GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update Feb 2, 2014


Finally the public at large is beginning to realize there is something very wrong with the snow. Chemically nucleated artificial snow storms have been the norm for a very long time.

Of course now that the public has began to wake up, the power structure controlled media and weather “forecast” agencies have been called out in full force to do damage control. All the main stream media weapons of mass distraction are “officially debunking” the freak chemical snow as being “normal” or perhaps affected by “pollution particles” in the atmosphere. The overall message from the main stream media spin machine is the same as it is with so many other atrocities that are discovered, “everything is fine, nothing to worry about, go back to sleep now”. The internet disinformation trolls are also in high gear with their attempt to discredit the very real snow observations from people across the country and across the world, what else should we expect?

So whats the bottom line with the snow? As mentioned earlier, there is no doubt snow storms are being engineered. Even the Chinese have been hard at this type of engineering for a long while. Those that don’t believe this should google “Chinese Scientists engineer snow storms”, even main stream media covered this story. The Chinese openly announced their snow storm engineering till they did a billion dollars worth of damage to Beijing. They then went underground with their ongoing climate modification and engineering. Why would anyone believe our government is not doing the exact same thing? Is the artificially nucleated snow in the US really not melting properly? There is absolutely no question about this and I can say this from former field observation in Northern California. The last batch of engineered snow that fell on our region in December stayed on the ground in places for an unbelievable amount of time. There were patches of it that sat for ten days and longer with night time temperatures in the 40s and daytime temps in the mid 60s. Ice formed on ponds from this material that sat for three weeks of far above freezing temperatures. Lab tests revealed extremely high aluminum and barium levels, even lead was detected. And how about those 75 pound ice boulders in Lake Michigan that have been appearing in recent years? Of course the global elite owned media machine has explained this away as just “natural” also.

What is going on with the constant conveyor of engineered storms in the US? Still going. Engineered “winter storm” Maximus is winding down and the next theatrically named storm is being ramped up, “winter storm Nika”. The entire parade of winter storms appear to be setting the stage for what may be the “grand finale” of engineered cold in the US for this year. Within the next week the weather makers will have likely sufficiently orchestrated the jet stream, and saturated the skies with chemicals and metals to create an engineered “cool down” for most of the lower 48. How long will it last? Like all the other geoengineered cool downs, not so long. On Saturday the 1st of Feburary, it was raining in Detroit while snowing in Texas. Alaska just had the warmest January on record with temperatures in some places climbing to near 70 degrees. The planet is heating rapidly and ocean temperatures are the bottom line. No matter how hard the climate engineers try to mask the climate meltdown by completely covering the skies over targeted land masses with toxic metals and chemicals, they are only making the overall warming exponentially worse.

The disingenuous meteorologists at the Weather Channel continue to explain away the completely engineered as totally natural. They try to convince us all that its “normal” to have a “warm side” to “winter storms” . That its “normal” to have thunder storms and rain a stone throw away from ice storms and snow. And of course, the Weather Channel theater dedicated plenty of time to cover the Punxsutawney Phil story, we would not want to miss that. Of course the groundhog went back into his hole. Why should the rodent stay outside under completely obscured skies? In fact on any given day of late the vast majority of sky over North America is covered with aerosols spraying and/or a mix of aerosol cloud and natural cloud cover.

The California drought continues unabated. A recent “storm” was allowed to drop 1/10th of an inch on Northern California, thats it. Hardly enough to wet the ground and the main stream media had the audacity to insinuate that the North State was experiencing “drought relief. It appears the climate engineers may allow a bit of moisture to flow into the Pacific Northwest soon in order to have the needed moisture for the big “engineered cool down” in the coming week. Time will tell but it is likely much of this moisture will be aerosolized and migrated further east for use in the engineered “cool down”. This means California will probably not get enough rain to make much of a difference.

The sad thing is that the majority of the population is all too willing to accept any excuse from main stream media to ram their heads back into the sand. Many are still under the delusion that if they just ignore what is happening around them, it will all work itself out. Such a notion could not be further from the truth. The reality is this, our time horizon for a complete paradigm change is very short on the current trajectory and its getting shorter by the day. If all do not help steer the ship in a different direction and fast, we are going down, all of us. Get up, get educated on this subject, and get active in the fight to raise awareness.


