Inhaling The Highly Toxic Climate Engineering Fallout

Though there is always some particulate matter in the air, if you shine a bright light into the night after a day of heavy atmospheric spraying, the fallout from the climate engineering looks like snow raining down from the sky. How many nights in the forest I have done exactly this, to witness these chemical and metal particles covering everything that lives is beyond distressing. Difficult to see in the daylight, a beam of light through the darkness reveals the nemesis we fight in this battle that we must win or all will be lost. Every breath we take is laden with the contamination that is being constantly spewed from above, the planet is dying from the assault. The population will not wake up on their own, it's up to those of us that are already awake to stir the masses from their slumber before it is too late. Giving up is not an option, all that are conscious need to assist with dire effort of sounding the alarm. The video below was taken in Germany after a day of heavy aerosol spraying in the skies.


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  1. skywatcher says:

    PLEASE view this video…..and pass it on….to help wake people up..

  2. Howard Long says:

    Take essiac , or some other form of strong metal chelation do it 2 times a year.  Then the crap coming down is of no consequence! Because the alternative to them not spraying is 10 times worse !!! You wouldn't believe me if I told you. Oh and another thing it is subsiding any time soon. Don't be a fool and spend another 10 years trying to fight it or understand all the reasons.. just constantly detox.  Side note the vast majority of governments are all in on it. Ask your self this why ?????

    When you figure that out . You will have knowledge most do not and make proper future plans based on it.

  3. MoonFlake says:

    I videotaped the geoengineering debris swirling in the air at night, as is shown in a video on this website. It's real. Most disturbing are that there are chemtrails in cartoons! Children born today will never see a normal sky or breathe fresh air. Mind boggling that we are allowing this genocide.

  4. Stacey says:

    I’ve heard wearing a mask mentioned, but has anyone heard of air purifiers? My personal research has shown that the spraying is of positive ions and if you buy a purifier that changes the positive ions to negative ions it should help your breathing difficulties. there are air purifiers that have UV lights that kill viruses and bacteria with fine HEPA filters and ionizing capabilities. this has helped my wheezing tremendously and I sleep better. also look into eliminating the harmful EMF frequencies. orgone is something to look into

  5. Terry Adams says:

    I have been fortunate enough to have a weekly radio program down here in Alabama, and I use those three hours to try and awaken people to what is actually happening.  The good news is people ARE waking up, the bad news is they are not awakening quickly enough nor in sufficient numbers to stop this.  I an still amazed and saddened by the number of highly educated people who refuse to even consider that aerosols are purposely being released.  Unreal….

    What scares me most is that there is a small window in which we can stop the intentional destruction of our planet.  We must act now because once the common core kids are fully indoctrinated it's over.  


    • dennis says:

      I am in the infancy of my awakening. I know the horrible truths about the new world order movement. The GMOs they poison us with and now geo engineering. I'm not sure what I can do to help but I want to be more proactive in the lives of my fellow brethern. The ones who aren't awake. I've been doing a moderate amount of research and my eyes are open to the ones who want to plunge the world into darkness. With their selfish deeds and enormous need to be greedy and lied to by satan. If I'm going to die it will be under noble terms and I'm ready to give this commitment my all. Keep in touch.

  6. Dale says:

    You wear uncomfortable face masks and I wear

    These are really comfortable.Coats about $30 but you will save in the long run.

  7. joseph says:

    The comments ‘We are the result of failed experiments and we outlived our usefulness’ and ‘humanity is a disgrace’ scare me. It’s dangerous when humanity is viewed as a disease. It makes me think of Dr. Erik Pianka, a University of Texas professor who believes that ebola can save the planet by reducing 90% of the human population. He received a standing ovation when he said this

  8. jac says:

    Gotta agree… It’ll take at least this long for the radioactive half-life to die!

