Another Climate Engineering Coverup Person Is Exposed


by Source: Planet Infowars

Mike Rivero Denies GeoEngineering Again As Last Nails Pounded Into RBN’s Coffin

Republic Broadcasting is in desperate shape. They have recently suffered a cyber attack that took down their site and their ability to broadcast radio shows. As a direct result of this RBN (Republic Broadcasting Network) is desperately reaching out for funds to pay for reparations and to help them get back on track fiscally. The word is they need $20,000 now or else they will cease to exist.

At the exact same time Mike Rivero of the popular radio show and web site What Really Happened, a host on the RBN network, is still, for reasons unknown, promoting the notion that GeoEngineering is a myth and anyone who believes in it is a sucker.

At a time when true leadership is negligently quantifiable it is imperative that everyone, regardless of ego and personal beliefs, recognize the hardcore reality of the situation we are all facing.

I listen to everyone. Let’s be clear about that. When I say everyone you must understand that I sincerely mean exactly that. You might ask well how do you do that? It would take unbelievable amounts of time and effort. Yes it does take some time and yes it does take some effort but I manage to listen to the broadcasts of about 30 radio show hosts a day with the use of some helpful software tools. I also read a ton of material daily but once again I rely largely on online software tools that I have developed.

So why is this important? Why should you care? For me at least I need to be as close to the truth as possible at all times, on all levels, forsaking the possibility that my preconceived memory implants might be fiction and that I need to follow the evidence wherever it takes me. I listen to the Alex Jones Show because, despite heavy personal consequences, Alex brings us all as close to the truth as he possibly can without ultimately endangering his entire operation, friends and family. Alex discusses GeoEngineering regularly and admits his location is often heavily sprayed.

I will tune into and listen to shows (and support their sponsors) that give me what I need to stay on top of the information war we are all fighting. If your show falls short and considers certain topics taboo and the work of so called conspiracy theorists out of bounds and not worthy of discussion then I am not only not going to listen to your shows I surely won’t support your sponsors.

I could bail out RBN with one click of the mouse but due to a radio broadcast I heard today (4/1/2014) I have been given one more reason to not support RBN because they really don’t support the level of truth and reality that I need to consider such an idea. Mike Rivero, responding to a caller, actually stated that chemtrails were “caused by climate change” and that cooler weather “produced more clouds”.

I am sorry to the folks at RBN. I listened and made silent contributions over the years but Rivero’s denial and out right disgust and disdain he shows for people that clearly know more than he does is enough for me to bid you all farewell. We are still living in a country where capitalism basically rules and the best product wins out. Until all patriot radio shows talk about and regularly discuss the hardest of issues you can count me out. We are facing a very desperate situation and half measures will no longer suffice.

GeoEngineering is real y’all. I am out of doors almost the entire day, every day. There is a fleet of jets that comes here starting first thing every morning. They greet the sun with a massive chem cloud as the sun rises. They follow the sun as it works it’s way across our sky, spraying over it and in front of it’s path, until around noon. They leave only to return around 4:00 pm and heavily attack the sun as it sets in the west. This is during good days when there is some sun to be had. Otherwise they are spraying almost constantly over any weather system that may be entering the area. They spray well before the weather systems and the spray directly over the weather systems and they spray as the weather system is leaving the area. Unbelievable amounts of toxic heavy metals are falling on us all day every day.

I bring the topic of weather modification and GeoEngineering up regularly. If we can’t stop this genocidal program our children literally have no future.

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  2. Diane Ridaeus says:

    Just a note of support for Dane’s work and all the awake and aware who can still function and understand enough to see the crux of the problem(s) facing us all. Each individual is unique and valuable and when they come together, individuals make a force that can’t be stopped.

  3. AZgirl7 says:

    Yeah…..I heard him say one day they were thinking about moving back to the mainland. Maybe then he will concede to reality.