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  1. New York Bad Air Day says:

    Thanks Dane for keeping up this work. I've had chronic sinus infections for more than 10 years.  I sometimes have blinding headaches on days with heavy spray. I'm going to try my best to document aerosol spraying over eastern NY State. It's pretty bad on most days of the week. Very sad to see this destruction in beautiful upstate NY.  Just two years ago I did not see half the chemtrails that I now see every week.

  2. uncle gee says:

    Whats guna happen wen all that artificial snow melts? It will sure end up in our water supply slowly poisoning us even more as if the florine wasnt enough already! And what about earthquakes, we just had a 6.1 out here in napa california and i asure you it did not feel like no natural occurens, i feel as tho the government can regulate earthquakes too is that possible?

    • Charlie says:

      Silver  snowflakes.  Last night 1/23/16  we had 5 inches of snow.  As I put the back light on  ( now again their have always been some nice shiny natural snowflakes ) . They are everywhere and falling . They look heavier.   Sort of like the silver dollar look.  Anyway   simple they have metal aerosol in them..  Storm  Jonas by the way.. Why do you think  they name them.. To keep track what they did..expletive  deleted.

  3. Mandy Larsen says:

    I agree, we need higher help! I remember a story of several businessmen during WWII got together everyday at their lunch hour to pray for our nation. They were not the only ones. For those of you who say what good can prayer do? It is a collective agreement of the minds for the greater good. Prayer brought about events in WWII to end it. Let us agree that the grand architect must help undo this mess or put a cog in the works of the evil idiots!

  4. Karen strong says:

    There are really great comments here

  5. Kevin Sc says:

    For all of you watching the continuously unfolding event in Fukushima. I do believe that we are learning the consequences of trying to manage the overwhelming disaster we have allowed to ensue. We are at the point where we have to evolve technology and leadership to be accountable and to be able respond to the situation. We have the resources to try and prove our hypotheses.

    We have yet to realize the levels of contamination we are yet to face, and can only hope that some of us are prepared for the future. If there really is a war on our habitat and HAARP can be implicated in these events, it should be recognized that we have all allowed for injustices to fall on all of our countries and countrymen no matter our origins.

    Together, we are strong and free, seeking the truth. May we get to it before its not worth hearing.

  6. Earth Angel says:

    To Keith N., Dane, and all our engaged activists- Damn Right!! Thanks for your heartfelt message & we’re with ya ’till the wheels come off!

  7. tired of lies says:

    I tried to.repost this article and FB froze up, refusing to put on my page!

    • Tired of lies – We have had countless reports from activists all around the world confirming that Facebook has a secret agenda to slow down and stop all geoengineering related truths from being posted.What we can do in the short term is to rename our url address to something that Facebook does not recognize yet.You can use a web site like that renames url addresses to a new address.

      -Troy Lessard

  8. pam washburn Humboldt County says:

    Dane once again thankyou for your time. God bless

    Pam and a dog named RUE

    • Charlie says:

      We have to unite, up here in New England  no one cares.  Figures  right.. trying to get protest groups here is like  well you can imagine..

      God bless everyone ,

      Charlie and a cat named Blue 

  9. Keith N says:

    I am so incredibly surprised that this site has not yet been shut down. And so incredibly grateful it hasn’t!
    A couple of years ago, I had a close friend introduce me to the topic/concept of the NWO (New World Order). I consider myself to have healthy skepticism about many things, but in my heart, I knew that it seemed completely plausible. I looked into it and similar to this topic of geoenginerring, found that it was rife with conspiracy and debunkers. All the more reason to feel the “real”.
    Forward two years, and here I am… typing this message to you Dane, and to all those who are participating in the accumulation of energy to help stop this madness. Now more than ever we need to ACT,not from our couches or desks at work. We are on the brink. I have no doubt. We MUST ACT NOW. I am in the health and wellness field and never before have I seen such poor physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health, low levels of fitness, and general neurolgical decline… It is so clear! This has been planned, programmed and perpetrated with the utmost of care within the greatest shrouds of secrecy!
    If you look at the number of people here who are here, living with eyes wide open and UP, we are but a few who believe in the sinister actions of the evil leaders that are systematically exectuing our demise.
    BUT! every day, as we all actively reach out to those we love and care for, those around us who seem to have an open mind and willing heart, those whose vision is clear enough to unite with us in what may be our last great effort… To me, the risk of ridicule, retreat and retaliation is worth taking. If I’m wrong, I will have lost nothing but a little bit of time and energy. If I’m right, well then, I’ll have more time to spend with those I love and respect! So, if we have a chance to make change, to save our planet from dying, save what species of life other than our own are left… to give our children a chance to climb a healthy tree, swim in a lake or ocean without pollution, or catch a real snowflake on their toungue, well then… it will be worth every letter, every sentence and every conversation I have from now until my very last aluminized, brominated, strontiumated breath! Eyes Up, Mouth Open, and HEADSTRONG!

