Caught In The Act

This short video (43 seconds) is yet one more great tool which proves what we are seeing in our skies is absolutely aircraft spraying, and absolutely not “condensation trails”. Those that refuse to believe what they see with their own eyes will not believe any level of proof you show them, time to move on in such a case.

Dane Wigington

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  1. PAUL EILERT says:

    I live in San Diego also , you are not alone Angelsong. I do believe more people are becoming aware . Hang in there .

  2. angelsong says:

    Hey Julie. I feel your pain. I live in San Diego. And my family for the most part thinks I am just out of my mind, or gullible. It is hard when you can’t share this most serious of issues with your spouse. So you walk around and pretend like everything is OK. I am worried for my kids too. I got brave and put this site on a neighborhood blog site, and I got flagged by somebody with the thought police. My post ended up staying up because I did not break any rules. But its so hard. People just don’t want to hear it. Scary. God Bless

  3. Deb Daniels says:

    I have lots of photos of the spraying in Alaska. If you email me I can email them. For some reason the pics won’t paste into this email on the site here. Just a couple good ones FYI , k, thanks for doing what you’re doing. God bless.

  4. Jeremy says:

    I hope that Iceland volcano pops and grounds all the planes again, be a breath of fresh air

  5. Carol says:

    The lemmings will always willfully drop off the cliff. Some people will never have the courage to face things. Prepare to be laughed at by the majority. You will only be listened by those who are confirmed.

  6. Jon Linnäs says:

    I live in south of Norway, there are Some periods with spraying here also. I think its globaly at times=/

  7. Paul Thomas says:

    Agreed, Julie. California is getting pummeled – top to bottom. Keep spreading the word. Ask your husband to watch the skies for a week. He won’t be calling you a conspiracy theorist much longer.

  8. Paul Thomas says:

    i think you’re right jeanie. the masses won’t believe it until its on the 6 o’clock news. this is a main reason they’re able to get away with this. Mainstream Media is owned and will only say what its owners want us to hear….

    • jeanie says:

      thank you paul.we were sprayed here heavily yesterday afternoon. on august 19th. today we have had no spray as of 530pm, the sky is clear of any clouds. its hazy light blue color but i noticed a very light pink tinge to it today. ifeel sick today and my ears are ringing non-stop. just another wonderful day in the neighborhood”””. so not wonderful”””. the pink tinge must have something to do with it. but not sure. has anyone else had this pink sky experience after spraying ? and have the ill effects from it ?

  9. jeanie says:

    the same here Julie I live in central Oklahoma. we are sprayed daily . for months now . hazy skies all the time. today there are real big white fluffy clouds. and we are getting some rain. but the rain concerns me also. I try to point the sky out to someone everyday .and say dose that look like normal sky to you?…the response is same a laugh and called a conspiracy freak.. this has to be put out on main news media be for people will listen and believe…..

  10. Julie Z says:

    I live in SF bay area. We are getting sprayed every day. The white haze sometimes is so thick you can barely see the hills 2 miles down the road. If you look at the sun, there is always a colorful halo around it on a sunny day. We are all breathing in those heavy metals -day in day out. I don’t know how people don’t wonder- hey, we are in a haze here, where is it coming from? I m scared for my children. We are being poisoned from every source- food, water, air, vaccines, medications, fire retardants, smart meters. My own husband thinks I m crazy when I tell him about it. Calls me ” conspiracy theorist” . Spreading the word is not enough. There has to be some kind of legal action citizens can take, before we all perish.

  11. patriot girl says:

    I tried to share my info about chem trails and was literally laughed at. I have tried to share lots of info and am a conservative Tea and now Im being followed (all I can say is NEVER GIVE UP) Tell every sheeple you know and send them proof.
    God Bless You and OUR Country. Pray and Go Serve Our GOD.

