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Approaching People on the topic of Geoengineering

Semantics are extremely important in regard to the introduction of the geoengineering issue. The geoengineering term is related to hard science, the "chemtrails" term has no such verifiable basis but rather leads anyone that Googles the term straight to "conspiracy theory" and "hoax" definitions. Use the terms "climate engineering", "geoengineering", "solar radiation management", or "stratospheric aerosol injection".

  1. Spend some time researching the climate engineering/geoengineering issue.
  2. You don't have to be an authority on the subject, but you should know and be able to explain the basics. Stick to those "BASICS". Wondering off track and into "RABBIT HOLES' does not help build credibility with the geoengineering issue. It is never helpful to go into a long "rant" when trying to introduce the subject of geoengineering to an uninformed person. Such "rants" only cause defenses to go up. It is generally enough to say: "The government is experimenting with our weather. There are no regulations or oversight for what they are doing, the materials for these programs are highly toxic, we are all breathing in the fallout and the media is not covering this issue."You can then perhaps mention aluminum is a primary element being sprayed and that this fact appears to have a strong connection to the alarming rise in Alzheimer's, autism, ADD, etc.Its important to mention that lab tests of rain all over the globe are showing huge amounts of toxic metals known to be used with climate engineering programs.
  3. One can also mention the total disruption of weather patterns caused by geoengineering.
  4. Encourage them to investigate and leave it at that unless the individual shows a strong interest in hearing more.
  5. You could also mention the many tests that are showing elevated aluminum in rainwater.
  6. If asked why these programs are being carried out, Geoengineering appears to have many purposes. Climate/weather modification, military/strategic, stated mitigation for climate change, these are a few main points that people can digest. Again, it is not helpful for the cause to go into a long tirade. Such diatribes only cause people to become defensive. Saying things like "they are trying to kill us all", will only hurt the credibility of the issue. Even if there is ample evidence to indicate eugenics may in fact be a part of these programs, people will simply reject the entire issue if that is thrown at them right out of the gate.
  7. Have credible and straight forward information to pass on to people like a single page flyer with plenty of photos, solid geoengineering facts, and a source link/links for more information.
  8. Make mention of the appropriate information which would most be of interest to the person/group being approached. If you are passing data along to a farmer, mention the rain/soils contamination. If an Alzheimer's group is being approached, point out the lethal levels of aluminum in the spray and the known connection of that metal to the ailment, etc. Targeting appropriate information is important.
  9. When target mailing individuals or groups on line, use the same principal mentioned above. Send them a plea to investigate accompanied by articles and data on geoengineering that would most be of interest to the particular recipient.
  10. Most "bright" trails seen behind jet aircraft are particulate disbursements, not just the horizon to horizon trails that are most obvious. Most of the ongoing climate engineering takes place over existing haze and cloud cover and is often not visible at all. Its important to convey the message that the ENTIRE CLIMATE SYSTEM is being disrupted by the ongoing climate engineering. Short of conveying this message many people get the impression that the only thing they need to be concerned about is very visible horizon to horizon trails.
  11. Look credible, this is extremely important. If you are heading into court to plead your case, you try to look credible, trying to convince people of the dire climate engineering issue is no different. Look professional, it will help convince people that what you have to say is credible.

Illegal covert climate engineering programs are wreaking havoc with Earth’s life support systems and contaminating every breath we take. How can we expose and halt the ongoing geoengineering / weather warfare assault? Sharing credible data and compelling photographic imagery is the most effective and efficient way to wake others up to the critical climate engineering issue. has made the decision to offer our newest informational materials to the public for the approximate cost of printing, handling and shipping. Because we have very large quantities printed, the cost is exponentially lower than individuals printing their own. All of us are needed in the essential effort to sound the alarm.