  9. jac says:

    Humans are NOT NATURAL. How you can look at ANYTHING people do and the way they do it and believe otherwise is insanity. We are the result of failed experiments and we outlived our usefulness. We destroy everything, have no conscience or respect, aren’t content to simply shit where we eat but shit up everyone else’s necessity too. And we are breeding way past any thought of control. Completely and totally self-serving. I’m reincarnating as some unknown species. Humanity is a disgrace.

  10. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Well folks, the time has come to wear a respirator all the time. I now realize that if I don’t I’m just plain stupid. Everyone, don’t be stupid wear a mask. Stupid people die and the spraying continues. Smart people live to continue the fight.

    • Steven Chamberlain says:

      What the hell was I thinking? That lasted about a day. Forget the mask, just tell everyone this is happening. Pass on this video to all of your contacts, now.

  11. stella says:

    It is so frustrating that people dont want to believe this spraying is going on…they look at me like I am crazy when I talk about all the evidence of geoengineered weather and the dangerous chemicals we are being forced to breathe…Ii am so sad for all the children especially…Everyone please ask daily for help from our Creator’s Archangel Michael to help us fight this ‘unseen’ battle against the dark fallen ones who are now trying to take as many down with them as they can…please ask for help day and night…whats the most effective way to get the word out and wake people into action? This is Armageddon. ..

  12. I use naked truth to startle alertness in people, by covering up more. From a company I think makes Japan or China face masks, I wear all the time on the farm, they are silver impregnated. Though too warm in hot summer weather, and tho not that much farm activity everyone who sees me gets the full whammy of how serious I am and believe the problem to be. What falls from the skies that the planes are spraying, no one has denied it. Not one person has scoffed, even those I thought might, no, it makes them very serious and think. I highly recommend wearing them outside. I stop short of wearing it in public or to work in other’s barns, but only because it would diminish the power of the effect being seen wearing it at home has. However, I am so attached to the idea of protection I use the silver squares they have under my tops to cover my lungs on my skin for work and errand outings. I call the masks my ‘breathing bonnets’.

  13. Jane says:

    Good for Steven alerting the Public about this Sick Agenda by using Pizza Boxes and posting them on Highways. In Canada I think most are way too Dumb to believe in the fact. The Flu Shot is definitely a quick way to spread the virus and make you sick because of the Aluminum and other garbage they put in it. I know because when I took the H1N1 shot I got so sick and couldn’t stop coughing. That was when I was Sheeple and didn’t have a clue about this Geo Stuff.
    I am not giving up though informing critical thinkers about this Geo Program. The only people that listen are people that think outside the Box.

    They tell you on the weather news that the Storms and weather are going to continue to worsen. Of course that can be predicted because of the ongoing onslaught of continual spraying.

    We are getting hit just as hard in Canada.

    Gotta share that toxic Spray with everyone that is NATO.

    I told my own family and many friends about this and they just ignored what what I was saying. Even when you pointed it directly out in the sky.

    Way too Stupid because of the Dumbing Down Affect.
    A family member is in early stages of Parkinson’s.

    Just think it is normal just like they think good Old Mother Nature is Normal.

    Listen to the BEP’s song….Where is the Love or No Sugar Tonight by The Guess Who.

    There are a few that are in touch with Reality.

    Way too few. My poor Dog having trouble breathing with this Sht. Spray

  14. BRIAN KELL says:


  15. Freedom Ranger says:

    People always forget Nature, Earth, Gaia whatever you call it made mankind. nothing Man does is outside the scope of Nature. We might very well be a planned extinction for this planet, Gaia might have made man to create an extinction level event in order to start over. This remains a possibility if we dont unite as a population, indivisible and with the overriding desire to get rid of money as a means. Mark my words, money is the root of evil and money is why we are in this predicament. If man lived without money Earth would be a paradise.

  16. Freedom Ranger says:

    Stephen Chamberlain…Yeah Stephen the people on God’s Earth are for the most part spineless and deserve what is coming to them but then you meet a Stephen Chamberlain and you realize hey there is something real special about these human beings. There are millions who are aware Stephen, we just have no power aside from awareness. I believe that is all that really matters for conscious entities like mankind anyways. One conscious soul like yours can shape reality. I truly believe this. Keep up the good fight.

