Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It


This is an excellent video to help raise awareness of geoengineering

4 Responses to Chemtrails? Watch This! Then Try to Deny It

  1. Jay Boston says:

    Grat work Melissa and Aaron. You’ve inspired me to create a YouTube channel, firstfire508. I am planning on focussing more on Chemtrail videos. Thank You.

  2. Heather Welty says:

    Great video. I live in sweden and am taking Pictures and documenting this. Havent seen the sun for many weeks now because of these creepy Clouds and weird shades of red and Purple. Im royally pissed off that most people dont take the time to veiew what im shareing about this. Too many sheeple

  3. Richard Fuerle says:

    Did the U.S. Air Force submit an environmental impact statement before poisoning the atmosphere? I want to see it.

  4. Andy Kruusi says:

    Yes. What a great, short, direct video. There will be those who will deny it. You know the ones…

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