Click individual images for more information and / or purchasing

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71 Responses to How To Get Involved

  1. Monty says:

    I live in a highly populated area at the furthest east end of the L.A. basin, at an elevation of 3,000 feet.  So I can see across the whole L.A. Basin.  As of the date of this writing (December 15, 2023), the area, which is dosed frequently and sometimes heavily, has received a particularly heavy dosing.  I am staggered by the apathy I see.  I do not encounter one single person who complains – NOT ONE.  And that's not to mention the multitudes who don't even notice that it's going on.  But from my vantage point, I watch, as I did today, one plane after another, after another, after another, putting out substance, I watch it spread out, I watch it move toward the coast (because it's at a very high altitude), and then I see it settling down in the basin.  This is an occurrence that can literally be watched happening.  It seems to me that even before talking about "chemtrails," or "geoengineering," or about what the substance is or why it is being put out, the fact is that it's a form of pollution, regardless if it's a hazardous material or just ordinary baking powder.  If it's not pure, clean water, it's pollution, whatever it is.  So why do I not see a single person the slightest bit perturbed about it?  That boggles my mind.

    • Brittany B says:

      I feel the same way! I'm in New Jersey and the skies have been completely white day and night. You don't see the Sun, moon, or stars and nobody talks about it! If I mention it to people they just brush it off like it's nothing. I feel like I'm in the twilight zone. 

  2. Dr Tkachenko PhD says:

    All four of my FOIA requests  to the FAA and EPA came back stating "No records." What other actions can I take?  ta

    • jobear says:

      Foia to the DOD followed up by a class action lawsuit by Americans.

    • rick adorador says:

      Looks like Senator D. Feinstein was about to investigate. She was the only one to respond to questions and documentation concerning Govt. 

      geoengineering operation. She asked that all the "mountain of evidence" be sent to her office; then said she had good people 

      to investigate. Sadly and coincidentally she passed a very short time later. RIP.  

  3. jim pollino says:

    To whom it may concern.Ive known about this since 2005.Iam in Florida and we hear nothing about this.I have sent 4 pamphlets out today to 2 politicians and 2 news outlets.Really not expecting much.So how does the average citizen get in on Lawsuits? I noticed billboards in your pamphlet.The east coast has many and i would really like to see this blown out of the water/sky.How does one test the air,water or sand?I would like to see it done.I also know that what we are dealing with here is most likely the Cia/Military Industrial Complex.Who else could get away with this?

    • Subi says:

      Great question! I am also on the east coast and would love to know how to go about stopping this madness!! Who to email, A group to join to gather like minded people. 

  4. Lynn Berreitter says:

    Any suggestions for us to write our local government officials? I did write a letter to Gov. Desantis asking him to look into it but if you had form letters that we could all just copy and send to Government Officials that would be a big help. 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Lynn, thank you for standing with us in this all important battle. The attached link contains a sample introduction letter, thank you again for your efforts.

    • Peggy Kandies says:

      I discovered the Chem Trails in 2010.

      No one believes me, but it's real.

      Dane I remember when you began researching them and your educating the public. Thank you.

      I used to share on FB and tell people.

      I called media and they said it was con trails if water. Nonsense, this is very real. We need to file a class action lawsuit. Dane I found out that some planes were leased from Evergreen and I shared .  I just got through trying to explain it to a retired AF guy, but he doesn't believe it.  Dane how can we bring this to reality to people?  I'm trying to convince  this guy but he thinks it's jet fuel.

      I can't believe how people think all that is normal and harmless. This guy actually believes  it's a conspiracy.  Thank you for all you do.


  5. Bill Collins says:

    How can l get more information on the depleting Plankton Population in our Ocean's?

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Bill, in regard to your question on plankton populations, check the attached link. Keep in mind, many mainstream media sources have already been tasked with hiding this dire truth.

  6. Researcher says:

    Pam, I was thinking about your question yesterday when weeding the yard and realized something very important.

    Yes, it’s true that we cannot fully reverse the damage done from past actions, however we CAN reverse the actions taken in the present moment, the “Now”!

    We CAN reverse the uninformed thinking that leads to taking wrong actions.

    We CAN reverse the feelings of fear that lead to agreeing with wrong actions.

    Which means that we CAN reverse the actions taken in the present moment and we CAN change the future as a result!

    In order to be successful, we must realize the differences between these things.

    Wishing you all the very best!


  7. PAm says:

    We cannot reverse this so  what do we do? How can I test in my area.

    • Avid Listener says:

      Dear Pam,

      Your question sums up exactly what I think we are all thinking, in some form. 

      The only chance we have to make a difference is to continually expand awareness, both our own awareness by doing our own research, and those around us by waking them up to the truth. 

