California Will Burn This Summer — NWO Arsonists Prepped For Massive Attacks



The stage is set. The conditions are perfect. The New World Order is prepared to use fire as a primary method of control to rid the state of California of its human inhabitants and to destroy what remains of California’s ability to provide food for itself and the rest of the country.

It has been very well documented that the current drought plaguing California has been engineered by spraying hundreds of tons of nano aluminum in the atmosphere coupled with the use of atmospheric ionic heaters also known as HAARP to create high pressure zones over the state while migrating the moisture that would normally fall on the state to other areas of the country east of California.

Is it just a coincidence that these programs are being deployed in an effort to deprive California of water while at the same time Agenda 21 states that it’s goal is to re-wild America? Is it also coincidence that our government uses weather as a weapon of war to drought out countries that don’t comply and use the U.S. dollar as it’s primary currency when purchasing oil? What is one of the first methods our government uses to soften up a country before a planned invasion is to take place? They attack the offending nations food and water supply.

The United States is under attack. Not by a shadowy group that we can never quite identify that is seemingly unbeatable but rather by a group of multinational corporations and banks that have publicly declared war on freedom and our way of life. When you look at the totality of what is happening to us it becomes clear that we are not dealing with raging incompetence but rather a very well orchestrated effort to undermine our Constitution and bring America to it’s knees. Let’s look at the various methods used to subjugate and domesticate our population rendering us incapable of living independently by producing our own food and electricity.

1. Our Education system is under attack. Through the implementation of common core it becomes obvious that there is a deliberate effort to control what our kids are taught completely gutting our classical form of education. It should be clear that there is a deliberate dumbing down of America.

2. Our Environment is under attack. By spraying America with hundreds of tons of nano aluminum and barium and by introducing toxic fluoride into our public water supply our ability to think clearly, to reproduce and to grow our own food is greatly impaired.

3. Our Medical system is under attack. The passage of the affordable care act (obamacare) is literally destroying the quality of care in the U.S. by forcing doctors to follow government directives when rendering medical assistance to their patients rather than relying on their instincts and training to care for their customers.

4. Our Financial system is under attack. In 2008 when the housing bubble collapsed and our financial system failed our corrupt congress, despite receiving 99-1 calls against, bailed out the banks to the tune of TRILLIONS of our dollars and allowed companies that should have failed to continue to operate against all the rules of a competitive capitalist system. Our economy is a hoax controlled and manipulated by the big banks.

5. Our Justice system is under attack. Do you think it’s just a coincidence that only the little people ever get in trouble and go to jail? Don’t you find it odd that not ONE person was fired or even arrested as a result of the 9/11 attacks? Don’t you think it’s just a little strange that not ONE person was arrested and convicted for what happened in 2008? The federal government has a 98% conviction rate when they decide to single you out and prosecute you. Does that sound like justice to you?

6. Our Species is under attack. Just about everything our government promotes is designed to render us infertile and is designed to shorten our lives. This is called the soft kill method of population control. Have you noticed that fertility centers are popping up all over the place and everyone has cancer?

  • GMO foods cause cancer and infertility.
  • Vaccines cause cancer and infertility.
  • Fluoride causes cancer and infertility.
  • Prescription drugs cause cancer and infertility.
  • Depleted uranium causes cancer and infertility.So what does California have to do with all of this? For the casual observer you might not notice but for someone who follows the trends and studies the plans of the group running the show it becomes blatantly obvious that there is a vast, evil agenda in various forms of implementation being forced on all of us. It boils down to this. This group wants to reduce the worlds population down to around 500,000,000 (five hundred million people) and replace all of us with robots. Humans have outlived their usefulness and these anti human criminals want to merge with machines and in their words “become gods.”

California is ground zero. The primary beta testing area for all of these programs. While over run with illegal aliens and taxed to the max California bans homeschooling for it’s citizens. While being inundated with radiation from Fukushima and cutting off water to the central valley destroying hundreds of producing farms California says they can vaccinate your kids at school without your knowledge or consent. While gang crime is exploding statewide California is disarming it’s citizens leaving them defenseless against criminal thugs.

Yeah, we’re under attack all right and California is the epicenter of this anti American agenda. Paid government agents along with phsycho anti human obama zombies will start fires this year and their goal is to drive you off the land and into small compact smart cities where you have no privacy and are tightly controlled just like the movie The Island.

