Climate Engineering Continues To Fuel Planetary Meltdown


Dane Wigington

The spraying of Earth’s atmosphere with toxic metallic nano particles and unknown other chemicals is getting worse by the day. There is absolutely no plausible denial of this as we have film footage of US military jets, like KC 10 tankers, spraying at altitude.

Even though the skies around much of the globe already look like something from another planet, amazingly many people still have not noticed as they never seem to look up. The power structure had made sure the population has so many distractions that the can not seem to see the dots let alone connect them.

chemtrails skies

The planet is in meltdown and climate engineering is fueling the fire. Nearly the entire climate science community is blatantly lying by their total omission of the geoengineering elephant in the room, much of this lying is in the form of simple denial. Unfortunately, much of the anti-geoengineering community is has also gone off course by not recognizing the fact that our climate is in meltdown. Though there are many causes of the climate unravelling (geoengineering being a primary factor), at minimum, those who are aware of climate engineering should at least consider the overall warming effect of the atmospheric spraying programs. This is not about Al Gore, its about the reality on the ground.

The global temperature map in the article below should be a stark wake up call to all. The only places that have below normal temperatures based on 30 year averages are the eastern half of the North American continent and a few places in Antarctica, the rest o of the planet is in meltdown. Though we know government agencies lie about everything, here is the paradox in this case. The “official” temperatures (on which maps like the ones below are based) are being falsified to the DOWN side, not the UP side. We are seeing “official high temperatures” for any given day routinely falsified to the DOWN side by up to 5 degrees. What does this mean? The planet is even hotter than this map shows. If you don’t believe this, you will soon. Global climate engineering is making an already bad situation EXPONENTIALLY WORSE, a runaway “greenhouse” effect is already under way.


March 2014 Among Hottest on Record, NASA Data Show

march 2014 globe

Last month was the fourth-warmest March since modern historical temperature records began in 1880, according to data provided by NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies.

The global mean temperature for March 2014 was about 0.7°C (about 1.26°F) higher than the 1951-1980 average, placing it fourth in line behind 2002, 2010 and 1990 among the hottest Marches on record.

Powering last March’s near-record global temperatures was a “sea” of extraordinary warmth (shown in the map above, in dark and bright red colors) that stretched across much of Eastern Europe and Russia all the way to the western United States, noted meteorologist Jon Erdman.

“March was indeed cold in the eastern United States, much of Canada and parts of southern South America,” he said. “However, the broader picture showed a sea of warm anomalies from Europe across Russia to Alaska and the western United States.”

Wildfires burned across a large swath of Siberia in early April, Weather Underground’s Christopher Burt pointed out, adding that the southern Siberian city of Chemal soared to a high temperature of 83.7°F on April 2, at least 40 degrees above its average high for the day.

As the NASA-GISS graph below shows, the March temperature anomaly last month was starkest at Earth’s highest latitudes:

It’s worth noting that monthly temperature rankings can change and so records like these should be viewed with caution, NASA climatologist Gavin Schmidt said in an email conversation with

The difference between the top six March values are small enough, he pointed out that small differences or new information – such as a different analysis method by NOAA or the U.K.-based Hadley Centre – can change the rankings significantly. That can move a third-place ranking down to a sixth-place ranking or vice-versa, he added.

NOAA, the Hadley Centre and NASA-GISS maintain the world’s three most widely-cited historical temperature databases, all of which feature records that date back to the late 1800s.


11 Responses to Climate Engineering Continues To Fuel Planetary Meltdown

  1. JLK says:

    Peter, I understand that elections are all rigged, most definitely agree with you, however pre-election time is when it is easier to get attention drawn to “issues” and the geoengineering issue of using taxpayers money to fund these covert operations, that are making us all ill, needs to be front and center. Thus, somehow, someway, this needs to get more attention than it presently is getting. Make calls, March at political rallies, wear hats and T-shirts when you attend and get in front of the camera with the message… any exposure will help in getting a greater number of people aware, looking up and speaking up. Something is better than nothing. Steal the show for the cause at any type of large gathering. Make a scene to be seen!

  2. Peter Klein says:

    “So I wonder how the ‘debunkers’ are going to twist this one?”

    Well, Annette I will be the first to demonstrate. There’s no doubt I’m a debunker of the points made in this article and, sadly the majority views of those commenting. Let me begin by first asking a really big question.

    Is the Sun in its youth or past its prime?

    If you’re a main-stream scientist in any related field, the only acceptable answer is that it’s past its prime. In other words, going dark. I disagree.

    Here’s another question, but you’re probably catching on. At present, are we able to measure the age of some things based on the decay rate of a certain carbon isotope? Again, scientists would rather die of fatigue from endlessly arguing than consider that we can’t.

    So, if we continue to believe the sun is dying and that we know how old the planet is why should we trust that they understand climate? Based on just the two examples given, they could literally have it backwards!

    Now, look back in recent history to what the major world governments wanted to do with the polar continents. It is not an exaggeration to say that they had plans to melt the ice and build resorts on them. What? That sounds ridiculous. Maybe so, until you consider what motivated them. The plan was for big “players” in government to personally acquire the land at minimal cost, raise the temperature massively using federal funds and get rich in the luxury resort business.

    @JLK – I hope you discover soon that the election systems in the US are rigged in diverse and redundant ways. And, reliance on elections means reliance on your fellow man getting the needed information to base their decisions. The media is there to ensure that never happens.

    @Tony Bains – Are you familiar with Ray Kurzweil? He is a famed trans-humanist who hates all of humanity, but not nearly as much as himself. He cloaks his hatred of all things living by fantasizing that man can merge with machine. He claims that artificial minds will match the human mind by 2030. However, that is the very best example of an absolute impossibility. He is but one example of what happens when the brain cannot create empathy. Call it evil if you like, but leaders the world over share this trait. As such, don’t bother with responsibility of ensuring their families aren’t harmed by their actions.