      In order to exert enough pressure, we need masses of people asking the right questions and holding the people in positions of power accountable for their actions.

      I would say this as an answer to your question -hold onto the truth with both hands and never let go, spread it far and wide, never give up, keep searching for new opportunities to educate and inspire.  Make changes in small steps, starting with the self and then moving outward toward the outside world.

      -Avid Listener

    • MJK says:

      Yes, we must start small and over time and perseverance, we will be naturally guided to be more and more efficient and reach wider populations. We simply must not give up and persistently keep up on this journey of spreading The Message.

  8. Natalie Patton says:

    Thank you so much Dane. I'm praying for the environment and changing so many of my ways. After watching your documentary the solution has never seemed more clear that we all have to stop supporting BIG corporations. I am done with Diet Coke, McDonalds, foil, and the government telling us it's all good and loading us up with aluminum. Err. all of these household items I never could have imagined were so toxic to our food web. I planted a pine tree and started a garden yesterday as well. Also, started composting and having a water sprayer installed on the home toilet later this week. I know it's not much but I am committed to making positive changes wherever I possibly can. We will save the kelp forest, we will save the spawning salmon, good will win – God is behind you and us! We can do this!!!! Thanks again. Beautifully done. 

    Natalie Patton ~ Surviving in Sacramento 

    • Avid Listener says:

      Dear Natalie,

      Thanks for sharing our story, that is so cool!  You just made my day!!!

      -Avid Listener

  9. Albert says:

    They are going to turn the Earth into another Mars. Join the fight to stop them.

    • Peter says:


      The capacity to prevent the total cataclysmic breakdown of our biosphere is at our disposal, and, I know our generations, since 1970, are going stand together as one force against the *controllers* 


      ThankYou, Dane, for the keen insight, perspective, energy&passion to bring us to your level. This is our war. "They" may've won (too) many battles, up to this point, however, WE ARE going to Win the final battle(s) of this war 

    • AD says:

      Exactly.  I believe we already destroyed that planet, and our life form traveled to earth for another go around.  Oh wait…we messed this one up too.  So sad 🙁

  10. Adrian Key says:

    Dear Dane

    Both myself and my partner have been listening to your weekly Saturday broadcasts here in England for some time now.  Thank you for your rigorous and steadfast consistency of approach to a topic which is both alarming and shocking. As you rightly say you don't need to believe what you or anyone else is saying, you just need to use your eyes and ears and conduct your own research. However, you almost seem to be a lone voice in the wilderness!  The craven, sycophantic mainstream media is totally useless.

    Every day I can look up and see the spraying operations here.  Can you tell me are there a higher frequency and intensity of spraying operations in the USA than in England or Europe, or is it the same here as well?

    We would like to promote the important issues you raise here and attempt to wake up the apathetic and ignorant population before it is too late. Of course at present the authorities have the pre-prepared bio-weapon of Covid 19 to distract and enforce conformity.

    Do you have any advice regarding the practical steps we could take without attempting to use the mainstream media?



    Adrian and Ana 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Adrian and Ana, thank you for your willingness to help sound the alarm. Yes, satellite imagery indecates that the atmospheric aerosol spraying assault is frequently more concentrated over the North American continent, though the rest of the world is also being bombarded. In regard to your final question, the attached link will provide input. Thank you again for your willingness to stand with us in this most critical effort. FYI

  11. Joseph says:

    A perfect quote for your audience: it is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends on him not understanding it. ~Upton Sinclair

  12. Daniel Carrasco says:

    I live in Northern Nevada in the Reno area and it is painfully obvious that this goes on almost daily. I'm a fanatical gardener and am severely disturbed by the lack of flying insects especially bees. I have fruit trees blooming that are not a buzz with activity…at all. I saw 1 bee yesterday and that was it. What I would like to do is send a letter of inquiry to my state senators and am seeking guidance in this endeavor. I don't want to blow this opportunity.

  13. Jamnjer says:

    Hey Dane,

     I recently received your Fact and Photo summary booklets and boy, has that helped me get the word out!! I talk about airplanes spraying over our heads and people laugh and say mean things and all I do now is pull out a booklet and say, I have the facts in this booklet to back what I say. What do you have?? They look at the booklet and say, my gosh! i did'nt know that! It's the BEST thing I've done yet!! Thanx Dane


  14. Glores says:

    Hello Dane

    I am wondering if you would give me permission to use your website name and graphics to use on a pop up media gazebo? If i have your permission i will be setting up a info stall here with some other people very passionate about this issue in Canberra Australia. Also wanting to re print your flyers, booklets and business cards if that is ok?