Why else would these crazy maniacs be spraying your state with a highly incendiary substance like aluminum? It’s perfect for creating hotter fires that burn out of control for much longer. Do you get it now?

Source: Planet InfoWars

22 Responses to California Will Burn This Summer — NWO Arsonists Prepped For Massive Attacks

  1. Dagaan says:

    I appreciate all these intelligent and aware comments but what's the point of posting them here? Post them on military websites and Forest Service and BLM web sites. We should communicate with each other and use the net to educate people in positions of power – like the military. How can we sue the military bases command for not protecting Americans being poisoned with weapons of mass destruction? Can we educate the National GUard that their children are being allowed to be poisoned by their own military? As long as all of this remains a vague reach for 'consensus' we are giving them all the time in the world to take things to the point of no return. We need to unite and choose a focus. I looked up the state dot org site in my state and I'm writing to all the relevant groups; forestry, environmental, environmental protection etc. If individuals in positions of power in government ignore relevant information about super forest fires, they can be criminally indicted for irresponsibility and negligence. Tell them so. 

  2. Erica says:

    Why are California people so dumb. DO they want the rest of California to starve and dehidrate. People start saving water.

  3. Southernbelle says:

    Some days I feel like screaming when I see the sky. On July 4th, 2014 our sky was dark blue in Western NC. Then the spraying started as i was working in my garden. I happened to look up and there they were. My throat started getting scratchy. An hour later the trails were already spreading out and falling and I had to go inside. July 4th is a day that millions of folks are enjoying the outdoors and I couldn’t believe those pilots were spraying even that day!.. sometimes you can hear the planes but can’t see them. They completely covered upstate SC and Western NC on 7-4. They are spraying more now and we havent had the Spring rain we normally get. Everyone grows large gardens here and I noticed some of my plants have yellowed out since they sprayed. God help us if we can’t grow our own food!

  4. vickey says:

    Some years ago, while traveling over a mountain pass in Oregon, I was the first car in line stopped for construction. The flagman came over so I expressed my sadness over the recent devastating forest fire. He told me that two women hikers had seen a black helicopter pass low over their heads then minutes later, the fire broke out. They reported their sighting to officials then silenced by the FBI. No doubt a sinister force is at work. A force who has taken our hard earned taxpayer dollars to use against us.

  5. AZgirl7 says:

    Not to mention the gigantic ball of snot in the gulf consisting of Corexit and oil!

  6. Lorraine Magarian says:

    Exactly right! Thank you for the reminder!

  7. NotDebbieDowner says:

    Great share. So so sad. I’m in Cali but have family in Ft Myers. They still fish so not sure how awake anyone is. It feels like I’m always sharing doom and gloom but this is a matter of life & death. My livelihood was also affected by the gmo food I couldn’t sell & the environments negative effect on my health. Few want to look up or know what they’re eating. California is a mess & I’m tired of crying for these atrocities forced upon us. I have no choice but to keep waking everyone up. It’s an unhealthy obsession! Keep fighting & protect your immune system!

  8. teresa says:

    Not to mention all the leftover BP oil and Corexit, and don1t forget that the Gulf has several hydroacoustic Tesla Tech arrays……

  9. md444444444 says:

    It’s too terrifying for them to know what’s happening, so they block out all of the evidence.

