Military Meteorologist/Biologist Speaks Out About Geoengineering


Allan Buckmann has the most ideal credentials for addressing the critical issue of climate engineering. Allan is a former military meteorologist, and a former California Fish and Game biologist of 38 years. The short interview in this video is an exchange between Allan and myself just after the presentation in Northern California on July 15th, 2014.
Dane Wigington

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  1. Pebsworth says:

    Also, I have noticed a pattern of “the greater good” thinking within mid and higher level government authority in the US. These people (gov officials)themselves are manipulated into believing that there highly secretive programs and decisions that affect the masses are truly for the greater good of all, so they will staunchly protect and defend their actions. I’ve also noticed that when it becomes apparent that a program which started out in earnest to improve a situation or solve a problem (geothermal engineering IF done for the purpose of impeding global warming would be an excellent example)has back-fired or had huge overwhelming unintended negative consequences, that those in charge will not only never ever admit that there is a problem and put things on hold or back track. Instead, they are more likely to move full steam ahead – as evidence (to the public) that they are doing the right thing. Vaccines are an excellent example of this. Can’t give you the story on that – it’s classified, but YOU have been warned. The mainstream media is completely bought and sold on all issues of real importance, so don’t look for any critical issues to appear on a major news channel anytime soon.

  2. Pebsworth says:

    The fact is that the average person (Americans in particular)is so incredibly overwhelmed trying to just get through and manage their daily lives, that they DON”T want to see, hear, or believe one more negative thing, especially anything as dire as something life threatening that they feel they have no power to change anyway. The elite megalomaniacs definitely did their research on social behavior and how to manipulate it (media control, schooling to make the abnormal be perceived as the normal – i.e. new cloud names, creating new vocab to make anyone who’s knowledgeable, credible, and brave enough to challenge the status quo look like a nut case, etc.). I’ve found that if you post anything of real significant on social media, facebook for example, that 95+% have no opinion and just don’t seem to care. If you post something silly or of zero importance, i.e. a pic of what you had for lunch, lots of people have something to say. Very scary indeed! I think the mission of lowering the cognate brain function of the average person is near complete. I’ve long since believed that the masses were living a kind of “Truman Show” existence – all carefully manipulated by the elite – for better or worse. BTW I escaped the ‘American’ Truman Show decades ago. As such, I have a different perspective on much of the way Americans in particular are manipulated in a whole range of ways. One can sometimes see more clearly from afar. We have chemtrails being sprayed over our eastern coastline here in Taiwan.Some of us here ARE watching.

  3. Marty Johnson says:

    Again, you lay out so much irrefutable evidence of this catastrophe in progress. Yet, as Alan says, people still laugh in your face when you talk about it. My whole FB page is dedicated to this now. Yet my own son calls me crazy. We just have to keep beating this drum loud & long, & do all we can on all levels: person to person, local governments, State governments, and national. That means getting out there, attending council meetings, homeowner assn meetings, making phone calls, getting on talk shows, raising money for billboards, stating class action, and participating in the Global March on September 27th!

  4. Malcolm Pritchard says:

    There are numerous factors to take into the equation as to why there are so many deniers. When you take into consideration all the different aspects of the agenda and the main problem faced by the power structure i.e. a sentient thinking population it is likely that they did a lot of groundwork on the public before the major spraying began, to dumb people down! In my experience some people are able to see the spraying but many are not even though it is self evident. They seem to have lost their critical reasoning ability or perhaps they are just to scared to face the truth. We get a lot of spraying over here in the UK and yes even here the sun feels hotter, I get the impression that people are looking at it from a too simplistic point of view really, for example aluminium is mentioned frequently and its use to reflect the sun, but why the strontium and barium, what are they actually for not to mention the other things? As psychopaths are at the top I think that most people are unable to comprehend what lengths they would go to to achieve a certain outcome, nor how insane that outcome would be!

  5. Mary says:

    Watch the movie “Battle of Britain” 1967. 50% of the movie is filmed outside in the sky with airplanes. No chemtrails or contrails in the whole movie. NOT ONE.

  6. Liam says:

    The information presented here on this site is very important, there are atrocities being inflicted on people in many countries and it appears that America is getting its share. One of the things that make it seem unbelievable to the vast majority of its population is the fact that it is being carried out by its own people. This unfortunately brings it into the realm of a conspiracy theory and to an extent just a bunch of nutters having a rant. The perception that people have of sources such as this site is crucial if the message is to get out and be believed, if you want people to support the cause it is absolutely crucial to keep this fact/scientifically and observationally based. When I say observationally based this does include your observations when you look up and see the chemtrails, when you see the weather patterns changing after chemical spray activity etc. Comments based on personal beliefs, religious or otherwise will only serve to impede the message and distract the newcomer from this valuable educational material.
    Use your other interest groups whether they are churches, clubs and social circles etc to educate others. Use the same level of intelligence and discernment that you have used to see and understand this truth, in all areas of your life and others will respect you and listhen to what you have to say. As soon as you start to voice your personal beliefs as truth/fact you lose the interest of those who follow other personal beliefs no matter how important your message is. Dane thank you for your commitment and work in educating people on this issue.

