New Jersey Health Dept Official Pens Personal Letter To Health Commissioner About Geoengineering


My name is Gary Attalla from New Jersey. I work for the State Health Department for 36  years as an Environmental Health Specialist with a broad background in food safety and microbiology, water, pollutions, regulated medical waste, health care facilities and other issues. I graduated from Rutgers University with a science degree and was premed, though i never went to medical school. I am pursuing this issue as a private citizen, which allows for me to be more cavalier, much more.

Around January 2013, all at once I began to notice  chem trails. It happened in an instant, if not less. Then I began to observe day in, day out ,the relentless spraying. I drive all over the state of NJ. Here is what I have noticed. At any given moment there are dozens of planes in the sky, criss crossing, going back and forth, parallel lines, half circles etc..with the pencil line trails, eventually fanning out to form, for lack of a better word; "clouds". The sky then becomes milky white that i call  2%, really, and many times a strange iridescent purple. After observing for some time, i began to be able to immediately identify the plumes (that's it, we'll call them plumes) even if i did not see the actual planes. Then I came across a movie on You Tube called "What in The World Are They Spraying" on you tube, which  eventually led me to Dane Wigington. I came to an independent conclusion (factoring in my background in public health and many days of research), that this is the most pressing issue facing us all. This information was passed on to my brother Mark, who lives 60 miles north of me. The exact same spraying is going on where he lives.  There are many pressing issues; hydro-fracking, vaccines with mercury, beef production, yes beef production, genetically modified organisms, banking scandals, deforestation and so many more.

Breathing in toxic aluminum oxide, strontium, barium, silver iodide, mercury and other mystery chemicals (because testing can't be done for everything) is the most pressing. And when it rains, the soil and food supply soak up these chemicals. So when you thing your eating organic, you are not. Because this is going on worldwide and heavy in the USA, the chemicals travel with the trade winds,  gulf stream and other winds, and can/do travel thousands of miles. So nobody is safe, not even the rich and famous.

After speaking to Dane many times and having my brother Mark visit with him for 4 days, we have complete confidence with this brilliant, nice, persistent man. If you don't have persistence, it matters not how brilliant.  I'd like to think that the chemical spraying of citizens is vitamin C and E,  but it isn't. In truth it is fumigation. We are being fumigated. Nice word huhhh. Our oxygen is slowly being replaced by the above chemicals. Aluminum is a  highly toxic substance. Most people don't even cook with aluminum pots anymore. Remember, we are doing far worse breathing in these nanoparticles than cooking with them. And that is only the aluminum.

If American Idol and Dancing with the Stars moves you more than this, then we really do have a problem.  To think that we have no power over this would be THE biggest mistake.

Though I do work for the Department of Health, I have chosen to contact the Commissioner of Health (my ultimate Boss) as a private citizen, thru email. I do this on my own time and on my own computer (vs my work computer). I feel that this gives me more leeway to fight, and also to bring other people into the arena. I don't have to go thru all the layers of management and the constraints of my job, which in itself is a tough balancing act. My job has been very good to me over my 36 years. I have no idea what response i will get.  My main hurdle is to convince people that there is a serious problem, and this won't be easy.

Jersey also has a Department of Environmental Protection (aka DEP). I plan to contact them too. And since they are not my employer, I can be a little more daring.

Gary Attalla

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  1. Walt Davis says:

    The EPA, Health department or Trump won't do anything about the chemical spraying. Don't waste your time on any of the environmental groups like the Sierra Club or Audubon Society. They will send you a nice letter asking for a donation. I just watched part of a video by an Air Force pilot and he is lying for the government, so don't waste your time there.


    • john says:

      I see chemtrials in Edison, Jun 15-2020 ,Monday morning 8 am

    • Caleigh says:

      I tried to send a photo of chemtrails in Woodstown NJ and the email wouldn't go through.  A family member sent me a sky full of chemtrails in South Dakota.  I wish someone would explain WHY they're spraying.  Is it a depopulation plan?