  10. Hawkeye says:

    Awesome post skintus maximus!! Good to see the true Brit spine still exists!! That is sooo refreshing. Seems by what you said we have identical forms of governing going on yet we do not have the same paperwork?? Hmmm, LOL….. well don’t vacation in FL sorry to say, but it is getting ugly here too. We NEVER have our label of a “sunshine state” anymore, NO SUN. Chem trails all over the place, big ugly chem cloud umbrella like formations OR constant white and purple haze blocking the sun. I wake up, see the trails already in progress at 7 a.m., then I look to the east sun rise and see the big haze rising with and in front of that sun rise to block it. Then I cry. Then I pray. To look at our SWFL beach’s makes you cringe they are getting so dirty and ugly. Last week we had dolphins washing up on Ft Myers Beach dead, this week we got a warning from the state health dept. to not swim in the Gulf because people are coming out of the water and getting lesions all over their skin. That is a chem reaction and they say it is some virus. It is only going to get worse because NO one will address this down here. It is sickening and heartbreaking to watch it all disappear as it is. So I am telling, loudly, because after numerous attempts to report and complain and question what is in our skies etc., and getting so many dismissals I decided the only way to wake up this idiotic mind set of dismissal and denial is to hit them in the pocketbooks because money is the only thing they respond to. So help is needed please! Help me spread the bad news about FL, kill their economy, so many who come here are from the UK, maybe you can help me?? I am a Realtor and un-able to sell chem skies in paradise now. Can’t do it. In April I was still trying and while out showing properties with “amazing views” my clients witnessed the planes making trails in these amazing bay views and were so disappointed, disgusted and frightened by it that they left and refuse to purchase now. That lost me about 10K. How could I possibly “sell” this or talk anyone out of what they see? Impossible to do and wrong as well, so looks like I am officially out of biz now so nothing to loose anymore, everything is already lost including paradise. When I reported it to our county official with 101 photo’s of proof I was told I would receive a call back but that was in April and to date no call back, BUT I did read they approved millions of our tax dollars to refurbish the beach’s instead of addressing the issue’s I reported. LOL, can you believe it!? They think a re-nourished sand bar will keep people from noticing the chem clouds, the trails,the dead dolphins, the don’t swim warnings????? I think they have all gone mad. I think it might be helpful to make them feel stupid so find ways to do this. If mr. politician is going to the beach to go swimming say: eew, I’m not going in that water with all these dam chem trails falling in it. Or when your friend catches a fish and brags, say – eeewww, I wouldn’t eat that fish with all these chems in the water and health warnings going on. Make them feel stupid for ignoring it! Thanks.

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    We must gather our forces and make a plan for a worldwide coordinated hit on all of the Globalist Pigs!!! The only way to stop the spraying is to eliminate the threat. The time has come to act!!!

  12. Cassandra Anderson says:

    I could see this coming ten years ago. All the stream and river beds dried up…..wildfires everywhere with no knowledge of how they were started, all the parched land that didn’t used to be….it has been a long time coming but it is coming, make no mistake about that.

  13. Steve says:

    Amen to your comment, Joe! Divine intervention is
    looking more and more like the only thing that is capable of stopping the many-layered insanity being inflicted on this world. See Revelation, chapter 11,
    verse 18. Come on down!

  14. rick c says:

    I was relieved to finally read what I myself have been saying for years , They are modifying the weather to force people into the Mega-regions ! Burn them out , Tornado them , and freeze / flood them into submission .
    All humans to live in eleven Mega-regions in North America. That’s why the BLM is armed to the hilt. We will comply to the United Nations or our Goose is cooked and they are fast-paced now ! I don’t know why people just can’t see what’s been happening ?

  15. T H says:

    It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible. George Washington

  16. Libuse Leman says:

    It is so sad and so hard to understand that we do nothing to prevent this horrible crime against nature and all life. I wish we had some brave people. We know what is coming and we do not want it, we do not like it so what let it come? It is killing me already, just to watch it what is happening. Police brutality, police with military equipment, poisoned food and water, dying trees, Fukushima leaking radiation poisoning as far as California and ocean and nobody stops the leak!? Man made earthquakes and tsunamis, tornadoes and so on and so on. Attack on farmers and organic stores. Evil is protected and good is punished hard! Can not we really find the way to make things right again !? All of us and nobody has any ideas what to do, how to save us all?!

  17. francis m reps says:

    The so called ” Normalcy Bias ” is alive and well here in the USA. Not one nation in the world is challenging the consistent aerosols being sprayed on their lands either. This “Bias” is worldwide. The real tragedy is the fact that the perpetrators of these activities will also reap the whirlwind. We may pray to God that some humanity will remain after this tragedy. Our young will bear the brunt of this unfolding hell…..Be as kind and loving of the children and young adults as possible. Pray that a “remnant “of real human beings , against big odds; set things straight. Grasp the FACT that PURE EVIL does exist, and don’t succumb by denying the reality of what is happening. Those aircraft are real…..That spray is poisonous…..our planet is being destroyed by Satanic forces.

