Chemtrails in the Air Causing Cancer and Other Illness


Although there are many causes cited for cancer, the idea of chemtrails from the air as a leading contributer to cancer, and other illnesses, has not been widely considered. Here’s a statement:

Added by Lucille Femine on October 17, 2013

The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) cited data indicating that in 2010, 223,000 deaths from lung cancer worldwide resulted from air pollution, and said there was also convincing evidence it increases the risk of bladder cancer.

In the data that follows this statement, there is no mention of chemtrails as a possible cause among the ones listed; what they claim as causes are industrial and agricultural emissions and even home heating and cooking.

But, how could it not name chemtrails, even as a possibility needing further research? They’re awfully visible in the sky. Even though they can be mistaken for airplane exhaust trails, they’re not. Emissions from planes, called contrails, disappear quickly while chemtrails are thick and persistent. They also get wider as they linger in the air.

What is the purpose of these sprays? What possible justification could there for such frightening injections into the environment of dangerous toxic chemicals?

The reasons given by the government for the need for chemtrails are to control the weather and  for global warming. How does that stack up against getting sick with cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc?

Edward Snowden, the whistleblower on the NSA, has revealed some details. Chemtrails began in the 1960s as a major part of a secret lab called Muad’Dib with Monsanto very much involved.

He said the chemtrails were not difficult to hide because they were disguised in commercial aircrafts as additives and that the chemicals released are very dangerous, even in minute quantities. He further says, The most dangerous thing is that although chemtrails are keeping the climate of the U.S. reasonably stable, citizens are bombarded every day with an invisible rain of carbon-laden molecules, and the effect on health is totally unknown.

The Environmental Defense Fund, The Royal Society and the Third World Academy of Sciences further promoted chemtrails, calling it Solar Radiation Management. They discuss an incident which occurred in 1988 as a result of weather control – a high pressure system stalled, winds circled and pushed air south over the Midwest. What resulted was a drought and heat wave which …cost $40 billion in damages and 5,000 to 10,000 deaths.

They admit they don’t know what the side effects would be of climate control, involving chemtrails, physically as well as socio-politically.

Dr. Russell Blaylock, extensive researcher and author, says the aluminum and barium in chemtrails effects the brain and have dire consequences from falling into the soil and water, causing cancer and other illnesses.

Barium stops the flow of T-cells, whose function is to destroy cancer cells. Basically, chemtrails help to destroy the immune system, making it much easier to contract cancer whose rates have soared along with the increase of chemtrails.

Dr. Whitaker, Board Certified Naturopathic doctor, urges everyone to avoid mainstream, processed food products at all costs, eat non-GMO foods and detox your liver at least once a month. Part of that toxicity comes from the polluted air we breathe from chemtrails.

Buying organic food is definitely very necessary and no longer really a luxury – it is vital to our very survival. However, food cannot be officially labeled organic if they are contaminated with air-borne toxins coming from chemtrails.

One solution is to grow food in your backyard or even on a balcony and cover it, making a greenhouse. Then you can have totally healthy, uncontaminated, organic food which also tastes much better too.

These solutions are great and much needed, even without chemtrails, but for now they are more of a stop-gap. The real answer is to eliminate the insanity of trying to control the weather with killer chemicals when we might not have anyone left to benefit from it. It’s like – the operation was a success but the patient died?

There may or may not be any real reason to control the weather; the global warming theory has been highly disputed and many scientists say there is actually a global cooling coming up.

If chemtrails in the air cause cancer and other illness, what reasoning could there be behind putting millions of people’s health at risk?


By: Lucille Femine

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18 Responses to Chemtrails in the Air Causing Cancer and Other Illness

  1. chris castellano says:

    1 recent studies linking aluminum to Alzheimer's disease:

    1."Aluminum and Amyloid-B in Familiar Alsheimer's Disease" : Journal of Alzheimers disease vol 73,no4,pp 1627-1635, 2-2020

    conclusion: "either way it does seem indisputable that aluminum and amyloid-b are inextricably linked to in the neuropathology of fAD."