  2. Momtaz Garden says:

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  3. Kelly says:

    I again live in Califon NJ  want to add that called the local police Dept and they directed me to the FAA hotline as the officer indicated that spraying was occurring in a neighbor area of Lebanon, NJ and once reported the spraying stopped. Well, I’ve left 4 messages for the FAA hotline with no response. I also spoke with a rep from the Board of Health whom I sent multiple pictures to. I let them know that I will be asking an industrial hygienist to test our air quality and I plan on sampling our rain water. I was in Hackettstown yesterday and saw so much of this chemtrail activity in the sky. On the same day, I was in Somerset County and the sky appeared normal on Rt 78 and Rt 22. Although the spraying has lessened dof, I hear roaring  jet engine noise over my home throughout the day and night. I have pictures and videos to back my claims of this activity. I’m very suspect that my sky is often gray, especially since this chemtrail activity. I live in a rural area so I’m assuming that we are very “low key” in terms of population exposure. In any event, why aren’t we being made aware of the spraying and why are our questions being evaded? If this is such a standard and safe operation then why is there no information for the public. I watched videos of these chemtrail occurrences in Newark NJ and throughout the state. All I can do now is be persistent and raise awareness as I’m absolutely doing. Otherwise, I am a sitting duck or a collateral damage for whomever is funding this project. I just saw a video of spraying across the Statue of Liberty and thought how surreal is that! Keep spreading the good word. People need to know this is happening. It’s not right to keep citizens in the dark!

  4. Kelly says:

    I live in Califon, NJ. I have lived in NJ for the majority of my life. This past week has been a horrifying awakening for me. For the past year I have been extremely sick and could not understand why. I did a heavy metal test and found high levels of arsenic. I could not understand how I got them. Our water has been tested, I don’t eat rice, don’t drink often, ect. Aside from that I’ve had sinus issues, gastrointestinal issues, memory issues, headaches, autoimmune issues, allergies, etc. Most of the things onset this year. Well, I looked up in the sky to realize that my entire sky is being painted by these chemtrails. There are days that my sky isn’t even blue and they spray aggressively. I can differentiate between normal condensation disappearing and man made clouds that stay in the sky for extended periods of time and coat it with an artificial haze. X markings all over the sky. What on earth are they spraying? Why are they so aggressive about it and why hasn’t anyone told us anything about it!!!  I’m so worried about my health, my animals health, my family and my community. Why haven’t they told us anything! 

    • Dane Wigington says:

      Hello, Kelly, thank you for yout comment / report. Just for the record, with very few exceptions we should see no visible trails behind commercial carriers or military tankers due to the high bypass turbofan jet engines they are fitted with. Even the short bright trails that seem to disipate are, in almost all cases, sprayed dispersions or fuel addatives that are also a part of the geoengineering operations. FYI

  5. Lucia Terrizzi says:

    Sorry Gary Attalla,  I forgot to include another comment to my previous statement. I really feel that everyone here is blowing hot air as I believe this is never going to change. It is the government that is initiating all this. Our powerful government knows we are complaining but nothing will come of it. Its like fighting Big Pharma about the many diseases children get from inoculations. They continue to do this for greedy reasons. I never give up on thongs but the reality here is the government knows all the complaints and they will adamantly continue as it all goes to a deaf ear. Look at the ocean pollution going on for years now and I still see syringes in the ocean not to mention other debris. It falls on deaf ears. The government will deny all this as well. The Great Day is coming. God WILL act in vengeance. I am positive about this. In the meantime we can continue to reach out to responsible ones. Someone must have heart.

  6. Aaron says:

    Today 12/19/2017 over Ocean City to Berlin and Salisbury Maryland I watched these planes layering a large area. These were NOT "contrails" they were something else, I'll call them "chem trails" which fanned out covering the blue sky. Not just crisscross patterns but consecutive X's which actually left shadows on the previous fanned out layers (artificial clouds) above and below them. Very eerie to look up and see large double shadowed X's in the sky. Clear blue sky everywhere else.