  12. scarlet says:

    This happens in malaga spain yesterday in fact, its very scary

  13. Victoria Ross says:

    Marc: I know how you feel because I feel exactly the same. If it’s any help, I think that if a great % of the pop. would please sit up and notice I know it would be stopped. I tell everyone and anyone what is going on. That must make a difference somewhere. Vic

  14. Marc says:

    Just spent 4 days in Nashville, Tn. area. Relentless spraying at all times of day and night: right under the full moon last night what do you think i saw? In an otherwise clear night sky there was one very long and well illuminated chemtrail hanging right under the moon. Almost as if it was sprayed out by the perpetrators to flip the “bird” at us paeans below. Folks, I am enraged and depressed at the same time. My feelings of hopelessness now run through every waking moment of my life. The old promise and joy of life i experienced as a youth and a grown man are being shredded by this planet-wide diabolic plan to “mitigate the effects of global warming?” I refused to believe, initially, the suggestions that the spraying was, in fact, designed to “reduce human populations’. This notion seemed preposterous to me. But as i have gathered information and perspective about the facts and the scope of the spraying, i have had an epiphany: We are very likely being systematically exterminated, albeit in a relatively covert and slow-moving process. But I am reminded of Chief Seattle’s famous words implying that what is done to any one part of the web of life, is done to another, and ultimately, to oneself. Just how, i must ask, do these diabolical perpetrators hope to escape the very poisoning they so obediently spread across their world?

  15. Ally L says:

    Hi Andrew,
    I am in SW Scotland and can’t believe the cloud movements at times. Different densities of cloud all travelling in different directions at different altitudes at the same time.I have also noticed that the worst weather seems to occur when you can no longer differentiate between individual cloud shapes. The sky is filled from horizon to horizon with a dirty white/grey coloured curtain and then the rain starts as if someone has turned the tap on.When the weather eases, the curtain breaks up and individual clouds can be seen again.This is now Sunday 10 August and I have heard high altitude jet engines all day, must be a very popular day for air travel !!

  16. andrew says:

    I think there are many hidden agendas.

    The use of directed Infrasound / Low Frequency Noise (ILFN) and directed Ultra Low Frequence (ULF) electromagnetic pulses is definitely one of them.

    I know this sounds weird, but many times I have seen:
    lower chem clouds travelling in the absolute opposite direction to higher clouds;

    I have also watched small chem clouds at the same height approach each other from opposite directions (north and south) and then turn 90 degrees to the west to follow the late afternoon and evening sun. This happens when there is little wind so the heavy metal laden clouds can be manipulated.

    Today I watched larger clouds being sprayed with heavy metals (presumably). The clouds had drifted in from the west and then as they reached the east coast they started stop or drift northwards. I do not think the wind direction changed at all.

    Andrew from Scotland. Since Scotland is not very wide ( I can see the whole width of the country from the hills behind my house). It can be easy to watch the results of the whole experiment!

  17. papa says:

    I live in a geoengineering hot spot as well in CA, and watch intensely these very short lines, sometimes just a ‘puff’ get layed down. Can be the only thing in the sky. My theory/opinion of these seemingly useless markings, is that they are just that, they are testing wind patterns, testing the reach of the different NEXRAD DOPPLER microwaves at different frequencies and power settings, as well as what frequencies react to what spray concoctions. Ever notice the various colors of the sprays? Sometimes 2 lines, right along side of each other or square, one will get all twisted up, the other spread out all fuzzy. Different potions, different frequency, different Doppler site manipulating the lines(thus some lines ripple one way, the other at an angle). Everything is about frequency, as with DEW(directed energy weapons. I document not so much the lines, but the lines being affected by microwaves, clouds being ‘rolled’, things like that. Too many folks accept the lines as normal, mabye if we can show them the lines being ‘worked’ it will convince some?

  18. Steve says:

    Great comments from all over! Thanks Andrew for the Scottish update…anyone know if there are many CTs in Russia or China? I have seen just a few in Russian vids, very few in Chinese ones. The challenge of actually informing people is a big one alright…but keep trying! Print Dane’s flyers and give ’em out! Country and western chemtrail music vid for the good ole boys here:
    Go for it, brothers and sisters!

