Monsanto And The Geoengineers, A Lethal Mix For Humanity


How bad can the insanity get? It’s worse than almost any understand or are willing to face. Finally scientists with honor and moral fortitude are beginning to speak out on the record. Dr. Stephanie Seneff from MIT is one such heroic scientist and researcher. She has documented the inconceivable continued increase in autism that now calculates out to half of all children born having this ailment in the next 10+ years. The all out assault against life on Earth must be halted and it will take all of us working together to get the job done. Much of our food supply is now laden with Monsanto’s toxic brew of “RoundUp”. When combined with the mountain of aluminum and other heavy metals being sprayed on us by the climate engineers, it is a recipe for severe breakdown of the human organism. To put all this into the overall picture, not only is climate engineering completely disabling the planet’s life support systems, the toxic heavy metal fallout is combining with the Monsanto chemical nightmare to completely disable the human health system. We are all in a fight for life, nothing less. We must all examine our priorities, what should our time be spent on. If we do not immediately deal with the challenges just outlined, very soon, nothing else will matter. It’s up to all of us to help in the dire task of sounding the alarm until we reach critical mass awareness. When this happens, the power structure will begin to crumble. The article below should be shocking to any that are even slightly awake.
Dane Wigington

MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Monsanto’s Glyphosate & Aluminum Cocktail

Source: Natural Society

pesticides field mask crop toxics 263x164 MIT Scientist Exposes Consequence of Monsantos Glyphosate & Aluminum Cocktail

By 2025, half the kids born in the U.S. will be diagnosed with autism, according to Dr. Stephanie Seneff, Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory. She, like many others says autism isn’t just genetic – it is almost surely due to environmental factors. Just a couple of those factors are Monsanto’s RoundUp (glyphosate) and heavy exposure to a cocktail of heavy metals, including aluminum.

Dr. Seneff isn’t respected by the ivory towers of the pharmaceutical medicine paradigm or industrial agriculture, but she has something to say about autism. She is a computer scientist who transitioned into biology and toxicology, so people like to attack her credentials, but what Dr. Seneff has to say is key, and many other mainstream researchers have been negligent in reporting these findings.

She has been studying autism for over 7 years, along with the environmental factors that lead to the disease. Decreased exposure to sunlight, poor diet, vaccines (specifically aluminum and mercury), as well as glyphosate toxins from RoundUp are causing skyrocketing rates of autism. She explains this in a two-hour presentation given recently at Autism One.

Aluminum and Glyphosate

Aluminum and glyphosate specifically interrupt the workings of the pineal gland (melatonin sulfate), leading to high rates of autism. She outlines this fact in pinpointing detail in her research, which can be found here.

Furthermore, glyphosate chelates manganese. Dr. Seneff believes that just the absence of appropriate amounts of manganese can help to cause autism. Glyphosate also promotes aluminum uptake into our tissues, and interrupts an important path for amino acid uptake called the shikimate pathway, into our guts.

“The way glyphosate works is that it interrupts the shikimate pathway, a metabolic function in plants that allows them to create essential amino acids. When this path is interrupted, the plants die. Human cells don’t have a shikimate pathway so scientists and researchers believed that exposure to glyphosate would be harmless.”

In fact, industrial claims don’t match the science on RoundUp. It is often used because it is considered one of the ‘safest’ of all herbicides. This claim is touted by Monsanto and other chemical pushers, but it turns out that RoundUp is one of the least safe herbicides on the market.

Incidentally, scientists were mistaken about a human shikimate pathway, and we rely upon it for many important functions in our body, including ridding our body of poisons like RoundUp as well as other herbicides and pesticides.

“The problem is that bacteria DO have a shikimate pathway and we have millions of good bacteria in our guts – our ‘gut flora.’ These bacteria are essential to our health. Our gut isn’t just responsible for digestion, but also for our immune system. When glyphosate gets in our systems, it wrecks our gut and as a result our immune system.”

She says:

“The effects are insidious. You won’t notice when you eat a food that contains glyphosate, but over time you will enter an old-age state before you should.”

It’s Time for Chemical Reform

Though Dr. Seneff’s findings are in the research stages, there are plenty of families that have autistic children who have chosen to drastically change their children’s diets, eliminating all pesticides, herbicides and as many neurotoxins as possible while eating organic food. They often experience some incredible results, seeing improvement in their children’s speech patterns, cognitive abilities, and social skills in weeks, not years. This amounts to circumstantial evidence, but it supports Dr. Seneff’s claims.

The rate at which diseases like autism (along with Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and others) are growing would be unheard of just 50 years ago. You can’t simply discount this phenomenon as the result of ‘better screening and diagnosis.’ In the past 5 years alone, autism rates have increased from 1/150 to 1/50. This is an environmental epidemic; it isn’t genetic.