  7. George says:

    They have been spraying NJ and Manhattan for the part two weeks. Heavy spraying began last Saturday 12/2/17 and has been done daily since then. They cover entire sky as far as an eye can see, especially over Manhattan. What is really troubling is that that they seem to monitor and if any area of sky clears out, there will be a plain within 15 minutes to "fix" the issue. Look up now, it's all Chemtrails above our heads and, yes, we are paying for this literally.

  8. Rebecca Heller says:

    I see Chemtrails all  the time and born and raised here in NJ.  We need to be writing our congress and media on this problem.  We are paying taxes to pollute ourselves.  Who do you think is paying for all this unhealthy secretative  air activity?

    • Barbara says:

      This is horrible ! They poisoned as every day !!! More and more !! No more blue sky only barium, arsenic , viruses and many more toxins and heavy metals !!  pharmacy companies pay them to spray as and we pay from our taxes …   too many people sick on cancer … they ready with FEMA camps .. our government order 30 000 guillotines …   this is new world order .. president Obama  sign – executive order ..  they never gonna stop … 

  9. Natalia says:

    Hi Gary. I'm wondering what's come of your letter.  Today I stepped outside to do yard work and I saw 5 different chemtrails sprayed before my eyes within the span of a half hour. I took a video. Clear blue cloudless sky and the trails were distinctly parallel to one another over southern Howell. There were other planes flying at what seemed the same altitude yet no trail whatsoever.  Dead give away, to me, that it was deliberate. 

    • Dave says:

      I saw chemtrails around noon on 10/29/17 (preceeding the torrential rains that we experienced later Sunday into Monday) stretching from what appeared from my vantage point to be somewhere over the Montville – Pinebrook area westward towards Netcong – roughly following Rt 46… 2 very long parallel trails, plus one that appeared to go almost straight up, and several smaller ones fanning out in a sort of random pattern.   They were just starting to disperse.  By aproximately 3 PM, the sky was nearly covered by strange looking. cottony clouds with very regular ripples in some of them (almost like ripples on a pond).  I'm going to start paying closer attention and taking pictures, to hopefully convert some skeptics.  We are such zombies these days that we barely notice anything – they've been doing it for so long, right over our heads, that we think it's normal.

    • Mike Hernandez says:

      Seriously. The moment i approached my job today, which takes less than 10min. walking; they were all to my left with one on my right. Throughout the day I kept noticing their change. Early evening before 5PM there were 2 planes flying East. One was losing its trail like a normal plane should, the other? Left a trail of about maybe 10 miles of plume. Later in the night when my phone said the forecast should be clear, i could see the moon..but only thru a hazy fog that blanketed the sky. This is aggravating as i already have enough in life to deal with now i cant even enjoy a beautiful sky.

  10. plumbritellc says:

    I visit your full website properly. I know about the importance of health. Thank you for giving your good information.

    • Marybeth Ryan says:

      This message is for Gary. 

      Hi Gary. Tonite, May 17, around 7:30pm, I saw 3 planes flying over the Rutherford/ Lyndhurst area.  What caught my eye was the intensity of the plume coming out of one plane in particular. It wa a very bright, irridescent yellow. I thought the sunlight must have been hitting it, but the sun had just set.  I saw another plane flying adjacent to it, also streaming g something, but not as intense in color.  A third plane was in the distance, flying perpendicular to the other 2.  

      It wa disturbing to me. About 5-10 minutes later, the sky hit very cloudy. It looked like rain. But it had been clear earlier. Then some of the clouds got darkish grey.  WTF???

  11. Jean Zullo says:

    I have finally woken up to this horrible reality and I must say this is scary!  Most people either are not paying attention to what's happening in the skies or think they cannot do anything about it and so they dismiss it, as if it will just go away. Since many of these posts are from 2013, I wonder what's going on currently?  I would also agree that this is the number one priority of our time.


