Jeff Rense And Dane Wigington, The End Of Natural Weather

My thanks to Jeff Rense for his continued efforts to cover the critical issue of global climate engineering. In this 14 minute discussion, Jeff and I outline the fact that there is no weather that can be considered natural at this point. Affecting any part of the climate system disrupts the entire system. What we actually face is an all out climate engineering assault that leaves no aspect of Earth’s life support processes unscathed. Feedback loops have now been triggered on our planet that put all life at risk, massive methane releases are already occurring in the Arctic. There must be a complete course correction for the human race starting with stopping climate engineering.

18 Responses to Jeff Rense And Dane Wigington, The End Of Natural Weather

  1. Alan Cameron says:

    I have followed Jeff for some time now. He along with Dane are the most informative people that I have reearched.

  2. Jane says:

    Good For You Jeff

    I totally believe You

    Too bad them Fcker’s try to shut you down

    Not gonna Happen

    U and Dane

    Real King’s

    Good 4 U Both

    Telling the Truth

    Straight Up


  3. allan says:

    is there a place to get involved?we watch them here in n. cal.i suspect the target actually is jackson county,josephene county etc. oregon as there is no agri between.

  4. Jane says:

    Dane it is really sick to look up. Looking up at the moon tonight.

    Looks just like that on the Video . Not really,,,?unbelievable,wtf,,?

    Just the way Climate Controller’s make it.

    Real Sad, that the Wall Street seem’s to think that is OK

  5. Jane says:

    Been listenting to this a long time Folk ‘s

    Even sent Jeff pictures of this awhile ago

    It is happening . No Doubt ..,


    Climate Crime Alan Watt

    Then once U watch that

    Open Ur Eyes

    Then Google Vin-egar Warriors

    Time to wake up Folks

  6. db aka Blu says:

    First part of November-the park in downtown Colo. Spgs. CO in the flower beds were irises in full bloom! These were not plastic! Real! No mention of this by anyone! I mentioned this to some? It is to close to the holidays and the bonkos are playing / entertaining the masses this weakend! Dec. 7th clear skies am with contrails! Dec. 8th cloud cover and with the cover of clouds they? We’re spraying! Sneaky! But they are doing this for everyone’s well being! So I will shut up and get back to looking for employment and praising our fantabulous gooberment! This will show up on my D.O.D. Background check! Also for all those that have reservations at one of the many world wide facilities that will house you for eternity? You might want to check in earlier than projected! Much sooner! The rush is on!

  7. Jackie says:

    I have just been watching the news here in the uk and they are now reporting on the increase in young people (from the age of 30 years old) getting dementia. Nobody makes any mention of chemicals, it’s just never even considered.

  8. michael says:

    Thanks for the information that seems just obvious proof of what I have suspected myself as a non science person, just watching over the decades how this World is controlled by secret power structures.Quite incredible how humanity if general is deceived and manipulated. For years you can see how the World Gobal Government System has been developing in every area of human life,we have no such thing as Democracy its a deception or true freedom. The creation of the world wide web computer in ever home is just the same mass intelligence gathering tool also the TV Media world just part of the same mass controlled information network to keep the truth covered up, and tell you what they want you to believe. The Movie world TV garbage shows and Music world Art is just of Fantasy and double meanings I have noticed may also be a way to predict what is all ready planned. In US Movies we always see the symbols of Illuminati as they use the idea good defeats evil as a cover for whats really happening. BUT why be so crazy and stupid as to stuff up such an amazing World as it was naturally. I am sadly aware that these creators of disaster will just continue and they themselves willdefinately be Destroyed as there is one Power they cannot contol the living GOD the true creator.