  19. papa says:

    Cognitive dissonance- to admit this is going on implies more than many people can digest. As with other atrocities, such as 9-11, the evidence can be cut and dry, all around, but the implications of admitting the truth of this evidence is so overwhelming to them, they deny the facts, latch onto their watered down version that they can get a grip on, “thats my story and im stickin’ to it ‘ syndrome. Steven C is correct above, many do “see” it, the implications of ‘going there’ are just to great.

  20. RBUSH says:


  21. andrew says:

    I live in Scotland andtThis year I have watched a massive increase in atmospheric aerosol spraying, both SAG AND SRM.

    The last two moths have been incredibly intensive. I have seen 4 huge spraying tanker aircraft flying in close parallel formation spraying in alternate bursts, down to small turboprop aircraft (Dash 7 ?) spraying continuous trails.

    Yesterday (Tues 4th Aug 2014) was a typical intensive spray day:
    the usual daily pre dawn to 0700hrs spraying
    0900 to 1300hrs intensive over Angus / eastern Scotland with at least one continuous spraying aircraft overhead every 10 minutes
    by 1300hrs they had achieved their toxic milky haze across the whole sky, which slowly drifted eastwards with the larger particles falling to earth or being breathed in by us all
    1400hrs to dusk, less intensive spraying

    With a westerly wind, the spraying on the west coast, and particularly off shore, must have been even more intense.

    The stated aim of this spraying is to reduce climate change!

    This Geoengineering spraying a disastrous global experiment, even the spokespersons such as David Keith, admit:
    ” it’s not really moral hazard, it is more like free riding on our grandchildren”
    ” No, we have done no studies on the long term effects on humans, it may well come back and bite us at a later date”

    Our Governments continue to deny this spraying is happening.

    The timescale for climate change as used by the International Panel for Climate Control (IPCC) are disgracefully inaccurate since they do not include any of the 38 known feed back loops – basically these are cause and effect loops.

    Due to the massively increasing methane release and lethal levels of UVB and UVC, it is probable that life as we know it in the Northern hemisphere will cease to exist by 2030, with the Southern hemisphere following a few years later.

    Unfortunately, before this we will no doubt have global wars and civil unrest as nations and individuals fight for land and resources.

    There has to be a better option to this spraying which is an environmental and humanitarian disaster, causing at the very least, serious cardiac and respiratory problems.

    We all have to say “Bye Bye Blue Sky”, it just depends how we chose to go – healthy in mind and body or ill and reliant on pharmaceutical drugs.

  22. Kathy Sincere says:

    The cloud formations around Denver yesterday were phenomenal. In 35 years here I’ve never seen anything like it -clouds to the north, south, east and west. LOTS of chemtrails the day before. I am in my mid-60’s, and it is disturbing to watch this unfold.

  23. Jenn Tyler says:

    I see them in Hawaii many times. I also have captured video of the chem trail from above it at 30,000 feet while on a commercial aircraft. Very distinct start and stop, unlike anything naturally made.

    I too point these chem trails out to people and 98% of them look at me dumbfounded and don’t believe. That’s why this is still able to keep going. How to break through to the masses? They are sleepwalkers who don’t care to awaken.

  24. Marty Johnson says:

    I have video footage of this exact “spray-pause-spray” activity directly over my house in Orlando, Florida

  25. jeanie says:

    i live in Oklahoma 12 miles east of tinker airforce base. we get sprayed here 5 out of 7 days most of time. but the method of spraying has changed about a week ago I noticed the chemtrails being spread acted differentthe trail was thin and didn’t feather out very far and then they just disappeared.i know they were chemtrails because they were much to long for condensation trails.the blue sky turned milky haze within a short time.the chemtrails be for would spread out and feather for 1 to 3 hours. these trails were visable for 15 to 30 minutes.folks I think they have found away to spray us with out drawing attention to the trails.would like to know if other stated have noticed this change in the spraying methods.

