National Media Host David Pakman Desperately Tries To Discredit The Climate Engineering Reality


David Pakman is the epitome of power structure controlled opposition. Though David covers some issues with what appears to be opposition to the power structure, on the issues that really matter Pakman's job is clearly to marginalize, discredit, and otherwise cloud the truth. 911 and Climate engineering are two of the most critical issues at hand which Pakman is doing his best to marginalize. One of the primary ways Pakman tried to marginalize the climate engineering issue was to insist on using the non-science term of "chemtrails". Semantics matter in this battle, the "chemtrails" term leads investigating individuals to "conspiracy theory and hoax" definitions. Using science terms like "geoengineering", "climate engineering", or "solar radiation management", etc, leads to science information that helps to confirm the validity of the climate engineering issue. In the 16 minute interview below that I just did with David Pakman, he is particularly aggressive and clearly has an agenda. It is also apparent that he spent considerable time preparing himself for his attempt to discredit the climate engineering reality. Never during the interview does it seem he has any interest whatsoever in honest investigation or facts relating to the subject at hand. I knew before I accepted the interview request that David was on a mission to "de-bunk" the dire issue of global geoengineering which so many awake activists are fighting to expose. With all of us working together, we are indeed gaining ground in this fight. If we weren't, Pakman would not have been sent by his paymasters to try and slow us down. The facts speak for themselves. Though David Pakman's faithful followers seem to blindly follow him with their comments below the video, most seem to be as long on ideology and short on facts as David was. Dane Wigington

29 Responses to National Media Host David Pakman Desperately Tries To Discredit The Climate Engineering Reality

  1. Daniel says:

    I can't even finish this interview. Dane stuck to facts. Those facts speak for themselves. The interviewer did all he could to try and marginalize the whole subject and came off as a condescending, arrogant prick. There's not much else to say here. 

  2. Dennie says:

    Pac-Man is a wet-behind-the-ears Talking Head, a paid mouthpiece for the Anglo-American- Zionist "power" cabal.  Look at the tribe from which The Bombs originated– same people as the ones who invented chem spraying, then look at the Moneychangers, those who invented compound interest (usery, and it's lead champion, also from that same "wonderful" tribe)– what else could anyone expect from such a one as this?  Little wonder his own people wanted to see Jesus put to death for daring suggest that not only should The Boat of "power" be rocked, but that it's captains and row persons be thrown overboard and the craft scuttled while He, a humble carpenter, built a newer, safer, healthier vessel for all the children of God, not just "the chosen ones," to ride in. 

  3. Uilleam Níc Dhiamnall says:

    I viewed some of Pakman's videos to see if I could find a thoughtful, fair minded liberal commentator, but after a few minutes realized that he is a smarmy, condescending prick who loses credibility with each word he utters. If you want a more balanced presentation of hot-button issues, I would suggest the YouTube personality Philip DeFranco.

  4. Concerned One says:

    I think you are both interesting to listen to. I think you and your work regarding the geoengineering  issue is wonderful and should continue. Regardless of political party here, the environment is crucial for all of us and anyone looking to improve it should be commended on doing that, not argued with. When this occurs, the only thing that comes to my mind is this —> Who is really behind this and trying to stop the people from knowing whatever truth and good evidence is out there ? There are many factors involved with climate change, environmental changes and pollution in the environment. The key is to get the truth and great evidence needed to make the environment and our world a better place. You are doing that Dane and I thank you for it. We need a world in which greed does not reign but care and concern for people, animals, land, air and water matters. It's time to get past lies and to the truth, once and for all. Keep up your great work ! I shared you on my social media earlier tonight. xxxxx

    • Stacy Jett says:

      This has nothing to do with "political party" and everything to do with controlling
      the world.  It's bigger than who's "political side" you are on.

  5. Dane  I often think you are TOO nice, but in this case your personal and professional manner clearly won the day.

  6. I believe he was looking for an explanation of how does being sprayed with nano-particles of aluminum kill aquatic life.  I guess he couldn't figure out that aluminum is toxic and will cause death.  
    He was a terrible host who wanted to "prove you wrong" with the moon walk scenario.
    You will be regarded as an environmental hero some day, and I hope it will be soon, VERY soon!

