GeoengineeringWatch Weather Update, September 6th, 2014

Though heat waves are still unfolding around the planet, the climate engineers are hard at the effort to whip up the first chemically nucleated artificial snow storms of the season. In late August while temperatures were pushing 110 degrees in Northern California, it snowed in Montana. All must remember, there is NO natural weather at this point, none. This short weather update video will shine more light on the ever increasing all out assault on planet Earth by the climate engineers.


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  1. sherry taylor says:

    thanks I hope more people question this
    why is Calgary getting hit so hard?

  2. sherry taylor says:

    look at what is going on politically and is most likely punishment for a policy probably related to the petro $

  3. CJ Cripps says:

    Curious if anyone has any thoughts/conclusions , on recent events in Calgary & SW Alberta ? On Sunday, September 7th , temperature was in the mid=20’s Celcius.
    Planes were seen flying out of Springbank airport ( just west of city of Calgary ) & spraying numerous chemtrails over 2/3 days prior.
    On Monday, September 8/9/10 , it snowed , not only beating the previous snowfall record for the entire month of September , which dated back 110 + years ago , the record was SMASHED by 3 times ! … Yes, I know the close proximity to the east side of the Rockys does create some volatile & unpredictable weather , but something seems suspect here.
    I also grabbed a handful of fresh , un=touched snow , took it inside to room temperature & noticed that it took forever to melt … something very strange about this snow ! … ( & Im Canadian ! , I’ve lived with snow for my entire life & something definitely , was amiss. )
    This early & strange snow has caused severe & no doubt , very costly damage in the city to trees , that couldn’t handle the weight of the snow & countless power outages that still linger. Did “they” know something weather-wise coming ?
    Or did their spraying cause such extremes ? Answers please

  4. Well over 400, 2 minute testimonials since August 27 and we are now tapping the hundreds of thousands of vaccine damaged families throughout our Facebook groups! Go to Youtube from one of the videos, then to Hear This Well!

    Add in the Chemtrail to our kids and our body burdens we are breathing, well add it up folks! This is never going to stop until this criminal eugenics and psychopathic political structures are shut down!

  5. Frieda Nelson says:

    I would love to see some more information on the Polar Vortex. Last winter was so nasty and it is rumored that we are going to have a colder and snowier one this year in the Upper Midwest and Ontario.

  6. Sue Emmel says:

    Egads! Frankenstein was only a Lego toy compared to what the minds of maniacal men are contriving today! As one of the comments under the article stated, “God help us now!” We’re worse than cattle or sheep, allowing ourselves to be consciously led to our own slaughter, if this is true.

    Now I know why Baha’u’llah revealed a prayer to be said “On the appearance of fearful natural disasters”, except the types of weather we’re experiencing seem to be unnaturally natural if it’s true that they’re all now HAARP-induced.

    The prayer, by the way – if you care to know it and share it – is:

    “On the appearance of fearful natural events call ye to mind the might and majesty of your Lord, He Who seeth and heareth all, and say:

    ‘Dominion is God’s, the Lord of the seen and the unseen, the Lord of creation.’

    (Prayer of Baha’u’llah, Kitab-i-Aqdas, the Most Holy Book, par 11)

  7. kathleen gabel says:

    Thank you Dane for always stepping forward with the Truth behind the latest News

  8. Don Bradley says:

    This is not a polar vortex it is called HAARP and Geo- engineering and it is all man made!

  9. Don Bradley says:

    Amen J.T. only God can help us now and we must spread the word and save as many souls as possible. God is Great!

  10. MikeB says:

    I’ve noticed a “hotter” sun on my skin this year. I’m still wrestling with the reality of it.

  11. Terri says:

    We had rain here for a few days but the rain flash killed huge numbers of trees, weeds, grass. not only did it not nourish the plants it had the opposite effect. it hurt the plants.

    Every one of our trees in the yard are covered in black spots they didn’t have before the rain.

    We went for a drive in the country and saw dead and dying trees everywhere. The leaves are light green where there are living trees. very few with dark green leaves. This area normally is thick with vegetation and trees.

