Mass Extinction Article Underreports Die Off Rate by 1000%


When you hear the term “mass extinction”, things sound bad. Most would assume this is some sort of “alarmist” statement that has overblown the statistics to make a headline. What if the actual statistics pointed to a reality that may be as much as ten times worse? Fully 1000% worse? Thats the reality we face, and its getting ever more critical at blinding speed. Earth is losing some 200+ species of plant and animal each and every day, how long can this possibly continue?

species lossThough so many people have unfortunately been trained to reject dire news as exaggerated, all too often the opposite is now true. The reality is almost all the news currently spoon fed to us by the power structure’s controlled corporate media machine is completely watered down. The spectrum of catastrophes we are all about to face are exponentially more dire and immediate than almost anyone realizes. There is yet another reason for the public’s obliviousness to the unfolding cataclysms. At the end of any negative news story from mainstream media there is always a “don’t worry, we know how to fix it” final statement. This is an absolute lie to keep people fast asleep with the misguided notion that someone somewhere is taking care of the problem. And, of course, in all articles like the one below there is no mention of the greatest single assault against all life ever initiated by man, global climate engineering. Earth is not on the “brink” of mass extinction, we have long ago already plunged into the sixth great extinction event on planet Earth, this is a statistical fact. We don’t have tomorrow to win the fight to stop geoengineering, all are needed in this desperate battle now.

Dane Wigington

study says extinction

Study says Earth on brink of mass extinction event

A landmark study by an international group of scientists has concluded that planet Earth is on the brink of a mass extinction event comparable in scale to the one that wiped out the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. The researchers found that extinction rates are currently 1000 times higher than normal due to deforestation, global climate change, and the depletion of ocean fisheries. Ben Gruber reports.

Source: Planet Ark

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  1. rap says:

    @Doug and other commenters: I can relate. But many of you are on the other side of that equation yourselves (ie, deniers).

    Yes, we’ve been knocking on your doors and spreading a message that’s been preached for 2000 years. We’ve been ridiculed, scoffed at, ignored, bullied, persecuted, and even killed… but the fact remains… we’re now living at the very end of what the Bible calls “the last days” (2 Tim 3:1) or “the conclusion of the system of things” (Matt 24:3).

    Like you plead with those whom you’re attempting to awaken… I now plead with you… please open the door next time we come knocking… you know who we are. We’re the only ones preaching this message worldwide… we’ve been doing it as a known worldwide entity for over 100 years.

    There’s only ONE solution to the mess we’re in… Gods Kingdom.. the very one we were taught to pray for. (Matt 6:9,10)

  2. Libuse Leman says:

    But I do not understand one thing – why they allow it? Zionists. Do not they need to breathe the same air and eat the same food? They have the power and money to stop this but they do not! Do they really thing they do not need to live up, they can go under into their giant bunkers, cities and live there for ever? Is it really possible for people to live underground for long? I do not really believe so, we are not worms!
    By the way, I woke up with large headache today and I never have headaches! Trying to get rid of it with cup of coffee now. Looking at the tree in front of my window – it is dying. Used to be beautiful long needle pine tree and it is loosing its needles and whole brunches. Soon it is going to be bald and then they will cut it down! So many trees had only few leaves on, palm trees suffer the most! Are people blind not to see this? When I can see is, why can not they? It is not OK! It needs to stop now!!! It always ruins my mood to see those lines, haze. In Florida we used to have blue sky till about 4pm and then it got dark, then it poured and after nice rain, Sun was out again shinning! Now it is different. Now, just like yesterday, we had 4 layer of something on the sky in the morning, then we had thunders, rain and not sunny all day long. They getting Earth out of balance and somehow we need to find the way to stop it.

  3. JT says:

    @Francis Reps,the way things look right now, Im not so sure there will be any future, for anyone. It saddens my heart to think that my grandchildren may not get to grow up ;( we are being assaulted from so many directions one cant help to think that this is it, the big battle has begun, for it takes true evil to do the things they are doing to all life and to the once most beautiful and perfect planet that was givin to us all by god, how dare they! Who gave them the right to play god? I am sooo angry and outraged and my heart hurts so much for all the living things who are suffering,all who have gone to soon and our home,our planet thats being destroyed before our eyes. But I say this, I will fight with all that I can, while I still can.