    On another note and to the wider community i guess…What do we tell your kids? I have 2 under 4 and I must admit that the thought of running away to the hills and building an earth shelter home has been close to the front of my mind. Im grieving for my planet and for the days to come. It is at times like this that i wish i had a faith to hold my beautiful family. Anyhoo all i can do is spend the rest of my days doing my part and teaching my children that the world is not what we are sold.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Glores, yes, you can absolutely use our website name and graphics on your media gazebo in order to help sound the alarm on the climate engineering insanity, thanks so much for doing so.  About reprinting our flyers, booklets and buisness cards, yes again, of course, thank you for doing so, and thank you again for your help in this most critical battle. will continue to do our absolute best to provide verifiable front line breaking data on the geoengineering assault.

  15. larry knudson says:


    • Nick ciauri says:

      Im right there with you, I feel alone in this battle where I live. I need folks to gather around me and support me and each other. Central California Alliance is what I am waiting for.

  16. Alana B says:

    I have been researching in regards of chemtrails in Oklahoma, Nebraska, and these areas and came across a document that tells where some of these a lot of planes are coming from. I was astonished to find out that Oklahoma was one of the perpetrators. Coming out of Ft. Sill. My phone was hacked and crashed. I cannot find the document as of now, but will inform you when I do. I have very limited access to the internet. Very concerned and ready to go to our corrupt state government on the issue including the vaccine mandate proposed. I just don't know anyone in my area to come together with. I live in rural area outside okc and want to leave. There are so many cell towers also, per square mile than those in big cities. Very disturbing but everyone I talk to just aren't interested. I'm praying over this lack of incentive of people. The vaccine situation is my first endeavour with our government and will continue on all other urgent issues with chemtrails. Please let me know of anyone in my area in which I could team up with on these urgent issues. 

    • Sedwick says:

      Alana, they're not likely to be coming from Ft. Sill. I was stationed at Ft. Sill. I was a pilot and flew out of Henry Post Army Airfield (HPAAF). At that time, the airfield was neither large enough nor equipped to handle aircraft of the size being used. The airfield has a single runway, a small taxiway, limited apron areas for parking, and few support services. Also, security is not up to the standards required. Of course, that was some time ago and all things change with time. Therefore, before replying, I checked HPAAF's current configuration and layout. It remains basically the same. At best, HPAAF might be utilized indirectly, in some secondary support role. However, Ft. Sill's mission is in other areas- land warfare and artillery training. It's more likely that the planes are based at Max Westheimer Airport in Norman. Tinker Air Force Base in Oklahoma City, and/or Sheppard Air Force Base in Wichita Falls (TX) are also possibilities. At one time, the National Weather Service (NWS) was based at Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City. (I was treated to a detailed tour of the facility during those days.) The NWS then moved to Max Westheimer Airport. (As you may know, Westheimer is the University of Oklahoma's airport.) The NWS is now (per the NWS) located on the University of Oklahoma's Research Campus in Norman. The NWS association with the University of Oklahoma makes Max Westheimer Airport a good candidate. Yet, I suspect Tinker Air Force base is home plate- for security reasons.

      There's no place to run Alana. Yet, take heart. Find the good things in your life. Celebrate them and hold them close. Reality is in yur home and outside your door. You have reason to smile and to have hope. Let these things be your resolve to fight and never lose sight of the objective. Rumsfeld said it would be a war that lasted one hundred years. Everyone thought he was referring to Iraq. I, for one, took it differently. Fight Alana.

  17. HI, I was just wondering if there was a place where we could post pictures and information regarding those pictures besides creating our own website. I have recently noticed some major spraying in my area and would like to share the information. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Anthony, about spray photo posting, try our GeoengineeringWatch Photo Gallery, FYI

  18. killer says:

    Yes why?! Why is everything good always so hard to achieve?!

    • Patti Minter says:

      Dear friends,

      I wanted to let you know about a new petition I created on We the People, a new feature on, and ask for your support. Will you add your name to mine? If this petition gets 99,999 signatures by March 19, 2017, the White House will review it and respond!

