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This six minute video captures excellent film footage of jets spraying aerosols at altitude.Though there are some that claim the jets in this film are "just fuel dumps", how can they prove such a claim? Certainly aerosols of some sort are being intentionally sprayed in this video, should we all be relieved if we are breathing highly toxic jet fuel instead of toxic heavy metals? Are we to believe that all the grid patterns and horizon to horizon trails are just confused pilots dumping fuel out all over the planet while trying to find a safe place to land as some of the disinformation people claim? The images are recorded from within the actual aircraft that is doing the spraying. Our appreciation to those that have put this film footage out for the world to see. Soon enough the population at large will have no choice but to face the insanity that has taken place in our skies for so many decades, the decimation being caused is becoming too horrific to hide. Bringing the lethal spraying programs to light and to a halt is a responsibility that rests on us all. We all have much more power to affect this equation than we likely realize, we only need to exercise it.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Sarah says:

    I’ve seen them this past June/July as well in Vermont. For a few days there were actual grids sprayed in the morning, then the sky would turn into a white haze for the rest of the day. It seemed like it went on everyday for a few weeks. They have paused the spraying for the moment, and I actually can see all of the beautiful stars at night for the first time since moving here in May! I was in denial for awhile, because how can this happen in the Green Mtn region, the “pristine” Northern Kingdom? But now I know-the trees and plants do not appear healthy, and I’m having breathing difficulties I have never experienced before.

  2. nekroluma says:

    decay and hang time, secounds verses hours, also to spray fuel out of the plain while airborne would be outrageously stupid it could ignite from proximity to the red hot motor.

  3. Jeff says:

    I have several photos I’ve shot of chemtrails over my house in Vermont. Where can I post them?

  4. Evan says:

    Dane, thank you for this video. The disinfo trolls are all over this one claiming it’s just fuel dumping. My very trustworthy friend told me he personally inflight observed a commercial Boeing 717 spraying from the nozzle on the wing during mid flight. Eliminating the possibility of fuel dumping. For those that don’t know the 717 is a small aircraft and the engines are located at the back of the aircraft. i showed him this video to verify with him what he saw.

  5. PLANET MARS experienced a horrifying assault to it’s integrity and finally died! PLANET EARTH is now set to experience the same fate, by the same executioners. Listen to my expose’ to get a better feel of what really goes on behind our backs! Watch paradisebuilders7 on You Tube.

  6. Autumn Card says:

    Chemtrails environmental modification chemtrail spraying …
    HAARP, Chemtrails, and New War Technologies … So there are plenty of ingenious minds out there that are at work finding ways in which they can wreak terror .

  7. Gay Baxter says:

    This is the most stupid thing any elite shadow govt body or group could be doing. Our world is in crisis and they’re poisoning and killing, controlling and corralling. They have placed themselves out of reach and are using every trick they can to dupe the general population. The problem for them is that we are no longer duped. How do we wake those who are under the thumb? Those being paid to do this are definitely controlled.. and probably in fear for the well being of their families. This is also a great problem. These people need our support..

  8. Rick Wheeler says:

    I binged Jet Plane Emergency Fuel dump Procedures and saw the same thing with passengers looking out. How sure are you that this is different? Looked EXACTLY the same.

  9. G . Williamson says:

    Good to see that someone had guts to film this from the plane , must be that the person had a conscious & knew what they where doing was very wrong , destroying the planet

  10. D W Patchett says:

    PS The photos I have were taken around Sussex UK.

  11. D W Patchett says:

    Been taking pictures and showing them to people around my area. nobody has denied what i have pointed out but get too many shrugged shoulders, and ”what can we do”.
    Will be sending video and photos to local doctors soon…See if they respond EVERY VOICE QUESTIONING THIS WILL COUNT. EVERYBODY MUST POINT OUT THIS ABSOLUTE VIOLATION ON US AND OUR WORLD TO OTHERS..Demanding this to stop and hold these tyrants accountable.

  12. S Nelson says:

    Watched this taking place overhead just a few days ago – still people refuse to understand whats going on in the sky’s above them.

  13. David Pemberton says:

    keep up the good work.

  14. audrey watko says:

    Thank You… I Take Photos here in AZ of this horror… and post on FB … It seems to be getting worse and has to stop.

  15. Have been informing. It’s very slow here in Kelowna, BC. Was looking forward to another march after the Monsanto one, cause as far as I’m concerned they are all connected. We, so far anyways we won’t be having a march against chemtrailing, because there are not enough aware. I’ve told my neighbors, didn’t get much reaction.

  16. Truthbetold says:

    It must be the fluoride in water and other things that is dumbing down the world’s inhabitants esp of America. Blindness is a chronic status and is difficult to overcome. Right now I am looking up at a Texaa sky over padre island and the sky is crisscrossed with Chem trail clouds. These clouds will end up in land over Texas and other coastal states and up the eastern sea board.

  17. David S.Martin says:

    Very good video

  18. Dan Sampson says:

    Great video. Just what I was looking for!

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