  4. Peter T says:

    I think you may underestimate the value of David Icke? Your knee-jerk reaction to the reptilian hypothesis does you disservice. If there is an author/researcher who better describes the Elite, their history, MO, tactics, nature, and WHO they are, please tell me who it is. Highly doubtful that his stunningly detailed historical accounts are fabricated, and that’s his strong point, whether the reptilian hypothesis is true or not. I remain open-mindedly circumspect about it, until it is proven or disproven (if that’s possible), but I don’t reject everything he says because of it – even though I don’t agree with everything. Most of it, I do, however. My gut tells me he is sincere. He doesn’t get involved in power trips or the infighting. He just puts out what he sees and doesn’t even care who believes it. And he’s the only one I’ve seen who’s delved deeply into the Elite’s secret-society network.

    Also, he adds the spiritual dimension (not religious) making him unique among conspiracy researchers. And, by the way, did you know that the reptilian hypothesis is corroborated by indigenous tradition-keepers? The important thing, however, is Elite behavior, intent, etc, which Icke seems to be describing and even predicting with a high degree of accuracy. But what he says they ARE does explain much – even more than merely writing them off as psychopaths.

    However, I do agree with the principle that the Elite create opposition in order to control its direction and intensity. I think the trick with all of this is that the dedicated seeker will eventually learn to take what seems valid to his experience from here and there and put the pieces of a puzzle together. For example, even if Rivero is a gatekeeper or whatever, his “All Wars Are Bankers’ Wars” is a nice job making an important and valid point, even with a few glitches. And if the banksters do not constitute THE major Elite force for enslavement, control and chaos on the planet, as Icke describes so well, I’d like to know who it is.

    You speak of the “patriot movement.” First of all, a “patriot” is one who has bought into the Elite’s divide and conquer tactic. And as Icke quite clearly outlines, America was, and is, an Elite operation, ‘government,’ per se, being an anti-tribal Elite construct for mass herding, division, and control. As he points out, the Revolution was the Elite’s mechanism of converting the new political entity from overt aristocratic control to covert aristocratic control (we’re now moving back in the other direction). But anyone who operates on the idea of “restoring” or “taking America back,” etc is twice duped. America has never existed, except on paper, and even that’s flawed. What happened was that truly free societies were violently displaced to create the illusion of freedom, a system of economic slavery sold with a package of masterful propaganda.

    One wonders, what/who “woke you up” 5 years ago? 🙂 BTW, did you know that Orwell was an insider who was privy to the plan?

  5. Smedley Butler Jr. says:

    I think that is one very possible scenario. The power elite continue to promote the AGW myth (despite the fact that the Earth has not been warming for 20 years, which even IPCC whore Phil Jones admitted in one of the Climategate emails).

    Can you imagine the fear that would be generated world-wide if governments came out with the “revelation” that AGW is worse than they’ve let on, and that the only way to protect us from global disaster is to spray our skies with chemicals? They would be able to ream us of evermore money via carbon taxes and austerity measures, gain evermore control of our lives and continue to spray the planet, quite possibly CAUSING environmental disasters and destructive weather that they claim they are trying to ameliorate.

    As for why the power elite allow global chemtrail spraying, despite the fact that they are breathing this crap in as well as the rest of us, there are a few possibilities:

    1) The global elite may have some kind of medication or supplement that protects them from any long-term effects. Recall how White House staffers were given Cipro six weeks before the arrival of the first Anthrax letter. Recall also when there was that H1N1 scare in 2009, elite members of the German government and military were given vaccines without adjuvants, while the commoners got the regular adjuvant-laden vaccine.

    2) The power elite may believe that they and their families breathing this garbage is a necessary sacrifice for the greater work, which is to bring the commoners of the world to their knees via starvation, economic sabotage, environmental catastrophes, disease and warfare.

    3) The elite at the top of the food chain are sociopaths. Some psychologists say that 1 out of every 100 people are sociopaths. If that is true, there are around 70 million people walking the planet that have no conscience. This government alone (which is a part of the international mafia that they themselves have referred to as “The New World Order”) has detonated around 1,000 nuclear bombs. The power elite are criminally insane and may not care one way or the other if they see chemtrailling the planet as a means to further their goal of a dictatorial one-world government).