      We the People allows anyone to create and sign petitions asking the White House to take action on a range of issues. If a petition gets enough support, the White House will issue an official response.

      You can view and sign the petition here:

      Here's some more information about this petition:

      Stop Geoengineering Chemtrails Now

      We must stop the constant spraying of aluminum, barium, other chemicals and particulates into our skies over the United States. This constant spraying, which is being done by way of Aircraft, must stop because it is polluting the air we breath 24 hours a day and it is also polluting the water we drink, it is polluting the soil so that crops don't grow right, and it is being used to control the population by weather modification. It is believed to be causing a rise in Alzheimers and Autism.

      This is an easy way to get involved.  You can ask your friends to sign the petition as well.

      Thanks for your help!

      Patti Minter

      Sealy Texas

  19. Navotia Wilson says:

    We must support this.

  20. Maheen Lemon says:

    Dear Dane,

    If it wasn't for you and your website, I would not be able to educate people properly about this issue. Thanks to you and your hard work! I wish you could do a US tour to ring the alarm nationwide. Our little voices aren't being heard enough and there is only so much we can do when most people are in denial. I printed out the flyers you provided and plan on handing them out after Christmas to folks in my neighborhood of Westbury, NY. My hope is that they wake up and realize the direness of educating others about what is happening in our skies and to this planet. Do you have any other suggestions to spread the word? I really appreciate your effort in making this known to the public!


    All the best,

    Maheen Lemon

    Westbury, NY

  21. Vicki says:

    Hello Dane, First of all, I can't thank you enough for the work you are doing to educate the world about geoengineering.  I have learned so much through your website, articles and videos.  I used your info to saturate my brain with knowledge concerning this diabolical practice.  With this knowledge I have begun to use social media as my platform through pics and informational quips to help open the eyes of others. 

    I was formally an activist involved with other groups when I realized that those groups were not only sidetracked in their focus with respect to global warming, but turning a blind eye toward the topic of geoengineering all together.  And with this being one of the most time sensitive issues concerning our planet I find their actions rather egotistical and disturbing. I have tried to expose this topic to different so called "green" organizations and they ignore my presentation of the topic altogether.  Therefore, I've decided to put all of my efforts solely towards your cause.

    Note: I should mention that I do realize that their are pressing issues such as Fracking that do need attention as well, but for the most part we need more awareness for this issue.

    Subsequently, I was wondering if you know of any activist groups in the Washington,D.C. metropolitan area that have been formed with respect to this issue? If not I'd like to start one in this area.  People could contact me at my personal email once I determine there's a need for such a group.  Btw, the Metro area would include: Northern Va, Maryland and Washington, D.C.  I know you are extremely busy so I will await your response and look forward to your guidance.  Thank you!!  With great respect.  -vicki

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Vicki, thank you so much for marching with us in this battle. Sorry I don’t know anyone in DC, but hope you are able to get something going. Thanks again for your courage in facing this most dire issue,


  22. Melony Gallagher says:

    I am sick of the Elite’s rubbish – they are trying to kill as many of us as they can. People look up Agenda 21, New World Order… go to and learn about who we are dealing with here! The governments are corrupt – run by the Elite’s. People are murdered / silenced – professionals terrifieds to speak out. Trying to stop this using their corrupt system will take too long – we will be hopelessly sick or worse by then which is what they are hoping for. All they have to do is stall – we will have no choice but to eat GMO foods by then – farmers will only be able to grow that seed or their organic seed will be corrupted & owned by the corporations due to intelectual property laws. I believe the only way to FORCE them to listen and pay attention is a global monetary strike – everyone withdraw every single penny from every bank account on same day. That will force the media to pay attention to this issue and grow numbers surely? If advertised well in advance…. what do you think?

  23. Claire Frasier says:

    I would like to write a letter. Do you have a prepared format that I could use. Some of us are not as adept to language as others when putting something like this together.



    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Claire, about your question, check the attached link, FYI

    • Lisa says:


      I emailed you about weird substance, all over, in my house i'd like to get tested. It glows green yellow under Wood's lamp and seems to breathe a glitter that shows under a UV lamp, that falls on everything.

