I want to express our most sincere gratitude for the outpouring of support we received when our site first got pulled on Monday 7/29/13.

As soon as we tried to post the article "Geoengineering Is Destroying The Ozone Layer" our site was taken down. We have been shut down about a half dozen times since and have kept up the effort to put it back up each time. Our systems administrator was told by the server they were doing some sort of internal change over. I cannot, and do not accept this excuse. We have never had anything like this happen before. What are the odds of this timing? Why has the site been shut down again and again since? The gravity of the UV issue cannot be overstated and I believe this aspect of the geoengineering decimation cannot be hidden once it is well known. It seems clear the data we tried to post hit a nerve.

On this same date, Monday 7/29/13, we were also in the process of interviewing 3 retired pilots (1 retired military and two retired commercial) that have now gone on the record in regard to the spraying. In no uncertain terms these men have stated that the trails we see in the skies so often are not "condensation" trails, but rather chemical trails. I want to be clear that these men were not a part of these programs, but are simply stating for the record that such experiments are clearly going on.

Filmmaker George Barnes flew to California to professionally interview the pilots, our most sincere thanks to him. George has brought much to the table, the skyderalert site, and his vast experience with filming and interviewing. There was a great deal going on last Monday between the interviews and the UV data/article. Was the shutdown of a shot across our bow?

I believe all of our combined efforts have brought us ever closer to fully exposing global geoengineering. If we all continue to pull together, we will yet accomplish this. We will prevail.

We are currently switching servers and now have a number of additional extremely qualified net people who stepped forward and offered to help us keep our site up.

The bottom line, we are grateful beyond words for the outpouring of support we have received in recent days. Though we are trying to respond to all messages we receive, it appears some mail is not reaching us. If we do not reply to your message, please try again to be sure we have received it.

We will continue to do our absolute best to respond to all messages and do everything we can to bring the crimes of geoengineering to light.

Dane Wigington


  1. Al Barnes says:

    I live @ 44.9N in eastern Idaho at 4500 ft. I will have an UV meter next week (accuracy +-10%. If you want recoded readings merely inform me.

  2. Mary Beth says:

    I had no idea that you’d been shut down, I would have freaked! It does say to me though that this site is getting a lot of attention & we are prevailing in getting the truth out there! Yay!!!!!

  3. dave says:

    On the issue of HARP not only they have them on land and on isolated Islands they also have them underwater, The Golf of Mexico at 600 square klms in size.Its in the shape of a hexigon with a square in the middle. With fixed rectangle reflectors east & west, and upsidedown multiple triangle emittors witch are on slides located around the centre hexigon emitter. This also has is own powersupply (ZERO POINT) and living facilites (seen the movie ABBYS) there is one of the west coast of the US
    ,and between Africa and Brazil that one is in the shape of rectangle whith a diamond shape of one corner pointing north. They have emitters spaning from Antartic to the Artic underwater. For the people looking for Atlantas its in Antartic at LakeVostoc and sandwitch Island just north of Antartic. And the Grand Pyramid of Giza was built 200,000 years ago, There is also a Pyramid four times the size of the Giza pyramid located 150 meters underground in Alaska in the west, it was still active with all the Ancient level two civilzation technolgy inside and putting out enough tortion field energy to power up the entire country of Alaska (free energy) my guess is in conjuction with all the other pyramids on the planet they were adding extra frequency to our upper Atmosphere for magnetic shieldstrength against in coming solar radiation (killshot) and climate control.

  4. VICTOR says:

    I was totally stunned when I tried to reach your web site. Finally I went over to the Alex Jones site and there was the article! Big miscalculation on the part of some “group” to try and silence the truth.


  5. organicislandgirl says:

    While I was in the process of sending you more pictures, my computer was shut down , which has never happened to me before in my life. I took pictures of what happened and will discuss with our IT person. Has anyone else had that problem?

  6. Michael says:

    My own internet connection failed for four days, and when it was finally restored, I tried to check into this site, only to get the message that I didn’t have permission to go to this site.
    The next day, the page simply featured one word on the upper left of the screen-“ok”.
    I wasn’t sure if this was a joke, or some hack attack, and I was relieved to find your site up again a day later.
    Personally, I’m glad you have the courage and tenacity to keep going. Believe me, many people know about Geoengineering now, and your site is an important hub for the dissemination of quality information.

  7. BJ says:

    Yvonne and Dane…..Thanks for fighting so hard to keep this invaluable website and information alive! The attack probably IS a shot across the bow, but it is also a sign of desperation of the liars who continue to try to hide their crimes against humanity and mother nature. It also speaks to the futility of trying to discredit or marginalize you Dane. Somehow, trying to put a tin foil hat on you just won’t work! Any time they try to call something a hoax, you know you are right over the target. Thanks so much for all you two do! It does not go unappreciated!!

  8. francis m Reps says:

    we are { have contacted all 44 newspapers in Wy. regarding Chemtraisl with an open letter to our senators documenting this activity } Not much response so a follow up to the Mayors and their staffs in all the major cities in Wy. A response from Barrosso was juvenile, to be charitable. Evidence of foliage disatress is here. Keep up the work. Frank & Terry Reps

  9. James says:

    Dane, it could be a Dos Attack (denial of service), you might ask the ISP the question directly. The Powers that be can iniate such an attack quite easily, and there is nothing much a small ISP (with a small pipe) can do about it. If it keeps happening, and you need advice on how to cope with a DoS attack, pls email me.
    all the best,

  10. Fran says:

    Hey Dane,
    There are no coincidences in my opinion. I have chemtrails over my house almost everyday(western wisc). There is software and plugins that clone your complete wordpress site, however I would do some research on which ones would be good, use the warrior forum for reviews/testimonials. You are supported in spirit.

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