11/1/2014 – Geoengineering Watch Radio


New geoengineered snowstorms. Chinese change cooking oil to jet fuel to please environmentalists. Environmental group just for show. We need critical mass before anything will change. Chemtrail Billboard Project. Rapid artificial cooldowns more common. People don’t know natural clouds today. Oil slicks in the sky, on windshields, and on ponds. Plant damage reported everywhere How to get involved.

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  1. Terri says:

    they were talking about a humming sound when outside sometimes. i was wondering if anyone gets a ringing sound? i get a ringing in my ears that is intermittent. sometimes quiet. sometimes really loud. i wonder if it is related?

    plus. we get the chemical winds like that one caller stated. and the chemical fog. no humidity yet thick fog from out of no where. it has a sheen about it as well like an oil slick. clouds look dark and full of oil. very odd.

    people won’t see it because they are programmed not to see it. The population is under mind control under a hypnotic trance. I have no idea how to help them break that trance. The moment you mention things like geoengineering they revert to their programming and spout pre programmed sentences and belief system that kicks in.

  2. Wanda Black says:

    My husband and I were traveling down Interstate 26 in South Carolina between Columbia, SC and Charleston, SC. It was a clear sunny day about 93 degrees. Ahead of us, we could see dark clouds. We knew we were coming upon rain. In fact, we did. We entered into a horrible rain down pour where we could barely see the road. The temperature dropped quickly and drastically to 72 degrees for about 3 minutes as we were in the horrible rain. Suddenly the clouds parted and the sun appeared and the rain quickly stopped! Over my home, nearly every day, there are chemtrails. One day it was so bad it smelled like pesticides on our porch. That evening I had pain in my chest and had trouble breathing. My waterfall had bubbles in it which I attribute to the chemicals in the spraying. My magnolia tree leaves had perfectly round burnt holes in them. I took pictures of them, samples of dirt and water and pictures of the chemtrailing above my house. I wrote letters and sent this information to our representatives. I sent e-mails to all of my friends to try and educate each one of them on this horrific practice of spraying! Although my part was small, I did make an effort to ‘spread the word’! Each and every one of us need to do this and help educate your friends on this subject. They will look it up and do like I did…learn about this spraying and then ACT!! Like Dane says, it will take an army of ‘like-minded’ concerned people to WAKE EVERYONE UP!!! It is BAD…we CAN NOT WAIT…ACT NOW!!!

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