought you'd want to know!  They could have boosted your program and works so much.  Sorry if I interfered and caused any problems.   Just trying to get the word out.

    • Frances says:

      Most of the online Summits will not publish a comment if a web link is included.  Alternatively, if you use (dot) in place of the full stop and it might get past the moderator.

  22. Brian Garcia says:

    It has been a while. One of the things I miss about not having Grilla Bites is your weekly visits and our talks..

    Thanks for all you are doing and it is good to see that you are starting to get a little wind behind you and that you are not carrying the torch by yourself anymore. It is has been tough waking people up to the truth (  you know that all ready) as most my family and friends think I am a kook when I bring up this subject..

    If you get to the LA area let me know. My treat to some great Organic resturaunts….
    Brian Garcia

  23. Michael says:

    Hey Dane, 

    Thanks for your incredible work! How can I help organize a geoengineering watch event in Billings and Bozeman Montana? 

  24. mark says:

    How can I help ?

  25. Lynne Sink says:

    Thanks for all you are doing.  I get it.  Will donate, and also see what I can do to help.  Will show up at events if you have them in my area.  Marin north of San Francisco. 

    • Syah says:

      Portland Oregon has seen a lot of this activity with "chemtrails" ive been recording it lately. This is really disturbing, and almost debilitating. 

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