  17. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Our breathable air column is now saturated with the shit that THEY spray. Every night I shine a light into the darkness and every night the air is full of it. Everyday I see less and less beauty than the day before. I now avoid talking to people that I know are deniers. The town that I live in has a population of about 5500. I’ve reached most of them through my GeoengineeringWatch pizza box campaign and my “words to awaken” highway sign for ALL to see everyday. I have also called into local talk radio shows dozens of times since last January. There is not much more that I can do. I don’t even think I’m going to vote on Tuesday. There is no lesser of two evils to vote for. Why vote for the puppet government that I hate so much? I sometimes feel that the weak spineless population of God’s Green Earth deserves what is coming. This shit has me plodding through life with a deepening depression daily. If I would have known that this shit was going to happen I wouldn’t have had any children! Well, it’s too late for that now! If the spraying doesn’t stop soon I’m going to have to change my tactics. Oh, don’t get me wrong. The highway sign and flyers on the pizza boxes will continue. I’m in this fight until my last breath of Aluminum Oxide laden air!!!

  18. Rayza says:

    Thanks everyone for ur heartfelt comments. I am in Western Australia and experiencing the same things here. Seems to have become worse of late, but for quite a while I have been trying to eat in a healthy way thinking it was diet that was the cause of symptoms of sinus and lack if energy. Good for those of us who are aware of the geoengineering going on to support each other as well as try to spread the knowledge to others!!

  19. Greg says:

    I’ve read that a black light will light up the particles as well. When the spraying is real heavy, I wear a respirator with p100 filters.

    I always know when they spray. I don’t even need to look up anymore. My symptoms are:

    Dry itchy eyes
    Difficulty concentrating
    Dry cough
    Tachycardia with a pounding pulse (Especially after physical activity or a large meal)
    Numbness on the left side of scalp and/or ear.
    Rash on the left cheek

  20. Catherine says:

    Your remarks bring tears to my eyes, as I too have enjoyed so much peace and beauty camping in the wild, living in wild places. My daily sadness
    leaves me at times speechless, unable to find the words to describe the horror that I feel as I see the daily spraying going on and nobody notices. I live in Belgium, where apathy and the desire for more and more material wealth is the culture, and nobody wants to know about this unfolding nightmare. They are spraying here all day, everyday and night. Everything here is poisoned, especially their minds. When I left the US in protest against the endless wars, I had no idea that the involvement was even deeper, but more hidden in plain sight. Feeling despair…

  21. The Judge says:

    That’s a really impactive video. It looks like some sort of post apocalyptic film. Truly shows that psychopaths are controlling the Earth.

    After some considerable effort I was able to find some figures for particulate aluminium in the air over Britain. The clear spikes and lack of any admitted cause is quite telling and very worrying.

    The only silver lining is that after 4 or 5 years of noticing the spraying, this years activity (visually) has been much reduced although figures have not been released for 2014.

  22. Michael says:

    About 15% of the people are actually independent thinkers that use discernment, and are immune to the psychological programming. Of those, only so may chose to give up their life to do what we do.

  23. Karen says:

    It’s Saturday, 25. The weather report says rain. Well, I beg to differ. It’s now 7 am (Sacramento time) and the planes have been spraying since 5:30 this morning. The sounds of them are horrific because I know we will not get the rain that we’re supposed to get now! The dark rain clouds no longer look real, they look like dark gray lined clouds. No bees, no butterflies, no birds, NO RAIN!! Another form of population control. What a SHAME!

  24. Hawkeye says:

    Freedom Ranger, that is a good question! I frequently ask myself this too and wonder the same thoughts on why this is. I have been noticing “common threads” that might be connected?? One is NO signal box in the house, another is those who follow Christ, and another thread is no RX drugs or flu shots taken. Most people I know who “see” have these three elements in common. Coincidence?

