Citizen Questions a Senator about Geoengineering, and His Response


MY LETTER TO Peter DeFazio:

Rep. Peter DeFazio
2134 Rayburn HOB
Washington, DC  20515


I have always been your strong supporter.  Thank you for all your work on our behalf.

Now it is time to step up and stop Geoengineering (SRM) of our atmosphere.

I am 71 years old.  retired. I was an international consultant dealing with victims of violence.  It was a stressful career.  when I retired, I wanted to relax, write some articles (which I’ve done), garden, paint, teach Tai Chi.  But because of the constant spraying of aluminum, barium and strontium in our skies, especially along the coast – which is YOUR district – all I have done is be constantly in pain and sick.

For example, last week I was in my garden harvesting the sunflowers and got caught in a sudden rain squall so fierce it drenched me to the skin.  Within the hour I was horribly, miserably ill within the most ungodly muscle pain and headache.  For days afterward I spent hours detoxing to get rid of the poison.

Then I noticed all the remaining plants in my garden (rhubarb, catnip, chard, etc) were wilted back.  At that I simply wept.

We are all suffering from this unconscionable program.

And do not think you are exempt. All of congress spend hours in airplanes directly breathing these poisons.  You are being affected probably even more than we are.

And do not be convinced by the corporate interests that want to convince you of the necessity for this horror.  Poisoning our earth to keep a petroleum based energy going is ludicrous. We have passed the tipping point.

Stop Geoengineering (SRM).  Let the earth mend herself.  She will, given time and as minimal interference as can be made.  Whatever it takes.  Anything is better than killing everything – perhaps permanently if the rate of methane release continues and the striking surge in UV radiation from the sun continues due to the ionosphere being depleted.

If Congress cannot stop Geoengineering by decree, by law, then Congress can defund it.

Now. We are in pain and the earth is dying.


Ann Fillmore, PhD


His Response:

Dear Dr. Fillmore:

Thank you for your letter about chemtrails.  I can best help by urging you to make a complaint to the Federal Aviation Administration Flight Standards District Office (FSDO) in Oregon.

The FSDO will need some facts before conducting an investigation.  Please describe the aircraft in as much detail as possible.  If you can, identify the aircraft as military or civil and as a high-wing or low-wing aircraft.  Please include the registration number (located on the fuselage) and the color of the aircraft.  Your written complaint should note if the aircraft was at high or low altitude and how you estimated the altitude; the direction the aircraft was flying; and when and where the aircraft was observed.  If you have supporting evidence, such as photographs, videos, or police reports, please include copies with your complaint.  Provide information about the lens used to take the photographs and identify any landmarks in your photographs or videos.  The FSDO will also need the names and addresses of any witnesses and their contact information.

Send your written complaint and supporting documents to FAA Flight Standards District Office, 3180 NW 229 th Avenue, Hillsboro 97124.


Rep. Peter DeFazio
Fourth District, OREGON

2 Responses to Citizen Questions a Senator about Geoengineering, and His Response

  1. Obadiah says:

    Thanks for taking the time to write the letter Dr. Filmore. Mr. DeFazio needs to follow his own advice.

  2. Bella_Fantasia says:

    DeFazio seems to be a House representative, not a Senator. I’ve always had better responses from Senators, but have not attempted to write about this subject directly (although I have eluded to it. That was probably enough since Sen. Mark Begich D-AK is the brother of Dr. Nick Begich.) Besides completely copping out, asking Dr. Fillmore to do all the extensive legwork, as Tim observed, DeFazio knows “chemtrails” without Dr. Fillmore using that term. Even if she prepares this extensive report, do you think FSDO will respond credibly? I do not.

    Dr. Fillmore has my sympathy.

  3. Michael Rogers says:

    I have been observing the sprayers for over a year and about May of 2013, there was so much spraying that the announced temperature dropped from 84 to 64F
    I have good photographs of spraying from the initial narrow white line, a sequence where it spreads and merges with other trails and becomes completly overcast. During this period, several mature, large bushes with 5-7″ Diameter trunks dies or were severly set back a coffeberry died, a Tangello with new leafs and flowers lost all and months later has gained a scattering of leaves like other large bushes.
    I rent properties and found that several tenants had contracted a broncial illness that lasted weeks or months!
    While correlation doesn’t mean causality There are reports on line that the number of broncial admissons to hospitals drastically increased.
    All the while, our Government is stoutly maintaining the standard secret level ‘No comment’. (I have had a clearance almost all my working life, I’m 75.
    With the internet, there arn’t many secrets any more so it’s clear that these are Not the tiny trails occasionally left by planes. The sprayers flying over the central coast area are old commercial airliners per photographs from inside, outside filled with tanks and owned by Evergreen avation out of Tucson, Az. they usually have red paint on the body or tails so are easily discriminated from the light blue similar commercial planes that frequently fly over many times a day. One can find satelite pictures of this corperation’s facility with many of these red tailed, etc. planes.
    The commonly stated reason for this spraying is that it blocks solar energy failing to elucidate any other functions.
    From every professional source I’ve heard or read, what IS sprayed is severly deliterious to living organisms including US!
    In conformance with the Nations claims of openness to it’s citizenry, there should be full disclosure if not what it CAN do what is DOES do!

  4. Tim says:

    Interesting that the writer never mentioned the word chemtrails but Rep DeFazio does. He knows it is happening.

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