  12. D. Pirilli says:

    Thank you all for your concern.  I recently contacted Rosalind Peterson, but I never received a response. 
    : Mon, May 9, 2016 8:05 pm
    Dear Ms. Peterson,
    I would like to thank you for speaking out at the UN Meeting against the Chemtrails.  I agree that are destroying not only the crops, climate and drinking water, but also every living thing and creation.  I reside in Atlantic Highlands, NJ and  the spraying has gotten so frequent and toxic that it is on a daily basis and it is incredibly potent. Within minutes after the spraying takes place the inside of my nose and sinuses begins to burn and the lining of my mouth tastes like I ingested a mouth full of chemicals. The smell lingers in the air for hours.  It is a frightening experience.
    I am a teacher in Perth Amboy, NJ.  During recess the children are sent outside to play, but within five minutes they are running in with severe nosebleeds and headaches from the chemicals sprayed overhead earlier that morning. It is out of control.   Can you please help us?  Is there any advice that you can offer?  When the topic arises in a passing conversation, everyone I speak to is unaware of the entire situation.  What ever happened to Operation Clover Leaf?  Is anyone else out there trying to protect us besides you?  I am so frustrated that out government is permitting this to happen.  I would appreciate your help in any way.  The public needs to be aware that these chemicals are killing us.  Thank you for your time.

    • Dave says:

      This is the end of me this is been an onslaught of air assault every single day I cannot believe what's going on here they spray constantly I'm in New Jersey Cedar Knolls and I have never seen anything so disgusting in my life today is the day before the holiday and they have sprayed 17 times and not one single person in New Jersey even knows what's going on I tried to tell people I feel like a wolf around a bunch of sheep is making my family and my children sick the water is disgusting how can nobody know what's going on what the f*** is the problem here I don't understand people need to get together and understand that they are you look up you could see it they're not contrails. Chemtrails is a big f****** difference thanks


    I have a question for Gary.  What ever came of this?  I only ask because we too have contacted the NJ DEP several times.  We've placed tons of complaints and had received "case numbers".  When we went even further to investigate what the NJ DEP is doing about the tons of complains, case numbers filed on the aerosol toxins being  visibly dispersed by Gov./Military aircraft, they basically told us that they close the case numbers.  When we had pressed them on it was their job to investigate this matter, they of course notoriously gave us the run around.  They had told us to contact the FAA in Teterboro / Airport.  We did that, they denied it and sent us back to the NJ DEP and EPA (which we had contacted).  Not only have we contacted every single State Legislator, Congressman/Congresswoman, Senators, Assemblymen, Governor's office, we had  a few meetings with a couple of staff members who remain in denial.  We need to now hold ALL of those involved "accountable".  Gary, please update us on any information you can provide us with.  Thank you!

  14. Roan says:

    I live in Seattle and today was blue and clear until about 1pm and the jets flew over… after a couple hours the sky was grey with spray. Is this agenda 21 in real time???? Call me what you want but it sure feels like a de-population plan disguised as climate control. Strange but i never hear this theory … Believing in global warming is besides the point. They are spraying toxic chemicals into the air that my 2yo son is breathing. It is clear that the climate is changing but this is so far out there that it cannot be a solution. This is nuts. I posted on facebook and people in the area told me it was vapor trails. The Local news tells people it was “Ice crystals”. Why the hell did they have to explain it then?? Absolutely nuts… If we (humans) let this happen then we all deserve the fate that this will bestow upon us. I hope to god that were not that stupid.