      I am ill (Morgellons) and my cats have it too.

      If you could respond to my email, that would be great. Don't know where to get this stuff tested by a lab that knows where to look for.

    • Lisa says:

      Ps: I was almost Baker acted (forcibly committed into the local psychiatric inpatient unit) by my psychiatrist when I told him of my anxiety about chemtrails (nano particles, etc). He said I was hallucinating and if I turn myself in immediately, he would have me dragged there by the police (his exact words). I was being treated for depression after my mother was in a coma for four months and died last May. I wasn't being treated for psychosis.

      I only escaped forcible committment because I am articulate and well educated; I immediately sent overnight letters of complaint and threat of legal action to the heads of every department I could think of.

  24. Peter says:

    Good day.

    We could follow the show on Jimmy Church radio last days and we would be interested what we can do?

    In the moment we are in Germany and we get sprayed every day. In my case I can "hear" it. Sounds strange? Yes, but my ears ringing like bells and when I have a look to the skies I know why. My wife has in the meantime skin problems (and she never had before such kind of problems) even her menstruation.. however. What can we do to protect ourselves because that is the only thing will work over here, because in Germany you don't have any rights.

    Thank you and have a nice w/e, Peter

    • Peter, I am having the same issues – with ringing in my ears, feeling ill – loss of appetite – and most of all loss of my country's integrity.

      The GEOengineering of our lands and all western countries that seem to be doubling down, and are quite aware of these contrails HA, is the term used by Dane W. is a real health problem for all animals that breath air!  It's a real problem. Not to mention a serious depression problem for those that are awake to this issue and many more issues. I live in Pennsylvania USA and they are spraying everyday and now even in the night hours…  I'm lost because other know, but they just don't want to speak about it; it's almost if they are trying not to see it, if they don't see it; it doesn't exist !! We are trying to vote for a President(s) Candidates that no one believes; neither has the integrity to be president, In fact I can't remember when there was a real candidate who really did what they promised they would do. Corporation now own everything. Every politician in our country. 

      I'm not sure how it works in Germany, but here in the USA, it doesn't look like a very bright future. It's like everyone is holding there breath. Holding their breath waiting for the next False Flag event, witch everyone is saying is going to be huge, and it will be blamed on a cyber attack by the Soviets witch is what I believe. I hope I'm and other are wrong too., but there are so many of these Democracy web site I don't know what to believe. I do know that if they can spray human kind with harmful chemicals then anything is possible. 

      Signing out from Pennsylvania usa, I hope your wife feels better, have her try chelator of some sort or another, something to flush the system of metals. You can mix these yourself. They remove heavy metals from the body. Easily looked up.


  25. If I want to speak to my local legislatures at city hall, how do I go about doing that? I have written my state representative but I would like to present my information in front of government officials.

    thank you

    • Mark Mariani says:

      I'm am at a breaking point!  Up here in Idaho we are perpetually being sprayed and we haven't seen a complete sunny day in over 4 weeks!!!   That's it, I'm done.  I'm engaged and now it's on!!  Signs, mobilization of the citizenry, going into the legislature, I'm getting involved!! 

      "All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".  –Edmund Burke

  26. Sally Oh says:

    I'd like to have my soil and water tested, I'm in KY. What kind of test am I looking for? Just want to test my soil/water for heavy metals? Or just metals? What kind of a lab do I look for? Is there a lab in the US that does this?

    Evidence will have an impact, I'd like to gather some.

    FWIW, when we moved out to our property 2 years ago and wanted to test our well water, there was no place to do that!!! This is out in the country in KY, everyone has a well! I have since found an online place that will do it. But locally? There is one lab at the local University that tests for ecoli and that's it.

    Thank you for all you do!

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Sally, precipitation testing is much more conclusive unless you have historical baseline tests for your soils. Check the “tests” link on the home page of

  27. Kat Lopez says:

    I hope I didn't miss it but in case I did, I was looking for information on the cost of your billboards. I remember seeing the "Your being sprayed like a bug" billboard and thought it was awesome. What is the cost for one of those?  I didn't see a 'contact us" link either. Can someone shed some light on this please?  I have an idea for a "go fund me page" to carry the cost of the billboard and I have several locations along highways in central Philadelphia that would be perfect. I'll continue to look for this information on your site. Thank you.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Kat, the cost of putting up a billboard completely depends on the individual location and the particular billboard company involved. Asking for the non-profit rates makes a big difference.

