Dane Wigington Discusses Geoengineering Assault with Jeff Rense


Online Radio – Intervew – Dane Wigington and Jeff Rense discuss the devastating effects that ongoing Geoengineering is having on our planet.

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  1. Robert Hardt says:

    Dear Fellow watchers;

    Please look into the Nano revolution of PHOTOCATALYSIS Nano-TiO2 applications to decontaminate and CREATE SELF-CLEANING MATERIALS..Super-hydrophilic materials may be developed by coating glass, ceramic tiles or plastics with the semiconducting photocatalyst titanium dioxide (TiO2). If TiO2 is illuminated by light, grease, dirt and organic contaminants are decomposed and can easily be swept away by water (rain).
    Keywords: TiO2, self cleaning materials; photocatalysis

    Due to their electronic structure, which is characterized by a filled valence band (VB) and an empty conduction band (CB), semiconductors (metal oxides or sulfides as ZnO, CdS, (TiO2), Fe2O3, and ZnS) can act as sensitizers for light-induced redox processes. The energy difference between the lowest energy level of the CB and the highest energy level of the VB is the so- called band gap energy Eg. It corresponds to the minimum energy of light required to make the material electrically conductive.
    When a photon with energy of hν exceeds the energy of the band gap an electron (e-) is promoted from the valence band to the conduction band leaving a hole (h+) behind. In electrically conducting materials, i.e. metals, the produced charge-carriers are immediately recombined. In semiconductors a portion of this photo-excited electron-hole pairs diffuse to the surface of the catalytic particle (electronhole pairs are trapped at the surface) and take part in the chemical reaction with the adsorbed donor (D) or acceptor (A) molecules. The holes can oxidize donor molecules whereas the conduction band electrons can reduce appropriate electron acceptor molecules.
    A characteristic feature of semiconducting metal oxides is the strong oxidation power of their holes h+. They can react in an one-electron oxidation step with water to produce the highly reactive hydroxyl radical (-OH). Both the
    holes and the hydroxyl radicals are very powerful oxidants (1), which can be used to oxidize most organic contaminants.
    Although TiO2 absorbs only approx. 5 % of the solar light reaching the surface of the earth, it is the best investigated semiconductor in the field of chemical conversion and storage of solar energy.
    Tio2 photocatalysis applications for the removal of GHGs pdf – Google Search
    Several field experiments in urban areas have demonstrated the capacity of TiO2 compounds to reduce nitrous oxides (NOx) produced by vehicle emission (Allen et al., 2005).
    In air treatments or application, TiO2 must be placed on a surface so that the gas can pass over it and react. UV light is usually shone on some sort of matrix with a high surface area.
    According to literature, when a TiO2 treated surface is irradiated with UV light, then oxygen is created which oxi- dizes the NOx in air into nitric acid ions (Allen et al., 2005). Nano-TiO2 has been implicated by David Kieith and Paul Crutzen as a superior replacement for SOH2 (Sulphur Dioxide) to alter earth albedo and cool the planet to fight “Global Warming”.Tio2 applications to fight global warming…enabling the manipulation of particle distribution and radiative forcing in ways that could not be achieved with sulfate aerosol.
    Many nanoscale particles are currently manufactured at costs significantly less than this threshold. TiO2, ZnO2, Silica-alumina ceramic hollow microspheres with diameters of 1 μm (e.g., 3M Zeeospheres)

    -planet earth 2011 – stratospheric aerosol injections pdf – Google Searchhttp://www-atm.physics.ox.ac.uk/group/eodg/papers/2012Pope1.pdf
    Photophoretic levitation of engineered aerosols for geoengineering
    David W. Keith
    Fighting global warming: the potential of Nano TiO2 photocatalysis against CO2, CH4, N2O, CFCs, tropospheric O3, BC and other major contributors to climate change…. http://hal.archives-ouvertes.fr/docs/00/61/17/10/PDF/Fighting_global_warming_by_photocatalysis-Richter-Caillol-2011.pdf…..KEYWORDS: photocatalysis; greenhouse gases removal; climate forcers elimination; global warming reduction.
    I believe the Nano-TiO2 particulates are being sprayed to mop-up all the greenhouse gases so we can continue to burn oil and fossil fuels to make billions and trillions of petro-based dollars for global U.S. Dollar domination.