  7. David says:

    Speaking of the air we breathe. I used to walk 30 minutes a day; but over the last few years the air had a peculiar chemical smell. My brother informed me it was probably from Chemtrails. I have a good sense of smell,don’t smoke, and I want some fresh air to breathe. Many blessings to you all.

  8. JR says:

    Hey Linda and all; At 8:30 p.m. 7-19-14. An update from all day spraying destroying our multitude of rain clouds, Southwest-N.M., USA. Looking to west with super red, orange sick sun set and sky. It’s a tough pill with all the crap we are all force fed, huh? The clouds are herded North of us. The word tells even the very elect will be deceived in the last days. I can’t understand where people left their brains!

  9. Linda Evans says:

    Thank you again Dane & everyone. If we could all send the Shasta video/results to our city counsels, maybe we could wake a few more up. The chemtrails in La Jolla/San Diego seem much worse on certain days. We had a clear evening 2 nights ago and I walked outside and looked up… to see the biggest chemtrail I have ever seen, so gnarly and clear against the blue sky…very wide, thick and ominous & stretched from one horizon to the other… actually felt kinda scared. Wish I had a photo to attach. They seem to be stepping up the campaign…are they trying to finish us off before the news gets out even more and wakes up more people??

  10. JR says:

    Quick note; This Saturday morn. at approx. 11:15 a.m. 7/19/14 flying due west overhead, it sure looked like a Southwest Airliner markings turning on his spraying into what chemtrails were already there at will. I was looking through a pair of binoculars. The rest of sky west of us is like a melted candles looking sky, sick bastards. The Lord said no one who wants a part of Him is a bastard-KJV. Simply put because He is our Heavenly Father and He is denied. If we don’t accept Him in our lives He will reject us on the last day. While I was writing this script there was another lowlife directly over my house opening up and spraying long and wide flying west again at least 30 miles spewing in length, nothing less by my naked eye observation. This chemtrail along with many more are headed north of me with semi-small winds or breezes kicked up or in you may say. I hope you all here on site excuse me for what may sound like a weakness, actually anger and really trying not to sin. Our Lord says that in our weakness though through Him we are made strong. God Bless all of you, your families and loved ones………

  11. Steven Chamberlain says:

    The Earth is not dying, it is being killed and the people who are killing it have names and addresses.

    Utah Phillips-

  12. Mike P says:

    JR you are so correct about the sheeple. I also believe most of the nation has turned their back on God.The results we will continue to experience each day until the end.Today was a heavy spraying day in Los Angeles.I am seeing black clouds hanging over the ocean which don’t seem to move off the coast but have no moisture in them.Wondering if it is different chemicals in the clouds then before.Just recently started seeing the black ones.The people in the USA need to wake up.I will keep fighting the cause by educating as many as possible.Also will read the Harbinger.Thanks for the reply.Keep up the the fight.We know who wins in the end!!

  13. JR says:

    Hey Mike P; I know all to well of what we may call church goers. I’ve mentioned to people who go to church and most don’t believe our countryman would do such things! I suspect most will talk trash behind our backs. When I mention it to people in general I tell them if they don’t believe our elected officials will do anything then it’s time to get real with our Lord and pray to Him. We don’t labor in vain either way. I don’t even know if that works when there is doubt about chemtrails. I’ve read the paperback the Harbinger and it puts our country parallel with Israel back in Old Testament. Many people here in USA believe we are some special group of people in God’s eyes and nothing can touch us as if we don’t do anything wrong. I’m not saying there aren’t good people here but we sure could use a multitude more real prayer warriors with wide open eyes, mind and hearts, yeah? In this world you know we will have much tribulation, but as long as we run a good race it will all be worth it in the end. God Bless to all His prayer warriors who stand firm. Our rain clouds are getting squashed to nothing here in Southwest, NM-USA.

  14. Razz says:

    If we can’t grow food and we can’t breathe the air, what difference does it make if they have a pension? People need to wake up to the fact it WILL be our extinction.

  15. James says:

    Linda Bux: I know your question is rhetorical, but my answer is because denial makes them feel safe. They want to feel ‘normal’. The word ‘Contrail’ explains it all away nicely. No discomfort. No threat. No rocking the boat which they are dead asleep on. They are much like turtles who tuck in their heads out of fear. There’s no benefit, no gain for them to look up and see what we see. On the contrary, it represents a loss of their security which engenders only fear. It takes courage to face an enemy and to face reality. Chemtrails are that reality.

  16. James says:

    Nice ending,
    AB: “Thank you (Dane) for all the work you’ve done”

    Well there you have it, highly credentialed boots on the ground who say it’s so.

  17. Mike P says:

    I have been studying this and observing these chemtrails in Los Angeles for almost a year.Now I am a warrior at my workplace and at my church with very disappointing results.I have made index cards with all the chemicals and there effects on our bodies,animal and plant health.It seems most people including my Pastor had no idea.The others are to busy in their mindless daily activities to even look up and care.They say oh well what can I do.Some are scared to talk about it.A few listen but most just seem dumbed down and lost when It comes to any of the things the elite 1% of 1% are masterminding to kill all of us?wake up sheeple.Thanks Dane for all your effort.We need to gather momentum as a group,wake up more people and never stop fighting against these evil powers to be.