  28. JB says:

    Is it worthy to suggest we get blood tests for those particular heavy metals?  Create a site where we can show our city on a global map and what our results are, and see if there is any correlation to jetstreams and flight paths.  I don't know how to do this stuff but somebody could.  We might also find out who purchases these chemicals that show up in our blood tests and who make them and target them for answers.  I would love to know where to get water samples tested for them also.

    Justin in Toronto

  29. read more... says:

    What’s up, yup this post is really pleasant and I have learned lot of things from it regarding blogging.

  30. Art says:

    Have been researching a few years now and need some information on more detailed things we can do. I noticed around 10 years ago the build up of flights overhead and non commercial 'routes' in the sky. The commercial routes always have been localised to 3, to Liverpool, Manchester and Birmingham,  with traffic coming USA via Ireland/Irish Sea to inland UIK, a few return flights going in the opposite direction of course, too! Now within the last few years there is a massive amount of 'traffic' as evidenced in trails, and many, many of these seemingly off the commercial routes. Though there is a military airforce base a few miles away, none of these aircraft appear to come from this direction, also those will not account for the huge rise in commercial looking aircraft flying over large areas of the sky on the most oddest directions imaginable, heading towards where no airports exist at all, leaving huge criss cross trails that persist for hours, reflect 'rainbow' colours, (most dominant ones, pink/orange) and spreading the 'haze' and white skies over long periods and days. Another factor I noticed is the unbearable glare of the sun also within the haze, or even without, the days of 'yellow' sun and 'white' seems to have blurred in over a period of time. I remember once not too long distant it was possible to sit out, see blue skies, look at the sun, feel its warmth on my skin, over the years, more and more, it is not possible to do this, within minutes the sun is burning my skin, and the glare makes it impossible to look around much, never mind to be  able to look up for long periods at the planes incessantly flying over and in some cases the glare does give me headaches/migraines. I was hoping amongst the geowatch fraternity that there would be a series of videos/articles/discussions on a scientific approach to evaluate this phenomenon, and to collect data that can be assessed over time and put together on these sites to be able to make others aware of what's going on, similar to this link included here, though it's a out of date? Nasa based information site, I would like to know especially in the UK where people are interested, they could purchase any of these items and conduct daily tests and with some form of combined forum to post results up to compare? Any advice in this would be welcome as I am sure that with this approach, many, many more people will join the ranks and start to demand action from local roots, local government all the way to the top using your daily 'awareness' campaign alongside it. Many thanks in advance Art

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Art, unfortunately we do not have the manpower or resources to produce the king of tutorial videos you mentioned, we are just doing our best with what we have. We can use all the assistance we can get, thanks for help with sounding the alarm.

  31. sbo says:

    Thanks for your information

  32. Tara says:

    Swedish Official Admits Toxic Chemtrails Are Real & NOT Conspiracy

    Thursday 12 March 2015

    By David Icke     I thought this update about Chemtrails should be forwarded to as many people as possible!!……………Theresa, Toronto…


    ‘Those long, white streams of persistent, cloudy haze commonly blasted into blue skies by unmarked airplanes are not your typical contrails, says Swedish Green Party leader Pernilla Hagberg. As reported by the Swedish paper Katrineholms Kuriren, Hagberg, the first major political leader to come forward on the issue, has openly admitted that these unusual cloud trails, which fail to dissipate like normal contrails do, are actually a toxic mix of chemicals, viruses, and metals that she has collectively referred to as “Chemtrails.

    According to Hagberg, the sprayings are a joint endeavor by the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), as well as the Swedish government in her own country, to modify atmospheric conditions via deliberate aerosol spraying efforts. And included in this “dangerous” mix of aerosols are various chemical components, viruses and viral fragments, and metals such as aluminum and barium, which have already been shown to be accumulating in water supplies and soils around the world.’

  33. Dom says:


    My mum was frustrated by my not believing her on this subject; so she went to the trouble of having her rain water analyzed.

    I was surprised by the results especially the presence of Aluminium. (I'm English). 

    Aluminium is also a concern for us as we have a history of Alzheimer's in our family.