  25. Hawkeye says:

    Angela – My friend lives in this same area outside Atlanta and on sunday, 10/19/14, he wrote me an email that evening saying how heavy and insane the spraying was this day and exactly as you described were his words too. Thanks for the info. everyone. Keep sharing truth!!

  26. jim walters says:

    Marc . . . hope you don’t mind but I am going to copy/paste this to my blog. I couldn’t say it any better.

    I too have lived much of my life outside and still do. I see no way out now for humanity except extinction of a really f—ed up species of primate.

  27. Freedom Ranger says:

    Why is there about 1% who know what is going on no matter how much bs they spray or put out. Is there something biochemical going on? It makes me wonder. Why are there people who can’t be fooled?

  28. dawn says:

    i’m in sebastopol and its horrible here. very few people are aware and its incredibly obvious. I’m trying to gather people to march and hand out flyers and help open peoples eyes while possibly wearing masks; i really want tower one when i go outside here any way.

    interested in being involved?

  29. Angela says:

    I swear I get deathly ill after a heavy day of spraying. They sprayed heavily in Atlanta on Sunday, October 19, 2014 and I felt like I was drugged all day Tuesday, and then Wednesday had to stay out of work and was literally shaking and today is Friday and I feel great. WTH??

  30. Al C says:

    I feel so sad that nothing is being done to stop the billionaire elites that are doing this and can’t see the damage they are doing………..I sense it’s never going to stop…….There is an evil agenda behind this and it is much more than to stop global warming.

  31. Kathleen McGuire says:

    I live in San Luis Valley, CO. I watch the spraying and feel so helpless and angered. I too tell people about this. Most people have their heads in the mainstream media and think I’m crazy. I hear, if it was really going on, it would be on the news………I try to tell them they are watching the wrong news. It’s all over the internet. Can’t get people to watch this stuff or read about it. Now, they are trying to censor and control the internet. My posts get deleted ……….

  32. Hawkeye says:

    Debra your idea is brilliant! Thank you. I am taking to the streets in my area with protest signs and other idea’s and now I will wear a mask to enforce my protesting, because believe it or not, my home is being foreclosed on and this spraying secret is why the banksters are getting away with taking homes still today. They “think” there is recovery in RE. LOL.. well who wants to buy chem skies in paradise or swim in poison water? I don’t see that as a great selling feature but ignorance has made this be so. My attorney’s bailed on me and I have been given one lousy week to come up with insane money or they are taking it from me. Two years of fighting and paying lawyers and it got me no place but more in debt and closer to being homeless and in poverty. Let me remind minds: Due to the fact that I was responsible, and I put 500K cash in to my home upon construction, had a 70/30 loan to value ( me 70 bank 30 ) I am still not upside down with mrk. value vs. loan amount – SO, I do not qualify for any HAMP et al programs to reduce my mtg. rate and be able to keep my home affordably – ALL these “help” programs first qualifying rule is, you must be upside down. If not, they consider you to be not in trouble. LOL… How does that effect lack of earnings? Bizare it is but true. BUT, if I had gone with all financing, then today I would be upside down and I would qualify for a 2% HAMP loan mod. with a 30% principal REDUCTION. The message to me is: I would be helped if I was insolvent and upside down due to 95 – 100% financing. Because I instead used real money I get punished. The entire country decreased in value, millions received bail outs, stimulus and re-set mortgages because they were all insolvent to begin with. In order to save myself I must now tell all RE buyers that their skies in paradise are poison and the sun they come here for is dimming away etc. etc. This is to let the banksters know we see and we are NOT buying anymore dam REO’s. STOP ruining people’s lives must be a group effort so thanks a million to Dane for all the info., evidence and media attention he is gathering and giving out. If anyone can help me please do. I am crying I am so scared to lose my home. Why can’t all people get the same help? Why am I discriminated against simply because I stayed afloat? Business decreased hence earnings decreased. So I have to lose everything because there really is no recovery and most of that reason is also this spraying. It is not only killing life, it is killing jobs, economic resources for trading, and overall growth of economic opportunities & conditions because no one can grow, export, import, sell property, go on vacation, afford to pay the inflation this all is causing, and ins. on homes is out of control too due to climate change, etc. etc. ALL connected. BTW – I did not default on my mtg. payments either. I could not get a short sale to close because the banksters take so long to close these sales ( I am a Realtor ) so when the property tax bill came due I could not pay because the banksters did not close my sale on time and pay me. So I continued to pay my mtg. for three months and then they took everything, taxes and ins. and forced placed escrowed amounts of insane amounts and sent my mtg. payment back because it was under the new amount including the take over escrow they put in place. SO, because I could only pay for me first and not another salary through property taxes, I am in foreclosure. Please help me get this out. If I had a re-set due to business being down and never recovered, I could continue on in my home. Not fair so I am telling on them big time now. Please join me any way you can. NO MORE FORECLOSURES – CLEAN AIR & WATERS- these are selling features not the reverse. YA HEAR THAT BANKSTERS???? Thank you again Dane. Loved the Stone video news, great job! Hawkeye

