Heavy Metal Contamination And Radio Frequency Exposure, A Very Bad Mix


All of us are under constant exposure to toxic heavy metals day in and day out from the climate engineering fallout. As our bodies absorb these electrically conductive materials we become more susceptible to the impacts of the vast array of radio frequency signals we are being relentlessly bombarded with. The list of degenerative health impacts from this combination is endless. The short video below outlines one aspect of the damage being inflicted on us, we are all quite literally under attack. These problems will not just  go away, its up to us to expose and stop the insanity.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Lee Eyerman says:

    If you think there is nothing in the air,think again.My 2006 Malibu was stalling in the same 3 mile stretch of road,literally the car was shutting off while going 60 mph.I discovered that by turning the car radio off in this area I had no problem.I guess the antitheft was picking up the bastard signal someone is releasing in this area and shutting the engine down.No more flying for me ,these fheads can bring your plane down with a single wave of shit.Who is ever behind these crimes against humanity I hope there really is a God and they burn in hell.

  2. quan myers says:

    I live in Maine where the weather is not normal anymore. We are sprayed almost everyday and cloudy, gray, fuzzy overcast sky, does not allow the sun to get through. Hair analysis on my horse showed high amounts of aluminum, barium, lead, and mercury. His hooves stopped growing. bunnies have died from respiratory illnes

  3. I love ya! You are right! Keep it up! I’ve been seeing some of this, too for 20 years and speaking of it… really helps to understand, to be confirmed, to see the SCOPE of this! THIS WORLD IS PASSING AWAY, SOON IT WILL CHANGE HANDS!!!

  4. Pebbles says:

    All of this is a depopulation nightmare for us. The best thing to do is pray that God will protect us, you, and he will. Get your soul ready for the return of Christ, because it is coming. The powers that be that think they are in control are going to be in for a big surprise and I for one cannot wait to see the look on their faces when they realize it. Although it is sad that they have chosen to follow evil rather than good, but God has given all of us free will.

    • pako says:

      Honestly the best thing we can do is not to pray but to protest louder, the more the people get together and complain about, the more the impact we will have and the annoying politicians will have to heed.

    • vickey says:

      Best to give up the Savior System and take responsibility for self. The human race has incurred much karma and must pay the price.  No one will saved from receiving a scar upon their soul for what WE did to this innocent planet.  

  5. Doug baugh says:

    Profit entices greed to increase profits!

  6. Thanks to Joe Imbraino for your informed comments. Also to Dane for presenting this critical information. Electromagnetic emissions are a profitable venture in our mutual 21st century snuff job. Here’s more. Read and grieve. >

    When corporations, banking cartels, and mafia families dictate the terms of human lives, humanity will eventually pay with the death of the planet. Military surveillance systems, cellular communication systems, wi-fi mesh networks, “smart meters”, portable wireless phones, and many forms of Bluetooth devices, are all an intentional death trap. There is nothing “tin foil hat” or vague about what’s taking place. The United Nations has openly discussed the culling of humanity over and over since 1948. This is famously detailed within published Agenda 21 documents. Read the actual United Nations documents, please.
    The above specter is hardly something to celebrate by adding more public jiggerish to portfolio holdings. ALL pulsed digital technology is genotoxic, period. All high frequency pulsed RF emissions are documented to negatively affect autoimmune functions, period. Pulsed microwave energy causes calcium ion leakage across cell membranes, heat-shock protein activations, behavioral abnormalities, cognitive decline, permanent neurological damage, reduction of sperm count in males, single and double strand breaks in DNA, and the list goes on. None of this has been a secret for over 60 years. Read the early studies done by the Russian Academy of Sciences, NASA, the Department of the Navy, Bell Telephone, and Western Electric. Your corporations are running extermination programs for profit, and people keep buying the products.

    In my opinion, the citizenry has already slipped into a coma. I’ve been attempting to disseminate EM/health information for over thirty years. The emissions have already significantly reduced cognitive skills in the majority of the population…


  7. IceCrystal says:

    To get your smart meter removed, call of go to the utiltity company website and fill out their form for “opting out”. I did it and it took 2 weeks to get replaced. I had insomnia, tinnitus, and arrythmia, which all stopped once the smart meter was replaced.

    Those who have a wifi router, I’d suggest hard-wiring it straight to an ethernet chord, or at the very least unplug your wifi router at night when you go to sleep. Friends have put the router on a power strip and simply flick the power strip switch off at night. I sleep way better without any wifi devices on at night.

  8. joe imbriano says:

    Autism is preventable and no one wants to do a damn thing about it. They have ALL made friends with the issue and are comfortable making money off of the wild goose chase while big pharma makes merchandise out of our children. The school districts are the driving force BEHIND THE ENTIRE EPIDEMIC BY FORCING WIRELESS INTO HOMES AND VACCINES INTO OUR CHILDREN’S BLOODSTREAMS

  9. Kay says:

    Heavy metal contamination & radio frequency exposure is definitely a VERY BAD MIX! Thank you, Dane W., for sharing! I most assuredly agree!

    I don’t know when geoengineering is going on over the area where I live but by how I feel I can tell something is happening. I really don’t think it matters where the planes are showering their chemicals because wind can carry it anywhere. Once their chemicals settle, it’s not only on the ground, it’s in our water and in and on our bodies.

    Another thing, the sky. The sky hasn’t looked like “my normal sky” for so long that I can’t recall.

    My body experiences negative feedback from the chemicals that are being fed into our atmosphere. Although, I won’t own it as an illness because someone else has compromised my existence.

    I can predict almost with a certainty when the weather is going to change because my nose starts dripping, I cough and sneeze, my eyes burn and itch, I feel itchiness all over my body.

    Additionally, my body has developed a sensitivity to electromagnetic waves or radio frequency waves. So, coupled with the negative sensations of geoengineering, the electromagnetic waves feel like they are slicing away at my body. Some days there is no place in my home where I can escape and be comfortable. Outside isn’t much better.

    I’m retired and was expecting a great retirement but my quality of life has been so diminished the great retirement isn’t within my reach.

    To that end, I would only wish what I and others are experiencing on those that are causing this nightmare!

  10. Kathryn Does says:

    Thank you for this piece. I opted out when the danger meters were being pushed on us in Maine. I have to pay the company twelve dollars a month to keep my old meter. So a profit is made on those of us who resist. But I am willing to pay them the ransom.
    My question is, what can I do about the wireless internet? My daughter in high school is virtually mandated to have a laptop computer for her studies… and I am not techno-savvy enough to know if there is a way around keeping the wireless router in the house. She has frequent headaches.
    ANd the aerosol spraying here in Maine has definitely been on the rise this spring and summer.
    Any suggestions/info will be appreciated.

  11. Andrea says:

    How did you get your smart meter removed. I have had tinnitus two weeks none stop since they installed it. I tried calling the city and they said I could get it replaced to have an analogue put back in???

  12. Andrea says:

    it amazed me how the guy at PG& E argued all of these scientific arguments have been proven false. He said a smart meter is just like a cell phone-YEAh another EMF you don’t need, I told him. I also told him that the moment my smart meter was removed so went away my headache forever I had for a year constant since moving in into a house with smart meter. He had no explanation for this, of course I cannot control my headaches. It is GONE.

  13. Diana DEES says:

    Stop Smart meters! Get heavy metals out of your body! Chelation therapy and cilantro help. Sleep in a Faraday net.

  14. Gloria says:

    OMG ! Who woulda thought. Of course. I never made that connection. WOW! The perfect storm !!!

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