    • Norma Buchanan says:

      Catch a real snow flake on their tongue….., how well I remember and the youth of our time is being robbed of the simple pleasures of life.
      Born during WW2, fled communism and came to this country as a young girl to find freedom and the American Dream, I recognize the changes in this beautiful country and what it is doing to humanity.
      Wake up America !!! Stand up for Freedom, it is worth fighting for.

  10. Be careful. the government, or nsa, or whoever… has blocked my facebook and some videos.. They know what we are saying and what we are watching.. I have nothing to loose at this point.. Just saying I know they have done this to me.. Good Luck..

  11. Colt says:

    They are trying to trick people into thinking that there isn’t global warming. That is the end game at the moment.

  12. phil says:

    What happened to latest Rense interview?

  13. joan migneault says:

    Tried to burn a large hunk of snow here in Colorado with some matches ( didn’t have a lighter) and you are so right on…it didn’t melt and parts turned black and smelt funny…definitely something going on here…tptb will eventually kill this beautiful planet along with the souls that occupy it!! Sad that it has come to this…we’ll all suffer for this eventually…God help us and those who perpetrate these evil deeds!

  14. jd says:

    OK, but the question for me is ‘To what end?’ What is the purpose for all this snow and cold? What is the ultimate end here?

    • Charlie says:

      world dom.  of everyone.. There are  Green  ( which they like to call moss )  on trees.  And fences even on the tar. everywhere here.  black patch  also.  on trees. None of it looks natural. As i look outside you can see the snow melts of a silver glistening ice.  Doesn't melt like it used to.  Problem is this green crap you can peel off.  It's even on the shed door. The door.  So moss grows on the side metal door right.  Now were starting to see black patches growing on the trees. What crap

  15. Jamie says:

    The government has been messing with the weather since Vietnam. The truth is…we will never do anything about it. There will never be a revolution, and these people who have gotten away with this stuff for decades will continue to get away with it. If we don’t like it..there is a police state just itchin to be enacted. All we can do is to enjoy life and let them ruin paradise.. We probably deserve it.

  16. Eason Wright says:

    We support you Dane all the way. All your videos are going viral with me.

  17. Howard Ratcliffe says:

    “Control Oil, you control Nations. Control Food, you control People” Henry Kissinger

  18. William Rothschild says:

    Also, just google “weather warfare” and open your eyes to what’s really going on.

  19. Chip says:

    I concur with full measure in Genes’ remarks. I expect soon to see rapid disintegration of the already fractured public mind. I have only recently ascended to my true place and seen the folly of my immature “mental state[s]. Sorry for that am I. Moving on. In the immediate future I see no HERE. Finding it a waste to make any plans or to hedge myself up for surviving the cataclysm I forsee. Does it mean no-future? I do not know, but I suspect that only a small number of the human species evolves and endures to remember the coming historical wipeout.

    • Charlie says:

      The end will come before that..  They feel they’re running out of time.. For one, the whole government is in it together no matter who they put in.  For they will marry till that day comes.  Oh boy I can imagine what that will be like

  20. Russ Lazuka says:

    Dane that is a fantastic Post and I love the responses from intelligent everyday folks…not the Politicians, phony Weather reporters, etc. Myself, Jeff and Fred were proud to be in the SkyderAlert video, because we know as Pilots this aerosol is Killing all of us and our crops. I went to SAC last week and not one head of cattle to be seen down there and back. Take care my Brother and let’s keep attempting to educate.