When you factor in the levels of glyphosate being found in women’s breast milk is ten times that which is allowed in European drinking water, and people in 18 different countries were found to have glyphosate in their blood, you have to question the rise in autism from another perspective, aside from the genetic one, and connect the dots. This leads to glyphosate as a synergistic compound that works with other suggested autism causes – like vaccines (controversial, I know).

Ordinarily the body is quite good about keeping aluminum out. The gut will absorb very little of what’s in the diet…assuming you have a healthy gut. Glyphosate produces a leaky gut, and that’s going to help the aluminum get in. What I believe now is that the aluminum in the vaccine is far more toxic as a consequence of the glyphosate that’s also in the blood. The two of them are synergistic, because the glyphosate forms a cage around the aluminum and keeps it from getting expelled. The aluminum ends up accumulating, getting trapped with the glyphosate, and then the aluminum ends up in the pineal gland, and messes up sleep, and causes a whole cascade of problems in the brain. The glyphosate and aluminum are working together to be much more toxic than they would be, acting alone.”

RoundUp chemicals are the most used chemicals in numerous lived-in cities such as New York City, not just on American farms. In just ten years, the use of RoundUp chemicals on American farms grew more than 89%. More than 80000 tonnes are currently used on GMO corn, soy and other crops. We are being poisoned by the truckload. This isn’t Big Ag against the masses anymore, it looks like pure genocide.

You can watch Dr. Seneff’s speech at Autism One, here.

Additionally, all of Dr. Seneff’s papers can be studied to corroborate her assertions that glyphosate and aluminum, among other environmental toxins, are synergistically causing autism:

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Source: Natural Society

19 Responses to Monsanto And The Geoengineers, A Lethal Mix For Humanity

  1. Cibby says:

    What is this bombardment doing to your soil’s pH? After a crop this year even worse than last, I picked up a tester. My garden measures 5.5, when it should be 6.5 ~ 7. It would be interesting and enlightening to have such data nationally.

    Unless you’re planting pine trees or GM crops, you’re apparently supposed to fail at gardening. And surviving as well.

  2. Kees van S says:

    Chris you are right! I don’t understand these people. Don’t they have children or grandchildren? Don’t they have a social conscience or a moral and ethical obligation to their co-occupants of this world? Is it indeed all about money? This is the same as what happened with those NAZI scientists that came to North America after WW2 and were part of the development of Thalidomide! If we want to protect our grandchildren and in fact our own health, we have to speak up and rattle some cages!

  3. Patrick Dunlop says:

    I notice daily the spraying in Colorado Springs, Co. No one can denied this fact.

  4. poppy robbins says:

    no blue, another day of cloud and no rain for over two weeks just drizzle. i am not religeous in the conventional sense but i have started to pray for humanity never thought i would do that! i wish i could spray the world with love and remove all fear, i have started to use detox products and give to my pets .I got in touch with the soil association and they said there are not getting any evidence of contamination in there soil testing, here inthe uk but i find this hard to believe the implications to there position are significant. tryed sending message to radio 5 here but keep getting blocked when i try to send. is anybody doing anything ton the 27th september? i have not heard of anything here .

  5. vickey says:

    We are living in times where insatiable greed, extravagance, sense of entitlement and demand for immediate gratification are the hallmarks of rampant consumerism. The fascination with the glamourous lives of the rich and famous and entertainment, including sports, politics and religion, have blinded our love and compassion for the planet which has sustained all life upon Her surface. Look at what the White Man has done to Her since the slaughter of the Red Race. In a few hundred years, Her face has been scarred by bulldozers and chain saws – Her resources gobbled up by materialism and she has been made toxic by the fleas upon her surface. Much karma to pay.

  6. Chris Amend says:

    We have gotten another 2 day hammering here in central Wyoming with the big low and slow tankers that spray the really wide 85 mile long trails that never go away and then turn into giant cloud masses that then turn into a solid white alumina haze from horizon to horizon. Blue sky? The skies are never blue but always a sick white and the ambient sunlite is a sick yellow.I haven’t seen any finches at our feeders this year and never see or hear birds. I travel the state a lot and I always take pictures of the sky and the forests. The trees in the forests are 65 to 80 per cent dead and its because their immunities are weakend by the spray which then allows the pine beetles in more easily. These are some arrogant sick devil bastards that must be stopped. I am talking to everyone and giving out info packets. We ALL MUST DO THIS EVERY DAY.God bless you.

  7. Andrea says:

    You are so right about the Holocaust same phenomena defense mechanism.

