Dane Wigington Interview / Jeff Rense MONDAY DEC. 2


Listen to the show recorded Monday Dec 2

Dane Wigington / Jeff Rense – December 2

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  1. Jason says:

    What can we do to stop this?  I've written to CA Air Resources Board and received the stupidest letter you can imagine.  Was written, supposedly by their researcher but signed by someone else.  Don't  blame him for not wanting to sign his name to such nonsense.

    I've heard  that some cities have circulated petitions  to  stop the spraying.  Has this had any effect? 

    Oregon news has reported spraying on some days.  I never  hear it mentioned on the news in the Sacramento area?  Why not?

  2. Valiant_man says:

    Much thanks and appreciation for all of your care and work Dane. I live in the Sacramento, CA County, and i have seen the same BS Geo-engineering you (Dane) have experienced for my near three decade of life in the so-called Golden State, and i’m absolutely glad they (U.S. Federal Corporation, NWO, etc.) are amping up their insanity via Chemtrails, HAARP, and whatever eugenics means these pricks do and practice: why? Because it shall no doubt in my mind ‘awaken’ and ‘shaken’ more people from their delusion(s) and fears, and in turn, stir them to take notice to care for theirselves, other moral people, and nature (the only true provider for all whom exist). Also, these few recent months of past irratic and innatural weather patterns, more over, practically shows how F-ing desperate these bastards are!

    I quote,”The significance of any (wo)man’s enemy, can be found in the measure of those he/she/they bring battle or war upon… in other words, the greatness of a (wo)man, people, or nation, shall always be shown by their wrongdoers,” and,”Evil, is but a day (or night) away from being extinguished; live (reverse spelling of evil) people have all but stand firm under the Banner of Right!!!”

  3. Sye says:

    The spraying in Gloucestershire Uk is now 24/7. We’re getting all the various types of toxic soup thrown at us. Some days appear clear, but the low flying craft making short chemtrails are simply spraying the land and everything on it like spraying cockroaches! Contrails are not formed at low altitudes and people must get savvy with this fact as well.

  4. Ken says:

    Thanks SO MUCH for your very important work. This is a great interview with Jeff. The spraying has INCREASED in the Dallas area. I understand it’s increased nation wide from what I’m hearing. They normally spray ahead of fronts and causes the moisture to migrate past us. (as you point out)
    I remember several years ago, I think it was around 2008, when there were HUGE masses of storm clouds coming from the south that wouldn’t rain a drop on us- very unnatural. What was extraordinary though was that the following week there was a record breaking flood in Kansas. I believe they caused it. Then there are the filaments(I’ve seen them falling from the sky) and Morgellons. that’s another story.
    I have been making some Chemtrail videos since 2006. If there is anything I can do to help, please let me know. Thanks! Ken

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