  15. Celia Huntley says:

    I am doing a paper for Public Health Nursing. We have to find 5 health issues in the community. I already had 5 when I was on Face Book this morning and read a post from Truth Theory and watched the video “Why in the World are They Spraying?” I’d heard about Nikola Tesla inventing a electromagnetic generator and other experiments to make it rain and cause an earth quake and his work with HAARP. He seemed gifted and wanted to provide free electricity to everyone from lightening strikes happening all over the world and tapping into that electricity in the biosphere. No backers wanted to give him money for research unless they could make tons of money off his invention so it never happened. When I read that he died alone and the government seized all his work I though oh no its in the wrong hands. Recently I heard of spraying but until today I really had no idea all this was taking place. My first impression was it is a false flag for so they could say see the climate is changing, humans are ruining the planet and we have the solution, Agenda 21. I am still up at 2am after reading about geoengineering and watching videos all day with a sick feeling. I came across your post after being on this website for a few hours because I live in South Jersey and don’t recall seeing chemtrails but I have heard jet aircraft overhead much more within the past year. I know something was up with that like practicing for WWIII but maybe they are leaving chemtrails. I have been asking people all winter if they have noticed an increase in wind and I wasn’t surprised to hear the weatherman say we will have more storms than usual this year. I am a nature girl and love and appreciate the outdoors and wildlife besides being an RN this is truly distressing because I though GMOs were bad enough. It is unbelievable what Monsanto is doing and how deep the evil goes (they were good at spraying agent orange). I could go on and on but I appreciate this website and the info from Paul, Karen, Dan and others who posted. I am right with you to uncover and spread the truth. There is an app from you can take a picture of chemtrails and send it with a petition to your legislator, its $1.99 on iTunes. A neurologist Dr. Blaylock is talking and writing about the medical effects of aluminum toxicity, also look up Morgellons mysterious illnesses. Thanks for posting, Celia

    • Jan says:

      There were chemtrails sprayed in the sky here in west Caldwell nj 20 mins ago
      Over our westville town pool!! My kids are here I’m disgusted by this!

    • Steve Clarke says:

      hi,  I live near Asbury Park NJ, and have witnessed lots of spraying.  Often late in the day on a saturday or sunday as I walk on the boardwalk…the trails are everywhere,,,some early mornings at 8 am  i begin to see the evil X in the sky and watch as the blue skies become totally obliterated.  It's absolutlly sickening, and I all ready have my own problems just trying to survive in New Jersey…

  16. Mary Damico says:

    Thank you Gary, and the many who have commented on here. My eyes are open and my jaws are dropped! I remember a few months back people off shore in my area talking about hearing planes circling their neighborhoods and not knowing why. Now I think I may know! Scarey! It’s like right out of a science fiction movie. Time to take up yet another cause for our environment! There is power in numbers. I’m certain that although some are money hungry power mom gets, there are also good people with children who love them enough to step up for their futures and that of their future generations. Need more utube videos of this on Facebook. Have to impress the younger generations with knowledge of these findings! Thanks again Gary for your bravery ;))

  17. sandra fruechting says:

    I read that Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are responsible for this crazy concept that is killing us
    slowly but surly how can we fight this?I’m seeing this type of spraying every day here in Nevada.

    • Dan says:

      Gates for sure is involved. He is a eugenicist, meaning he works to kill off the masses to make the few, like him, have more resources for themselves. People think he’s a nice guy, a philanthropist, but he isn’t. He’s a greedy lowlife who is funding the spraying of the skies, actually out west where you are. Go to and visit their facebook site. There are a lot of concerned people on there, the ranks are growing and we are making headway into getting the right people to notice how big our group is. You will learn about everything imaginable there, from chemtrails to fluoride in the water to who’s doing all this.

  18. Cathleen Cario-Reece says:

    Jan, I have just joined your group & Gary THANK YOU for taking this action! The apathetic among us are going to be the hardest to WAKE UP, but we’ve got to do it!

    It reminds me of this quote from a book that I’m reading, by Alberto Villoldo:
    “…During one healing ceremony the shaman explained to me that like everyone, I can either have what I want or the reasons why I can’t. ‘You are too enamored of your story,’ the old man said. ‘Until you dare to dream a different dream, all you will have is the nightmare.’ ”

  19. THANK YOU!!! I live in Oslo, Norway – and its bad here too. Today we should have had a almost clear day – the sky is covered in the muck – I hate it – I hardly go out anymore. I try to wake people up to it, but they mostly resist calling it a conspiracy. I try to make them see a film .. which speaks loader than words – they refuse. So any action from anyone is so appreciate. Love from Oslo ..

