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Geoengineering 10 points

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  1. ellen causey says:

    To Vicki…the chips are between the eyebrows or slightly over the beginning of the left eyebrow.As babies and considering paleness of skin, a small blue dot can be seen-placed shortly after birth(before mother’s first feeding/baby)Try using diatonic magnets to short circuit

  2. Freddie says:

    I suggest MoveOn.org. The benefit is quick petition signing that can be done on line.

  3. M Castro says:

    I want to be a plaintiff in your lawsuit ! I live in Texas

  4. Vicki McLeam says:

    The big thing you are missing in regards to HAARP is its’ mind control system and all the 100 or more patents linked to the system. All Americans as much as 99% have microchips in their frontal lobes that was put there illegally soon after birth that enables HAARP to control nearly all the bodily functions including the mind of an individual. This mind control system is what has stopped anyone from filing a suit against HAARP when millions of Americans are attacked each year just by its’ weather modification weapon alone. This is the only explanation as to why no one has brought a suit. I will on 3/14/2014 in Montgomery County Texas and in Federal court houston likely be the first to file directly against HAARP for every US Citizen. The Federal case will likely be dismissed like the others in New Orleans 11-193 McLean on 1/28/2011 and Houston federal civil rights violation 13-01759 June 17,2013.
    Do your research on Mind control. Very little can be find. No one has expose the location of the microchip in most Americans that only shows up with a MRI with dye which is never done for this reason.

    Best regards,
    Vicki McLean
    Women Helping Men Glorify God

  5. anonymous says:

    We don’t need this shir

  6. Kerry A. See says:

    Hi Dane.

    I heard you speak with George Noory a couple of weeks ago and was more frightened by what you had to say than I have been by any supernatural phenomena or et threat on previous shows!

    I had the fortunate experience of meeting George Noory a few days later in Edison, NJ. After a brief discussion, C2C listeners at the event and George Noory agreed we should take this one step further: go to our legislators and straight to the White House!

    That being said, can we translate your ten bullet points into petitions? Petitions can be modified based on state and local municipalities but the White House petition could be posted on various sites and spread on social media. You can have signed petitions in a matter of days! I don’t exactly know how to get all of that accomplished so I thought I would contact you first since you are the most knowledgeable.

    I look forward to speaking with you further.

    Yours truly,

    Kerry A. See

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