  7. julia salisbury says:

    I know I am speaking to the choir, but we need to encourage debate. As long as we have the dialog in process, we can keep opening minds that have previously been closed. Folks will start to look up more, notice more, even if the platform is negative like this show was.
    I think we need to reach out to the climate and environmental activists to get some momentum to this movement.Those who claim to care about the Earth, and have some political clout. If we have open debate outside under the sky and have a question and answer session with climate scientist explaining why THEY think massive fake cloud cover is Not geoengineering, while it is every day and night, maybe we can create more buzz around this issue.

  8. Pat says:

    Dane, I’ve been following your posts and research for about a year and have seen for myself what is being dumped into the skies. I have followed others who have done research as well, Carnicom, Blaylock and many others. My journey towards truth has shown that we are “people of the lie” being manipulated and controlled by an elite cabal that controls the media, education, politics, money, food, etc. Our planet and our existence on it is at a time of transition. Everyone of us needs to find our connection to God. We can individually and together make a difference with the right intent by learning the truth of our plight and doing what we can to educate others. You are doing a fine job and are a magnificent tribute to truth and human endeavor. Thank You!

    • waverly says:

      Could not agree more with everything you say. The sun is the source; the source of light, energy, warmth and equilibrium. Messing with its rays, artificially and un-naturally is tantamount to slapping God across the face. Using HAARP to add insult to injury is like spitting in God's face. These scientists who are playing god, do not believe in God. Often, they believe in numbers… and, they serve their moneyed masters, not God. They are the Jason Society.

      Our food supply is now largely GMO, grown with pesticides, herbicides, and inorganic fertilizer.  Plant's represent man's energetic nutritional link to the sun by way of photosynthesis.  Changing the the sun's frequency signature by filtering its rays with nano-sized toxic metals, changes the wavelength of he suns rays, disturbing and degrading the plant's photon packets. This is not good for plants, and it certainly is not good for mankind. We must press on to expose to the general public, this terribly horrific mistake called geo-engineering NOW.

  9. Marc says:

    This guy’s whole game is nothing but snarky condescension wrapped up in a blanket of pseudo-intellectual interrogation of his wise and honorable guest, Mr. Dane Wigington. This arrogant punk thinks he can run with the big dogs but this interview proves otherwise. Pitiful. Palms together in namaste salutation to Dane Wigington for his wisdom, his unparalleled commitment to disseminating the truth about these horrific programs, his love of earth and life, and, finally, may all of us who understand the magnitude of what’s being done to our beautiful MOTHER experience a healing of our broken hearts one day.

    • Dennie says:

      This guy is trying play judge and jury and doing a really poor job of wearing every hat his handlers have asked him, for a paycheck and maybe a pension (tho as an entertainment professional I'm sure that's nonexistent in his particular niche in this field– ha!)  to wear.  He asks leading questions or gives Dane two choices only, in trying to deduce what's going on with the spraying programs, none of the choices being correct, just more bullshit.  He's truly a rather third-rate disinformation advocate. 

  10. R.Schell says:

    This wanderer is on disinformation duty. He too wants the the planet scrub clean of humanity.

  11. says:

    When he was trying to find a term for you to both agree on, you should have suggested “condemnation trails”.

  12. says:

    Condensation trails can only occur at between 25,000 and 40,000 feet.

    I find it very unlikely that aircraft passing directly over New York at those kind of altitudes would be coming in to land.

    • Jenny says:

      I was thinking that, too.  

      Also found it strange that it sounded like his "research" of the actual visible trails consisted of what he happened to see over his home in Brooklyn "yesterday".  One location, one day?

      If you need to find a term both you and a hostile host can agree on you could just use "visible airplane trails" or something like "visible, lingering, spreading trails from airplanes", because that doesn't imply that you both agree what the trails are made of.


  13. Ria den Breejen says:

    His hands were clearly in the service of defense.
    Just run away from the diapers, this guy believes to be able to blame it all on a few airports around him. And squanders his own future with that.
    And I’m wondering since a long time, how many fuel dumps actually occur worldwide every day, as far as you follow and believe the old wives’ tales of the “debunkers” (or controlled opposition).
    This guy speaks of “his research”. However, he for sure hadn’t explored anything.
    A pathetic testimony of very poor journalism.

  14. Dane, Sounds to me like his frame of mind is like so many others, but at the end of the interview he more or less puts the ball in your court and gives you and your work and this website of yours the source for all to follow and learn the truth and facts on this terrorist attack on the planet. Well done, now lets all help Dane and spread the truth.

  15. Steven Chamberlain says:

    Moving an outhouse is a lot of work. All that digging, but for this guy I wouldn’t mind.