  18. Andrea says:

    No chemtrails for one month in Lake County CA, then the day it is supposed to rain, we get bombarded with chemtrails for 2 days, afterwards nothing anymore. Why mess with clouds and cooler weather, as well as wind all could bring us rain, chance of rains goes to 0 with chemtrails. Very obvious what their agenda was! Monsanto & Co. If they were sincere about Global warming they would have sprayed when it was 100 degrees. Why spray when it is cooler and dry out clouds that could bring rain? Very obvious, SHAME on them!!!WE need to PRAY, the Indians were able to bring rain, so are we, don’t let them win, let’s pray that they will stop the insanity and they won’t be successful to create fire, drought whatever and the truth will become so obvious that they will be forced to STOP!

  19. skintus maximus says:

    For the deniers the exact same policies are being carried out in the UK.

    Our education system is being virtually given away to private companies, who will no doubt have a great deal of input into what is taught.

    Chemtrails are very common in all parts of the UK.

    Our health system, once the envy of the world, is being privatised a piece at a time.

    Against the wishes of the people our banks were bailed out, our entire financial system is a complete sham, based on belief and held up by lies. Is US inflation very low? Our inflation is apparently falling and yet the price of everything, especially food and fuel is soaring.

    Legal aid for people who cannot afford to defend themselves has been all but withdrawn, fines for petty offences have been increased 4 fold, and new ‘offences’ are being created at an alarming pace. Our Police are becoming ever more brutal and robotic.

    We are now being told that we must embrace GMO, by a Prime Minister who with almost his next breath banned all GMO from the restaurants in Parliament.

    I could go on and on, every policy of the US government is matched by a policy of our government just tailored to suit our nation. Much like our Landrover and your Humvee. The ONLY place we differ is gun control, our guns were taken in the 1990’s following a school yard shooting…..

  20. Mikeee says:

    It may already be to late. Americans are conditioned to believe the government
    are always good guys. Most government workers think this because that is their meal ticket. Others have been trained not to ever have an original
    thought. People because of fear will cling to the words of stupid easily seen through debunking sites paid for by th madmen and staffed with dupes and phony scientists.
    So many easily put off this will continue until the world is destroyed by idiots that want it all.
    Wake up I cry but the only ears that will fall on are the few that read these sites and they already know the truth. The everyday stiff could care less.

  21. alumlung says:

    I watched the same exact thing happen in the fall, winter, and spring of 2005-6, then again the next year. They sprayed very heavy from late Oct. to early May. Both those summers (2007-8)we had over 60 wildfires. Almost all of them suspicious in nature as to how they were started.
    You might remember those fires. They were all in San Diego, Big Bear, etc. Arnold Schwartznagger even declared a state of emergency. It was covered nationally. They evacuated at least a dozen areas. Qualcomm Stadium was used as a shelter.
    Remember back then, it was Paul Moyers, a longtime news anchor in Los Angeles, who did a 2 part series on chemtrails called “Toxic Skies”. It’s been featured in a number of geoengineering documentaries. It was basically a hit piece, but they did interview Rosalind Peterson and a local Big Bear pharmacist, who acknowledged he’d never seen so many people in his 30 years of practice have so many respiratory issues that year. The NBC news report was spurred on by the fact that a local Lake Arrowhead/Big Bear newspaper, ‘The Alpenhorn News’ did a story on the fact that so many trees were dying and there were a huge amount of people having respiratory problems and raised the question if it could be caused by all the spraying theyd experienced that year. This area is the mountains 2 hours outside of Los Angeles that is known for it’s ski resorts. Ironically, there were huge fires the following 2 years which burned down dozens of homes and cabins. Veteran fireman were quoted as saying they’d never seen fires so strong.
    The strange thing was of that season, even though they covered the fires extensively, they never followed up on the fact that most of them were arson. A few of the fires had witnesses that saw white vans near where the fires started. Usually in fields near freeway offramps in desolate areas of Southern Cal. They mentioned this once, and never again, despite the fact they were over 50 fires in just 2 months. So I’d definitely agree with this article. I predicted the same thing 7 mos ago in Dec. when I saw how badly they were spraying in the Northern San Diego area. Sure enough, last month we had 5 fires break out within 5 miles of where I was noticing this blanket spraying. Fallbrook, Carlsbad, San Marcos, etc.

  22. Joe says:

    Pray to whoever you call God to end this madness.

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