Geoengineering: Who is Playing God With Our Planet


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Special guest: Dane Wigington has an extensive background in solar energy. He is a former employee of Bechtel Power Corp. and was a licensed contractor in California and Arizona. His personal residence was featured in a cover article on the world’s largest renewable energy magazine, Home Power. He owns a 1,600-acre “wildlife preserve” next to Lake Shasta in northern California.

Dane focused his efforts and energy on the geo-engineering issue when he began to lose very significant amounts of solar uptake due to what ever-increasing “solar obscuration” caused from the aircraft spraying. He also noted significant decline in forest health and began testing and research into the geo-engineering issue about a decade ago.

Dane is the lead researcher for and has investigated all levels of geo engineering from chemtrails to HAARP. He assisted Michael Murphy with his production of “What in the World are They Spraying” and has appeared on an extensive number of interviews to explain the environmental dangers we face on a global level. He lives in Mt. Shasta, California.

Source: Cubanarama


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  1. Paul says:

    Many thanks to Dane for sharing vital info with us on this show. This is a great place to start if you're new to the subject. 

    Paul & Bobby

    C/O Spellbound

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