    • Deborah Barker says:


      Thank you for standing tall to defend the truth! Your experience with discovering chemtrails is almost identical to mine, even right down to the timeline. I live in southwest Florida, where the trails are getting worse every day. Since mid-February 2013, I have been keeping a log of activity. On April 27, 2013, I phoned the Charlotte County Health Department to register a concern about the foul smell in the air and the effect on breathing as a result of heavy spraying that day. The Environmental Health Specialist who spoke with me had no awareness of the spraying and suggested that I was probably witnessing mosquito control activity or heightened aircraft activity due to my proximity to our local County airport. Because she had no reference for any such spraying program, she was unwilling to log a formal complaint/inquiry, and advised me to visit the ER if I was suffering serious health consequences. The perplexing part of the fight to reign in geoengineering is the inability to fix an anchor anywhere in the mainstream channels. As others such as yourself accept the risk of owning the truth, I believe that footholds will appear, and we will finally be able to sturdy ourselves against the giant mountain. Deb

  20. Best of luck, we need the entire country back to clear skies again, this is too much and has been going on for too long. Florida is hammered along with so many other states and countries all over the world.

    • Jenny says:

      I live In Sarasota and when I moved here, the skies were blue and rarely there were chemtrails. Now? It’s rare to have a day that is clear. They saturate the air until the sun is gone.

      I have constant headaches how. We are being sprayed to death.

  21. constance griffin says:

    I am not sure how those that are poisoning us with the chem trails are avoiding the same, but it appears to me this is a population control system. That it will eventually cull out those who’s systems are weak… leaving those who can with stand the poisoning standing. What ever is in the trails, the powers that be must have resistance in some way… or they would be the authors of their own demise. It doesn’t matter actually. What does matter is that it is stopped. I am retired so don’t have a position to worry about. Send me e mails, places to call and to write.. I will participate. I live in Phoenix Ariz… and our skys are filled with these trails.
    Thank you for all your hard work. If we cannot leave the world a better place for having lived… then we are not worth the space we take.
    C griffin

    • Jjule60 says:

      That’s wonderful you’ll step up.
      I have been posting on FB for awhile
      This whole thing is to round people up, move em into ” sustainable living” compounds.
      Blame our cars for the bad air, take away our freedom of transportation , where to live.
      All under the guise of the ecology
      Buzz words
      Sustainable living
      One Area plans. Compounds close to transportation
      Getting people out of rural areas.
      They are doing that in N Calif, S Oregon. Droughts, no water for cattle,
      Farming, raising rates 800% .
      They are making it impossible to live where they want
      Environmental movements, high jacked by Government, Elitist control
      We’d better wake up, unite, and some how get this
      One World Government Shit removed. Now
      You thought Hilters was bad…..

  22. frightened says:

    I applaud you look at Geo engineering on YouTube. Be very careful people have been killed for trying to expose this crime. I’m in Seattle they spray all the time here. When it rains after spraying there is a brown film on the ground.

  23. Barbara Dougherty says:

    Thank you for speaking out. I too have been trying since I noticed them here in NE Pennsylvania. For anyone who has a smart phone, there is a new app called SkyderAlert. It works with your phones GPS and camera. You take a picture of the chemtrails and then click send and the phone automatically sends the picture and a letter to the congressmen and senators for that particular area. It works all over the country. I have been doing this for about a month now. Everyone I tried to talk to about it acts like I’m a conspircy theory lunatic!

  24. Jill Wood says:

    Thank you, Gary, for your voice and the courage to take action. I support you in your efforts 100%! I agree with Elizabeth about suing, though – we need lawyers on board. Lots of lawyers and lots of fundraising to pay them. I’m happy to help any way I can – they have been spraying here in CA and AZ, too. It’s madness!

  25. Betty says:

    I am so glad that someone did this. Thank you.