  8. Andrea says:

    L. Little where is this at?

  9. L. Little says:

    They spray our area for mosquitos with a huge airplane during night. The people aren’t informed of this unless you sign up for the news letter from the county. I don’t believe most people realize they are being aerial sprayed with poison. This spray is also going of farm land. Although they say they avoid organic farms, but the stuff has got to drift! In the past I have seen two trucks spraying for mosquitos and they actually sprayed people walking down the street! They didn’t say a word!

  10. JR says:

    The “Future of Food” is good dvd watch. Industry has bought of Washington D.C. politicians at everyone else’s peril. The last U.S. Senate Bill I was aware of if still on floor for weather modification was #1807. They changed bill numbers every 3-4 years with this one the third up from when I was introduced to chemtrail GE-modification 13 years back. USDA, and FDA agencies are on take for corporate monies and passing almost anything for those corporate profiteers. GMO’s etc.,

  11. no blue says:

    Poppy, I woke to another yellow sky. We can’t see the mountains which are 4 miles away. We live in a tiny mountain burg an hour from anywhere. No industry, yet the sky is milky and lined from horizon to horizon but “nothing is wrong”. And the TV and radio stations, newspapers all refuse to talk to me and tell me to “send pictures”. HA! They are WELL AWARE of what is going on but, you can bet, they have been threatened and are terrified of the truth. Stand strong! You are not alone! This is real, and it is getting blatantly more obvious by the minute. When the Holocaust was happening the world was in denial. Now that it is knocking on everyone’s door, what will the world’s peoples do now? Zzzzzzzzz?

  12. no blue says:

    Rose, you have hit the nail on the head. Our pets are our “Canaries in the Coalmine”. 80% of all animals are dying of carcinogenic related illness. More than that have “neurological anomalies”, causing seizures, strokes, muscle deterioration, skin lesions, and death. They are out all day breathing and absorbing the fallout from the sky, and humankinds poisons. Where our animals lead, we will follow. The oceans, streams, deserts, forests, and all homes of the living, are dying.

  13. poppy robbins says:

    there hes been much cloud cover where i live recently but when it breaks you can see the air craft spraying over head . the landscape at a distance is always foggy and looks seems no one has woken up here.i sent two emails to local MPs no response .i called local radio and got told it would cost to much to research, i asked them to have an open live discusion.but they were not even aware of the subject.and i called a local air base to see what response i got. . . i leave you to guess what that was. i have been in utter despair since researching this horror beyond belief , and it causes such axiety . but i.refuse to let fear take hold .i desperatly want to do more. there needs to be a coordinated effort and stratergy. i live in shropshire england please somebody what/how do you achieve this ,i love this planet we are so privaliged to be here and if i am to die at the hands of an insane elite i want to do so trying to save it from this attack on life.

  14. marlene says:

    I’m so sorry, Tim. I’ve been warning everyone who would listen about monsante since the 1980’s. Is there anything I can do – join something; write to someone? I pray for the health of your child and for all children in this country.

  15. JR says:

    Hello; Didn’t get to read all article but most here have probably seen excellent dvd “The Future of Food”. It tells us how our reps. (political people) such as USDA use a revolving door for serving themselves and Chemical, seed companies, etc. serving 2 masters-(self-interest) greed suckers. A good website with such info. is Center For Food Safety ( I just saw a good-average dvd called “Fed UP” and shows nothing but interest for Corporations in the food industry with favoring politicians swinging their way and not you or I and kids health. On a positive note here in Southwest N.M. we received some good rain all night with super nice clouds this morn. that is until the demons were wiping them out all day Tuesday. I’ve mostly concluded that these lowlifes spraying and their cohorts as them in all evil will die in sin, not repenting.

  16. Tim says:

    PANDAS SYNDROME whereby aluminum takes strep antibodies to the brain is soaring as well. It attacked my kid and I believe heavy spraying of chemtrails was the tipping point. These people are nuts.

  17. Mike Czysh says:

    Quite the talk by Dr. Seneff. I have done my part to turn the huge tide. Some people use Roundup like it was water at the mouth of the Amazon with no ill effects. One of my neighbors in Sun City, AZ winter home is like this. He said once: “I hate weeds”(uses Roundup). I’ve discreetly made it clear in the neighborhood: I HATE ROUNDUP/MONSANTO!

  18. Rose says:

    DO something, I have been telling my children about how we are being poisoned, no food to eat that is not poisoned, maybe certified organic. How long will it take for the highly educated people to get the message and do something about it. L-cysteine in the food, are you kidding. There are foods I do not eat now and I try to read every label, even for my pets, they too are being poisoned.

  19. Kyle Slaughter says:

    Thank-you <3 🙂

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