    4) My best friend believes that these idiots have damaged our Ozone layer with all of the industrial pollution combined with all of the nukes that we’ve detonated. He thinks that chemtrails may be the international mafia’s attempt to patch things up, so to speak, so that we all don’t get fried by UV rays.

    I live in Buffalo, and they spray here almost every day. My best friend and I have watched unmarked jets repeatedly fly from one end of the sky to the other and then reverse their pattern, leaving chemtrails in their wake until what was a clear sky becomes completely blanketed with those horrid pseudo-cloud formations. We are ruled by madmen and women – no less.

  6. Smedley Butler Jr. says:

    I agree re: Jones. I believe that he is controlled-opposition, giving mostly true info and then pissing on it with his behaviors:

    1) Although Jones states that he is not a racist and doesn’t single out any one ethnic or religious group as being the head of, or solely responsible for the NWO, he allows neo-Nazis free reign on the news article comment boards on his websites. Most newbies that read the many racist posts will NEVER come back to his websites. They will conclude that, just as the msm told them, conspiracy theorists are neo-Nazi white trash, maybe even domestic terrorists.

    2) Jones is often rude to callers who disagree with him and constantly interrupts callers and guests alike.

    3)Jones has done some truly bizarre things such as his Y2K rants, his despicable behavior towards Michelle Malkin at some rally, the time he tried to take over an Austin gun rally a few years back, his insane behavior on Piers Morgan a year ago and his insane behavior when interviewing David De Rothshild a few years back.

    4) Jones appears on TV and the msm pretty regularly. He guests on the disgusting propaganda TV show, “America’s Book of Secrets” (along with Webster Tarpley, Man Cow, Mike Rivero, Mark Dice and Greg Palast). Sometimes he seems almost normal, other times not so much.

    I’m sorry, if Jones, as well as the others I mentioned, were a real threat to the power elite, I very much doubt that they would be allowed on the msm, or allowed to live, for that matter. I’m beginning to think that the only guy in the whole patriot movement that was on the level was Bill Cooper (despite his being a hothead) and they offed him over a decade ago.

    Why would the NWO purposely create all, or at least most, of the leaders of the 9/11 Truth/anti-NWO movement? Well, for starters, by supplying the media with people ranging from Alex Jones to David Icke to Jordan Maxwell to George Noory, the NWO can create associations in the minds of the sheeple between those who rightfully question the motives of Big Brother with believers in reptoids and chupacabra and with domestic terrorist/Nazis.

    Also, people like Jones might be omitting valuable bits of information, might be twisting other things – it’s often-times difficult to sift through the constant barrage of insane news and news analyses. Then there’s the constant infighting which confuses and disheartens the awakened and turns off the unawakened.

    It’s all very depressing. I check out Infowars occasionally for the news, but I always feel guilty and dirty afterwards, as I am convinced Jones is controlled-opposition. It is a sad day when the most accurate news comes from the enemy. Like Lenin said, “The best way to control the opposition is to lead it ourselves.” Until 5 years ago when I woke up to the reality of the New World Order, I never would’ve imagined that I live in a soft dictatorship. “1984” is here.

  7. md444444444 says:

    Alex Jones’ family members are CIA. Many now believe that his telling the truth, then adding utter craziness, is meant to tear down the opposition by leading it; i.e., that Alex is a CIA operative.

  8. JT says:

    Oh, and btw, it was otherwise a clear day as they started. 95 degrees with 4 % humidity and they all were laying the trails low in the sky. Very thick. Around 4 pm, I thought I would look at some of the radar images just to see and all the weather/news one showed clear skys for hundreds of miles but the noaa rader showed the whole city covered. I took many pictures that day, just incredible.