  18. gingercake5 says:

    Linda Bux: people don’t believe because they are too young to remember deep blue skies. Also the educational system has cooperated to invent new kinds of clouds AND TEACH THEM. When I was a kid I was taught there 3 or 4 types. See this idiotic display:

  19. JR says:

    Hello; We have gotten some rain here in the Southwest N.M.-USA but no where near what we should be getting. The bums are blasting all our rain clouds with these chemtrails so nothing new here. Evil persists and will keep on until our Lord comes, whenever that may be. One quick part of the word to share is from Proverbs 16:16-17 and it is -How much better is it to get wisdom than gold! and to get understanding rather to be chosen than silver! The highway of the upright is to depart from evil; he that keepeth his way preserveth his soul. KJV- As I’ve said in past and the word says is what good is it to have all the riches of the world and in the process lose your soul. We are all in on this and the Lord knows His people and will not forget us. He loves us all, just does not like all we do, that’s the catch. The road is wide but the path is narrow that lead us to HIM. It also says it’ll be easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to enter into His Kingdom. All his riches are God to him and the love of his money. Bye for now folks. Keep the Faith…

  20. Lidia Ortega says:

    Please translate THIS to Spanish language. Thank you so much!!!

  21. People really don’t want to know or hear about this! Believe me, I have tried to get friends to pay attention. Some just look at me like I’m the crazy one. Sad, but I think it’s very biblical. We are on our way to total destruction. God will set the world on fire when He’s good and ready. He won’t need man to help Him along. Although, it looks as if someone thinks they can play God! Thank you Dane and others for being so courageous to fight against the forces of evil!

  22. Surita Bryson says:

    I’ve seen David Suzuki’s video on GE trees; horrific! We are sitting guinea pigs being experimented on. WHY not come together, United en force against all that’s going on? This MADNESS must stop!

  23. Becky says:

    Thank you sir for your remarkable integrity.

  24. skywatchergrandma says:

    Dane, Please post the segment with the Shasta County Board where you and citizens of the county spoke. I know it’s long, but I’m sure people would like to hear what the Drs, pilots, x-military people, people with degrees, etc, and ordinary citizens had to say. Allen spoke at this board meeting, so I assume this interview was after the meeting. I also was surprised to see people from a couple other states and even from Spain speak. I hope the county board will help and that soon other boards all over the country will follow. This has to end! People have to wake up and something needs to be done! I can’t begin to tell you how much I admire your work and devotion to this terrible crime against every living thing on this planet. Several years ago I watched a similar meeting with the people in Long Island NY (I think it was there) who also had a meeting with their county board. I have never found anything since to hear what the outcome was of that meeting. Maybe you know and can post it. I have to say the Shasta County Board gave all of you more respect than that NY board did those people. As they seemed very distracted and laughed and talked among their selves during the speaking. I found that very rude. The link for the Shasta County Board meeting is on facebooks Global March Against Chemtrails. You have to fwd in an hour or so to where Dane starts to speak. Thank you Dane and everyone there who spoke!

  25. What says:

    Way to turn up the heat Dane. Keep it up. Can you guys do a video that shows people what to look for when the HAARP and chemtrails are in action. NorCal has had very odd weather the last few days and the clouds are doing unreal shapes and forms. Looked like HAARP was blasting the area. Also had a feeling. Cant explain but it was a energetic feeling that didn’t feel right…

  26. kawika says:

    Sorry to sound like a broken record, but this is deliberate.

    We’re the GMOs being experimented upon.

    Our own neighbors facilitate, cooperate and sanction this activity.

    Withdraw your consent in every possible way. Be the change you want to see in the world.

    Stop feeding the mouth that bites others.

  27. Kevin Dean Hansen says:

    AWESOME!!!…Dane!!..You are doing great work…Thank you so much!!

  28. segundo asensio suarez says:

    mejor que se pueda ver tambien en español. PLEASE

  29. Alarmed says:

    courageous of the gentleman to step forward. however, they–the military–will not stop their spraying campaign willingly. Even if it causes our extinction they will continue to do what they are told regardless of the loss of life and devastation to the planet. nothing will make them stop.

    They know what is happening. They are making it happen. They are not ignorant of it. They are not innocent of it. it is obvious that the government knows exactly what it is doing and the destruction it is causing. The fact they are blackmailing people to keep silent.

    The hallmark of all governments is one of destruction. They create nothing. They can only destroy what already exists. They are doing a fine job of that as well.

  30. Linda Bux says:

    Why do people keep insisting that they are only contrails? If you have eyes to see and a brain to think you cannot say this. And so much information presented by experts like this gentleman. No nutcases here! Cognitive dissonance is the term I have heard for this disbelief. I guess we really are sheeple, being manipulated and comfortable in denial.

  31. Diana says:

    How is it possible that this is not mainstream news?

  32. Juliet Kelly says:

    Thanks for being brave enough to speak out!

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