  9. Sue says:

    Dane and Jeff,

    Thank you for your valor and vigilance concerning this issue of today’s disturbing toxic unnatural weather. I am 58 and have lived in Alaska since 1970. I became aware of the increasingly weird phenomena in our skies up here about a decade ago. One day about 6 years ago while driving down the road I saw big car-sized globs of ‘suds??’ falling from the sky. About a year later I awoke one early summer morning to find everything: grass, shrubbery, trees, etc. covered with shiny sticky stringy weblike filaments with the sun shining off of them like oily silky wet spider webs. Another strange thing that I have noticed is some strange orange powdery deposits on foliage here and there in the summertime.
    Our trees up here in Alaska are looking very stressed. The sky is sprayed constantly. Here in the south central Alaska (the Matanuska Valley) where I live, the days are abnormally warm this winter. It was practically the first of December before we got our first snowfall. This year has been abnormally warm — mostly in the 30s and 40s when typically it is near zero or below this time of year. Anymore, it is not surprising for it to be 40 or 50 in January up here! The children in school have many respiratory illnesses, coughs, sore throats, and flu-like symptoms regularly here. Today I could see them spraying the skies over the school and this evening the sky is totally overcast and once again, warmer than it should be. I am very angry about this assault on our atmosphere and being robbed of our beautiful blue skies, but mostly about the poisoning of the environment and all of us living breathing beings. So many that I talk to about this issue are still in denial, and look at me like I am crazy when I bring it up. I pray enough people will wake up to this while there is still time to save this earth.

  10. Alida Herrera says:

    In western North Carolina, we have not had any sunshine since Black Friday. Thanksgiving and Friday were old fashioned post card blue sky days, then the aerosolizing began over night and early AM and over cast skies with increasing darkening, dirty “storm clouds” became present and have lasted for a week with only an occasional sprinkle of rain. The clouds appeared to be the kind you would have expected a deluge to soak the area.

  11. Twolf1 says:

    Hello Dane- Tim from Riverside, I have an observation in this last storm only a couple of days ago. Down here in Riverside, CA in Southern CA, we got a significant amount of rainfall from this system, which given all of the facts that you’ve been sharing on geoengineering, I was a little surprised. However, I know that there schemes cannot be completely foolproof, and I understand this. But, being the weather guy, all my life, that I am, I am very in tune with the storms down here, and remember from year to year. I noticed something EXTREMELY PECULAR ABOUT THIS STORM THOUGH, FOR THIS TIME OF THE YEAR- We have the San Gabriel Mountain range down here, with Mt. San Gorgonio at nearly 12,000 ft. Dane, in ALL OF MY YEARS FOLLOWING STORMS, NEVER HAS THERE NOT BEEN AT LEAST SOME SMALL CAP ON THE TOP OF San Gorgonio after as significant storm as this!!! ABSOLUTLY NO SNOW!!!! Now, WeatherBug had predicted snow level at about 8,000 ft which is pretty normal for a warmer storm, but NO SNOW AT ALL AT 12,000 Ft??? Now, that is so positively odd for this to have happened!!! Becoming such a believer man! Wonder if anyone else down here in ol’ so-cal thought that this was extremely odd???

  12. Joe Campbell says:

    Having watched this video a few times now, I have to admit to been speechless,angry and more determined than ever to keep up my email campaign to all members of our in Ireland.Thanks as always Dane. God bless you and keep you safe.!!!!

  13. Johnny V says:

    Dane do you have the complete interview can you please post it

  14. Karen says:

    Dane, please explain the feedback loops being triggered. As I said in my previous reply I can’t open the video.
    We had rain for a few days here in the Sacramento area, however sudsy puddles around flower beds. And absolutely no “fresh air” after each rain. That REALLY bothers me.

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello Karen,”feedback” loops feed feed on themselves once started. In the case of methane hydrate, once thawed from the sea bed it releases into the atmosphere. This causes more heating which then releases yet more methane and so on. The attached link will add more to this.

  15. Janyl says:

    On Nov. 8th, in coastal NC, outside waiting to be in a parade, watching the chemtrailing overhead. The day started out temperate, perhaps warm for the time of year. Chemtrailing continued & trails started dispersing outward in the usual way. There was a very light breeze. Still comfortable. After about 45 minutes, temperature suddenly dropped dramatically like someone turned on a switch and it went from warmer to colder in a blink. It was stunning for the contrast and by that time, the sky had turned into the usual milky-ness. Did notice as the chemicals dispersed, other chemflights were above as if hiding while laying down more trails. Very apparent that the “techniques” have become very sophisticated in terms of flight direction, altitudes and timing. This is being done in a type of “layering” method with altitude of spraying just a part, along with current and future weather patterns correlated to temperature and many other factors. Weather forecasts have a connection to chemtrails and what weather conditions are to be achieved or sought after. For the longest time, we would have bad weather on Tuesdays, almost like clockwork. There are patterns that show up and can be seen when one looks at radar and satellite feed. The extent of this whole effort by chemtrail flights and the chain on up, is truly mind-boggling. Thanks to Dane & also here, Jeff Rense, for bringing further awareness!

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