  9. JT says:

    I see the very same patterns here in az. This Sunday, right before a cold front, it was THE WORST I have every seen. The word heavy would be an understatement. There were at least 8 to 10 planes in the air at any giving time, side be side, north to south, east to west, you name it. We actually saw an unmarked, passenger size plane take off from the air base! All the planes in the sky over our neighborhood and were there are no normal flight paths no were near here because of the base. I am truly afraid for my family seeing this day after day.

  10. Julie on Oahu says:

    Clouds are much closer to the ground and thick haze down to ground level even while winds blowing strong with gusts, still this haze unaffected. What is this? My home sits
    On Mtn away from Town so I see all of Honolulu from a far and its just socked in with this white haze.

    Dane how do they control our trade winds?

  11. david gwilym says:

    The problem with Rivero is his arrogance, he cannot admit his mistake, he has not got the balls to admit he didn’t know it was happening and has stuck to his story for years..

  12. david gwilym says:

    Hi sunny, I’m in Cardiff and same patterns here, starts at 8am and goes on till midday.

  13. Anthony says:

    Mike Rivero is actually “Jim Garrow” the shill “releasing” info on the dhs, fema, etc . What did it for me Years ago about Mike Rivero,aka Jim Garrow, is that he is an EX NASA SCIENTIST !!!!!!!!!!!!! And he claims chemtrails ormaerosols,are not happening ? He must be the stupidest man alive. Anyhow, I say Hange every one of them. An eye for an eye.

  14. sunny says:

    Happy to have found you. I see the chem trails most mornings, when the sky is clear, over East London, UK. It makes no sense why one or some plane/s make the trails and many others flying at what appears to be the same or a similar height do not. Adding to that, why on earth would the trails go in so many directions if it was a commercial carrier? Hardly anyone I know acknowledges this.

    I’m interested to know of any London based organisations covering this agenda.

  15. Fred says:

    Republic Broadcasting just posted an article titled “Chemtrails: An integral part of the great starvation.” They also included a link to the film “What in the world are they spraying?”

    To read the article go here.

    Republic Broadcasting is still one of my daily haunts and I like most of what Mike has to say. Hope he will take the time to watch the film.

  16. “We are still living in a country where capitalism basically rules and the best product wins out.”

    It’s Corporatism folks. It’s Corporatism. Get a clue.

    Corporatism is the archenemy of all individual worth. Corporatism enslaves and subverts human morality. Corporatism subverts individual sovereignty. Corporatism is nothing more than legalized economic savagery. It’s the corporate system that demands the price of your soul. Get rid of it.

    Get rid of the bastards who control the corporations. Get rid of any illusions that this system is anything but soul slavery. Fire all corporate administrative staff. Drag them out of their offices, and fire them. Dump your investment portfolios. Buy silver or gold. Get the corporate monkey off your backs. There is no other way. The entire corporate system needs to be dismantled. Get a clue.

  17. phil says:

    Many Hawaiians are feeling poorly from Fukushima radiated air and water, and DU from military shooting range. It will get worse near term, much worse, like evacuation worse.

    Mike must see the coming disaster better than most.

  18. Seth says:

    they just expect us to be the good little Jim Jones followers and just shut up and drink the Kool Aid

  19. Seth says:

    I also am very atune to the chemtrail issue and I am quite sure that when they do admit they have been spraying,,,they will say it was to stop the suns harmful rays from warming the planet,,,which is complete bull…because I have photos of them doing it when the moon and stars are out,,you don’t get global warming from moon rays,,,its all to reduce the world population by ruining our health and eco systems …I don’t fully understand how polititians and even global elites are allowing this,,,their families are breathing this crap also!!!

  20. Help says:

    1=1;DROP Table news#

  21. tim reeder says:

    Thanks for the article! Michael Rivero took down anything I posted related to geoengineering. I’m sorry I ever contributed to What Really Happened! He’s good on a lot of things like 9/11 truth, federal reserve evils, false flags; but I don’t get his blatant denial of what EVERYONE can see in the sky.
    I asked him about chemtrails and he emailed back: “I’ve seen nothing but normal jet contrails…”
    I want 100% truth. Anything less is just a frackin waste of time!

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