    Dane mentioned that the sunlight reaching the surface has decreased 20% or so. could that be why the trees are dying? could it be why they look so sickly? A few trees look like they never developed a few growth of leaves at all during the summer. Thin and yellowish green leaves.

    I think they let it rain just enough to drop their chemical bombs on the ground for the plants to suck up. The plants, trees, bushes drink in the new moisture and it goes straight to the heart of the plant. Next, they start to die off. sometimes the whole tree dies. sometimes only 1/2.

    It looks like they are spraying an all vegetation Monsanto roundup spray. widely dispersed. whatever gets hit by it starts to die.

    The days they let it rain i think it must be the fluoride they want to pump into the rivers, streams, creeks, water supplies. just a thought. They let it rain only to wash their poisons down to the soil. We never get enough to wash their toxins away. just enough to wash it down from the sky.

    Another strange thing is the apples, peaches, pears, ect are dying on the tree. The fruit is rotten from the inside out as if it cooked inside…radiation perhaps? or chemical saturation? The pumpkins and watermelons rotted on the vine before they matured. not just us either. a number of people have been mentioning it. A pumpkin looks good from the outside but the inside is rotten. The young ones that are not mature yet are rotting as well. it isn’t excess water as we have had a drought. no signs of fungus or mold growth on the plants and surrounding ground.

  12. James says:

    Superb shown and commentary Dane. As a boy, i would look for flat stones to skip across the water of our lake, and pitch them endlessly. You nicely caught the trough of so many issues.

    Last week i said to a friend while discussing our sky. “So i guess no planes whatsoever are flying today, it’s a clear blue sky.”

    It takes some thinking, and then some, to understand why most people, and that is MOST among us FAIL to notice that one day the skies are painted with trails, and the next day not. Such profound lack of awareness, call it negligence in observation by 99% of our population is beyond comprehension. Why are they blind? We have a strange human condition here. It’s hard for those of us who see it to comprehend why people are so blind. 9/11 is the same phenomena.


  13. Brent Grant says:

    this world is more then changing people and we are in the middle of it. it is going to get harder and harder every year. it doesn’t matter what continant we live on. the more earthquakes that strike this world the worse the storms get. ive been watching the weather for the past 30 yrs and man i am getting my guess’s more accurate every year.
    im cheering nature on

  14. MikeB says:

    Here in the Northeast quad of Illinois the spraying has stopped the past two days. We have had beautiful blue skies and scattered cumulus clouds. A cold front came through this past Saturday with some scattered rain.

  15. JT says:

    They have done this, there is no doubt, but the consequences of there actions now, is out of control of anyone. The earth has been radically altered. The oceans and rivers are dying in mass, as is just about everything else. The weather is in chaos all over the world and the rate of earthquakes and volcanos is increasing every single day and is off the charts now. The polar vortex has now split into 2! The earth is in pain.

  16. JT says:

    Your not crazy. A lot of people are saying the same thing. I think the whole earth has moved somehow.They have all but destroyed the climate, weather and the planet, but it goes much deeper then that.I do believe we are living in the last days and its only going to get much worse from here. Not many have faith or the love of god in there lives anymore, and evil abounds. I hope and pray that they will find there way back to him before its to late. The signs are everywhere, all around us but still not many even notice. So many have been so deceived for so long, its hard to see anything or anyone changing at this point or fast enough to make a difference. I will never give up hope though for our planet and for humanity. Jesus loves us all and doesn’t want to lose not even one soul. Bless you all.

  17. andrew says:

    My 8th email to my contact list. (UK)

    Cold Clouds, Hot Sun

    In a reply I received from Amber Rudd MP (Parliamentary Under Secretary of State, Dept of Energy & Climate Change) dated 28 Aug 2014, she states:
    “..the UK Government is not performing any geo-engineering, stratospheric aerosol injection or otherwise, in UK skies. Furthermore, to the best of our knowledge, there also are no such activities being performed by others.”

    Amber Rudd is either:
    disgracefully misinformed, either intentionally or from extremely poor research
    choosing to ignore or disbelieve what she is told
    unwilling to tell the truth.

    She also stated: “The contrails seen in the sky trailing behind aircraft are almost certainly nothing more than vapour trails caused by the impact of hot exhaust gases on the cold atmosphere”

    This is incorrect.