    • Glenn B. says:

      Hi Hawkeye,

      I have a  friend that knows ALOT about HAMP. send me an email

      glenn_a_brown at yahoo dot com.



  33. SkywatcherGrandma says:

    I keep posting look at your windows when the sun hits them directly, that is when you can see all these nano particles all over the glass. I repeat the sun has to be hitting directly on the glass or you can’t see it. The screens are covered with the fibers. Keep your windows shut and keep as much out of your home as possible. Wash all fruits and veggies really really well as everything is covered with this crap. There is no organic anymore. Where a mask when you are outdoors. When I’ve been outdoors for any time at all I take a shower as soon as I come in and put my clothes in the washer. Take your shoes off at the door. Look at the sidewalks they are all covered with this “glitter”. I see it on bare soil. Stay out of the rain. Don’t let kids eat the snow. Keep as much of this crap off you as possible. Wash your hands, everything is covered with this. If “they” think they are immune to this they are wrong. We are all breathing this in, so is every living thing on the planet. Keep your pets indoors. These people who came up with this idea are totally insane. How anyone in their right mind could go along with this is insane too. You never hear them talk about how this all falls to the ground. They need to wake up! Now!!! I should be out talking to people but I’m taking the day off as I feel really bad today, been breathing too much of the air. We should NOT have to live like this. I’m so sad, so very sad.

  34. Rosie says:

    As I right in assuming the toxic dumping we use to hear about in undisclosed places, is now being done above us in our skies?

  35. Patti Kranish says:

    Ebola is a “Trial Run” for a deadlier airborne disease

  36. Leslie says:

    I visited Thunder Bay, ON and two days into my visit I caught a very nasty lung infection. I left after four days and went to Toronto where it cleared up. I returned to Thunder Bay and immediately I got sick again. My family there is always sick with cold/flu like illnesses, lots of coughing. I know it is from this pollution that is allowed to spread from the planes flying over. In some mornings I have noticed a film covering my car, a thin film of opaque-like dust.

  37. ronfoster says:

    I wish I’d written your words. Perfectly articulated my own feelings. I’m 65 and keep thinking “I’m so glad I had so many breathtaking years on this beautiful planet.” Then, I see the chemtrails. Over Denver on some days they seem to be trying to hide it. They spray behind curtains of clouds they’ve already created. Other days it’s back to the checker board. I have posted and posted on my FB page and actually get some likes BUT- within just minutes or less those likes go away. It’s not my imagination. My wife witnessed it as well. I think a HUGE movement is already in place in the hearts of most people. But what I hear is a regurgitation of the mainstream media ploy of isolationism. “What can I do? I’m just one person. I have babies to raise. I am concerned but I just don’t have time.” Make time or the rest won’t matter. Back to my point: Thank you for such a heartwarming post.

