Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Change, And The Poisoning Of Life On Earth


More major publications are trying to “condition” the population to the idea of “geoengineering” as a cure for the increasingly extreme climate. It is ever more shocking that publications like “Foreign Affairs” can still pretend they don’t know SRM (stratospheric aerosol geoengineering) has been a lethal reality for decades. They say “SRM could cool the planet in a few months”, really? A mountain of data to date says otherwise.

The ongoing atmospheric spraying (and jet stream manipulation with HAARP facilities ) can and does cool large regions of the planet for limited periods, but at what cost? The ongoing global geoengineering programs are making climate change far worse and quite literally are tearing the planets life support systems apart.

As Go The Bees, So Goes Man

Albert Einstein is quoted as saying “if the bees disappear from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live…no pollination…no man”.

Bee populations are collapsing everywhere at an extremely alarming rate (as are countless species). Nearly all media and science sources are trying to blame the very rapid die off on farm/crop chemicals, but how does one then explain the fact that the die off is also occurring in extremely remote regions hundreds of miles from any farms? There is only one spray program that encompasses the entire planet, aerosol geoengineering. The highly toxic bioavailable heavy metal nano particles used in the ongoing geoengineering programs are being inhaled and absorbed by all life on our planet. Now add the constant bombardment of HAARP radio frequency signals and the bees have little chance. How long will the rest of us last when the bees are gone? Will not all of us eventually succumb to the geoengineering assault if it continues, just like the bees?

Runaway Climate Change is Now

Still don’t believe it?

Many still refuse to accept that our climate has been completely decimated. True, Al Gore is a hypocrite and disaster capitalist, but that fact does not change the reality unfolding around us all. Even main stream media is no longer able to ignore the imploding climate which is now in a runaway state thanks to “feed back loops” like mass methane release.

Human activity has done great damage to the planet, but there is one factor that stands out far above all others as the single greatest causal factor for extreme climate disruption and the die off of global species now occurring at mass extinction rates, geoengineering.

The planet we all have known is changing by the day and will soon be very different from the one we have known, this is now inevitable. If geoengineering is not stopped, our biosphere may eventually not support life at all.

Help Us Bring Geoengineering To Light While It Still Matters

Its up to all of us to get up off our back sides, get into the trench, and start helping, we don’t have tomorrow. Get educated on the dire issue of geoengineering, put together credible data to share with others in the form of flyers and DVDs like “Why In The World Are They Spraying”, make copies, and pass it out. Use the internet to locate contacts for groups, organizations, journalists, and individuals that would care if they knew and send them links to articles.  In this way countless “spot fires” of awareness can be created which will soon enough merge into a giant blaze of consciousness that can not be extinguished. Once enough of those carrying out these programs realize they are killing themselves along with the rest of us, the spraying can realistically be stopped.

Dane Wigington


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  3. […] Geoengineering, Runaway Climate Change, And The Poisoning Of Life On Earth […]

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  5. Outstanding story indeed. My father has been awaiting for this update.

  6. Dylan says:

    From 1970 to 2001 (the period under study, most likely greater today) the Arctic temperature increased 83 % more than the Tropics. The Antarctic increased LESS than the Tropics. If carbon dioxide is well mixed in the atmosphere, warming should be the same at both poles. This is NOT the case. What accounts for this difference is the cloud blanket effect. 70% of the Earth`s surface is covered by clouds at any given time. At the North pole cloud cover is 70% whilst at the South pole it is 3 %.
    Low level clouds are NET WARMERS at the higher latitudes of the poles.
    High level clouds – cirrus clouds are NET WARMERS at all latitudes.
    The cloud blanket effect accounts for the lion`s share of the warming.
    But what accounts for the cloud blanket effect since 1970? Not the sunspot cycle, when the sun was winding down from around 1975, the temperature continued rising, something unprecedented in history.
    The 1970`s were also when the ENMOD treaty was signed. Before that we had nukes in the magnetosphere and after we had rockets releasing barium and other chemicals into the stratosphere to “study the effects of climate change” roughly translated as – “tear the Ozone a New Asshole” and of course the HAARP technology poking and slicing the ionosphere, distorting the jet stream, manipulating cloud cover, the veil that regulates the temperature. This technology along with the ubiquitous tic-tac toe, cloud counterfeiting operation going on over our heads continuously are now the main drivers of the global warming RACKET. If persistent contrails turn into CIRRUS clouds which have a NET WARMING EFFECT, if contrail cover has a 2/3 day/night ratio, intensifying the NET WARMING, then it doesn`t take a Harry Wexler to see that this IS global warming, PHILanthropogenic Global Warming, the opposite of the stated aim of cooling the planet.
    In this context it is easy to see that the whole AGW vs sceptics debate is a DIVERSION from the Gorilla in the Greenhouse, waging the only real COLD war – the war on the Arctic dreamed up by the Megalomaniacs. They intend to rape the Arctic, tax us for it, use the extreme perturbations in the climate and super heated oceans as reservoirs for perfect Frankenstorms, manipulate the world`s water vapour to flood or dessicate their victims all the while profiting through AL GORE RHYTHMIC TRADING – cap and trade, carbon taxes, weather derivatives, catastrophe bonds, land, food and water speculation ad Nauseum.
    They THINK they can get away with it.

