Covering The Truth in 2013


Russ Tanner interviews video creator John Massaria about the intimidation he experienced, which eventually persuaded him to take down his video of an interview with Russ Tanner and Dane Wigington, titled; “the most important topic for 2013”

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  1. Muffet says:

    Listened to the call last night. A couple interesting notes aside from the issue of chemtrails. From what I have heard about structured water units, it could very well help organic growers. Not only in the water they use to grow the plants, but to correct the soil as well. It would be fun to test soil before and after to see if it helps.

    The largest concern for us next to breathing this stuff is that with enough of this stuff getting into the soil, it could ruin the whole organic food industry, something Monsanto might be tackling as well.

  2. Rick Wagner says:

    Take at look at the Redding Record Searchlight 5/1/13 on the bottom of the page, Chem-trails…

  3. L says:

    I’m glad I found this site and I will share it with everyone I know.
    I’m up here in Canada – I travel frequently between Victoria, Vancouver, Campbell River and Powell River – all coastal towns and cities. When I first heard about Chemtrails I thought it was an American problem… but in Campbell River, April 1, it was obvious that the trails were abundant, crisscrossing and making a blue sky milky. Hardly anyone knows about this up here. Thanks for this site and all your work. I have begun to talk to our elected officials about investigating…but you know how beurocrats are…

  4. candie says:

    Saw I see this over western Colorado all the time . Its disturbing. And not right. Is it connected with haarp? I have researched that too. Or is it kind of one in the same type goal? Still disturbing if Haarp!not comfortable with the complete control like that. Makes me angry

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