Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race — Paul Craig Roberts


Now we come to chemtrails, branded another “conspiracy theory.”http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Chemtrail_conspiracy_theory However, the US government’s efforts to geo-engineer weather as a military weapon and as a preventative of global warming appear to be real.

October 28, 2013
Paul Craig Roberts

The DARPA and HAARP programs are well known and are discussed publicly by scientists. See, for example, http://news.sciencemag.org/2009/03/darpa-explore-geoengineering Search Chemtrails, and you will find much information that is kept from you. See, for example,http://www.globalresearch.ca/chemtrails-a-planetary-catastrophe-created-by-geo-engineering/5355299 and https://www.geoengineeringwatch.org

Some describe chemtrails as a plot by the New World Order, the Rothchilds, the Bilderbergers, or the Masons, to wipe out the “useless eaters.” Given the amount of evil that exists in the world, these conspiracy theories might not be as farfetched as they sound.

However, I do not know that. What does seem to be possibly true is that the scientific experiments to modify and control weather are having adverse real world consequences. The claim that aluminum is being sprayed into the atmosphere and when it comes to earth is destroying the ability of soil to be productive might not be imaginary. Those concerned about chemtrails say that weather control experiments have deprived the western United States of rainfall, while sending the rain to the east where there have been hurricane level deluges and floods.

In the West, sparse rainfall and lightning storms without rain are resulting in forests drying out and burning down. Deforestation adversely affects the environment in many ways, including the process of photosynthesis by which trees convert carbon dioxide into oxygen. The massive loss of forests means more carbon dioxide and less oxygen. Watershed and species habitat are lost, and spreading aridity further depletes ground and surface water. If these results are the consequences of weather modification experiments, the experiments should be stopped.

In North Georgia where I spend some summers, during 2013 it rained for 60 consecutive days, not all day, but every day, and some days the rainfall was 12 inches–hurricane level–and roads were washed out. I received last summer 4 automated telephone warnings from local counties not to drive and not to attempt to drive through accumulations of water on the highways.

One consequence of the excess of water in the East is that this year there are no acorns in North Georgia. Zilch, zero, nada. Nothing. There is no food for the deer, the turkeys, the bear, the rodents. Starving deer will strip bark from the trees. Bears will be unable to hibernate or will be able only to partially hibernate, forced to seek food from garbage. Black bears are already invading homes in search of food.

Unusual drought in the West and unusual flood in the East could be coincidental or they could be consequences of weather modification experiments.

The US, along with most of the world, already had a water problem prior to possible disruptions of rainfall by geo-engineering. In his book, Elixir, Brian Fagan tells the story of humankind’s mostly unsuccessful struggle with water. Both groundwater and surface water are vanishing. The water needs of large cities, such as Los Angeles and Phoenix, and the irrigation farming that depends on the Ogallala aquifer are unsustainable. Fagan reminds us that “the world’s supply of freshwater is finite,” just like the rest of nature’s resources. Avoiding cataclysm requires long-range thinking, but humanity is focused on immediate needs. Long-range thinking is limited to finding another water source to deplete. Cities and agriculture have turned eyes to the Great Lakes.

Los Angeles exists because the city was able to steal water from hundreds of miles away. The city drained Owens Lake, leaving a huge salt flat in its place, drained the Owens Valley aquifer, and diverted the Owens River to LA via aqueduct. Farming and ranching in the Owens Valley collapsed. Today LA takes water from the Colorado River, which originates in Wyoming and Colorado, and from Lake Perris 440 miles away.

Water depletion is not just an American problem. Fagan reports that “underground aquifers in many places are shrinking so rapidly that NASA satellites are detecting changes in the earth’s gravity.”

If the government is experimenting with weather engineering, scientists are playing God when they have no idea of the consequences. It is a tendency of scientists to become absorbed by the ability to experiment and to ignore unintended consequences.

Readers have asked me to write about Fukushima and chemtrails because they trust me to tell them the truth. The problem is that I am not qualified to write about these matters with anything approaching the same confidence that I bring to economic, war and police state matters.