  7. Dan Horton says:

    Here is the article I promised you about Geoengineering. BLBingham

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  10. Max Bliss says:

    Hello Dane and team…please disregard my first message…finger malfunction in iPhone key pad. This in my P.C. version.

    Many thanks Dane and team, you have been a shining light in exposing the crimes of the clandestine aerosol spraying program. So much is at stake. It is clear from the huge scale of this program that there has to be a level of complicity throughout the worlds governments in order to achieve the almost global geoengineering we are witnessing today. Therefore it is evidence that the shadow one world governance is stepping out of the shadows and we are witnessing a totalitarian one world governance…either with or without consent. I have seen job vacancies for PHD grads to study building settlements via ” Sustainable Developments” in the Arctic regions….this suggets the elites are planning to plunder the region…indicating that this was planned long in advance. Also a thought to consider, other than the rich resources in the polar regions is by forcing global warming through Geoegineering ( HAARP) the elites can finally open up the polar region for shipping…it has been long discussed about using the territorials waters once the ice has been melted.
    Clearly the planning has been decades in the making and we the people are only waking up to the full impacts and implications of a criminal one world totalitarian state. Many issues are culminating at once and we have the only chance there ever was to expose and dismantling the real criminals on this planet. We the people can end wars, choose self determination and freedom. Transparency and take the power away from a centralized government and banking system. Funny how the World Bank are often warning about Global Warming…?? The education system and media are all controlled and it is up to people to start self educating and finding out the TRUTH behind the mass deceptions. There is no need for war, they only serve the elites agenda, we are being coerced toward a one world currency that will be electronic and use the RFid infrastructure being set up now and trialed now. This one world currency will be an enslavement tool…no more opposition or raising awareness or your account will be penalized ( terrorist- speaking out against the system)!!! Global warming has been hyped to justify their geoengineering plans but it is a cover to facilitate the BIG agenda to control everything on this planet…total enslavement, for those chosen to survive….mens sperm count down 33% in just 16 years..? Soon the elites will get their dream of humanity asking for permission to procreate…GMO IVF babies of their choice and total population control…..It is up to we the people to wake up and UNITE together, overcoming our social programming and celebrating or differences but UNITING…no more divide and rule….together we can expose and dismantle the elites despotic machinations….together we the people can create a new paradigm…with out a pyramidal power structure…together we the people must take responsibility……PEACE 4 ALL

  11. Iraja says:

    Science Friday on NPR last Friday covered the bee loss. It is amazing how the populace is so fast asleep, or distracted by their everyday life to miss the fact that their life will drastically change in the near future. I think that humans are so adaptable and in general positive about the future that they cannot believe something like this could happen. Well, it’s time to wake up, because it is happening! I saw yet another argument that the arctic sea ice is not changing that fast, and they always look at the ice coverage, and not the total ice mass. Also the methane release off the coast of Russia should be front-page news, but it’s not going to be. Thanks Dane for writing another informative article.

  12. Max Bliss says:

    Many thanks Dane and team for you tireless efforts exposing this horrendous crime. It is tough for many to come to terms with the reality that many elements of our establishment are knowingly or unknowingly are part of this massive clandestine program. Many governments are being exposed as actually not serving the people’s interests anymore. The world appears to be a one world corporate governance system, stepping out from the shadows. The media is controlled as are most elements for people to gather their information and after years of social programming it is up to the people to self educate and unite together to expose the many crimes and change the whole system, so that we can Terry Lawton added Max Blisslive in harmony with each other and our beautiful planet…. TIME for a mass awakening … Put the unity back into our community… Reject the system of one world governance ….. PEACE 4 ALL

  13. J. Lee says:

    The first step towards significant change is education and awareness. If you tell two others, then they tell two others and pass it down, then we can begin to work in our communities to solve this most critical problem.

    Know anyone who works at Evergreen? Know anyone who flies commercial or military? Know anyone who is in the public health department? Anyone in politics? Encourage them if they know something, say something. Once their are enough holes in the dike the dam(N) thing begins its downfall.

    We are the change that our children must see. it’s up to each of us. We can do this.

  14. lazarus says:

    Lets put together a bill to place before all parliaments naming the politicians responsible for keeping this matter secret as traitors, with treason, then line them up and shoot them .

    • wolvenwood says:

      Agreed; but it isn’t only the politicians, it’s also the CEO’s of corporations and other elites. The Gates Foundation provided seed $ for geoengineering, we can start there and follow the $. They are destroying our planet, all while we watch TV and argue over religion, abortion, birth control, et al. The People are on our own now and the best thing we can do is to unite and ignore our differences, but work towards the same goal.

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  16. Nicolina Clark says:

    We are blessed that you are our leader in this fight. I hope that there is a way to bring this knowledge and wake up the dormant population quicker. I weak up everyday to Chemtrails in Los Angeles, it is very intense here. Some days we are so engulfed in this chemical fog that the sun gets obscured and there is no visibility for hours. My windshield gets covered with this reflective diamond specs, is this what gets in our lungs and blood stream?

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