    The problem is……All Metal Nano Oxides are now scientifically show to cause reactive oxygen species (ROS) depletion of Glutathione, a major free radical scavenger of the body. resulting in many diseases and cancer!
    Cell Death and Disease – Metabolic effects of TiO2 nanoparticles, a …
    Mar 21, 2013 – Citation: Cell Death and Disease (2013) 4, e549; doi:10.1038/cddis.2013.76 … titanium dioxide; apoptosis; metabolism; cancer; sunscreens; cosmetics … SAH, S -adenosylhomocysteine; ROS, reactive oxygen species … the industrial use of TiO2 in nanoparticulate form (<100 nm) has grown exponentially.
    The long-term health risks of nanoparticles remain poorly understood, which is a serious concern given their prevalence in the environment from increased industrial and domestic use. The extent to which such compounds contribute to cellular toxicity is unclear, and although it is known that induction of oxidative stress pathways is associated with this process, the proteins and the metabolic pathways involved with nanoparticle-mediated oxidative stress and toxicity are largely unknown. To investigate this problem further, the effect of TiO2 on the HaCaT human keratinocyte cell line was examined. The data show that although TiO2 does not affect cell cycle phase distribution, nor cell death, these nanoparticles have a considerable and rapid effect on mitochondrial function.
    Nano TiO2 is in Sunscreens, Foods, on our walls, water, air and its possibly killing all life forms down to bacteria.
    Maybe it is being put into the global environment to protect us all from a bio-terrorist attack?
    Killing populations with climate control (Mini-Ice Age, Droughts, Floods)
    and various diseases, cancer with stratospheric injections of Nano-TiO2
    Is this really happening!!!!

  2. Heather McCormack says:

    Once my eyes were opened there was/is no going back…ever. With that being said I have often times felt a twinge of jealousy for people who are oblivious to the poisoning of our poor planet , our children, grandchilldren, etc. because the frustration is sometimes overwhelming and the knowledge of this is such a heavy burden to carry….But then I look at my beautiful 8 year old daughter and tears come to my eyes and I want so badly to apologize to her for this horrible situation that her generation is being left with and I know with all my heart that I have to stay vigilant in spreading awareness of geoengineering so her generation might have a fighting chance against the destructiin they are being left with…This has to end…our childrens lives depend on it! This has to end.

  3. Catherine says:

    I know about chemtrails since about 2 years, I live in France, Côte d’Azur, and I begin to see them in our sky too. People begin very slowly to know about this subject and I try to relay the information to the most people I can here and in Belgium. A small newspaper wrote about this subjetc for a few monthes in our valley. Thank you a lot for your courage and your work to inform us. The worse is in the human being, and thanks to people like you, the best too. You are an example for us all.

  4. wade says:

    I openly wept while I was listening to the Jeff Rense interview. I look across the beautifull lake I live on ,and there is nothing but dead red trees surrounding it. We all must get together in MASS and stop this extermination.

  5. Steve Mobley says:

    Lets have a ‘National Stop the Spraying Day’ call your Rep or Senator or the President, News Organizations Etc. and flood the phone lines and emails that day. Put up Billboards all over the country. Put Public Service Announcements on local TV and Radio stations. Lets get this out everywhere. Just some ideas to stop this madness.

  6. Simon says:

    For some years now I have gathered the information about chemtrails and etc. However, each time I try to share it with other people or introduce them to the issue, in 99% cases I am being totally ridiculed. Only very close friends give up (kind of) on me and agree that something strange might be happening. However none of them are interested in scrutinizing the subject themselves. I live in Copenhagen, and almost every time we have a day or two with a visible sun (seldom happens though) there are always perfect chemtrail nets in the sky. I also take pictures of the sky when I travel, and have gathered a large photo collection by now. However, as an individual I feel quite helpless – I cannot change or demand answers from any governmental office. Most likely you will get “computer says NO”… Spreading the word does not really seem be effective either. Any suggestions for actions?

    • admin says:

      Believe me, we all know your state of angst, but we are not helpless.
      Awareness is growing rapidly. The disintegrating climate will make it impossible to hide the spraying for much longer . In the meantime Simon, you can locate groups, organizations, and individuals that would care if they only knew. Find credible data and send out “flaming arrows”. Ask these groups to investigate this most dire issue. You will do more good than you might imagine.
      Don’t give up, you are not alone.
      Dane Wigington

  7. I. R. Stopp says:

    What element could one bind the aluminum with, to decontaminate the soil?

    Great information, thanks.

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