  38. It’s always “them”, so no one will stop the insanity of flying around in military and passenger aircraft. Air travel and the industrialization of the atmosphere is THE number one stupid practice in mankind’s repartee of incredibly stupid things to do.

    No one will refuse to associate with the stinking little bastards we convert into military types every day of every week. No one will challenge a friend or relative who is engaged in GMO farming. No one will blockade a logging crew from another forest cut. No body has any balls, because they’re too well fed on the corporate tit, or just plain cowards.

    Nature is finding it’s own methods of stopping man from destroying what’s left of the planet, and Nature is using man’s own idiot tools to get the job done. After we’ve turned the clock back 250 million years, the whole experiment will start over. Hopefully; the demented, aberrant, and filthy presence of man, will cease for the rest of eternity…

  39. Kathleen says:

    Thank you for such a heartfelt post. It has me
    emotional. I’m doing the same.

  40. Kim says:

    I live on Long Island NY , and last spring I saw a jet spraying the lines …. And my life has not been the same since ! They fly over my house almost everyday and night ! My soil is so full of heavy metals it looks like glitter …. Even in the bags you buy ! My car is covered with the poison ! Then I see these webs that are not made by spiders ! They take away my world I love to be out in my yard gardening , going to the beach riding my bike ! But now I know what I’m breathing and it gets me SICK ! Thousands of pics … Scary Deathdumps !

  41. Kim Ireland says:

    Just when you think the spraying can’t get any worse….it does. Here in Petaluma area some device is being used to create a parallel striped pattern from horizon to horizon at much lower altitude than planes are flying. Lasts for maybe an hour. No sound or planes visible. Just all of a sudden these dozens of faint stripes appear perfectly aligned and spaced and then in an hour or two revert back to hazy cloud cover. Something is being turned on and off which creates this effect. Often a chembow is visible at the same time.

    Point this phenomenon out to others as there is no mistaking this has nothing to do with “contrails”. Silence is not an option. We are being check mated and need to take massive action now. Boosting immune system is a way to help expel toxins….just do it.

  42. donna says:

    So can we find out if certain airlines are accepting fuel that is boosted with these additives or is it unbeknownst to them or are commercial airliners carrying separate canisters aboard with lines that lead to nozzles that are at the trailing edges of the wings. Wouldn’t mechanics see these things and question them? You’ve heard of flight tracker? Would it be possible to watch skys in any given area and use flight tracker to identify which airline companies are complying with this spraying? Also the other day I sat next to a man from the UK on a flight. I asked him if his people know about the aerosol spraying in their country and he said everyone knows and that the americans are very ignorant and arrogant (as he apologized) another thing…..since theEU has banned GMO’s, artificial dyes etc, why do they allow spraying?

    • Robert says:

      Well Donna I am staggered to hear that someone from the UK saying that ‘everybody here (UK) knows about chemtrails’
      Sadly it simply is not so. I’ve been observing these aerosols for several years and people to whom I’ve mentioned it are completely unaware and have doubts when I attempt to explain these trails.I live in SW England, my son in Sweden says that it’s non-stop around Gothenburg.

  43. Marc says:

    I am 61 years old. I have summited mountain peaks, rafted rivers, camped on bluffs, meditated in aspen groves high on mushrooms, come alive in the profound suchness of remote wild places, laid naked on granite boulders larger than my house, swum in northern California streams so frigid my skin turned blue.
    All this and so much more. I love Mother Earth in the same way I love my own children: if my children are threatened, I will do ANYTHING to protect them.
    I sense the time is fast approaching when all bets are off and we must do whatever it takes to stop this Geoengineering Apocalypse in order to protect our Mother. It cannot be accomplished sitting in front of a laptop. As author Tom Friedman so eloquently stated, it’s all a matter of scale. To really take a planet-saving bite out of carbon emissions will require coherent reductions orders of magnitude above and beyond what mankind could possibly implement because of the diffusion of resolve, the multiple governments involved, the corporate denial etc.
    Will enough people coalesce around the Geoengineering issue to really cause a moratorium on all spraying before it’s too late? (which it probably already is) Without sounding hopeless, the convergence of threats to humanity, not the least of which is OURSELVES, present impossible odds for a bright future on Mother Earth. My grief is so palpable now as I contemplate Fukushima, species extinction, worldwide death spraying of toxic aerosols, human ignorance and evil, unstoppable greed, AND, corruption of the human heart.