The only advice I can give is that when you hear the presstitute media smear a concern or explanation as “conspiracy theory,” have a closer look. The divergence between what is happening and what you are told is so vast that it pays to be suspicious, cynical even, of what “your” government and “your” presstitute media tell you. The chances are high that it is a lie.

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8 Responses to Ignored Reality Is Going To Wipe Out the Human Race — Paul Craig Roberts

  1. Geo Engineering aka Chem Trails……….

    They claim there is Global Warming. For two weeks, They had stopped spraying. That’s when it was on the desk with United Nations. For that two weeks, It actually got cooler. It was wonderful to get a gulp of fresh air,, After all this rigorous spraying, That has been going on for years.

    Ask yourself this..

    Geo Engineering in regards to Global Warming to spray highly conductive & Toxic metals & Chemicals to support the Myth, That it will cool our Planet down!
    Now..Which is worse? A. Continue on with Geo Engineering aka Chem Trails, Consisting of Aluminum Nano Particulates, Barium, Cadmium, Nickel, Titanium Oxide, Lead, Arsenic,Lithium,look up list (Very Toxic) And the entire population, Animal life, Marine Life, Plant Life, Will be Extinct, From the Toxic Metals & Chemicals..So they saved the Planet for Whom?

    B. Stop all Geo Engineering aka Chem Trails, We will take our chances with the Global Warming Myth! And figure out a way, We can clean up the planet that is contaminated with the Nano Technology & Bio Engineered Vector Insects, As A Bio Weapon..Fix Wildlife, Mankind & Domestic Animals, That have all been Infected..Breath fresh air & Nurture our Planet back to Health! For what use is Geo Engineering aka Chem Trails? If everyone has died off, from the Heavy Metals & Toxins, That we weren’t designed to breath..Who were they Saving the Planet for?

    Ever think about that?…..Rip…XX..

  2. Yvonne Nota says:

    More and more people are commenting on the bizarre weather that they are experiencing and have no idea that our weather is being manipulated and without our consent. I expect a world-wide revolt once they realise the truth.

  3. James says:

    Hey Andy, I am 30 min north of you, and see the same sky. You describe it well. This is not the sky i grew up, nor is it the weather i once knew. They own the weather now. Its nothing less than completely unnatural. So where is the water moving to? North? The poles are melting. When I mention that fact casually to people, they look at me with this neutral blank expression; we may as well be discussing Santa Claus.

  4. Earth Angel says:

    Thank you Paul Craig Roberts for lending your voice to this most important cause. Both geoengineering and the Fukushima nuclear disaster are clearly the most critical issues humankind and ALL life on this planet face at this time. All of the other issues in the spotlight pale in comparison.(and there are many fires which need to be put out, no doubt.) May God’s Grace and Power enfold all the courageous souls working to solve both of these immediate crises and may God have Mercy on us all.

  5. Bella_Fantasia says:

    So many decent and credible people are beginning to see and speak the truth. Within the last week we’ve had Vandana Shiva and Paul Craig Roberts! This so encouraging for me.

    While Paul Craig Roberts has some skepticism, who among us does not? The opaque and top secret nature of these experiments leave us guessing. But we most certainly agree these are experiments based on breathtaking hubris. One day, I believe, these programs will be forced out in the open, the sooner the better. Paul Craig Roberts correctly calls us to be skeptical of the “Party Line”.

    Peace and love to all.

  6. James says:

    When Paul Craig Roberts writes, a lot of people listen. Kudos to him for stepping into the arena. More political/economics writers of his stature will follow. They need to hurry..

  7. Andy Kruusi says:

    Yes, lies. All I see is lies. Government, media and worst of all, the sky. All, full of lies. Great lakes… I live 20mins north of Lake Ontario and ever since fall rolled around the spraying and cloud cover has been intense. Rain; lots, but most days the “clouds” just hold on. Is this a covert way to take the available moisture from the basin. Who knows? I see the breaks in the clouds some days and see the heavy spraying going on above.

    I feel for you folks down south and I do what I can to spread the word.

    Peace and love.

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