  16. Cori Gunnells says:

    David Pakman, as a controlled opposition agent, could not have been more obvious. His intentions were very clear – no reasoning, no listening, but instead a poorly executed attempt to discredit the facts that Dane delivered. I felt David did such a poor job, and was in fact so obvious, it was almost a gift in itself. The guy was not believable at all, displayed zero integrity, and was a poor choice if the opposition wanted to make any tracks via this method. He was condescending and looked like he was a actor/comedian. Telling Dane, “I want to learn from you”, was pathetic. This man heard nothing but the script running in his own head. The only thing he did right was to ask people at the end to go to and look into this issue themselves. I hope they do. If anyone has a brain in their head, and genuine interest, it’s pretty hard to miss the facts and urgency.

  17. James says:

    I haven’t watched the video yet, perhaps later, when I have time for the controlled opposition and their stance, and some spare energy to spend on controlling my angst toward that dark side of this equation, that aside, I had an encouraging experience today pushing the meter far into the positive realm. I went into my local hardware store looking for a plumbing fitting, and a staff member there whom I know from previous dealings made some remark about the weather. In 30 seconds the conversation led to geoengineering. To my surprise he was fully conversant in the subject and has been awake for years. We had a great discussion on the subject. His primary concern was how to break through the hypnotic trance of the general population who remain steadfastly oblivious to the phenomena.

    I found this accidental experience very encouraging to know that some people are awake and are experiencing the same.

  18. carol freiberg says:

    Dane, you have nothing to worry about. All three of the people who follow this jackass are retards anyway!

  19. Michel B says:

    Dane, you kept your cool and discussed the topic logically and coherently. David Pakman is a paid shill and demonstrated that for all the world to see. In the end you only have your values to stand upon. The most basic value is honesty, but on which side of it do we stand? David Pakman would do well to research Dante’s Inferno to see how many places he has in Dante’s schematic of Hell.

    But how amazing it is that all of Pakman’s ridiculous gesticulations with his very large hands and weasel-like way of arguing just simply fail to achieve their mark when he takes on a truth teller?!

    Dane, I hope you get many more of these interviews, as they are revealing in themselves. It is disappointing to see these shills in action time after time, but people watching and listening to these interviews have the perfect opportunity to smell a rat in the show’s host and to see Dane put forth his case backed up with proven facts.

  20. Vanessa says:

    This interviewer is pathetic. He really seem more interested in blocking information from being presented. Kind of an idiot he was.

  21. poisonskies says:

    what a prick, arrogant smug little prick. Dane should of just left the interview, and said “you know what you chief, Choke to death and beg for a place in the elite bunker when the end comes” what a nob jockey

  22. Lana Givant says:

    I am sorry you had to even talk to this host, David Pakman. He is antagonistic, condescending and rude. Thanks for being able to stay on track Dane, in spite of his interrupting, digressing, and treating the interview like an interrogation. This was a mind game. You Win. He loses.

  23. Don Nadon says:

    Facts are facts, as Geoengineeringwatch portrays here, but this so called host is nothing more than a young idiot, who either thinks he knows what he’s doing, or has been employed by higher powers, who will probably fire him after this nightmare. Geoengineeringwatch clearly won this debate, as they should have. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I believe this spraying is but one part of the UN’s population reduction agenda. The other parts include – GMO’s, Fluoride, Chlorine, Ebola, Aids, Vaccines… Just saying!

    • waverly says:


      The spraying is one of MANY agenda's and serves MANY purposes. You'll notice the people behind this are the same people who were against FDR's social security and medicare programs. There was actually an attempted coup by JP Morgan and his high rolling cronies to overthrow FDR as a result of his plan to pull the economy out of depression by introducing social security. Google it.

      In the next several years, social security stands to inherit millions of retiring baby boomers. It cannot sustain itself, and will likely go bankrupt. The solution is to cull the herd using aerosols, flu vaccines, and rationed medical care. There are several other scheme's the government is using to cheat retirees, like the CPI, and social security COLA raises. 

      America itself will survive, but millions of its' citizens will perish.  

  24. Louis says:

    This guy was sickineing to watch. I almost cracked my iPad in half when he brought up the moon landing. Everyone here at geoengineeringwatch should go leave Mr.Pakman advice on his youtube. Dane you sure did stay on topic and deliver hard hitting definitions to this guy. Great example of how we should all act when faced with these types.

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