    I have these results printed out and thought there might be some data base I can offer them to: I imagine someone would have done this to build a picture.


    Skeptical D 🙂

  34. Susan says:

    Also, great letter llrpman, thats what Ive been looking for.

  35. Susan says:

    I am so thrilled to find this site. You all rock the world! I have bookmarked this site and will use it oh so profusely.

    Just want to let someone know I was online yesterday and happened to catch a very upset person in France who stated there was a dense cover over the valley she lived in and she was sure it was from planes spraying. She did not know what it was that was being sprayed, but that it continues to hang in the air. She was asking for help, not knowing what to do.

    So, its happening in far away hamlets as well local big and little cities, but we already know that…
    I have gained some great ideas from this site and will start instituting them asap.

    Thank you all so much…

  36. Gabriel J Perche says:

    Do you have a french version as i have friends in Switerland and France wo like to shere your content ?

  37. Lrrpman1967 says:

    Here is a letter I sent To Eric Holder regarding this illegal spraying. I sent a copy to Rubio attaching this letter and asking Senatot Rubioo to follow up with DOJ and let me know the results. My bet is this will not be answered but at least they know we are aweare of their crimes. Feel free to copy or use any part and I urge you to send similar letters to DOJ.

    To: Eric Holder Attorney General Of The United States Of America
    950 Pennsylvania Avenue
    Washington DC 20530-0001

    Fr: Mr. Michael C McCoy
    411 Walnut St. #3595
    Green Cove Springs FL 32043

    May 23, 2014


    Dear Attorney General Holder,

    It has come to my attention in recent weeks that the DOD and/or it’s agents or principals has been conducting atmospheric testing of chemical and/or biological agents. This testing has become commonly known as and referred to as Geoengeneering and/or chemtrails.

    Government agents have been carrying out these experiments for some time now. The aerosol spraying chemical or biological agents is ongoing over civilian populations across the USA daily.

    PUBLIC LAW 105-85-NOV. 18, 1997 expressly prohibits the DOD or its agents from testing these chemical/biological agents on human beings (50 USC 520a.) without first obtaining informed consent from each human subject in advance of such testing. ( SEE PUBLIC LAW 85-105, SEC 1078 (c))

    I have never been given any notice of these experiments nor have I ever given any consent to anyone approving of my participation or exposure to any experimental chemicals or biological agents whatsoever. It is my personal knowledge that no one I know has ever done so either. It is my belief that millions of American Citizens have been exposed to these agents without any prior knowledge or consent.

    Based on this knowledge and belief you have cause of action to indict the persons or persons engaged in this activity with 200 to 300 million counts of criminal violations of the above cited law.

    This is an urgent matter of public safety as citizens are being forced to breath these chemical/biological agents daily, doing so is and has been causing respiratory distress sickness and even death in the unsuspecting population. Injury and deaths caused by the persons carrying out these experiments are further indictable crimes and they should be prosecuted to the full extent allowed by law.

    As a citizen I demand your office immediately arrest indict and restrain the perpetrators from continuing this criminal activity.

    Thank you for your immediate attention to this matter.

    God Bless America,

    Michael C McCoy

  38. Here are 2 songs and videos I wrote about chemtrails: Aluminum Sky
    Dim The Sunset

  39. Les Greenfield says:

    We need the .pdf back up for the full color flyer. Link is 404. Need to get to printer ASAP.

  40. Bridget says:

    I was to join in the cause. I am looking for any local groups in my area but I am having a hard time. How can I go about seeing if there are any active groups going on in Tampa?

    • Tracy says:

      Bridget sa  are u in the tampa area,  I have only woke up a few months ago

      to whats going on, were in the brandon area what have u found out about groups in our neck of the woods in tampa bay?


  41. Lisa Zito says:

    Thank you for making me aware of this. A co-worker stumbled upon this from a news site, and someone had shared your link in the comments. WOW! I hate to believe this–but why is there always high pressure blocking much needed rain in CA? Why aren’t the skies as blue? Why are diseases increasing and wildlife dying?

    This is so scary!

    • simone says:

      It's Sept 2018 – the madness gets more and more obvious with every single day….  Look, our moronic population is still asleep, even while cannot breathe well the idiots are still very "busy" playing with their tech gadgets… 

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