  4. skywatchergrandma says:

    Douglas, I feel your frustration, as I’m sure everyone else does too on here. We are all doing the same things, with the same results. I could never understand the media and our gov talking about how terrible it was that the Syrian gov was spraying their people with chemicals, all the while everyday here in our own country we are being sprayed like bugs. Never any mention of that! I also get very frustrated watching TV. Everything has chem clouds and chemtrails in it, commercials, movies, new movie ads. Rare to see a pure blue sky. Old shows and old movies have had their skies changed to white and chem clouds added. Movies I have on tape and dvd show blue skies, but not on the TV now! I get so mad when I see this, they want us to believe it has always looked like this. How can people not see this? I come here everyday to read the new articles and I always read all the comments. All we can do is keep doing what we are doing, spreading the word. Thank God for people like Dane and his staff, for websites like this. There are many pages on facebook of people trying to get the word out too. I admire them all. I think more and more people are waking up, but it isn’t going fast enough. I don’t understand why celebreties aren’t speaking up. Getting them on the band wagon would surely help. Hang in there Douglas.

  5. chromelung says:

    I know exactly what you mean. I recognize your name from way back when YouTube started.

  6. Drew Bright says:

    That is my story too, Doug..

  7. Aaron says:

    Have you went shopping at Walmart or kingsupers lately. have u bought any grapes fruits or vegetables? I have… even the watermelons taste rubbery anymore. Strawberries too…everything that I have known to be natural and sweet is tasting …Hum…how do I say it…fake and artificial. The average American probably doesn’t now the difference but when you were born and razed on a farm in a faraway country …you know… when. Strawberries are no longer sweet but big and shiny like plastic fruit …u know.

  8. May as well turn a blind eye to geoengineering like everyone else. Congress, Senate deny it, ABC,CBS, FOX, PBS, CNN and ALL media outlets deny it. You can email or call any government agency they will deny it. You can show it to ANY PERSON walking on the STREET and tell them to LOOK UP they will DENY IT. You can tell your co-workers they will DENY IT. You can tell the pastor, clergy man, man of the cloth they will tell you JESUS is letting the SATAN spray us. You can post video after video on youtube and GET ZERO views and no comments EXCEPT from the PAID trolls who call YOU CRAZY CONSPIRACY THEORISTS. You can tell the POLICE they will LOCK YOU UP in the loony bin and put you on Thorzine. You can go to the Doctor with itchy rashes, sneezing, coughs, fevers and every other ailment caused by breathing chemicals and they will put you on pills and then tell you THEY HAVE NO IDEA why YOU are sick. You can call the FAA and ASK what the hell is going on with the jets spraying chemicals and they will DENY IT. YOU can call air traffic controllers in your town they will DENY IT. The only reason I know all this because I have tried for 8 YEARS 1000’s of hours trying to persuade all the agency’s, people, congress, senate, police, media, doctor’s, lawyers, judges, street people, business people, husband’s, wives, children, and I get the same reaction. They look at me like I am from outer space and want to run as fast as they can away from me.

  9. Debbie says:

    He does say we’re,”changing the atmosphere.”

  10. Kenneth Steere says:

    That report from Zionist controlled Reutors of COURSE didn’t mention anything about the realities of GeoEngineered Human Activity.
    All the MSM are in Zionist hands and they aren’t going to cover it because they are behind it. Just like they aren’t going to cover what really happened with 911 as it would go against their plans for a NWO.

  11. Kathleen Gabel says:

    As much as we don’t want to admit it or face it, the writing is on the wall. We cannot think of ourselves as immune to nature’s reckoning, as we are also nature. Our collective ego has blinded us to the current near extinction event. Our expectation to live beyond our means everyday fuels the fire. To live in tandem with nature, we must live simply and be able to support our own lives ( ie grow our own food.). Instead we are so far from this.

    If there is to be any life on the planet, all planetary aerosol geoengineering must be stopped. And we must drastically reduce our anthropogenic warming effects upon the planet. Time is running very short.

  12. Francis Reps says:

    Let us hope that some records of what is now happening will be safely stored for future generations. The human life span of under 100 years, is a blessing in some ways. It takes less than two generations { 50 years } for a civilization to collapse. Our greatest threat is from unknown and unaccountable agencies which are accelerating our demise using geo engineering as a method. Any one who does not believe in EVIL ENTITIES is brain dead.

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