GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update, September 20th, 2014

The unbelievable swings in temperatures will continue to increase as the climate engineers put ever more pressure on the biosphere’s life support systems. In the last week some regions in the US went from 80 degrees, to the high teens with record snow, and back to the 90s. The climate forcing, coupled with the ever increasing contamination from these programs, are threats that we must face and bring to a halt.

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  1. Terri says:

    phosgene is a byproduct of making fertilizers. the military’s of the world also used it to spray on their enemy. would not surprise me to find they are including it in their chemical ”rainbow”. it certainly produces the same symptoms i have had as well as family members and friends.

  2. Terri says:

    I have been doing a lot of independent research and reading on the geoengineering topic to help others understand the level of evil that is capable of such a thing. I ran into this article about how the military was using a monsanto and dow chemical in Vietnam. not just agent orange but an all vegetation killer. They specifically targeted crops and trees. sound familiar?

    plus, they sprayed something called phosgene gas which takes away the oxygen. it sure seems like that is going on. many days i work outside i cannot breath. I get blinding headaches and the air seems thin or non existent. Dizziness comes out of the blue as well. wonder if that is what is killing the birds, bee’s. insects, fish ect. a type of gas. ?

    see if that doesn’t fit to a ‘T’ what they are doing to us…no chemtrails? think again. the technique was perfected in vietnam it seems.

  3. JoeDaddy says:

    Where do you get the bumperstickers?

  4. citizen in California says:

    I need to see more bumper stickers on the roads of the United States!!!!! I have mine on.
    The World Needs You! (I added that phrase)

  5. Paul Michael says:

    For the past month I have seen very little of the normal aerosol spraying patterns over Los Angeles,It is like they are being more stealth in there spraying tactics.I have seen chem bombs near the beach floating around looking like dark colored and also the opposite vey white/silver looking clouds.I can tell by my headaches and sinus problems when they are spraying.Perhaps they are aware that more of the public is on to there game and they wish to hide it more?At the same time it has been terribly hot even in the 80’s at night.Up to 108 the other day in downtown Los Angeles.I know we need to continue educating our friends and associates of this monsterous application of chemicals being sprayed on us.Today I passed out my 8 page information pamphlet to my Pastors at church and told them they have a share these things to there members.Along with the other terrible things the globalist and military industrial complex teaming with our corrupt government is doing to the population to further there satanic agenda.Spead the word,be vocal,deal in facts,don’t be shy.Its all of our lives that are at stake.God Bless you Dane and all of your listeners.

  6. bob armstrong says:

    Here in northern Ontario Canada near the Sudbury area over the last 2 years I have noticed a significant increase in high altitude jet traffic, and we are not on any major routes. Not knowing anything about chemtrails at the time, I just thought it was strange that all of a sudden we had become a very busy place for air traffic in all directions.
    I had noticed also that over the last 2 years our weather that normally comes from the southwest has been continually out of the north and northwest. Our winter was extremely cold and long, it started a month early and ended a month late. We had more -45C days than I can remember, and we had snow with wind at -35C. Normally when it snows the temperature is not much below freezing and when the snowstorm passes the skies clear and the wind will calm and it will get cold. It just stayed very cold and windy all winter.
    Our summer was horrible, with heavy rains throughout and we barely saw the sun for more than a day in a row. The jets I see spraying always spray on a fairly clear day and the spraying always precedes rain. The clear sky with some cloud always turns into a grey haze that grows more obvious when they are finished spraying. We then get a very heavy rain the day after or so and it seems that the spraying amplifies the amount of rain we get by four times or so. Our rivers should be fairly low for this time of year and they are near spring run off levels.
    I just hope we do not have another winter like last winter. We burned 43 cords of wood, which is 16 more than normal and it was due to extreme cold with wind.

  7. citizen in California says:

    Keep it up Dane!
    This is how I see it….as the fires intensified the engineering clouds picked up the heat and collided with the cold front from the north (ie;black snow). I saw the wind going n/e where the CC were above the King fire, near where I live. I also saw other CC in the s/w ski going south/west..all this was going on at the same time the wind was going opposite (n/e)….hum…also a fence like streak in the s/w ski (as if it was being served as a shield)…to take those CC south to collide with the Baja storm along the coast for the flooding that just happened in New Mexico.

  8. Blue Sky Lover says:

    The last few days in California (Mendocino co) has been the weirdest weather yet this summer. The sky today is white. I see no trails overheard but can hear the north south traffic. We don’t have any commercial air traffic over our county. The planes we do see are very large, low, slow and all white. We were allowed 2/10ths of an inch of rain the other day and the white planes were very busy before during and after the “storm” hit. The air feels very heavy and a lot of people who are outside a lot are having very sore throats. Again the air today is so odd and to my knowledge there are no nearby fires, just a white and grey haze. Also they are not doing horizon to horizon spraying. Mostly the off and on spraying into existing created “clouds” to make them blend in more. Thanks DW

  9. Kentaur says:

    Slow train coming……

  10. Kentaur says:

    Oh yeah

  11. Marc says:

    I went out this morning to shop here in St. Louis, Mo. The clouds scattered around the sky were just plain weird looking; sort of nondescript shapes and patterns that make no sense. And of course, crisscrossing the sky far above were chemtrails freshly laid down or in the process. And everybody around me just going about their business, more than likely utterly ignorant of the extermination underway. INCREDIBLE!!!!
    May these incarnations of psychopathic evil all drop dead in their tracks. I pray there is still some GOOD in this universe that is aware of this genocide and will intervene. Namaste…..

  12. Average Joe says:

    Great job guys, Doug and Dane. I really love to share these updates. I will keep screaming at the top of my tired, aluminized lungs.

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