    Anyone who works outdoors and who bothers to listen and look up, will see the intensive daily Stratospheric Aerosol Injection.

    Geoengineering encompasses many strategies to combat and reduce the effects of global warming and climate change. It is the deliberate and large-scale intervention in the Earth’s climatic system, and one of the methods used is called Solar Radiation Management (SRM). One of the methods of SRM is stratospheric aerosol injection.

    Two of the aims of Stratospheric Aerosol Injection are:
    1. To create clouds
    2. To spray reflective particles into the atmosphere. As these fall back to earth, they too will form clouds (or haze) as water condenses on the nano particles.

    Both of these aims are being intensively pursued.

    Globally and annually, at least 20 million tons of toxic particulate matter is deliberately sprayed into our atmosphere.

    Cold Clouds
    Cold ‘sludge’ clouds are created by several methods.
    One is to spray a mixture of Barium Hydroxide and Ammonium Nitrate (they freeze on contact). Another is to spray cloned bacterial DNA segments (E Coli) for ice nucleation.
    Obviously cold air from these clouds sinks, so we think it is much cooler than it really is.
    Noticed how cold it feels when some clouds pass above you?

    Hot Sun
    There is now a massive ozone hole in the Northern Hemisphere (and a rapidly growing one in Southern Hemisphere). This is allowing lethal levels of UVB and UVC to reach earth.
    Noticed how ‘hot’ the sun feels?

    Primarily as a result of SRM spraying, an extinction type Arctic methane ‘burp’ could happen at any time.

    Every day the SRM spraying continues causes an exponentially destroyed ozone layer, an increased arctic methane release, and brings forward the 2030 deadline.

    As always, ‘Nature Bats Last’ and planet earth will continue to evolve, but it is unlikely to include humans.

    One has to wonder why the military and civilian pilots, crews, and logistical support of the spraying tanker aircraft do not speak out.
    They must realise they are also spraying their own families with these toxic chemicals.

    Future emails will include:
    the difference between contrails/vapour trails and Stratospheric Aerosol Injection
    observations on covert atmospheric spraying (their tactics have changed in the last few weeks – this has been noticed globally)
    who is controlling the spraying – who are “they”
    much of the northern hemisphere is burning – California, Canada, Siberia (2,000 mile smoke clouds), Sweden etc. Think Pyrocumulonimbus!
    what effect is this spraying already having on us
    our forests are dying, our seas are dying, our biosphere is dying

    Famous quotes
    “Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” Henry Kissinger.
    “I am saddened that it is politically inconvenient to acknowledge what everyone knows, that the Iraq war is largely about oil.” Alan Greenspan.
    “There is a plot in this country to enslave every man, woman and child. Before I leave this high and noble office, I intend to expose this plot.” J.F.Kennedy, 7 days before his assassination.

    5 min videos
    USS Liberty (a pretext to invade Cuba)

    For the most open and unbiased reporting of both sides of a discussion or conflict:

  18. JR says:

    I’ve also noticed that the spraying has stopped for the moment in Western WA. The last 2 days there’s been nothing. It’s wonderfully quiet also without the constant jet noise. We just had that enormous rain storm here a few days ago so maybe they feel they’ve done their part to wet things down.

  19. earth moving??? says:

    Am I going crazy but have the polar vortex’s moved???
    The time of the season and the positioning of the sun is not at the same place as it was last year.

  20. Blue Sky Lover says:

    Glencairn, on the web site you can find the connections with the polar vortex and it being engineered. Also, a lot of time you don’t have direct overhead spraying they are spraying off the coast. In northern California the days we don’t have lines in the sky they are off our coast. I think it may be the same up there. They really do have the weather modification down to the science.

  21. Glencairn Murray says:

    Would you please address the Polar Vortex issue and the geo engineering of it?…Also,the spraying of our skies here,locally in Western Washington seems to have ceased,at least for the time being,perhaps due to our governor stepping up to the plate.We shall see…the anti nuclear community and Climate change activist and the chem trail/geo engineering activist need to join hands and realize it is all connected to the huge corporate fascist running the US and entire world!

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