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I recently visited the Kruger National Park. Our journey of 700 km started from the Highveld of South Africa to the Lowveld where the Kruger National Park  is situated, covering an area approximately the size of Holland.

By Rina

South Africa is known to be a Sunny Country and we like to think of ourselves as the Rainbow Nation. The 700km was a journey where not one cloud appeared in the sky . Our view was a silver hostile sky cover of Electro magnetic Chemical Smog. This is what we call the Ethernet. The highway was marked by one ELF tower after the other. The family that invited me on the trip had their IPads and Iphones on during the entire trip and were amusing themselves with their excellent connectivity. How many people realise what their toys are doing to us and our environment?

I have not seen a Rainbow for the past 3 years. The Red Sunrise and Sunsets which are so true to Africa are gone. Our skies are silver and the Sun devastating . Plants are dying, the bark is peeling off  trees and we have not had any rain of significance  for more than a year. Every time a bank of Cumulus Clouds pop they are followed by the drone of aircraft and are soon dispersed into silver fog. Life is stressed, this you can see on the faces of people and sense it in Nature. Over weekends the dead of the past week get buried under yet another chemical cloud. People simply get short of breath and die soon afterwards. Very few people know what is actually the cause. In Africa everything gets blamed on Aids.

In the Kruger Park at the Skakuza Camp I witnessed huge Cellphone towers with drum blasters. Very close to the camp and near the Sabie River was SKY. I have not been able to set her out of my thoughts. In the middle of the day she was standing there about 1 km from the river , a 1 ton plus hippopotamus cow, looking dazed and bedraggled. Hippos remain in the water during the day , simply because their weight is huge for their short legs and their hides are very sensitive to the sun. They graze at night and sleep in the river during the daytime, even giving birth in the river. Being sensitive to EMF frequencies myself I sensed that the LTF’s from the Skakuza Camp had probably driven Sky from the river, and there she was standing, feeling very vulnerable. Soon after this scene, a Rhino had reversed itself into a thicket in a most defensive way and an extended family of elephants came charging over the road.

What is our technology and greed doing to these beings? Like the whales they are desperately stressed and are dying. They communicate through sensors in their bodies. Harmony in Nature has evaporated into an ether-net cloud. A cloud which represents the green eyed monster of GREED. Africa has to be ‘illuminated’, so the President of America has informed us. We need to be SMART, with Smart Cards, Smart phones , Smart banking and Smart electricity grids. (We are all Smart and living in fantasy land). The conscience, souls and awareness of people have been bought and dumbed. That of the pilot flying the plane which drops the chemicals on us, the conscience of the professor that audits for Monsanto, and the scientist that piggybacks on the future of his grand-children. Our Karoo has been sold out to gas companies , with NO regard for the environment or our limited water resources. The big cull of Nature, animals and humans alike is on.

May SKY the hippo cow collapse on them . May Dane and all of us take hands and chase the Green eyed tokeloshe out of Africa for the Lion sleeps no more.

Some more background and facts…   THE ETHERNET….

Hippo – one of Africa’s most dangerous animals

Their rage can be directed at other hippos infringing on their territory or against any foreign intruder, particularly humans. Several hippo deaths have been recorded in Kruger. The biggest hippo (mpfubu in Shangaan, imvubu in siSwati) recorded in Kruger was a bull weighing in at just over two tons.

Most male hippos weigh about one-and-a-half tons. Nonetheless, they are surprisingly fast – they can outrun humans, clocking up a top speed of about 30km/h. Hippos eat up to 100kg of grass in a 24-hour period.

They feed mostly at night, spending their days in water. It’s believed that hippos can remain under water for up to six minutes before surfacing for air, although most submersions are usually not longer than a couple of minutes.

Hippos are old Africa. They have been around for 60 million years, having evolved from a pig-like animal during the Palaeocene era.

Long-distance calls

Other creatures produce seismic signals — among them the golden mole, the elephant seal (no relation to terrestrial elephants) and a variety of insects, amphibians, reptiles and fish.

“Many organisms use vibrations in the ground to find mates, locate prey or establish territories,” says O’Connell-Rodwell.

The ability of large mammals to communicate long distances also is well established. Fin whales, for example, produce calls that carry hundreds of miles underwater at a frequency of 20 hertz — a range so low that it’s barely audible to the human ear.

In the late 1980s, researchers discovered that elephants also produce strong, low-frequency 20 hertz rumbles that can travel up to six miles through the air under ideal weather conditions. Later studies indicated that elephants use these low-frequency vocalizations to coordinate movements with other far-off herds.

8 Responses to Life of Sky

  1. Catherine says:

    I would like to see that day when those responsible for these horrible crimes will be brought to justice. What will they say when their children/ family members get cancer?
    This is such an outrage it is beyond words!

  2. Rowan says:

    I get so damn angry when animals suffer at the hands of humans. A creature that doesn’t know of greed,spite or hatred and has no concept of power or wealth should not be harmed by those that should know better.And we are supposed to be the most intelligent being on the planet?? The only reason that we are the top of the food chain is because we have opposable thumbs and a bigger brain than other creatures – we figured out how to make weapons and could kill the “big scary beast with the sharp teeth”. If we hadn’t achieved that as a species then we would be way way down near the bottom of the food chain. I wish that we could round up all those responsible for this chemical madness, drop them off in Kreuger national park without a thing – they wouldn’t last long without their precious money and status. The most intelligent creature indeed.
    I apologise for my rant, Im still learning much of the puzzle and the more I uncover the angrier I get.
    Kia kaha everyone, and keep on spreading the word!

  3. Anna says:

    Rina has indeed summed it up, giving a clear picture of what is actually happening to the world..However, the majority of people are too used to living their daily, routinely, lives – there’s no place for more bad news.
    Also, nobody is as blind as they “who DO NOT WANT to see”, and as deaf as they “who DO NOT WANT to hear”.
    Quick reaction will only happen when people can really see, for example, the heavy doses of radiation (caused by microwave ovens, cellphones, masts, etc), entering their bodies, and start looking up into the sky more often, to see the strange “clouds” forming after aeroplanes have passed and left trails of white lines behind them, which do not disappear after a while, like it used to years ago, when jet planes left white trails behind, but afterwards the latter disappeared totally.
    Makes me wonder how and why the “Manipulators” who are behind this evil, have become what they are?
    I can only deduct from what I see, hear and notice, that “they” have lost touch with themselves,and humankind as such. What are “they” proposing to gain from changing the world and the people in it?
    Meanwhile, the “noticers” – people who have become aware of what’s really happening around them – should never stop endeavouring to make other people aware of the danger that is enveloping us all…

  4. Bella_Fantasia says:

    This story makes me cry, loving the natural world as I do. The natural world is not “us” and “them” (meaning the non-humans.) We are all connected, and we all will be lost if these programs are not stopped. I believe there’s already been tremendous suffering for the non-humans for a long time, but it will visit us eventually, where it has not already.

    I don’t know what to say about those who only worship their “excellent connectivity.”

    As always peace, love, courage and strength to Dane and Yvonne and all the good people spreading this message. I feel our collective connectivity growing.

    Sincerely, Rhonda Jeanne, Anchorage, Alaska

  5. Andy Kruusi says:

    Very eye opening and touching story. I will do my best to expose the truth. This is just more inspiration for me and for all who are awake.

    Peace and love.

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