  44. stephanie says:

    I’m just sick about the heavy spraying going in Denver. I can always tell in the mornings. If they’ve been bombing us in the night with sprays, I wake up with a sick feeling headache, and my ears ache…some days now and then are clear, with blue skies, and other days are constant spraying, white strips that are sometimes in big X-‘s in the’s like they are having fun doing it…grr…

  45. Debra Lopez says:

    I recently started have this dry cough now for 2 weeks. I don’t have asthma, allergies, and I never smoked. When I take a deep breath it feels like I’m suffocating. I started taking colloidal silver again and its helping but its getting harder everyday to keep detoxing from all these chemicals. I’m thinking about wearing a N- 99 mask when I outside and if people ask me questions, I will tell them what’s going really going on, and that I’m just trying to stay alive.. I think that might be some good
    outreach. “Look up at the sky”

  46. Tim says:

    IT is complete panic over climate change. September was hottest month in Earth’s history. Drive around and count the trees that are dying. People are really stupid. I honestly don’t know what it will take. What is the latest on Shasta? Have they pursued anything after that meeting?

  47. carol freiberg says:

    I’ve done the flashlight at night many times. Also the shiny black car in the morning covered with a whitish dusting.Very disturbing indeed.Raining right now and dark, just heard a tanker fly over.Not sure why they have to add more toxic spray at this hour when it is already raining.Way past midnight Dane.

  48. Vanessa says:

    I remember as a kid the big spotlights to attract people to an event and out at night with flashlights on haloween and out in the yard at night with flashlights
    WTH you never saw this ever
    I am in MA and I see these geoengeneering trails all the time for years now I have always wondered about them
    Anyone who saw TopGun with Tom Cruise knows that Goose died from Jetwash which cannot be seen.
    So exactly why are we being poisoned?

  49. Michel Tessier says:

    We have to keep trying to inform the population about what is going on. But at this time, we must not forget that a miracle of some kind could still happen. If ever mankind vanish from this planet. The Earth will find a way to survive.

  50. Pat says:

    San Francisco Bay Area was covered in spraying today! It’s truly amazing people do not look up and see our geo engineered sky!

  51. sandy says:

    My asthma is really acting up, and it seems my inhaler isn’t helping

  52. Mindy Landau Fox says:

    Mans arrogance, greed, stupidity and laissez-faire attitude have resulted in the terminal violation and rape of this planet and its denizens. When enough of us awaken it will be far too late to save anything. Perhaps mankind deserves this fate for allowing this, but Gaia and its precious creatures, inhabitants and all nature are perishing right now from these incessant pograms, and literally nothing is being done to stop these malicious activities now in full action. They are the real victims of mankinds arrogant, greedy nature. Our silent screams fall on deaf ears and eyes wide shut. Deplorable reality..people want their paychecks, must ensure their safety and are afraid to stand up. We know who is doing this and why..but are powerless to stop it..ONLY a MIRACLE can stop this..BUT nothing can turn around the damage already done from Geoengineering, Nuclear Holocaust from Fukushima and numerous accidents, Drilling,Fracking, Gulf of Mexico disaster..This cosmic convergence of disaster is a way ticket to total annihilation. It is way past midnight already…. If there is any reason left to hope, it is in knowing that there are others who are totally aware of the precipice we are already free falling from Thank You Dane Wigington

  53. kathleen gabel says:

    it is unbelievable that we are all still alive with this kind of heavy particulate fall out on heavy spray days.

  54. Randy says:

    Wow, i just went out and did this…UNBELIEVABLE what is in the air…
    Breathe deep the gathering gloom…

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