Climate Engineering And The Polar Vortex Conveyor

Radical weather and temperature extremes are rapidly increasing in intensity and frequency. The geoengineers are continuing to ramp up on their forcing of the climate processes even as the whole climate system frays apart. In order to perpetuate public confusion and division in regard to the true state of the global climate, the power structure must create and re-create the "polar vortex" cool-downs which mainstream media then sensationalizes. Some regions in the eastern US that were just buried under the last "polar vortex"  hit record high temperatures today. Those same places are going to go back to snow by Wednesday. Though it recently snowed in the southern US near the Gulf coast, on November 24 warm rains were falling far into Canada almost all the way into Labrador. It's balmy in Alaska as temperatures are still hovering at or near record highs in places (which mainstream media tends not to report). There is also the following much more dire fact that should be contemplated,  the power structure is preparing for societal collapse. They will do everything possible to hide the true magnitude of damage done to the biosphere until the last possible moment. Climate engineering is a tool of deception that has very successfully confused and divided populations. Those in power and their media have created the illusion of a "cold world" by orchestrating isolated engineered weather events. If the public truly understood the gravity and immediacy of the climate unraveling (much of it caused and fueled by the climate engineering itself), there would already be global panic. The agendas being carried out are complex, this should always be considered and kept in mind. 

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  1. I just saw “Inside the chemtrail planes” video. I had really begun to wonder why commercial looking planes had very persistent chemtrails… I’ve been watching them do this in western Arkansas since 1997 or 1998, amazed and telling others… God bless you for your work, all of you laboring in this good work, exposing this unprecedented act by this NWO machine of darkness. Please turn to God, if you haven’t already, we need Him, He loves you all so much. He will reward you

  2. Freedom Ranger says:

    KC: same thing here in Colorado, 70 degrees on thanksgiving and day after at 7500 ft today its down to 10 degrees. Same unbelievable amount of spraying. They used to take breaks during holidays, not any more. We are blanketed by a noxious cloud. It makes me sick as well, i take Zeolite and chlorella, i also take a turmeric based anti inflammatory. I feel better after I take these products. We live in a toxic gas chamber now.

  3. Kc says:

    I live in the panhandle and watched the biggest spraying I have seen since the 2 brutal summers a couple years ago where we spent months above 100 degrees.It started 2 days before Thanksgiving and has been pretty much continuous every since then. The sky has a real hazy look to it. Now I have severe “allergies” and I am sicker than hell. There’s more to this than we can possibly imagine. I have no doubts that this is not a good thing.

  4. james says:

    we need consider bringing in other movements &/or like-minded individuals to help fight the power structures that are allowing this to happen.
    Anyway to get Anonymous to take notice(?)
    or other suggestions to spread the info.?

  5. john says:

    Somehow, this information needs to reach into the consciousness of the American people. As always, while we pay vast sums for environmental protection, it the citizen journalist who does the real work, often having to fight against his/her own tax dollars being used to suppress information. I love you man. Double down.

  6. Myster Edward says:

    The government is well aware of what is going on since the government is being ‘manipulated’ by the same people behind the ‘corporations’ that are also ‘manipulating’ the global-media and creating the ‘chain of events’ deliberately designed to bring the entire world under one economy, one law, one religion, one rule.
    Buckle Up and watch the devastation about to unfold now that’money’ has become the new God.

  7. carol freiberg says:

    That is amazing and ominous at the same time.We now have a clear picture to send to our elected officials. Not sure how many are aware of this type of weather manipulation or are simply cashing in on the derivatives created by these schemes. I would assume the later since they can’t use their insider trading knowledge to line their pockets anymore.Thanks for all your efforts exposing this to the people. Let us hope this is shared by all.

  8. Amy says:

    Interesting. Thank you for this information.

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