Inside the WEATHERMEN Chemtrailers Exposed


Evergreen’s public relations (propaganda) spokesman is handled by WPP run by Council on Foreign Relations member Philip Lader. Lader is also a member of the RAND corp. and is a director of UC Rusal, the largest Aluminum producer in the world located in Moscow, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Nathaniel Rothschild is a big investor.

PHILLIP LADER of Charleston NC

Philip Lader’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) member John P Wheeler III was dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Wheeler, it is said, was about to expose the aerosol operations as being the culprit behind the massive bird and fish kills in early 2011. Wheeler III was a consultant to Mitre the non profit corporation with jurisdictional advice over the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight patterns. Mitre is conveniently located in McLean,Virginia, home of the CIA.

Dr Leonard Evergreen CIA Owned Airline Dropping Poison On You And Your Family

| Jul 11, 2012 |

Evergreen Air is a CIA front company for chemtrail operations within the US, based out of Marana Air Park near Tucson Arizona and McMinville Oregon, near Portland.

A major missing piece of a grand conspiracy has been targeted by a drunk pilot. In a small town 30 miles east of the Pacific Ocean in Oregon is the center of a major global operation. At a bar in McMinnville, Oregon, an inebriated pilot attempted to impress one of the pretty ladies with tales of his secret mission.

The pilot’s pathetic attempt to portray himself as a Sean Connery or Daniel Craig caused him to (ante up) his importance and spill the secrets of the CIA’s asset Evergreen International Aviation.

The slurred revelations confirmed suspicions that Evergreen (International Aviation) is part of the major crap dump on the planet. Chemtrails made up aluminum, barium and other ingredients contribute to respiratory ills and change the acidity of the soil.

Evergreen works from over a 100 bases and employees 4,500 people. Delford Smith privately owns the company. They admittedly “perform” for the CIA.

Evergreen was given a no contest bid that gave them all the facilities in Marana, Arizona that previously belonged to CIA’s Air America (Pinal Air Park, Arizona).

The security at the Pinal site is said to be as severe as that of Area 51. It is run as a military base where one lost pilot got an armed escort immediately off the operational base. The 10 year pilot said it was nothing like anything he has ever seen.

Evergreen International Aviation brags of their planes that have 7 times the capacity of other fire fighters. One can carry 20,000 galleons. Firefighting … Right … and next we will be told the chem trails are to prevent global warming as millions more are advancing to an early death.

Evergreen International Aviation has exemptions from the law that are advertised on their web site. They can fly anywhere and not stay on a designated route. Has CFR members paved the way? People like Philip Lader and John Wheeler III … they were in a position to do just that.

Evergreen’s public relations (propaganda) spokesman is handled by WPP run by Council on Foreign Relations member Philip Lader. He worked under the present head of the CIA … Leon Panetta as White House deputy of staff under Bill Clinton.

Philip Lader is an “inside” authority on international affairs and business. He is the non-executive Chairman of WPP Group, Senior Adviser to Morgan Stanley International, and a board member for think-tank RAND Corporation. He is also a trustee of UC Rusal (largest aluminum company in the world) the British Museum and St. Paul’s Cathedral Foundation. Ambassador Lader has addressed trans-Atlantic audiences from the U.N.’s General Assembly Hall to state chambers of commerce and local world affairs councils, is a member of Rockefeller’s Council on Foreign Relations.
Philip Lader (CFR) is a key player driving toward world government. In addition to running the Public Relations for Evergreen International Aviation … Lader is a director of UC Rusal, the largest Aluminum producer in the world located in Moscow, Sweden, Italy, and Australia. Nathaniel Rothschild is a big investor.

Eugenic operation of Chemtrails has had the assistance of Mitre a non-profit Corporation that manages the Federal Aviation Administration, Homeland Security, and IRS. (1) The IRS is part of the Federal Reserve which is a major transmission belt driving the conspiracy.