    Dr. Christopher Exley : "They new research confirms my resolve that within the normal lifespan of humans, there would not be any AD if there were no aluminum in the brain. No aluminum, no AD."

  2. Chemtrail Watch IAMSTERDAMN says:

    Today was the first time as a chemtrail watcher, that I discovered that the chemicals are visible in the shadow of a building with the sun behind. With normal lightning we can't see the particals in the air, but when the shadow blocks the front light and the sun shines in the directions of the particals you can see the molecules that causes the T-cells to die. It's frightening that we don't see it, but smell it for a few seconds but inhale it almost each day. I live in the country that has the greatest income of health care because cancer is killing a lot of people while the government is turning health care in to a cash cow. Really need a solution for this problem, because our children need to fresh air to grow our legacy. Unfortunately capitalism is on the winning hand! We need a resolution!!!

  3. name says:


  4. KaLynn Kays says:

    I've been noticing these chemtrails have been more frequent in the past 4-5yrs or so. That, and they also spread out further after being in the sky for awhile… about 18 yrs ago I was diagnosed with M.C.T.D. (an autoimmune disorder). I was only 12, and the youngest on record to b diagnose with this disease. My son suffers from adhd, odd, and epilepsy. Could any of these be causes or bought on by the chemicals we've been breathing thru our "fresh" air?

  5. Jane says:

    What ever happened to that Mike Jenson or Janson. The meteorologist Fck Head. He liked Big Storms. I listened to him from the GTA every once in a while on the radio when I could get it in. The friggin guy was a friggin liar. Maybe he got cancer too. What an idiot. Paid Gov't radio liar. 

    RIP mFcker

    Mike the bike as swipeas swipe

  6. Jane says:

    Good For U Bella

    If people are this Stupid not to believe this

    Go ahead and Die from Cancer

    Many sites that are Dis-Info Bella

    That is where many go right off the Bat to try to dispute what you are saying

    In “Plane” sight

    Only an Idiot won’t get it

    One person I talked to said to me


    I don’t care if I die

    Obviously has not researched this devastation

    Keep up the work Bella

    You Rock

    People should look up

    But No they Don’t

    Too busy doing or listening to Stp’d Crap

    • Alan says:

      Yep,and when the do look up and see,they quickly look to some idiot to make them feel good and tell them it's not dangerous it's only exhaust.It makes me mad that those Pilots call it a chemtrail hoax,as long as there is people in power to tell the sheep it's okay were doomed.

  7. John says:

    Everyone reading this page is concerned about Chemtrail spraying. Help put a stop to this practice by signing the petition ‘World wide ban on Chemtrail’
    Let our voices be heard! John

  8. gingercake5 says:

    Re: the suggestion to grow our own food. Well, the potting soil is already ruined, and the tap water is poisoned. If you know where to find good soil and water, let us know. How are the elites doing it?

  9. Hugh Mann says:

    What can we do about this? Someone must have the means of identifying the aircraft spraying these poisons so that lawsuits can be filed. I’m getting sick and tired of not seeing clear blue skies. I live in Knoxville TN and the spaying seems to be non stop, 24/7. I can even see them spaying at all hours of night with night vision goggles. I enjoy stargazing and this is beginning to ruin that too. If you look at street lamps at night, they have a halo or starburst look to them from all the dust in the air. How can we put a stop to this when the government and everyone denies it is happening?

    • Alpha wolf says:

      Think of it as a global crop dusting but humanity are the bugs if to many insect's of the same species dominate an ecosystem what happens the the ecosystem?

  10. Bella_Fantasia says:

    If you google Edward Snowden + chemtrails, the first response you get is from Facebook: Chemtrails Awareness says,
    “Please stop sharing the Ed Snowden piece on Chemtrails. The original was picked up by various “alternative” news outlets. If you read their source for the article, it goes back to a SATIRE site. I have the link to the original source, which I will post below. Look at the “about” section. Please stop spreading disinfo!!”