  26. Angie Home says:

    This an excellent example of what they do – this on – off thing. But when this happened in front of me I couldn’t help but believe that the pilot did it on purpose. I had been taking photographs for some time and I believe what I call “the spotter plane” who presumably takes temperature, notes any blue patches and then transmits this information to the jet pilots when and where they need to spray. But I get the impression its also to take a note of “people taking a note” down on the ground “taking photographs”. Because I get buzzed quite frequently. So one day they put on a display on for me. They did a similar thing and all the while the spotter plane was circling round above me, just making sure I saw. I really do think they wanted me to see it. I could only capture photos as I didn’t have a phone with video.

    I do wonder if it was either to confirm that what I was photographing in the sky was real or conversely just to say ” this is what we are doing”.

  27. Kelly Zitnak says:

    I live in south east MO. and we see white-out conditions almost everyday. We don’t get much of a break ever. I mark it on my calendar we have had 5 days of true blue sky since January.:-(

  28. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Dane, It looks like you took this video in my back yard and photo shopped in some palm trees. This seems to be the new plan to use short squirts over existing dispersed particulate. The shorter trails don’t catch peoples attention as much. THEY also seem to be throttling the spray on and off to eliminate the abrupt start, stop lines that are so obvious.

  29. Steven Chamberlain says:

    They see it Becky! They just won’t admit it. Their denial is a natural defense reaction. They feel that the fear they already are feeling will overwhelm them if they openly accept that this is happening. Don’t pressure family too much, move on other people. Thank you for waking people up.

  30. James says:

    Get hit here in the Phoenix area every 2 or 3 days. the most I have ever counted at one time is 21.

  31. You might mention them my former neighbors who died of agent orange poisoning, the one to three million men, women, and children murdered in Vietnam, the one point five million men, women, and children slaughtered in Iraq, poisoned by depleted uranium, the aluminum and mercury in vaccines, the people died from the vaccines tainted with aids and polio, the ddt sprayed on chldren, the radioactive substance the army sprayed over st. lous, missouri, the radiation from cell phone tower, elf towers, smart meters, the dangers of cell phone use, the four million homeless people that lived in Iraq, just for starters.

  32. Tim says:

    CO has been getting crushed with spraying of late.

  33. Alarmed says:

    They are using us as a toxic waste dump. Want to get rid of uranium? no problem. spray it over the citizen slaves. get rid of aluminum waste? sure…just dump it over a wide area and the people won’t even see they are being poisoned. Truthfully though it is a form of mass murder. Genocide of the people. extermination of all lifeforms. Plants, Animals, Insects. People. All expendable. They declared war on all life on the planet it seems.

    don’t look to those people in government to save us..they are the problem not the solution. they are the ones ordering it to be done.

  34. DebW says:

    same in WI…skies have been exploded with chemicals again…was great for a couple days last week, and then BOOM..crap all over the skies again. Whats funny is doc said my lungs are collapsing…reason unknown.

  35. Becky says:

    I too live in western Colorado and they spray here almost everyday.

  36. I have witnessed these in Albuquerque as well. On, then off, then on again off again. This is BS that needs to stop.

  37. Becky says:

    Dear Dane and all with Geowatch
    This weekend I tried very hard to get my family and friends to see what I saw in the sky. They were definitely spraying here and the trails stayed in the sky for about 40 min. before transforming into the web type clouding we all see. But still, no one believed me. I am a well educated stable person in their lives. I cannot understand why my own family will not believe me. Or you for that matter. I am very sad but what the hell else can I possibly do?

  38. dondavid says:

    shared to Angelfire Network …Facebook!

  39. jackson ward says:

    death dumps in our sky’s are soft kill weapons they must stop….

  40. John T Zuber says:

    YES; That is what I have observed myself.
    Very few people are actually aware of what
    is going on where I live in Colorado.

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