Philip Lader’s fellow Council on Foreign Relations member John P Wheeler III was recently dumped into a land fill in Wilmington, Delaware. Wheeler III was a consultant to Mitre the non profit corporation with jurisdictional advice over the Federal Aviation Administration’s flight patterns.

Was John P. Wheeler III to sentimental for the killing underway? And got murdered by the Company?
The CIA is the enforcement arm of the Council on Foreign Relations

Mitre is conveniently located in McLean,Virginia home of the CIA.

Thanks to the drunken pilot and his loose lips … the Free People of the world can focus on the criminals who are poisoning our air and our water.


Intermountain Airlines

Intermountain Airlines, also known as Intermountain Aviation and Intermountain Airways, was a Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) airline front company. Intermountain performed covert operations for the CIA in Southeast Asia and elsewhere during the Vietnam War era .

Intermountain’s main base of operations was Marana Army Air Field near Tucson, Arizona.

In 1975 Marana was acquired by Evergreen International Aviation, a company that has acknowledged connections with the CIA.

Other CIA “proprietary” airlines such as Air America and Air Asia also operated out of Marana during the Vietnam War years.

One of Intermountain’s covert missions was Operation Coldfeet   in which intelligence operatives were dropped in the Arctic to reconnoiter an abandoned Soviet drift station  and then recovered using a Fulton Skyhook recovery system mounted on an Intermountain B-17 Flying Fortress. The modified B-17G, N809Z, had previously operated out of Clark Air Base, the Philippines, in an all-black scheme for the CIA for agent insertions and other unspecified covert operations in Southeast Asia.

Intermountain is alleged to have been involved in the delivery of a number of A-26 Invader bombers to be flown by Cuban exile pilots supporting the Bay of Pigs Invasion.

During its years in operation, Intermountain used several types of aircraft including the Curtiss C-46 Commando, the Lockheed L-188 Electra, the De Havilland Canada DHC-6 Twin Otter and a B-17 Flying Fortress which was outfitted with a prototype Fulton surface-to-air recovery system, performed Arctic operations, and appeared at the end of the James Bond  film Thunderball.

Pinal Airpark

Pinal Airpark is the home of Evergreen Aircraft Maintenance Facility and Silverbell Army Heliport (SAHP).

Pinal Airpark downplays Evergreens ownership and activities here….also note…air force special operations command has operations here…  I wonder if special operations has C-trail connections.

The Western Army National Guard Aviation Training Site (WAATS) and other numerous National Guard units are located inside SAHP. The WAATS is used principally for all ARNG AH-64 Apache Attack Helicopter training by the ‘Gunfighter University’.  It is also extensively used by the British Army for ‘Conversion To Role’ training for Apache combat operations in Afghanistan.

Pinal Airpark also hosts the U.S. Special Operations Command’s Parachute Training and Testing Facility.[2]

The Arizona Wing of the Civil Air Patrol often hosts its annual Basic Encampment there as well.

On Mar 28, 2013, Navy SEAL SCPO Brett Shadle was killed during parachute training here and another SEAL was injured. The U.S. Special Operations Command says the command has a parachute testing and training facility at Pinal Airpark.


6 Responses to Inside the WEATHERMEN Chemtrailers Exposed

  1. Westly says:

    I live in central Illinios. I have been observing these chemtrail activities for a couple of years now. They are doing it on a very regular basis and I have taken many pictures as proof. I am old enough to know what normal clouds look like and what a jet passing over looks like. I am appalled to learn of the total disinformation being spread by noaa and nasa to our kids and anyone else who might be gulable or uninformed. It is ilegal for our government to do this spraying. They ARE DOING IT NOW. It MUST BE STOPPED.

  2. i have seen more planes in ohio area an spraying some strange stuff. i got trees that just die. bark falling off an like sap being taken out. pine tress turning yellow an breaking off. i also noticed the streams changing colors more an looks like small planes spraying. also cant this be brought to public more. we need to get word out more. i also noticed getting sick more. i try an protect myself as much as i can. what else can we do to spread more infomation people allready think iam nuts because i try an let them know. mother earth being pulled apart anybody else fell this way. or noticed this on trees. also mold on trees also an very spongy. thanks god help us all!!!!!!