    The site, Internet Chronicles,, does seem to be a satire site, but the article is accurate as far as it goes. If you read the comments following the article, you will find believers and deniers. Somehow I worry the actual story will be supressed by so-called “Chemtrails Awareness”.

    UGH! Disinformation? (I do not have a Facebook account, by the way.)

    • YN says:

      You’re right Bella, we removed that article for that very reason. I missed that. I’ll pull this article later today. Maybe you could put the same comment in the original article at the Guardian?

  11. Gene Maynard says:

    I hope someone will tell me if I’m wrong. In fact I hope I am wrong but I fear otherwise. When David Keith said no testing had been done to determine the threat to public safety by their aerosoled spraying, he was actually lying. We have known for a long time via The Environmental Protection Agency that all airborne particles smaller than 10 microns, toxic or not go straight to the lungs. There they cause serious breathing issues as well as cancer. He knew this but simply didn’t care. So if he didn’t lie he certainly shaded the truth. My point is this; When any part of geoengineering begins to accelerate, such as methane feed back loops, it affects the whole. There is an overall acceleration. As the oceans warm, releasing more methane, the oceans acidify killing oxygen creating organisms. The gas forms a dome over the earth creating more warming thus melting more ice releasing more methane. As available oxygen is depleted, so is resulting C02, thus plants die.Folks, short of taking up arms, whatever you plan to do, now is the time!This whole show could suddenly take a nose dive.

    • YN says:

      Hello Gene,
      Yes, you are of course correct. David Keith is, in my opinion, as psychopathic as they come. You are also correct on your other statements.
      For many years now I have been screaming this message at the top of my lungs, few have heard, but for those few, I am grateful.
      The paradigm shift is unfolding by the day and even now almost none are willing to face it. Very soon, they will have no more margin for denial.
      Thank you for your on target message Gene,

  12. Gene Maynard says:

    Google weather is hard to believe
    They are really quite inane;
    They go to extreme lengths to deceive
    I mean really, “100% humidity with a 10% chance of rain”?

    We’ve had no clear skies in over eighteen days
    Yesterday turned sunny but then the planes appeared;
    Within two hours we were covered in haze
    Then dingy, wispy clouds as we had feared

    Photosynthesis is a necessity for humans to live
    I just want to say, just to give you some insight;
    Plants need three things if they are to survive
    They need carbon dioxide and water, but they also must have sunlight

    Twenty plus percent global dimming from the suns rays
    For a healthy life or life at all, we must have vitamin D;
    But in more ways than one these are really dark days
    Ninety percent of “D” comes from the sun, bad news for you and me.

  13. Gene Maynard says:

    Hey Ma, they can cool the planet now
    Don’t it have a nice ring to it?
    I think I’ll call’em; tell’em I like it
    Tell’em go ahead and do it

    Just think Ma, gone are them days of baking in the heat
    Why we’re lucky to have them ole boys round;
    They’s can do things us’n ain’t smart nough to do
    With them ole boys in D.C. I shore feel safe and sound

    Well, here it be 2013 and dogged it’s feelin hotter I’ll call my congressman, see where the coolins at;
    Hello, when yall gonna start that coolin?
    Friend if it gets hotter, we might have to do that

    Well, they think I’m an ole dumb hillbilly
    But I kin read and I’s taught to be kinda wary;
    And what I reads bout some of this stuff
    Beginning to sound purty doggone scary

    Methane shield and something called hydrate fails
    I ain’t dumb, sun’s getting hotter here at home;
    These planes and my kids inhaling aluminum filled air
    Oxygen depletion and the Venus Syndrome

    For about two years my sister’s had Morgellons
    Last year my Mother, two brothers, all died of cancer
    Two cousins with cancer, third with leukemia
    Can you blame me for looking for answers

    I knows them rumors can’t be true
    If they wuz, my government would tell me;
    They’d go on T.V. just calm all our fears
    My government cares bout us. Or do they?

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