    Last fall I visited my kids in college. One in Buffalo, chemtrails all over the place. The other one in Maryland. I cried all the way through Delaware and New Jersey till I got home to NY. They were everywhere. What can I do to get involved?

  26. equalizer says:

    Gary, the chemtrail issue will remain the most important problem for the global community; until the “agenda” becomes crystal clear to the vast majority. The “powers” behind this dark plot include people like Bill Gates, the second richest man in America.

    Huge corporate “players” like Monsanto have a vested interest. The endgame for profiteers will be to reap the financial benefits from a problem of their creation.

    You must research the New World Order to understand “their” line of thinking. However, it appears to me “they” are narcisstic sociopaths; with more money than sense. The information, very likely, will raise your dander; even more than knowing that inhaling toxins IS a slow death.

    These “creatures” are literally destroyers. And, for your children’s sake; they MUST be stopped.

  27. Steve says:

    Go for it. When informed citizens that are not afraid of loosing their jobs etc we can press these issues then we can get some where. This spraying has been going on a long time. i have contacted local MPs, but they all act dumb. Its nasty stuff

  28. Gary Attalla says:

    Thanks Jan. My brother just got back from a 4 day personal visit with Dane at his Northern California property. Wen are attempting to be the East Coast watchdogs. This is a tough battle. I support you too

  29. Maligabum says:

    All over Tucson too.. the Tucson Skies used to be sapphire, now.. pastel, IF we are not being sprayed, then they are gray. I applaud you, and started noticing the spraying in 2010. One person at a time, one at a time, the group will grow exponentially. My other observation: If the skies are sapphire (rare), the mountains look like a coal mining industry is here, mountains are barely visible from smog. I believe it is the fallout from another areas spraying and the atmosphere taking the trails to where god knows, they want them to go(what goes up must come down), we are breathing what they sprayed in NM, CA, Mexico.. 🙁 It never ends and we are all breathing it every day, as are the plants and animals we live with. Saguaro cactus are falling over along our hiking trails, mesquite dead in many areas of the trails we travel. I am watching, speaking, pointing out the ‘odd’ happenings to every one I can.

    • Gary Attalla says:

      Thanks Maligabum. I really appreciate your comments.Yes this “stuff” follows the winds, and the higher in the atmosphere they spray, the farther the particles will travel. And to think that the in the dark citizens of this country are funding this. The scope of this is so grand that it is hard ton wrap your mind around. We are looking into every angle. Tell everyone you meet, even if it is very briefly. For those who will listen, then talk more. thanks again

    • Lindsay, Becky and Julie Attalla says:

      Brilliant words. Brilliant Father! Keep it up, Dad. Love You.

  30. Monica Smith says:

    This is a great article. Although I don’t have a scientific background, I have been livid about the obvious appearance of chemtrails over Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey. I am also frustrated by the vast majority of ppl whom I talk to, who either shrug or dismiss this as if there is nothing we can do.
    I also would be interested in writing a few individuals to, for lack of a better word, “interrogate” them about this testing that has been foisted upon us. Please keep me in the loop on how your activism on this issue progresses.

    • Gary Attalla says:

      Bob Dylan says “keep a clean nose, watch out for plain clothes, you don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows”. I truly appreciate your comment. It fuels me.

  31. Diogenes says:

    Google “Autism Gliotoxin”. Autism is caused by metal intoxication, no doubt augmented by metals in Chemtrails…Genocide, fratracide, pediatricide…by Whom?

  32. Degra says:

    Awesome!! You give me courage. Good luck in your pursuits. One person at a time, and like you said: “It happened in an instant, if not less.” Once you start to notice you may become a dedicated sky-watcher. Enlightenment begins slowly then, I believe, it will snowball.

    • Gary Attalla says:

      Thanks Degra. Your comment means a lot. I have enough background in public health to single this issue at the top of the environmental heap. courage feeds on itself. First you dip your toe into the ocean, then next step is swimming with the sharks (alive)

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