    • EarthLeo1970 says:

      Yes, yes… it’s thanks to people like you, and awesome websites like these(thank you GeoEngineering Watch!!), and connections with people around the world, that those of us who can truly SEE what is happening can find both comfort and courage in this mad world. My name speaks my age,,,, my daughters (ages 13 & 10) are now aware of chemtrails, take pictures on their cell phones to show me, and can see them in the skies AND in our land (looking at the fine threads that cover everything, seeing the fine sparkles on our fingertips in the sunlight from rubbing a leaf (or anything!)… the way the trees and plants are suffering terribly … yes, the fungus and what looks like moss and lichen tho is not, oozing orange sap, discolored branches and peeling, splitting bark… 5th grader wrote an essay about it at school … and it’s breaking this mama’s heart everyday. And as we are out in western colorado, with an open horizon to horizon view of the skies, THEIR activity is painstakingly obvious…. hundreds of planes nearly every day(I’ve taken probably over 1,000 minutes of video and countless photos). We are raising awareness out here as best we can …and covering our gardens!… it’s a very rough and rocky ‘trail’ though, and I feel overwhelmed often. Without a true understanding of HAARP and the entire SYSTEM/INDUSTRY, I think it’s simply ‘too much’ for our increasing population of sheeple to even think about, let alone believe and deal with on any real let’s-take-action level. Between the full-on assault by BIG OIL on our lands and water, and this daily spraying and ionospheric heating/pulsing/manipulating … there is apparently no rest for the truly wicked. Keeping the faith tho… blessings for peace,strength and courage to all earth warriors. !

  3. anonymous says:

    other criminal investors: Bill and Melinda Gates, Richard Branson, Monsanto.

  4. barbara says:

    2013 : WHAT *SHOULD* WE BE WORRIED ABOUT? via Edge

    150 responses from our “best and brightest”

    It is beyond me that NO ONE mentions chemtrails. I searched for “geoengineering” and got ONE — ONE find.

    it comes from Martin Rees
    Former President, The Royal Society; Emeritus Professor of Cosmology & Astrophysics, University of Cambridge; Master, Trinity College; Author, From Here to Infinity

    does he really believe this isn’t being done already???????????????


    “We will always have to worry about thermonuclear weapons. But a new trigger for societal breakdown will be the environmental stresses consequent on climate change. Many still hope that our civilisation can segue towards a low-carbon future without trauma and disaster. My pessimistic guess, however, is that global annual CO2 emissions won’t be turned around in the next 20 years. But by then we’ll know—perhaps from advanced computer modelling, but also from how much global temperatures have actually risen by then—whether or not the feedback from water vapour and clouds strongly amplifies the effect of CO2 itself in creating a ‘greenhouse effect’.

    If these feedbacks are indeed important, and the world consequently seems on a rapidly-warming trajectory because international efforts to reduce emission haven’t been successful, there may be a pressure for ‘panic measures’. These would have to involve a ‘plan B’—being fatalistic about continuing dependence on fossil fuels, but combating its effects by some form of geoengineering.

    That would be a political nightmare: not all nations would want to adjust the thermostat the same way, and the science would still not be reliable enough to predict what would actually happen. Even worse, techniques such as injecting dust into the stratosphere, or ‘seeding’ the oceans, may become cheap enough that plutocratic individuals could finance and implement them. This is a recipe for dangerous and possible ‘runaway’ unintended consequence, especially if some want a warmer Arctic whereas others want to avoid further warming of the land at lower latitudes.

  5. don wall says:

    I have to ask, is everyone in the US gutless. There are a few thousand killing us all while hundreds of millions let them kill and maim our families and children. They only do what YOU allow them to do to you and your families. Start doing to them what they are doing to you. Rid the world of these maggots before they turn you and your children into maggot fodder.
    I wish you well if ever you find you have the guts enough to say enough is enough and rid us of these sick uncaring maggots. Don.

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