  21. K_Suzanne says:

    Judy, it wouldn’t surprise me if they’re already lacing it with radioactive material. Too, it would explain why the feds, back in early December submitted a RFQ for 14 million doses of high-dosed potassium iodide tablets. According to the requisition the pills would be delivered to a military warehouse in Maryland
    by the 1st of February.

    I must admit, when I first read this I thought we should maybe be on alert for a nuclear attack from Russia or China. Unfortunately, they’re not the enemy terrorists — our OWN government is!

  22. Ryan says:

    I have been trying to spread awareness of this issue to friends, family, and people I meet around town. I direct them to this website and tell them to be careful about searching for chemtrail websites and instead search for geoengineering. It is a message of love and discovery because I know when I first heard about the SRM and SAR programs, I didn’t want to believe it could be possible. Then I started to pay attention and look at the sky. I work and play outside a lot, so it didn’t take long to realize something was going on.

    So…the reason I say this, is that I think we need to love others through their periods of skepticism and be as patient as we can, because ultimately the more angry we become for not being heard, the more we will drive those away that need to hear the message the most. I have a 12 week old son now, and for me, this feels really personal. I can’t imagine telling him that I knew the truth and didn’t do anything to educate others and stand up for ourselves, our planet, and the right to know what is happening in our skies. I was at the Denver rally Dane coordinated with We Are Change CO a couple weekends ago and met some amazing people. I believe the message is consistent, love others enough to speak up for truth. Don’t be afraid, vengeful, full of hate, but instead spread the truth to those who have open minds.

    Thank you for your being a true leader in this period of history, Dane! We need to all have your courage to speak up.

    The ball is starting to roll down the hill and is picking up momentum….keep up the great work.

  23. Judy says:

    Today on Whats the Real Truth ( 2012 J Haines),
    Neil Kennan stated that they are adding Cesium 157?,and some type of iodine to the chemtrails..and plan on blaming it on fukishima(sp)..states he has proof.
    The video was posted today on her web site.
    Radiation……The medical literature on this states it stays in the land and food for centuries. What the hell is going on, and have you heard of this?

    P.S. Loved the video of the “idiot” who claimed the scientist had NOT studied the effects of aluminum in the air..yea right..
    Thanks for all you do!

  24. Gene Maynard says:

    In California dozens of communities now have only a few weeks of drinking water left. Maybe you haven’t heard or maybe you’re thankful it’s not you. The nations “breadbasket” is dry. Crops are not even being planted because it’s simply too dry. Soon the rest of the nation will feel the impact. Food prices will be out of reach for the average person. The eastern half of the nation has experienced deluges of rain and snow. That will end. Eventually there will be no moisture to rob. The fate of California is the future of most of the nation. I simply want you to realize truth is a scarce commodity. Please stop getting caught up in the spin cycle. Turn your T.V.’s off. I know some have favorite news and weather channels but understand they are all controlled. There is a word in the middle east for lies, it is Tigiyya. It means to lie for the greater good which to them equals truth. With most of us our brains cannot wrap around this. We must realize that to those responsible, lying is their truth. They believe this in the same way we believe truth. We can think of them as psychopathic liars but they see us as the same. They do not understand that they are doing anything wrong, they believe we are the ones who are wrong. This is what we’re up against. Logic and reason play no role in this whatsoever. I hope all can begin to grasp where we are.

  25. andrewPeaslee says:

    the good news is we do have help. The mighty God of the Universe, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! all we have to do is turn to Him in truth, repent,receive His Salvation and trust in Him. Not in our wisdom or what we think is best…with love

  26. New HAARP facility i believe is at the Oregon Coast…that is making it HELL here for The OPacific Northwest!

  27. Yvonne Szakacs says:

    Gene Maynard, you are 100% correct. Thank you for delivering the truth.

  28. Gene Maynard says:

    Everything is a distraction. A false flag. There is no truth. They always hold out one hand for public consumption while the truth lies in the other hand, if even there. There is much to come. I know this sounds crazy but very, very soon we will long for the days when all we had to worry about was drought and artificial snow. Even the immanent collapse of life I am afraid will seem tame when the immediate collapse is apparent. I truly admire you for what you’re doing, that’s no lie, I truly admire you. But I must say we need Higher help. I realize this may not fit with the message you’re trying to deliver and I understand, but I just wanted to say it. May God bless you!

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