  3. horsegirl says:

    The first thing everybody has to grasp is that the CIA runs the US. Not Congress. They are an enormous agency whose personnel, budget and activities the public is prohibited from knowing.

    Why? They were created by the National Security Act of 1947 during a time when all of Hitler’s top intelligentsia were being brought over under aliases, ushered into the uppermost echelons of academia, science, engineering and – especially – medicine (refer to former CNN anchor Linda Hunt’s excellent “Secret Agenda” for details).

    This was under the auspices of the Rockefellers, who funded/directed the Kaiser Wilhelm Institute in Germany which coordinated the “medical research” by which millions were first used as guinea pigs then gassed. They employed the wretched Dr. Ernst Rudin to run the KWI, who was later brought to the US to escape Nuremberg. The Rockefellers who masterminded the gassing went unquestioned.

    The Nazi “intelligentsia” were brought aboard the CIA. That is why they wanted total secrecy.

    The CIA runs the US, and the world. Books by all kinds of independent researchers conclude with this, including celebrity tomes by Oliver Stone, Jesse Ventura et al.

    Congress has no ability to rein in the CIA. That is a fantasy.

    The US people have put up with the nonsense of a huge executive agency like the CIA going unquestioned for almost 70 years. We will pay for this dearly. Already have.

    The Rockefellers are who should answer for their villainy and financing the escape of tens of thousands of Nazi henchmen. They are utterly complicit with the CIA. Arguably they may even run it.

    Meanwhile their puppet theater the two party system and all its shenanigans have taught the public to revile each other for being welfare cheats etc. when all the welfare paid out for fifty years probably doesn’t rival a year’s budget for CIA black ops worldwide.

    FORGET the two-party system. Tools, toys, they are nothing. The Rockefellers – who never were mentioned at Nuremberg – need to answer for all their evil. They have a monopoly on medicine and every aspect of education. They have hold of the media. Just like they had an oil monopoly with Standard Oil. They have a firm hold on electoral politics which is nothing but a childish diversion compared with their power and influence. The US is THEIR oligarchy.

    The US’ demise will be about having put up with those monsters and their deadly executive mask under the CIA.

  4. JLK says:

    There is an election coming up – better get organizations moving on all this to be sure the candidates are totally informed and agreeing to stop using taxpayers money to fund our own demise for the interests of elites. ACTIVISM in political elections and stopping the money flow to the Pentagon for this insane activity must be our agenda. Maybe we do need to have mass walkings in the streets screaming about this non-stop until the politicians take note and act.

  5. francis m reps says:

    The insanity of anonymous agencies spraying materials on our land while our agencies and representatives refuse to address these activities is proof that GOOD and EVIL does exist. How else can one explain the silence of our leaders and representatives ?. At the least; avoid politicians, and media entities that do not call attention to this assault on life. At best; tell all people you are in contact with to access ” Geo Engineering Watch “. Do not preach to the choir; preach to people who are unaware.

  6. It amazes me that readers of this page are just beginning to notice what’s going on. Geoengineering has been decimating the planet for nearly 60 years.

    Only they used to call it “rain making” or “cloud seeding”. Hello??? Dumping silver iodide into the atmosphere is not a new science, and peer reviewed data going back over 35 years; clearly shows that this destroys normal cellular biology in water and soils. If silver iodide is bad for frogs and fish, plants and soil microbes, what the hell do you think it’s doing to everything else?

    Where the hell have your attentions been? These flights have been originating from US Air Force bases like Paterson and Luke, and many other civilian air bases located over the world. How many flights do you suppose it takes to dump 20 MILLION metric tons of aluminum oxide into the atmosphere every year??? Hello? This has been going on for decades, not just years. None of this is news at all.

    Turn off your high definition televisions and throw away your stupid Smart phones. Get a functional life. Your planet is dying.

  7. Vince says:

    hello I am new here and live in Montrose N.E.coast of Scotland and for the last 5years we have been systematically sprayed almost on a daily level.I am forever the optimist but with the ongoing events around the globe picking up pace at an alarming rate i am seeing little hope.This EVIL must be stopped but how can it be done??.My thoughts are with the people of Ukraine today,another country being brought to its death by EVIL. Scotland will suffer the same fate soon as most have the same mindset as those who perpetrate the EVIL,its the “l’m alright Jack, stuff you” mentality.Heaven help us.

  8. Mike Smith says:

    It might be warm where you’re living,but it’s May 2nd here in Calgary AB, and it’s supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. Winter doesn’t end here it seems in 2014.

  9. carol freiberg says:

    Sounds like Guy Mcphearson was spot on predicting all of this. His advice…”Be good to one another”. Unfortunately,if they keep this up much longer, that’s about all we have left to do. Keep up the good work everyone.
    keep on alerting anyone with ears.

  10. JT says:

    They are hard at work right overhead as I speak. I have been watching for 2 hours and I just saw something extremely strange, what looked like a passenger jet taking off, it was low, just above the tree line and the only airport anywere close to were I am is the airforce base. I have to admit, I was one of the ppl that never noticed the sky before, until..we moved over here close to luke afb 2 mos ago. I started to notice as we were spending more time outside the long trails, planes flying right over our house 3 and 4 at a time and how it would always look hazy like a veil of white in the sky hours
    later, day after day. Thats when I thought I would see if I could find any info about why and here I am. This is soo crazy and down right scary! Makes you feel helpless.

  11. Annette Dunson says:

    So I wonder how the “debunkers” are going to twist this one?

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